Kirby forced Jake Fromm to run the ball consecutively on first and second downs back-to-back ten (10) times against a team stacking the box and STOPPING THE RUN while ALSO BEATING Kirby at the time. We did boo and boo and boo and boo and boo Kirby’s bullshit play calls. Yet there remains some discussion about BEGGING Kirby to respond to THIS CRITICISM. Excuse me ? Why is Kirby # 72 Passing Offense ? Because Kirby runs the ball up the middle on first and second downs. Even when Kirby is LOSING. Even when we BOO Kirby for it. Did you HEAR ME that time ? Well did you punk ?

Kirby insisted we run the ball consecutively on first and second downs back-to-back ten (10) times against a team stacking the box and STOPPING THE RUN while ALSO BEATING Kirby at the time. We did boo and boo and boo and boo.  Now Kirby has no GOD DAMN ANSWER to this.


Kirby meets with the press.  And the press are such GOD DAMN WIMPS that they accept that Kirby does NOT reply to this criticism.  Kirby will NOT answer the press on this. Kirby IGNORES the press asking him about this booing and booing by the fans for his running first and second down 10 times even losing even us booing Kirby for it.  Kirby REFUSES to answer the press about it changing the topic to yes we are thinking only about Kentucky and running first and second down every time all this week again too with Kirby’s # 72 Passing Offense.  This is what Kirby does.  Control freak.  Fans booing.  He runs up middle first and second downs 10 times against South Carolina ANYWAY and refuses to answer direct questions from the press about it.  He ducks the question.


It’s such bullshit and bad that the press lets Kirby get away with this ignoring the press asking Kirby about it.


Kirby will ANSWER for this.


I guarantee it.


God damn stubborn son of a bitch.





Is it all or nothing with Kirby ? Do we have to watch Kirby sink or swim with his utter lack of experience on the offensive and special teams’ areas of our program ? Is there no one above Kirby who can tell Kirby he has to learn modern offenses and learn how to take advantage of special teams with all this talent he has ?


Longtime UGA commit Jamil Burroughs takes South Carolina loss on the nose and quits his commitment to Georgia choosing Alabama instantly. Negative recruiting again here in the state of Georgia by Nick Saban again. Don’t give me this shit about “LOYAL” Georgia Bulldogs’ fans. The facts are the loss ended our season this year and is more of the same for Kirby with a putrid offense # 73 Passing Offense 2019 just like Kirby was 2018 and 2017 and 2016 the # 72 Passing Offense EVERY YEAR. This is going to HURT KIRBY until he FIXES HIS OFFENSE by NOT being # 72 Passing Offense EVERY YEAR of Kirby now year 4 again # 72 Passing Offense.


“We have to do a better job getting the ball to playmakers in space as well as trying to get the ball outside a little more and we have to take more shots downfield.” D’Andre Swift outspoken critic to the press on our offense. In other words D’Andre Swift says all we do is run the ball up the middle. Did you get that ? D’Andre Swift said all this to the press. You stand behind Kirby Smart ? Or you agree Kirby Smart MUST CHANGE HIS OFFENSE like D’Andre Swift says Kirby must change the offense ? Which is it ?


# 73 Passing Offense 2019 Kirby UGA Georgia Bulldogs



What did you expect ?


That no one would tell you that Georgia under Kirby his 4th year is # 73 Passing Offense ?


Sure he is.


He runs every first and second down even LOSING.



The truth of the matter is that I am sick and tired of losing 3 games every year. Kirby was hired to FIX that. Kirby’s next loss with be loss # 12. This is his 4th year. I am sorry but THIS is unacceptable. I see glaring areas of LACK of experience and LACK of knowledge of offenses and of special teams. All the rest Kirby is great at. But 3 losses a year for 4 years is NOT what I signed-up for. 11 losses 6 games into his 4th season with 8 games to go this season. We OBVIOUSLY have several more losses ahead. Listen to Kirby. He is not fixing his offense or his special teams.

That does NOT mean I am not rooting for my Bulldogs.  It just simply means that I am realistic that we have two (2) more losses this season to keep Kirby losing an average of 3 games a year.  In fact, Kirby’s next loss will be # 12 Loss in 4 years.  So whether he loses 3 as I guarantee this season or loses just one more Kirby loses 3 games a year.  These 3 losses a year are a direct result of Kirby running every first and second down and fair catching every punt and every kick-off so that Kirby can have Jake Fromm hand the ball off every first and second down.


Do that crap and you will have 3 losses a year…


or more.



Forget about all the teams that we’re behind in the polls now. Recall again where we are with Kirby telling LIES to the press how his every effort is to pass the ball. Bullshit Kirby. And hiding what he is doing like no one knows Kirby has never coached offense or special teams. So all the practices are PRIVATE. If no one can see him coaching offense or special teams they can not second-guess Kirby. That is what Kirby thinks. His opinion. No one else has an opinion – just only Kirby. No one can even ask questions about personnel decisions. Kirby is one stubborn son of a bitch. Imagine everyone at Dooley Field booing Kirby’s play calls of only runs every first and second down ? Imagine that ? And still losing, Kirby makes the offense again just only run every first and second down. Kirby gives away what he is going to do. And he then therefore WASTES all this talent. 3 teams in the nation with more talent than us 2019. Kirby it is unacceptable and this has to come to an end. So say ALL of us.

Don’t tell me we can WIN OUT and make the play-offs. Try to see if you can focus for a moment now on what our weaknesses are and how we can get Kirby to do something about our weaknesses on special teams and on offense.  Kirby needs to hire an offensive coordinator in FACT not in name.  Kirby needs to hire a special teams’ coordinator in FACT not in name. Kirby knows NOTHING about either and has NEVER COACHED either.


If that is not obvious to you.


Kirby’s defense is doing fine. It’s EVERY other aspect of the team that is suffering.


We can’t beat a team who 3 of their first 4 opponents beat ?


How are we going to beat the top teams ? Is there ANYONE out there who did boo Saturday at Kirby’s play calls who thinks for one God Damn moment that Kirby can CONTINUE this run first and second down and then behind the chains against a stacked box, can send his Jake Fromm out there to make the first down on third down every time throwing ?


Well ?


Is there ?


Florida Auburn Texas A&M LSU Alabama… even Ohio State – everyone throws the ball.  Hell Missouri saw what South Carolina did stacking the box no turnovers then get after Jake Fromm every 3rd down.  And don’t forget what South Carolina did passing the ball against us.  Kirby never realized what South Carolina’s game plan was.  Never.  Or he thought he could teach us how to better block for his stupid shit runs every first and second down forever.


That was the 16th time that Kirby failed to get 200 yards rushing them stacking the box against Kirby.  He has LOST 9 of the 16 games held under 200 yards rushing.  It’s Kirby who will not let Jake Fromm pass the ball – not Jake Fromm who can’t pass the ball.


And all the top teams have now all seen how bone-headed stubborn Kirby is fair catch every punt and fair catch every kick-off even losing.  Only 3 teams in America have more talent than Kirby does yet Kirby refuses to let us return punts or return kick-offs.  Turn our guys loose Kirby.  Try to use all this talent on special teams and return punts and kick-offs Kirby.  Good Lord son. Might as well NOT EVEN have all this talent out there.  See ?  Why reduce us every punt and kick-off to sending Jake Fromm out there to hand-off every first and second down instead Kirby ?

I know you are not stupid Kirby.


You just don’t know a God Damn thing about Offenses Kirby.


Or special teams.


Or how a team with third best talent makes something happen in special teams. I can tell you this Kirby that you do NOT make something happen on special teams by flinging a hail mary with 13 seconds on the clock and then expect your kicker to bail you out.  Send him out there.  We all saw he was ready.


There are too many mistakes that can happen Kirby.  I know you have seen NFL games.  They are in the guy’s field goal range.  They run up the middle.  They put it between the hash and send him out.  2nd down.  3rd down.  13 seconds.  Hells Bells on first down they send him out there.  Worse is to not even let him try.


Yes.  I am second-guessing you Kirby.  You were not prepared Kirby.  You better learn.  Soon.  You have to kick that field goal with 13 seconds Kirby.


Why is that Kirby ?


  1. Because too many mistakes can happen
  2. Because you have NEVER coached special teams and don’t know kick it


Reduce the game to just run every first and second down even not only losing but even NOT WORKING.  This is the BOOK on Kirby.  Be conservative on play calls per Kirby.  Be conservative on special teams.  Don’t change-up play calls so the defense never knows what you are going to run before you run any play.


Heavens no Kirby.


Don’t do that.


Tip your hat.


Tie your third best talent’s hands behind their backs and yell at them on the sideline if they try to return a punt and make the first man miss or try.  Good Lord.


Let’s not practice returning kick-offs with all this running back talent stockpiled.  Sit them on the sidelines.  Tell them they got in the game.  Force them to fair catch.  Let’s not take any chances Kirby.


Reduce us to hand off from Jake Fromm every first and second down.




So now today Kirby runs to the press and announces Kirby wants THE PLAYERS to look in the mirror.  That Kirby insists we have to block better on our OL Kirby said today so that we can run every first and second down.


I swear to God.


