28 teams won at least 10 games 2019-2020 season for FBS teams. How is it that a 10-win season is relevant ? 3 of the 10-win teams can not be listed in any top 25 list for the season just ended. That is your goal ? To not even be in the top 25 ? I am sorry but 10-win seasons in 15-game seasons for the top teams is a mighty skinny goal. LSU was 15-0 and you want to brag about almost nearly averaging a 10-win season ? That is just plain STUPID. Also, Mark Richt won only 145 games in 15 years here so he did NOT average 10-win season ANYWAY.

Here is the Official List of all 28 of the 10-win teams this year in FBS Football :





Mark Richt comes out of retirement to announce football games for failing ACC Network which no one watches and which no one can watch with two-thirds of homes BLOCKED from ACC Network.

Fired by two Athletic Directors in a row at both Georgia and then Miami of Florida’s athletic director Mark Richt has gotten a job finally at age 59 when others are having their best years.  The ACC Network is a God Damn JOKE of a channel.


Big Games Mark Richt could NOT WIN.


He doesn’t have to worry about that now.  There aren’t any big games in the ACC.


There is suspense in the ACC however as Mark Richt lost to 12 unranked teams time game or for the season his last 8 years here at Georgia.  So besides being wholly unable to win the big games Mark Richt also lost to CUPCAKES every year. The suspense mounts in the ACC for which CUPCAKE can win a game against a ANOTHER ACC CUPCAKE.


Mark Richt you recall ALSO lost 18 of his last 24 games over his last 8 years here against top 15 teams time game – seemingly losing big games regularly.


Do you even remember why he was FIRED ?


Who gives a shit that the ACC Network hired Mark Richt to announce their games ?


No one.





Is Mark Richt a better coach than Wally Butts ? Hell no.

Kirby also CALLED THE PLAYS on defense at Alabama for 8 years as their Defensive Coordinator, not Nick Saban – half of the time of which he was National Champion during which said time Mark Richt was here the same 8 years yet Mark Richt was not even ranked half of those last 8 years here in the Final AP Poll Top 25.  Kirby called the plays on defense for us as a player and was 1st team All-SEC Kirby.  Mark Richt was never anything but a God Damn BACK-UP.  Wally Butts also was a great player. Then he was championship high school coach everywhere he went then he came here and the legend grew as with Kirby. Not so much Mark Richt.


We FIRED Mark Richt because he could not win the big games and lost to a cupcake or 2 every year too.  Mark Richt’s last 8 years here he averaged 4 losses per season 32 losses his last 8 years.  Do NOT begin to tell me Mark Richt is or was a great football coach.


After our Athletic Director here fired Mark Richt Mark Richt was then run out of town on a rail by the athletic director at Miami of Florida back-to-back.


Mark Richt did not care about winning.  Vince Dooley wanted to keep Jim Donnan as coach.  Mike Adam$ insisted Vince Dooley replace Jim Donnan.  This is widespread knowledge.


Mark Richt was NOT groomed to be head coach by Bobby Bowden who himself was FIRED with CAUSE from Florida State.  He was NOT prepared to be a head coach by disgraced Bobby Bowden.


2002 The SEC was down.  A 5-loss Arkansas was Mark Richt’s opponent in The SEC Championship Game then Mark Richt played 5-loss Bobby Bowden in the bowl game 2002-2003 season.  I am sorry that is NOT great.  Mark Richt 2002 was zero for thirteen on 3rd down conversions against our # 1 Rival Florida 2002 and LOST to a Florida team he should NOT have lost to.  He did that a lot losing to Florida teams he should not have lost to.


2005 Mark Richt was ranked third of just SEC teams IN EVERY SINGLE solitary poll for the 2005-2006 season.  Mark Richt LOST to Florida Auburn and West Virginia.  That’s great ?  God damn fool.


2011 Mark Richt LOST 4 games.  He averaged 4 losses his entire last 8 years here. THIS is NOT ONLY NOT GREAT but what the dip shit did here.


And at Miami.


2012 Mark Richt LOST to South Carolina 7-35.  This too is what Mark Richt did embarrassing us in big games.  Not just the cupcakes he lost to every year and he did that too.  But losing the big games and getting blown-out.  2012 Mark Richt 3 times told little Aaron Murray to NOT SPIKE THE BALL so we would have 3 plays at the end toward the end zone instead of one.  Dumbass.


Despite all the talent we handed Mark Richt that he could NOT win the big games is well-documented.  His losses to CUPCAKES every year too –  sometimes more than one is inarguable as well.  Kirby has BETTER TALENT than Mark Richt.  I said that would happen too that great football players want to play on winning teams.  Mark Richt lost those games and therefore lost out on those players.  Look at Kirby’s top end talent.


145 wins in 15 seasons clearly is NOT averaging 10-win season.  Moreover these have been 15-game seasons for the top teams.  10-wins is shitty.  Kirby averages 12-wins the last several years.  I said this too  before I fired Mark Richt right here.  You tried to shut me up.   You failed at that didn’t you Joe Vitale ?

