Happy New Year ! The Mighty UGA Georgia Bulldogs 2020




D’Andre Swift only got 1 START all 2017 season and only got 5 STARTS all 2018 last season. Held back by Kirby D’Andre Swift now says he isn’t answering the question whether or NOT he is going to play in the Sugar Bowl against Baylor or will let Kirby’s BOWL RECORD DROP TO A LOSING BOWL RECORD.


“Our guys value the opportunity to compete. I think they value the opportunity to compete against one of the best teams in the country. What a great measuring stick for us as a program and our players. And we have a lot of guys that feel this way. Everyone is going to play for our Baylor team.” Baylor Head Coach Matt Ruhle former Penn State Linebacker and Scholar-Athlete.

Kirby you might want to pay attention to THIS.


There is damn little that gets through to you Kirby.


Maybe this should sir.



“Some of the comments our fans are saying are correct. Some of the statements being made about us are dead-on.” Kirby Smart tries to diffuse his # 76 Passing Offense again 2019 by agreeing with the fans. Kirby is NOT trying to FIX IT. Kirby is TRYING to shut up the critics of Kirby’s deplorable # 76 Passing Offense. No one wants to say # 76 Passing Offense. Uh I will. I have. I will CONTINUE to do so. How can you be one of the top college football programs when EVERY YEAR Kirby is # 76 Passing Offense.

I am NOT the one making these comments.


It’s Kirby saying this.


What did THIS BLOG say ALL of LAST YEAR ?


What did I say 2016 ?


What did I say 2017 ?


Well the FACTS are that Kirby insisted on Greyson Lambert not Jacob Eason 2016 and LOST 5 games.


2017 when Jacob Eason got injured Kirby NEVER put him back in for one moment.  He left.  He has been NOTHING but wonderful.  He will be drafted higher than Kirby’s choice.


2018 Kirby had Justin Fields and I told you he was our Quarterback.  Instead, he stood the sidelines and got either one or no pass every game.  He left.  Kirby’s choice at Quarterback, instead, will ALSO be drafted worse than Justin Fields.


Kirby had Trevor Lawrence here.  Kirby said he could not promise him anything.  Trevor Lawrence told us that gem in his recruitment.  Does this mean that Kirby DID make promises to the Alabama commitment Jake Fromm ?


Well does it ?


Instead we watched last night as the Carterville QB beat the Kennesaw QB in the NATIONAL SEMI-FINAL.


Kirby LOST to 4-8 South Carolina 2019

Kirby LOST getting BLOWN-OUT by LSU again 2019 by 10-37

Kirby LOST 2018 to LSU by 16-36

Kirby LOST 2018 to Alabama

Kirby LOST 2018 season to Texas

Kirby LOST 2017 to Alabama

Kirby LOST 2017 to Auburn but revenged that LOSS

Kirby LOST 2016 to Ga Tech Vandy vols Ole Miss and Florida

Kirby has LOST to 2 SEC teams EVERY YEAR all 4

Kirby has LOST to 10 SEC teams in 4 years here so far

Kirby has ALSO LOST to Texas and Georgia Tech 2 absolute nobodies 2 cupcakes

Kirby has ALSO LOST to cupcakes South Carolina and cupcakes Vanderbilt

Kirby has had # 76 Passing Offense all 4 years of Kirby ball to-date

Kirby has had the 2nd best TALENT in the NATION

Kirby is a fine recruiter none better or maybe one better in the nation

Kirby has a fine defense one of the best defenses despite tough opponents

Kirby is a likable character but can not hold a press conference to save his soul


THIS is where we are 4 years in.


12 losses in 4 years. 3 losses per year.  LOSSES to CUPCAKES.  Inexplicable losses.


Kirby has mismanaged his TALENT especially on offense

Kirby has mismanaged his games

Kirby has settled for too many God Damn Field Goals

Kirby has run the ball up the middle too much

Kirby has TRIED to control what we say about him

Kirby has held PRIVATE practices like we are his enemy

Kirby does NOT feel that we are trying to HELP him

Sure we are

Kirby has tried to stifle the press

Kirby has told us what we can ask him

Kirby has told us what we can NOT ask him

Kirby will not let us watch us practice

Kirby does NOT want to have ANYONE second guess him

Kirby NEVER COACHED OFFENSE anywhere knows NOTHING about it

Everyone is big-time pissed-off

Kirby is playing arrested open cognac admitted smoking pot 19 year old


I don’t know, Kirby.  This is better than Mark Richt ?

3 losses a year is NOT what I signed-up for

$ 6 million year $25 million dollars. Averaging # 76 Passing Offense. 3 losses year

Ok Mark Richt LOST 4 games a year for 8 years then was fired


Ultimately if you can’t get your Passing Offense up from # 76 you can hit the road too






SEC is the only conference who is UNDEFEATED in 2019 bowl games while Clemson who had the easiest schedule and thus no one injured faces LSU for the national championship. UGA schedule was 3 times harder than Clemson according to all calculations of strength of schedule. Justin Fields LOSES on slippery grass Fiesta Bowl as Big 10 once again TAKES IT ON THE CHIN. Meanwhile the bullshit Big XII was JUST AWFUL, again. In fact the Big XII has LOST every bowl game 2019 season so far 0-3.

Well it was pretty frustrating for UGA Georgia Bulldog fans last night watching a Quarterback from Cartersville beat a QB from Kennesaw for the national semifinal game 29-23.  Kirby’s offense has proven to be the # 76 Passing Offense all 4 years of Kirby football so far.


2020 promises to be MORE of the same.


Kirby has fine defenses and his recruiting is better than anyone.  But Kirby’s special teams and his offense have been consistently atrocious.  What do I mean by Kirby has non-competitive offenses ?  Kirby is the # 76 Passing Offense every stinking year.  4 so far Kirby offenses are # 76 Passing Offenses.


Is this what you saw last night ?  4 supposedly top college football teams 2019 who are # 76 Passing Offense ?  Oh, that is NOT what you saw ?


Our season was RUINED when Kirby LOST to South Carolina.


4 wins 8 losses South Carolina beat Kirby by stacking the box and forcing Kirby to then figure out how to pass the football.  Kirby never practices that.  Kirby does NOT play those receivers who can catch passes, but ones instead who can block.


He tells us that ALL the time.


Brags about it.


7-6 North Carolina beat South Carolina.


But NOT Kirby.


6-6 Missouri beat South Carolina and they did not even qualify for a bowl game.


But Kirby did not beat South Carolina.


Watching THESE bowl games last night had to be the ultimate in frustration for ALL UGA Georgia Bulldog football fans.  Kirby had the 2nd most TALENT in the United States of America and LOST to South Carolina ruining our season.


All because Kirby is hard-headed about OFFENSE refusing to PASS the football.  Kirby runs off two quarterbacks who will be drafted AHEAD of Jake Fromm.


There are NO BOWL GAMES today.  Tomorrow Florida and Kentucky and Mississippi State play.  Then there are NO SEC teams playing New Year’s eve the 31st.


Thanks for reminding us today about your offense Kirby.  You have to QUIT talking about it Kirby and fix it.


How frustrating THIS DAY had to be for you Kirby.


We had to watch on NATIONAL TV our Cartersville quarterback beat our Kennesaw quarterback to play for the national championship while Kirby ran off the Kennesaw quarterback and only wants to run the football.


What did you think of all that passing yesterday Kirby ?


Let me see if I can list all the players NOT playing for Kirby New Year’s Day in the Sugar Bowl :


  1.  Tyler Clark
  2. Brian Herrien
  3. Divaad Wilson
  4. Andrew Thomas
  5. J.R. Reed
  6. Isaiah Wilson
  7. Ben Cleveland
  8. Lawrence Cager
  9. Dominick Blaylock
  10. D’Andre Swift hasn’t said anything one way or the other
  11. James Cook arrested open container admitted smoking pot underage 19 while driving


That James Cook WILL PLAY for Kirby makes THIS LIST even better.


Jesus Christ Kirby.   All THIS is some kind of a God Damn JOKE, right son ?




Well there have been six (6) of these College Football Play-Offs and we’ve been in one where Kirby tried to sit on the lead and so didn’t win it. Kirby has TRIED to play that SAME GAME of sitting on the lead ahead or behind SINCE that LOSS to Alabama and it has NOT WORKED. Now we are to believe Kirby has fixed it. WATCH THE GAMES TODAY. See if you see Kirby Smart’s OFFENSE duplicated today ? The ANSWER is NO. They all 4 today have dynamic PASSING OFFENSES not Kirby Smart’s # 76 Passing Offense ALL 4 YEARS so far with MORE to come next year. Bad formula Kirby. Hire Offensive guru you DO TRUST and let him run your offense Kirby. I hate your FUCKING OFFENSE Kirby and don’t think much of your special teams EITHER while we are on the topic of that which you have NO GOD DAMN CLUE Kirby.