Kirby it is not the players who need to look in the mirror.  It is YOU son.  You Kirby.  You who must look in the mirror and finally figure it out that the top teams like Alabama and LSU pass the God Damn Football.


You are stuck in the stone age Kirby of beginning to understand offenses.  You still only understand offenses Kirby from the defensive point of view that it helps your defense if you shorten the game by running every first and second down even when they stack the box against you Kirby.


Good golly.





Try shutting me up Kirby. All of us who boo your play calls. We rail against THE BOOK ON KIRBY SMART. The book is that you stack the box and stubborn Kirby will try run every 1st and 2nd down anyway – even when he is LOSING. 16 teams have stacked the box against you Kirby in 3 years plus 6 games and have held you under 200 yards rushing. You have LOST 9 of these 16 games Kirby with more to come. Even a moron can see that Kirby. Quit being predictable on offense God Damn it Kirby. That’s STUPID. That’s NOT smart.

Open letter to Kirby.  3 SEC teams are ranked ahead of Kirby this morning.  3 Big Ten teams are ranked ahead of us too.  An independent whom we beat is ranked ahead of Kirby.  The lone ACC team is ranked ahead of Kirby.  A Big XII team is ranked ahead of Kirby today.  We dropped from the single digits in the AP Poll.


16 games Kirby’s 3 seasons plus 6 games so far Kirby has been held to under 200 yards rushing and lost 9. Jake Fromm 3 sacks 1 fumble lost and 3 interceptions.  Kirby has run-off all QB competition and holds practices with only Kirby’s set of eyes all we hear of every practice.

Kirby’s lack of offensive coaching experience on your resume and your lack of special teams’ coaching experience Kirby shows-up in these 16 games of rushing less than 200 yards with them stacking the box against you Kirby and you trying to run only run every down.  It’s worse than boring.  It’s counterproductive Kirby to tip your hat like that son.


Stubbornly Kirby you only hire ONLY YES MEN as coordinators and refuse to allow them or anyone to talk to the press.  You let us watch but limited to 8 minutes of watching the team to TRY TO HELP you KIRBY.


Kirby you are averaging OVER 3 losses a season and surely no different this season either.


11 losses 10 the first 3 seasons and now 1 this season with 2 more losses ahead.  As always with Kirby and always they stop the run and Kirby runs anyway.




Even losing, all Kirby wanted to do was to run the football – even though it was NOT working. We boo and boo and boo Kirby for his play calls and no one tells anyone how we feel about Kirby and take shit from Kirby when they try to ask Kirby ANY of these questions. Questions which ultimately will cost Kirby his job. Does Kirby recruit well ? Yes. 4th best talent in the nation and we lose to a team who lost 3 games already this season who has nowhere near our talent. Kirby insists on running first down running second down and running a lot of third downs. On Defense Kirby substitutes liberally. On Offense and Special Teams Kirby only plays yes men and fails to rotate them in seemingly with many in Kirby’s doghouse.


I tried to tell Kirby this 2016. My blog is here. I tried to tell Kirby this 2017. I tried 2018 to tell Kirby. I tried to tell you 2019 and Senator over at Get the picture called me an outsider for my effort and sent CB over here to tell me that I wanted Brian Schottenheimer who is the offensive coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks with no discussion of our growing frustration with Kirby’s lack of offensive coaching experience and lack of special teams’ experience.


Like Mark Richt teams Kirby lost to an unranked opponent who 3 other teams already in their first 5 games beat. Like Mark Richt Kirby wants to wait for the game to come to him. Fair Catch every punt and fair catch every kick-off no one is allowed to try to return the ball per direction from Kirby. Our quarterbacks are allowed only to hand-off with runs up the middle.


# 4 best talent in the nation only 3 other teams have more talent than Kirby but routinely Kirby is beat by lesser talented teams 11 such teams so far 6 games into his 4th season. We have 8 games left this season if we face Alabama or LSU in The SEC Championship Game 8 more remaining.


The fans have spoken.


I have spoken.


Boo on your play calls. Boo on your press conferences. Boo on your conservative approach to special teams. Boo on your POOR CHOICES for coordinators only YES MEN who refuse to speak-up to the press in fear that they will be criticized for doing so by you Kirby. Boo on your practices Kirby so there can be no differing opinion.


Guess what Kirby ?


I have a different opinion.


Shut me up Kirby.


This is no fun Kirby. Turn our guys loose. Let’s play football. And get you a back-up quarterback because you are stuck with this one this year and next year who was sacked 3 times fumbled and lost the fumble and threw 3 interceptions to one guy yet you never considered rotating anyone in as QB.  Pretty God Damn sad Kirby.


That’s poor coaching.



Piss poor.



That’s an F for coaching.


That’s an F for Jake Fromm.


That’s an F for special teams.


That’s an F for defensive coordinator.


That’s an F for offensive coordinator.


That’s an F minus for Kirby.


And do NOT hold a press conference like you did Kirby afterwards and announce that no one wins them all in The SEC that any game any SEC team can win over any other SEC team.  And don’t hold such a press conference either which you ALSO held afterwards Kirby and announce that you can not overcome a pick-6.  Sure you could have but FAILED.


Like ALL your press conferences are ALL FAILURES.




This mistreatment and suffering of gamecocks continues.

51-18-2 with 29-8 in Athens

Georgia had LOST 4 of the latest 5 to South Carolina going into the last season for Mark Richt in which he was FIRED with CAUSE.


Georgia’s main rivalries are Florida Auburn and to some extent Georgia Tech still. South Carolina certainly ranks right up there at the top of our rivalries with vols and Clemson just behind Alabama and LSU. Notre Dame and Texas as rivals rank beneath South Carolina because we play South Carolina more often as SEC Eastern Division foes although South Carolina never has done shit in college football and never will in the shadows of The Mighty University of Georgia Bulldogs.


It was unacceptable that happened to Mark Richt in this rivalry. Kirby Smart fixed ALL THAT having won EVERY GAME against South Carolina to right the series rivalry against our bordering state South Carolina.


In fact it can and should be said that when South Carolina found itself without Steve Spurrier that Georgia had to respond to South Carolina making such a strong push to hire Kirby Smart to replace Steve Spurrier. We felt if we did NOT get rid of Mark Richt in favor of Kirby Smart that Kirby might well look favorably upon replacing Steve Spurrier at South Carolina.


And so we hurriedly put together this push to have our A.D. Greg McGarity first FIRE Mark Richt (sooner rather than later) and then offer the position to Kirby Smart who instantly scarfed-up the job offer only to not show-up until nearly half-way through January.


When Mark Richt was FIRED with cause after the Florida game 2015 season during the season before the season was over. Fired so we could hire Kirby Smart.  That Mark Richt was FIRED with cause after the loss to Florida 2015 and prior to the Georgia Tech game is proven no better than the fact that Mark Richt won that game and was FIRED ANYWAY.  Instantly after the game against Georgia Tech is when the phone call happened between Kirby Smart and Greg McGarity.  Before EITHER could even get home they agreed on the deal in principle to replace Mark Richt with Kirby Smart and NOT Kirby to South Carolina as rumored AT THE TIME.


That is how THIS all happened whatever lies to the contrary you were told by Mark Richt Apologists at the time or NOW even still today.


Fired because Greg McGarity was told that we did NOT want South Carolina to get Kirby Smart and continue the recent then success against Mark Richt by South Carolina. 4 of the last 5 going into what would ultimately be Mark Richt’s last season fired with cause during 2015 season.


South Carolina has a 9-14 bowl record.


South Carolina has NEVER won The SEC Championship in football – not once. Not close.


Only 8 times since 1892 has South Carolina made the AP Poll Top 25 and one of those they did NOT make the Coaches’ Poll top 25. South Carolina did win ACC 50 years ago.


In short South Carolina NEVER has been a football program and has as a mascot fighting gamecocks.


Will Muschamp did beat Mark Richt when he coached Florida gators 2014 the year before we FIRED Mark Richt for it. Kirby has beat Will Muschamp every time. Jim McElwain beat Mark Richt 2015 after Will Muschamp was FIRED from Florida despite beating Mark Richt.


Cockfighting is a blood sport between two cocks or gamecocks birds held in a ring called a cockpit. The history of raising fowl for fighting goes back 6000 years. The first documented use of the word gamecock denoting use of cock as a “game” a sport a pastime or as an entertainment is recorded as in 1634. Nowadays it is illegal but somehow South Carolina remains gamecocks. How can that be so ?



USC (e) just who is this opponent who has LOST 3 games already this early 2019 season and took the WEEK OFF before US ?

USC (e) is # 63 Scoring Offense we are # 12 :


USC (e) is # 53 Scoring Defense we are # 7 :



USC (e) is # 38 Rushing Offense which is VERY GOOD running ball We # 13 :


USC (e) is # 79 Passing Offense even worse than us # 48 :


USC (e) is # 56 sacking opposing QB and us # 27


There is NOTHING South Carolina is better than us at which is why they’ve LOST 3 games already fixing to be 4 week off to fake kick-off and fake punt or not.


There is nothing they can pull with # 18 recruiting compared to our # 6.  We regularly get the best players in the state of South Carolina EVERY YEAR.


When you say just “Carolina” you mean North Carolina (who BEAT South Carolina already this year in their 3 losses.)


