OK I get it. Here is what we are told this morning. LSU wins by 7 according to the experts in Las Vegas and we play Baylor according to CBS in a bowl game no one cares about again. LSU far better passing offense. LSU far better offensive coordinator. LSU is IN the play-offs ALREADY according to ESPN win or lose against us. So we would have to play them twice either loss knocks us out because of our LOSS to lousy stinking South Carolina. NOT a word about beating # 14 Notre Dame # 8 Florida and # 11 Auburn which are BETTER wins than LSU on the road too. D’Andre Swift is not going to play. Jake Fromm has thrown less than 50 percent completions every game for 5 games in a row now. Georgia will have to score 4 TD to tie LSU and we are NOT going to do that with our offense according to AM 680 the fan. I get it LSU is # 1 and we’re # 4 picked to lose by 7 and be left out again but this QB has beat some BIG TEAMS. Isn’t he due ? And our Defense is an ERK RUSSELL DEFENSE ! We do know our DL and our OL are the absolute strengths we put forward. Kirby has out recruited Ed Orgeron too. Why can’t UGA Georgia Bulldogs beat LSU ? Instead of telling our team what they can NOT do why not give them at least one snap Saturday to see if they came to play or not ? We have stable running backs – more than fine. We have GREAT receivers – not serviceable. We have DEFENSE they don’t NOT to our standard. I like our chances. I pick us.

Because YOU say we can’t we MUST lose ?  Wouldn’t it matter MORE what OUR GUYS think of their effort Saturday ?  I mean if OUR GUYS WANT IT…


We certainly know what is involved.


We weren’t up for Texas last year.  Now here we are where we ONLY WISH we were last year.  Remember where we were the year before last ?


We’re a year deeper in Kirby Smart’s recruiting this year.


18 eighteen 5-star recruits.




I believe we will win.  I would RATHER be us than them.  Forget our losing record at Mercedes-Benz Atlanta. We get our 2nd win there.


I think Jake Fromm has a BIGGER GAME than Joe Burrow who absolutely KILLED Kirby last year 16-36.





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