Ben Cleveland REDSHIRTED 2016 so Kirby could lose 5 games. Not given a START until Kirby’s last 5 games of 2017. Then only 8 STARTS 2018 and given only 6 STARTS all of 2019. Generally referred to as one of the top Offensive Linemen in the NATION Ben Cleveland has been HELD BACK by Kirby


Jake Fromm is 34-7 as starter. 12-7 against Top 25 teams. Jake Fromm did NOT have a good season this year. In fact in his last 5 games Jake Fromm was less than half of his passes as completions. Jake Fromm overthrew many passes this season. Jake Fromm did poorly running the ball this season. Jake Fromm was criticized by his own teammates for putting us in running plays into the teeth of opponents. You can make up all the EXCUSES in the world for ANY of this but the facts are that Jake Fromm had a lackluster year this year and he had some STINKER games. Jake Fromm misses open men and the best plays repeatedly. Did THIS BLOG think that Jake Fromm was a BETTER quarterback than Justin Fields ? Uh, no…

Having everything handed to him did NOT make Jake Fromm a better quarterback this season.  He was worse.  Jake Fromm has had the # 76 Passing Offense in the nation every year as our Starter.  Openly criticized by opponents and NFL pundits Jake Fromm is nothing more than a game manager and not a good one at that.  In the beginning as starter Jake Fromm was said to put Georgia into the best play. That also is NOT the case now is it ?


There is no question that Jake Fromm also suffered an injury in the last game a 3-34 LOSS in which he came back after the injury against their LSU 4th team and scored a meaningless late garbage time touchdown to lose by 4 TD 10-37.


UGA Georgia Bulldogs 2019 have NOT had a successful year because Jake Fromm was NOT successful 2019.  The LOSS to South Carolina and 2 blowout losses to LSU has led to much speculation but the facts are that Justin Fields and Jacob Eason are BOTH considered by EVERYONE except for Kirby Smart as BETTER quarterbacks who will be BOTH drafted HIGHER in the NFL Draft than Jake Fromm.


Kirby Smart is a piss-poor offensive genius and one sorry-assed head coach meddling in his offense without the first fucking clue and zero experience choosing quarterbacks or calling plays both of which are ONLY Kirby’s doings here.


Jake Fromm did beat Notre Dame.  On the road too.  But Notre Dame has sucked for years and years and had nowhere NEAR the talent on their team that Jake Fromm had around him here.  Jake Fromm beat Oklahoma but Oklahoma wasn’t any good on defense.


This season Jake Fromm competed against teams who did NOT have a good quarterback.  LSU did.  10-37 was the result.


THIS is testimony to these FACTS.


I now return you to your BULLSHIT.



I wanted Justin Fields to be MY QUARTERBACK.  I openly stated my case for just that from the day he stepped on our campus.


Kirby Smart has a load a questions to answer if I were interviewing him.  Kirby had said that he would do this exclusive no holes barred interview but he has FAILED to do so so far.


Do you think Kirby has made the right choices on offense ?



I sure as shit do not.






Merry Christmas. If Kirby held open practices, then EVERYONE would be second-guessing Kirby on these OFFENSIVE STARS here at UGA for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs whom Kirby holds back on offense and refuses to even let them play much. If he could, Kirby would NEVER PLAY THEM. The only present I want is that we pass the football.


“It is a lot of things that go into having a successful offense, and we need to be better. I think everybody acknowledges that.” KIRBY SMART

I never heard Kirby say ANY of that before, so this is a positive step in the right direction.


First, you must recognize that you have a situation.

Secondly, you have to admit that you have a goal to improve or fix the situation.

Thirdly, you have to actually do something about the situation.


Often, it is not easy.


Kirby’s basic instincts when it comes to offense is to control everything on his offense, like he does his defense.


But Kirby does not possess ANY of his experience on the offensive side of the ball.


Kirby is making classic errors as head coach that any manager does when he is promoted and that is to control and micromanage everything.


The experienced head coach KNOWS to delegate AREAS to OTHERS.


Kirby has NOT evolved to THAT LEVEL in his management style yet.


When he does, Kirby will have a far better offense and will have far better special teams as well.


Until then, we can count on having a very good defense and excellent recruiting.


Mark Richt certainly never had either a good defense nor excellent recruiting.


Kirby raised both of these areas to the level previously only seen here on defense with Erk Russell.  And, frankly, on recruiting UGA has NEVER had this level of success Kirby Smart has recruiting.


The kids love Kirby.


The defense plays lights out.


The offense and special teams ?  Not so much.  # 76 Passing Offense all 4 years of the Kirby Smart Era is NOT any good.


Kirby HAD TO SAY he recognizes it and will fix it.  Kirby also had to say that EVERYONE agrees that our offense is NOT SUCCESSFUL and that it must be corrected.


What Kirby FAILED to say was that he would have to relinquish control of the offense to his yet-to-be-hired offensive guru whom Kirby DOES respect and trust to meet with the press to answer these questions, head up our practices, and bring our offense into the modern era of football –  not this conservative old-school football which Kirby was

PREACHING to us all about.


Which has been proven NOT TO WORK KIRBY.


Good luck with changing ANY of this.


I don’t see Kirby doing ANYTHING about it next year either.  So look forward to the # 76 Passing Offense again 2020.


Kirby’s LIES to the press are designed to SHUT THEM UP.


Kirby diffuses the press by saying HE AGREES WITH THEM and so does EVERYONE ELSE.  Then, he is wishy-washy about what it is Kirby is going to actually do.  Or, when Kirby might do something about it – if ever.





# 1 Clemson # 2 Alabama # 3 Ohio State # 4 Georgia (big surprises coming) # 5 LSU # 6 Texas A&M # 7 Auburn # 8 Florida # 9 Texas # 10 Oklahoma # 11 Notre Dame # 12 Michigan # 13 Penn State recruiting 2020. What do you notice ? There are NO Pac-12 recruiting classes ranked in the top in the nation, now are there ? Pac-12 teams have been LEFT OUT of the FBS Division 1-A Collegiate Football Play-Offs AND the Pac-12 has not won the national championship in college football after 1972. The Pac-12 has suffered in ignominy for 47 years now. How embarrassing for the Pac-12. The humiliation, shame, and disgrace is palpable.











THIS BLOG called for Isaiah Wilson as STARTER all 2017 season. Instead Kirby held Isaiah Wilson back and redshirted him. Crazy shit Kirby. Hard-headed of Kirby. Unanimous consensus 5-Star Recruit Nation’s # 2 best Offensive Lineman in the United States of America and Kirby redshirted him holding him back. Sad Kirby. Waste talent Kirby. Isaiah Wilson 5-Star Recruit consensus unanimous 5-Star recruit the # 2 best Offensive Lineman in the nation and STILL Kirby held Isaiah Wilson back.

Now, we get to see Isaiah Wilson play only a portion of 2 seasons.  Even when Kirby started Isaiah Wilson, Kirby took him in and out of the line-up during the game like he was out of shape or something.


Now he might be one of the top players taken in the 2020 NFL Draft and he was up for the Outland Trophy.


Good Lord Kirby.  You look like a FUCKING IDIOT on offensive players.  Can’t you hire someone you DO TRUST, Kirby, to take care of your offense for you ?


Obviously, you would NOT have a God Damn Clue on what to fucking do on offense, or which players even to play.


This morning Mel Kiper said that Jacob Eason is a BETTER QUARTERBACK than Jake Fromm.


The NFL is going to make Kirby look like a FOOL when all these offensive players Kirby would NOT EVEN PLAY, become NFL stars.


THIS BLOG told YOU that, all along.


Didn’t I ?


There are a long list of OTHER OFFENSIVE STARS of the upcoming NFL, who while they were here had a hard time getting snaps.




It is THIS VERY LONG LIST, which will be the undoing of Kirby’s conservative offensive game plans his first 4 years here of # 76 Passing Offense ALL 4 years.


I told Kirby that when Kirby refused to even let them play.


This LONG LIST of players Kirby held back here at Georgia on offense all were very highly-rated offensive stars by the recruiting services. And, despite that, Kirby never would put them in the games like he didn’t like them because the press asked about them all the time.






Steamrolled 3-34 in our last game against LSU leaving our starters in during garbage time all Kirby’s offense could muster was 10-37. It was the SAME ALL GOD DAMN YEAR LONG on offense. Kirby lied about it, but clearly Kirby told the WR recruits 2020 that he didn’t have any WR. Sure he did. He didn’t play them. He didn’t practice them catching balls and running routes, but blocking on runs instead. Kirby picked the WRONG GUYS to be starters and held back his talented WR. YOU MARK MY WORDS THAT Kirby’s WR corps 2019 will end up in the NFL in great numbers. But HERE, Kirby could not bring himself to play them and threw to them infrequently. He threw to BLOCKERS whom Kirby STARTED at WR instead. It was BULLSHIT. All season long, Jake Fromm was only given options to throw to guys who DROPPED the fucking passes. Now we play Baylor. Good luck learning anything from them EITHER Kirby on how to truly run an offense. Or any other opponent, 12 of whom have BEAT YOU KIRBY in your first 4 seasons now – 3 a year LOSSES average for you Kirby here. NOT what I would call : “SUCCESS.”