When you say USC you mean Southern California not South Carolina who at best might be referred by a few as USC (e.)


gamecocks (what a stupid ass name) have NO HOPE tomorrow at noon at Dooley Field.


Why are they allowed to be called gamecocks still anyway ?  God Damn fools.  Oh and they root for their team like they are a real team.


Uh no.  No they are NOT a real football program and NEVER have been.






30-2 when Kirby runs for 200 yards or more in his 4 seasons now means Kirby is LOSING RECORD 7 wins 8 losses when he does NOT run for 200 yards in the game. Considering he runs every first and second down and a fair number of 3rd downs are runs too in Kirby’s career so far we should find it MORE INTERESTING that 15 times Kirby has FAILED to rush for 200 yards. 15 games opposing coaches STACKED THE BOX and Kirby has a LOSING RECORD when they do STACK THE BOX. I would stack the box on Kirby. You would have to be a dumbass not to stack the box against Kirby. Jake Fromm great game against vols but that was the vols who have a WEAK SECONDARY. Overall 3 years Jake Fromm has NOT done that.


Justin Fields against 6 ALL UNRANKED CUPCAKES (six such so far with Northwestern next) has been sacked twice per game 12 in total SACKS so far 2019 and is taking his course work at Ohio State online on the Internet. Thought you should know.

What Justin Fields is doing at Ohio State is that he is getting an online education.  He takes his courses on the Internet.  I do NOT consider THAT a Scholarship to a top school.  And he has been sacked 16 times already now too.  4 times Justin Fields got sacked here on The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs and now that he transferred another 12 times twice per game so far at online Ohio State Internet they call it.


Transferred from this great University where he was required to go to classes because Jake Fromm told Justin Fields that he Jake Fromm was going to STAY and play next year too 2020-2021 season and then be a top NFL Draft Pick 2021 NFL Draft.  12 times Justin Fields has been sacked at Ohio State.  Justin Fields is going to set a record at Ohio State getting sacked.  When you are getting sacked several times EVERY GAME you have to ask yourself what the hell is the problem getting sacked ALL THE TIME like Justin Fields is doing at Ohio State.


How do you get sacked 16 times Justin Fields ?



Have fun up there in your Internet “Education.”  There are LOTS of distractions online to NOT CHEAT.


That’s NOT an education.  That’s bullshit Justin Fields.






South Carolina # 18 in recruiting and Kirby # 6 for next year so far 2020. So how is South Carolina going to win then ? Because they TRY harder ? Are better coached ?

Obviously Kirby does a LOT better job recruiting than Will Muschamp.  That is why Will Muschamp has NEVER beat Kirby.  The trend will continue Saturday at noon.




William Lawrence Muschamp started the same day Kirby did here and the comparisons are NOT PRETTY. Will Muschamp is LOSING RECORD 13-14 at South Carolina against SEC fixing to be 13-15 Athens noon Saturday. 24-20 his record contrasts sharply with Kirby who is 20-6 fixing to be 21-6 vs SEC and undefeated against Will Muschamp. Kirby 37-10 compares to Will Muschamp’s 24-20.

Compare Georgia and South Carolina


28-14 Kirby over Will Muschamp South Carolina 2016.


24-10 Kirby over Muschamp 2017.


41-17 Kirby won last year.


32-13 Kirby average winning margin over Will Muschamp.   2019 will be MORE than that since now Jake Fromm is tired of hearing he can’t pass. Sure he can. Kirby wouldn’t let him. But Kirby said pre-game vs vols who have no secondary as you saw that Kirby was doing all he could do to make sure Jake Fromm threw the ball. And throw the ball he did.


It was an awesome display against the vols by Jake Fromm which does NOT bode well for Will Muschamp looking for his first victory at South Carolina over Kirby both starting at these two schools the same time together – one headed upwards and one – well NOT.



vols have not beat a top 10 team since beating Mark Richt 2006. Phillip Fulmer was fired 2 years after that and rest is history for the lousy 1-4 vols as Kirby scored 33 unanswered points to come-from-behind 2 games in a row to win tonight in Knoxville who had empty seats.

So complete the domination of vols by The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs that we scored 33 unanswered points on only 70 yard rushing in 29 carries for the vols for the game including against our 3rd string beating the shit out of the hapless vols by 29 points covering the spread by more than a field goal.


24-23-2 Georgia has the series lead.


Our offense got untracked tonight as the porous vols’ secondary had no answer to Jake Fromm.


We had 11 penalties for 107 yards tonight.  It’s what we do.


Jake Fromm was on his game this night against a really bad secondary of the vols.


Still Kirby went for 2 points senselessly and sat on the lead in the 2nd half punting rather than going for it and settling for field goals again all night long as per usual adding 3 more field goals against the vols.  We sacked vols 3 times.  vols fumbled twice and threw an interception. as Kirby played 62.


Shameful vols again.  3 in a row by Kirby over vols.



23-23-2 this rivalry has a chance to move back with Georgia ahead tonight 7 p.m. ESPN. The 9 wins in a row after Vince Dooley quit coaching were miserable with fans and players just awful towards us. Nowadays 67-72 vols starting 2008 the # 80 team for latest dozen years now. Kick their asses.

Forget everything else and win this game.


The vols have not been ANY good whatsoever for a  long long long time now since Phillip Fulmer’s last year as coach.


For 12 seasons in a row now vols have not made the final AP Poll or Coaches’ Poll top 21.


Number 106 best college U.S. News and World Report – how miserable school is that ?


vols’ coach said Quart’e Sapp refused to go in game week before game last year tired losing


this year vols’ coach made excuses arrest Jeremy Banks “we shoot cops Memphis.”


Kirby has won 2 in a row against these HAPLESS vols.


Da’Rick Rogers born here in Atlanta got into it on Twitter with Bacarri Rambo when he de-committed to Mark Richt.


Jamal Lewis from Douglass High here in Atlanta went to the vols and just was unbearable in his quotes in the local rags here about how he said : “UGA only plays there for the Peach Bowl : at Tennessee – we don’t play in the Peach Bowl.”


Even though Jamal Lewis would later go to Federal Prison released August 2, 2005, the damage he did in giving this headline quote to the press, led their fans here to quote that to us daily.


Jamal Lewis.   Tee Martin took payments from vols fans of $7 thousand dollars repeatedly at 7-11 stores to win his tainted national championship in 1998.  Travis Henry also went to federal prison.   This is who played together and have dominated the news about the vols’ trashy football program since 1998.


It’s God Awful.


# 106 U.S. News and World Report Rankings Top Colleges University of Tennessee at Knoxville.


You suck at football and your school SUCKS.  You were called lady vols this week.


Alvin Kamara – he gets kicked-out of Alabama by Nick Saban and vols take him in.  This is how badly vols want us.




4-8 in 2017 vols

5-7 in 2018 vols

1-3 in 2019 vols with LOSSES to losing record team BYU AND loss to Georgia State who doesn’t have winning record.


Routinely Mark Richt went up against vols with far better talent than they too and LOST.




Beat vols.







You’ve got to be kidding me right ? Jeremy Pruitt vols’ head football coach (lady vols) says to arresting police officer “Why do you have to arrest Jeremy Banks ? Just because he has an outstanding warrant for his arrest because he failed to show-up to Court on his previous arrest ?” Oh good Lord Jeremy Pruitt. What a dumbass you are. No wonder your team is 1-3 with LOSS to Georgia State. “Go ahead. Do your civic duty man.” To the arresting officer. Look Jeremy Pruitt you made a BAD SITUATION WORSE boy. Good God. Tell me you see that now Jeremy Pruitt ? “This is the silliest shit I have ever seen in my life.” Jeremy Pruitt I don’t know who is worse NOW son. Did you really say that Jeremy Pruitt about a guy who said what he did to the Police ? I see someone at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville finally spoke up for decency and made the player you are MAKING EXCUSES FOR Jeremy Pruitt apologize. Excuses for this from Jeremy Banks : “Where I’m from we shoot at cops. I’m from Memphis Tennessee.” I find this hard to imagine.

You can not make this kind stuff up a few days before we play vols.


I am ashamed that someone like you Jeremy Pruitt is associated with the sport I Love.  I fine it unimaginable that you would put up a defense for these ongoing actions by Jeremy Banks.



We are tied with vols 23-23-2 all-time series. We need this game. You have no idea how awful the 9 wins in a row vols over UGA Georgia Bulldogs was. They were MISERABLE fans against us. Absolutely miserable after Vince Dooley quit coaching.


This rivalry is TIED 23-23-2.




The case for 2 SEC teams in the College Football Playoffs. Can LSU or Auburn challenge Alabama ? Can Georgia ? How can there not be 2 SEC teams in the playoffs this season ? The short answer is EVERYONE KNOWS The SEC already deserves two (2) teams AT LEAST. This is why they try to rain on our parade.

It’s not going to help their team that folks have been positioning their team so that The SEC does NOT get 2 play-off berths AGAIN.







Florida is not in the same league as these others like LSU and Auburn however Georgia has technical philosophical snafus in both passing offense and punting special teams leaving us about the # 50 team in America not one of the top 4 in passing despite our accurate quarterback nor in punting special teams despite our placekicker.  We have a coach who makes personnel decisions and play call decisions based upon conservative approaches to leaving more dynamic players on the bench and calling more conservative play calls on special teams and in our non-existent passing game.


