James Coley current co-offensive coordinator for Kirby is expected to be promoted to Offensive Coordinator a position he held as OC at both FSU and OC at Miami of Florida. Current assistant head coach Dell McGee would appear to be promoted to really either coordinator job. It’s just Kirby who doesn’t know offenses.

Kirby will promote from within his staff and add additional staff members to replace Mel Tucker and Jim Chaney.  Jim Chaney did bring Sam Pittman with him here from 2 previous SEC gigs together including Tennessee but that was only 1 year vols and 2 years Arkansas Sam Pittman and Jim Chaney were together.  Sam Pittman was at 2 previous non-SEC schools prior to vols in 2012 including at North Carolina.  Sam Pittman prior to all that also coached at Missouri and Sam Pittman coached at Oklahoma.  Hopefully just the last 2 stops for Sam Pittman at Arkansas with Jim Chaney and prior to that one year 2012 with the vols and Jim Chaney will not find Sam Pittman wanting to rejoin Jim Chaney.  Sam Pittman also coached at Western Michigan and Cincinnati and Northern Illinois.   Jim Chaney was a losing record coach 2012 with Sam Pittman at vols 5-7 in 2012 coaching together.  Jim Chaney as he did here struggled against the better teams 2012 with vols scoring only 20 points 2012  vols against Florida and only 13 against Alabama.  Jim Chaney with vols 2012 also put-up only 18 against Vandie 2012 who frankly has OWNED vols for some time now as you can see.  I would think those memories of their 7 losses together would weigh rather heavily with the beginning of what Sam Pittman is doing here at Georgia 2019.  Sam Pittman’s players are really only now 2019 taking over the OL.  Widely regarded the top OL in the nation 2019 I would figure Georgia would not only match any vols offer for Sam Pittman but double it.  These players adore Sam Pittman himself a Hall of Fame Offensive Lineman in college himself.  Sam Pittman is a beautiful person.


I don’t see where Sam Pittman and Jim Chaney are joined at the hip.  We should have no problems rebuffing any vols offer to Sam Pittman.


Jim Chaney was an embarrassment on the field and so I forced Kirby to move him on up to the booth.  And I forced Kirby to hire co-offensive coordinator James Coley.


How someone that profoundly obese can be made coach of kids in athletics in the first place is the real problem.


Jim Chaney’s offensive play calls were just awful.  Run first down.  Run second down.  Pass 3rd down some of the time.  Down 7 to 28 he finally threw against Texas.  But we never did score 28 points.  He doesn’t get it.  He never did.  He knows he is shameful.  It’s not like he got hired away from us.  Kirby already replaced him last year with James Coley.  And so we simply refused to renew Jim Chaney’s contract and so he found another job.


Good riddance.


Don’t let the screen door hit you on your considerable fat ass on the way out the door Jim Chaney.  I look forward to scheming against your play calls for the vols.


Jeremy Pruitt thinks Jim Chaney is a good hire ?  That can’t be the case.  He knows Jim Chaney.  How desperate is Jeremy Pruitt ?  vols were 2-6 in The SEC losing to Vandie AGAIN by 38 to 13 to prevent Jeremy Pruitt from even playing as one of the 80 teams in bowl games.


How bad is that ?


Vanderbilt had a losing record but they beat vols and Jeremy Pruitt again.  Who is the state champion of the state of Tennessee ?  It is NOT Jeremy Pruitt’s crappy-assed vols but Georgia.


Sam Pittman here at Georgia beat Austin Peay Clarksville Tennessee last year beat Middle Tennessee Murfreesboro Tennessee beat Vanderbilt Nashville Tennessee and beat vols Knoxville Tennessee just in the latest 2018 season of Sam Pittman’s exploits here.  The lure of Tennessee for Sam Pittman then is the lure of LOSING.  At some point every coach wants to coach a winner.  vols are NOT it.  They haven’t been for so long no one can remember when they were.  Yes you would like to do that yourself as the coach to make the team a winner and that is what Sam Pittman has done here.  Sam Pittman wants to stay an OL coach.  I’d like for that to be from here from now on.  But what do I know ?


This is a horrible hire for Jeremy Pruitt one sure to seal the deal that he will never do shit with vols.