2015 Mark Richt did NOT win 10 games but was FIRED summarily by AD Greg McGarity with 9 wins.  He LOST 4 games 4 games on the average for his final 8 seasons here and was FIRED for it.  There were 28 teams ranked ahead of Mark Richt 2015.  With all that talent.  Blown-out by Alabama 10-38.  LOST to the vols who should have had 5 losses themselves.   And LOST to Florida 3-27 in yet ANOTHER BLOW-OUT of Biblical Proportions when Mark Richt inserted a back-up QB who had not thrown one pass all season and threw 4 interceptions never to be removed by Mark Richt.  The dumb shit.


Mark Richt is currently RUN OUT OF TOWN ON A RAIL by BOTH his only athletic directors whom he reported to as head football coach a profession which he does NOT excel at and doesn’t give a shit about Joe Vitale.  Do NOT tell me how great he was.  Rank him ahead of multiple national championship Wally Butts who is in the College Football Hall of Fame.  Mark Richt NEVER will be.


Stick it up your dumbass asshole Joe Vitale.


G.O.A.T Georgia Bulldogs football coaches


You misrepresented that TOTALLY Joe Vitale like you always do.


6 National Championships UGA in Football Mark Richt none.  Ever anywhere.


63 of Mark Richt’s last 146 signed scholarship recruits either flunked-out were kicked-off failed to qualify never showed-up or quit 43% from 2010 to 2015 just were NOT HERE for Kirby.


What does Coach Kirby Paul Smart have to do to be better than his predecessor over his last 8 years – for which his predecessor was FIRED ?


Senator Bluto said at the time : “don’t think losing his job this year. (Nov ’15) can’t deny was decision that couldn’t be justified.Again not saying you can’t make a case that he didn’t deserve to lose his job.”


Yes this blog said that he would be fired and needed to be.  Every post I wrote after 2008 blowout by Alabama over us after 22 of our players celebrated being ranked # 1 preseason said FIRE MARK RICHT.  Didn’t it Joe Vitale ?


Don’t get me started Joe Vitale you dumb shit.



You are a LIAR Joe Vitale.





Wally Butts has 4 SEC Championships when The SEC was good and multiple National Championships including 1942 and 1946 National Championships.   Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall is dedicated to these major achievements by this man.


One is a  College Football Hall of Fame coach Wally Butts who won big games with national championships and the other Mark Richt never did a damn thing anywhere and you think he’s great.




Mark Richt LOST 18 of his last 24 games against the top 15. Also 2008 to 2015 Mark Richt lost to twelve (12) unranked teams time game or season.  You think you can tell us now that’s great Joe Vitale.  You want your son to play for that coach ?




“The other difference which also is in Kirby Smart’s favor is Kirby’s recruiting is a LOT BETTER than Mark Richt’s. Smart and his staff are clearly recruiting on a much different level. The Bulldogs brought in the top-ranked class after the staff’s second year and the No. 3 class after their first. There’s just even more optimism this time around.” AJ-C Seth Emerson today not to be left-out of this bullshit comparison like Mark Richt is somehow looking pretty darn good as OUR COACH 2001-2015. Mark Richt was NOT fired for what he did 2001-2007 for it was that he JUST LOST IT after 2007 for which he summarily was FIRED. Try looking at THAT if you want WHY Kirby is better coach than Mark Richt.

Point number one is Mark Richt had 63 of Mark Richt’s last 146 signed scholarship recruits here either flunked-out were kicked-off failed to qualify never showed-up or quit 43% from 2010 to 2015 just were NOT HERE – gone.  THAT is on the coach.


Point number two is that Mark Richt LOST 18 of his last 24 games against the top 15 time game after 2007 good for # 45 best with his average # 7 recruiting rankings according to Scout.com.  THAT is on the coach.


Point number three is that Mark Richt LOST to 12 unranked teams time game or for season his last 8 years here after 2007.  THAT is on the coach.




After 2007 recruited # 7 average Scout.com recruiting rankings lost 18 of 24 after 2007 against top 15 time game and lost to 12 unranked teams time game or for season after 2007.


Whatever bullshit ANYONE wants to write about including discussion of 2001-2007 well Mark Richt was NOT FIRED for that.  It was IN FACT that Mark Richt LOST IT after 2007 by ALL MEASURES thereof.


Mark Richt was NOT fired for what he did 2001-2007 for it was that he JUST LOST IT after 2007 for which he summarily was FIRED.  Try looking at THAT if you want WHY Kirby is better coach than Mark Richt.


If you can not say that then are you refusing to discuss THE POINT.




THAT IS NOT WHY MARK RICHT WAS FIRED BECAUSE HE COULD NOT RECRUIT. Jeff Sentell the little SHIT writes today on AJ-C DawgNation Recruiting that Mark Richt better than Kirby recruiting 2019 (He said 2018 but he meant 2019 typo.) Jeff Sentell states this is because Mark Richt has 2019 commitments from nine (9) recruits who are 3-Star and two (2) who are 4-Stars and none who are 5-Stars. Hey Jeff Sentell you dumbass that SUCKS. “That’s the big news of the week for UGA recruiting.” Jeff Sentell writes today that Mark Richt has OUT-RECRUITED Kirby 2019 so far. Again he said 2018 but MEANT 2019. Nine 3-Star commitments Jeff Sentell surmises is GREAT. Jesus Christ Jeff Sentell that is God Freaking AWFUL.

