Since we had the single most NFL Top 100 players last year and tied for the most NFL Top 100 players this year – the question is how is this possible averaging as we ARE MORE than 4 losses a season for 9 years and counting now ? 37 losses latest 9 years here at UGA.

I will tell you how this is possible.  We HAVE HAD and DO have BAD COACHING.




We’re not designing plays for our most dynamic players and calling those plays and we HAVE NOT for 9 years.  If we do not get our TOP Offensive Linemen OUT THERE blocking in game 1 we will have ANOTHER WASTED season 2017.  2017 offers so MUCH PROMISE.


The state of our football program is not and HAS NOT BEEN good at ALL averaging as we are MORE than 4 losses a year after 2007.  This is 2017.


Of the 129 FBS teams an astounding 33 teams have fewer than our 37 losses after 2007.  This with the average # 7 recruiting class for UGA after 2007 – which is the 2nd best recruiting in the nation over the latest 9 years now.


It is pretty sad that last year we had the most and this year tied for the most NFL Top 100 players and yet we AVERAGE MORE than 4 losses a year for 9 years now with 37 losses.  37


With the average # 7 recruiting class for 9 years.


Just sad.




4 losses per year would be over this latest 9-year period then 36 losses but we have 37 losses after 2007.




I am predicting and guaranteeing that we fix this this year 2017 and win The SEC Championship making the play-offs this year and therefore being better than 10-4 this season 2017.  After this season I expect us to lead the NFL in NFL Draft Picks after this 2017 season with the most NFL Draft Picks after this 2017 season in next year’s NFL Draft.  This is because we stand to lose 20 who have started here at UGA after this 2017 season – the vast majority seniors.



12 schools had multiple selections in Athlon’s Top 50 players for the last 50 years but UGA had only one Herschel Walker who was listed on ALL 16 ballots including Stewart Mandel Tony Barnhart Ivan Maisel of ESPN and Bruce Feldman. Herschel Walker was the top vote getter from the panel of 16 sportswriters with 9 number one votes which was three times as many as the next nearest.


6-23-2017 ranks UGA # 7 nationally for 2017 : “Everything is in place to win the SEC East and have a puncher’s chance at the title if the offensive line can rock right away. Everything was there last year too but now there’s really NO EXCUSE TO NOT TAKE DOWN THE DIVISION.”



Preview 2017: CFN Rankings No. 1 to 130


“Everything is in place to win the SEC East and have a puncher’s chance at the title if the offensive line can rock right away. Everything was there last year too but now there’s really NO EXCUSE TO NOT TAKE DOWN THE DIVISION.”



ESPN – Edward Aschoff best SEC duo and trio receivers “OTHERS TO WATCH” : “Georgia’s Isaac Nauta and JJ Holloman”

Georgia: Terry Godwin, Isaac Nauta, Jeremiah Holloman



Jon Ossoff with most of his money from California filled our damn airwaves with his bullshit and the second most of his money for all that crap was from New York. In affluent North Atlanta where President Donald Trump won by two percentage points MORE THAN TWICE that is our VOICE SPEAKING AGAIN. Despite all the shit disgruntled same-old-story Democrats fed us with California and New York MONIES telling US how to vote WE voted AGAIN as always since 1979. Citizenship for lawbreakers NOT PAYING TAXES and DRIVING WITHOUT a license is NOT MY IDEA of where we need to be and neither is someone who can’t even be BOTHERED to LIVE IN MY DAMN DISTRICT. Piss-off Jon Ossoff who says he isn’t even sure he will run in 2018 AT ALL.

You told us all day every day how Jon Ossoff would win.  He not only did not win but lost by MORE than twice the percentage points President Donald Trump beat Hillary with.  That is a BLOW-OUT loss of a liberal bleeding heart.  We hate Nancy Pelosi here in the 6th district.




All of us.


And so the democratic stronghold in California and New York send ALL their monies HERE to TELL us how to vote.


NO other ad ran.


Just Jon Ossoff.


You called my cell phone repeatedly.


You stood outside the voting place.


You sat in benches with T-shirts on outside the polling place.


And you rallied support for your side thinking Southerners are backwards stupid uneducated and needed YOU to tell US how to vote.


They even showed-up trying to vote when they do not live in the 6th district.  Why not ?  Your candidate does not even live here either.  He lives in an apartment and easily could have represented HIS DISTRICT by living here among us.  But no that is too much damn trouble for Democrats.


They told us in EVERY POLL Jon Ossoff would win and did win.


Then we voted.


They told us THEN that it is a referendum against Republicans with their tired old rhetoric.


They never did tell us that Jon Ossoff wants to give citizenship to cheating lawbreakers who do NOT pay taxes and don’t have a driver’s license.


They told us how attractive Jon Ossoff is.


They told us that Republicans would not control the House.  We have 47 more Republicans than Democrats.  47.


And the Democrats who are MOSTLY from out West and up North tell us how bad all this is.  You can’t win.  Even when you tell us how you WILL you don’t.


Jon Ossoff ?


Really ?


Nearly three-quarters of us have college degrees and make $ 160 thousand dollars a year every year.


And you bring your tired bullshit down here to our airwaves to tell US how to vote ?


I am so fed-up with your tired worn-out rhetoric of how bad all this is for YOU.


It is a BLOW-OUT of Biblical Proportions by MORE than twice the percentage points President Donald Trump beat Hillary with.


It is NOT at ALL what you said it would be.


You LOST again.


Your leaders in the Democratic Party are NOT our leaders.


We’re SMARTER than that.


I have news for you in California and New York that not only are you out-of-touch but also we do NOT like your kind.  Try your tired old bullshit somewhere else.


Jon Ossoff has the lead.  Jon Ossoff will win.  Those of you who did show-up to vote were pissed-off.  You are EVEN more so now.


Jon Ossoff was defeated by MORE than TWICE that by which Hillary was here.  Make them citizens ?  Tell them to vote for you then – try THAT.  Give us YOUR GUY who doesn’t even BOTHER to TRY to live in my district ?


Bad job Democrats.  Bad ads.  Wrong idea.  I am sick and tired of your ads Democrats.


Take your cash back to California and to New York the number one and number two places where all those ad monies came from and BURN IT THERE dumbasses.


You LOST again.  Ha ha.  Lol.


You don’t listen – do you ?


I listen.  I studied your words.  I get it.  You do not.  There were 71 better shots for Democrats than this 71.


Who told US we lose to Jon Ossoff ?  SurveyUSA GBA Strategies/House Majority PAC (D) Gravis Marketing Anzalone Liszt Grove Research (D) WSB/Landmark Communications Trafalgar Group Revily FOX 5 Atlanta/Opinion Savvy AJC/Abt Associates


6-20-2017 at 11:35 p.m.

Best Trios in The SEC 2017 per ESPN – Edward Aschoff just now : “Number 2 best BACKFIELD trio behind Alabama is Georgia: QB Jacob Eason, RB Nick Chubb, RB Sony Michel. Chubb and Michel have totaled an impressive 5,835 rushing yards over the last three seasons, including 1,970 yards last year with 12 touchdowns. Eason threw for 2,430 yards and 16 touchdowns as a true freshman in 2016. As he continues to get more comfortable with Georgia’s offense, expect those passing numbers to increase this fall.”



Louisville is # 168 of top colleges U.S. News and World Report. Louisville AGREED with the NCAA that during a 4-year period Louisville repeatedly provided striptease and sex acts for hire and Louisville offered-up on its own to REDUCE SCHOLARSHIPS and post-season ban. Louisville further AGREES with the 4-year NCAA Probation of Louisville. Louisville states that Minardi Hall is their basketball dorm where seven (7) seventeen (17) year-old minors were provided on their scholarship recruiting visits escorts who performed these sex and striptease acts but that Rick Pitino knew nothing about any of it. Rick Pitino also states that he put his coaching staff in responsibility for what happened at Minardi Hall but the Rick Pitino coaching staff states that they were TOTALLY UNAWARE that they were in charge of Minardi Hall. The purpose of this over the 4 years was to gain a competitive advantage in RECRUITING and Louisville won the NCAA national championship in 2013 as a result recording the most victories EVER in the entire Louisville history with 35 wins with these recruits. This recruiting advantage was successful for Rick Pitino. In addition to the 7 minors provided these sex acts for hire and striptease acts in their recruiting visits over 4 years four years another 2 coaches were as well who joined them on the visits and another friend was as well and in addition to ALL THAT 10 more either student-athletes or more recruits were as well who were not 17 or younger. Good control there and nice try Rick Pitino that you put your assistants in charge of that. You LOST CONTROL Rick Pitino. Clearly. Your coaches are a disgrace to the coaching community and your university is a disgrace to all universities. ACC is disgraced in men’s basketball by the University of Louisville.

YOU are responsible for what goes on in YOUR PROGRAM Rick Pitino.  You might want to speak with your assistants about your public statement that THEY were put in charge of this by YOU because THEY state that that is the first THEY HEARD that they were put in charge of this by you.  You’re responsible Rick Pitino.  These excuses by you are reprehensible Rick Pitino.


YOU maintain COMPLETE CONTROL of your program as the head coach.  YOU are the general manager.  You are the CEO.  You are the team president.


Minardi Hall is NAMED for your family Rick Pitino so what do you mean you did not know what was going on there ?


Your football team is made-up at Louisville of our DISCARDED PLAYERS here at Georgia whom we KICKED-OFF the team here.  You have NO indoor practice facility but a joke of a partial one where you can only run through a couple of plays only and is not a complete football field even.


Louisville is # 168 in the latest U.S. News and World Report Rankings of top universities. It sucks.  You’re a joke of a college and always have been.  Now this.  And your reaction ?  We are KEEPING Rick Pitino AGAIN.  Look at your coaches.  Rick Pitino and Bobby Petrino.  Good heavens.  You have NO CREDIBILITY Louisville. This is REALLY BAD for the ACC.


This covers the years of 2011 2012 2013 and 2014. Nine of the 2013 Louisville team 9 are listed on wiki with their own personal webpages for their basketball abilities. 9.


Rick Pitino is # 29 all-time of NCAA collegiate basketball head coaches in winning percentage.  He has a sordid history with the public.


Rick Pitino became head coach in 1975 at the University of Hawaii. That is 42 years ago.


As head coach at the University of Hawaii Rick Pitino committed eight (8) violations of NCAA rules for which the University of Hawaii was put on NCAA probation. The violations involving Pitino included providing round-trip air fare for a player between New York and Honolulu. And arranging for student-athletes to receive used cars in return for Hawaii season tickets. And handing out coupons to players for free restaurant food at McDonald’s. Rick Pitino was cited by the NCAA for providing misinformation to the NCAA and University of Hawaii officials. The NCAA infractions committee recommended that Rick Pitino be disassociated from Hawaii athletics. Rick Pitino – then as now – said : “I didn’t make any mistakes. I don’t care what anybody says.”


August 1 of 2003 at Louisville Rick Pitino ADMITTED he had sex at a restaurant called Porcini with the wife of his Louisville equipment manager.  Rick Pitino also admits that he paid $3000 three thousand dollars for the abortion. “The complete sex took no more than 15 seconds” according to Rick Pitino. Rick Pitino called a press conference and stated that the press “stop reporting these lies.” Rick Pitino made a statement that he apologized for THIS indiscretion. Louisville kept him on anyway. The University of Georgia would have FIRED Rick Pitino after he apologized and stated “it took no more than 15 seconds.”


Once you apologized for your personal public indiscretion you called it Rick Pitino just what sir do you mean that the press ” stop reporting these lies ? “


Rick Pitino’s reputation is what it is. And his cover-up EXCUSES are legendary.



The ACC is taking it on the nose over this as is the University of Louisville who has NEVER had a good reputation as a university in the first place as these ON-GOING issues with Rick Pitino and Bobby Petrino prove.  And you snatching-up our discarded kicked-off football players has NOT HELPED you EITHER.


U.S. News and World Report Top Colleges Rankings :


# 1 Princeton

# 36 yellowjackets

# 47 Florida

# 51 Miami of Florida

# 56 U.S. News and World Report Rankings Top Colleges The University of Georgia

# 70 Texas A&M

# 72 Baylor

# 75 Michigan State

# 82 Iowa

# 89 N.C. State

# 96 Alabama

# 97 FSU

# 102 Auburn

# 103 Missouri

# 104 Nebraska

# 105 Tennessee

# 108 South Carolina

# 109 Oklahoma

# 115 Kansas

# 121 Arizona

# 123 Seton Hall

# 127 Colorado State University

# 129 LSU

# 130 Arkansas

# 131 Arizona State

# 135 Oregon State

# 140 Ole Miss

# 141 Rutgers

# 142 Washington State

# 145 Kansas State

# 149 Oklahoma State

# 161 Mississippi State

# 168 Louisville


Your coaches are a disgrace to the coaching community and your university is a disgrace to all universities.