I have been trying to fire Jim Chaney since Kirby had him stand beside him on the sidelines 2016 season of 8-5.


That he would go to vols is a DOUBLE-WIN for us.  One it is a win because I hate Jim Chaney’s fat ass.  And 2 because I love more than God above to watch vols suck.


vols have sucked now for so long you guys don’t even remember why I hate them so much.


Thomas Brown and Major Applewhite would both seem to be of interest to the program to interview not that we can sit here and figure who Kirby might hire frankly for either coordinator job.  I hope it’s James Coley and Dell McGee.




Coach Dell McGee is MY HERO and I want him promoted to defensive coordinator when Mel Tucker is hired as head coach at Maryland which is a fine fit for him and a good job twice what we can pay Mel Tucker. You have to want what is good for your men coaching our guys.

1973 to 1985 Maryland was the # 17 best college football program in America.

1949 to 1955 Maryland was the # 2 best college football program in America.


Maryland is # 59 all-time in college football wins at

644 589 43 .522


There are 129 FBS teams # 59 is fine really.


You can’t judge Maryland by Georgia.


Georgia isn’t hiring Mel Tucker as head coach.


2 dozen reports report that Maryland wants Mel Tucker AND that Mel Tucker wants Maryland.


Why not ?


Someone is going to take the job.


And Mel Tucker is going somewhere.


Who cares who or where ?  It’s just when.  And what then FOR US ?


Wake up.


I realize that these were a long time ago when Maryland was relevant and that Maryland up and joined the Big Ten where they were placed in the East with Ohio State Michigan Michigan State and Penn State all in the East of the B1G with Maryland but the facts are Maryland is fertile recruiting ground and Mel Tucker is a Big Ten guy.  Mel Tucker is going somewhere because he is maxed out on salary as assistant coach and has to become head coach.


Frankly Maryland is a good football program at 52 % win percentage all-time.  It’s Big Ten for God’s sake.  It’s DMV for heaven sake.  District of Columbia is made up of Maryland and Virginia.  They do play and follow football there.  DMV=District Maryland and Virginia.  Not every place is Georgia or Ohio State.  Maryland is a reasonable starting point for Mel Tucker.  They can double his salary and he would be happy.  We can’t match that offer.  Damon Evans red panties wants Mel Tucker and that fits his style to go after Mel Tucker.  Any way someone is going to hire Mel Tucker.  It’s a salary issue.


When not if or where is all that remains for Mel Tucker at Georgia.  So what do we do when ?  If or where doesn’t matter.


Coach Dell McGee is responsible for recruiting Justin Fields Zamir White James Cook and Brenton Cox the # 1 overall recruit # 1 dual-threat QB # 1 and # 3 running backs and # 2 strong side defensive end in the nation and Jamaree Salyer # 1 Offensive Guard in the NATION and Jake Camarda and D’Andre Swift and Andrew Thomas and Dominick Blaylock. Azeez Ojulari. Chris Smith. Elijah Holyfield.


44-year old Auburn grad whose word means something Coach Dell McGee.


I am stumping for Coach Dell McGee to be named Defensive Coordinator replacing Mel Tucker leaving to be head coach at Maryland for Athletics Director Damon Evans.


Maryland is a very good college football program and a great fit for Mel Tucker.


Best of luck to all involved.



Assistant Head Football Coach Dell McGee – Kirby’s Assistant Head Football Coach – Coach Dell McGee – I love him !

Coach Dell McGee is MY HERO.


I love Coach Dell McGee.


I wanted to make him Offensive Coordinator year 2.


Assistant Head Football Coach – assistant to Kirby.




That sounds right to me.


There is NOT a finer Coach on our Staff than Coach Dell McGee.


I Love The MAN.





Toneil Carter Jr. whom Kirby offered a scholarship to for early enrollment last year then had Coach Dell McGee call his 5 brothers and sisters and parents and tell them the Early Enrollments were full early-on in the recruiting right after Sony Michel and Nick Chubb both said they were returning for their senior seasons is TRANSFERRING from Texas. He is VERY UNHAPPY there. He fumbled the ball all the time. Only 252 yards rushing all season and was a Starter at TB several games. Toneil Carter Jr. was SUSPENDED for the bowl game reportedly for BAD GRADES.

