Top Dozen UGA Georgia Bulldogs of All-Time : Herschel Walker Hines Ward Champ Bailey Charley Trippi David Pollack Fran Tarkenton Jake Scott Kevin Butler Frank Sinkwich ROQUAN DAEVON SMITH Larry Munson Theresa Edwards

Top 10 Football Players of All-Time :

  1. Herschel Walker
  2. Hines Ward
  3. Champ Bailey
  4. Charley Trippi
  5. David Pollack
  6. Fran Tarkenton
  7. Jake Scott
  8. Kevin Butler
  9. Frank Sinkwich



Matt Stinchcomb College Football Hall of Fame # 19 University of Georgia Bulldogs

4 coaches listed :


  1. Wally Butts
  2. Pop Warner
  3. Jim Donnan
  4. Vince Dooley


players listed :

  1. Kevin Butler
  2. Bill Hartman
  3. Terry Hoage
  4. Bob McWhorter
  5. John Rauch
  6. Jake Scott
  7. Frank Sinkwich
  8. Vernon Catfish Smith
  9. Bill Stanfill
  10. Fran Tarkenton
  11. Scott Woerner
  12. Herschel Walker
  13. Charley Trippi


And Pat Dye certainly is a Georgia Bulldog and he too certainly is in the College Football Hall of Fame as a Coach.


18 is now Matt Stinchcomb announced as College Football Hall of Fame


19 College Football Hall of Fame The University of Georgia




Montezuma Machine Roquan Smith makes College Football Hall of Fame and is I say too # 1 NFL Draft Pick 2018 NFL Draft not just 1st Round after this season. Every All-America list this 2017 season. 6′ 1″ and 4.6 speed in 40-yard dash vertical leap of 36 inches 227 lbs. NFL Combines prove the JUNIOR is # 1 overall NFL Draft Pick. Behind Charley Trippi and Herschel Walker Roquan Smith is type player NFL team can build their defense around next dozen years. BAKER MAYFIELD not going to be drafted anywhere near Roquan Smith who has NOT declared yet. On the NATIONAL STAGE Roquan Smith SHUTS-DOWN Baker Mayfield’s God Damn MOUTH. # 19 College Football Hall of Fame University of Georgia.

The Georgia Bulldogs have not had anyone get the Awards Roquan Smith already has besides Charley Trippi and Herschel Walker.


Associated Press All-America 2017

 Football Writers Association of America All-America 2017

Walter Camp Football Foundation All-America 2017 – the 36th Bulldog named All-Time

 Sports Illustrated All-America 2017

U.S.A. Today All-America 2017

College Football News All-America 2017 

Bleacher Report All-America 2017

College Football Madness All-America 2017

The All-American All-America 2017

Sporting News All-America 2017

American Football Coaches Association All-America 2017

ESPN 2017 All-America

CBS All-America All-America 2017

Athlon All-America 2017

Fox Sports All-America 2017

Butkus Award Winner 2017

SEC Defensive Player of the Year Coaches’

SEC Defensive Player of the Year AP Poll

Permanent Team Captain 2017 Georgia Bulldogs Football Team

Defensive MVP

MVP SEC Championship Game

Macon County High Montezuma Georgia 5-Star Recruit PrepStar Magazine 2015 # 1 Middle Linebacker Recruit 2015

ESPN # 2 Outside Linebacker Recruit 2015

Economics Major Scholar Athlete

Dean’s List Academics

Honor Roll Academics

SEC Academic Honor Roll


Montezuma Machine

unanimous All-Americans joins Jarvis Jones Drew Butler Garrison Hearst Hershel Walker Royce Smith Frank Sinkwich Charley Trippi Bob McWhorter Vernon Catfish Smith Bill Hartman Fran Tarkenton Bill Stanfill Terry Hoage Kevin Butler Jim Wilson George Patton Pat Dye Edgar Chandler Randy Johnson Joel Parrish Rex Robinson Scott Woerner Jeff Sanchez Peter Anderson John Little Tim Worley Eric Zeier Richard Seymour Boss Bailey David Pollack Jon Stinchcomb Thomas Davis Max Jean-Gilles Knowshon Moreno Ben Jones John Rauch Jake Scott Champ Bailey Hines Ward Nick Chubb



# 19 College Football Hall of Fame University of Georgia




Erk Russell will be # 19 College Football Hall of Fame and Charlie Woerner’s Uncle Scott just made 18

Erk Russell, every year would go to Vince Dooley and they would have it out over a player.  Erk would want him on Defense, and Vince complied.  Erk had this position he called Rover.  A guy who was back there to ruin the other team’s day.


18 times in 17 years here, Erk Russell’s Junkyard Dawg Defenses gave up 28 points.




We would leave our Seasons’ Tickets and go to the Railroad Tracks, and sometimes back.  Sometimes, we just reported to the Railroad Tracks by the Graveyard – and, stayed there eating our Seasons’ Tickets.


It was SO MUCH FUN !


THIS was THE GUY that made it so much FUN on the Railroad Tracks.


Trust me on this.




We had tons.




Charlie Woerner is enrolling now to catch passes from Jake Eason, but his uncle did everything !


He is bigger than his uncle.


Scott Woerner is so legendary in my life that I will never forget his exploits !


He not only had 13 interceptions for us, but when he got them, he took them back !


He returned punts for over 1,000 yards for us.


He returned kick-offs for another thousand.


He tackled.


He broke-up passes.


He took over games.


