Let me explain who Bo Nix is since I knew his granddad. Bo is Patrick’s son. Patrick is Conrad Nix’s son who only won multiple State of Georgia State Championships in Football at Northside Warner Robins and who in fact had OVER 300 wins as head football coach retiring just in 2009. Patrick went on to be Auburn Quarterback. Now Bo has been since game 1 this season when he beat now # 6 Oregon. LSU beat him the week before last and Florida beat him. His offense is questionable as both of Auburn’s losses are when Auburn only gave up 23 and 24 points and LOST. I do NOT see Auburn scoring on Georgia. Auburn does not have a good enough offense. Defense for Auburn is fine. UGA scores MORE on Auburn’s defense than Auburn does on Georgia’s defense because Auburn’s weak offense goes up head-to-head with OUR BETTER Defense. In fact Kirby has averaged the # 11 Defense in the nation all 4 years at UGA.

Auburn is not winning this game because of Bo Nix.  If he is like his granddad and dad he will be inaccurate.


59-56-8 Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry fixing to be stretched-out to 60-56-8 four game lead.  Anyway we always win on the plains.





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