Toneil Carter Jr. only ended-up playing in 9 games.  This is NOT GOOD for a guy who Tom Herman picked to be his Starter several of those 9 games.  Quickly he fell from grace.  Then reportedly his grades went South too.


Suspended for the bowl game at the time when other players with grade issues were suspended for team rules as well.


According to everyone following Texas who had had 3 losing seasons in a row before 7-6 last year with Tom Herman – the problem that cost Toneil Carter Jr. his job was FUMBLES.


You do NOT get suspended 22 December for THAT.


You get suspended 22 December for FLUNKING-OUT.


He is going to have to go to school somewhere where he can make grades of D.


Toneil Carter Jr. pronounced toe nail only carried the ball 25 yards in the Spring Game Texas Longhorns 2018 adding ANOTHER FUMBLE on just 10 carries 2.5 yards per carry and FUMBLED again.




So it appears Toneil Carter Jr. has NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS.


Here now he would have been competing for the Starting Job at TB Georgia Bulldogs UGA for Kirby Smart Dell McGee.


There he seems to have some mad cow disease.


All cows are bad anyway causing Global Warming worse than cars do.


Sorry for all your problems Toneil Carter Jr. but your parents should have named you better and you should have disregarded their BS and stayed the course with Kirby who NEVER rescinded your scholarship he STATED for all to consume.


Early enrollment.


That might have changed.


Now you are unhappy suspended fumbling and making bad grades telling everyone you are transferring.


What not happy with your Spring Game 2018 Toneil Carter Jr. with yet ANOTHER fumble and only 2.5 yards per carry.


How are your grades ?


How did you get to play in the Spring Game ?


You have totally screwed-up your college career Toneil Carter Jr.


And it does NOT appear Texas Longhorn Tom Herman is TREATING you very well either  Toneil Carter Jr.





TOP RECRUITER in the NATION Dell McGee RB coach Georgia UGA Bulldogs $550 thousand dollars 2018 inked Justin Fields Zamir White James Cook and Brenton Cox the # 1 overall recruit # 1 dual-threat QB # 1 and # 3 running backs and # 2 strong side defensive end in the nation BY HIMSELF responsible. 44-year old Auburn grad whose word MEANS SOMETHING. I would have made him offensive coordinator LAST YEAR.

Some of the other recruits Dell McGee is credited with signing here at Georgia include Jamaree Salyer # 1 Offensive Guard in the NATION and Jake Camarda and D’Andre Swift and Andrew Thomas.










Dell McGee who BANNED Mark Richt from recruiting NOW 247Sports.com Jake Rowe says is the # 1 college football coach in recruiting gaining commitments from a mighty long list of top prospects already and got a BIG RAISE for it. I could see Dell McGee as head coach at Georgia. D’Andre Swift. Justin Fields. Zamir White. James Cook. Dominick Blaylock. Azeez Ojulari. Chris Smith. Elijah Holyfield.

Dell McGee is one great football coach.  When Mark Richt was here and Dell McGee was head coach Dell McGee BANNED Mark Richt from recruiting his players.




Now Dell McGee is the # 1 college football coach at recruiting.




“I say that to show them that the incident that occurred wasn’t appreciated.  The biggest thing is, the University of Georgia knew, they had knowledge of the player and his parents coming there for the weekend. For them not to communicate that they had rescinded that offer before that was not very professional.  Coach Richt called me and told me he was sorry it happened like it did.”


Now Dell McGee is the # 1 college football coach at recruiting.  The man has CLASS.
“To protect our kids and my program, Georgia won’t be welcome on my campus.  They’re not going to recruit anybody.”  Dell McGee told GHSF Daily late Monday evening.
# 1 recruiter 10-28-2017 Dell McGee

UGA’s Dell McGee now ranked as nation’s top recruiter

A UGA assistant now stands alone atop the 247Sports Recruiter Rankings.

Jake Rowe


D’Andre Swift. Justin Fields. Zamir White. James Cook. Dominick Blaylock. Azeez Ojulari. Chris Smith. Elijah Holyfield.  All brought here by none other than Dell McGee.