Auburn Georgia and LSU have proven they all deserve to be in the playoffs via huge wins over top 10 teams all 3 so far this season and Alabama is # 1 nationally because they pass the ball too.  Only Georgia really does NOT throw the ball.  And now we have to play each other.  There won’t be 3 of these teams left out of the playoffs this year but can Georgia make it in with Kirby’s eschewing of the forward pass ? I say NOT.


Pre-game 2019 the national media said a team was a college football playoff contender if they beat these SEC teams. They did NOT.  Georgia LSU and Auburn have toppled what was said pre-game was a college football playoff contender if they beat these 3 SEC teams.  They didn’t.


So does that mean all 4 are in the playoffs ?  No we have to play each other.  But it might not be winner is in and loser is out.


Right now Oklahoma and Ohio State and Clemson have a claim to a berth.


A loss by Oklahoma Ohio State or Clemson rules them out and EVERYONE KNOWS THAT.


Notre Dame for example is done.  Stick a fork in them.  They lost to Georgia.  With all these undefeated teams ahead of Notre Dame Notre Dame has no hope of making the college football playoffs this season.  So why lie and say they do ?  Because OTHER CONFERENCES hate it that The Mighty SEC absolutely is on tap to have two SEC teams named to the college football playoffs again.


Good luck with implying otherwise that The SEC does NOT get 2 playoff berths this year.


Sure we do.


And you know it.


So you whine that Notre Dame did so well.


Excuse me they LOST !


Nothing will get them back in the conversation.




There are too many undefeated teams and the loser in The SEC is still way ahead of the cupcake playing conferences who are NOT playing Georgia Alabama LSU and Auburn.



The problem as I see it is that Kirby wants only to run the ball and not let Jake Fromm throw it.  I remain not fooled by Kirby saying his every being is to pass the ball.




So Florida Auburn Missouri Texas A&M and then either LSU or Alabama is too much for Kirby’s bullshit offense and lackluster special teams.



vols however are NO CHALLENGE.  We’re up in the series and will be even more so after our visit.



5-game stretch up-coming next month will unravel Kirby’s lies to the contrary that all he wants to do is have Jake Fromm throw the ball.


What total God Damn HOGWASH.


Wish it were true.


It’s not.  I am NOT fooled Kirby.







Kirby has areas to shore-up and his recent comments are intended to placate the press on his KNOWN ISSUES – areas where opposing teams are going to try to EXPLOIT these areas here :

# 55 Passing Offense 2019 Kirby just absolutely SUCKS Kirby – do not placate me with bullshit quotes to the press Kirby that your PRIMARY focus on offense is to throw the God Damn Football Kirby. That’s bullshit boy. Bullshit. Everyone knows you don’t let Jake Fromm throw the God Damn Football Kirby :





# 47 Passing Defense is not very good either Kirby because we haven’t played good passing teams yet. But we will :





# 78 Opponent Punt Returns is just God-awful Kirby :






# 115 Kickoff Returns Kirby this is not working son :






# 36 First Downs is not that good either Kirby because you have not played top defensive teams yet but you will :





Long before GPOE started to figure this stuff out THIS BLOG has been pointing this out for years that Kirby doesn’t know jack shit about offense or special teams yet meddles with the personnel decisions and the play calls making us overly conservative.  How do you think Kirby LOST 10 games already ?  10 loses in 3 seasons coming into this one.  Does that again this year and he will lose ANOTHER 3 games this season won’t he ?


It is TOO EASY to do what Notre Dame did and to stack the box against Kirby.  That did not work and a lesser team Notre Dame should have beat Kirby like 10 before them did to Kirby.


On defense Kirby rotates his personnel unlike on offense and special teams where seemingly players get in Kirby’s doghouse and never get out of it.  Players who could make a difference.


The games this month are NOT those tests.




Got it ?





2 of the top 3 including Alabama at the top are SEC. 3 of the top 5 are SEC teams. 4 of the top 7 are SEC teams. 5 of the top 10 are SEC teams with UGA facing-off late this month against another top 10 game this time in JAX while Notre Dame moved up to # 9 whom we beat just last week. Texas A&M and Missouri are both in the top 25 or just outside of it both of whom we also play this season. Kirby garnered first-place votes in both AP Poll and Coaches’ Polls including 4 number one votes in the AP Poll. In fact 4 in a row more ranked teams we could face-off against to start next month stand between us and # 1 Alabama or # 5 AP Poll LSU.

Road games Auburn Florida and vols.  Georgia Tech is a home game for us wherever it is played like Notre Dame is too for us.


It is going to wind into a hell of a November run with # 7 Auburn and # 8 Coaches’ Poll Florida both ranked in the top 10 of every poll.  Texas A&M as high as # 21 today and Missouri getting other votes in the Coaches’ Poll.


The only game which will be a breather next month for Kirby will be little Georgia Tech the nerds dropping to Temple AND to the Citadel if anyone could really believe all that in Geoff Collins’ debut season rotten as it gets.





4 coaches in 4 years Temple has NOT been good to their players. 17 on Geoff Collins “coaching” staff left with him from Temple to Georgia Tech where he is 1-3 with losses to Temple and the Citadel among the WORST LOSSES in college football 2019. When Geoff Collins quit Temple he REFUSED to have a team meeting to tell Temple players he recruited there. Those players still at Temple held a grudge and beat the ever-living shit out of Geoff Collins yesterday. Temple has LOST 117 more games than it has won in their all-time record. Buffalo with a LOSING RECORD beat Temple last week but this week Geoff Collins got taught how to steal a staff of 17 from Temple without so much as having a team meeting to tell the players he recruited to Temple. Players who BEAT HIS ASS 2-24. Nice Geoff Collins. Really nice.

You fit right in with the nerds Geoff Collins who has no association with Georgia Tech either like he didn’t with Temple either so he left without so much as a team meeting taking 17 coaches with him to make-up his Georgia Tech staff.


What a piece of shit Geoff Collins.


Thought I would give you a shout-out after your players at Temple told us all you were one of those pussies who REFUSED to have a team meeting at Temple to let them know you were leaving a little after a year after you arrived taking with you 17 members of your staff now at Georgia Tech from Temple.


2-24.  Good job Geoff Collins and Georgia Tech and to a program with 117 MORE losses all-time than they have wins.


Playing cupcakes like Georgia Tech.


A match made in Heaven.


Good hire Georgia Tech.


Fresh into their latest NCAA Probation this is not the inauspicious start Georgia Tech wanted from its head coach it stole from the likes of Temple who just kicked Geoff Collins’ ass 2 to 24.





5 Georgia Bulldogs are the BEST in the NFL so far this season Nick Chubb # 7 RB Todd Gurley # 12 RB Matthew Stafford # 12 QB Roquan Smith # 18 NFL total tackles and Leonard Floyd # 23 sacks

NFL Bulldogs


Nick Chubb # 7 RB

Todd Gurley # 12 RB

Matthew Stafford # 12 best QB

Roquan Smith # 18 best in tackles

Leonard Floyd # 23 in sacks




Georgia Tech Athletic Director athletic director Todd Stansbury acknowledged his embarrassment of now the fifth (5) NCAA Major Infractions Database Georgia Tech for being GOD DAMN CHEATERS again : “We regret that these violations have occurred and appreciate the NCAA Committee on Infractions’ work on this case. We are disappointed with the severity of the penalties imposed. I deeply regret the NCAA violations that occurred within our program and I am sorry to everyone associated with Georgia Tech.”

No one seems to be able to report this is the 5th time for Georgia Tech.  5.  Let me make this perfectly clear about these father raping cheaters.


5 NCAA Major Infraction Database CHEATING Georgia Tech 5 (Five) :  Read on.


Division I Committee on Infractions once again has had to put the Georgia Institute of Technology back on NCAA Major Infractions Database a school with a long list of NCAA Major Infraction Database – habitual God Damn Cheater this now for the # 5 time 5th time fifth FIVE for Georgia Tech.


14-18 Josh Pastner was 10th place in the conference and LOST to Georgia by more than double-digits. In fact embattled Josh Pastner has NEVER BEAT in-state bitter RIVAL The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs in men’s basketball. Josh Pastner is responsible for ALL THIS latest in a long string of NCAA Probations for Georgia Tech.


In fact Georgia Tech just got off NCAA Probation.


In fact Georgia Tech in the previous NCAA Probation was SLAPPED by the NCAA with the tag : “HABITUAL OFFENDER” status with the NCAA.


48-53 this is his 4th season as head coach this year. Now they have BEEN BANNED from making any NCAA Tournament or other post-season tournament including disallowing Georgia Tech from even the ACC tournament which every team in the conference is eligible for. But NOT Georgia Tech. Habitual Cheaters. 5th NCAA Major Infractions Database for Georgia Tech for CHEATING. Jesus Christ.


10th place in the conference this last season is the best he has done yet.


His other finishes are # 13 and # 11 in the conference and then 10th place last year and now this season coming-up Josh Pastner is # 15 since Notre Dame is OFFICIALLY A MEMBER OF ACC MEN’S BASKETBALL.


