Ohio State DEMOTED by College Football Play-Off Poll # 2 from # 1 to # 2 because they have NOT PLAYED ANYONE. By the SAME LOGIC UGA Georgia Bulldogs are PROMOTED despite our LOSS to has been South Carolina because we BEAT # 16 Notre Dame and # 11 Florida. You get rewarded for playing good teams. Auburn is # 12. Georgia # 4. One team is INSIDE the top 4 play-off teams and the other is OUTSIDE looking in.

Forget Auburn.  They aren’t going to ambush us again.  Auburn does not make it to The SEC Championship Game with a  win over Georgia anyway.  There is nothing they can do.


Auburn lost twice.


If we lose to Auburn or to Texas A&M we are outside the top 4 looking in ourselves.


59-56-8 Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry


Alabama Oregon and Minnesota are all 3 outside the playoffs looking in because they played weak schedules.


Face it.


The committee is being consistent on this.




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