Georgia Tech Athletic Director athletic director Todd Stansbury acknowledged his embarrassment of now the fifth (5) NCAA Major Infractions Database Georgia Tech for being GOD DAMN CHEATERS again : “We regret that these violations have occurred and appreciate the NCAA Committee on Infractions’ work on this case. We are disappointed with the severity of the penalties imposed. I deeply regret the NCAA violations that occurred within our program and I am sorry to everyone associated with Georgia Tech.”

No one seems to be able to report this is the 5th time for Georgia Tech.  5.  Let me make this perfectly clear about these father raping cheaters.


5 NCAA Major Infraction Database CHEATING Georgia Tech 5 (Five) :  Read on.


Division I Committee on Infractions once again has had to put the Georgia Institute of Technology back on NCAA Major Infractions Database a school with a long list of NCAA Major Infraction Database – habitual God Damn Cheater this now for the # 5 time 5th time fifth FIVE for Georgia Tech.


14-18 Josh Pastner was 10th place in the conference and LOST to Georgia by more than double-digits. In fact embattled Josh Pastner has NEVER BEAT in-state bitter RIVAL The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs in men’s basketball. Josh Pastner is responsible for ALL THIS latest in a long string of NCAA Probations for Georgia Tech.


In fact Georgia Tech just got off NCAA Probation.


In fact Georgia Tech in the previous NCAA Probation was SLAPPED by the NCAA with the tag : “HABITUAL OFFENDER” status with the NCAA.


48-53 this is his 4th season as head coach this year. Now they have BEEN BANNED from making any NCAA Tournament or other post-season tournament including disallowing Georgia Tech from even the ACC tournament which every team in the conference is eligible for. But NOT Georgia Tech. Habitual Cheaters. 5th NCAA Major Infractions Database for Georgia Tech for CHEATING. Jesus Christ.


10th place in the conference this last season is the best he has done yet.


His other finishes are # 13 and # 11 in the conference and then 10th place last year and now this season coming-up Josh Pastner is # 15 since Notre Dame is OFFICIALLY A MEMBER OF ACC MEN’S BASKETBALL.


Josh Pastner then officially is averaging worse than # 12 in conference.


So he cheated.  After all it’s what Georgia Tech does.


THIS is NOT why Josh Pastner was brought here.


It has been in inauspicious birthday for Josh Pastner and an inauspicious association with Georgia Tech. Josh Pastner has a FRIEND whom he associated with he brought with him to Georgia Tech. Said Ron Bell. Ron Bell is responsible for just ONE of the SEVERAL NASTY VIOLATIONS in this NCAA INVESTIGATION.


There are only 14 full-time members of the ACC so averaging WORSE than # 12 in the STINKING CONFERENCE is particularly STINGING.


Ron Bell gave two athletes and another potential transfer $2500 in shoes other clothes hotel rooms food and transport. Ron Bell knew he could not do that.


Ron Bell’s FRIEND Josh Pastner brought Ron Bell to Georgia Tech.


It does not stop there.


Division I Committee on Infractions ALSO found that Georgia Tech’s basketball program headed-up by this FAILURE of a HEAD COACH Josh Pastner tried to FIX his LOSING basketball record at Georgia Tech this year by not only having Darryl LaBarrie cheat to get ahead but also Darryl LaBarrie DENIED all this to the NCAA.


Well Darryl LaBarrie hired by Josh Pastner TRIED TO DENY ALL THIS TO THE NCAA.  Then admitted that IN FACT Darryl LaBarrie did do all this. He is a former Georgia Tech basketball player Josh Pastner HIRED AS AN ASSISTANT COACH directly reporting to Josh Pastner who HIRED HIM at Georgia Tech like Josh Pastner BROUGHT RON BELL to Georgia Tech too.


Darryl LaBarrie then arranged a meeting between highly-rated top men’s basketball recruits and another former Georgia Tech player Jarrett Jack who then took the recruits to that player’s home and handed them $600 in one dollar bills for a strip club visit on Buford Highway. Josh Pastner had an OFFICIAL JOSH PASTNER GEORGIA TECH OFFICIAL STUDENT-ATHLETE HOST assigned by Josh Pastner at said STRIP CLUB. He was given $300 of the $600 to entice the top-rated in the nation prospect to come to Georgia Tech and FIX THIS DISGRACEFUL record Josh Pastner has at Georgia Tech.


Jarrett Jack.


It gets worse.


During the investigation the committee said Darryl LaBarrie did not cooperate with the investigation and originally denied any involvement in the activity and then took it ALL BACK that yes indeed it is true. Now Georgia Tech’s AD Todd Stansbury says today on Josh Pastner’s birthday that WAAH we agree we did all this and we know we are tagged HABITUAL NCAA PROBATION OFFENDER STATUS but the penalties WAAH are too high.