Why does Kirby have the # 76 Passing Offense AGAIN 2019 ?


By design.


Kirby’s design.


Next year will be NO DIFFERENT.


Just as 2016 and 2017 and 2018 were NO DIFFERENT.


2020 ?  With all these talented WR ?


Kirby will NOT play the ones who can catch, but the ones who can BLOCK.


And Kirby will run up the middle 1st down and 2nd down and even on some 3rd downs.


How do I know this ?


Go FUCK YOURSELF if you can’t see it too.


I certainly can and do NOT believe one mother-fucking word out of Kirby’s God Damn lying mouth when he says he wants to pass the fucking football.


No he does NOT.


THAT is why Kirby’s Passing Offense is # 76 Passing Offense all 4 years so far and 2020 more of the same.



Isaiah Wilson was held back by Kirby repeatedly, like Isaiah Wilson was in Kirby’s doghouse. Now, Isaiah Wilson has LEFT Kirby to be drafted in the NFL Draft early. It brings to an end one of the most bizarre cases of underutilization of a top talent in the history of collegiate football. Only a Redshirt Sophomore Isaiah Wilson is now gone. He was NOT ALLOWED BY KIRBY to play AT ALL 2017 season. Instead much smaller players were played instead by Kirby, and they did NOT do well 2017 and are NOT in the NFL now either. Consensus 5-Star player from New York, ranked the # 2 best prospect in the United States of America, Kirby did NOT play Isaiah Wilson. Kirby foolishly found no use of him. So Kirby force-fed him out of the line-up while the press and I repeatedly asked. He was Redshirted just when we needed him most, like Knowshon Moreno here too. Had he played, Kirby might have won the NC 2017. THIS BLOG tried to get Kirby to play him. Then last year Kirby let Isaiah Wilson out of Kirby’s doghouse and gave Mr. Wilson 6′ 7″ and 340 lbs. as redshirt freshman 14 starts. And Kirby took him in and out of the lineup, seemingly like Kirby thought he might get tired or something stupid like that. Kirby lost 3 games with that strategy last season. This year Kirby has played Isaiah Wilson in 11 games with 10 STARTS in 13 games to-date. Mr. Wilson will NOT participate in the Sugar Bowl. So for this season, 10 starts this year and played some in 11 games played of the 14 this season. Puzzling redshirt season with the often criticized offensive line lineup Kirby sent out there 2017. A thin group. Isaiah Wilson would have made a HUGE difference 2017. At least Mark Richt got some use of Knowshon Moreno when Mark Richt was not redshirting him. We saw both of them for parts of 2 years only. Sad. Isaiah Wilson was wasted. Good job Kirby you DUMB FUCK. Despite ALL THIS, Isaiah Wilson was up for the OUTLAND TROPHY AWARD. It is utterly amazing how Kirby meddles with our offense having never played offense and NEVER COACHED it, either.

Isaiah Wilson


Thank you for your great effort when you got to play.


Mr. Wilson, we will miss you like we do Knowshon Moreno whom we got to see 2 years only.  Of course, we got to see Justin Fields, another 5-star recruit like Isaiah Wilson, for only 1 pass per game for one year only.  Now,Justin Fields is a finalist for the Heisman Trophy Award.


Good moves on Offense Kirby, wouldn’t you say ?


I see there is still some debate if Kirby is going to have to do something about his ill-performing Passing Offense which sits # 76 nationally this year.


It’s wonderful all these top recruits want to come here.


Too bad we WASTE them when they do.


Isaiah Wilson is Kirby’s Knowshon Moreno.  Frankly, there are SOME MORE FOR KIRBY ON OFFENSE besides JUST Isaiah Wilson whom Kirby has continued to hold-back on offense.  The purpose of these moves appears to me to be Kirby making a point that the press can’t tell him what to do and that the recruiting services are WRONG about these offensive players.


No they are NOT Kirby.


It’s YOU who is wrong.




# 4 # 5 # 6. Kirby ranked slightly differently by all 3. Rivals has Kirby # 5 best recruiting class 247sports.com has Kirby # 4 and ESPN has Kirby # 6 however one of Kirby’s recruits a 5-star offensive lineman has NOT signed yet so Kirby’s rankings could change. Also another of Kirby’s OL recruits ALSO has not signed yet. There remain targets as Kirby whiffs on top-rated quarterbacks

Carson Beck is ranked by Rivals as the 10 ranked QB a player from JAX.  Kirby did sign a top running back Kendall Milton a 5-Star RB according to Rivals.






ESPN has Kirby # 6 national ranking football recruiting 2020 early signing date and 247sports.com has Kirby # 4 so far early signing date 2020. Only 5 of Kirby’s 19 signees are from Georgia.



Georgia Tech got only 7 of 4-Star and none of 5-Star.  UGA 2 of 5-Star and 14 of 4-Star.


Georgia Tech the # 24 recruiting class.


Kirby did not get any 5-Star Quarterbacks having squandered two (2) of Kirby’s latest 5-Star Quarterbacks, both of whom are doing well elsewhere.


Vince Dooley did a BETTER job of playing 2 quarterbacks than Kirby and Vince Dooley frankly had many of the same bullshit strategies on offense as Kirby only not as bad.


Kirby recruits better than any previous UGA coach.  But if you squander your talent then your talent will be watered-down.






Kirby # 4 recruiting class in the nation EARLY SIGNING PERIOD which is fantastic.

Only 19 commitments Kirby can finish with an even higher ranking than fourth.




It could not come at a better time for Kirby with such great pressure on Kirby to do something positive to FIX his broken Passing Offense with the # 76 Passing Offense in the nation


As you can see, there is no EXCUSE for # 76 Passing Offense for Kirby with the # 4 best recruiting class nationally.


A 5-Star Outside Linebacker and a 5-Star Offensive Tackle, Kirby has now signed 20 of the 5-Star recruits in his 5 years here now.  This does pinpoint that 2 of the 5-Star recruits 2020 signing class for Kirby is a dwindling number averaging 4.  Half the expected number of 5-Star Recruits signed.


Kirby added 3 of the 3-Star recruits for the first time this year but mostly, as you can see, 4-Star Recruits with 14 of the 4-Star signings.


Outstanding !





The narrative is that THIS BLOG was correct last year that Kirby just had to make Justin Fields the QB last year. Especially after the comment by the baseball player, Kirby had to put in Justin Fields. And the narrative of this blog that Kirby needed to fix his annual # 76 Passing Offense has also proven to hold water now. Desperate that he couldn’t run against stacked SEC boxes, Kirby had to throw. But all Kirby threw to were to receivers who were not our best pass catchers, but who were Kirby’s STARTERS because they blocked well Kirby told us. The receivers Kirby played this year also could not get open. When they did, they dropped the passes. THE WRITING was on the wall, but Kirby stubbornly refused to heed the warning of THIS BLOG. Quit MEDDLING with the offense Kirby. You never coached offense and you never played offense Kirby. And frankly, your special teams are SUFFERING too with your STINKING OFFENSE Kirby.

Throwing the ball 42 times against LSU in a blow-out loss 10 to 37 does NOT mean Kirby is opening up his old man football Offense,  but it does mean that Kirby was desperate.  And Kirby did not practice that approach of 42 passes per game. Nor did Kirby play the players who could have flourished in it.


Instead, what Kirby did was the complete opposite all season long. We just ended the regular season with the # 76 Passing Offense for the 4th year in a row for Kirby here as our Offensive Genius.


“What game were you watching I threw the ball 42 times.”


Desperation is not an offensive strategy EITHER Kirby.


You LOST 10-37 which is four (4) Touchdowns you LOST by Kirby.


Dumb Fuck.


# 76 Passing Offense old man Kirby football 4th year in a row so far :




I’m sorry Kirby.  This isn’t working.  Fix it.


Quit with the LIES to the PRESS.


You can’t LIE to ME Kirby.


I have it down son.


Of the 6 playoffs, UGA has only played in one.  In that one, Kirby was ousted trying to sit on the lead.


Kirby features 2 losses to SEC teams EVERY year of Kirby’s 4 years so far.  This makes up 8 of Kirby’s dozen losses in 4 years here.  Frankly speaking, this is NOT successful now is it ?



# 76 Passing Offense ALL 4 YEARS of Kirby ball so far is what Kirby has actually put up.


12 LOSSES Kirby has already suffered in his career of 4 years.  Kirby is averaging 3 losses per year.  If I told you Mark Richt was averaging 3 losses a year, would you say he had to FIX his won/loss record ?  I certainly would.


There is NO EXCUSE for the loss to South Carolina Kirby this year.  You were NOT PREPARED.  You called bad play calls.  So you took all your talent and wasted it.  10 first and second downs, you called running plays up the FUCKING GUT Kirby.  Excuse me.  At what God Damn Point do you figure it out Kirby that you have no fucking clue calling the play calls for the offense Kirby ?


Call the plays on defense.


