Although Kirby is 1-3 at Atlanta Mercedes-Benz everyone says, we are Home RED and will have 3 to 1 advantage in crowd and Kirby’s Defense WILL BE LSU’s biggest challenge defensively 4 p.m. CBS Saturday # 4 UGA Georgia Bulldogs welcoming # 2 LSU with the last playoff poll to come out DIRECTLY AFTER the GAME. 2 can lose and drop to 4 leaving UGA higher at # 3 to play # 2 Ohio State or we are LEFT OUT again with a loss. It’s that simple tomorrow afternoon. See you at the pot of pre-game rally Jambalaya.

Kirby has to PASS the ball and do something on special teams not just stand there and hand it to Kirby’s offense to run the ball up the middle only kick field goals and punt them stacking the box.



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