Urban Meyer’s boys. Cheaters who want to play CUPCAKES. Ohio State has six (6) Different Major Infractions Database found guilty. 6. Rose Bowl last year paid $300 air fare we know of for his girlfriend. Another $300 fly back ? What about the food ? Hotel ? No money for ticket but does have money for food hotel and what about the Rose Bowl ticket ? That’s another $1200. You can not buy a Rose Bowl ticket for much less. Who went with his girlfriend ? All these costs twice ? She doesn’t care about Chase Young. She wouldn’t have ask for ticket if she did care about 1st Round NFL Draft Pick. Next 2 games are against teams 1-12 on season in Big 10. Nice timing by Ohio State. “Family friend.” That is why they hired him a LAWYER right ? Anyone else have any problems with this ? God Damn CHEATERS. How did he get the $300 back in May to pay for it ? Ohio State is once again HIDING the CHEATING. NFL agent loaned Chase Young the $300. This is NOT Todd Gurley signing shirts for his likeness for $300. This is outright PAYMENT. “Family friend” NEVER knew Chase Young until AFTER Chase Young decided to go to Ohio State. God Damn Liars Family friend bullshit. Every game he played in is illegal and forfeited. I am NOT buying any family friend bullshit. Suspended for one game ? God Damn UNFAIR. Impermissible benefits. What else ? What else is involved with this guy not from Ohio but from Maryland.



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  Chase Young