I have called for Coach Dell McGee to be the Offensive Coordinator HERE since the day he was hired.   8 previous posts I have made that statement here on THIS BLOG.




We are Passing Offense # 87 and THAT is EVEN with Jacob Eason. God AWFUL. Why such conservative offense – THEY’RE stuffing our run. We have idiots coaching our Offense. We are # 109 at FUMBLES LOST. # 110 Kick-Off Return Defense. # 108 Kick-Off Returns by us. # 79 Punt Return Defense. # 69 Run Defense. Our Offense SUCKS. We are too predictable – just RUN RUN RUN. Our Special Teams not ready for PRIME TIME EITHER. Guess what ? PRIME TIME is HERE now. And we’re NOT READY. Why messing around with the Press and NOT PREPARING our team to be READY for whichever QB we’re going to play. That was obvious AFTER last year with Greyson Lambert the # 104 Passing Offense with only 12 TD passes in 12 games against WEAK opponents. He also has 7 fumbles last season and # 119 on 3rd Down Conversions.





We don’t know what we’re doing.


God gives you Jacob Eason and you are # 87 Passing Offense because you FAILED to give him a single snap all SPRING with the # 1 unit.  Then in the Fall Practice YOU WASTED ALL THAT TOO until the last 3 weeks – then you DID NOT START HIM THEN EVEN.  They have NO TIMING DOWN ON OFFENSE.  Duh.


No one knows what they are doing.


They have NOT practiced together.


Throw them in there after telling press AND Team you have no CONFIDENCE in Greyson Lambert and what ?  Let them learn in the games LIVE ?




Any offensive coordinator with Jacob Eason on the team is going to PASS FIRST with this stable of running backs to SET-UP the run.


Us ?






Put Jacob Eason in and run.


Start Jacob Eason who you DID NOT give ANY snaps all Spring with the # 1 unit – WASTED HIS ENTIRE SPRING.  He came here early.  He MADE ALL A in classes.


He never got a single snap with # 1 unit all Spring.  Then, in the Fall, you did NOT give him any then EITHER until 3 weeks left.  Then, you gave him the snaps until one week before kick-off.  Then, you TOOK THEM ALL AWAY FROM HIM.  Then this week, you kept Greyson Lambert with the snaps with # 1 unit Monday and Tuesday.  Then, Wednesday flip-flop it AGAIN.  Good gracious alive.


This is a FAILURE on Kirby and on Jim Chaney to PREPARE the QB they would START.


The # 1 unit doesn’t know the tendencies of EITHER QB.  And NEITHER QB has the confidence OR timing down with the TEAM.


What are you going to do now ?


Go back to the guy who has thrown 5 passes and 3 completions per game Greyson Lambert for zero TD passes ?  # 104 Passing Offense of last year with him ?  # 119 on 3rd Down Conversions with him ?  Winning 10 games is NOT the goal of this program of mine.  Neither is winning the national championship.  I expect us to have lots of seasons of 80 % win percentage which we have accomplished 26 times.  And I expect us to end the season in a bowl game BOTH teams ranked in the Top of Final AP and Coaches’ Polls, which we have likewise done 15 times and won most of those.  THESE are our goals.


Is that truly your bullshit strategy NOW Jim Chaney-  you piece of shit FAT ASS ?


You set the wrong example for the kids, Jim Chaney.


Go get HELP weighing 400 lbs. on an ATHLETIC TEAM ranked # 9 this morning.  You set a God Awful precedent son.


God Freaking Awful example to kids to be so profoundly OBESE, Jim Chaney.


How do you set-up a run-oriented Offense ?




Jesus Christ.


We let a FCS team do the SAME THING North Carolina did who CAN’T PLAY RUN DEFENSE.


We let them STUFF our run.


What do we do ?


We put in Jacob Eason and tell him to run the God Damn Stupid Football.


We are leading the nation in FUMBLES.


Why no beeping footballs ?  vols have been practicing with BEEPIING footballs all year.  The NFL uses them.  We lead nation in FUMBLES and no beeping footballs ?  They self-teach you how to hold the ball.


Throw the ball to Dominick Sanders as he is at least our 2nd best WR.


Throw the ball to Mecole Hardman Jr.  This is basic coaching.