KIRBY QUOTE TODAY : “Let’s be honest. Georgia – if you get the best players in this state – you should be winning championships. I think we’re getting there in recruiting. I see our talent level going up. We still have some questions although we liked what we saw in the spring. We should be a team that will contend. At the University of Georgia that is the expectation. We should be a team that is favored to win the East each year. We should recruit the best players in our state which is a very productive state and develop those guys into really good players. We’re still a young team in my mind. Because over half of our roster will be freshmen or sophomores. But we’ve got some good football players coming back and I’m excited.” I agree with those statements by Kirby except on the OL where his small OL did NOT get the job done. Again. And except for young team when he loses 20 at least part-time starters after this 2017. THAT is NOT young but SENIOR-LADEN. He needs to get the freshmen on the field with them and maximize 2017. 2018 will be DOWN YEAR because we are NOT a young team and lose too much after 2017 for 2018 to be better.



Jacob Eason AND Nick Chubb picked for Heisman Trophy Winner 2017 by Fox Aaron Torres


FOX Aaron Torres



“Last year is over and that can’t be changed now.” Really ? Last year is over ? I am sorry but what I saw last year is what I expect to see this year. I hardly think anything indicates that last year was any fluke.

To the contrary what happened last year was that Jacob Eason did not get any reps with the # 1 unit until 2 weeks before kick0ff game to the season and then was thrown into the fire anyway without the experience he should have gotten given that he started all season after winning game 1 coming-in down losing and leaving the game with a lead coming from behind against a quality opponent.

To the contrary what happened last year was that Isaac Nauta did not start until game 5 then next 2 games not starting again and again then finishing All-America anyway.

To the contrary what happened last year was that Ben Cleveland was redshirted whilst smaller OL who did not get the job done was all Kirby sent out there to do the dirty work of establishing the run given that Kirby said that was what he was going to do then did every first down run the ball.

To the contrary what happened last year was that Kirby was going to redshirt Mecole Hardman Jr. then relented when Mecole himself went to Kirby and had a come to Jesus meeting only to get all of one touch all season long.

To the contrary the special teams were atrocious as if Kirby never had ever been given responsibility anywhere for special teams to prepare him to be head coach.

To the contrary the offense was abysmal running nearly every first down all year long in the face of 8 and 9 in the box against Kirby’s stated facts that “fewer bad results happen when you run the football.”

To the contrary Jim Chaney is right back in the saddle as if Kirby is satisfied with what he saw.

To the contrary Kirby struggled against all the really poor football teams and even lost to losing record Vandie who lost to 3 cupcakes but not to Kirby.

To the contrary we averaged the # 7 recruiting class for our 2016 roster and the # 6 recruiting class on this year’s 2017 roster and ended-up not ranked in the Final AP Poll Top 25 for the 5th time in the last 9 years more than half the time after 2007.

To the contrary Kirby stubbornly dogmatically played only injured Nick Chubb and injured Sony Michel at TB behind his lousy stinking choices of small OL with 3 top big OL he recruited all redshirted except one snap between his 3 top OL recruits of 2016 and Kirby never even considered starting Brian Herrien as this blog called for July 4.

To the contrary Kirby gave Nick Chubb 32 carries his first game back after 3 ligament surgery and he was never the same thereafter.

To the contrary Kirby said and knew he needed to recruit receivers and did not 2016 or 2017 really either and now has none for 2018 either.

To the contrary Kirby has not yet figured-out how to run his first press conference without contention yet and this is year two now.

To the contrary Kirby has sent-out willy-nilly 5 receiver sets with no sense of urgency even yet to find his one pitch-and-catch combo.  We saw JJ Holloway steal the show in the G-Day Game and he too is buried on the roster and may or may not get to play some by say game 5 right ?

To the contrary not just Ben Cleveland but Chris Barnes and Solomon Kindley were not used to rest the tired little OL Kirby stubbornly insisted on playing every down of every game looking like shit.  Now 2017 he bragged all off-season how the same back-ups to those guys more small guys dominated his defense he bragged to us.  What we all witnessed with our own eyes was the offensive line looks as lost 2017 as it did 2016.

To the contrary Seth Emerson sir I see nothing to indicate Kirby will start his freshmen OL he is stockpiling but instead use small itty-bitty guys on the OL again like he did last year and seemed satisfied with that too.  I mean it was a throw-away year 2016 so why can’t 2017 be a throw-away year too despite the facts that Kirby probably loses 20 guys who have started here at Georgia after this season and ends-up with the most players drafted by the NFL of all teams in the nation after this 2017 season which had better damn well be SEC Championship with all this talent wasted as Kirby did last year and is so far again 2017.


AJ-C DawgNation Seth Emerson  :  “Last year is over and that can’t be changed now.”



To the contrary No Seth Emerson sir last year is hardly over and it isn’t going to be changed in 2017 either.  Kirby will continue to do what he does.  What he did.  What he has done.  What he will continue to do.  I see nothing to indicate there is any sense of urgency on Kirby’s part for 2017 any more than there was for 2016.


To the contrary Seth Emerson after the NFL Draft after this 2017 season this season will be over for Kirby and you will be scratching your head why in his 14-game season 2017 with the # 36 strength of schedule with only 4 teams more talented than Kirby that he lost 4 games again.  I won’t.  What I see is what I saw and is what I expect.


To the contrary I have a sense of urgency to 2017 for SEC Championship now 2017 with all this talent and insist we send that message to Kirby.  Produce or move on.  Learn offenses and special teams on your own time.  Play the recruits you recruit not just recruit them and redshirt them.


I hear that all the time Seth Emerson that the past is the past.  The past is who you are.  Fix it if it needs fixing and quit cease and desist with the bullshit that that is history now.  No it’s not.  You never fixed any of this.


So the past is who you are and who you will continue to be.


You had better get with the program GATA and win now Kirby 2017.




Gridiron Chadd Scott whose wife is FL grad and who himself is Auburn grad states CHUCK OLIVER told him none of our 2016 players play for Alabama and one Isaac Nauta of 2017 UGA players would start for Alabama to piss-off everyone in The Whole Entire Bulldog Nation.

The cheesy post is a 3-part designed to get 2 more CLICKS to read – 2 ads to a loan company.


Yes we misused our 2016 talent and will again 2017 as all indications show Kirby will hold-back his big OL and start little guys 2017 instead.  Small OL guys who did not get the job done last year or the year before will start for KIRBY 2017.


Chadd Scott then summarizes that Chadd Scott thinks Kirby will close the talent gap with Alabama in 2018 or 2019 despite Kirby losing 20 of his STARTERS 2017 after the 2017 season.


Kirby will NOT close the talent gap with Alabama 2018.  It’s 2017 when Kirby can GET IT DONE – not for God’s sake WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR as per Chadd Scott Gridiron


I still state that Nick Saban given injuries to both Sony Michel and to Nick Chubb 2016 would’ve started Brian Herrien at Tailback for UGA 2016 were he here.


And he would’ve prepared Jacob Eason as he did Jalen Hurts unlike the manner Kirby held-back Jacob Eason not preparing him then throwing him into the fire.


And there is NO WAY Nick Saban plays THAT OL 2016 Kirby sent out there but his freshmen OL instead.


In fact I believe that Mo Smith was destined to start at Alabama 2016.  He would’ve made plays against Deshaun Watson and so would’ve Dominick Sanders.


Kirby has tons of players who with proper assessment could’ve started at Alabama 2016 and even more now for 2017.


Lorenzo Carter.

Michail Carter.

Ben Cleveland.

Brian Herrien.

Jacob Eason.

Deangelo Gibbs.

Mecole Hardman Junior.

D’Marcus Hayes.

Jeremiah Holloman

Jonathan Ledbetter

David Marshall

Sony Michel at WR

Natrez Patrick

Isaac Nauta

Cameron Nizialek

Dominick Sanders

Roquan Smith

Trenton Thompson

D’Andre Swift

Richard LeCounte

Isaiah Wilson

Netori Johnson

Nate McBride

Walter Grant

Robert Beal

Jake Fromm


No the problem is for Chadd Scott that Kirby has MORE players who would start at Florida and at Auburn than they do because Kirby has MORE TALENT than BOTH 2017 and EVERYONE SAYS Kirby plays Alabama 2017 in The SEC Championship Game BECAUSE OF ALL OF THIS TALENT.


Chuck Oliver another disgruntled Auburn grad knows that THEY do NOT have UGA’s talent today just as Chadd Scott is afraid of too. Chuck and Chernoff AM 680 the Fan.  Frick and Frack both afraid of how good Georgia is 2017.


2018 ?


Typical Auburn fan trying to get Bulldogs to think about 2018 or 2019 when 2017 we are a handful for Auburn for Florida and yes for Alabama – much more so than we will be in 2018 losing 20 I figure STARTERS for Kirby 2017 after this up-coming stellar 2017 season.


Or at least Kirby had better hope it is.


Jim Donnan bragged how good his talent was as Kirby just did yesterday for 2017 and when he did not deliver Mike Adam$ ran him out of town to the chagrin of Vince Dooley.


Yeah we’re good 2017 Kirby with all this talent now the question is will you PLAY THE TALENT such as on your OL for Sam Pittman 2017 Kirby ?  Will you come-up with some SEMBLANCE of an offensive game strategy 2017 Kirby or tell Jim Chaney run every first down all season long again ?  And will you FIND a pitch-and-catch combo for your three (3) quarterbacks 2017 Kirby or send out WR after WR like you have no clue who can catch a pass Kirby ?


In the meantime Kirby’s foibles as COACH will be the ONLY HOPE for Auburn grads for he most certainly has MORE TALENT than Auburn Florida vols and maybe is closer to Alabama 2017 than we will be here at Georgia for a LONG TIME hence 2017.


2018 ?


Have you EVEN looked who Kirby loses after 2017 Chuck Oliver or Chad Scott or for that matter Kincaid EITHER ?


All but Buck Belue AM680 the Fan has missed that THIS is Kirby’s BEST SHOT 2017 and he had BETTER deliver.




QUOTE FROM FOX SPORTS.COM Aaron Torres : “Kirby Smart lost to Vanderbilt and had way too many close calls against inferior teams. So was it a byproduct of a young coach getting his sea legs? Or a byproduct of the type of coach that Smart is? With a loaded roster that’s favored to win the SEC East, we’re about to find out. # 12 pre-season Georgia Bulldogs: Can you really trust Kirby Smart?” Fox Aaron Torres

FOX Aaron Torres best-selling book Author and Senior Writer FOX not the Bronze Medal professional boxer.


Clearly there were so MANY blunders by Kirby and STILL ARE 2017 that I have MANY QUESTIONS about how prepared to be HEAD COACH Kirby is on both OFFENSE and on Special Teams.  His recruiting is great but he has to PLAY his recruits if he wants to win AND he has to figure-out a way to either leave the offense alone or come-up with some type of an offensive game strategy – neither of which seems possible with Jim Chaney and Kirby overseeing him with no knowledge demonstrated by either.


I am not sure he wants to win.


I think he is more interested in BEING IN CHARGE.


For example : All these HUGE OFFENSIVE LINEMEN in Kirby’s RECRUITING but he SAYS AGAIN 2017 his # 1 starters getting all the # 1 reps with the # 1 unit are NOT those big OL but his itty-bitty teeny-weenie OL he inherited who have NOT GOTTEN THE JOB DONE instead.


Aaron Torres Fox asks the question I ask as well :


“Can you really trust Kirby Smart?”   Fox Aaron Torres




Only 2 other players in all of The SEC will have more tackles than Roquan Smith 2017 who will go OVER 100 tackles 2017 clearly then All-America 2017. “Talent is just spilling from this guy’s ears, and he led the Bulldogs with 95 tackles last year. Smith is only getting better, and as a very rangy middle linebacker, Smith will yet again be involved in a ton of plays this fall.” ESPN – Edward Aschoff



There are only 4 coaches who have won the national championship of 130 FBS coaches. Who will be the 5th ? Tom Fornelli CBS writer who calls UGA the most tortured fan base of all of college football and who says that Kirby is one of the best bets to win ONLY 7 of his first 12 games 2017 says that “Kirby Smart is honorable mention to become the 5th active head coach to win the national championship in college football.” Tom Fornelli contradicts himself doesn’t he ?



