Mark Richt had Tracy Rocker recruiting Derrick Brown and so All-America from Lanier who concluded his high school career 2015 as the # 1 football player in the state of Georgia and signed with Auburn where Tracy Rocker left from Georgia to go to college at Auburn. Dumb shit. Derrick Brown is a SENIOR now. He is expected to be a top 10 pick as he was a top 10 in the nation recruit finishing high school 2015. Some bad recruiting there. Kirby did not get here until mid January for first February signing date. Rodney Garner signed him to Auburn. I can just imagine Rodney Garner’s words on all this where he has been since 2012.

Our biggest problem in this game is Derrick Brown.


I thought you should know.


Rodney Garner would have said to Derrick : “Derrick Brown they have Tracy Rocker recruiting you to keep you in-state in Georgia.  Only problem with that Derrick ? Tracy is from here at Auburn. He left Georgia to play here at Auburn. You are being recruited by EVERYONE to come to Auburn it seems to me Derrick.  A guy who left Georgia to come to Auburn tells you you should come to Georgia ?  How insincere is that ?”


Dumb shits.


No wonder we lost Derrick Brown and with a head coach who had 32 losses his previous 8-year period averaging 4 losses a year.


We can’t lose guys like Derrick Brown to Auburn.


That has to come to an end.


# 1 player in the state of Georgia signs with Auburn and now is senior playing Georgia and Tracy Rocker is with the vols.