It was NOT that Mark Richt could NOT recruit here at Georgia with his average Scout.com Recruiting Ranking of # 7 every year here but that he LOST to 12 unranked teams time of game or for season from 2008 to 2015 when we finally fired his sorry ass for it even with all his recruiting talent he signed here.  Unranked teams time game or for season like 5-7 Pittsburgh whom Mark Richt LOST to last year 2017 Jeff Sentell in Mark Richt’s last 3 games of the 2017 season Jeff Sentell.


In addition it was NOT that Mark Richt could NOT recruit here at Georgia but that again even with all his recruiting talent here at UGA # 7 average Scout.com Recruiting Rankings every year Mark Richt still was # 45 against top 15 teams time game at 18 losses of his last 24 games here after 2007 at Georgia from 2008 to 2015 season during which he was fired summarily for this.  Top 15 teams time game like Clemson and Wisconsin BOTH of whom Mark Richt LOST to last year 2017 Jeff Sentell in Mark Richt’s last 3 games of the 2017 season Jeff Sentell.  So ALL he can sign are 3-star recruits mostly.  The TOP PLAYERS do NOT want to play for such a stupid coach and Mark Richt is make no mistake about it stupid.


It was NOT that Mark Richt could not recruit the 3-star recruits here to Georgia that he was fired from here for Jeff Sentell but that the top recruits wanted to WIN the football games so he didn’t get enough of them.  Kirby by the way IS averaging over 10 wins a season which Mark Richt did NOT.


Kirby lost to NO UNRANKED TEAM 2017-2018 season and Kirby beat # 11 Notre Dame AND # 3 Oklahoma AND # 19 Mississippi State AND # 10 Auburn.  It is judged that this is BETTER RESULTS Jeff Sentell than Mark Richt at Miami of Florida where he is # 13 and Kirby # 2 Jeff Sentell.


Now I know you’d love to say Mark Richt is BETTER than Kirby and that THAT is the NEWS of the week in recruiting Jeff Sentell but that is simply totally NOT the case and NOT why he was FIRED from here by THIS BLOG.


For 15 years you MADE EXCUSES for Mark Richt Jeff Sentell and this morning you are AGAIN.


Why ?


He’s gone and for GOOD damn reason.


Others have tried to TELL this LITTLE SHIT Jeff Sentell that Jeff Sentell just DOES NOT GET IT when it comes to Mark Richt.  He didn’t back then and he damn sure still doesn’t.


I said back then that our new coach would recruit BETTER than Mark Richt and has.


Mark Richt has 9 commitments who are 3-Star only 2 who are 4-Star and NONE who are 5-Star for 2019.  Jeff Sentell says for 2018 but he MEANT for 2019.  Hey Jeff Sentell THIS is 2018 dumbass.  You know ?  The 2018 recruiting class determined to be the # 1 recruiting class in the nation.  Over.  Finished.  The 2018 signing date completed now.  Jesus Christ Jeff Sentell.  Get your thumb out of your friqin’ ass and correct your own post dumb shit.


Further 63 of Mark Richt’s final 146 signed scholarship recruits did not end-up at Georgia as they were either kicked-off the team by Mark Richt MOSTLY or flunked-out or failed to qualify or were arrested or were suspended multiple times or never showed-up here at Georgia or quit.  63 of 146 is 43 % of Mark Richt’s latest Georgia signed scholarship recruits just were NOT HERE.   43 % SIGNED scholarship recruits by Mark Richt from 2010 to 2015 inclusive simply put were NOT HERE.  Did you get that Jeff Sentell ?  I bet you did NOT dumb shit.


So I wake-up this morning and Jeff Sentell states : “That’s the big news of the week for UGA recruiting.” Jeff Sentell writes today.


Mark Richt has OUT-RECRUITED Kirby 2019 so far. Again he said 2018 but MEANT 2019. Nine 3-Star commitments Jeff Sentell surmises is GREAT. Jesus Christ Jeff Sentell that is God Freaking AWFUL.


Nine 3-star and only two 4-star while none 5-star Mark Richt Miami of Florida is recruiting BETTER than Kirby Jeff Sentell states for 2019 so far.  Well he said for 2018.  I am smart enough to know he MEANT 2019.  He is still wrong.  Either case.  What he said or what I think he meant.


THIS IS NOT MARK RICHT’S PROBLEM.  No one said that Mark Richt could NOT recruit.  It is what he does with his recruits for which he was FIRED by THIS BLOG after 2007.


Try to say that Jeff Sentell.  Everyone else knows (1) two 4-star and nine 3-star sucks 2019 and (2) we all know except you that Mark Richt was FIRED not for his recruiting but for in fact what he did with his recruits.




Kirby has three 5-Star and four 4-Star with none 3-Star 2019 Jeff Sentell – you freaking little SHIT.  That is a LOT better than Mark Richt 2019 (or 2018.)




You do NOT even know what the big news is for recruiting for the week for us Jeff Sentell and you damn sure don’t know how to read the recruiting news and make sense of it.





