Sagacious daily commentary

This blog is the TRUTH of how mainstream Georgia Bulldogs’ fans feel and how we have felt for a long long time.


Here you will find hard-hitting Truth and always this is all I have ever written anywhere.  Isn’t THAT why tens of thousands read my blog in a day ?


I guarantee.


There have been some who attempted to shut-up this writer for over a decade now from 2008 through 2019.  They failed.  They were NOT mainstream Bulldogs.


They have been proven incorrect.


On the other hand, not only have I been proven correct but more importantly I have been proven to be mainstream thought for Georgia Bulldogs’ fans.


What I say is what we ALL say.


And always has been.


Seasons’ ticket holder after my Dad was as well.  Our family graduated from The University of Georgia.  Me as well.

Wally Butts took us to the big bowl games on the national stage against the top-ranked teams for the season, and won them frequently. Vince Dooley too played in and won big huge bowl games on the national stage. Both were master motivators. Wally Butts got his team up to play the greatest teams of his day. Vince Dooley, who honestly owes much of his success to Erk Russell and his GATA attitude blood dripping from his bald head butting heads with our team to get them up, too was very good talking-up each opponent up-coming – even unranked teams Vince Dooley made out as great teams.

For the # 11 Georgia Bulldogs’ All-Time Wins’ Program with 6 NC 1927 George Woodruff, 1942 and 1946 Wally Butts, and 1966, 1968, 1980 Vince Dooley, we are tied at # 2 best in SEC titles with 14 and # 3 best in Bowl Games’ Wins with 31 Bowl Wins behind only Alabama 40 and Southern California 35.

It’s going to be great getting on the big stage at the end of a season – 37 years we have not won the national championship and frankly not only have we lost the big games we have also lost to unranked teams every year too.  We have to do both to be the best.

I have been waiting for all these years !

Kirby certainly had a rocky start as an 8-5 SEC team year one.  He is a great recruiter # 6 for 2016 # 3 in 2017 and # 1 in 2018.  The kids are buying-in.  20 Bulldogs who have been Starters for Kirby here are leaving after this game against Alabama.  This is the year.  We can do this.  Of all teams we play Alabama the toughest.

We’ll see if he can get us that extra 5 yards.

Here’s hoping.  Right ?  Well I nailed every word of that looking back now didn’t I ?


We’re a solid football program number 11 all-time in wins and number 3 all-time in bowl wins. We have a state with a city 59 miles away with 7 million people a world-class city made-up of as fine a group of high school football as there is. We have no competition in-state and plenty out-of-state for what is generally considered the number 3 state for recruits. Our fan base is as active and engaged as any in the nation. We tend to hype our recruits but if you go back and compare ANY of our classes with the 2017 Recruiting Class ranked # 3 in the nation and now 2018 ranked # 1 and you will find that we’ve NEVER recruited this well.  We haven’t really added-on to our football stadium while others with less going for them have.

We have many blogs over one hundred.  They ALL have ALL bragged on our recruits.  Then it turns-out they weren’t that great.  Well this 2017 Class is here to prove they are our # 1 class of all-time and the # 1 class for 2018 can prove it is as well NEXT YEAR.

We have a fantastic university with a ranking of number 56 which goes up every year better and better. To listen to the other school downtown who is number 36 one might get the impression otherwise like they are Princeton or Harvard.  # 36 is NOT THAT. U.S. News and World Report ranks us as one of the very best in the nation as a school. Other football programs who are doing well in football do not have our education we offer them here.

Our campus is so beautiful and the belles gracing our campus are hot. We have a lot more ladies than other schools. Our women sports teams are very good as a result.

Our environment is ranked the number one college football town and we enjoy the number one mascot in all of sports as well.  It is too bad that we don’t play Florida home-and-home to EXPAND our stadium and give all those MILLIONS of dollars to the Athens economy.

We buy merchandise for our team. Only 5 schools have more merchandise purchased.

Forbes magazine ranks us as the number 2 most revenue from our football program in the nation.

We have the number 5 most NFL Draft Picks of all colleges.

Only ten schools have more Academic All-Americans than we do.

We have been ranked the number one Party School in the nation many times and always are listed at the very top.