Clint Eastwood says you have to know your limitations in Dirty Harry.


Jesus Christ Kirby.  You were losing you DUMB FUCK.


Your press conferences have been TOTALLY AWFUL all 4 years Kirby.  I know you know we know how badly you conduct press conferences.  You refuse to answer these questions and turn the questions about all this around and state bullshit fucking lies about it Kirby.


My God son.


Your hidden private practices are NOT WORKING.  Did you think they were Kirby ?


You have started NOT SIGNING the top players in-state.


You NEVER play your 5-Star recruits Kirby.  It’s bullshit.


You feature way too many undisciplined penalties.  And you settle for too many field goals.


You’re not getting sacks Kirby.  You are  # 56 in the nation at sacks 2019.  Sad.






You think you are one of the top teams Kirby ?


Seriously ?


Now all your stars are stating they are NOT PLAYING against Baylor.


You settle for too many field goals.


You don’t try to return kick-offs, and you fair catch punts.


Take advantage of the 18 of 5-Star recruits you had Kirby by playing them.


START them.  Get them on the special teams.  Tell them return kick-offs.


Get some TRACTION Kirby with 18 of 5-Star players by using them.  Do not have them disinterested and leave Kirby.  Why the heavy-handed approach of one 1 pass play per game for Justin Fields.  He is a Heisman Trophy Finalist Kirby this year, exactly as I promised he would be.  Our most significant quarterback ever and you FUCKING BLEW IT Kirby.


Why don’t we put all 18 of 5-stars out there on special teams and return the kick-offs ?  Why reduce us instead Kirby to just the hand ball off on offense after a fair catch ?  How fucking stupid can you be Kirby ?


That is a question Kirby.


Fair catch kick-offs ?  How is THAT taking advantage of our # 2 best talent in the nation ?  We are reducing where we have the advantage over them to just offense and defense.  Pretty stupid again Kirby.


And God Knows, your offensive strategy ALSO is NOT WORKING Kirby.


In case you did not notice it, Kirby.


Or in case you don’t allow anyone to tell you that Kirby.


Your 5-stars are not playing in bowl games either Kirby.  I certainly hope you had fun with them in practice.  Secret practice.  Tell us again Kirby how your 5-stars are NO GOOD ?  That is what you tell the press when they ask you about players expected to contribute like Justin Fields whom you just simply HELD BACK Kirby instead of getting them the meaningful experience they needed to get.


Anyone could see that Kirby.


And you invite the guys to the bowl game to stand on the God Damn FUCKING sidelines distracting the team anyway YOU DUMB FUCK when they tell you ahead of time they REFUSE TO PLAY.


Wake up Kirby…


If you are not disappointed in THESE performances listed in THIS BLOG POST Kirby, then guess what Kirby ?


Well I am son.




This is NOT acceptable Kirby.


We FIRED Mark Richt because averaging 4 losses his last entire 8 years was NOT GOOD ENOUGH.


3 losses a season average for YOU Kirby, does NOT SEEM much better.  3 losses a year average is NOT successful Kirby.


And damn son, your offense stinks to fucking high heaven Kirby.




I’m fed up with it.


You have a boring offense Kirby.


Quit MEDDLING with the offense Kirby.  You never coached offense and never played offense.  And frankly, your special teams are SUFFERING too with your STINKING OFFENSE Kirby.




Now you have had 6 players arrested LAST OFF-SEASON and start-off this off-season with ANOTHER arrest Kirby this week.  Driving around drunk with bottle in the car.  Tell me you sat all 125 players down after that this week and used that as an example, right Kirby ?  Also other issues other charges.  Oh good Lord.


Is the narrative supposed to be cute that you have NOT LOST CONTROL Kirby ?


This is pretty fucking frustrating Kirby.


Do you think you are engaging the kids Kirby ?


Is that what you think ?


It doesn’t seem that way to me Kirby.  It seems to me that you have LOST CONTROL Kirby.


I return you now to your narrative Kirby.  You and Chuck Dowdle have a narrative Kirby that you threw the ball 42 times and therefore opened the game up.  Fixed your offense I believe you would have us believe Kirby based on your latest antics in your latest bullshit press conference Kirby.


In desperation you threw 42 passes.


You LOST 10-37.


How in the FUCK is that opening-up your offense Kirby ?


What game did you watch I threw the ball 42 times you said Kirby.  You didn’t practice that Kirby.  You started guys who were blockers, and threw them passes which they dropped wide open.  THAT is not what I said you should do Kirby.  It’s NOT what you said you would do Kirby when you held your private practices and kept everything a secret so no one could second-guess you.


Guess what Kirby ?


EVERYONE is second-guessing you Kirby.  It’s NOT just that I am.


We ALL are.


I return you now Kirby to you and Chuck Dowdle trying to put a spin on this.


You are not and Chuck Dowdle is not discussing what you did this year.  You 2 are not discussing what you did last year.  But you 2 are discussing what you did the year before THAT Kirby.  But you are not discussing what you did the year before THAT.  In summary, you have 12 losses in 4 years.


You have to fix this shit Kirby.


Do not placate us YOUR FANS nor placate your players nor placate your coaching staff.  You have a LOT of professional coaches Kirby.  You have very expensive coaches Kirby.  But only you can talk to us Kirby ?


What are you FUCKING AFRAID of Kirby ?


That some coach might say something to the press like I am saying this morning in this blog ?


Well Kirby ?


Is THAT what you are AFRAID of Kirby ?


You know ?


Like SAM PITTMAN Kirby ?  Are you afraid Sam Pittman might criticize your offense Kirby so you disallowed him to talk to the press ever until he quit.


Then put shit on you Kirby.


Sam Pittman criticized your offensive strategy Kirby.


Did you think you would sweep under the carpet what Sam Pittman just said Kirby that you can’t just turn around down after down and hand the ball off telling them go sic’ em ?


Well did you Kirby ?


Dumb fuck stupid shit offense.




THAT was what your BEST COACH on your staff just said this week Kirby.




Your best coach on your entire coaching staff said you do NOT know what the FUCK you are doing on offense Kirby.


How embarrassing for you Kirby.


Now your best coach is promoted to head coach at an SEC program.  And HE said you can NOT just turn around down after down hand the ball off and say go sic’ em.


Guess what Kirby ?


I’m second-guessing you Kirby despite your 6 and a half million dollars a year and over $25 million in just your salary just so far Kirby.


I am NOT GETTING my money’s worth Kirby.


Sam Pittman is second-guessing you Kirby, and he was your BEST COACH.




So what are we going to do to FIX this # 75 Passing Offense of Kirby all 4 years in a row now ? Are we going to say that what Kirby is doing is GREAT ? That Kirby’s Recruiting and Kirby’s Defense overshadows his issues on special teams and offense ? Is no one going to stand-up and state unequivocally that Kirby has to ALSO NOW finally learn what makes an offense click and how to not waste talent but get them on the field producing faster when they get here ? Are we going to sit back and fair catch every kick-off and every punt only to hand it to the # 75 Passing Offense and send the defense BACK out there dawg-tired to stop them again ? Do you really believe Kirby should have NOT PLAYED Justin Fields in all those games like LSU last year 2018 ? Seriously ? It’s OK for Kirby to hide his practices from us the very ones trying to help Kirby FIX this offense ? Do you think Kirby is hard-headed and stubborn and that he has squandered his talent especially on offense and special teams ?

# 75 Passing Offense 4 years in a row now.


THIS is what Kirby has done.


Are you good with that ?


With Kirby’s 12 losses in 4 years an average of 3 losses a year.


Are you thinking 2019 is a successful year ?


Are you ?


Do you believe that to be a fan of this program you have to IGNORE our weaknesses and make EXCUSES for them ?


Apologize even for Kirby’s lack of experience on offense and lack of experience on special teams and admit that Kirby has held certain players back ?


What do YOU think ?


I know you know by now what I think…


I think Kirby has to FIX his press conferences.  I think Kirby has to fix his special teams settling for field goals and convert some of these into touchdowns.  I think Kirby has LOST CONTROL of his offense with all these runs up the gut.  I think Kirby has to fix his practices and get the guys whom he just has to rely on to get the reps to be the STARTER.


Tell a 5-star that he doesn’t have the experience to be STARTER so we hold him back and don’t send him out there even when we are LOSING to get the reps to FIX these weak areas ?


Is that really how you think this works ?


Ignore what is being used against Kirby IN THIS STATE negative recruiting so that Kirby gets few of the top players in this sate ?


Tell ME to shut-up that I am the one hurting our recruiting in-state here in Georgia ?


You are going to have to stand-up and be counted on this.


It can’t continue.


12 losses 4 years

# 75 Passing Offense all 4 years in a row now

5-stars not used here – wasted told not ready to play

Whose fault is that ?

Settle for field goals

Fair catch every kickoff and punt to hand the ball to offense to run up gut then punt

Fine defense truly it is but sent back out so many times it gets worn out

Can’t you look at our own team and see where we are suffering ?

