7-3 vs top 10 Kirby wins another against another top 10 opponent 24-17 with Jake Fromm THROWING THE FOOTBALL 279 yards 2 TD passes and 1 two-point conversion. Turned loose by Kirby as I demanded pre-game Jake Fromm led Kirby’s victorious troops on 12 of 18 on 3rd Down Conversions. Kirby also had us returning 3 kickoffs and returning a punt tonight along with PASSING THE FOOTBALL. Huge win. We had to have this setting up Auburn game. Auburn is after our next game which is Missouri. Missouri had this week off. Dan Mullen 42-44 vs SEC.

Kirby improves to 7-3 vs top 10 teams in his career.  Kirby avenged his loss to # 10 Auburn by beating # 4 Auburn 2017 and Kirby had the lead against # 1 and # 2 Alabama. Kirby has beat # 2 Oklahoma and # 9 Kentucky and # 9 Florida and Kirby even beat # 8 Auburn Kirby’s inaugural season.  # 7 Notre Dame earlier this season and now # 6 Florida downed by Kirby who was # 8 coming-off two games against unranked opponents where Kirby started slowly.  Not tonight.  Tonight Kirby did everything we all wanted him to do.  Thank you Kirby.  Good job.  Thanks for letting our guys play.  Dan Mullen did not expect that.  It was what we HAD to do.


Florida was 2 of 9 on 3rd Down Conversions 1 on a penalty on us to us 12 of 18.  Let us pass the ball more Kirby and return punts and kickoffs.  It works.


3 in a row over Florida for Kirby who lost his first time.  And this will be 3 years in a row SEC Championship Game the first time an SEC East team did that since Steve Spurrier did that for Florida when he first got there.


How about that sack by Jordan Davis ? 


7 catches for 132 yards and a TD and a 2-points conversion by Lawrence Cager.  Sweet.


Dan Mullen continues his LOSING RECORD All-Time vs The SEC at 42 wins 44 LOSSES.





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