Here is my Poll. I rank UGA # 1 based on our wins AT # 6 Florida # 7 Notre Dame and AT # 12 Auburn while LSU beat Alabama who has beat NO ONE ALL SEASON. LSU beat Florida and Auburn but neither as impressive in Baton Rouge while our wins over Florida and Auburn side-by-side WERE AWAY GAMES FOR US. Oh and LSU beat unranked 6-4 Texas. Sorry. I GEAUX with The Dogs.

Oh and Dan Mullen stick THAT up your asshole boy !


Georgia tumbled to # 10 in week 6 when the wheels came off against hapless South Carolina.


Joe Burrow transferred from Ohio State to LSU and man-handled us last year at Baton Rouge.


Kirby was # 2 last year when we traveled to Baton Rouge and got our ass handed to us by Joe Burrow 16-36.  It ruined our season and tainted Kirby.


LSU went on to lose 3 games last year but Kirby got BLOWN-OUT in Baton Rouge.


Kirby is spoiling for a rematch.  He has it.


Joe Burrow or Jake Fromm ?  I will take Jake Fromm thank you.  I know Joe Burrow has the Heisman Trophy all but wrapped-up but he has to play us pissed-off after last year’s embarrassment down there at his house.  Joe Burrow couldn’t get on the field much at Ohio State where Justin Fields now faces Michigan and Penn State back-to-back and then has to play in the Big 10 Championship Game against useless Minnesota.


Clemson ?


They are like Alabama.  Haven’t beat shit all year.


Joe Burrow was 15 of 30 for 200 yards last year at Baton Rouge against us.  I never expected that.  We did sack him 3 times but he hit a 50-yard bomb that broke our back.  Joe Burrow ALSO rushed for a 59 yards rumble against us and two (2) TD rushing against us last year.  Jesus Christ.  Of course Jake Fromm was intercepted twice by direct comparison and sacked 4 times by LSU but LSU does NOT have last year’s defense this year and Kirby has his finest defense reminiscent of Erk Russell 2019.



I told you we beat Auburn pre-game with our BETTER defense I said that Jake Fromm would do better against Auburn’s defense than Bo Nix did against Kirby’s defense 2019 and I was right.


I take Georgia to play one of these teams who hasn’t beat shit and listen to them all week brag about our loss to hapless South Carolina who can’t possibly even play a damn bowl game but Kirby got Mulligan for that with wins over Notre Dame Florida and Auburn now too.  Don’t be surprised to see Kirby actually MOVE UP in the College Football Playoff Poll Tuesday.


Ohio State beating Minnesota in the Big 10 championship game isn’t going to mean anything.


I believe the committee has Georgia # 1 and LSU # 2.  I see no reason for more than 4 teams in the playoffs.  We could face LSU twice.  I think when we beat LSU that LSU drops no farther than # 2.  I think it should be Ohio State playing Clemson for the right to play either SEC team but it is # 1 Georgia against # 4 Clemson and # 2 LSU against # 3 Ohio State because Ohio State and Clemson didn’t play anyone.


CUPCAKE playing pussies.


Georgia jumps Clemson and Ohio State and LSU.  We do that right now.






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