Is this where your goal was to be losing to 2 SEC teams all 4 years to-date

Lose to Alabama every year we play them

Lose to LSU every year we play them

Played in one playoff of the 6 so far and LOST that time sitting on the lead

Start out slowly EVERY GAME

If we get ahead revert back to run up gut every 1st and 2nd down and some 3rd downs too



Where do you think we are as a program ?


A team with no talent with 18 signed 5-stars on our roster and lose to the likes of South Carolina ?


Kirby needs to recruit better that will fix this ?


Is this really what you believe ?


All you know are the lies Kirby tells you about all this ?


You can’t look with your own eyes and see LSU beat us 10-37 and how that happened ?


You are going to make the same GOD DAMN EXCUSES for Kirby that you did for Mark Richt, right ?


Tell me you see the state of our program with all these undisciplined penalties ?


Tell me you think this is the best we can do ?


Shut me up and all will be fine ?


# 81 Passing Offense 2019 season.

# 72 Passing Offense 2018

# 105 Passing Offense 2017

# 97 Passing Offense 2016


Kirby needs to fix our God Damn Passing Offense.  Or we need to not hear the facts ?


Which is it ?


Do you really think our opponents do not know what I have said in this post ?



Sure they do.


They TELL you all this daily and you and Kirby IGNORE it like it is not true or not relevant then they use it against us in recruiting in-state here in Georgia and they use it against us in the 12 losses in 4 years for Kirby.


Try watching the games.




We win and I tell you the offense stunk to high heaven.


Then we lose and you make EXCUSES for it.


Good Luck with that.


Don’t come over here.


I will tell what is happening and why and how to fix it.  Kirby has to play the younger players he is holding back and Kirby has to play the guys who can catch the God Damn Football not the ones who block well and know the plays.


What the FUCK good does it do to be in the right play and punt ?


Be in the wrong play then and have the talent to make something happen.


THIS sure as shit isn’t working that Kirby is doing.


It’s NOT his offensive coordinator.


Kirby has acquiesced to an Interview about KIRBY’S offensive philosophies.


Trust me the 1st question I have for Kirby is where did he call the plays offensively ever ?


And where did Kirby have the say on who STARTS and who is held back because he lacks the experience to start ?


Has Kirby heard from the recruits in-state who keep signing elsewhere on what they were told in recruiting that was negative recruiting against Kirby in this great state of Georgia ?


And does it really help his defense to run up the gut giving away the game plan and have them stack the box and have to throw it when all Kirby practices is blocking by the wide receivers when he runs it up the middle ?


This interview is an exclusive on this blog and it is NOT going to be pretty.


Why has Kirby’s recruiting dropped-off in-state here in Georgia ?


Who likes this offensive philosophy of Kirby ?


No one ?


Not even you ?  Yet you sit there defending Kirby and making excuses for him in his 4th year next year his 5th year ?





Why was Justin Fields given only 1 pass against South Carolina ? Why didn’t Kirby let Justin Fields throw ANY passes against Missouri ? Why was he given only 2 passes against the vols ? Why was he given 0 passes against LSU in that loss ? Why did Kirby have Justin Fields throw 0 passes against Kentucky ? Why did Kirby only give him 2 passes against Auburn ? Why did Kirby give Justin Fields only 3 passes against Georgia Tech ? Why was he given only 1 pass against Alabama in that loss ? Why 0 in bowl loss against Texas ? Criminal for the Heisman Trophy finalist wouldn’t you say ? I mean we LOST 3 of those games. Kirby always loses 2 games to SEC teams EVERY YEAR for 4 years in a row. Kirby 12 losses in 4 years as well so 3 losses every year too. Why ? 2nd best talent in nation. So why ? (1) Kirby’s bullshit old man antiquated conservative Offense (2) Kirby holds back his freshmen preferring 3-star seniors over 5-Star freshmen and (3) Kirby settles for field goals and fair catches even losing so as to get NO TRACTION with his talent the other team not as many 18 of Kirby’s 5-Stars. This is the story of one of the 18 of Kirby’s 5-Star Recruits basically NEVER fucking used. Wasted. And LOST 3 games as a result. Would it have cost Kirby anything to get his # 1 QB in the nation ranked # 2 by another service involved ? No. He LOST 3 games anyway. Why not play him ? Kirby said for LSU that he didn’t want to put Justin Fields IN THAT SITUATION that it would have been unfair to Justin Fields… Did you get that ?



When the baseball player made his comment I told Kirby he had to make Justin Fields the STARTER that very moment in time.


Instead Kirby did just the opposite.






10 SEC Bowl Games beginning with LSU on Saturday 28 December 2019 and ending with LSU after Gator Bowl vols January 2. SEC will play in 10 of the 40 bowl games 25 percent including on 13 January 2020 for the National Championship. Bowl Games begin FRIDAY. There are 2 kinds of bowl games play-offs bowl games and non-play-offs bowl games. We’re in a non-play-off bowl game because our OFFENSE is # 75 Passing Offense for the 4th year in a row now under Kirby’s leadership. This is the 6th year of the College Football Playoffs which we have NEVER WON and only once made the grade ousted by Alabama Kirby trying to sit on the lead. I was there. I am NOT going to New Orleans. Why would I ? Kirby’s stars don’t even want to play in the game preferring to stand on the sidelines during the telecast and be AFRAID they might get hurt for NOTHING. We play Baylor Bears of Chip and Joanne Gaines FIXER-UPPER TV show while their Bears did not beat a single ranked team all season long like pussies.

When they quit calling it the Gator Bowl, then I will quit calling it the Gator Bowl.  The bowls begin Friday and continue unabated except for Sundays 22nt the 29th and the 5th January and there is no bowl game Christmas Day but bowls continue until January 6th straight through.


The Bowl Games used to matter.  Now the playoffs matter and the guys go get drunk now during the holidays and drive around with out proper license.  We had 6 of those this last off-season and now here we are again.  Good job Kirby.


Oh and nice fucking offense too Kirby.



Kirby if he loses will have put up a LOSING BOWL RECORD at UGA.


Which is about what you would expect with the # 75 Passing Offense all 4 years of Kirby old man offensive football.


Of the 6 play-offs Alabama has played in 5 and Clemson 5 now this season.  Kirby has played in one and has little hope of ever making another one as long as he puts up the # 75 Passing Offense again NEXT YEAR for the 5th year in a fucking row.


I am officially bored with Kirby’s special teams and his offense despite Kirby having the 2nd best talent in the nation signing 18 of his 5-Star recruits.


18 of Kirby’s 5-Stars he got us and he puts up the # 75 Passing Offense this year for the 4th year in a row.


When will it be enough of that bullshit Kirby ?


Criminal Kirby.




I see the PROBLEM as NO ONE BUT Kirby.

Kirby is a GREAT RECRUITER.  It’s not like he doesn’t recruit talent on special teams and talent on offense.  He does.  THAT’S the rub.  Kirby is a fine defensive coach.  Now, his fair catches special teams, settling for field goals special teams, just to hand it over to the offense puts all kinds of pressure on Kirby’s defense when the offense goes out there and accomplishes NOTHING all fucking year long.


This doesn’t have a damn thing to do with Offensive Coordinator or Offensive Line coach or Wide Receiver’s coach.  It has nothing to do with a LACK OF TALENT.  It does have something to do with Kirby holding back certain players and not giving them experience.  It’s Kirby who determines whom it is Kirby is going to make a STARTER.  It’s Kirby who decides we’re going to run 1st Down and run 2nd Down and sometimes on 3rd Down as well.  It’s Kirby who sends in the 2nd string OL.  It’s Kirby who sends in the 2nd string RB.  It’s Kirby who determines who is 3rd string RB and when he comes in and how many carries he gets.


Kirby liberally substitutes on Defense but NOT special teams and NOT Offense.


It’s Kirby who gets all after the special teams’ return man if he doesn’t call fair catch.  I see Kirby climb all over his ass on the sidelines when he gets back to the sidelines.


I know which side of the bread has the butter on it.


I see and listen to the players and to the coaches if and when they are allowed to speak.  Take Sam Pittman for example.  Sam Pittman was NOT ALLOWED to speak to the media until he took the job as head coach at Arkansas.  THEN he put shit on Kirby’s bullshit fucking offense.


It is NOT like this is some news to you that THIS BLOG is fed the fuck up with Kirby’s meddling into the offense and special teams with NO EXPERIENCE in IEITHER ever anywhere.  We’re not doing anything on offense or anything on special teams,  nor did he ever play those positions or coach them. And THAT is the problem.  Kirby’s hard head on this that only he wants to only be in charge of it.  You see the results after 4 years of that.  Try saying it.


We knew we had problems when Kirby did not show up here when he was offered the job in NOVEMBER of 2015.






Mid-January 2016 Kirby finally showed the FUCK up.






had crawled all up Kirby’s ass over it.


YOU came on MY BLOG and told ME Kirby winning his 5th National Championship for Nick Saban was good for us.




We’ve proven that repeatedly.


On a daily God Damn basis.


