D’Andre Swift 100 yards 5 times this season 1100 yards (22nd UGA player over 1000 yards season) so 19-13 win over Texas A&M to even the series 3-3. Jake Fromm 33-6 Starter. Rodrigo Blankenship 4-4 field goals 2nd all-time SEC leading SCORER.

Tyler Clark senior gets sack with 5:57 seconds left at midfield making it 2nd and 20 forced stupid Jimbo Fisher PUNT.  Never got ball back. Brian Herrien first down behind Woerner block 2 seniors for the win 2:59 left.


D’Andre Swift


TO HELL WITH TECH like my daddy used to do before me.





Kirby runs out the half 13-3 as Kirby turns Jake Fromm loose to throw 3 of 4 for 65 yards and TD Pass to George Pickens who now has the ALL-TIME FRESHMAN RECORD for catching at Georgia. Brian Herrien 40-yard kick-off return let Rodrigo Blankenship hit field goal from 49 yards in driving rain 2nd All-Time SEC Scoring Record

Woerner is our only Senior starter senior day on offense.  And yesterday marked 56 years since JFK was assassinated.  Sun coming out briefly now at half up 13-3 thanks to Kirby turning Jake Fromm loose up 6-3 then Kirby reigns him in again and runs the clock out before halftime us to kick-off.



We’re # 4. What I’d like to know is how did we make # 4 with our # 73 Passing Offense all 4 years of Kirby here ? One in which Kirby totally refuses to let ANY offensive coordinator of his throw the forward pass ANY of his 4 years here ? It’s run first and second down and even on 3rd down sometimes. Otherwise Jake Fromm gets to throw on 3rd down. I’m sorry. That is PITIFUL God Damn play calling Kirby. We have to fix that if we are going to beat the top teams who will stack the box and make our offense look like shit game after game. Now we have rain today all day an inch of rain today. I promise Texas A&M will pass the ball in the rain. Our storyline ? Kirby told Paul Finebaum : You can’t pass in the rain. And Kirby told Paul Finebaum you can’t play special teams in the rain either. Sure you can.

We influence what people think because we are right and because we care when we criticize Kirby’s offense and special teams.  It has to get fixed.


Texas A&M has not beat anyone 2019 yet.


But they ALWAYS do win a game against a top team.  Quit giving away your game plan Kirby that you refuse to throw the football.


We will need to be able to pass the football Kirby.  THAT will open up our running game.  You defend offenses Kirby.  Surely you see run the ball every first and second down gives away your play call and makes it easier to defend.


Our Passing Offense all season long 2019 season is # 73.




This is once again NOT a balanced offense Kirby.


Not with our # 73 Passing Offense for the # 4 team in the nation.


What’s wrong with this picture ?


Are we who are criticizing Kirby’s offense and his special teams expecting too much ?  Kirby had his meeting HE scheduled with Paul Finebaum.  Kirby did NOTHING but MAKE EXCUSES.  That means that he AGREES with us criticizing his offense.  And we criticize Kirby special teams’ fair catching not utilizing his massive talent base of 18 eighteen 5-star recruits he brought here and wastes on offense and on special teams.  Either Kirby agrees with our criticism or he would not make excuses but say that it is NOT TRUE that his offense is # 73 Passing Offense.  It is though because he calls conservative play calls on special teams and on offense.


And make no mistake about it.    I have been on this all 4 years where Kirby holds back his young pups on offense and on special teams yet on defense liberally plugs them into the game.


And I have been on this because Kirby averages 3.3 losses a year and he loses to 2 SEC teams EVERY YEAR.  2 of our next 3 games are SEC teams.  They are BOTH good offenses.  While our offense is NOT COMPETITIVE with top offenses at  # 73 Passing Offense.  How the hell can the # 4 team in the nation be the # 73 Passing Offense ?


Who the muck thinks THAT will beat the top 4 teams in the nation ?  Or fair catching everything with 18 of 5-star recruits ?  How is that smart ?  It puts too much pressure on Kirby’s greatest in the nation defense.   Use our talent Kirby damn it son not just on defense but on offense and on special teams to make our TEAM a better TEAM.  You are wearing out your Defense Kirby.


Why is our offense the # 73 Passing Offense ?  It is NOT Kirby’s EXCUSES.  This is why instead :


  1. Because Kirby never coached offense
  2. Because Kirby wants to run every first and second down
  3. Because Kirby would like to run every 3rd down too if he could
  4. For 4 years.
  5. Kirby doesn’t have to make excuses for being # 73 Passing Offense ?



Sure he does.


What else can he do ?


Say HE is NOT # 73 Passing Offense ?  Everyone has a computer.  Everyone can look it up.