WAAH   !


In addition to all THIS Ron Bell also texted and called potential transfer student-athletes.  Ron Bell INFORMED Georgia Tech head coach Josh Pastner that he Ron Bell had both texted and called from his Georgia Tech paid for cell phone provided by Josh Pastner to Ron Bell prospective basketball recruits illegally against NCAA regulations outside permissible such contacts. Josh Pastner having been INFORMED by Ron Bell DIRECTLY that Ron Bell had DONE ALL THIS refused to inform the NCAA about ANY of it. Nice program you run there Todd Stansbury. Josh Pastner therefore is TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE for that which occurs in HIS PROGRAM.




Seriously Todd Stansbury ?




You have GOT to be kidding me Todd Stansbury.


2 percent of the budget for the men’s basketball program MUST be mailed to NCAA by Georgia Tech.




32 weeks BAN on unofficial visits during THIS PROBATION for Georgia Tech.

12 visit reduction of official recruiting visits during THIS PROBATION for Georgia Tech.

32 weeks BAN recruiting communications during THIS PROBATION for Georgia Tech.

76 reduced recruiting-person days from the permissible number during this PROBATION.




4 years NCAA Probation





Stick that up your LYING CHEATING ASSHOLES Georgia Tech.



Verbal and written admonishment of Josh Pastner.


“I deeply regret the NCAA violations that occurred within our program and I am sorry to everyone associated with Georgia Tech who has been affected and disappointed by these violations. I am more committed than ever to ensuring that these types of violations don’t occur within our program ever again.” Current head coach celebrating his birthday Josh Pastner.


5 NCAA Major-Infractions Database Georgia Tech


Level 1 violations are most severe of the 4 tiers for NCAA misconduct and these are ALL Level 1 violations.


The booster made the head coach aware that he continued to communicate with the potential transfer but the head coach did not report any concern to this NCAA compliance office anyway the 29-page public report states. Oh good Lord.


THESE VIOLATIONS were deemed “severe breaches of conduct” which is what the NCAA considers its worst most egregious highest-level of violations –  outstandingly bad – shocking.

Georgia Tech’s assistant men’s basketball coach reporting DIRECTLY to Josh Pastner hired by Josh Pastner as HIS assistant men’s basketball coach not only provided false and misleading information to the NCAA but in ADDITION told Georgia Tech basketball student-athletes that they TOO should provide false and misleading information to the NCAA investigators. Then this lowlife acknowledged lying to the NCAA about ALL of this.  Tell the players to lie to Georgia Tech itself who hired an independent study of all this. Just Nice.  Really nice.  I can not tell you just how impressed I am.  And they ADMIT they did this.


Oh my God.


Will Georgia Institute of Technology NEVER learn ?



5 NCAA Major Infraction Database CHEATING Georgia Tech 5 (Five) :


  1. Major Infractions – September 26, 2019 – Georgia Institute of Technology Two Georgia Tech boosters provided impermissible benefits to the men’s basketball program. 4 years NCAA PROBATION AND VACATE RECORDS of ANY win.
  2. Major Infractions – September 04, 2014 – Georgia Institute of Technology The Georgia Institute of Technology failed to monitor its sports programs to ensure its coaches Tech labeled habitual violator. Men’s basketball Women’s basketball and FOOTBALL inadmissible contact prospects by 9 Georgia Tech sports’ programs between March 2011 and March 2012 to 140 prospects not allowed to be contacted. 2 years NCAA PROBATION. Georgia Tech was ALREADY ON PROBATION when they got these ADDITIONAL 2 YEARS NCAA PROBATION. God Damn HABITUAL CHEATERS. Think they can do whatever they want.
  3. Major Infractions – July 14, 2011 – Georgia Institute of Technology – football AND men’s basketball 4 years NCAA PROBATION cheating in recruiting to try to compete
  4. Major Infractions – November 17, 2005 – Georgia Institute of Technology 2 years NCAA PROBATION certifying student-athletes as eligible for competition who they knew were NOT. Football and 8 other sports. Played players who were NOT eligible to play 9 sports. Cheaters. 17 student-athletes over 6 years not eligible who competed anyway. Violations of NCAA include LACK OF INSTITUTIONAL CONTROL.
  5. Major Infractions – June 14, 1989 – Georgia Institute of Technology Extra benefits; improper recruiting; excessive financial aid. excessive compensation for work not performed; lodging. One year post-season ban.


Happy Birthday Josh Pastner you God Damn Cheater.


You SHALL NOT prosper this up-coming season for ALL THIS Josh Pastner and Todd Stansbury AND ALL the players may leave the trade school and go wherever they would like RIGHT NOW and be eligible RIGHT NOW the NCAA has RULED.