Same with all the 4 you have REDSHIRTED including an OL Ben Cleveland who SHOULD BE STARTING.


Throw the ball dumbasses.




It will NEVER WORK letting SEC teams FORCE Greyson Lambert to beat them.  He will JUST HOLD THE FREAKING FOOTBALL.


He won’t pass it.




I swear to God.




Fire Jim Chaney.




Do it NOW.


Do it this morning.


This shit is NOT GOING TO WORK.


Why are we redshirting Mecole Hardman Jr. and Elijah Holyfield and Ben Cleveland and Chauncey Manac ?


WTF are we doing on Offense or Special Teams ?


Quit all the banter back-and-forth with the God Damn Freaking Press Kirby.  Our spokesmen for our team are 2 smart guys called Jacob Eason Academic All-America and Greyson Lambert who graduated with honors from Virginia.  Quit telling the press Kirby that you do NOT know anything about special teams as you said last week.  And quit telling the press that you are MAD at them.  You will NOT win that battle sir.


You come here with no experience on special teams and ADMITTED that last week Kirby.  You have one year as Mark Richt’s running backs’ coach on OFFENSE only ever in 2005.


So why the hard-nosed actions to the press about YOUR OBVIOUS WEAKNESSES Kirby ?


You can NOT control what people think Kirby.


Be honest.


This is bullshit.


PANIC MODE : Missouri Ole Miss vols


Now what ?


Coach Dell McGee – I love him !


Make Dell McGee Offensive Coordinator THIS MORNING Kirby.





ALABAMA CONNECTION – How Kirby has AFFECTED Alabama and Nick Saban : What exactly has happened in lowering Alabama while elevating Georgia ? What is Alabama Connection at Georgia guys Kirby has brought here who were there and would have been there today had Kirby not taken this gig ? And whom has Kirby brought with him that have HURT Alabama ? Why does no one talk about this when it is so OBVIOUS ? Nick Saban’s guys on The Georgia Bulldogs Now. The Nick Saban Connection at UGA. The University of Georgia 2016-2017 season. Frankly Kirby appears to be making a huge impact on both Georgia Bulldogs and Alabama Crimson Tide since coming here January 12. The kids are BUYING in. They have BOUGHT-IN. 12 on 2017 commitment list. 9 on 2016 roster not counting walk-on QB. 10 on coaching staff. Kirby leaving Alabama and coming to Georgia has hurt Alabama and helped Georgia.

10 on coaching staff :


Kirby Smart Head Coach UGA : was Nick Saban’s LSU Defensive Backs’ Coach when Nick recognized Kirby’s greatness then Nick took Kirby with him to Miami Dolphins NFL to coach Nick’s Safeties then Nick took Kirby with him to Alabama as Assistant Head Coach and Defensive Backs’ Coach then Kirby in 2008 eight years ago made Kirby Defensive Coordinator where in these last 8 years of nothingness here Kirby called every defensive play as he did at UGA as a player All-SEC 1st Team all Kirby did was win the NC half the time while our coach was unranked in the AP Poll half the time these same last 8 years.  Now Kirby has GUTTED Nick Saban’s Alabama and it is SHOWING listening to Nick Saban as I have been.  His Dad was head football coach high school.


Mel Tucker Defensive Coordinator UGA : was Nick Saban’s graduate assistant at Michigan State when Nick Saban recognized Mel’s greatness and Kirby brought Mel with him from Alabama where Nick had Mel as Assistant Head Coach and Defensive Secondary Coach.


Glenn Schumann Inside Linebackers Coach UGA : was Nick Saban’s Director of Player Development at Alabama and Kirby’s right-hand man as Glenn Schumann was there at Alabama under Nick for 8 years and Glenn Schumann played Safety Defensive Back for Alabama.  He has his degree from Alabama.  Also has a Master’s Degree in Sports Management. His Dad was DC college football for several decades and his granddad was a football coach at FSU.


James Coley Wide Receivers’ Coach UGA : Nick Saban recognized James Coley and hired him as his graduate assistant at LSU where James Coley won the NC with Nick Saban at LSU 2003 then Nick took James Coley with him to NFL Miami Dolphins where James Coley was Offensive Assistant Coach NFL Miami Dolphins for Nick Saban when Kirby was Nick’s Safeties’ Coach.  James Coley is the former Offensive Coordinator at both FSU and at Miami of Florida.


