Kirby is NOT going to let Mike Bobo call his own plays EITHER. It will STILL be KIRBY’S OFFENSE. Kirby has been QUITE CLEAR that he considers 2 of the 3 outcomes of a pass to be BAD and all 3 scenarios for a PASS are BAD FOR THE DEFENSE and that a good running game makes his DEFENSE BETTER.

Anyway Mike Bob SUCKED.  We LOST to all the top teams every year and threw in losses to CUPCAKES every year in ADDITION.


I said at the time that Colorado State was a DEMOTION for Mike Bobo and that he should not take a job at a program with a LOSING ALL-TIME RECORD.


Good Lord Mike Bobo.


If Mike Bobo came here Kirby would STILL RUN EVERY FIRST DOWN and every SECOND DOWN and Kirby would still run on 3rd downs too some.


Even with Mike Bobo.


Mike Bobo could NOT recruit the top players AND he could not beat the top teams… everything we are trying to FIX.



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