I am FED UP with our offense and with our special teams and furthermore I am all bent out of shape that Kirby refuses to hold a proper press conference




And that he LIES to the press and hides players and coaches from us.


And has hidden practices..


like I can NOT then second guess Kirby.


The FUCK I can’t.



Kirby does NOT know what Kirby is doing on offense nor on special teams does he have a FUCKING clue.



All this TALENT…




We hired a long term defensive side of the ball coach who played defense as well and did NOT play or coach special teams or offense.  And he did not conduct press meetings nor hold practices.  Nor did he have final say of who plays and who starts on special teams or offense either.  Now he does all that here with no experience at any of that, just a great recruiter and fine defensive coach – which is something.


But we’re NOT here to state accolades about his recruiting or his defensive prowess except against mobile quarterbacks.


We’re he to try to figure out why Kirby averages 3 losses per year and always 2 losses to just SEC teams every year and in that study we find very succinctly that Kirby FAILS on special teams and FAILS on offense.  “Oh I don’t care how Kirby runs his offense – just that he wins.”  Excuse me, Kirby is NOT winning losing 12 games in 4 years.  Kirby is NOT losing because of his recruiting and because of his defense but his special teams are weak and his offense is weaker.


It is NOT POSSIBLE in 2019 to have the # 75 Passing Offense 4 years in a row as Kirby has done ALL 4 YEARS TO-DATE and be one of the competitive offenses in the nation.


Kirby has to FIX THAT SHIT.




I am fed up with it.  I have been fed up with it.  Now don’t come in here and make EXCUSES to me about it.  Assist in putting pressure on Kirby to fix THIS SHIT, or else you are part of the problem too.  If you are NOT a PART OF THE SOLUTION, then you are culpable as well.


Being a fan does NOT mean that you do not work toward making us a better program.  I realize you think it does.  It doesn’t.  Sometimes you have to stand up and be counted.




Here “senator” of NOTHING Bluto of Get the Picture : Go FUCK yourself asshole and your little butt fuck-buddy CB.

What a jacked-up offense we have of Kirby’s that the LIKES of YOU TWO, Bluto and CB, would defend in your inimitable fashion.



Merry Christmas CB you FOOL.

Merry Christmas “senator” of NOTHING Bluto with your 0.00 GPA.


I have NEVER forgiven Bluto for his defense of Mark Richt because Bluto is an INTERNET BULLY and always has been.  Mark Richt, whom he made excuses for and apologized for, held us back as a football program.  Frankly, he did the same with DJ Shockley at Athens online  –   this “senator” of NOTHING holding DJ Shockley back when I thought he was our best QB…




And CB he doesn’t even have a blog anymore.


And so now 20 years later we have this piece of shit “senator” who NEVER once stood up to be counted that Justin Fields should have been made STARTING QUARTERBACK.


Never mind “senator” refused to step up that Greyson Lambert should NOT be STARTER but Jacob Eason.


History has NOW PROVEN that indeed


DJ Shockley was better as our QB

Justin Fields was better as our QB

Jacob Eason was better as our QB


And that we HOLD BACK as a program our best QB and go with the one with more experience even though it is patently obvious it is the WRONG CHOICE.


THIS BLOG criticized Kirby Smart for his holding back of MANY PLAYERS on offense and has done pieces about EACH as they occurred.


And Kirby has held back our offense…


in a HUGE fashion.


And so we THINK BACK on the bullshit of “senator” Bluto that DJ Shockley was NOT better and that Jacob Eason was NOT and that Justin Fields was NOT.


Sure they were.


And we recall plainly and succinctly that “senator” and his boys of his blog he considers insiders PUT SHIT on those in a bullying fashion with whom they disagree on what is best for our football program.


THAT is just NOT right.


And so with a clanging of glasses I say unto you : Fuck you “senator” of FUCKING NOTHING, you God Damn Bluto with your 0.00 grade point average.


And your all wrong suppositions.


Son of a BITCH.  That is ALL you EVER have been are or ever will be.






You little Piece of shit.


Fuck YOU.


Go FUCK yourself Bluto.


You are and remain WRONG.


Kirby does NOT know offenses and CB the current offensive coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks is NOT what you make out of him EITHER you dumb fucking little shit.


Kirby’s offense STINKS to high fucking heaven.


Go FUCK yourselves.


Ha ha ha


I was and remain RIGHT as rain on this point.




Do you remember ANY of THIS Bluto ?


Bluto “don’t think losing his job this year. (Nov ’15) can’t deny was decision that couldn’t be justified.Again not saying you can’t make a case that he didn’t deserve to lose his job”




do you PUNK ?


You have attempted to shut me up for all of 2 decades…


and FAILED haven’t you you little butt fuck ?


Haven’t you ?




THAT is NOT an offensive strategy, this which Kirby calls his offensive strategy he has so many times explained it to us all.


It was NOT when you THOUGHT you were making FUN OF ME for stating that this offense has sucked, sucks, and will continue to suck.  Good Luck NOW with ALL OF US ALL SAYING THE SAME THAT I AM RIGHT ABOUT KIRBY’S OFFENSE to find traction that my point is FALSE.  No, it’s not.  Now is it ?


And it damn sure is NOT today either you MOTHER FUCKER.


And CB the problem was NOT Offensive Coordinator – Brian Schottenheimer   but MARK RICHT you dumb fuck.  When will you quit making EXCUSES for Mark Richt, CB ? Tell me that ?  Never because you have to DEFEND your bullshit statements in contraction to me back THEN too ?  You stupid little North end of a Southbound horse.


It did NOT hold water then and it still doesn’t.




And you WRONG CB.



I have criticized “senator” of NOTHING Bluto of Get the Picture EVERY TIME every post about him for 20 years.  THAT is what he doesn’t like.  That and I make him look like shit.


Don’t I ?


Forget he, this piece of shit Bluto, stood guard defending Mark Richt and now Kirby when they were taken to the cleaners by ME for their BULLSHIT ?


Hell no.


You hold us back as a program and still do.


Fix the shit that needs fixing.  No.  NOT you two.  You 2 insist on running to the Internet to make a FOOL of yourselves in public discussing a topic which you have NO CLUE about and do so to a guy who for 20 years has stuffed your bullshit back down your FUCKING throats.


Our offense for example 2019 season.


It’s NOT the offensive coordinator.  It’s Kirby you stupid ignoramus fuck.  You do NOT know what you are talking about.  But you go on the Internet and are an Internet Bully despite these proven KNOWN facts about you that you remain wrong stating.  You have been proven to be ALWAYS wrong.  You and “senator” of NOTHINGNESS Bluto.  Jesus Christ !  Can’t either of you two ever get ANYTHING right ?


No you can not.  Not either of you two.  Ever.


Joined at the fucking hip.


Butt fuck buddies.


Go FUCK yourselves.


We’re going to FIX this offense of Kirby’s.  Kirby SHALL NOT continue with it.  He must give it up for a real OC to actually be in charge of Kirby’s offense unlike his first 4 years of # 75 Passing Offense EVERY ONE of his first 4 years here so far to-date.


Do you really feel it is your lot in life to argue that that which is, isn’t ?  That to argue that from your points of view is to “SUPPORT” your program and that to try FIX THAT BULLSHIT is wrong of LITTLE OLE ME ?


Excuse me ?


With my 3.88 GPA at UGA Honored Honor’s Day at Foy Fine Arts Building for my valedictorian father and dear mom ?  I, who represented this great state on the Debate Team.  Honored as Top 5 percent of my graduating class.  You see ?  This too rancors you, doesn’t it ? Go ahead.  We ALL know.  That I can NOT say that Kirby is WRONG on his offense that HE ALONE is ONLY responsible for.  That being # 75 Passing Offense 4 years in a row now of Kirby Smart insisting on this bullshit can be criticized by the likes of me because wait for it now I have the timidity to put shit on YOU ?


Go fuck yourselves, –   both of you.




Have you 2 got ANYTHING ELSE to say about our FUCKED-UP OFFENSE you 2 want to further DEFEND ?


Well do you PUNKS ?



I hold up Sam Pittman.  That HE, Sam Pittman, and not I  –  said that you can NOT turn around down after down, and hand the ball off   –   telling our men to go sic em dawgs.



Pothead 5-Sar Robert Beal quits team not being played after his ARREST with Pothead Brenton Cox another 5-Star who transferred to Florida to LOSE to Georgia 2019 watching from the sidelines. Both were former 5-Stars. Robert Beal was 5-Star with PrepStar and 5-Star with ESPN the # 3 best OVERALL player in the state of Georgia. KIRBY’S TROUBLES CONTINUE… Of course there were six (6) arrests this off-season but most of those were coddled. Currently in EVERY STATE in the United States it is ILLEGAL to smoke POT as a 19-year old. Perhaps he can transfer to a state where when he is an adult he can smoke POT. Thanks a lot Robert Beal, POTHEAD.

Kirby said that “we were NOT doing very well off-field this off-season” earlier this year.


Our Offense nor our special teams did very well ON FIELD this season either Kirby.


