Pothead 5-Sar Robert Beal quits team not being played after his ARREST with Pothead Brenton Cox another 5-Star who transferred to Florida to LOSE to Georgia 2019 watching from the sidelines. Both were former 5-Stars. Robert Beal was 5-Star with PrepStar and 5-Star with ESPN the # 3 best OVERALL player in the state of Georgia. KIRBY’S TROUBLES CONTINUE… Of course there were six (6) arrests this off-season but most of those were coddled. Currently in EVERY STATE in the United States it is ILLEGAL to smoke POT as a 19-year old. Perhaps he can transfer to a state where when he is an adult he can smoke POT. Thanks a lot Robert Beal, POTHEAD.

Kirby said that “we were NOT doing very well off-field this off-season” earlier this year.


Our Offense nor our special teams did very well ON FIELD this season either Kirby.


If you’re keeping score.





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