UGA Georgia Bulldogs BOOTED from the play-offs by the coaches’ poll putting us at # 5 BEHIND worse than Oklahoma who beat ONLY CUPCAKES because…well… Kirby LOST to useless 4-8 South Carolina…looked like SHIT on offense and on special teams ALL SEASON LONG…and because well Kirby got his hat handed to him by LSU Joe Burrow AGAIN this time worse than last year’s 16-36 by 10-37 this year. Hey Kirby fix your fucking offense and special teams boy or join Mark Richt in retirement at young age. Your offense is particularly STINKING Kirby as I have told you ALL YEAR LONG despite the BULLSHIT here on this blog by CB of River Bend Run Down or whatever the FUCK he called that blog. Nice call CB you dumb fuck CB.



CB you and the REST of your Senator Bluto Mark Richt apologists all can go FUCK yourselves.


I told you this offense was no fucking good.


Nah…not CB.  He has to DEFEND it.


Good luck with that or your bullshit comments herein CB on THIS BLOG which is NOT defunct like your River Bend Run Down bullshit whatever blog CB.


Fuck you boy.


I told you THIS OFFENSE SUCKED and had to be fixed.


But no…


You have to defend it CB.


Dumb FUCK !





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