If you’re keeping score.





“I don’t think you can just turn around down after down and hand the ball off to the tailback and say Let’s go Sic’ Em.” Sam Pittman on his OFFENSIVE PHILOSOPHY to Razorback fans who hired him because I always thought he looked like the perfect head coach. It’s BULLSHIT what Kirby has done 4 years in a row here of # 75 Passing Offense. No Coach Pittman it DOES NOT work to turn around and hand off to the tailback every 1st Down every 2nd Down and some on 3rd Down too – you LOSE TOP QUARTERBACKS and have wide receivers and tight ends who are NOT INTO the game and NOT READY. It DOES help your defense because it keeps ball away and doesn’t cause interceptions or drops but when they stack box you have no hope.

Merry Christmas Kirby.  Someone else other than CB who thinks your offensive game plan strategy absolutely sucks.


I told you so despite the bullshit to the contrary on THIS BLOG by CB.





Oklahoma played a schedule full of pussies beating Texas Baylor Oklahoma State none of whom beat anyone either and none of whom should be ranked 2019-2020 season. Clemson beat Virginia who beat no one and who was dropped from the rankings. For their transgressions of a WIMPY ASS schedule Oklahoma has to play # 1 LSU. For Clemson’s bullshit schedule and for Ohio State’s schedule they must play-off between each other to see who faces LSU. LSU beat # 5 UGA # # 6 Florida # 9 Auburn then # 3 now # 9 Alabama and now they are going to beat the FUCK out of Oklahoma.

SEC rules.


LSU beat :

  1. beat # 5 UGA
  2. beat # 6 Florida
  3. beat # 9 Auburn
  4. beat then # 3 now # 9 Alabama
  5. and now they are going to beat the FUCK out of Oklahoma who beat NO ONE.

That is why you are playing LSU Oklahoma you bunch of God Damn pussies.


The play-off committee does NOT give a shit about how easy your schedule is.


THAT is a myth that they do care about SoS.


They don’t as proven again 2019.




Kirby you have LOST to LSU twice in a row, LOST to Alabama twice in a row, LOST to Auburn once, LOST to Georgia Tech once, LOST to South Carolina once, LOST to Vandy once, LOST to Florida once, LOST to vols, LOST to Ole Miss, LOST to Texas, 1-3 at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium where it appears your coaches don’t know how to tell the players to turn on the turf. You can’t get them on the surface to get ready for it Kirby ? You don’t know what shoes to issue Kirby ? SEC Championships you’re 1-2 Kirby. Only 1 team in America had more talent than you 2019 Kirby and it was NOT LSU who beat the fuck out of you 10-37. And it’s NOT South Carolina either who was 4-8 this year. 11-2 playing in another meaningless bowl game none of your players READY to play in again. And disillusioned big time Kirby with our lack of offense all 4 years and lack of success these 4 years of 12 LOSSES Kirby and lack of special teams play all 4 years and too many undisciplined penalties all 4 years Kirby and frankly questions about how you determine who is a STARTER and who isn’t Kirby. Oh and your stupid dumb fuck press conferences Kirby. And your GOD DAMN OFFENSE Kirby half what top teams do passing the ball. Kirby for a young man with loads of talent on the team not necessarily on the field for you Kirby, you are one dumb son of a bitch playing OLD MAN FOOTBALL and now we are told you have MORE players who don’t want to play Baylor. That’s because you had THOSE TYPE players on the sidelines at the Sugar Bowl last year Kirby. Now you have some MORE sapping the energy of your team. Hells Bells you even had Justin Fields on the sidelines last bowl game when he already told you he was QUITTING your bullshit offense Kirby of only run the ball. Oh and RUN the ball up the gut Kirby. How fun…and fair catch EVERY special teams’ play so you can hand it to your offense and run it up the middle again. You are 2-2 bowl game record Kirby. You try to sit on the lead and are CLUELESS with no experience coaching offense Kirby or special teams. Why hold back your talented younger players Kirby ? Officially you are boring.


One statement you absolutely can make is that UGA Georgia Bulldogs have NOTHING TO SAY about or to the playoff committee 2019 after LOSING to 4-8 South Carolina and then blown-out by Biblical Proportions 10-37 by LSU who beat us 16-36 last year. We REMOVED any and all discussion about us with these two (2) BLUNDERS. Had either not have happened we are in the playoffs regardless and Oklahoma could stay the FUCK at home. Instead it is we.

5th place is just the first loser.





UGA Georgia Bulldogs BOOTED from the play-offs by the coaches’ poll putting us at # 5 BEHIND worse than Oklahoma who beat ONLY CUPCAKES because…well… Kirby LOST to useless 4-8 South Carolina…looked like SHIT on offense and on special teams ALL SEASON LONG…and because well Kirby got his hat handed to him by LSU Joe Burrow AGAIN this time worse than last year’s 16-36 by 10-37 this year. Hey Kirby fix your fucking offense and special teams boy or join Mark Richt in retirement at young age. Your offense is particularly STINKING Kirby as I have told you ALL YEAR LONG despite the BULLSHIT here on this blog by CB of River Bend Run Down or whatever the FUCK he called that blog. Nice call CB you dumb fuck CB.




CB you and the REST of your Senator Bluto Mark Richt apologists all can go FUCK yourselves.


I told you this offense was no fucking good.


Nah…not CB.  He has to DEFEND it.


Good luck with that or your bullshit comments herein CB on THIS BLOG which is NOT defunct like your River Bend Run Down bullshit whatever blog CB.


Fuck you boy.


I told you THIS OFFENSE SUCKED and had to be fixed.


But no…


You have to defend it CB.


Dumb FUCK !





Kirby same as EVERY OTHER YEAR with 2 LOSSES to SEC teams EVERY YEAR for 4 years in a row now and the top OFFENSES twice passing what Kirby passes # 75 Passing Offense all 4 years and 2600 passing yards with 23 TD passes. Now go make your GOD DAMN EXCUSES for Kirby. There are NONE. All this talent. It’s BULLSHIT Kirby. 12 LOSSES 4 years Kirby. 3 losses a year. 3 losses last year. Disappointment. 12 losses Kirby 4th year here. Not good.



Don’t BEGIN to tell me this is a successful year.  Bullshit it is losing to South Carolina at our house and losing to LSU in Atlanta for yet again another LOSS at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium for Kirby 10-37 blown-out again by LSU Joe Burrow the same as Joe Burrow did to Kirby’s bullshit offense last year also 16-36.  No difference only WORSE this year.


Bull shit.


What kind of a fucking offense is that Kirby ?


What kind of God Damn special teams is that Kirby ?


Going to have some more secret practices Kirby ?


I think EVERYONE knows Kirby.


Dumb fuck.


3 choices Kirby.  Modernize your offense and special teams Kirby.  Or either hire someone who can fix your offense and hire someone to fix your special teams.  Or become just a defensive coordinator because THAT is all you can coach.  You are a special recruiter Kirby.  Stay on as Defensive Coordinator and head recruiting coach.  Go to the NFL and coach defense.  Leave head coaching Kirby to someone with experience on offense and on special teams and someone who can conduct a press conference and hold a practice.  You are OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND Kirby with this bull shit offense of yours and no traction on special teams and unable to hold a practice and unable to hold a press conference.


Too many weak areas Kirby.  Not a spring chicken.  You have 12 LOSSES 4th year and 4th year is NOT over.  Going to play in another bowl game you can’t get your guys to get up to play Kirby ?


Sad 10-37.


$ 6 and a half million dollars a year for this Kirby ?  12 losses 4th year. 4th year too of # 75 passing offense. Laughable special teams.  Unable to conduct press conference. And no idea how to practice thinking it should be a secret so NO ONE can second-guess you Kirby. Guess what Kirby ?  We ALL can see with our own eyes what you practice and you can’t conduct practices to get your players ready. Just all you can do is be in charge of EVERYTHING and do ALL of it poorly except your defense and your recruiting.


With all this talent # 75 passing offense half what the top teams do passing every year Kirby 4 in a row ALL THE FUCKING SAME Kirby and with ALL THIS TALENT.


That’s all you know Kirby defense and how to recruit.


You looked like SHIT out there all season on offense and on special teams Kirby.  You looked like shit against South Carolina and you looked like shit tonight against LSU.  You’re 0-2 against LSU and 0-2 against Alabama. You’re 1-3 in Atlanta Kirby.  You’ve LOST 12 games 4 seasons so far. Frankly this is NOT what I signed-up for Kirby.  You’re too conservative.  You NEVER had ANY chance against LSU Kirby.  NONE.


There is NO EXCUSE with all this talent for this team to be HALF of the top teams in passing 2600 yards passing and 23 TD # 75 Passing Offense for the 4th God Damn Year in a row for you Kirby and there is NO EXCUSE for 12 losses in 4 years either Kirby nor any reason under the sun that this team with all this talent should be 11-2.


Sad Kirby.  Sad performance son.  Poor coaching.


Wow Kirby !  That is really unacceptable.


