Texas Longhorns are the # 62 team won/loss record starting 2010 in the struggling Big XII at just 53-48. That’s WORSE than Georgia Tech starting 2010. vols are 50-50 the # 72 team starting 2010. So there is that for this latest 8-year period.

Georgia is # 16 at 77-31 starting 2010 :






Kirby is # 14 at 21-7   :




Alabama is 27-2 after losing Kirby and beat Kirby as the nation’s top team during the Kirby Smart Era at Georgia Bulldogs UGA.


Mark Richt was # 17 after 2007 until he got FIRED for it.




Mark Richt was # 19 starting 2010 until he got FIRED for it :




THAT with the # 7 average Scout.com recruiting rankings.


Kirby is # 6 and # 3 and # 1 his 3 recruiting classes by STARK DIRECT COMPARISON.


Kirby averages # 3 recruiting class.


Kirby is a LOT better recruiter than Mark Richt of Miami of Florida who is in a better recruiting hotbed there in Florida than Kirby is here in Georgia.


But Texas is just getting its ass kicked.


I thought Tom Herman was a better coach than that.


Tom Herman replaced Charlie Strong who only lasted 3 years all losing-record seasons.


Mack Brown running back at Vandy got injured when he transferred to FSU 1971 and now just has been named to College Football Hall of Fame as a coach but he fell from grace at Texas too.


And Mack Brown SUCKED as Texas Coach starting with his loss in the Rose Bowl to Alabama January of 2010 – in fact BLOWN-OUT by Alabama by 2 touchdowns and a field goal then was forced-out not doing a damn thing starting with this game.


Tom Herman is not doing any better.



Minus 3 on the wind chill – 3 is the lowest besides January 25 of 2003 since all the way back when we last won a national championship in football. I thought you might like to know how cold it is tonight. 1 night colder on wind chill in 38 years here in Atlanta.