Kirby same as EVERY OTHER YEAR with 2 LOSSES to SEC teams EVERY YEAR for 4 years in a row now and the top OFFENSES twice passing what Kirby passes # 75 Passing Offense all 4 years and 2600 passing yards with 23 TD passes. Now go make your GOD DAMN EXCUSES for Kirby. There are NONE. All this talent. It’s BULLSHIT Kirby. 12 LOSSES 4 years Kirby. 3 losses a year. 3 losses last year. Disappointment. 12 losses Kirby 4th year here. Not good.


Don’t BEGIN to tell me this is a successful year.  Bullshit it is losing to South Carolina at our house and losing to LSU in Atlanta for yet again another LOSS at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium for Kirby 10-37 blown-out again by LSU Joe Burrow the same as Joe Burrow did to Kirby’s bullshit offense last year also 16-36.  No difference only WORSE this year.


Bull shit.


What kind of a fucking offense is that Kirby ?


What kind of God Damn special teams is that Kirby ?


Going to have some more secret practices Kirby ?


I think EVERYONE knows Kirby.


Dumb fuck.


3 choices Kirby.  Modernize your offense and special teams Kirby.  Or either hire someone who can fix your offense and hire someone to fix your special teams.  Or become just a defensive coordinator because THAT is all you can coach.  You are a special recruiter Kirby.  Stay on as Defensive Coordinator and head recruiting coach.  Go to the NFL and coach defense.  Leave head coaching Kirby to someone with experience on offense and on special teams and someone who can conduct a press conference and hold a practice.  You are OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND Kirby with this bull shit offense of yours and no traction on special teams and unable to hold a practice and unable to hold a press conference.


Too many weak areas Kirby.  Not a spring chicken.  You have 12 LOSSES 4th year and 4th year is NOT over.  Going to play in another bowl game you can’t get your guys to get up to play Kirby ?


Sad 10-37.


$ 6 and a half million dollars a year for this Kirby ?  12 losses 4th year. 4th year too of # 75 passing offense. Laughable special teams.  Unable to conduct press conference. And no idea how to practice thinking it should be a secret so NO ONE can second-guess you Kirby. Guess what Kirby ?  We ALL can see with our own eyes what you practice and you can’t conduct practices to get your players ready. Just all you can do is be in charge of EVERYTHING and do ALL of it poorly except your defense and your recruiting.


With all this talent # 75 passing offense half what the top teams do passing every year Kirby 4 in a row ALL THE FUCKING SAME Kirby and with ALL THIS TALENT.


That’s all you know Kirby defense and how to recruit.


You looked like SHIT out there all season on offense and on special teams Kirby.  You looked like shit against South Carolina and you looked like shit tonight against LSU.  You’re 0-2 against LSU and 0-2 against Alabama. You’re 1-3 in Atlanta Kirby.  You’ve LOST 12 games 4 seasons so far. Frankly this is NOT what I signed-up for Kirby.  You’re too conservative.  You NEVER had ANY chance against LSU Kirby.  NONE.


There is NO EXCUSE with all this talent for this team to be HALF of the top teams in passing 2600 yards passing and 23 TD # 75 Passing Offense for the 4th God Damn Year in a row for you Kirby and there is NO EXCUSE for 12 losses in 4 years either Kirby nor any reason under the sun that this team with all this talent should be 11-2.


Sad Kirby.  Sad performance son.  Poor coaching.


Wow Kirby !  That is really unacceptable.


Unacceptable tonight.


Unacceptable for the season.


Unacceptable for 4-year Kirby era to-date.


Unacceptable offense and special teams.





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