Jacob Eason and Jake Fromm BOTH make Academic HONOR ROLLS for 2017 Spring Semester along with RODRIGO BLANKENSHIP Aaron Davis Trent Frix Jackson Harris and Cameron Nizialek. Congratulations to these OUTSTANDING student-athletes playing such prominent roles on our football team too.




So we have the # 1 group of running backs in the United States of America today according to Bleacher Report for whatever the hell that is worth – some guy David Kenyon – whoever the hell that is and Bob Stoops amid ALL THE ISSUES with his PLAYERS he has TAKEN-ON DESPITE their LEGAL TROUBLES outcasts from OTHER SCHOOLS finally resigns today only 7 weeks after his STARTING QB arrested on FELONY CHARGES has his court date and still faces those charges – any correlation ? You tell me.

Bob Stoops has had NOTHING BUT issues with the press over his Dorial Green-Beckham transfer after multiple arrests AND allegedly forced open an apartment door and pushed a woman down a flight of stairs.


Then there is also of course Joe Mixon top running back BAD BOY.  Bob Stoops reviewed a security tape of Joe Mixon striking a young woman resulting in serious facial injuries and decided on a one-year suspension from the football team.  Then late last year 2016 Bob Stoops told the press after the season that his decision would have been different now once the tape went viral.


Now there is another.  Baker Mayfield arrested on FELONY CHARGES and in the last several weeks now today still facing these legal charges.  On April 7 he plead NOT GUILTY to ALL CHARGES.  That is his STARTING QUARTERBACK as THIS BLOG pointed-out at the time.  See this blog’s entries on THAT ARREST which can be searched and are listed after any post as RELATED POSTS at the bottom of the post – if you click this post not just only read the home page.


Coincidence that Bob Stoops is STEPPING-DOWN ?


I don’t think so.


Bob Stoops clearly has gone the WRONG-WAY on taking-in just big chances with players who have great promise and who also have no business playing collegiate football whom other schools had TROUBLE WITH THERE and so they end-up on Bob Stoops’ team Oklahoma.  Even with that Bob Stoops could not win the big games.  Even playing in the stinking Big XII Bob Stoops could not do well.  I do not therefore find this at all unusual that Bob Stoops has QUIT given his statements AFTER last season and NOW THIS on top of all that that yes Dorial Green-Beckham and yes Joe Mixon have put EGG all over Bob Stoops’ face and NOW THIS with Baker Mayfield.


The reports of Baker Mayfield state that he Mayfield is a person who is unable to walk straight, having slurred speech and having food covering the front of his shirt. When he was asked to stay so the police could get a statement, Mayfield began shouting obscenities and “causing a scene”.   After resisting arrest he was charged ALSO by the police with fleeing arrest as well.  His case against ALL these charges are NOT RESOLVED.


And so NOW Bob Stoops quits.


Coincidence ?


No way.


Defend Bob Stoops all you want but he has THROWN IN THE TOWEL.


Good riddance to the CHEATER taking-in THUGS like this and STILL not getting back to the national championship after 2000.


In 2003 Bob Stoops lost his last two (2) games including being BLOWN-OUT by Kansas State.

In 2004 Bob Stoops was BLOWN-OUT by Southern California.

In 2008 Bob Stoops lost to Texas by double-digits and still lost to Florida by double-digits.

Then two years’ ago 2015 Bob Stoops lost to Texas and still played Clemson BLOWN-OUT 17-37 only to watch Clemson lose the next game to Alabama.

Then THIS LAST SEASON 2016 Bob Stoops lost to Houston by double-digits then LOST in a BLOW-OUT to Ohio State 24-45 only to watch Ohio State lose to Clemson 31 to nothing.

These are Bob Stoops’ best years – cough cough – after 2000.  Now you have the nutshell of Bob Stoops’ 2003 2004 2008 2015 and 2016 season leading-up to this LESS THAN STUNNING announcement that Bob Stoops gives up – quits – can not compete and no longer wants to even try to compete with these questionable players such as NOW his wide receiver running back and quarterback.


They do NOT call the place choke-la-homa for NOTHING.




We better do something with all these running backs we are stock-piling here.  One would THINK that an AVERAGE offensive line could block for the # 1 group of running backs in the nation right ?



Edward Aschoff ESPN states Jacob Eason will throw for over 3000 yards 2017 : “Jacob Eason threw for 2430 yards 2016. Wide receiver and offensive line are still two question marks for the Bulldogs but Jacob Eason is getting much more comfortable with Jim Chaney’s offense. 3000 yards should be in his future 2017.”



# 1 Draft Pick overall would be 5th for Georgia Bulldogs all-time 1st Pick NFL Draft 1st Round JACOB EASON according to 2019 NFL Draft not after this season but after the season AFTER this season : “Jacob Eason exploded on the season for Georgia, throwing 16 touchdowns compared to eight interceptions as a freshman in the SEC. Eason still needs to work on his accuracy, but he’s young enough to make vast improvements in the near future.” 6 June 2017

I would NOT say that Jacob Eason “EXPLODED on the scene 2016” what with Kirby saying daily for the entire season that Jacob Eason SUCKED but as well I had predicted Jacob Eason would in fact be our 5th # 1 NFL Draft Pick 1st Round 1st Pick all-time.  Then Kirby REFUSED categorically to allow Jacob Eason ANY snaps with the # 1 unit and in fact even after game 1 last season in which Jacob Eason came in and BAILED-OUT Greyson Lambert taking us from double-digits DOWN LOSING in his win over North Carolina Jacob Eason was STILL NOT GETTING the # 1 snaps with the # 1 unit that following Monday even last year.


Then there was the bullshit of running on every 1st down all season long even into 8 9 and 10 men fronts.


Then there was the lack of recruiting a top wide receiver – now for two years in a row for this man MANY think has the potential to be still the # 1 Pick in the 1st Round not after this season but after next year.


Then there was the willy-nilly method of Kirby sending out wide receivers.


But still # 1 pick overall NFL Draft after not this season but after the season after this up-coming season for Jacob Eason.


Then there is the BULLSHIT from Kirby and from MANY approved blogs that Jake Fromm will be our Starter 2017 season because of what I have touted as Jake Fromm’s accuracy since a kid I have stated on my blog here.


I’ve stated every day from the beginning of the Jake and Jake Show that Jake Fromm should be used like Hutson Mason 2012 and NOT PLAYED instead redshirted but practiced as if he is the back-up in case of injury.


Hutson Mason would’ve only played 2012 if Aaron Murray went down which he did in 2014.


Well accuracy has to do with the damn ball being CAUGHT.


If you hit the receiver and he DROPS it as not only Isaiah McKenzie did all year but all the others as well then your accuracy rating is NOT going to be good.


JJ Holloman flashed signs of BRILLANCE at receiver 2017 but finds himself BURIED behind ALL THOSE who dropped the freaking ball last year.


And some of them who have done so EVERY YEAR HERE.


The NFL selects the QB who CAN MAKE the throws and who DOES NOT throw interceptions.


So yeah Jacob Eason is a TOP PICK still DESPITE Kirby.


Despite Jim Chaney.


Despite the little itty-bitty OL Kirby gives Sam Pittman to START again 2017 too.


All these OL recruited last year and this year and now for 2018 too and Kirby DOES NOT consider starting them.


Kirby is a POOR JUDGE of offensive and special team talent.


Recruits well but THEN does NOT play them.


And criticizes them DAILY in EVERY PRESS conference.


I knew you knew I would say this : So I have.




Lake Lanier level at 1075 January of 2016 had dropped 15 inches to 1060 January of 2017. Now after raining 14 of the last 15 days Lake Lanier has rebounded HALF of that loss of water. Recall of course as THIS BLOG SAID ALL ALONG that the RIVER STARTS in Georgia and IS OUR WATER not Alabama’s. This is GREAT NEWS for Atlanta world class city who HOSTS the college football NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME at the end of THIS SEASON at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium also known as the MOST EXPENSIVE STADIUM IN THE WORLD EVER still hoping to figure-out how to retract the roof in time for FOOTBALL this 2017 season. April May and now June have been ALL RAIN – good for Lake Lanier and Atlanta and BAD for Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium running the costs up EVEN MORE already the world’s most EXPENSIVE STADIUM. College Football Trivia .com shutting-down tonight 5 June 2017. Han Vance GOES AGAINST College Football Trivia . com and states today on Big Hairy Blawg that UGA is in HIS VIEW # 2 in The SEC recently. What a load of hogwash Han.

It’s been a year now since June of 2016 that ANYONE has estimated the COST overruns of Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium due to all this rain the last three months here in Atlanta.


14 of the last 15 days nothing but rain.  The one day it did not rain much of Atlanta but not here for me in Dunwoody did get rain that day too.


Han Vance who offered to let me write for HIS blog but I turned him down stating to Han that I would DETERMINE what I wrote and when states today that The Georgia Bulldogs AVERAGING more than 4 losses a season for 9 years now and counting are in fact # 2 in The SEC.




Huh ?


# 41 in the nation Georgia Bulldogs for 9 years at THIS URL LINK vs top 15 teams for # 11 all-time UGA are somehow # 2 in The SEC Han ?


7 wins out of the last 27 games vs top 15 teams UGA is # 2 in The SEC Han ?  Try # 9 Han Vance in The SEC and # 41 nationally all conferences for THAT sir is what we are recently.


College Football Trivia states that THEY are giving-up the ghost tomorrow – quitting.  No more of their site after today 5 June 2017.


Well Stassen covers some of that anyway.


After 2007 – nine years now UGA averages OVER 4 losses per season – and “haters” Han Vance calls SOME GROUP he hates and announces to them INSTEAD today that Georgia in fact is in his view # 2 in The SEC in football recently.




No Han.


No sir we are NOT.


Team records (Current FBS Teams) Years 2008-2016
Opponents that are/were ranked during game time from 01 to 15
Highest Rank of the AP Poll or Coaches Poll
Showing Actual Game Results
Pos Team Record Points Opps Rec (-HtH)
1.. Houston (5-1-0)–0.83333 (36.17-23.83) (61-11-0)–0.84722
2.. Alabama (36-12-0)–0.75000 (32.12-19.75) (485-107-0)–0.81926
3. Boise St. (5-2-0)–0.71429 (24.71-20.57) (69-17-0)–0.80233
4. Ohio St. (18-9-0)–0.66667[1] (30.52-22.96) (274-59-0)–0.82282
5. Stanford (16-11-0)–0.59259 (28.89-26.67) (263-70-0)–0.78979
6. Oklahoma (18-13-0)–0.58065 (33.74-29.03) (310-67-0)–0.82228
7. Oregon (14-11-0)–0.56000 (33.76-29.00) (269-44-0)–0.85942
8. Clemson (15-12-0)–0.55556 (29.04-28.85) (288-50-0)–0.85207
9. Florida St. (13-11-0)–0.54167 (30.12-31.50) (245-56-0)–0.81395
10. TCU (14-13-0)–0.51852 (29.56-25.52) (264-62-0)–0.80982
11. USC (10-10-0)–0.50000 (28.15-32.75) (209-39-0)–0.84274
11. Pittsburgh (4-4-0)–0.50000 (32.62-31.75) (78-20-0)–0.79592
13. LSU (16-18-0)–0.47059 (22.74-22.71) (344-78-0)–0.81517
14. Iowa (8-11-0)–0.42105 (21.58-21.21) (196-40-0)–0.83051
15. Florida (13-19-0)–0.40625 (22.72-24.38) (333-63-0)–0.84091
16. Michigan St. (10-15-0)–0.40000 (21.12-30.88) (264-48-0)–0.84615
16. East Carolina (2-3-0)–0.40000 (21.60-29.20) (49-13-0)–0.79032
18. Wisconsin (11-17-0)–0.39286 (25.25-27.07) (278-67-0)–0.80580
19. Mississippi (12-20-0)–0.37500 (25.59-32.50) (326-71-0)–0.82116
19. Texas (12-20-0)–0.37500 (23.62-32.59) (303-85-0)–0.78093
19. Central Fla. (3-5-0)–0.37500 (24.00-35.12) (83-14-0)–0.85567
19. Navy (3-5-0)–0.37500 (30.38-32.00) (75-23-0)–0.76531
23. Utah (7-13-0)–0.35000 (24.05-30.25) (198-49-0)–0.80162
24. Northwestern (5-10-0)–0.33333 (21.27-33.00) (148-36-0)–0.80435
24. North Carolina (3-6-0)–0.33333[2] (29.11-34.22) (86-26-0)–0.76786
26. Auburn (11-23-0)–0.32353 (21.97-31.76) (352-71-0)–0.83215
27. Oklahoma St. (10-21-0)–0.32258 (31.52-37.23) (302-78-0)–0.79474
28. Texas A&M (8-17-0)–0.32000 (27.40-35.16) (250-61-0)–0.80386
29. Georgia Tech (6-13-0)–0.31579 (25.68-33.11) (194-44-0)–0.81513
30. South Carolina (8-18-0)–0.30769 (22.00-31.12) (265-59-0)–0.81790
30. N.C. State (4-9-0)–0.30769 (26.69-37.69) (137-30-0)–0.82036
32. Arizona (6-14-0)–0.30000 (25.15-39.15) (202-46-0)–0.81452
32. Notre Dame (6-14-0)–0.30000 (23.80-28.60) (186-59-0)–0.75918
32. Louisville (3-7-0)–0.30000 (27.30-31.70) (102-23-0)–0.81600
35. Baylor (8-19-0)–0.29630 (31.74-41.04) (272-57-0)–0.82675
36. Texas Tech (6-15-0)–0.28571 (32.71-45.29) (203-51-0)–0.79921
36. Miami (FL) (4-10-0)–0.28571 (17.43-30.21) (144-31-0)–0.82286
38. Penn St. (6-16-0)–0.27273 (19.73-33.00) (225-44-0)–0.83643
38. UCLA (6-16-0)–0.27273 (22.18-34.55) (212-59-0)–0.78229
40. Arkansas (10-27-0)–0.27027 (22.68-33.43) (362-93-0)–0.79560
41.  Georgia (7-20-0)–0.25926 (24.26-32.11) (274-63-0)–0.81306


By the way Han you sir are NOT Big Hairy Dawg and NEVER HAVE BEEN.






