Well we’re 3-4 in The SEC with our last SEC game to break-even on the season tomorrow welcoming # 8 Auburn to town at 3:30 p.m. We’re picked to lose by double-digits to # 8 Auburn at Home ‘Tween The Hedges where I don’t have to listen to Gary Danielson who figures to rip us a new one. Seth Emerson expects Kirby to start Mecole Hardman Jr. returning Kick-Offs. Let’s win this game for Bill Stanfill.

Our Pride has been challenged.


Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson CBS Announcers have made-out Georgia to be a bust of a football program.  Gary Danielson specifically has stated every time he talks about us that we are the Clemson.  That we manage to find a way to lose.



That that is our identity.


Gary Danielson in particular says that “The Bulldogs ‘Georgia’d’ the game, again.”


That we stole defeat from the Jaws of Victory.  I am glad I don’t have to listen to him tomorrow. I am tired of it.


It really is all he says frankly.


He went to Purdue. He wasn’t any damn good.  He went undrafted.  In the NFL he threw as many interceptions as touchdowns. Purdue isn’t relevant either.  He’s from Detroit for God’s Sake.


I don’t know what Gary Danielson expected me to say about him.  Maybe he’s so God Damn Stupid that he did not anticipate I would reply.


Who the living hell did he think he was speaking to on the telecast to say all this about The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs paying for his hotel his food his home his life ?


Well it is we who pay your salary Gary Danielson sir.


And what is the state of our football program ?


We can ask that question of ourselves Gary Danielson.


We actually have perspective on that question which you frankly lack.


We have issues all over.


The OL has been a bust.  The WR have done nothing but drop the ball.  The running backs have been limited to just 2 who play regularly despite the fact that both have dealt with injuries – significant injuries.  The special teams have been bad at everything except kicking field goals.


Kick-Offs we sometimes kick it barely into the end zone and even then flat so they return it.  Mostly we don’t and are # 122 at Kick-Off Return Defense as a result.  Our punting is # 122 Net Punting so that is no better either.  In punt returns when we actually field the ball which mostly we just let it hit and roll to our 3-yard line from the 28-yard line we don’t do well at that either # 69 punt returns.


And that is when we don’t fumble the punt off our jersey using it to catch the ball not our hands.


Or when we don’t wave our arms to wave everyone away no clue where the punt will land.


The defense has not been aggressive at only # 113 nationally at tackling our opponents behind their line of scrimmage.  We sit back and let offenses do whatever they want to do to us with no pressure no aggressiveness.   Opponents score at will on us in the red zone.  We do not assert ourselves on defense yet have all kinds of freshmen talent who by themselves seem intent to do so if they could just get into the game.  We fumble the ball loads # 94 at fumbles and send the same guys back out to do it again like we have no one else even on the team.  Thus we give-up short fields against our defense.  And to compound all these issues we get called for penalties at # 74 nationally.


We have no reason to be overconfident yet Loran Smith says we should be today on his blog.


Our Quarterback is # 19 in the nation at not throwing interceptions.  Yet we lead with our OL and broken-down running game because well we don’t know who our WR are.  His name is Mecole Hardman Jr.


Our running back is Brian Herrien.


We’ve lost to some teams we probably should not have lost to.


We had a player’s only meeting before Florida and then confronted the Offensive Coordinator in his office afterwards.  We’ve recruited very well.  We’d lost 4 of 5 games before a miraculous win against Kentucky last week on the road.  Our coaches have been criticized.  Our fan base is marked by those who still support the coach who was fired.  Our blogs spike when we have a game.  Our players make the NFL and do well.


We have a state unequaled in top talent and recruits in-state clamor to play for us.  We probably have as many followers to our program as any program in America.


We’re # 3 in the nation in recruiting 2017 and frankly average the highest average recruit in the nation except for one team.  Purdue has no reason to look down their damned noses at us.


It’s our Pride that Gary Danielson CBS challenges.


As a program we continue to lose to top teams and we throw-in losses to those we shouldn’t every year too.  We have a beautiful stadium and largely are considered the best college football town with also the # 1 mascot.  Our school picks up great rankings nationally and improves on those rankings every year to where now we’re barely behind our Atlanta Rival as a prestigious college.  # 56 U.S. News and World Report Rankings 2017 for UGA and # 35 for the Georgia Institute of Technology.  We’re neither one Princeton or Harvard but they make-out they are – barely better than us.


Every team we play, badly wants to beat us.


Every team we play has players playing for them from here.


Auburn would not even have a football team were it not for players from this great state of Georgia.  It’s always been that way for them.