Josh Pastner then officially is averaging worse than # 12 in conference.


So he cheated.  After all it’s what Georgia Tech does.


THIS is NOT why Josh Pastner was brought here.


It has been in inauspicious birthday for Josh Pastner and an inauspicious association with Georgia Tech. Josh Pastner has a FRIEND whom he associated with he brought with him to Georgia Tech. Said Ron Bell. Ron Bell is responsible for just ONE of the SEVERAL NASTY VIOLATIONS in this NCAA INVESTIGATION.


There are only 14 full-time members of the ACC so averaging WORSE than # 12 in the STINKING CONFERENCE is particularly STINGING.


Ron Bell gave two athletes and another potential transfer $2500 in shoes other clothes hotel rooms food and transport. Ron Bell knew he could not do that.


Ron Bell’s FRIEND Josh Pastner brought Ron Bell to Georgia Tech.


It does not stop there.


Division I Committee on Infractions ALSO found that Georgia Tech’s basketball program headed-up by this FAILURE of a HEAD COACH Josh Pastner tried to FIX his LOSING basketball record at Georgia Tech this year by not only having Darryl LaBarrie cheat to get ahead but also Darryl LaBarrie DENIED all this to the NCAA.


Well Darryl LaBarrie hired by Josh Pastner TRIED TO DENY ALL THIS TO THE NCAA.  Then admitted that IN FACT Darryl LaBarrie did do all this. He is a former Georgia Tech basketball player Josh Pastner HIRED AS AN ASSISTANT COACH directly reporting to Josh Pastner who HIRED HIM at Georgia Tech like Josh Pastner BROUGHT RON BELL to Georgia Tech too.


Darryl LaBarrie then arranged a meeting between highly-rated top men’s basketball recruits and another former Georgia Tech player Jarrett Jack who then took the recruits to that player’s home and handed them $600 in one dollar bills for a strip club visit on Buford Highway. Josh Pastner had an OFFICIAL JOSH PASTNER GEORGIA TECH OFFICIAL STUDENT-ATHLETE HOST assigned by Josh Pastner at said STRIP CLUB. He was given $300 of the $600 to entice the top-rated in the nation prospect to come to Georgia Tech and FIX THIS DISGRACEFUL record Josh Pastner has at Georgia Tech.


Jarrett Jack.


It gets worse.


During the investigation the committee said Darryl LaBarrie did not cooperate with the investigation and originally denied any involvement in the activity and then took it ALL BACK that yes indeed it is true. Now Georgia Tech’s AD Todd Stansbury says today on Josh Pastner’s birthday that WAAH we agree we did all this and we know we are tagged HABITUAL NCAA PROBATION OFFENDER STATUS but the penalties WAAH are too high.


WAAH   !


In addition to all THIS Ron Bell also texted and called potential transfer student-athletes.  Ron Bell INFORMED Georgia Tech head coach Josh Pastner that he Ron Bell had both texted and called from his Georgia Tech paid for cell phone provided by Josh Pastner to Ron Bell prospective basketball recruits illegally against NCAA regulations outside permissible such contacts. Josh Pastner having been INFORMED by Ron Bell DIRECTLY that Ron Bell had DONE ALL THIS refused to inform the NCAA about ANY of it. Nice program you run there Todd Stansbury. Josh Pastner therefore is TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE for that which occurs in HIS PROGRAM.




Seriously Todd Stansbury ?




You have GOT to be kidding me Todd Stansbury.


2 percent of the budget for the men’s basketball program MUST be mailed to NCAA by Georgia Tech.




32 weeks BAN on unofficial visits during THIS PROBATION for Georgia Tech.

12 visit reduction of official recruiting visits during THIS PROBATION for Georgia Tech.

32 weeks BAN recruiting communications during THIS PROBATION for Georgia Tech.

76 reduced recruiting-person days from the permissible number during this PROBATION.




4 years NCAA Probation





Stick that up your LYING CHEATING ASSHOLES Georgia Tech.



Verbal and written admonishment of Josh Pastner.


“I deeply regret the NCAA violations that occurred within our program and I am sorry to everyone associated with Georgia Tech who has been affected and disappointed by these violations. I am more committed than ever to ensuring that these types of violations don’t occur within our program ever again.” Current head coach celebrating his birthday Josh Pastner.


5 NCAA Major-Infractions Database Georgia Tech


Level 1 violations are most severe of the 4 tiers for NCAA misconduct and these are ALL Level 1 violations.


The booster made the head coach aware that he continued to communicate with the potential transfer but the head coach did not report any concern to this NCAA compliance office anyway the 29-page public report states. Oh good Lord.


THESE VIOLATIONS were deemed “severe breaches of conduct” which is what the NCAA considers its worst most egregious highest-level of violations –  outstandingly bad – shocking.

Georgia Tech’s assistant men’s basketball coach reporting DIRECTLY to Josh Pastner hired by Josh Pastner as HIS assistant men’s basketball coach not only provided false and misleading information to the NCAA but in ADDITION told Georgia Tech basketball student-athletes that they TOO should provide false and misleading information to the NCAA investigators. Then this lowlife acknowledged lying to the NCAA about ALL of this.  Tell the players to lie to Georgia Tech itself who hired an independent study of all this. Just Nice.  Really nice.  I can not tell you just how impressed I am.  And they ADMIT they did this.


Oh my God.


Will Georgia Institute of Technology NEVER learn ?



5 NCAA Major Infraction Database CHEATING Georgia Tech 5 (Five) :


  1. Major Infractions – September 26, 2019 – Georgia Institute of Technology Two Georgia Tech boosters provided impermissible benefits to the men’s basketball program. 4 years NCAA PROBATION AND VACATE RECORDS of ANY win.
  2. Major Infractions – September 04, 2014 – Georgia Institute of Technology The Georgia Institute of Technology failed to monitor its sports programs to ensure its coaches Tech labeled habitual violator. Men’s basketball Women’s basketball and FOOTBALL inadmissible contact prospects by 9 Georgia Tech sports’ programs between March 2011 and March 2012 to 140 prospects not allowed to be contacted. 2 years NCAA PROBATION. Georgia Tech was ALREADY ON PROBATION when they got these ADDITIONAL 2 YEARS NCAA PROBATION. God Damn HABITUAL CHEATERS. Think they can do whatever they want.
  3. Major Infractions – July 14, 2011 – Georgia Institute of Technology – football AND men’s basketball 4 years NCAA PROBATION cheating in recruiting to try to compete
  4. Major Infractions – November 17, 2005 – Georgia Institute of Technology 2 years NCAA PROBATION certifying student-athletes as eligible for competition who they knew were NOT. Football and 8 other sports. Played players who were NOT eligible to play 9 sports. Cheaters. 17 student-athletes over 6 years not eligible who competed anyway. Violations of NCAA include LACK OF INSTITUTIONAL CONTROL.
  5. Major Infractions – June 14, 1989 – Georgia Institute of Technology Extra benefits; improper recruiting; excessive financial aid. excessive compensation for work not performed; lodging. One year post-season ban.


Happy Birthday Josh Pastner you God Damn Cheater.


You SHALL NOT prosper this up-coming season for ALL THIS Josh Pastner and Todd Stansbury AND ALL the players may leave the trade school and go wherever they would like RIGHT NOW and be eligible RIGHT NOW the NCAA has RULED.




“The central focus is protecting Jake Fromm to let Jake throw the ball vertical…to spread the ball out some and loosen people up. What can we do to get the ball to our playmakers in space ? How can we do it better ? How can we find plays to get the ball on the perimeter to loosen some teams up throwing the ball downfield and to find ways to get George Pickens the ball ?” Well Kirby you have to throw the ball more to do that and we all know you will NOT Kirby. Don’t placate me Kirby. I know you are NOT going to do ANY of this.

What is this bullshit all about ?


Does ANY one think Kirby is going to do ANY of this ?


I do NOT.


Not buying it Kirby.


What do you think I am a fool Kirby ?



Matt Landers special team play really set us back and nearly cost us the game. His tentative play and inexcusable presence on the botched fair catch were nearly the difference in the game.

I have heard NOTHING of this from ANYONE.  Thought I would put that on who it was I saw at the game who caused the punt fumble.  Dear God we sucked at punting all night long.  What the hell are we doing punting and receiving punts ?  We looked like a Mark Richt coached team out there against Notre Dame on punting and receiving punts.


We wore Notre Dame down ?  Seriously ?  Is that really what you saw ?  What I saw were ACC Officials who tried to give the game to Notre Dame.  And Kirby allowing it along with playing into their hands.


Notre Dame got their wind during all the cheating fake injuries allowed by ACC refs and they stopped us really the whole entire game but it was Kirby’s Defense who did stop Notre Dame just when the game was going to be lost.


It certainly was NOT a win because Notre Dame was gassed on defense.  They held Kirby to 3 field goals the last of which left us up by 13 when I said at the game right then that we could lose if they only score 2 TD.  Then they promptly did just go and exactly execute just precisely that and kicked-off to us and then they finally got pressure from Kirby on the QB but Notre Dame was just left with too much time to score two TD to beat us.