Dell McGee Running Backs’ Coach UGA : Nick Saban has been recruiting Carver-Columbus players in a big way.  Dell McGee is generally considered one of the very best high school football head coaches in the world for some time now.  When Dell McGee told Mark Richt that Mark Richt could no longer recruit Carver-Columbus stars and he has a ton of them at Carver-Columbus Nick Saban moved-in recruiting his stars.  It was the opening Nick was looking for.  Dell McGee is an Auburn grad where he was a Starter for several years.  Last season Dell McGee was Head Coach at Georgia Southern University leading GSU to their 1st Bowl Win EVER and before that Dell McGee was on the Auburn Coaching Staff when Auburn beat Nick Saban for Auburn to play in the NC game not Nick Saban.  Dell McGee made THE interception against Alabama in 1993 which beat Alabama when he played at Auburn who was undefeated in 1993. Undefeated as Division 1 College Football Coach.  Georgia Southern SHOULD have made Dell McGee their head coach OBVIOUSLY. They whiffed on that and since Kirby who was Mr Everything in Recruiting for Nick Saban knew Dell McGee extremely well from recruiting all his stars at Carver-Columbus where Dell McGee won the State Championship in Football for the state of Georgia.  Drafted 5th Round NFL Dell McGee coached Offense at Auburn.  89-19 Record Head Coach High School and College Head Coach Record is a LOT better record than Mark Richt’s at .8241 winning percentage which has GONE UP not down like Mark Richt’s over the last 8 years. Pay Dye recruited Dell McGee to Auburn.  Jarvis Jones played for Dell McGee at Carver-Columbus.  He not only won his bowl game he beat the ever-living shit out of them 58-27 scoring 35 unanswered points.  Dell McGee is very handsome man who is all business. Imagine Dell McGee told Mark Richt to not recruit his Carver-Columbus stars. Georgia Southern in their game prior to Dell McGee being head coach lost to Georgia State University in Statesboro 7-35.  This is the same Georgia Southern who Mark Richt said was so great the game before that.  Yeah uh huh with Dell McGee head coach they certainly were.  But not the coach who lost to Mark Richt 17-23 in overtime which sealed the fate of Mark Richt here.  Alabama’s Nick Saban has recruited players from Carver-Columbus such as Mekhi Brown.  Nick Saban thought he was getting Jawon Pass.  Nick Saban also got DeQuan Menzie from Carver-Columbus Consensus All-America who beat LSU in the 2012 NC game and then was 5th Round NFL Draft Pick.  Dell McGee brought along with him Olten Downs.  Nick Saban and Dell McGee are best of friends on 1st name basis.


Travares Tillman Graduate Assistant – Defense UGA : played for Nick Saban and Kirby as Safety at NFL Miami Dolphins


Kevin Sherrer is Kirby’s Outside Linebackers’ Coach at UGA : Nick Saban recognized Kevin Sherrer and hired him at Alabama where he worked for Nick Saban for 3 years.  Nick Saban and Kirby.  Kevin Sherrer won the NC 2011 and 2012 with Nick and Kirby and had Aaron Murray all covered-up when Mark Richt insisted 3 times in front of me to not spike it.  Every receiver was covered-up and the defensive line was all over Aaron Murray as it was OBVIOUS Academic All-America Aaron Murray was correct and Mark Richt incorrect to spike it to have 3 such shots.  Kevin Sherrer was Defensive Coordinator at Hoover Alabama and won the state championship 6-A twice.  Kevin Sherrer played Tight End at Alabama as a player.  Also Kevin Sherrer is a graduate of Alabama and has his Master’s Degree from Alabama.  Kevin Sherrer was Kirby’s second hire after Glenn Schumann as Outside Linebackers’ Coach.  Kevin Sherrer has been a Defensive Coach his entire career as Kirby except for Mark Richt hiring Kirby as Running Backs’ Coach 2005 the dumbass.  Imagine that and now Mark Richt is fired and Kirby made head coach because Mark Richt lost it after 2007 when Kirby PROVED HIMSELF as a great coach and one who makes GREAT HIRES and out-recruits Mark Richt and is an Academic All-America while Mark Richt is a dumbass who warmed the bench not 1st Team All-SEC like Kirby.


