5 of the top 11 first CFP Poll are SEC and while UGA is # 6 outside facts remain 5 ahead play each other. Ohio State plays Penn State bad timing for that loss. Alabama plays LSU. And Clemson does NOT play ANYONE which is why Clemson is OUTSIDE in the first College Football Playoffs Poll this morning. Our game against # 11 Auburn is beyond huge for us and that game is just NEXT WEEK. Wins over # 15 Notre Dame and # 10 Florida offset loss to South Carolina setting us up. Good job Kirby !

Not that we can get ahead of ourselves with solid Missouri coming this weekend a team which was ranked just a week ago in the top 25 themselves.  We had everything go wrong in South Carolina loss.  Interceptions Fumbles Drops Penalties Calls Missed Field Goals Shanked Punts Injuries lackluster blocking Pick 6 and we lost by a field goal in 2 overtimes.  That is behind us right now for a moment now.  It never happened.  Mulligan.  However lose to Auburn everything is over.  Lose to Missouri ditto.  Of course the elephant in the room is winner LSU Alabama and how close the loser plays as to falling ABOVE us to keep us out.  2 SEC I pointed-out all season is a GIVEN.  3 SEC can not happen.  Not with loss to South Carolina 4-5 and not even in a God Damn Bowl Game.  How huge was win over Florida ?  Shut up Dan Mullen.  That’s always a good thing.  All he could do was WHINE.  Waah.  That is the MOST SATISFYING since he did brag pre-game that his receivers would outclass our receivers.  NO they did NOT.  Everything went wrong and lost in 2 overtimes by a field goal ?  Forget all that on this day (maybe to rear its head decision Tuesday.)  Surely we have NOT heard the last of any of this.


Bring on Missouri.


We are playing BETTER now than earlier. That’s a factor in all this too.  Under the microscope now.  All forgotten (today) about 4-5 no bowl South Carolina with last 3 games App State Clemson and Texas A&M all 3 obviously losses (4-8) South Carolina sure to fuel this fire again later.


For now CFP said forget it !


All Forgiven with win over # 15 Notre Dame and # 10 Florida today.


Look what CFP did to Clemson ?


Good Lord though two 4-5 teams UNC and vols not only beat South Carolina but vols 4-5 doubled South Carolina up Saturday 41-21.




Never happened.


Thank you CFP.



# 8 Total Defense Kirby 2019. Awesome. 268 yards per game. # 13 for 2018. # 6 for 2017. # 16 for 2016 for Kirby. Kirby has a FINE DEFENSE which is why we hired him and what we expected of Kirby. But Kirby exceeded our expectations recruiting. And Kirby took a major step to NOT BE STUBBORN and Passed the ball against Florida and he stepped-up Kirby’s Special Teams against Florida with a punt return and 3 kick-off returns. Keep it up Kirby. Thank you Kirby.