Starting 1942 at least one Georgia Bulldog has been selected in 75 Consecutive NFL Drafts – except for ONLY 1992 as Isaiah McKenzie whose grades would not let him play in 2017 is Drafted by the Denver Broncos to be # 316 Georgia Bulldog NFL Draft Pick which is # 14 All-Time in NFL Draft Picks for Georgia. The Mighty SEC had the most 1st Round Picks most 2nd Round Picks most 3rd Round Picks most 4th Round Picks and the MOST NFL DRAFT PICKS with 53 while the Big Ten BIG only had 35 – the Pac-12 only 36 – and the ACC only 43. Does UGA deserve the criticism that West Georgia had 2 NFL Draft Picks and The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs one ?


American Heritage High in Miami Florida Isaiah McKenzie.  Denver has now taken 14 Georgia Bulldogs in the NFL Draft the 2nd most ever for the Broncos from any school.  I hope that he does not embarrass us off-the-field which I will predict will happen and not because of his bad hands but that will be an issue as well as his treatment of women.  I realize Denver is the worst NFL team for explosive players and Isaiah McKenzie can scoot.  It’s just that he catches the ball against his chest not using his hands.


As for Isaiah McKenzie taking a chance to declare he had no choice having FLUNKED-OUT like Tim Kimbrough did and was not eligible. I know we lost NOTHING in losing him while The SEC lost a ton of talent across the board except for Georgia who better win 10 games 2017 and make it to Atlanta as SEC East Champions.


2017 should be a top year for Georgia Bulldog fans that is if Kirby actually practices and plays his top talent instead of criticizing all of them and then throwing them into the fire anyway unprepared.  I cringe to hear Kirby criticize everyone seriously.  Rodney Garner did that here and lacked success as a result.  You DO congratulate them Kirby when they do what you WANT THEM TO DO.  Kirby could use a psychology class or 2.


It is hard to get overly excited about 2017 DESPITE ALL THIS TALENT as poorly as Kirby COACHED last year 2016 and he was horrid at everything but defense and recruiting while 2018 he has one commitment to replace 17 STARTERS 2017 who go in the NFL Draft 2018 right after the 2017 season for Kirby.


Next year’s NFL Draft 2018 will feature DOUBLE-DIGIT NFL Draft Picks and the MOST in The SEC for The Georgia Bulldogs.


But what will Kirby do with all this talent 2017 ?


Surely no one can point to 2018 with that recruiting class so bad and inexcusable with all this talent gone after 2017.


Wave the red flag.


The SEC remains the DOMINANT college football conference once again.


The Mighty SEC :

the most 1st Round Picks

most 2nd Round Picks

most 3rd Round Picks

most 4th Round Picks


Big Ten BIG only had 35

Pac-12 only 36

ACC only 43.


Georgia Georgia Southern Georgia State and the trade school downtown in the slums all had a player drafted in the 2017 NFL Draft.


The state of Georgia produces the 4th most NFL Draft Picks with California 40 million population Texas 28 million Florida 20 million and Georgia’s population only 11 million.


Tim Kimbrough went undrafted.


None of our offensive linemen were drafted.  I could have told you that watching them last year and we redshirted all 3 of our top OL singees and have moved NONE of them up to the starting line-up either.


Yes West Georgia had 2 drafted Mark Schlabach Patrick Schmidt and Bob Miller but Kirby still did a poor job coaching except for defense and recruiting 2016.  Kirby is likely to NOT practice his youth in the Fall with the # 1 unit then have to throw them into the fire without experience as he did 2016 knowing full well that the last remnants of Mark Richt’s DREAM TEAM left after 2015 season when Mark Richt was FIRED by Greg McGarity.  And while 2017 was our best recruiting class all-time # 2 by Scout.com # 3 by everyone else such as ESPN RecruitingNationn and 247Sports.com Kirby has completely dropped the ball with only one commit 2018 and he has 17 SENIOR STARTERS 2017.


Bob Miller son writing “TRANSFERRED” hardly tells the facts of Mark Richt’s recruits his last years here :


Is it true that Kirby was left little talent ?

I thought that Mark Richt averaged the # 7 Scout.com recruiting rankings ?

He did.

They just were not here for us.

Were Mark Richt’s Recruiting Rankings overinflated with Signed Scholarship Recruits who besides not winning just simply were not on the team any longer ?

Absolutely.  Here is the proof.

2013 Recruiting Class for Mark Richt was the problem ?  EVERY YEAR is the same.  Look for yourself.

It was the SAME EVERY YEAR with Mark Richt.

2010 Signing Class Mark Richt UGA :

(1) WR NR Lonnie Outlaw Wide Receiver Georgia Military, failed to Qualify

(2)DT 16 Michael Thornton

(3)OT 90 Kenarious Gates

(4)QB 53 Hutson Mason

(5)MLB 74 Alexander Ogletree – suspended REPEATED FAILED DRUG TEST removed from team

(6)DT 6 Garrison Smith

(7)DE 12 T.J. Stripling

(8)DE 45 Dexter Morant – quit when he 1st got here. Unquit later. Then, flunked-out.