What I see is we continue to make the same mistakes on special teams and offense.


We have a fine defense which bailed-out our offensive game strategies and personnel moves bailed-out our special teams especially on punting and receiving punts and all those personnel decisions and our defense on the final drive bailed-out our coaching.


We are a stubborn God Damn coached team.  Yes 6 top 10 wins for Kirby to just 3 top losses (while Notre Dame has LOST 11 top 10 games in a ROW consecutively) but our new head coach is continuing to make the SAME MISTAKES on offense.


Throw in poor special teams’ play and Kirby’s fine defense was put to the test and passed with flying colors.  No thanks to the offense and no thanks to the special teams.


Did you think it was GOOD that we settled for 3 field goals ?  It should have cost us.  It nearly did.  It could have.  LSU Alabama Clemson Oklahoma Ohio State all those teams beat Kirby Saturday night playing like THIS on offense and special teams.


Get a first down Kirby.  Quit being so God Damn stubborn on offense Kirby.



Kirby has some questions to answer about his play calls once again and his missing in action offensive players once again as well but Kirby does have 6 wins vs top 10 teams in 4 years now against 3 such lost on the big stage. It’s still a little frustrating what you are NOT DOING on offense Kirby. It truly is.

Left Offensive Guard Solomon Kindley was carted-off ankle injury. CB Eric Stokes is in knee brace injured vs Notre Dame returned for final 2 defensive drives might miss vols. DL David Marshall was injured vs Notre Dame with chronic issues to lower body. WR Kearis Jackson club left hand limiting catching ball. CB Tyson Campbell missed Notre Dame game with foot injury. WR Tommy Bush groin out. None went to practice today. Ben Cleveland and Jamaree Salyer should be Starting but once again neither are.


What is the deal with offensive players who seem to stay in Kirby’s doghouse ? And what’s up with the play calls Kirby stubborn are you ? The field was open and we kick 3 field goals and don’t throw until passing down again late in this game ?


Pretty frustrating Kirby with all this blog has offered about your wasting offensive players Kirby and refusing to open it up when opponents give it to you downfield. You had better hire an offensive mind you truly respect to make the offensive calls for you Kirby.


Notre Dame was ready for you Kirby from the opening kickoff. Kirby give Jake Fromm free reign to throw the football for God’s sake.


There is no excuse for those offensive play calls once again Kirby. We all know you controlled that once again.


Jamaree Salyer you gave the Start at Right OT vs Murray State then benched again Kirby. What’s the deal ? We need him out Starting and Ben Cleveland Starting too Kirby. Can’t you see that ?  Did you really think that was working on offense Kirby ?  It’s a good situation that your Defense passed the test Kirby because your meddling in the offense as to who you keep in your doghouse and how you will not let Jake Fromm open it up downfield are going to continue to hurt you offensively.


You really LOST 2 of the 3 areas of your team again Kirby both your special teams and those personnel decisions by you Kirby and your offensive play calls and personnel too Kirby.  Year 4.  You need to shore this up soon Kirby.





We began this DECADE with a 6 win 7 loss season under Mark Richt 2010. Kirby is poised to fix all that to end this DECADE this year because he has out-recruited Mark Richt by a long wide margin # 2 recruiting Kirby to # 8 recruiting with Mark Richt. I long said we would recruit BETTER without Mark Richt because WINNERS WANT to play in a place that WINS. You said you wanted your son to play for Mark Richt. I said and LOSE ? You never answered me. Kirby has us contending to end this DECADE as Kirby was the only non-head coach I listed as a possible replacement for Mark Richt whom I wanted FIRED after the Alabama loss at home 2008 in front of me in the rain.

2010 Mark Richt began this DECADE for The Mighty UGA Georgia Bulldogs with a 6-7 season.


I wanted Mark Richt FIRED two years before that in 2008.


You were a VOCAL asshole that I should not be heard.


Guess what ?


I was right.


Now 2019 to end this decade one of the coaches I listed as a possible replacement for Mark Richt has us # 3 in the nation with # 2 recruiting now every year not # 8 recruiting of Mark Richt and his LOSSES to CUPCAKES 8 cupcakes unranked teams Mark Richt lost to 8 starting 2008 season to his final FIRING 2015.


Mark Richt also could not win on the BIG STAGE.


Kirby has 6 wins over top 10 teams since Kirby was HIRED and Mark Richt FIRED 2015.


6 top 10 wins Kirby only 3 losses all 3 of which are a GREAT STORY honestly.


Now this year to end this DECADE that started with Mark Richt going 6-7 in 2010 Kirby has us with average # 2 recruiting for 4 years currently including next year and not including # 6 for 2016 because well Kirby only showed up in mid January here after winning the national championship for Alabama with signing date 2016 first of February.


4 years now including # 5 for 2020 already Kirby has the kids coming here.  Winning kids.  Kids who want to win.


Not come here because our coach is a Christian.


But because we win.



Who is Shaun Crawford ?  Well that is # 20 above for Notre Dame a 5′ 8′ 169 lbs defensive back outclassed by Kirby’s recruits.  Isn’t he ?



Kirby is winning.


6 wins over top 10 teams Kirby starting 2016.


Notre Dame has LOST 11 in a row to top 10 teams.







7 ranked teams LOST yesterday 7 AP Poll teams LOST this week # 3 of 2019. Oklahoma dropped in the AP Poll. Notre Dame LOST. Michigan LOST. Utah LOST. UCF LOST. Texas A&M LOST again. 5 of the top 9 AP Poll teams are SEC. 5 of the top 8 teams in the Coach’s Poll are SEC. Everyone is positioning for how they can keep two of The SEC teams out of the play-offs. They may not be able to.

SEC cemented its position in the Polls this week.



Lawrence Cager of Baltimore Maryland who is a grad transfer from Miami of Florida for Kirby scores his first TD here for The Mighty UGA Georgia Bulldogs to BEAT Notre Dame again this time 23-17 on Dooley Field at Sanford Stadium in front of record crowd 95% Bulldogs as we overwhelmed Notre Dame’s offense with our crowd noise. Demetris Robertson added 4 catches. D’Andre Swift had 100 yards even on 18 carries and 1 catch. And also added that he caught the squib kick-off from Notre Dame who did not travel well to Athens making up only 5% of the crowd as once again Notre Dame sold US their tickets in their section.

Rodrigo Blankenship remained perfect on the season with 3 field goals the last of which kept Notre Dame from kicking a field goal to force overtime. By contrast Brian Kelly had to waste 2 time-outs both halves because crowd noise ran the play clock out.  It seemed they called the timeouts AFTER the clock expired each time but the ACC officials didn’t throw the flag for odd reasons. It was a senior-laden Notre Dame squad whose high-octane offensive firepower was affected by our crowd and which we bottled-up when they were trying to run leaving Brian Kelly to only a one dimensional pass offense which we stuffed with multiple interceptions. Advantage Kirby.


Don’t let the ACC Officials back in Athens again ever.


Everything went Notre Dame’s way.  In some respects Notre Dame IS in the ACC really.  Notre Dame mauled our players all night long.  They also obviously did not have good conditioning.  As for the bullshit non-pass interferences and bullshit non-penalties for letting the play clock expire and multiple non-delay of game non-calls to stop our offensive momentum absolutely God Damn Cheating – well only in the ACC could ANY of that be allowed.  Pass after pass Notre Dame simply mauled our receivers down field with their back to the play not playing the ball but the man all night long by design.  All night long the ACC referees did NOT call Notre Dame for mauling our receiver.  It was so much bullshit that we kept booing the non-calls and we were all over the refs.  Not only Georgia but Brian Kelly too was miffed by the refs’ calls.  The ACC refs missed play after play.  The refs thought the crowd was here to watch the refs.  They stopped the play and dragged-out the game for nearly 4 hours of crappy bad calls for both sides.  Did it affect the game when both sides were arguing every call all night long ? It seemed everything went Notre Dame’s way and still they could not beat The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs.  Those refs should NEVER have been hired to do this game with Notre Dame a tacit ACC team.


The esoteric penalty and non-penalty calls were called so willy-nilly all night that no one understood why calls were not made.  The refs were standing there letting Notre Dame maul our guys and letting the play clock expire and tackle our receivers before the pass arrived and purposely delay the game.


It made no sense to both coaches and to the crowd as we let them know as did Brian Kelly and Kirby. It was awful.


It was like being at a NBA game where the refs whistled every few seconds dragging the game out and seemingly make it appear that everyone came to see the refs and not to see the 2 powerhouse football teams # 3 and # 7.


Good job Notre Dame and congratulations on losing 11 games in a row to top 10 teams Notre Dame.  You are just a bunch of God Damn CHEATING pussies.  I studied your one win over a top 10 team in 2012 against Oklahoma and I have to say Oklahoma LOST 3 GAMES 2012 and in no fashion was any God Damn top 10 team.


But no mistake Notre Dame came to play this night with the help of the ACC refs.


There I said it.


Bunch of God Damn Cheaters and whiners feigning injury.  In soccer that is a yellow card and could be a red card.


I am throwing a RED CARD on Notre Dame.  Their entire defense is not allowed to play a single down in the next game.  Cheaters.