Twenty-seven different seasons we have won eighty percent of our football games. 27.

We’re good. We’re very good.

Forty-one Bulldogs have lifted the NFL Super Bowl Trophy as Champions and 3 have been elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame Charley Trippi Fran Tarkenton and Terrell Davis.

We have four former players who have been named MVP of the NFL Championship Game currently called the Super Bowl Champion MVP.

We have four who have been drafted number one overall in the NFL Draft.

We compete in The SEC and are a Charter Member. We’re tied for the second most SEC Championships in football with 14 to Alabama’s 26.

The SEC itself is winning now 11 of the latest fifteen national championships with only three other teams from three different conferences having won one each except for the ACC which has only 2.

Forty-three percent of the Top twenty-one college football teams in wins all-time competed in The SEC.

We have remained the target of envy of all of college football as the preeminent conference in college football.

The SEC remains the most valuable football conference.

Our city of seven million represents the hottest hotbed of college football fans in the world.  Coupled with our NFL fans and high school fans Atlanta is THE hotbed of football.

We do have six national championships in football. It’s been a long while. We have taken grief over that but what they do not challenge is that we have better talent than having zero All-SEC players Kirby’s first season but we are back on track 2017-2018 season with what will end up the most NFL Draft Picks from one college in this upcoming 2018 NFL Draft.

We have the lead in college football’s Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry.

Our former players are and have been coaches and sports commentators nationally.  Maria Taylor broadcasts the NC game and so too could 3 more Bulldogs.

Our football program has been ranked the number six most valuable in the nation.

We had ninety-three thousand at our G-Day Spring Practice Football Game last year 2016 and then this year 68 thousand fewer of us showed-up.  I saw 25 thousand here G-Day 2017.  We showed-up 2018 again and filled every seat turned-away at the door.

We have had eighteen seasons of zero or one loss.

We are not on NCAA Probation in football like that school downtown Atlanta finally cane off Probation 2017 and we have not been for many years.

A new gymnasium seems to be our next project here.

Starting 1990 we have won 7 games against our number one Rival in the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.

Twenty-eight games 7 wins.

Our recruiting class was number three best nationally for 2017. It’s arguably the most talented group coming-in we’ve ever assembled 2018 with us ranked # 1 after 2016 Kirby ranking # 6.

We could use the revenue from playing Florida every other year here to expand our stadium and our home game schedule has suffered with poor opponents for us to watch here in one of the nation’s best venues.

It could not possibly hurt our chances against Florida to play them here every other year.

As long as we play second fiddle to Florida we will not achieve much.

Our new coach did go 8-5 in his first season in The SEC.  And now is 21-6 for 2 seasons actually averaging MORE than 10 wins a season unlike Mark Richt whose 145 wins in 15 years is NOT 10 games a year.

We were short on talent 2016 because of the great Exodus of 22 last remnants of Mark Richt’s Dream Team who together since one of them got a medical redshirt and started 2010 lost 24 games in 6 years 4 losses a season.  With the average # 7 Recruiting Rankings’ Class that sucks.  But Kirby turned that around this year at 13-1 before Alabama.

We knew coming-in we were short on talent the 2016 season.  We knew this our best shot 2018.  We took our shot.

How could we average # 7 Recruiting Rankings and average 4 losses a year starting 2010 and still be SHORT on talent 2016 season ?  Because THEY WERE NOT HERE.  40 % of the Signed Scholarship Recruits starting 2010 including 2015 a total of 59 of the 146 Signed Scholarship Recruits were either kicked-off failed to qualify flunked-out or quit rather than play here.


So we were short of talent 2016 season.


Not this year.


Other coaches have done a better job of highlighting their freshmen this year Kirby redshirting 3 of the top 5 OL nationally 2017-2018 season.

Last year is over.

We have a full complement of eight-five scholarship players and stand to lose some to the NFL which stands at really just a joystick who in his time here lead the team in fumbles and drops.  So we’re all back as I see it for 2017-2018 season and this is why THIS IS THE YEAR.

Kirby had a remarkable year 2017-2018.

My wish this year is that Kirby does evaluate his best freshmen from this season and the best freshmen coming-in next year and get them out there with the number one unit from our first practice.

We are doing fine.


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