In the 192 games his Boss, Erk Russell, coached for us 135 were 17 points or fewer.


We never win the 1980 National Championship without the Consensus All-America and graduate of The University of Georgia Bulldogs Scott Woerner.


Scott Woerner is only 57.


He had 488 punt return yards 1980 alone for us.


He had 190 yards kick-off returns in one game.


When Erk Russell left after 1980 Scott was drafted by the Falcons.


I will never forget Scott Woerner !


Scott Woerner makes 18 College Football Hall of Fame !


Erk Russell will be # 19.




Glenn “Pop” Warner, 1951;

Bob McWhorter, 1954;

Frank Sinkwich, 1954, # 1 overall NFL Draft Pick;

Charley Trippi, 1959, # 1 overall NFL Draft Pick;

Vernon”Catfish” Smith, 1979;

Vince Dooley, 1994;

Bill Hartman, 1984;

Fran Tarkenton, 1987;

Wally Butts, 1997;

Herschel Walker, 1999;

Bill Stanfill, 1998;

Terry Hoage, 2000;

Kevin Butler, 2001;

John Rauch, 2003;

Pat Dye, 2006, 1st Team Consensus All-America 1958-1960;

Jim Donnan, 2009.

Jake Scott, 2011;

Scott Woerner, 2016.


Scott Woerner played in Jonesboro as both QB and DB.  Erk Russell had these conversations with Vince Dooley EVERY YEAR !


I want him.


No, I want him !


You always get the best ones Erk !


Scott also lettered at Jonesboro in Track, Basketball and Wrestling.


So, he lettered in 3 of the 4 sports I did, and 4 as well !


There are only 3 seasons.


I do not know how Scott Woerner lettered in both basketball and wrestling.  I was able to letter in both Baseball and Track because if there was a baseball game, I was the Starting Catcher my Junior and Senior Seasons.  If there was a Track Meet and no baseball game, I lettered in Track.  If there was baseball and track practices, I went to baseball.  My speed as 8th fastest in the state wasn’t going anywhere.


You have no idea how hard that is to letter in both basketball and wrestling as Scott Woerner did 3 times at Jonesboro High School !


Someone will have to ask him how he did it.  It would be one of my 1st questions to Scott.


Scott lettered here at UGA 4 times 1977-1980, was 1st Team Consensus All-America, 1st Team All-SEC Rover and # 1 Punt Returner in the United States of America !


1,916 return yards for Scott Woerner for us !


Scott Woerner intercepted a pass and defended a pass in the end zone during the fourth quarter of the 1980 Sugar Bowl to secure Georgia’s victory, and I recall yelling who caught that ball for us !  Everyone around us in our seats Scott Woerner !  Who else, I exclaimed !


Who else !


Scott Woerner was also on our Dean’s Lists and Honor Rolls and represents the Very Best of Scholastic Athletics !


( )


Scott Woerner the Proud State of Georgia’s # 1 College Football Prospect 1977 !


Instantly, in 1977 season for us, Scott returned 22 kick-offs for 546 yards !


Vince Dooley never started freshmen, not even Herschel Walker 3 years’ later, either !


Bragged about it !


But, his sophomore season Scott intercepted 4 passes and returned 22 punts for # 2 best in The SEC at 277 yards.


As a Defensive Player, Scott Woerner was listed on All Purpose Yards Top Annual Performances in The SEC !


Junior Season, 4 interceptions and again 2nd in The SEC Punt Returns.


He then beat Clemson by himself his Senior Season.  I am so proud of Scott Woerner and so happy to share my memories watching him mostly from the Railroad Tracks.


47 tackles 5 interceptions his Senior Season 1980 along with 15.7 yards per punt return – only defensive player listed in Top 10 All-Purpose Yards in The SEC !


He could have been our Quarterback.


Erk Russell, his boss, final season here.


Erk passed away in 2006 and has not yet been named to the College Football Hall of Fame, but he will be.


If anyone ever was, it was Scott Woerner and Erk Russell, his Boss.


They left together and forever are in my memory together.  Hopefully, in December this year 2016 Scott Woerner will say something about Erk Russell, how Vince and Erk fought over him, and how Erk played defense.


You are watching Coach Kirby Smart this season, and he too will make the College Football Hall of Fame as a Coach.


147 tackles 13 interceptions 1077 punt return yards can you even imagine watching him from the Railroad Tracks !


Oh, boy !


His nephew just enrolled in classes here and said : “I’m from Georgia, always been a fan, and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else,” Charlie told the AJ-C.


Breaking: Charlie Woerner commits to UGA (UPDATED)



( )


Uncle named College Football Hall of Fame 18th for us the very day he is enrolling in classes at UGA.


Imagine that !


How exciting !


And, humbling.


6′ 5″ 228 lbs 4.78 40-yard dash !  Beast. Good Lord !


Rabun County.


5th best Athlete in the United States of America !


45th best overall football player in the nation !




I know what Erk would say if he were here !,_L%E2%80%93Z)


I thought you should know from one who watched him every game from my seasons’ tickets and went to his bowl games, all of them !

Way to go Scott Woerner all-time HERO for me, and his brother’s son, Scott’s nephew,  can play DEFENSE Erk would be arguing right now !


He’s MY MAN !


No Tight End.


No Linebacker.


No Wide Receiver.


No Running Back.  Make him one of the Dirty Dozen Running Backs 2016 and he will rush for over 1000 yards easily.  Rolls over them.  Have you seen him run the football ?


Good Lord what a beast running the ball.


No Rover !