(9)S JC Jakar Hamilton – transferred-out Safety South Carolina State

(10)DE 52 Brandon Burrows –quit the team as soon as he got here, unquit. medical hardship.

(11)RB 25 Ken Malcome – quit, un-quit, AGAIN QUIT MARK RICHT Southern Illinois Salukis

(12)OLB 3 Alec Ogletree

(13)CB 45 Derek Owens – Transferred Derek Owens, Cornerback, Alabama State.

(14)WR 84 Michael Bennett

(15)OLB 23 Demetre Baker – arrest DUI suspended Miss St, kicked-off . South Alabama also kicked-off.

(16)OT 10 Brent Benedict Quit over Joe Tereshinski II, transferred to Virginia Tech

(17)OG 6 Kolton Houston

(18)S 59 Marc Deas – Derrick Lott announced he was transferring and Marc Deas followed the next day. Marc Deas did not play his 4 years of eligibility

(19)DE 30 Jalen Fields – failed to qualify, went to Louisiana Lafayette


2011 Signing Class Mark Richt UGA :

(20)DT JC Johnathan Jenkins

(21)RB 1 Isaiah Crowell arrested suspended October 15, 2011 & November 5, Thursday 27 October failed drug test, leading rusher Florida 2 days’ later, kicked-off, Alabama State, NFL Cleveland 546 yards

(22)MLB 37 Kent Turene – failed to qualify academically. Applied to Marshall, accepted and plays there

(23)DE 6 Ray Drew

(24)OT 40 Xzavier Wardleft the team with 2 years of eligibility remaining

(25)TE 4 Jay Rome

(26)CB 7 Malcolm Mitchell

(27)S 136 Quintavious Harrow – flunked-out, transfer Garden City Community College

(28)OLB 27 Ramik Wilson

(29)CB 9 Damian Swann

(30)WR 146 Sanford Seay allegedly a felony theft kicked-off, Wide Receiver – Louisiana Tech 2014

(31)DT 50 Chris Mayes

(32)OT 28 Zach DeBell – did not play his 4 years of eligibility

(33)LS NR Nathan Theus

(34)OG 41 Hunter Long – did not play his 4 years of eligibility

(35)OT 23 Watts Dantzler

(36)CB 15 Nick Marshall allegedly felony theft, kicked-off.  Auburn, arrested drugs & tinted car

(37)WR 51 Justin Scott-Wesley – arrested drugs, suspended – did not play his 4 years of eligibility

(38)DE 37 Sterling Bailey

(39)QB 8 Christian LeMay Kicked-off high school team senior season Transfer to Jacksonville State

(40)CB 38 Devin Bowman

(41)WR 34 Chris Conley

(42)C 6 David Andrews

(43)MLB 11 Amarlo Herrera

(44)S 20 Chris Sanders allegedly felony theft, kicked-off. JUCO transfer to Baylor.

(45)S 6 Corey Moore


2012 Signing Class Mark Richt UGA :

 (46)OLB 2 Josh Harvey-Clemons –  3 suspensions kicked-off, Louisville

(47)DE 27 Josh Dawson

(48)CB 11 Sheldon Dawson violation of team rules, suspended, rumored transferring to Memphis

(49)RB 13 Todd Gurley II – admitted sold autographs for 2 years for $3,000 suspended 4 games

(50)DE 5 Jordan Jenkins

(51)OT JC Mark Beard

(52)RB 1 Keith Marshall

(53)QB 24 Faton Bauta – given QB start 2015 by Mark Richt despite not one snap at QB all year – transferred

(54)WR 52 Blake Tibbs – played 2 of his 4 years eligibility and announced transferred

(55)DT 23 John Atkins – failed to qualify went to Hargrave Military Academy Virginia to become eligible still counted as a recruit Mark Richt signed in Recruiting Rankings overinflating Mark Richt’s Recruiting Rankings

(56)OG 41 Greg Pyke

(57)OT 2 John Theus

(58)DT 9 Jonathan Taylor criminal arrest stealing from UGA double check-cashing, arrested felony aggravated assault/family violence, kicked off, Miss St, LSU, West Vir, or Alabama, Kicked-off team by Mark Richt.

(59)DE 74 James Deloach – criminal arrest stealing from UGA double check-cashing

(60)P NR Collin Barber

(61)FB 2 Quayvon Hicks

(62)DE 18 Leonard Floyd this is the 1st time we recruited him failed to qualify academically.  This is a 4-Star Recruit everyone always said Mark Richt signed so MANY of.  No he did not.  Given credit for Signing this top-rated recruit in the nation 2012 but Mark Richt did NOT in 2012 in overinflated Recruiting Rankings did he ?

(63)TE 18 Ty Flournoy-Smith arrested for filing false report of a crime, Tight End Alabama 2014

(64)K 7 Marshall Morgan – arrested BUI, suspended


2013 Signing Class Mark Richt UGA :

(65)DE JC   Toby Johnson

(66)DE 27   Davin Bellamy – arrested DUI, suspended

(67)OT 31   DeVondre Seymour failed to qualify, at Hinds Community College Mississippi

(68)RB NR   Brendan Douglas

(69)CB 15   Shaq Wiggins arrested failure appear, suspended license.  Louisville

(70)WR 18   Tramel Terry – played one of his 4 years of eligibility at UGA then transferred to Jacksonville State

(71)S JC   Kennar Daniels-Johnson – one of a steady stream of defensive backs who just departed the program once Todd Grantham and secondary coach Scott Lakatos were hired.

