This season all boils down to THIS. It is a successful season if we WIN. If we lose to LSU it is NOT a successful season 2019 for UGA Georgia Bulldogs. FAILURE is NOT success. LOSING to South Carolina AND LSU 2 SEC losses again for 4th season in a row under Kirby is NOT a success. Only with MARK RICHT did we AIM to win 10 or 11 wins in a 15-game season for the TOP TEAMS. If you are one of THOSE then you are in the WRONG blog here. I will consider 2019 a success iff we WIN over LSU whether we then beat LSU again next game or NOT and whether or not we beat Ohio State or Oklahoma. Oklahoma does NOT deserve to make playoffs playing 12 cupcakes. That’s BULLSHIT. We already beat 3 top 15 teams.


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