Alex Scarborough ESPN : “Sophomore Jacob Eason has first-round talent at Georgia. If Jalen Hurts Jacob Eason and Co. don’t live up to expectations it won’t just be on them. It will reflect poorly on the league and its coaches for not developing them as well. With Smart so early in his career as a head coach Kirby needs Jacob Eason to live up to his potential. Retaining offensive coordinator Jim Chaney after a disappointing first season was a move toward continuity for a young quarterback but it wasn’t without its risks. They’ll either get Jacob Eason where he needs to go or not. Either coaches and players get the job done this year or the SEC will see its label of a mediocre quarterback league go from a flimsy label to being etched in stone.”


You can not argue that analysis.  I will tell you who else can not afford to have Jacob Eason not ever get settled-in year two and that is Jim Chaney.  His career is on the line.  And with it Kirby’s long-term evaluation of his new title of head coach anywhere ever again as well.


Indeed Kirby can not point to Jacob Eason and say it is HIS FAULT when Kirby refused to let him practice with the # 1 unit then threw him into the fire anyway.

Then Kirby sent-out wide receiver after wide receiver after wide receiver having no idea who his wide receiver was either.  It was like well I don’t have to have any semblance of a passing game and will do great.


Then last week Kirby ADMITTED : “Year 1 was disappointing. Any time you finish 8-5 it’s a disappointment at the University of Georgia. This is certainly not the standard that I expect to keep.”


More than anything it was having NO CLUE whom his pitch-and-catch combo was last year and frankly he is making all the same noises this year too.

How in the Hell can you play FOOTBALL in 2016 and not have any concept of what you want to do passing the ball or even whom it is you need to rely upon to do well ?


That Kirby stood-pat with Jim Chaney indeed is not without its risks but it does tend to indicate that Kirby indeed felt as well that he Kirby held-back Jim Chaney year one too.


Upon reflection that it was a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT the entire year perhaps Kirby sees now that he can NOT simply rely upon his Defense and forcing the issue with a run on nearly EVERY first down all season long even into the teeth of 9 and 10 in the box against his extremely poor – God Awful – offensive game strategies.


8-5 ?


This is EXACTLY that which Kirby SHOULD have expected with THAT as his Offensive Game Strategy trying to run every first down into the VERY TEETH of EVERY defense lined-up to stop the run loading the box every game behind a small ineffective offensive line throwing to receivers who ONLY dropped the ball other than to Isaac Nauta who likewise was an AFTERTHOUGHT to Kirby.




CBS Tom Fornelli says only 3 teams 2017 offer better odds to win against Las Vegas than Georgia Bulldogs betting on the UNDER that Kirby will NOT win 8 games regular season of 12 games. “Georgia did go 7-5 during the regular season last year! When you remember that and you look at the schedule this season it’s not crazy to think it could happen again this year. The Bulldogs get Tennessee Notre Dame Auburn and Georgia Tech all on the road. There’s also Florida in Jacksonville. Those all present legitimate loss possibilities and there’s always an upset possibility elsewhere that exists. It’s a value bet worth taking that Georgia will NOT win 8 games 2017.”



My PREDICTIONS for 2017 are that if Kirby is not AT LEAST 10-4 Greg McGarity will not face 2018 which will be a DOWN YEAR for Kirby compared to 2017 because of losses by Kirby after 2017 of 20 STARTERS. I also predict this is Kirby’s BEST CHANCE for The SEC Championship we are # 3 all-time in SEC Championships with 12 only one behind vols and are in our 3rd longest stretch EVER of NOT winning The SEC Championship in FOOTBALL 2005 being our “latest SEC Championship” so a dozen years if Kirby does not HIS ONE CHANCE so far 2017. Note please that in 2005 Mark Richt was # 3 of SEC teams in EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY poll : AP Coaches every OTHER poll. Note while EVERYONE is saying 10-2 some cop-out I say Kirby MUST be in Atlanta at least making this a 14-game season. I am predicting that Kirby SHOULD be in TWO (2) Bowl Games 2017 season but that he will ONLY MAKE 1 because of his blunders too obvious and continuing 2017 so far such as OL starters he named so far such as where he named JJ Holloman and brother are in being PLAYED as well and such as Kirby’s ongoing criticism of ALL of his players with tough love which did NOT work for Rodney Garner in his career either. But he should be in 2 bowl games 2017 season because only 4 teams have more talent 2017 than Kirby and because Kirby faces only # 36 Strength of Schedule. FURTHER I predict Kirby loses 20 STARTERS after 2017 and has therefore the # 1 number of NFL Draft Picks NATIONALLY after 2017 in 2018 NFL Draft. So while 10-4 is MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE for Kirby 2017 I am predicting 12-2 because I have EXPECTATIONS and frankly want us to be 13-2.

You’ll are pussies to say 10-2 in what YOU SAY is a year Kirby MUST get to Atlanta and thus plays 14-game schedule 2017 season.  I therefore predict 10-4 minimum acceptable in what I see as Kirby’s LONE CHANCE to win The SEC Championship so far and for YEARS to come and PREDICT SEC Championship for Kirby YEAR TWO 2017 season.


Don’t TALK about 12-game record as a some cop-out prediction by you when YOU SAY Kirby MUST make Atlanta 2017 with all this talent.  It is UNACCEPTABLE to NOT so quit cease and desist with bullshit about 10-2.  Give us your 14-game prediction.  You know ?  What Kirby SHOULD do or WILL DO or what your EXPECTATIONS for the 2017 SEASON are for Kirby ?  There is NO cop-out you do NOT know who opponent is.  With THIS TALENT Kirby MUST be there and SHOULD WIN with his schedule and if he does not you are giving-in to his WEAKNESSES on offense and special teams coaching and coaching decisions along with his weak press conferences to make excuses for YOU not predicting SEC Championship Kirby 2017.


And WORSE YET is your crap that Kirby is still a year away.


Like Kirby CAN AFFORD yet ANOTHER throw-away year 2017 like he scuttled 2016 on purpose our players to NEVER get that year back.


Or me.


And if Kirby does NOT win SEC Championship 2017 do NOT expect ME to come back NEXT YEAR and predict he will then.  You are so FULL OF SHIT.


Alabama’s QB is NOT Jacob Eason.  LSU plays too tough a schedule.  Auburn proved one player can make a difference with Cam Newton but that was Mark Richt’s blunder for telling him he ONLY could play Tight End here at UGA for him.  Cam Newton from Atlanta.  Mark Richt told Cam Newton he ALREADY had little Aaron Murray and that Cam Newton could ONLY play tight end for Mark Richt 2010 season because Mark Richt was committed to playing ONLY little Aaron Murray whom I said AT THE TIME would NEVER throw a pass in the NFL and HAS NOT as I guaranteed he would NOT.  In fact I called pre-game for Zach Mettenberger to START against Okie State out there in Stillwater not Joe Cox who went 8-5 our 2009 season with chronic shoulder and flu Okie State game.  Mark Richt WAS A FOOL.  I said so daily and you HATED ME for it.  Then I was proven correct and you REFUSE to admit that either.  I link your URL link blog and you do NOT mine because you’re pussies and I am NOT.  If I were wrong on Aaron Murray you would have TOLD ME SO as you would have on my guarantee as well about Mark Richt HAVING to be fired for what he DID NOT DO after 2007.


So now you RUN and HIDE and hope no one remembers.


Stick THIS up your assholes pussies the lot of you.


SEC Championship Kirby 2017 season.


This time LAST YEAR 2016 you were telling ME Greyson Lambert had to START not Jacob Eason.  Pussies.


My PREDICTIONS have been proven CORRECT and yours all freaking God Damn WET !


Haven’t they ?


Mark Richt pulled the SAME with Deshaun Watson not even OFFERING A SCHOLARSHIP to Deshaun Watson 39 miles away in Gainesville until AFTER everyone else ALREADY LONG-SINCE had.


I am going with 12-2 or EVEN 13-2 and PUT US in the damn PLAY-OFFS Kirby.


GATA and get with it Kirby.  THIS is your BEST CHANCE 2017.  You can NOT be a year away.  NOT.


You want a SUMMARY of my PREDICTIONS 2017 for Kirby ?

(1) 12-2 or EVEN 13-2

(2) SEC Championship.  It will be YEARS before Kirby has a team this good after 2017.

(3) Of all teams all conferences # 1 most NFL Draft Picks for Kirby after 2017

(4) Kirby loses 20 STARTERS after 2017 season

(5) 10-4 is minimum acceptable season 2017 for Kirby and if not I call for his head

(6) Did you GET THAT ONE KIRBY ?  Also Kirby Greg McGarity WILL BE INSTANTLY fired if not 10-4

(7) I am NOT waiting for 2018 which I know to be DOWN compared to 2017 to MAKE Kirby win or leave

(8) Personally I ran Mark Richt OUT OF TOWN ON A RAIL.  Me.  Little ole ME.  And you know it

(9) You HATED it that I was WRONG you said that Mark Richt HAD to be FIRED.  Now you have nothing but silence from you on topic other than you say Mark Richt should NOT have been fired.  Typical pussies

(10) I like Alabama’s QB but he can NOT pass the ball downfield and LOST because of it Jacob Eason can

(11) Jacob Eason is SEC 1st Team All-SEC QB 2017

(12) LSU will LOSE GAMES too many 2017

(13) Auburn will NOT repeat Cam Newton with their latest one-man team QB 2017 not happening twice

(14) Kirby’s LONE CHANCE for The SEC Championship is 2017 NOT 2018 DOWN by comparison

(15) Do NOT say AGAIN Kirby is a year away.  It will be YEARS before Kirby gets back to 2017 level

(16) Kirby SHOULD get two (2) bowl games for UGA 2017 season and will get one

(17) THIS is because the two dozen biggest blunders of 2016 are NOT GOING AWAY OVERNIGHT 2017 with NO ONE to teach Kirby offenses and special teams

(18) I predict and GUARANTEE that OUR BLOGS will wimp-out as pussies and NOT predict SEC Championship for Kirby 2017 and will NOT hold Kirby accountable for his BLUNDERS even though he himself said that they are UNACCEPTABLE going 8-5 because of his BLUNDERS across the board all of 2016 and our blogs will be SATISFIED with some low-level tier bowl game AGAIN and NEVER shall our blogs ADMIT we are more than 4 losses a year after 2007 a span of nine (9) years now 2017.  We have NO EXPECTATIONS as a program and it is the FAULT of the fan base The Georgia Bulldog Nation and MOST EXPECIALLY the BLOGS you allow to be where you get your “NEWS” from – pussies with NO EXPECTATIONS and utter complete inability to say more than 4 losses a year for 9 years is UNACCEPTABLE saying instead anyone admitting that is NOT a Bulldog.  Yeah I am.  You’re NOT but one of those pussies for NOT saying it and DEMANDING MORE.



