A foot. 12 inches. Snowed 24 hours in a row December 8 until December 9 of 2017 Atlanta. Atlanta. Not even Winter.

It started snowing at 9 am yesterday morning and snowed until 9 am this morning.  It was 31 or 32 or 33 degrees Fahrenheit the whole entire time.


Winter Storm Benji.


More than 12 inches snow here before ?  I am going to say that this is the MOST SNOW we ever got in a 24-hour period.


It was non-stop.  It had to be.  I think it is 50 % more than I have EVER seen.


February 6 of 1978 our headquarters flew me to New York.  I checked -in to the Cherry Hill New Jersey Marriott National Convention Center Highway 33 and U.S. 1 Princeton after flying into Newark.  I dug out of 17 and a half inches of snow and went to the Worldwide HQ the next morning.  There was a Guard there and me.  On top of that, it really would not go way in 30 mph winds.  Then there was another storm on top of that that following night.  So Sunday when I landed and Monday night BOTH.  It all started when they flew me in Sunday night.  I got to the Hotel ok but it was coming down.


I figured it snowed up there all the time.  I asked at the front desk for a snow shovel and dug my way all the way to the street from the parking lot.  I was in a rental car.  I went over a curb at one point and it scraped off the bottom of the Hertz car.  All 4 wheels and the oil pan.


I had purchased a phone.  A car phone.  It was blue and about the size of 12 cans.


The system analysts loved it when I drove them to customer sites calling ahead.  That was 4 decades ago.


Got it ?


I sold that cell phone for $ 700.


I called them they said there another Hertz bottom ramp.  Can I get there ?


I said you’ll do this all the time right ?  I see the gas station.  That it ?  Yes.  Ok I will go there.  I went they came back with wrecker and pulled it out put the 4 wheels back and poured 4 quarts oil into engine. I drove to Newark Airport and handed them the key.


They gave me another.


I made it to the office.


Like I said I was the ONLY person there besides the security guard who was there overnight from Sunday night.


There was another 17 inches the next night – Monday night.  It just would not end.  In fact it snowed for days on end then.


Again Tuesday I got there and the Director showed-up hearing I was there the day before.


He wanted to meet me.


I turned on the mainframe for the Director and wrote some COBOL programs and debugged them on the card punch.  I printed the report for him on the I-Line paper.


The Director told everyone about that for 8 years I worked there. It was my first day on the job.  I just had graduated UGA.





What to do as a Bulldog fan after Spring Practice and before the Fall when it all begins ?

I’d say with Kirby that we have one primary objective for this off-season and that would be to get him to have the team itself available to help answer our questions so that we can continue this awesome tradition here at Georgia of actually being able to follow the news of the team.


It wouldn’t hurt if a SERVICE that purports to discuss our program actually provided URL Links like this blog does to articles they read which DO COVER OUR TEAM.


Another project is to get your tent out and practice it.  If you have never gone camping then you need to because as recruiting is the lifeblood of college football so too is camping a huge part of enjoying your life in this one go-around you get here in Paradise.


Camping not only forces you to commune with your mate but it also gets you out in nature and her too.


Did you know that everyone who wants to go camping wants to come here to camp ?


We’re surrounded by National Forests.


Set your tent up in any forest where it can be out in the open not under a tree.


Buy a good thick plastic sheet and cut to make it just less than the size of the tent.


Pick up rocks sticks sharp objects and aim your door to the East sunrise.


Put no food ever in your tent.


Frankly a $ 50 tent is more than adequate if you know how to use it.


I was the Senior Patrol Leader in my Boy Scouts of America troop and later-on Assistant Scout Master as well.  We went camping every weekend.  One of my joys in life is parking the vehicle with a compass and geological map and hiking more than a mile away straight into the woods.


You don’t want to be on the side of the mountain where the morning sun does not shine.  Some of the dells we have camped in have been the most unreal experiences.


I have been camping more than 1000 days.


It has to be a place we can get to on Friday long before dark.


Do you have any idea how much fun it is ?


Have you ever made a list of what you want to take with you ?


I own everything there is to go camping.  Everything.


If you start-out by car-camping you can venture out into the woods.


Practice with your tent.  Now is a great time to practice.  You will have to do this outside somewhere.


I can share lists such as frankly I prefer to go camping when it’s cold so I do not have to take bug spray or be concerned on all these trails the 7 million of us here in this city have well established.


You can head any direction and find just awesome experiences.


There is nowhere to hide when it’s hot.


Take your water with you.


If you invest in the wrong gear you will be unable to carry what you should in your backpack and on your person and there are many items which should be attached to your person and not removed.


In this state there are NO GUNS.  If you want to go in the woods and shoot firearms that is NOT CAMPING and not allowed.  You may have thought you can take your gun into the woods get drunk and fire all night long raising hell.


No sir.


Oh one more caution there are no wood nymphs. Take yours with you.


Anyone interested in 1000 days of camping insights for Georgia ?


It’s a fine project this beautiful Saturday morning.


Do you know that there are tools and skills for camping which I use daily ?


There are very few items I use camping I don’t use in this best state of all the world to enjoy outside and we the best weather.


Go camping.