There aren’t any excuses. You either beat LSU or play Baylor or again Oklahoma but in the Sugar Bowl. It’s that simple. Next man up. You can’t sit there and waste words about injuries. LSU Saturday. Win and move on. Lose and it’s last year all over again 11-1 lose and be left out. Are we ready to make the next step ? If not this year then when ?

If we had not LOST to South Carolina then win or lose against LSU we would have been in.  If a bullfrog had wings he could fly instead of bumping his ass across the rocks.


It would be a shame to waste this defense this season but our special teams and offense have to have the game of our lives Saturday.


There is no question in my mind that our wins over Auburn Florida and Notre Dame are the best 3 wins in college football 2019 season.  There is NO consolation prize Saturday. It was hard to get our guys UP for Texas last year and we face Baylor or Oklahoma this year Sugar Bowl if we do not beat LSU.


We have to beat LSU.


Don’t waste my time telling me we have this injury.


This is football.


You win or our dream is over again for the 39th year in a row.


What do I care about Dabo Swinney for ?  Who cares that they do NOT even play a single top 25 team all season long in the stinking ACC ?  THAT is noise.  Ohio State playing Wisconsin ?  Who gives a shit ?  We lose and # 5 Utah is in with a win over Oregon.  Is that simple enough for you?


Don’t waste my time talking about ANY of that.  Beat LSU.


There is no tomorrow.


You have to WANT it !





Thank you Kirby for getting us here.  Now we have to be man enough against a team hell bent on scoring who beat us last year 16 to 36 to give us 17 losses and a tie compared to only 13 wins by us over LSU.



We needed that win last year and LSU embarrassed us.





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