“The 2017 SEC quarterback group is potentially among the elite in the country. The potential in the SEC is off the charts. The real potential in the conference lies in Jacob Eason (Georgia), Shea Patterson (Ole Miss) Nick Fitzgerald (Mississippi State) Jake Bentley (South Carolina) Jarrett Stidham (Auburn) and Feleipe Franks (Florida). Heck even the reigning SEC Offensive Player of the Year Alabama’s Jalen Hurts has a long way to go to show he can be a downfield passer. For the SEC to take that much-needed step in quarterback talent a few of these guys need to become stars. So which ones will succeed for sure? Jacob Eason – Patterson – Fitzgerald and Stidham when it comes to guys taking the next step (and Jarrett Guarantano at Tennessee if he wins the job). If they do the SEC will be much more than power football and defense.” Mike Farrell says today.

This is MIGHTY HIGH PRAISE from Mike Farrell who knows talent when he sees it as Recruiting Director picking Jacob Eason first – saying that Jacob Eason potentially probably is in his view Mike Farrell – the best QB in The SEC today June 2 of 2017.  I think so too.  Kirby better figure a way to get Jacob Eason the right play calls from Jim Chaney who has NOT thus far.


And Kirby had better quit RECRUITING big OL and start PLAYING them instead.


As well Kirby has been through two (2) Spring Practices so far and is now starting his second Fall Camp and he has NOT YET figured-out whom it is is his pitch-and-catch combo for his QB to throw to.


Last season I would have made that guy Isaac Nauta.


This season I would too and I would add-in this year JJ Holloman STARTING game 1.  This means he has to MOVE-UP in the rotation to the # 1 snaps with the # 1 unit at Wide Receiver and have Isaac Nauta in the slot.


All the other receivers can be EXTRAS.  You do NOT have JJ Holloman and Isaac Nauta and make THEM extras.



According to Mike Huguenin GridIron Now : “Jacob Eason has all the tools but does he have the necessary weapons to help him?” Who has the best QB line-up of all conferences 2017 ? The SEC is 2nd best nationally.

So the Pac-12 has the best quarterbacks in the country 2017 season but even they are just top-heavy and don’t have the depth of SEC quarterbacks across the entire league The SEC has which has the 2nd best line-up of quarterbacks in the nation 2017.


GridIron has a REALLY strong line-up of reporters.  Wow !  Their guys are extremely impressive and really hit on it.  The reporters GridIron has are experts in their field.


GridIron’s Mike Huguenin states that Will Muschamp will hold-back and be the problem for South Carolina’s QB Jake Bentley 2017.  How about THAT statement today ?


“Bentley’s coach could hold him back.”


Wow !



KIRBY SMART to Seth Emerson just now : “Year 1 was disappointing. Any time you finish 8-5 it’s a disappointment at the University of Georgia. This is certainly not the standard that I expect to keep.”

I seriously do not see blogs supporting our Bulldogs such as this blog does making THIS STATEMENT that Kirby makes today to Seth Emerson. This blog most assuredly takes this EXACT take on 2016.

Disappointing.  And not the standard I find ACCEPTABLE.  And NOT what we brought Kirby here for.  Note if you will that Kirby DOES NOT MAKE EXCUSES !


Our blogs have been chalk-full of EXCUSES.


There are none.  We LOST to losing record Vandie for God’s sake whom 3 CUPCAKES beat.


And THIS BLOG has detailed the ERRORS blunders year one which can NOT be repeated 2017.  You are not going to improve any program by burying your head in the sand and ignoring the obvious.  And to a LARGE EXTENT this is the MESSAGE Kirby has heard from ME from Buck Belue from right-minded fans of which there are MANY and from the national press.  It is ALSO what Kirby is hearing from 2018 recruits isn’t it ?


Kirby HAD to make this STATEMENT.  There is no 24-hour rule to where we are as a program.  We’ve averaged as a program now for 9 years more than 4 losses a season.


2017 is full of promise.


2017 finds us with only 4 other teams with more talent than Kirby.  We have a # 36 strength of schedule.  We should be AT LEAST 10-4 meaning Kirby MADE IT to Atlanta thus has a 14-game season 2017.  2017 will be followed by Kirby having the MOST NFL Draft Picks in the nation of ANY TEAM any league.  The time to hit the iron is NOW while it is HOT.



Seeing how dynamic the college QB can be to the overall success of the team and seeing how Kirby still was practicing Greyson Lambert Tuesday September 6 as the # 1 snaps with the # 1 unit Jacob Eason himself has predicted today to Jake Rowe that his wide receivers and he are having a break-out year this year 2017 this Spring : “Honestly I think a lot of our receivers are going to have break-out years 2017. All of our receivers can catch the ball and run fast and are buying in so I’m excited to see them have break-out years 2017. Our Defense is on top of that list to have break-out years too.”

Of course Jake Rowe says : “Seeing as how”



This is refreshing to actually have someone ANYONE other than Kirby actually allowed to speak to the damn press. Kirby is obviously VERY poor appearing defensive talking to the press every single time he replies to them. Having Jacob Eason actually explain his position about this bullshit that Jacob Eason is an average quarterback who is inconsistent and does not even like the game of football is a huge advantage for the face of our team.


Someone ANYONE needs to help Kirby when the press asks him questions.


Jacob Eason has gone a long way in answering the questions of yesterday today for all The Bulldog Nation.


Expect Jacob Eason to speak-up and CONTRADICT Kirby to the press explaining how he and his team will respond to the notion that Kirby MUST GET TO ATLANTA and thus have a 14-game season 2017.



“I think Jacob Eason is a pretty average quarterback. I really don’t know how much he likes football. It’s hard to dispute his talent. And he can make every throw. But when you watch him he’s not consistent at all. He’s as physically gifted as anybody around but he doesn’t scare you.” This quote from Saturday Down South retyping Athlon Sports SEC magazine just released who quotes an anonymous SEC coach. A second anonymous SEC coach really did not say anything about Jacob Eason whom SDS quotes another SEC coach from Lindy’s Sports SEC magazine just out. Neither Athlon nor Lindy’s has these quotes in their main national pre-season magazine now that those are all on supermarket shelves or call up and have mailed to you. HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY !

2 days after this Saturday Down South article now today Brandon Adams AJ-C Dawgnation does a podcast multiple SEC coaches put-down Jacob Eason.




It’s just one anonymous SEC coach who puts-down Jacob Eason and he said that he does not know how much Jacob Eason likes football that it’s hard to dispute his talent and that he can make every throw.  But that “when you watch him – he’s not consistent at all. He’s as physically gifted as anybody around – but he doesn’t scare you.”


Yes indeed that was a sorry offense 2016 what with no offensive line, no receivers except those who dropped the ball, 2 injured tailbacks and an offensive play-caller from hell for a defensive-minded head coach who refused to even let Jacob Eason prepare with the # 1 snaps with the # 1 unit until AFTER the season was already underway – then decided that well I have to START Jacob Eason ANYWAY.


In view of the fact that ALL Kirby has done is to CRITICIZE Jacob Eason I find this revelation not surprising at all.


Happy Memorial Day.  My Dad a Major in the United States Marine Corps fought in World War II and was golden gloves an orphan from Georgia whom the USMC gave his education playing on the basketball team and decoding secret documents then graduating Valedictorian. Were it not for the USMC Dad would never have gotten a college degree and so Dad Juris Doctor made sure all 7 of us in the family did earn our college degree.

When World War II broke-out Dad had already joined the USMC and had been raising his 5 brothers as the eldest son when their model T turned-over.

Dad left the farm went to town and took a job bagging groceries telling the manager that he did not want pay only to feed his brothers so please give him whatever food he could for the 5 brothers left on the farm by themselves until years later someone found them alone Dad taking care of them.  There are several books about it.

Memorial Day is observed the last Monday in May each year starting after the War of Northern Aggression in which 600 thousand soldiers died.  2 years after The South began the tradition the North copied us celebrating Memorial Day in 1868 which marks the beginning of the Summer Vacation Season which ends with Labor Day which is the first Monday in September.





Georgia is picked across-the-board by Las Vegas to beat Appalachian State University by 10 points double-digits at 6:15 p.m. Saturday night September 2 less than 100 days away now.

Appalachian State University 11-2 and 10-3 their most recent 2 years has a strong offense.  They return their starting QB for both the last 2 years who always completes 60 % of his passes.  He is from Calhoun Georgia less than an hour outside Atlanta toward Chattanooga.  And they return their starting running back too who averages over 6 yards per rush.  Their running back from North Carolina had 1402 yards rushing last year.

Appalachian State University as a proven winner will put Kirby to the test.

Appalachian State gave the vols all they could handle in the opening game last year 2016 for both teams losing by only by 20-13 in overtime at Neyland so Appalachian State is not coming here to Sanford September 2 as some opening game warm-up for Notre Dame for us.  Kirby’s offense and his special teams will have to show-up September 2nd primed and ready as there are stumbling blocks for Kirby EVERY game if they do not again 2017 as they certainly did not 2016.  You recall Appalachian State University is the team who shocked the world when they won in their opening game over Michigan in the Big House in Ann Arbor Michigan.  I certainly do.  They certainly are looking to ruin the game 2 for Kirby at Notre Dame.

We were still fooling-around with both offense and special teams once the season started last year.  We were not a well-oiled machine on neither our offense nor on special teams at any time last year as a direct result.  And we never got settled-in on either offense or special teams as a direct result thereof as well.

Notre Dame is also picked by Las Vegas to win their game at 3:30 p.m. by 10 points against far-easier Temple.  Temple lost their last game to 7-6 Wake Forest. Brian Kelly in his 7th year at the helm for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish beat Mark Richt’s Miami of Florida Hurricanes at South Bend 2016.

Only 7 teams in the nation have better odds to win 2017 than Kirby according to Las Vegas.

Only 4 teams have a more talented roster than Kirby has for 2017.

There is high expectation for Kirby 2017.

Greg McGarity got testy yesterday when I wrote that he would not suffer through 2017 if Kirby does not live-up to his expectation and AT LEAST get to Atlanta.

If Kirby wins The SEC East 2017 then that means Kirby will be assured of a 14-game season 2017 while the top 2 teams 2017 will play a 15-game schedule.  LSU and Alabama are both ranked at the very top of every poll and both have better talent on-hand than Kirby and the 4th team with more talent than Kirby 2017 is Southern California.  Other teams like FSU Ohio State and Oklahoma figure to do well and so does Wisconsin since they play a soft schedule.

Kirby is supposed to be right in the thick of this 2017 because while he plays a 14-game schedule he will not play a very tippy-top team until The SEC Championship Game.

If Florida or vols win The SEC East they will have done it with less talent than Kirby and that means Florida and/or vols most likely beat Kirby again.   They both beat Kirby last year.   They both lost a lot more talent after last year than Kirby did.  And if Kirby does not get to Atlanta this 2017 season then Greg McGarity will be fired.  There is no question of that.

There are now 97 days for us to get ready and get settled-in on offense and special teams with it now less than 100 days until kick-off against a lot better team than Notre Dame faces in their opening game.



Kyle Funderburk Dawn of the Dawg Fan-sided : “Mark Richt was NEVER on any hot seat – not EVER.”

When you wake-up in the mornings Kyle Funderburk you had better start saddling-up a little faster horse there boy.


Mark Richt was not on any hot seat paragraph 7 Kyle Funderburk ?


Mark Richt was # 45 nationally against top 15 teams time of game starting 2010 when Greg McGarity began being his boss until Mark Richt was finally FIRED with CAUSE 2015 .   UGA is # 11 all-time in wins; Mark Richt with the average Recruiting Ranking of # 7 was # 45 vs top 15 TOG from the very day Greg McGarity became his boss until finally Greg McGarity fired Mark Richt 2015.


Mark Richt lost to 12 unranked teams time of game or for the season from 2008 to 2015 a span of 8 years which is one and a half per season unranked teams who beat Mark Richt with his average # 7 Recruiting Rankings.


Mark Richt was # 37 vs top 10 season, # 42 vs top 25 for season, # 38 vs top 25 time game, and # 45 vs top 15 time game for the same last 8 years of his career here 2008 through 2015 with the average # 7 Recruiting Rankings for # 11 all-time Wins Program UGA.


Mark Richt climbed all the way up to # 2 on Coaches’ Hot and EVERY national publication called for his HEAD.


Mark Richt was consistently under-performing his last entire 8 years here could not win the big game sprinkled-in inexplicable losses every year against unranked teams and all the while was # 7 in the Recruiting Rankings for # 11 all-time Wins Program UGA.


Mark Richt AVERAGED 4 losses per season his last entire 8 years here 73-32.


Where were you when all this was going-on or better put in Mark Richt’s case when all this was NOT going-on here ?


Bragging on Mark Richt then as now Kyle Funderburk


Mark Richt was NOT brought here to do what he did do his last entire 8 years of 73-32.


