27 to NOTHING another shutout. Pre-game I said it would be 50 to NOTHING. Kirby settled for five (5) field goals in a row. We made 4 of them. Thus no 50-0. We move up to # 5 with Penn State LOSS. Alabama is not going to drop as far as us. I think Alabama stays # 3. Nick Saban will start his PICK ON UGA talks with the press negative recruiting against UGA starts NOW by Nick Saban who MIGHT drop beneath UGA despite our loss to SC and their close loss to LSU on opening possession TD run by Tua to other hand dropping fumble at goal line taken back for 7 by LSU.

27 to NOTHING.  A great time was had by all on a brisk night.  Bring on Auburn.


Seriously our receivers dropped a ton of TD passes tonight and one called back lining-up wrong.


Our offense remains a work in progress and we definitely are over-ranked at # 5 with this Kirby offense.


Kirby would not throw the ball if he didn’t have to.


How are we going to score 47 points on LSU ?


Not happening.  Not with Kirby the # 72 Passing Offense every year 4 in a row of those # 72 Passing Offenses for Kirby to-date here as our head football coach.  Lawrence Cager had a separated shoulder for all to see hit twice on the catch once from behind designed to inflect injury.  Not having him for Auburn is a huge concern.  Having James Cook rush the ball 6 times seems just wrong to me Kirby.  Get him out in space ONLY.  65 players played and while that is good Kirby in your case it means we had injuries and we did as Missouri played dirty all night long especially when we went for 2 to go up 27 to nothing.  2 points Kirby ?  Seriously ?


They asked Steve Spurrier why he went for 2 points against us.  He said because they wouldn’t let him go for 3 points.


27 to nothing and we have to go for 2 ?


Clearly tonight Kirby had us returning on special teams again. 2 games in a row for that.  That’s good.  Kirby you also did a better job not getting penalties tonight.  Get Jake Fromm OUT of the games ahead 25 to nothing Kirby.  Don’t have him running the football Kirby.  Kirby your offense is clueless son.  Totally clueless.


59-56-8 Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry Auburn week.  If you thought that Missouri was playing dirty tonight wait until you see Auburn.


Penn State loses.  Now that is funny.  Thank you Penn State.  # 5 for UGA Georgia Bulldogs.


We are NOT ranked in the top 5 often.  I’d know with seasons’ tickets for 52 years.  Lose to Auburn and everything is wasted.  Lose to LSU and the everything is over.  We are NOT a very good offense and our special teams don’t stand-out to me either compared to what we have done on offense and on special teams this latest 50 years I have seen every one of.  Our head coach is still too conservative and stubborn and so with out experience coaching special teams or offense. It shows.