We have more competition for our in-state players from out-of-state schools than every other state endures in-state from out-of-state schools.  Auburn is an out-of-state school.   We have less competition for our in-state players from our other schools in-state than every other school has for their players in their state.


We have an aging gym which frankly should have been replaced like Ole Miss’ was long ago and consider ourselves a football school yet watch all these other SEC schools go by us in attendance because we whiff on revenue games for Athens and the Athens’ economy while we just stand idly by and let them expand their stadiums larger than our own.  And build new better gyms than we have.  Why ?


We have an athletics department across the board which has not done as well as we once did.


We send our student-athletes to the Olympics and they rack-up.


We make more profits than just about every program in the nation and just sit on them.


In all our sports we would seem to have a huge advantage in the school we offer our recruits to attend.


Auburn is the # 99 best college and Georgia the # 56.


Some of us complain at the prospect of having a losing SEC season.  Most blog writers seem quite content as I read them not even point-out what happens if we lose.


We play one less home game than every other major program and 2 fewer than some.


I see teams like the vols have what amounts to 8 and 9 even Home Games some years.


We rarely get a good opponent at our House.  Mostly we play cupcakes at Home.  This game we get Here.  Why not take advantage of that ?


We seem unable unwilling and oblivious to do anything about playing Florida at the site of the annual Gator Bowl every year 6 and half hours for us and 1 hour for them.  Pardon me we suck there.


Just as with Auburn whom we NEVER played here, we need that game every 2 years to be in Athens.  No one wants a vacation to Jacksonville to lose.  Good Lord.  And in November no less.


We used to play our games against Georgie tek yellowjackets always in Atlanta.  Auburn we played in Columbus.  Alabama we never played at our house.  Even Michigan got in the act with all our games there.  We used to play almost all our games anywhere but Athens the # 1 college football town.  Our stadium has fallen behind others and has needed expansion for quite some time.  Instead we want to play in Jacksonville in a stadium which is poorly run and out-of-date and always had temporary seats. Anything but have that game here once every 2 years and expand our stadium with that additional revenue.


We’re a big boom to Athens tomorrow.  In droves we significantly impact the economy tomorrow.


Auburn was never played at home for us.  We played Georgie tek yellowjackets every year in Atlanta.  Auburn was Columbus.


We played 23 of 24 games in Atlanta against Georgie tek yellowjackets from after the eighteen hundreds until several years after we had joined The SEC.  We won 8 of 24 games.  Some neutral game.


We played Auburn in places like Macon Atlanta Columbus Montgomery Savannah for 59 years until last in 1958.  We lost not only the last 6 in Columbus but lost all the games in Montgomery never won in Savannah won only twice in 4 games in Macon and won only 4 of the 12 games in Atlanta.  Some neutral game.  And why we finally asked ourselves ?  Because THEY wanted it to be anywhere but Athens ?


Why do we have a winning record against Auburn all-time ?


Because we quit playing them only anywhere other than here.


We did the same with Alabama never playing them here either –  trying best as we could not to give Athens any revenue.


We also did the same with North Carolina again let’s play them anywhere but Athens.


Tradition ?


The tradition for UGA is to play our games NOT at HOME and we fixed that with every team save one.


Well we have Auburn here.


Well let’s beat them.


Do we show the same overconfident self that led us to fall behind 45 to nothing to Ole Miss who has a losing record on the season and 1-4 SEC record for Ole Miss beginning our losses 4 of the last 5 games before we pull-out a victory on the road at Kentucky last week ?


Or do we GATA and beat what once was our # 1 Rival and still is our # 2 Rival as we are Auburn’s # 2 Rival as well.


Other teams get all up ready to go against us and we really haven’t done that at all all season long.


It’s been another underwhelming underachieving season of disappointments.  It’s best we recall that as we go into this game expected to lose by the largest margin of any opponent over us this season.


For Gary Danielson will rip you a new one if you sleep-walk another football game to begin with.


We’ve been behind in EVERY game all year.


We seem to be doing everything we can do to let other programs do better than we.


To make it as hard on us as we possibly can.


Yet we’re # 11 All-Time in Wins and # 3 in Bowl Wins.  Auburn is # 19 All-Time in Wins.


We have 18 in the College Football Hall of Fame.


We’ve won 6 national championships in football.


We used to be higher in attendance than we are now.  We’ve not expanded and they saw they could pass us by simply adding a few seats.


And in this day of SEC Revenue Sharing sure to be two-thirds of a billion dollars.


What are we thinking ?


When do WE get-off to a fast start in any game ?  When ?  Next year ?


This year is over ?


We’re second best at buying Bulldog’ Official Memorabilia.