Don’t you dare tell me he was brought here to just have lost it after the 2007 season for all to see Kyle Funderburk; he was NOT.


And it had better be better than that for Kirby this season.


Or Kirby will find himself front-and-center on the too.




“Let us not be distracted by those who attempt to divide us.” UGA AD Greg McGarity 26 May 2017. . . . . . DISTRACTED ? . . . . . I thought I was TRYING to FOCUS us on how you are NOT HELPING our coaches KNOW or LEARN how to WIN.

We are singularly united on FIRING Greg McGarity and undoing the atrocious mess on-going at The University of Georgia.


We think we can MAINTAIN the puppet Mike Adam$ hired as our A.D. who does not even know what questions to ask a defensive-minded assistant coach to see if he can handle and is ready to be a HEAD COACH including being in charge of also the offense and our special teams.  Or how to conduct a press conference.


Our top 5 women’s basketball program all-time and our # 11 football program all-time both found start-up unprepared not groomed to be head coach coaches hired by Greg McGarity.


The very same clown who refuses to build us a new gym and instead wants to white wash the same tired old Stegasaurus so that he can sit on not only $ 100 million in cash but the on-going revenue stream every year too.


Our baseball team has not been able to recruit top players and Greg McGarity has no clue whom to hire who is a baseball man who can fix that either.


Gymnastics is a joke all of a sudden with him in charge too.


The football stadium once top 5 nationally has fallen in disrepair and seen smaller programs expand in size past us when that too brings in more revenue.


If you knew anything about business you would know that you SPEND money to MAKE money.


Instead we stay with the game in Florida every year and talk of our overall record against our # 1 Rival Florida instead of fixing that either.


An AD must be able at a FOOTBALL SCHOOL to sit down with the head football coach and give him direction help him in his weak areas.


Instead we send him right back to the next press meeting ill-prepared and ill-informed continuing his mismanagement too of ALL THESE RESOURCES at UGA.


And Jere Morehead is standing there doing nothing trying to hide.



Let me get this straight Kincaid. Kirby has a top 5 team in talent 2017. He plays # 36 strength of schedule which is made-up of really none of the top football teams 2017. Kirby bungled 2016 but that is OK no worries and I can not criticize him for that. The general CONSENSUS is that Kirby wins The SEC East 2017. We can have NO EXPECTATIONS of Kirby for all of the entirety of 2017 according to Kincaid. No matter what Kirby does 2017 he is safe according to Kincaid. We have to give Kirby yet another throw-away season 2017 according to Kincaid of the Buck and Kincaid show AM680 The Fan.

Kirby is NOT going to be better in 2018 than in 2017.


How can he be ?


He loses EVERYONE off this team after 2017.


That’s wrong on so many levels Kincaid that Kirby can not be held RESPONSIBLE for what happens in 2017.


Kirby is ranked # 54 of 65 Power Five Conference Coaches.


Kirby is ranked # 12 of 14 SEC Coaches.


Kirby’s performance to-date has left much to be desired.


Widely EVERYONE says Kirby has had NOTHING BUT a lackluster ineffective poor performance to-date in ALL aspects of his job except for recruiting and his defense.


And now with all his Starters leaving after 2017 Kirby can not even in this # 3 best state for high school players get more than just one 5 feet 10 inch speedster cornerback commit for 2018 to replace all these leaving Starters after 2017.


This is what we hired Kirby to come here and do to take-off year after year after year.


Las Vegas has only 7 other teams 2017 with a better chance to win it all 2017 than Kirby.




Kirby has lied to the press about his short small offensive line back-ups last year who did not get the job done for all of us to see and brags still today on them for 2017 when we all saw they are wholly inadequate to protect the QB nor block for the run. Yet Kirby has ALL this talent of 7 of the very best Offensive Linemen in the country and the Nation’s Best # 1 Offensive Line Coach Sam Pittman.  But Kirby tells him who to Start on “his OL” while refusing to let us talk to Sam Pittman.  And Kirby does not use his best OL but small guys instead.


Kirby has # 5 most talented team in America 2017. He lost only a small unsure hands receiver who returned punts poorly and who led the team in his time here in fumbles and drops and letting the punt drop and roll.


Kirby has two very top-rated 5-Star quarterbacks two senior running backs and 3 serious NFL candidates at RB behind them. He has an offensive line made-up from last year 3 and this year 4 more at least 4 of those 7 who will be NFL Draft Picks.


Kirby was given a pass on last year in which he lost to losing record Vandie along with 5 losses. You insist he gets another throw-away year 2017.


He will have the most NFL Draft Picks in the Nation at the conclusion of this 2017 campaign. He plays the # 36 strength of schedule in yet again another down year for The SEC East. He plays NONE of the top teams such as LSU Alabama FSU Ohio State Oklahoma and plays instead really no team on his entire schedule who is really any good. He has made grievous errors in judgement such as telling the press he wants to control what they can say and whom he will let them ask questions of which consists of really only himself Kirby lets the press hear from.


Kirby brings none of his of his coaches and players to the press meetings and holds secret practices so we can not second-guess Kirby on whom it is he is playing on special teams and offense both of which SUCK.


But I can NOT say any of this according to Kincaid.


Really Kincaid ?


Kirby has seriously misguessed his talent such as redshirting Ben Cleveland before now he got injured. Such as Starting Greyson Lambert over Jacob Eason. Such as continuing his use of Jim Chaney as his Offensive Coordinator with just horrid play calls. Such as giving one touch to Mecole Hardman Jr. and now this year admitting that was a mistake too making him return man and receiver which I called for every day of 2016 after Signing Day. Kirby failed to prepare Jacob Eason with the # 1 snaps with the # 1 unit then threw him into the fire anyway unprepared. He had a healthy Brian Herrien and started instead injured Nick Chubb and injured Sony Michel both coming-off surgeries. He had a top NFL Draft Pick on the OL here all Spring and basically wasted his talent all Spring too.


I hold little hope Kirby will throw the ball to JJ Holloman 2017 nor play his freshmen OL playing LOSERS who have proven they CAN NOT GET THE JOB DONE instead.


Kirby can NOT be held accountable all of 2017 too according to Kincaid on ANY of this.


You’ve got to be kidding me Kincaid.


My mother knows more about college football Georgia Bulldogs and Kirby than that Kincaid.   You are NOT QUALIFIED Kincaid to make that statement that no one can hold Kirby accountable at all for the entirety of 2017 for all these BLUNDERS by Kirby as coach not to mention his game skills substitution patterns time-outs adjustments in-game and MOUNTING LOSSES.


Kirby has bungled his talent for all to see and seemingly the recruits too have noticed Kirby held back All-America Tight End Isaac Nauta until game 5 before Kirby FINALLY made him a Starter. Then the next 2 games no start for Isaac Nauta. Then 2 more games Isaac Nauta didn’t start. Frankly Kirby I would have thrown to Isaac Nauta on every down as the go-to receiver.

Even Buck Belue said to you Kincaid on 680TheFan AM that Kirby can not have another season like last year. He has 20 Starters who are gone from the team after 2017 and has one commitment for 2018 when even they can see Kirby is DESPERATE. Coaches’ Hot has Kirby ranked # 31 on their hot seat just outside the hottest of their hot seats. His boss who hired him is going to be fired when this is his only hire of note firing Mark Richt and giving us instead not a proven head coach not at Georgia but a career assistant who did not bother to show-up to this gig for 7 weeks and 4 days after Kirby told Greg McGarity it would be his dream to be our head coach.


Nick Saban taught Kirby nothing about holding a press conference nothing about Offenses nor picking his QB nor picking his RB nor picking his WR nor picking his OL nor picking his Offensive Coordinator and for good measure Nick Saban taught Kirby nothing and failed to prepare Kirby on special teams as well with no experience there EITHER for Kirby by Nick Saban.


Nick Saban recommended Kirby for this job knowing full-well Nick had NOT PREPARED Kirby for ANY of these glaring weaknesses Kirby in fact has.


I hoped Nick Saban had groomed Kirby to be a head coach.  Clearly he did NOT.  I listed Kirby as one of a list of candidates to replace Mark Richt who was NO BETTER a coach than Kirby.  No one else on my list 2 years ago was an unproven head coach except for Kirby.  I was misled.




I certainly listed a list of proven head coaches we should hire and included Kirby’s name too as a replacement for Mark Richt on this blog all of 2014 and 2015.  I noted he was the ONLY replacement on the list WITHOUT proven head coach status.


Kincaid Kirby is NOT READY to be a head coach not at Georgia.


When will he be ?


Who is going to teach Kirby ALL THESE SKILLS he clearly and obviously lacks Kincaid ?


From January 12th until September 15 Kirby only practiced Greyson Lambert with all of the # 1 snaps with the # 1 unit.


Kirby gave Nick Chubb 32 carries for 227 yards in game 1 after 3 ligaments surgery and Nick Chubb has never been the same thereafter Kincaid.  According to you and according to Kirby that is NOT Kirby’s fault either.  Yet on this blog I called for Brian Herrien to be named the Starter at TB July 4th.  Look it up.


Kirby never recruited top-flight receivers nor chose of those he did have a pitch-and-catch combo for this ultra-talented team we handed to Kirby.  A team who SHOULD NOT HAVE LOST TO VANDIE.


Unacceptable Kincaid.  This is UNACCEPTABLE for Kirby to show-up here and have all these flaws which are not going to go away with your throw-away 2017 season too.


Greg McGarity will NEVER suffer through 2017 with you giving Kirby the year off I can assure you of that Kincaid.


Read any blog.


Study any Poll.


Read ANY national press.


Kirby has to do FAR BETTER than he has to-date in 2017 because 2018 is assured of being WAY WORSE than 2017 given he LOSES all his players after 2017.  All his starters leave after 2017 Kincaid and you want to give Kirby 2017 the year off.


My God Kincaid.


Kirby gave his top 3 OL signees 2016 Ben Cleveland Chris Barnes and Solomon Kindley 1 snap combined when Kirby’s OL was so obviously tired and ineffective and could and should have used their help instead.


Now 2017 Kirby has all these OL from last year and all these from 2017 recruiting both classes top-notch nationally and yet Kirby says he is standing-pat and is starting a group of LOSERS who have proven they can NOT get the job done because they are ALL too small.


Even the players held a PLAYERS-ONLY meeting 2016 BEFORE the Florida debacle. The players ALL told Kirby that Kirby was NOT EVEN ALLOWED IN HIS OWN LOCKER ROOM.


Kirby has no clue of Offensive Game Strategies and insists fewer bad situations occur when you run the ball with NO OL and with a poor play-caller against teams stacking 8 and 9 in the box all season. Stubbornly Kirby still ran the ball.


Listen to him this year Kincaid. Kirby is going to do the same again.


Yet with all these resources at The University of Georgia and offer to pay him $ 5 million 300 thousand dollars 2017 I can have NO EXPECTATIONS OF KIRBY.


He is safe no matter what happens 2017 Kincaid puts forth like a neophyte speaking not only to me but FOR ME.


And for Buck Belue.


No Kirby is safe. No matter what happens Kirby gets a throw-away year 2017 too.


I don’t think so Kincaid.


We have NO EXPECTATIONS as a program Kincaid and you are contributing to that Kincaid.


Have some BALLS Kincaid. Demand Kirby live-up to expectations 2017 Kincaid.



“Kirby’s roster for 2017 is ranked better than all 130 FBS teams in 2017 except 4” – so why is he ranked # 16 in every poll then ? Athlon Sports EDITOR Steven Lassan


Only 4 teams have more talent than Kirby 2017 according to Athlon Sports  EDITOR  Steven Lassan this morning.


We should be a top 5 team then for 2017.



Athlon ranks UGA # 14 football 2017 : “The SEC East will be a tight three-team battle between Georgia Florida and Tennessee. The Bulldogs get the nod as our early favorite to claim the division title. The offense should take a step forward with quarterback Jacob Eason having a full offseason to work as the starter.”

Athlon Sports writer Steven Lassan :


That was my single biggest complaint about 2016 – that Jacob Eason was NOT given the off-season # 1 snaps with the # 1 unit.  Steven Lassan Athlon highlights that as to why UGA is their pre-season favorite to WIN The SEC East over Florida and vols.


I felt and this blog stated this time last year that Jacob Eason had been WASTED in the Spring Practices 2016 not being given a single snap with the # 1 unit.  Then in the Fall Camp that continued until the bitter end as well getting only a few snaps at the end of Fall Camp with the # 1 unit.


I felt that Jacob Eason would have to be named the starter anyway and that he sorely needed all the snaps with the # 1 unit he could get.