(72)WR JC   Jonathon Rumph

(73)CB 19   Brendan Langley transferred-out, did not get a snap against Georgie tek and was mad

(74)RB 37   A.J. Turman – scored 2 TD each in 2 G-Day Games leading team then Mark Richt never allowed him to play and gave him not one single snap in 3 years so he quit the team and left

(75)OLB PG   Leonard Floyd this time he qualified he also overinflating Mark Richt’s Recruiting Rankings signing with Mark Richt 2 years after not qualifying on grades.  Bragged on signing him twice.

(76)DT PG   John Atkins – this time he came here and he was signed as recruit 2 years in a row and counted in Mark Richt’s Recruiting Rankings 2 years in a row overinflating Mark Richt’s Recruiting Rankings

(77)S JC   Shaquille Fluker – Safety – Transferred-out also to Jacksonville State for 2014

(78)S 34   Paris Bostick Mutually Transferred-out 2014 to Iowa Western Community College

(79)TE 15   Jordan Davis

(80)DE 53   Shaun McGee

(81)MLB 5   Tim Kimbrough – demoted by Mark Richt prior to last game of season 2015.  Was this because Mark Richt knew he had flunked-out on grades ?  Mark Richt never told us.  He never did on anything unless you caught him red-handed.  Only then would he come clean.  When the grades came out then Mark Richt left this for his replacement head coach to SUSPEND for the Bowl Game ineligible. After the bowl game Kirby Smart tried to get him prepared for Tim Kimbrough’s 2016 season.  But Tim Kimbrough refused to go to practice.  Then left the program rather than compete with Roquan Smith whom he did not think he could beat-out for the job.  He did not like being second fiddle to a younger player.  Now Tim Kimbrough IS GOOD and could have helped the team starter or not if he could pass his courses.  Too much work too to pass the courses ?  Once he figured-out his grades would not let him in anywhere to play his senior year he did nothing at all.  So he is eligible for the 2017 NFL Draft whether he graduated or even went to school 2016 which of course he did NOT. Went undrafted after FLUNKING-OUT of UGA.

(82)S 76   Quincy Mauger

(83)WR 57   Rico Johnson

(84)WR 110   Reggie Davis

(85)WR 70   Uriah LeMay criminal arrest stealing from UGA double check-cashing including cashing check of roommate, transferred to Univ North Carolina Charlotte

(86)OG 11   Brandon Kublanow

(87)C 5   Josh Cardiello – quit Mark Richt’s team transferred to UT Chattanooga

(88)CB 27   Reggie Wilkerson

(89)CB 72   J.J. Green team player, jerked around here by Mark Richt from offense to defense, Starter, transferred to Georgie tek

(90)MLB 9   Reggie Carter

(91)OT 65   Aulden Bynum

(92)MLB 38   Ryne Rankin

(93)MLB 11   Johnny O’Neal III

(94)DT 52   DeAndre Johnson Newnan Northgate High, medical disqualification

(95)DT JC   Chris Mayes

(96)S 9   Tray Matthews criminal arrest stealing from UGA double check-cashing, “blessed at Auburn”

(97)QB 7   Brice RamseyTransferred-out instead of the misuse of him by Mark Richt too and while it was Mark Richt who said Greyson Lambert was BETTER and was NOT Kirby did too.


2014 Signing Class Mark Richt UGA :

(98)RB 37   Isaiah McKenzie – FLUNKED-OUT had no choice except to declare 2017 NFL Draft because he was NOT ELIGIBLE to play for UGA 2017.

(99)TE 47   Hunter Atkinson Tight End – just up and quit June 18, 2014

(100)DT 13   Lamont Gaillard

(101)DE 5   Lorenzo Carter

(102)CB 100   Shaquille Jones – arrested shoplifting, kicked-off

(103)WR 185   Dominick Sanders

(104)WR PG NR Rico Johnson medical disqualification

(105)DE 19   Keyon Brown

(106)CB JC   Shattle Fenteng

(107)OG 11   Isaiah Wynn

(108)WR 51   Shakenneth Williams – unknown why he was coaching players Spring 2017 Kirby would not say but it appears Kirby wants that Scholarship BACK

(109)OT 21   Dyshon Sims

(110)OT   Kendall Baker

(111)MLB 14   Detric Bing-Dukes – Mark Richt Redshirted him 2014 so he transferred to Iowa Western then to Ole Miss

(112)QB 8   Jacob Park very good QB whom Mark Richt never gave a chance to instead he played Greyson Lambert who cost Mark Richt his job so Jacob Park transferred-out too.  Mark Richt would’ve started Jacob Park against Kentucky 2015 had Mark Richt not run him off too.  Instead of Jacob Park Mark Richt started Faton Bauta at QB when Mark Richt had not given Faton Bauta a single snap at QB all season long.  In his 1 start despite zero snaps all season at QB Faton Bauta threw 4 interceptions and was NEVER pulled. Then Faton Bauta quit Mark Richt too and left the team as well.  All of this because Mark Richt could not determine who was a good QB.  He never could.