Ed Ellis Senior Associate Director of Strength and Conditioning UGA former Alabama grad.


Aaron Feld Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach UGA who in 2014 was on the strength and conditioning staff at Alabama for Nick Saban.


Blaine Miller Quality Control Assistant UGA  : was Nick Saban’s Player Personnel Assistant at Alabama. During his time in Tuscaloosa assisted with on-campus recruiting efforts last year.


Hannah Brinks Football Graphic Design Coordinator UGA : Hannah Brinks is a consummate professional who is doing all this great art work for Kirby and our tickets and our WebPages you are seeing now here.  When LSU began having their budget cuts because they are broke Kirby jumped in and instantly hired Hannah Brinks on his football staff here to do our graphics.  UGA does not credit the artists with their name on the works and although I recognize Hannah Brinks’ style we have no WebPages yet crediting her for her outstanding works here for Kirby and UGA.  Another great Kirby hire with Alabama Connections.  Hannah Brinks is an HONORED Alabama graduate and one of Alabama’s all-time greatest student-athletes.  Hannah Brinks holds many Alabama School Records in Swimming and in her combination of Academics’ Dean Lists Honor Rolls and Athletics prowess.  Everyone at the University of Alabama knows EXACTLY who Hannah Brinks is.  Kirby certainly DID and jumped at the chance to get her on Kirby’s football staff.  Look at our graphics and what she has done since she took over.  Just look.  I do daily.  I love her work and would recognize it in an instant.  Hannah Brinks is one of The SEC’s Most Celebrated Student-Athletes of All-Time. Competed in the U.S. Olympic Trials 2008.  Alabama graduate and competed for Alabama and The SEC Scholar All-America.


Nick and Kirby are inseparable.  They are joined at the hip. Who will Alabama turn to and offer $ 7 million dollars to coach Alabama when Nick Saban gives it up with all these devastating losses to Georgia of all these Nick Saban Connections ?  You tried for 8 mediocre years of UGA football here to tell me Mark Richt would be FSU’s hire. I said no.  I tell you NOW that Kirby is # 1 on Alabama’s list today to replace Nick Saban AND that Nick Saban is CLEARLY hurting over all this right here right now today in this blog post of his LOSSES to Kirby.  If you think that Kirby did not call every down on defense these same last 8 years as he did here as a player at the line of scrimmage 1st Team All-SEC here at UGA then you are showing that you don’t know what you are talking about AGAIN.  And I am showing that I do know what I am talking about and ALWAYS have by stark direct contrast.


Since winning his 4th national championship for Nick Saban as his Defensive Coordinator these last 8 years of rotten football here at UGA half the time NC there while half the time Mark Richt did not make the AP Poll Top 25 even, Kirby finally got here January 12.  Since January 12 Kirby has SIGNED these players HERE at UGA who previously were NOT Mark Richt commitments whom Alabama thought they had and who were going to play for Nick Saban and now are NOT :


9 on 2016 roster not counting walk-on QB :


Brian Herrien superstar Running Back Nick Saban was hot and heavy after future NFL

David Marshall superstar Defensive Tackle Nick Saban was sure he had future NFL

Michail Carter superstar Defensive Tackle Nick Saban was sure he had future NFL

Tyler Simmons Wide Receiver who Nick Saban was also recruiting heavily

Mecole Hardman Jr. superstar defensive back wide receiver special teams Nick Saban sure he had NFL

Solomon Kindley 6′ 5″ 345 lbs. OL Alabama and Nick Saban wanted at Alabama

Isaac Nauta # 1 Tight End United States of America Nick Saban and Alabama dearly wanted NFL

Riley Ridley Nick Saban and Alabama wanted his brother Heisman Trophy candidate WR now


This whom Kirby has ALREADY SIGNED and has playing for Kirby now instead.