We’re the # 1 Party School.


We’re UGA University of Ground Attack and have a real quarterback.


We were supposed to have a seasoned OL this year.


Our OL coach is going to coach well next season ?  Why has he treated his freshmen this long 2016 season the manner in which he has in fact ?  Are those all Kirby calls ?  We’ll never know.  We can’t ask him and Kirby is so full of shit he can’t even tell us if he voted.


I voted by God.  I gave him and us a mandate.


We’re the # 6 hottest student bodies.


Yet with all these advantages, we average 4 losses per season for 9 seasons now dating back to after the 2007 season.

The long and the short of it is that we lose to the top teams and let cupcakes beat us and have for 9 years running now.



I’d like very much not to be an enigma this week.  We do have Auburn at Home.



The rest of the nation expects Georgia to Georgia the game.  To blow-it in other words.


We’re a verb.  That defines us.


I’d sure like to not drive home a loser tomorrow night.


Is it too much to ask that we get fired-up and realize the insurmountable hill that # 8 Auburn presents to our team struggling for identity in all 3 aspects of a football team offense special teams and defense ?


We’ll be on in Prime Time.  I’d like for us to show that we’re ready for Prime Time.  CBS figures we will not be.  That will be their set-up for the game.


We have a LOT to play for tomorrow such as our pride is challenged by the guy announcing the game and to not have a losing SEC season at 3:30 p.m. and I for one look forward to playing our best game to give the prospects something to be proud about us.  And I am mostly glad that I don’t have to listen to Gary Danielson – The Hack.


I’d love to drive home tomorrow night in the dark knowing we proved a guy who has never done anything – Gary Danielson – wrong.


Auburn has recruited against us for their entire team.  They’re innovative with Gus Malzahn supposedly NOT on the hot seat and we’re staid dyed-in-the-wool old school traditional conservative stubborn predictable ?


Why ?


Because we don’t know who our WR are ?  That we can’t set-up our running game by passing 1st down once all game long ?


Because only now against Kentucky last week has Kirby started 10 now this season who never played for Mark Richt ?


Build on the momentum of last week’s win – GATA – not think we’ve arrived.


Let’s be unpredictable.  Let’s be bold.  Let’s act like this game matters.  It can’t just matter to me.


As for Ben Cleveland is not going to start for Kirby next year either, that’s bullshit.  I am heartened that at least Seth Emerson noticed that Solomon Kindley had his redshirt burned for one play and that he thinks Mecole Hardman Jr. should return Kick-Offs tomorrow.  I called for that and punt returns and wide receiver all season for Mecole Hardman Jr.  Will Kirby do even what Seth Emerson calls for ?






Let’s GATA.


AJ-C Chipper Towers says today that there are more important issues than college football.  Why write about us then Chipper you idiot ?  Open mouth switch feet.  We all know that about you Chipper Towers.  All you have to do is read one of your articles.  That was Mark Richt’s mantra – something more important than winning college football games.


The Hell there is.


Not Auburn week you fool.


Atlanta city of more than 7 million is the Mecca of College Football and tomorrow is a game big enough to be on CBS.


We haven’t really showed-up any game ready to play football – not all season long.


Let’s take it to them like we care.  Let’s keep playing the guys who have done better than the ones given their jobs on a platter as Favorite.  Let’s play some more of those players and give them a chance to shine.  Let’s have some real momentum going into next year.


This game is of supreme importance to us.


Let’s get mad that Bill Stanfill was not better taken care of by the NFL where we sent our fallen hero only to have him shunned yet one of the truly great NFL players of all-time with the most success here and Miami Dolphins of any player to ever suit-up for the game.


His death is only because of his NFL injuries.  No other reason at age 69.


Win this one for Bill Stanfill College Football Hall of Fame who Won the National Championship for us in 1966 and in 1968 who died from a fall today after many years of dealing with his football injuries documented by Sports Illustrated at just age 69.


Bill Stanfill  College Football Hall of Fame Outland Trophy 2 National Championships 1966 and 1968 Academic All-America 1st Round NFL Draft Pick but because of his football injuries not Pro Football Hall of Fame  Miami Dolphins All-Time Sack Leader should have been Super Bowl VII MVP.


One of 18 College Football Hall of Fame Georgia Bulldogs.


Let’s win this game for Bill Stanfill – to Honor Bill Stanfill one of our very Elite Best Ever.  He ate Steve Spurrier up and spat him out.   2 Super Bowl Championships Miami Dolphins.  2 National Championships Georgia Bulldogs.  25-6-2 with The Bulldogs.  None of this lose 4 games per season average for 9 years now.