(113)CB 11   Malkom Parrish

(114)RB 9   Nick Chubb – All-America as I see it but Kirby played only him vs North Carolina after his 3 ligament surgery and was never the same afterwards.

(115)WR 109   Gilbert Johnson Wide Receiver Signed 2014, failed to Qualify

(116)OG  Jake Edwards  – also transferred-out this one to Georgia Southern unranked OG

(117)RB 2   Sony Michel

(118)TE 4   Jeb Blazevich


118 signed scholarship recruits what a joke Mark Richt signed 118 Scholarship Recruits 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014  with all of these gone not playing for us.

2015 Signing Class Mark Richt UGA :

The 2015 Recruiting Class, Darnell Salomon is arrested felony burglary on recruiting invite here July 23, 2014. Going to South Florida now ?  So the beat went on, and the losses therewith.  Comes here on Recruiting Visit to visit Mark Richt to be a Commitment to Mark Richt 2015 and got arrested on said trip to visit Mark Richt.

Mark Richt could not stay out of the bad news between his losses to top teams and inexplicable losses to unranked teams every year and all the arrests and overinflated recruiting rankings of players who just went missing here at Georgia.

They did not play for Mark Richt and were not available for Kirby.

How have the remaining done ?

As a DIRECT RESULT of ALL OF THIS Mark Richt signed 29 Scholarship Recruits his 2015 Signing Class.  Mark Richt would’ve signed any Scholarship Recruit 2015 desperate as he was.  Mark Richt was so desperate by 2015 Recruiting cycle to sign anyone.  He was as desperate as he was to start a guy at QB vs our # 1 Rival he was 5-10 against 5-11 at the site of the Gator Bowl who had not taken a single snap at QB for Mark Richt all season.  Any Scholarship Recruit Mark Richt could sign 2015 he did desperate as Mark Richt was 2015.

(119) DB Juwuan Briscoe abdicated his Scholarship from Mark Richt and just up and left  unranked cornerback from Maryland

(120) DB Rico McGraw abdicated his Scholarship from Mark Richt and just up and left 4-Star CB from TN

(121) DE Chauncey Rivers – arrested 3 times Suspended by Mark Richt kicked-off the team 4-Star DE

(122) LB Gary McCrae – failed to Qualify 4-Star LB overinflating Mark Richt’s Recruiting Rankings too

(123) S Kirby Choates – flunked-out an unranked Safety Mark Richt signed. unranked because of his grades

(124) Shaquery Wilson – abdicated his Scholarship from Mark Richt and just up and left

(125) Devondre Seymour – abdicated his Scholarship from Mark Richt and just up and left

(126) S Jonathan Abram

(127) Roquan Smith MLB

(128) Terry Godwin WR

(129) Patrick Allen OT

(130) DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle DT

(131) Tae Crowder

(132) Sam Madden – has not played one snap in two years’ time so far

(133) D’Andre Walker LB

(134) Chuks Amaechi – was a 2-year Junior College Transfer so he is done

(135) Jarvis Wilson DB

(136) Rashad Roundtree ILB

(137) Michael Barnett DE – did not get one snap 2016

(138) Jonathan Ledbetter – This Mark Richt recruit was arrested again. Kirby gave him substance-abuse treatment now playing well but all Mark Richt did was “turn his back” on these type guys and kick them to the curb KICKING THEM OFF THE TEAM.

(139) Jayson Stanley WR

(140) Trenton Thompson – Mark Richt only gave him 6 starts Kirby gave him 7 Starts including the last 3 in a row

(141) Michael Chigbu WR

(142) Sage Hardin OL Mark Richt Redshirted him Kirby played him one game 2016

(143) Jackson Harris TE

(144) Deandre Baker CB

(145) Natrez Patrick DE

(146) Justin Young DE – Mark Richt Redshirted Kirby played 9 games


29 Signed Scholarship Recruits Mark Richt 2015 but as with EVERY OTHER YEAR that was just overinflating Mark Richt’s Recruiting Rankings because they AREN’T HERE.

63 of the 146 Signed Scholarship Recruits by Mark Richt beginning 2010 were either kicked-off the team failed to qualify flunked-out never showed-up or quit.

43 percent of Mark Richt’s Signed Scholarship Recruits 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 sixty-three of one hundred forty-six Signed Scholarship Recruits by Mark Richt beginning 2010 until he was FIRED HERE  were either kicked-off the team failed to qualify flunked-out never showed-up or quit.

Forty-Three Percent 63 of the 146 Signed Scholarship Recruits by Mark Richt beginning 2010 were either kicked-off the team failed to qualify flunked-out never showed-up or quit which got us in such a mess that we did NOT have what we needed for 2016.

When Forty-Three Percent of your Signed Scholarship Recruits which you GOT CREDIT for Signing Here starting 2010 end-up not playing for you 63 of the 146  –  you are NOT GOING TO HAVE A GOOD TEAM.