Now he is.


Year 2.


He was made the starter anyway coming back from the deficit Greyson Lambert left us in against North Carolina.


It held the offense back which never got untracked 2016 that the Starter did not get a full off-season of # 1 snaps with the # 1 unit.


I have followed Athlon Sports writer Steven Lassan for decades and he is the editor of Athlon so I am not without those who agree with me who are themselves experts who are world renown.


# 14 is approximately where everyone has UGA Georgia Bulldogs ranked for 2017.


You can read Athlon Editor Steven Lassan’s complete comments about Georgia 2017 here at this URL Link :


He does tab Alabama Ohio State and FSU as the top 3 teams 2017.


No my complaints about 2016 are not just about Mecole Hardman Jr.





Dixie Highway to Chicago is I-75. If you go anywhere by car you go straight here and even more so by plane. High School football is played here. THIS is high school football and we the hotbed of college football fans with more fans here than anywhere in the world. We are the Heart of Dixie and we are the Heart of High School Football and we are the largest college football fan base. You have to come through here and we’re The Empire State of The South. The Dixie Highway does not even go through Alabama.

With 20 out-going players who are STARTERS for Kirby 2017 – why is it Kirby has only one commitment for next year then a 5 feet 10 inch tall cornerback speedster ?


Can ANYONE help me understand this disconnect please ?


We host the national championship in college football this season at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium the World’s Most Expensive Stadium ever yet we as the King of College Football have one commitment for 2018 with 20 Starters from this 2017 team gone after this season.


One commitment.


Some teams have 17 commitments.


Some teams have 15 commitments and some 13 commitments and we have one.


Surely the players know we lose 20 STARTERS after 2017 and need their commitment right ?




Athlon ranks Kirby # 12 of 14 SEC head coaches May 2017 : “Smart was hired to elevate Georgia into an annual contender in the SEC and the former Alabama assistant has plenty of work to do after an 8-5 debut in 2016. After coaching in the shadow of Nick Saban at Alabama for nine seasons Smart landed the opportunity to coach at his alma mater after Georgia FIRED Mark Richt. Smart is regarded for his work on defense. After one season plenty of questions remain about Smart and whether or not he can elevate Georgia in the national conversation.” Athlon Sports EDITOR Steven Lassan.

Yes Kirby has a lot of work to do after he stumbled to an 8-5 record losing to the likes of losing record Vandie whom 3 cupcakes beat and generally was criticized about his every press meeting seemingly a man not ready to coach offenses nor special teams a man who thinks he can control what folks think about The Georgia Bulldogs by controlling what the press does and does not say being defensive at every press meeting for more than a year now as our head coach.


And yes plenty of questions remain about Kirby Smart and whether or not he can elevate Georgia in the national conversation obviously.  There are more questions than answers and no answers forthcoming from Kirby on any of the many questions about his ability as head coach.


He has answered the bell on coaching defense well and in 2016 as well and was answering the questions about recruiting until his 2018 buzz saw recruiting with all the 20 or so Starters Kirby loses after this 2017 season.


The recruits too are standing-back from Kirby still today to fill those 20 Starters’ Openings leaving after this 2017 season.  Why would that be ? 


Kirby has also proved beyond a shadow of the doubt that he knows nothing about coaching offenses or special teams nor how to hold a press conference or keep fan interest by limiting the press to only those statements he Kirby himself makes which have been proven as well as WRONG such as his bragging on the OL which was killed all 2016 and 2017 so far too for us ALL TO SEE OURSELVES.


It’s NOT working so far.  I see that as an opportunity to state it is NOT WORKING yet.  I also see 2017 as his ONE WINDOW for success with 20 Starters GONE after this 2017 season.  So if you wish to give him another year off 2017 you will find yourself joining me AND all the national media QUESTIONING Kirby today next season 2018 won’t you missing 20 Starters ?


I see what is for what it is and call it as it is.  You may of course see what is and see it not for what it is but for what you want it to be.


I am NOT satisfied and prefer to tell the Truth.


All I can say is that Athlon Sports CERTAINLY agrees with ME.


If you came here to hear me BRAG on Kirby you might want to jump upon a faster horse next time.  Instead I am DEMANDING he get us to Atlanta and be 10-4 at a minimum 2017 with all this talent he LOSES after this season.


Here you can read the entire story and all the rankings of The SEC’s head coaches’ rankings by Athlon Sports EDITOR Steven Lassan at this URL Link :



Las Vegas gives UGA Georgia Bulldogs Kirby # 17 odds for 2017 while some teams are expected to win 10 and a half games of their first 12 games Kirby is expected to win only 8 tied for # 17 # 18 # 19 # 20 odds thinking we win only 8 of our first 12 in what MUST BE 14-game season for Kirby and 15-game season for the top teams.


All the sports’ books are all the same for Kirby 2017.  In fact they all have Oregon Florida and Auburn tied with Kirby winning only 8 of his first 12 games in what must be for Kirby 2017 a 14-game season – meaning he makes it to Atlanta SEC Championship Game.  Las Vegas is not so sure about Kirby getting to Atlanta.


We must be.




LSU South Carolina and Georgia Tech are all 3 going to have bad records 2017 in college football while Oklahoma and Wisconsin play nothing but CUPCAKES insuring good records for them. Georgia’s schedule 2017 in football is # 36 nationally with 3 ranked teams and all games except 2 against teams who played in a bowl game.

Oklahoma Strength of Schedule 2017 is # 86.

Wisconsin Strength of Schedule 2017 is # 94.


Both teams are pussies for such a schedule.


LSU Notre Dame South Carolina and Georgia Tech have little hope of escaping 2017 with good records because they play too tough a schedule.


College Football is ALWAYS about the schedules you play.


THIS is the difference in the NFL and the college game that the NFL takes the team who came in first and gives them the last pick in the NFL Draft and the toughest schedule.  The NFL on the other end of the spectrum takes the last place team and lets them pick first in the NFL Draft and gives them the easiest schedule.


But that is not how college football is.


Expect Clemson to have a tough time 2017 with this schedule.


Expect to see Oklahoma and Wisconsin high the polls all year long playing cupcakes.  The polls are all about your won/loss record.  Always have been always will be.


Now Kirby beat Auburn last year and that was an important win for Kirby.  That win and his recruiting 2016 and 2017 propelled Kirby to being generally given a year off 2016 a honeymoon granted by our fans.


I’ve been tough on Kirby.  I figure a team who beat Auburn should have not lost to 6-7 Vandie whom 3 cupcakes beat.  I know we lose 17 to 20 Starters off this 2017 team and that this has to be Kirby’s year 2017 while our Bulldog Nation fan base has been willing to give Kirby another throw-away year 2017 saying Kirby might be a year away still 2017.


Dispelling that party line I have maintained that the current recruiting for 2018 is not at all like Kirby 2017 and 2016 here especially given all the talent Kirby can and will lose after this up-coming 2017 season.


This is a season where Kirby faces-off against every team on Kirby’s schedule this 2017 season who played in a bowl game except for Notre Dame and Missouri.  Samford played in the FCS Division 1-AA Play-Offs.


Notre Dame has a tough schedule 2017 and easy target Brian Kelly must win against Kirby or he will be fired right after the game against us in game 2.  And Missouri is looking to bounce back too.  So the only 2 games against teams who did not play in a bowl game last year for Kirby 2017 are both a lot tougher than they appear.


Kirby has a tough schedule 2017 doesn’t he ?


This is a make-or-break year 2017 for Kirby.  His entire coaching career is on the line.


Sure he’s a young man.  He was only 39 when we hired Kirby but Kirby is seriously facing a tough opportunity after this 2017 season losing 17-20 Starters off this 2017 team in 2018 and having frankly maybe one player slotted so far to take all those job openings in Kirby’s 2018 recruiting so far.


I think Kirby is going to have a tough time 2017 a grueling schedule of frankly NO WEEK OFF.


And little prospects for 2018 being great with all the losses of starters after this 2017 season especially given his 2018 poor recruiting start.


It’s really right down to it for Kirby who has to feel the heat for 2017.  He has to put-up a winning SEC record 2017 which he did not do in 2016 and must make Atlanta meaning he plays a 14-game season with no day off.


10-4 is the minimum acceptable for Kirby 2017.


Anything worse than that and expect the entire nation to demand that Kirby be fired.  That is how bad this 2017 season could be for Kirby but he has PLENTY of talent if he uses it.


Oh give him a year or two to get settled-in the party line goes for Kirby.  However 2018 is NOT going to be fun for Kirby – not compared to 2017 with all this talent and coming-off our greatest recruiting class ever # 2 in rankings 2017 for Kirby and # 3 by every one of all the other recruiting services.


Be prepared for 2018 now Kirby.  Win.  Win now.  Win with this talent.  Phil Steele is the # 1 pre-season magazine and while I spend a ton of money on pre-season magazines Phil Steele is the one magazine coming-out soon now which I always buy and the one I study the most.


There is NO OTHER NEWS TODAY.  THIS is it.  This is what 2017 means to Kirby.  2017 means EVERYTHING to Kirby.



The Top 25 players Kirby would miss the most who could be playing their last year 2017. THIS is why the discussion I see on many blogs about Kirby being a year away are ALL WRONG.

  1. 97 John Atkins N SR 6-4 308 Thomson, Ga./Thomson/Hargrave Military
  2. 17 Davin Bellamy OLB SR 6-5 240 Chamblee, Ga./Chamblee
  3. 83 Jeb Blazevich TE SR 6-5 242 Charlotte, N.C./Charlotte Christian
  4. 7 Lorenzo Carter OLB SR 6-6 242 Norcross, Ga./Norcross
  5. 45 Reggie Carter ILB SR 6-1 230 Snellville, Ga./South Gwinnett
  6. 27 Nick Chubb TB SR 5-10 228 Cedartown, Ga./Cedartown
  7. 35 Aaron Davis CB SR 6-1 189 Locust Grove, Ga./Luella
  8. 1 Sony Michel TB SR 5-11 222 Plantation, Fla./American Heritage
  9. 92 Cameron Nizialek P GS 6-2 200 Chantilly, Va.//Columbia Univ.
  10. 47 Christian Payne FB SR 6-1 242 Athens, Ga./Prince Avenue Christian
  11. 14 Malkom Parrish CB SR 5-10 185 Quitman, Ga./Brooks County
  12. 24 Dominick Sanders SS SR 6-0 193 Tucker, Ga./Tucker
  13. 55 Dyshon Sims OG SR 6-4 290 Valdosta, Ga./Lowndes
  14. 6 Javon Wims WR SR 6-4 215 Miami, Fla./Ed White/Hinds CC
  15. 77 Isaiah Wynn OG SR 6-2 302 St. Petersburg, Fla./Lakewood
  16. 94  Michael Barnett OL/DT  RS SO  6-4 304 Dorchester, S.C./Woodland
  17. 98  Rodrigo Blankenship PK  RS SO  6-1 191 Marietta, Ga./Sprayberry
  18. 5  Terry Godwin WR  JR  5-11 185 Hogansville, Ga./Callaway
  19. 96  DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle DT  JR  6-4 318 Atlanta, Ga./Westlake
  20. 78  D’Marcus Hayes OL  JR  6-5 315 Madison Central/MS Gulf Coast CC
  21. 13  Jonathan Ledbetter DE  JR  6-4 277 Tucker, Ga./Tucker
  22. 3  Roquan Smith LB  JR  6-1 225 Montezuma, Ga./Macon County
  23. 23  J.R. Reed DB  RS SO  6-1 194 Frisco, Texas/Prestonwood Tusla
  24. 6  Natrez Patrick ILB  JR  6-3 238 Atlanta, Ga./Mays
  25. 78  Trenton Thompson DT  JR  6-4 295 Albany, Ga./Westover


Top 25 players Kirby would miss the most who could be playing their last year this up-coming 2017 season.


Anyway you figure it THIS IS THE YEAR FOR KIRBY and Kirby can sign a full complement of 25 players if even a few of these Juniors do declare for the NFL Draft 2018 after this season.  So the point is Kirby can NOT be a year away can he ?  And the point is where are all of Kirby’s commitments to replace all these guys after this up-coming 2017 season ?  Surely they ALL see the Openings at Georgia 2018 after this season.