ACC Officials.  Here stick this up your God Damn assholes you buttholes.  Go back to the ACC where there is only 1 team anyway.  I see the ACC took it on the chin across the board again today such as Appalachian State beating North Carolina and – INCLUDING THE ACC TAKING IT ON THE CHIN IN ATHENS GEORGIA.


Stick it ACC Officials.  We did NOT come to the game to watch you.


Watch you screw up the calls.


How in the living hell can you allow them to stop the clock and not penalize them for that bullshit ACC officials ?


Tell me that ?


That is DISGRACEFUL in a game of this magnitude. Supposedly # 7 against # 3 UGA Georgia Bulldogs.  There is a good case that LSU and Georgia are # 1 and # 2 and should play in the play-offs at this point.


Kirby improves to 6-3 vs top 10 teams in his career.  Kirby avenged his loss to # 10 Auburn by beating # 4 Auburn and Kirby had the lead against # 1 and # 2 Alabama. Tonight he came from behind and Kirby has beat # 2 Oklahoma and # 9 Kentucky and # 9 Florida and Kirby even beat # 8 Auburn Kirby’s inaugural season.  # 7 Notre Dame.  Before the game pundits wondered aloud what if Notre Dame wins tonight ?  After the game Notre Dame did not really lose.  Yeah they did.  Notre Dame had everything go their way and still Kirby beat Notre Dame again to catapult Kirby to the national press calling Kirby ELITE.


Yeah we are Elite.  Notre Dame is a senior-laden team this season and Kirby beat them too.  Again.  Bring on Florida Auburn and either LSU or Alabama.  Kirby will have us playing even better against those 3.


Notre Dame ?


That game is over.  I said we would win.  We did.  I do not bet on games.  I watch them.  This night we had a come-from-behind win over # 7 Notre Dame and I thought Dooley Field never looked better.


How is a loss a win ?


How is a win a loss ?


We are # 3 and there is NOTHING anyone can do about that other than Florida Auburn and then either LSU or Alabama by which time we will be better.


Notre Dame did not win.


The Mighty UGA Georgia Bulldogs of Kirby won a signature win over # 7 Notre Dame making us ELITE while leaving questions if Notre Dame is elite or not.


If someone says we did not win the game by enough points for them ask them if Kirby is ELITE ?


Well is he ?


Sure he is.  5-3 as our head coach against top 10 teams and the 3 losses while excruciating are certainly ones we have plenty to talk about each of the 3.  That makes Kirby ELITE because otherwise Kirby has 5 wins over top 10 teams to jump start his career as head coach.  23-17 Kirby over # 7 Notre Dame.  Excuse me that is wonderful.  Again.


Was Kirby ELITE before this win tonight ?  We certainly were in the discussion with Ohio State and LSU and Alabama and Oklahoma and Clemson.


We’re not over the hump.


We are ELITE.


I love where we are.


The pundits hate where we are.


Kirby is ELITE and there is not a God Damn thing they can do about that after ANOTHER SIGNATURE WIN by Kirby 6 of them now in his first 4 seasons as head coach against top 10 teams.


# 8 Auburn 2016

# 4 Auburn 2017

# 2 Oklahoma 2017

# 9 Kentucky 2018

# 9 Florida 2018

# 7 Notre Dame 2019


Mark Richt wasn’t doing that.  I am the first to tell you that we have work to do but I love where we are with Kirby.  Thank you Kirby.


All of the non-pass interferences and bullshit non-penalties for letting the play clock expire and multiple non-delay of game non-calls to stop our offensive momentum absolutely God Damn Cheating – well only in the ACC could ANY of that be allowed and Notre Dame could not win anyway ?




Cry me a river that you had everything go Notre Dame’s way and still Notre Dame could not win.  So now afterwards Notre Dame somehow did win.  Bullshit.


Auburn bragged about what they were going to do to us in 2016 and what they did do to us in 2017.   Remember ?  Oklahoma bragged about what they were going to do to us in 2017.  Florida bragged about their 2018 team compared to Kirby.  And now we hear bragging about what Notre Dame did to us.  Excuse me you 5 lost.  I am not confused about that.  They are.  Their players and coaches did NOT look happy after these games.









Recruiting Rankings Notre Dame # 14 while Kirby is # 1 Rivals recruiting ranking 2019. Also Kirby has three 5-Star 2019 while Brian Kelly did not get SHIT. It’s been the same EVERY YEAR for Brian Kelly and for Kirby. Brian Kelly does conduct a reserved respectful media interview however unlike Kirby who is combative with the media. All of the media. Every time.


Rivals # 1 recruiting ranking The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs

Rivals # 14 recruiting ranking the used to be good Notre Dame leprechauns.


A leprechaun is a fairy.


Little bearded men, wearing a coat and hat, who partake in mischief.


There are no evidence of there being a female leprechaun — ever.


Notre Dame is out of place on our campus where our ladies are so prevalent and gorgeous.


Compare Georgia to Notre Dame while Fighting Irish have not done shit after 1994.


25 years of futility.  In fact in the last 42 years too Notre Dame football just has NOT BEEN what it once was.


Primarily this is because Notre Dame has been wholly unable to recruit only Catholics nationally against the top football programs.


This has been as noticeable in not having any 5-Star recruits as it has been in the overall rankings which find Kirby every year in the top 3 and Notre Dame # 14.


Quite a bit difference in recruiting not to mention that Notre Dame is # 120 in defending the run which is all Kirby wants to do – run the football.


Notre Dame’s schedule has turned sour 2019 with the teams on the schedule not playing good football.  Auburn looks good on Georgia’s schedule and either LSU or Alabama looms in The SEC Championship Game all 3 ranked ahead of Notre Dame with Florida ranked the same as Notre Dame as well.








Tommy Tremble is fast 4.67 speed but Notre Dame has not used him. He was the # 475 recruit nationally and frankly Kirby doesn’t give scholarships to ANYONE at that level. Notre Dame has him out of position because he is so big but he would be a lot to handle spread out wide instead where he would be a mismatch in size and leaping ability. This type player DEFINES Brian Kelly’s recruiting. Good family. If you don’t jump on offer Kirby fills up his 85-man roster with top 120 players. Tommy Tremble did not play a down for Notre Dame all last year. Why all the crap about Tommy Tremble ? He has 2 catches per game for 39 yards per game with half a touchdown average. That is his whole entire career playing cupcakes.

Why didn’t Brian Kelly use him last year ?  Because Brian Kelly wasn’t playing Georgia last year so that national media could say Brian Kelly out-recruited Kirby Smart in Atlanta Georgia.  For a player Tommy Tremble whose Dad Greg Tremble was our hero for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs.  Greg moved from South Georgia to Johns Creek High School in Fulton County.  Kirby did a fine job recruiting and out-recruited Brian Kelly every single solitary year.  Kirby recruited this kid fine.  The issue was that Tommy Tremble did NOT want to wait his turn here Kirby averaging # 2 recruiting ranking current 4-year period for Tommy Tremble. Ahead of Tommy Tremble when Kirby was recruiting him were :



Isaac Nauta

John Fitzpatrick

Jackson Harris

Charlie Woerner


In fact

Jeb Blazevich    and

Jordan Davis

were both on the team too as seniors when Kirby personally gave Tommy Tremble a scholarship offer.  But Tommy Tremble did not jump on it and Kirby filled his roster with other TE such as


Eli Wolf from vols.


He could have been here.  He did not want to compete with all these VERY FINE TIGHT ENDS Kirby brought here instead of him.  So what his Dad went to Georgia and Notre Dame has him ?  It’s because Tommy Tremble DID NOT WANT TO COMPETE WITH ALL THESE GUYS KIRBY HAS AND DID HAVE AT TIGHT END.


Tommy Tremble has been there 2018 and 2019 and he has 4 catches 3 in one game 1 in another game.


Make a big deal of that national media ?


That’s bullshit.


Tell the truth if you are going to discuss Tommy Tremble.  Kirby offered him and he thought he would play more at Notre Dame because their recruiting SUCKS compared to Kirby.


Some folks say Kirby DOUBLES-UP Notre Dame Saturday night CBS 8 o’clock.



# 7 Notre Dame at # 3 Georgia Bulldogs UGA 9-21-2019 at 8 p.m. CBS


Doubles-up Notre Dame ?


42-21 prediction I just read.






Our Tight Ends.


I am happy for Tommy Tremble.  Truly I am.  This is a gimmick to recruit in Atlanta a city of 7 million 474 of whom each year are determined to be better at football than Tommy Tremble.


# 475 Tommy Tremble is ranked nationally the # 475 best football player in America.  Kirby has 85 who were ranked in the top 120.


Not # 475 nationally.


Tommy Tremble when Kirby offered you – you should have JUMPED on it.  You did not.  Kirby filled the position.


Good luck Saturday night Tommy Tremble.  We are being told now that Kirby beats Notre Dame by TWICE your score because our tight ends know how to BLOCK.





# 2 average recruiting class Kirby 4-year period now while Notre Dame averages # 13 recruiting class 4-year period now. So how is Notre Dame going to stop Kirby from running the ball ? Short answer – well they’re not.