Mark Richt did NOT sign 146 Scholarship Recruits starting 2010 to play for us.  It was 43 % worse than the overinflated recruiting rankings Mark Richt manipulated.

Figure it out.

Kirby Smart is a LOT better recruiter than Mark Richt.  But Kirby failed to recognize he had to practice his freshmen with the # 1 unit last Spring and Fall camps and so he lost 5 games including to 6-7 Vandie whom 3 cupcakes beat.

Why were we # 43 vs top 15 teams starting 2010 through the end of the Mark Richt Era with the average Scout.com Recruiting Rankings of # 7 ?



Mark Richt was not nearly the recruiter y’all bragged on him to be – was he ?

Mark Richt’s Recruiting was sketchy – wasn’t it ?  Not 2013 Bob Miller but EVERY YEAR the same starting 2010.

Why are we IN THIS MESS trying to recover from this ?

How have we done with the remaining signed scholarship recruits ?

This football program has not done well BECAUSE OF RECRUITING.  We thought we were getting the average # 7 Scout.com Recruiting Rankings but they were overinflated with players who DID NOT PLAY HERE forty-three percent who did not play here.

Kirby has to fix this but 2018 has only 1 commit for 17 Senior Starters he has 2017.  That is ONE of the many ways a college football coach can be successful.  Did you know you can be judged to be a good college football coach because you have good players ?

It is ALSO how a coach can be FIRED to be # 7 as Mark Richt was in avg Scout.com Recruiting Rankings yet # 43 for Mark Richt vs top 15 teams after 2010.    If you lose to the top 15 teams with the # 7 average Scout.com Recruiting Rankings and throw-in losses to unranked teams in addition you get fired.

But was the talent really here ?  Did Kirby get little talent to begin with ?  Was Kirby in a hole talent wise ?

Kirby improved us over what we were doing in recruiting.  Will it translate to getting this program out of this hole ?

It was our biggest problem.  It has to help.  It cannot hurt to fix the recruiting.  A college football coach can be successful just by having better talent.

Did we really have better talent 2010-2016 or were we behind the 8-ball on talent ?  Why were we short on talent with the high average Scout.com Recruiting Rankings after 2010 ?

Because they were NOT HERE.  They did NOT play for us.  43 % of the signed scholarship recruits 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 did not play for us.  They played somewhere else instead.  Didn’t they ?



So do NOT say they “TRANSFERRED-OUT of the 2013 class” Bob Miller Bulldawg Illustrated tell the truth instead Bob Miller Mark Richt got us in this hole when he was FIRED after 2015 regular season when 22 starters left the program before Kirby was named head coach.  Of the 22 named the DREAM TEAM by Mark Richt all of whom were starters here Kolton Houston also left after the 2015 season with them so together this DREAM TEAM then of Mark Richt’s averaged 4 losses a season 24 losses starting 2010 his last 6 years here same as Mark Richt averaged his last entire 8 years here of 32 losses which is 4 losses per season Mark Richt starting 2010 until he was fired after the end of the regulars season 2015 Bob Miller.


73-32 Mark Richt starting 2010 through the end of the Mark Richt era because 43 percent of his signed scholarship recruits did NOT play here.  Now did they ?


You are doing us no favor Bob Miller to try to lay blame to ONLY the 2013 recruiting class Bob Miller when 63 of Mark Richt’s last 146 signed scholarship recruits did NOT finish-up here at UGA.


Did they ?


It was NOT just the 2013 recruiting class was it Bob Miller ?


63 of Mark Richt’s last 146 signed scholarship recruits either flunked-out were kicked-off failed to qualify never showed-up or quit 43% from 2010 to 2015 and just were NOT HERE for Kirby 2016 giving Kirby the # 93 most experienced team 2016 but Kirby exacerbated that by not practicing his youth with the # 1 unit last Spring and last Fall and now this Spring too.





It was NOT just the 2013 recruiting class Bob Miller.




Was it ?


And what NOW of 2018 recruiting class Bob Miller with one commitment for 17 senior starters Kirby now loses after 2017 ?


Georgia had one bad class Bob Miller ?


Or Kirby had one good one ?


We as a football program have our comeuppance headed our way if we think we can blame only the 2013 recruiting class for the FACT that for 9 years now we’re averaging MORE than 4 losses a year with the average recruiting ranking of # 7.


Did you hear me Bob Miller ?


We’re in trouble as a football program averaging # 7 recruiting rankings while averaging MORE than 4 losses a season now for 9 years.


Take the criticism Bob Miller Bulldawg Illustrated – we have it COMING.


There is NO EXCUSE for THIS with only 3 states producing more NFL Draft Picks than the state of Georgia.  We brag on our recruiting.  We average MORE than 4 losses for the latest most-recent most current 9-year period WITH ALL THIS TALENT signed here as Scholarship Recruits.


Get it this time or not Bob Miller ?


We have this criticism of which we are due.  Learn to take it Bob Miller not make FLIMSY excuses for it.  If we are going to improve our football program we have to TELL THE TRUTH face the FACTS and FIX THEM.


Do not therefore blame the 2013 recruiting class as THAT CLASS is NO DIFFERENT from ANY other 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 is it Bob Miller ?