“I don’t think you can just turn around down after down and hand the ball off to the tailback and say Let’s go Sic’ Em.” Sam Pittman on his OFFENSIVE PHILOSOPHY to Razorback fans who hired him because I always thought he looked like the perfect head coach. It’s BULLSHIT what Kirby has done 4 years in a row here of # 75 Passing Offense. No Coach Pittman it DOES NOT work to turn around and hand off to the tailback every 1st Down every 2nd Down and some on 3rd Down too – you LOSE TOP QUARTERBACKS and have wide receivers and tight ends who are NOT INTO the game and NOT READY. It DOES help your defense because it keeps ball away and doesn’t cause interceptions or drops but when they stack box you have no hope.

Merry Christmas Kirby.  Someone else other than CB who thinks your offensive game plan strategy absolutely sucks.


I told you so despite the bullshit to the contrary on THIS BLOG by CB.





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