Kirby also loses after this up-coming 2017 season :

  1. 70 Aulden Bynum OT/TE SR 6-5 295 Valdosta, Ga./Valwood School
  2. 85 Jordan Davis TE SR 6-4 240 Thomson, Ga./Thomson
  3. 36 Dante Dixon RB SR 5-7 170 Dacula, Ga.//Kennesaw State
  4. 75 Thomas Swilley OG SR 6-3 318 Athens Cedar Shoals 1 game yr
  5. 23 Shakenneth Williams WR SR 6-1 208 Macon, Ga./Rutland not playing
  6. 69 Trent Frix SN SR 6-0 215 Calhoun, Ga./Calhoun/Air Force Academy


RED are Seniors out of eligibility after this up-coming 2017 season.  There are 21 seniors 2017 for Kirby.

BLUE are NFL Draft Eligible players after this up-coming 2017 season.  There are 9 more key players who for sure some Declare for the NFL Draft after this up-coming 2017 season.


There are then 30 Kirby could lose after this up-coming 2017 season and 15 of them are totally key players who must leave after this up-coming 2017 season.  I think we lose 20 Starters after this up-coming 2017 season and you wrote on your blog that “Kirby could be a year away.”


No he can’t be.  Can he ?  Mark it down I have now told you TWICE that Kirby loses 20 Starters after this up-coming 2017 season.


How can Kirby be a year away ?  Because he has not figured-out who to play on offense and special teams only on defense ?


According to Composite Kirby’s 2017 team is made-up of the average # 6 Recruiting Class these latest 4 years now today.


This is the type of RESEARCH this blog has ALWAYS been known for.





AARON TREMAINE DAVIS at Luella was Honorable Mention as a Receiver State Finalist 4 x 100 and 4 x 400 meter Track Star 2012 Won Coca-Cola Academic and Athletic Excellence Award in Locust Grove which is 25 miles South of Atlanta on I-75 before Griffin very much a suburb of Atlanta. Now he has graduated from UGA Dean’s Lists Honor Rolls working now on his Master’s Degree in Finance here in our Terry College of Business. Luella has 2200 students and Aaron Davis is the beacon as our 4th leading tackler last year for Kirby and his beloved Georgia Bulldogs whom he is a consistent performer for with 141 tackles 8 for a loss including 5 fumble recoveries and 2 forced fumbles for this fine-looking young man with a bright future of whom we are ALL so proud.


6′ 1″ and 189 lbs. cornerback started nearly every game all 3 years and is Starter for Kirby again 2017.  We’ll go as far as Aaron Davis can take us 2017.


4.45 in the 40-yard dash Aaron Davis is considered approximately the number 20 NFL cornerback prospect for the 2018 NFL Draft.


Aaron Davis was recruited by Louisville Georgia Tech and Furman but chose to Walk-On here and certainly earned his Scholarship here playing Safety and Cornerback.  This Academic Scholar is quite the accomplished athlete a rare combination.  Back just before the Bowl Game Aaron Davis said he would discuss his future with his family.


What a great man Aaron Davis.



# 13 Georgia Bulldogs Pre-Season Football Poll ESPN says Kirby said he was extremely pleased with his OFFENSIVE LINE all Spring EVERY PRESS MEETING then in the G-Day Game they sucked the hind tit : “UGA’s OL had plenty of hiccups in the spring game. That spring game performance by the OL left a lot to be desired.” — Edward Aschoff ESPN senior writer

It seems that the entire nation noticed that every word out of Kirby’s lying mouth about his damn OL was all bullshit.  Kirby’s lies to the press and only he allowed to speak with the press at all are front-and-center have been and continue to be for the 8-5 Kirby’s Dawgs who lost to losing record Vandie who themselves were beaten by 3 cupcakes but not by Kirby.


Kirby did not put-up a winning record in The SEC.


This continues the ongoing problems here at Georgia where we continue to have lost MORE than 4 games a year for 9 years now and counting.


With the Average # 7 recruiting ranking this is hard to take as a fan of this program averaging MORE than 4 losses 9 years now and 2017 season will be a DAMN DECADE of this crap.


We continue to be poorly coached don’t we ?


All this talent and Kirby is playing on HIS Offensive Line an extremely small line-up of undersized guys who ARE NOT GETTING THE JOB DONE.


Edward Aschoff ESPN senior writer 2017 did not let Kirby off-the-hook noting as Edward Aschoff did that Kirby SAID the OL was doing great ALL SPRING then their performance FOR ALL TO SEE was COMPLETELY THE OPPOSITE.


Does this mean that Kirby has NO CREDIBILITY  with the press ?


That is obviously the case now isn’t it ?


The ENTIRE Bulldog Nation expects Kirby to PLAY in Atlanta 2017 meaning this will be a 14-game season for Kirby or damn well better be.  NONE of us expect better than 10-4.  Why ?


Because for 9 years and this will be TEN now 2017 our beloved Georgia Bulldogs average # 7 recruiting rankings and average MORE than 4 losses a year.


Sad reality that for a decade we DON’T PLAY OUR BEST PLAYERS.  There is NO OTHER EXCUSE for # 7 recruiting rankings and averaging more than 4 losses a year for 9 years.


Maybe you’re satisfied with that : I’m not.  I am FED-UP with it.



SEC earns 13 into 2017 NCAA Division 1 Softball Tournament culminating in the Women’s College World Series as Georgia is off to Tallahassee to face-off against Jacksonville State in the Regional Friday 4:30 p.m. ESPN2. This is UGA’s 16th consecutive NCAA Softball Tournament and is 33-21 this season after last year advancing and winning the opening game of the Women’s College World Series.

May 19 Friday 2017 Georgia Lady Diamond Dawgs vs Jacksonville State whom we are 2-1 against all-time including beating last year.

ACC has only 3 teams to SEC 13 in the Tournament field 2017.



Kirby : “Nick Chubb’s big road block has been for him to really work on catching the ball out of the backfield even better and even becoming a weapon in that way.”




Lifeblood and best indicator of future success and now Seth Emerson writes today : “Notre Dame averages # 12 and Georgia averages # 6 over the latest 4-year period making up these teams except for Redshirt Seniors 2017 using the Composite Rankings” but if Kirby does not play them with his obsession against Freshmen practicing with the # 1 unit again all Spring 2017 what difference does it make ?

You simply put can not waste an entire year of freshmen in big-time college football any longer in 2017 but this average ranking of # 12 for Notre Dame the latest 4 years making up their team except for redshirt seniors 2017 really pinpoints why Notre Dame is NOT and HAS NOT BEEN any damn good at all for a long time now.


But what about Georgia ?


Georgia Seth Emerson points-out today averages # 6 for the latest 4-year period making up this 2017 Kirby team except for his redshirt seniors.


It’s a farce that Notre Dame deserves to be completely separate from the ACC in football ONLY.  One of the 65 teams making up the POWER FIVE but not part of the ACC.


But again what about Georgia ?


Well first we had Mark Richt who well over 40 % of his recruits just simply were not on the team any longer most due to being kicked-off quit flunked-out or never qualified and now we have Kirby who recruits all this talent then brags to the press about how bad ALL FRESHMEN are and that he will not play them and then is forced to because well Mark Richt ran-off all the talent he “recruited” here.


59 of Mark Richt’s 118 signed scholarship recruits 2010 through 2015 just simply were NOT on this team making up over 40 % of his team and now Kirby hates on Freshmen making up over 30 % of his team.


Which is worse a coach who believes that there is something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia as Mark Richt REPEATEDLY stated or Kirby who categorically held-back his freshmen 2016 and then threw them into the fire anyway having WASTED all Spring 2016 and all Fall Camp 2016 not getting them any snaps with the # 1 unit.


Kirby NEVER had any choice  but to play and use 30% of his players – nearly one-third.




Why 30 % ?


Because 30 % of your players ARE FRESHMEN.


Both approaches are a failed model Mark Richt with well over 40% of his players he signed here as scholarship recruits GONE from the team and Kirby holding-back the very ones he ultimately had to rely on anyway as this blog told him this time last year.


Why else would a team who historically averages # 7 recruiting class Georgia UGA Bulldogs be in fact averaging MORE than 4 losses a season for 9 damn years now after 2007 ?


Why in the name of God ?


Because we are NOT USING OUR TALENT.


Forty Percent 59 of the 146 Signed Scholarship Recruits beginning 2010 through 2015 were either kicked-off the team failed to qualify flunked-out never showed-up or quit which got us in such a mess that we did NOT have what we needed for 2016.


If you’re a college football program who ranks very high in recruiting every year then you will be able to compete annually because ESPN and Composite all 4 do a far better job of evaluating talent than any other method of projecting future success.

You’re far more likely to make the NFL and to be drafted if you’re a 5-Star Recruit who are the top one percent of the 4 recruiting services’ rankings. If you’re a team without any 5-Star signee then you’re not going to play in the National Championship Game.

The recruiting services began keeping their rankings 2002. Prior to that they published them but did not retain them. Starting 2002 no team has played in the National Championship Game without any 5-Star signee contributing. So for 15 years now not one NCG participant has failed to have one of these top one percent prospects.

Recruiting Rankings mean so much to the future success in the college football game that it goes much further than 5-Star or top one percent prospects.

Take Top 10 recruiting service rankings for example. Also starting 2002 all participants in the National Championship Game have had their program’s recruiting ranking ranked in the Top 10 in at least one of the previous 4 rankings before making the big game except for Oregon in 2010 and again Oregon in 2014. And Oregon ranked # 12 or # 13 for 2010 2011 and 2012.

So the next time you find yourself stating to the public on the Internet that you don’t follow recruiting or that recruiting does not matter that it is all a crap shoot anyway think about how totally uniformed you are to make such silly statements about yourself and your knowledge of the game of college football.

And it is not just 5-Star recruits and being ranked in the Top 10 classes playing in the National Championship Game either. It’s pervasive across the board for all college football programs and for all rankings of the prospects and subgroups of prospects that the recruiting rankings are the single-most significant factor in determining future success.

If you’re just outside that group of the number 32 each year of 5-star prospects as the top one percent prospects rankings but in the top ten percent of the 3200 recruits who sign annually with the 129 Division 1-A FBS schools 2017 then you’re a 4-Star. And you’re far more likely to have success personally and far more likely for your school to be successful if you’re one of the 5-Star or 4-Star Recruits. There are 3200 FBS signings each year and of those 32 are 5-Star and 300 are 4-Star. And while that leaves over 3000 annually who are not 5-Star or 4-Star all the rest of these prospects have a far lesser chance of contributing greatly to the program’s success. They don’t get their team to the National Championship Game they don’t indicate that their team is a Top 10 recruiting rankings program capable of propelling their program to success and you’re so far less likely to be drafted by the NFL or make it into the NFL.

It’s a matter of odds. The facts prove beyond all reasonable discussion that if 5-Star and 4-Star recruits are far more likely to go on to the NFL and to be drafted than if they are just even 3-Star recruits or 2-star recruits or even unranked recruits yet it is these very 3-Star 2-Star and Unranked prospect who make-up 90% of all prospects.

This blog who has followed this recruiting ranking industry from the beginning has cautioned you that it is not just 5-Star or 4-Star that is important but their overall ranking number at their position which should be followed. If a player is ranked # 2 nationally overall as a QB then that player is not only a 5-Star but more importantly from my point of view he is # 2 of 129 possible quarterbacks you might have recruited and signed. Now if you think the recruiting services don’t know what they are talking about then you’re talking about something in public that proves just how poorly educated you are on the topic to even talk about the game you purport to try to discuss in public with others. You would be far better served to read than to write.

You see ?

The recruiting ranking at their position indicates to you or should approximately what they rank of the 129 teams competing to try to find a player for that position. Since 5-Stars are one percent of 3200 prospects annually 4-Stars are the top ten percent of the 3200 prospects then 90 percent are 3-Star or below. Therefore where they are ranked at their position as # 2 best nationally quarterback is far more important and telling than to lump them all in a subgroup of 3-Star which is by definition a very large group.

Since this is then the BEST INDICATOR OF FUTURE SUCCESS for the prospect’s team AND for the prospect personally then THIS is the Lifeblood of any college football program and is what separates the great coaches from the run-of-the-mill coaches because it is possible therefore to be considered a good coach simply because the coach signed top ranked recruits and recruiting classes.

2017 Kirby signed 15 players ranked in the top 100 overall nationally regardless of position.  True 2018 is not the same at all but then again Kirby did lose 5 games 2016 and recruits do want to go play with teams who are doing well.  If Kirby can beat teams such as Notre Dame vols Florida Auburn and not lose to 6-7 teams like Kirby did to Vandie 2016 in his 8-5 season then recruits will once again flock here because for a football school UGA is one of the very best educations any football school can offer the prospect.

Kirby is going to have to do a better job of highlighting his top ranked recruits than he has like he himself doesn’t give a shit about their rankings either.


Until he sees otherwise the recruiting rankings have proved so far that they know a LOT more about the players than Kirby does.