Kirby # 1 recruiting ranking this 2019 year Notre Dame # 14 :


Next year 2020 Kirby is # 5 and Notre Dame again # 12 :


2018 year Kirby # 1 and again Notre Dame # 11 :


2017 Kirby was # 3 and Notre Dame again # 13 :


So all 4 years right now for 2020 also last class 2019 and the one before that 2018 and the one before that 2017 making up teams Saturday night national TV # 3 welcoming # 7 who does NOT want to play in The SEC because they would be the # 8 SEC team in recruiting rankings otherwise known as TALENT making their team up.


I did not include 2016 class because Kirby did not get here until mid-January 2016 winning the national championship for Alabama with Signing Date first of February 2016.  (He did ok at # 6 but he was NOT here and I criticized him all during that time for NOT being here.)


I do not know how Notre Dame figures they can come in here and beat us. We’d have to think that we have them beat and not be up for them. They absolutely are up for us. We beat them at their house and embarrassed them on national TV with the VAST MAJORITY of the crowd UGA Georgia Bulldogs at touchdown Jesus.


Notre Dame is out for blood against us.


We are # 2 in recruiting rankings over this current 4-year period including the one we are recruiting right now with Kirby and Brian Kelly is WAY DOWN at # 13. And it is nowhere more evident than Notre Dame’s inability to stop us running the ball with them # 120 in the nation at stopping the run. It is flashy that they have their QB run the ball and pass the ball dual-threat but like Oklahoma if they can’t stop the run then they are doomed to failure because our defense is going to be talented enough to stop their offense.


# 120 Notre Dame stopping the run…


BEFORE they play us.


After they play us Saturday it will be significantly worse for Notre Dame at stopping the run.  It will be AT LEAST # 121 and maybe dead last at # 130.


That is ALL Kirby wants to do. Run the football. Especially run the football on Notre Dame.


# 2 average recruiting ranking Kirby 4-year period now including the current class # 5 already

# 13 average recruiting ranking Brian Kelly Notre Dame 4-year period now


We’re going to kick their ass. Or we should anyway.


Notre Dame has not done a God Damn thing in college football for 25 years…for 42 years really.


They are living on the past of what they once were.


Notre Dame thinks this will be good for Brian Kelly’s recruiting.


Notre Dame wants to recruit here in Atlanta.   How in the hell is it going to help Notre Dame to recruit in Atlanta when Notre Dame averages # 13 recruiting to us # 2 and Notre Dame is # 120 in stopping the run with Kirby wanting to do NOTHING BUT run the God Damn Football up Notre Dame’s butthole ?


I understand that Notre Dame has a LARGE contingency of alumni here in Atlanta.  Who doesn’t ?  There are 7 million people here in my hometown now.


We’re going to kick Notre Dame’s ass.





Notre Dame is # 120 in rushing defense all of 2019 season. There are 130 teams FBS. After both of their games they are averaging giving-up 5 yards per rush and 230 rushing yards per game. Now they play us HERE. It is NOT going to be pretty for Notre Dame what Kirby is about to do to them on the ground. You know they have to sell-out to stop the run. How bad is that ? Well that is all Kirby wants to do – run the ball.

I understand Notre Dame can stack the box and they will sell-out to stop Kirby’s running game.  This is the difference in the game.  This is known as our biggest strength is pitted against their biggest weakness.


How in the Hell can Notre Dame be # 120 stopping the run and stop Kirby’s running game ?


Good luck with that Brian Kelly.





Charlie Weis former Notre Dame HEAD COACH sucked as head coach 41-49 record overall. Despite years away from retirement Charlie Weis has not even coached in ANY capacity in over half a decade now. When Charlie Weis was coaching he had a LOSING RECORD to Michigan State despite braggadocio to the contrary by Charlie Weis. Charlie Weis is but one of a long group of horrible Notre Dame coaches culminating today in just 33 players in the NFL (none any good whatsoever) and a LOSING BOWL RECORD for Notre Shame. They SOLD all their seats to US UGA Georgia Bulldogs. Now they come here and can not stop the run. Oh boy.

Notre Dame is a GOD DAMN JOKE and has been for 42 years now since 1978.


There is NO PRECEDENT for a team not even in the top 20 teams in America starting 1978 to have its own conference and special considerations while it REFUSES to compete with the top teams in any conference.


Notre Dame has NEVER beat UGA Georgia Bulldogs.


Notre Dame has a LOSING RECORD all-time in Bowl Games. In fact Notre Dame has won only 7 bowl games while losing 13 after 1994.


7-13 bowl game record Notre Dame last entire 25 years.


It has been a particularly brutal 25 years for Notre Dame football.


Once considered one of the top college football programs now Notre Dame is embarrassed annually.


The coaching turnover during this long stretch of miserable Notre Dame history in college football these last entire 42 years has transcended the sorry-assed coaches they have hired believing themselves some kind of God Damn saints of college football and it is sure to continue for a 50-year period of sorry Notre Dame football.


Dan Devine

Gerry Faust

Lou Holtz

Bob Davie

George O’Leary

Tyrone Willingham

Kent Baer

Charlie Weis

Brian Kelly



How bad have these jerks been over this last entire 25-year period ?


Not in the top 20 teams while UGA Georgia Bulldogs have been and are in the top 10.


Forget Notre Dame.


You NEVER have beaten us.


Don’t expect us to sell you our tickets.


They are NOT for sale.


Unlike your rinky-dink 77 thousand seat stadium.


Touchdown Jesus ?


I don’t think so.


Dan Devine Gerry Faust Lou Holtz Bob Davie George O’Leary Tyrone Willingham Kent Baer Charlie Weis Brian Kelly


You have not done a God Damn thing in so long no one alive can remember when you were relevant.


Notre Shame you are old-fashioned, amateurish, and shoddy and you have been and will continue to be so.


Notre Dame against top 10 teams in bowl games after 1994 :


  1. Lost to # 5 Colorado 1995.
  2. Lost to # 8 FSU 1996.
  3. Lost to # 5 Oregon State 2001.
  4. Lost to # 4 Ohio State 2006.
  5. Lost to # 4 LSU 2007.
  6. Lost to # 2 Alabama 2013.
  7. Lost to # 7 Ohio State 2016.
  8. Lost to # 2 Clemson 2018.


Who the HELL has Notre Dame beat ?



Now Brian Kelly :

“The NCAA has ordered Notre Dame to vacate its football wins from the 2012 and 2013 seasons after denying the school’s appeal of sanctions tied to academic misconduct.

The Irish won 12 games in 2012 before losing to Alabama in the BCS championship game and went 9–4 in 2013.

A student-trainer was found to have completed coursework for two Notre Dame players and provided impermissible academic benefits to another six.

Five players—DaVaris Daniels, Kendall Moore, Eilar Hardy, KeiVarae Russell and Ishaq Williams—were suspended before the 2014 season for academic improprieties, bringing the case to the public eye. Everett Golson, the starting quarterback for the 2012 team, missed the 2013 season because he was suspended from the university due to academics.

The NCAA initially ordered the wins vacated in 2016 but the school filed an appeal, which was denied.  Other sanctions included a year of probation, a $5,000 fine and a show-cause order against the trainer accused of facilitating the academic fraud. ” –  Sports Illustrated


There is no end to the special treatment Notre Dame thinks it should get other than on the football field where they can’t beat shit and haven’t really in nearly 50 years now.







FCS the Citadel had LOST to EVERY TEAM but rushes for 320 yards and beats Georgia Tech for their 1st win. Towson beat the Citadel and Elon beat the Citadel but Georgia Tech could NOT. Now that’s funny.

We win 55 to nothing over Arkansas State.  Notre Dame has no hope.  Compare The University of Georgia with the Georgia Institute of Technology.




For the dozen years starting 2008 vols are 67 wins 72 losses for the # 80 team in America. # 80 vols. For the 15 years starting 2005 Tennessee vols are 91-86 the number # 70 team in America.


I have so enjoyed all this vols nation.


# 80 team in America won/lost record starting 2008 dozen years this year



67-72 vols record starting 2008 dozen years now this season of futility.


That was Phillip Fulmer’s last year as vols’ head coach 2008.



The vols have not been ANY good whatsoever for a  long long long time now.





Jacob Eason threw for an Interception and was sacked and fumbled the ball in his LOSS to unranked California Golden Bears. Jacob Eason ran 9 times for 10 yards total and settled for four (4) field goals missing on the touchdowns instead going 6 of 16 on 3rd Down Conversions. 18 of 30 for 162 yards Jacob Eason passer rating was 26.

Jacob Eason was sacked four (4) times in total for the game.


The loss dropped Washington from # 14 to # 23 in the AP Poll.


Meanwhile 5 of the top 9 and 6 of the top 16 AP Poll teams are SEC teams.


Mississippi State also nearly broke the top 25 while Kentucky got some AP Poll votes too.






Zamir White 2nd leading Rusher this season with a TD and 123 yards. Brian Herrien 1019 yards rushing so far in his career here demonstrating he is an NFL back after # 19 RB in the nation rating coming here. Kenny McIntosh had a great game of 61 rushing yards after # 6 RB nationally coming here from Florida. George Pickens now # 2 receiving yards this season for us and he also scored a TD and 5 blocks downfield that were great. Nolan Smith is our sack leader along with Channing Tindall.