Kirby is living in denial to make up EXCUSES.  Mark Richt did that.  He averaged 4 losses a year his last entire 8 years here.  32 losses his last entire 8 years here.  We FIRED him for it.  Kirby averages 3.3 losses a year.


If you think for one God Damn New York nanosecond that the # 4 team in the nation is going to win with the # 73 Passing Offense you are a God Damn fool.  You are living in denial too.


Kirby is not stating an opinion saying he has this litany of EXCUSES.  He is trying to get you to take your eye off the ball and listen to his EXCUSES.  So Kirby ADMITS then that his offense is # 73 Passing Offense in the nation as the # 4 team in America.  It’s GOD DAMN AWFUL.


Kirby does NOT want to be forced to fix it.  He doesn’t know how.  Furthermore Kirby disagrees that # 73 Passing Offense shouldn’t be his goal all 4 years because that is EXACTLY what Kirby has done 4 years in a row now # 73 Passing Offense all 4 years here now.


And counting.


Don’t expect this to change THIS YEAR or next year.


Or the year after.


As long as you ALLOW Kirby to have the # 73 Passing Offense then he will by God Above keep it up.


Kirby runs the WORST press conferences of all time.


He hates the media for pointing out the obvious and LIES every press meeting.


Remember when Kirby early in this 2019 season told the press that he tries every play to pass the ball ?


That’s funny Kirby.


Run first down.

Run second down.

Run some third downs or have Jake Fromm try to convert 3rd Down.


That doesn’t work.


I know that.


Kirby does NOT.


You better teach him.


Win games and it doesn’t matter ?


Again Kirby averages 3.3 losses a year and Kirby averages losses every year to 2 SEC teams.  How in the name of God is that winning games ?  Oh I see.  You’ve got EXCUSES for that too.  Don’t you ?


Kirby is doing less with more on offense and on special teams.  Watch what Kirby said to Paul Finebaum Friday night.  Kirby is going to do it again against Texas A&M.  He’s going to play tight on offense and special teams and have his defense 4-deep 44 who have a tackle contain them not pressure them.  It’s his MO.


Where is all the talent on offense and special teams ?  Told to fair catch.  Told to NOT THROW.


That’s where.


There is no one who thinks Kirby is right on offense or on special teams.  He won’t let you watch it in practice but you get your eyeful in the games and it isn’t pretty.


If Kirby got after the special teams to take advantage of all our talent 18 of whom are 5-Stars by returning punts and returning kick-offs we would open up the game and have all 3 parts of the team trying to win.  If Kirby got after the offense and threw the ball on first and second down far more often than Kirby lets them Kirby wouldn’t have 3.3 losses a year and lose to 2 SEC teams every year.  And Kirby hopes you don’t see that.  Denies that he does this by design.  Kirby doesn’t want to lose 3.3 games a year or lose to 2 SEC teams a year but it happens to him because he FAILS to pass the ball and because he gets no traction on special teams either.  He just has one of the best defenses in the nation beating 3 top 16 teams so far.


Until we all teach Kirby about offense and special teams he NEVER coached, you have a hard-headed Kirby making EXCUSES so you can quote that instead of his # 73 Passing Offense AGAIN 2019 EXACTLY the same as 2016 and 2017 and 2018 and now 2019.


It’s not all 3 parts of the team working to be # 1.  It’s rely on the defense and don’t muck THAT up with the offense and special teams’ play calls being “overly aggressive.”


This is ON KIRBY.



“You gotta be careful in kicking situations; you gotta be able to handle that. And those are all critical times.”  And you have got to not throw the football in the rain either right Kirby ?


Sure you can take advantage of your talent on offense Kirby.

Sure you can take advantage of your talent on special teams Kirby.


You just don’t want to.


The rest of us all want you to because we all know you are losing 3.3 games a year and 2 losses to SEC teams every year with 2 of the next 3 games against SEC teams.


Kirby opened up HIS offense a little bit with all this criticism.  And Kirby tried to let all our talent return some punts and kickoffs.  Now is NOT the time to pull in the reigns and go back to fair catches and run every 1st and 2nd down and some of the 3rd Downs too Kirby while telling special teams to fair catch and hand the ball to the sorry assed  # 73 Passing Offense in the nation where Kirby runs the ball up the gut every 1st and 2nd Down by design into 9-man boxes.


Dumb Shits.


Kirby is NOT an offensive genius or a special teams’ genius and he certainly sure as shit can not hold a press conference well either with all his EXCUSES and living in denial.


Kirby has an Erk Russell Defense and that is a WONDERFUL thing.