Unacceptable tonight.


Unacceptable for the season.


Unacceptable for 4-year Kirby era to-date.


Unacceptable offense and special teams.





12 LOSSES 4 years of Kirby is average 3 losses per season for Kirby. $ 6 and a half MILLION DOLLARS for that ? Can’t even see he needs an offense ? No idea on special teams ? No concept of a press conference ? Lifetime defensive coach with NO EXPERIENCE OFFENSE SPECIAL TEAMS or press conferences and frankly BAD at practice hiding it from press too. GOD DAMN AWFUL.


You have to do something about your STINKING OFFENSE Kirby # 75 Passing Offense 4th year in a row for Kirby now

# 75 Passing Offense 4 years in a row for Kirby.





Uh.  This does NOT work Kirby.


I told you that Kirby, you hard head.



This season all boils down to THIS. It is a successful season if we WIN. If we lose to LSU it is NOT a successful season 2019 for UGA Georgia Bulldogs. FAILURE is NOT success. LOSING to South Carolina AND LSU 2 SEC losses again for 4th season in a row under Kirby is NOT a success. Only with MARK RICHT did we AIM to win 10 or 11 wins in a 15-game season for the TOP TEAMS. If you are one of THOSE then you are in the WRONG blog here. I will consider 2019 a success iff we WIN over LSU whether we then beat LSU again next game or NOT and whether or not we beat Ohio State or Oklahoma. Oklahoma does NOT deserve to make playoffs playing 12 cupcakes. That’s BULLSHIT. We already beat 3 top 15 teams.


Although Kirby is 1-3 at Atlanta Mercedes-Benz everyone says, we are Home RED and will have 3 to 1 advantage in crowd and Kirby’s Defense WILL BE LSU’s biggest challenge defensively 4 p.m. CBS Saturday # 4 UGA Georgia Bulldogs welcoming # 2 LSU with the last playoff poll to come out DIRECTLY AFTER the GAME. 2 can lose and drop to 4 leaving UGA higher at # 3 to play # 2 Ohio State or we are LEFT OUT again with a loss. It’s that simple tomorrow afternoon. See you at the pot of pre-game rally Jambalaya.

Kirby has to PASS the ball and do something on special teams not just stand there and hand it to Kirby’s offense to run the ball up the middle only kick field goals and punt them stacking the box.



Kirby is NOT going to let Mike Bobo call his own plays EITHER. It will STILL be KIRBY’S OFFENSE. Kirby has been QUITE CLEAR that he considers 2 of the 3 outcomes of a pass to be BAD and all 3 scenarios for a PASS are BAD FOR THE DEFENSE and that a good running game makes his DEFENSE BETTER.

Anyway Mike Bob SUCKED.  We LOST to all the top teams every year and threw in losses to CUPCAKES every year in ADDITION.


I said at the time that Colorado State was a DEMOTION for Mike Bobo and that he should not take a job at a program with a LOSING ALL-TIME RECORD.


Good Lord Mike Bobo.


If Mike Bobo came here Kirby would STILL RUN EVERY FIRST DOWN and every SECOND DOWN and Kirby would still run on 3rd downs too some.


Even with Mike Bobo.


Mike Bobo could NOT recruit the top players AND he could not beat the top teams… everything we are trying to FIX.



Ed Orgeron at LSU is averaging # 8 recruiting class. Kirby is averaging # 2. LSU is prohibitive favorite over Georgia ? Because LSU beat Alabama who beat no one ? Because LSU beat Florida and Auburn both home games for LSU ? Georgia beat Florida and Auburn away from our Home. And we beat Notre Dame. LSU wins ? Bullshit.




OK I get it. Here is what we are told this morning. LSU wins by 7 according to the experts in Las Vegas and we play Baylor according to CBS in a bowl game no one cares about again. LSU far better passing offense. LSU far better offensive coordinator. LSU is IN the play-offs ALREADY according to ESPN win or lose against us. So we would have to play them twice either loss knocks us out because of our LOSS to lousy stinking South Carolina. NOT a word about beating # 14 Notre Dame # 8 Florida and # 11 Auburn which are BETTER wins than LSU on the road too. D’Andre Swift is not going to play. Jake Fromm has thrown less than 50 percent completions every game for 5 games in a row now. Georgia will have to score 4 TD to tie LSU and we are NOT going to do that with our offense according to AM 680 the fan. I get it LSU is # 1 and we’re # 4 picked to lose by 7 and be left out again but this QB has beat some BIG TEAMS. Isn’t he due ? And our Defense is an ERK RUSSELL DEFENSE ! We do know our DL and our OL are the absolute strengths we put forward. Kirby has out recruited Ed Orgeron too. Why can’t UGA Georgia Bulldogs beat LSU ? Instead of telling our team what they can NOT do why not give them at least one snap Saturday to see if they came to play or not ? We have stable running backs – more than fine. We have GREAT receivers – not serviceable. We have DEFENSE they don’t NOT to our standard. I like our chances. I pick us.

Because YOU say we can’t we MUST lose ?  Wouldn’t it matter MORE what OUR GUYS think of their effort Saturday ?  I mean if OUR GUYS WANT IT…


We certainly know what is involved.


We weren’t up for Texas last year.  Now here we are where we ONLY WISH we were last year.  Remember where we were the year before last ?


We’re a year deeper in Kirby Smart’s recruiting this year.


18 eighteen 5-star recruits.




I believe we will win.  I would RATHER be us than them.  Forget our losing record at Mercedes-Benz Atlanta. We get our 2nd win there.


I think Jake Fromm has a BIGGER GAME than Joe Burrow who absolutely KILLED Kirby last year 16-36.





Confirmed OUT for LSU game 2019 Justin Shaffer OL neck a junior from Cedar Grove several STARTS 2019 (possible medical redshirt but played 6 games so can not be a redshirt year) Lawrence Cager (Miami of Florida) shoulder separation WR 9 games 6 STARTS D’Wan Mathis (Ohio State) brain surgery on cyst true freshman probably medical redshirt not count on roster. It’s December 3 – that is an amazingly short list confirmed out. Now there are more injuries to BOTH LSU and to Georgia. LSU INJURIES : Tory Carter FB. Michael Divinity Jr. GRADES not eligible before January 1 of 2020 a LB. Todd Harris Jr. a Safety knee injury out of game vs UGA Georgia Bulldogs. Kardell Thomas OL ankle OUT. Dee Anderson WR suspension OUT for Georgia game – all but kicked-off team all of 2019 season. So we ain’t the only one. GET OVER THE INJURY BULLSHIT. BEAT LSU !

  1. Tory Carter FB.
  2. Michael Divinity Jr. GRADES not eligible before January 1 of 2020 a LB.
  3. Todd Harris Jr. a Safety knee injury out of game vs UGA Georgia Bulldogs.
  4. Kardell Thomas OL ankle OUT.
  5. Dee Anderson WR suspension OUT for Georgia game – all but kicked-off team all of 2019 season.


So we ain’t the only one. GET OVER THE INJURY BULLSHIT. BEAT LSU !






Paul Finebaum : “Georgia doesn’t want Alabama. They’ve been down that road. And they’ve had the same result. And that’s the problem.”

Auburn beat Alabama on 2 back-up quarterback pick sixes and missed field goal for 2nd loss this season by Alabama.


LSU on the other hand is whom it is we get.


Our wins over Notre Dame Auburn and Florida are looking better and better.



There aren’t any excuses. You either beat LSU or play Baylor or again Oklahoma but in the Sugar Bowl. It’s that simple. Next man up. You can’t sit there and waste words about injuries. LSU Saturday. Win and move on. Lose and it’s last year all over again 11-1 lose and be left out. Are we ready to make the next step ? If not this year then when ?

If we had not LOST to South Carolina then win or lose against LSU we would have been in.  If a bullfrog had wings he could fly instead of bumping his ass across the rocks.


It would be a shame to waste this defense this season but our special teams and offense have to have the game of our lives Saturday.


There is no question in my mind that our wins over Auburn Florida and Notre Dame are the best 3 wins in college football 2019 season.  There is NO consolation prize Saturday. It was hard to get our guys UP for Texas last year and we face Baylor or Oklahoma this year Sugar Bowl if we do not beat LSU.


We have to beat LSU.


Don’t waste my time telling me we have this injury.


This is football.


You win or our dream is over again for the 39th year in a row.


What do I care about Dabo Swinney for ?  Who cares that they do NOT even play a single top 25 team all season long in the stinking ACC ?  THAT is noise.  Ohio State playing Wisconsin ?  Who gives a shit ?  We lose and # 5 Utah is in with a win over Oregon.  Is that simple enough for you?


Don’t waste my time talking about ANY of that.  Beat LSU.


There is no tomorrow.


You have to WANT it !





Thank you Kirby for getting us here.  Now we have to be man enough against a team hell bent on scoring who beat us last year 16 to 36 to give us 17 losses and a tie compared to only 13 wins by us over LSU.



We needed that win last year and LSU embarrassed us.