Mo Smith 1st String Defensive Back 2016-2017 senior season at Alabama Transfer


IN ADDITION KIRBY Commitments 2017 :


12 on 2017 commitment list :


Toneil Carter one of top RB nation 2017 Nick Saban wanted dearly NFL

Andrew Thomas OT Nick Saban wanted badly  future hopeful NFL

Robert Beal Defensive End Nick Saban wanted badly NFL

Latavious Brini Defensive Back Nick Saban wanted

Trey Blount Wide Receiver Nick Saban wanted badly NFL

Netori Johnson 6′ 4″ 325 lbs. OT Nick Saban wanted badly NFL

William Poole III Cornerback Nick Saban dearly wanted NFL

Jake Fromm Pro-Style Quarterback Nick Saban was absolutely certain he had NFL

Justin Shaffer  6′ 5″ 330 lbs. Offensive Guard Nick Saban badly wanted NFL

Jaden Hunter Linebacker Nick Saban wanted

Richard LeCounte Safety Nick Saban dearly hoped to get too NFL


If ANYONE thinks that Kirby has not IMPROVED Georgia Bulldogs and HURT Alabama and Nick Saban dearly they would be absolute fools and could not possibly believe it themselves when they tried to say it.  Sure Alabama still has a great recruiting class 2016 without these Kirby STOLE from Alabama at the last moment here for Georgia Bulldogs but they don’t have THESE GUYS and We DO !


Frankly Kirby appears to be making a huge impact on both Georgia Bulldogs and Alabama Crimson Tide since coming here January 12.


Kirby leaving Alabama and coming to Georgia has hurt Alabama and helped Georgia.



I’mYourHuckleberry 10 Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 Season : Kirby is # 1 as he is the difference now after 8 years of what you called unsatisfactory performance by Mark Richt avg # 7 Scout.com recruiting ranking but avg 4 losses a season for the last entire 8 excruciating years here. Other than Jacob Eason we might as well have not recruited anyone for none other made your list while others did who obviously are NOT going to help us beat teams like you say of the vols Florida and Ole Miss. You did not mention Missouri North Carolina Auburn and don’t forget Georgie tek yellowjackets beat Mark Richt both of his last 2 games at Sanford including the year before last here where we play them this year then our SEC Championship Game then our bowl game hopefully BOTH teams ranked at the top of the Final AP Poll on the national stage EVERYONE watching us for a change. Sorry I’mYourHuckleberry but I have problems with your Top 10 Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season therefore. Enjoyed reading it but you listed some who aren’t and left off others who OBVIOUSLY will be in my humble opinion if we are ALLOWED (or earned the Right) to add-on or comment I’mYourHuckleberry. If you list a player who has played here for years and not performed that doesn’t make him the Most Important Bulldog this season.

“The players that are most important to the Bulldogs success in 2016.”




A team is made up of much when we’ve recruited the average # 7 Scout.com Recruiting Rankings for the years these guys have been here who make up our team.




1.Nick Chubb

2.Natrez Patrick

3.Dominick Sanders

4.Terry Godwin – he was our most accomplished QB last year 2015 season. If the ball had been thrown to him properly and not behind him he would have had a more profound effect on a team who FIRED their coach for going 9-3 last season as Mark Richt did.

5.Lorenzo Carter

6.Brandon Kublanow

7.Trenton Thompson

8.Sony Michel was misused last year as our # 2 best at receptions yet used too much not out in space.  His natural position is wide receiver. He is our 16th Bulldog to rush for over 1000 yards in a season.  Sony Michel was critically misused last season not out in space and we acted like we had no one to run the ball other than him up the middle when we DID.

9.Jacob Eason almost did not make your list of the 10 Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season.  OBVIOUSLY he is at the VERY TIPPY TOP OF THE LIST # 1.  Either that or we can SCRATCH this season as yet another write-off before it begins.

10.DaQuan Hawkins 9 days ago you listed at # 10 of Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season.


Some of these guys are a stretch at best.

Some of the guys you left-off altogether are glaringly missing and who clearly are FAR MORE IMPORTANT 2016-2017 season than these 10.





I’mYourHuckleberry 10 Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 Season : Kirby is # 1 as he is the difference now after 8 years of what you called unsatisfactory performance by Mark Richt avg # 7 Scout.com recruiting ranking but avg 4 losses a season for the last entire 8 excruciating years here.


Other than Jacob Eason we might as well have not recruited anyone for none other made your list while others did who obviously are NOT going to help us beat teams like you say of the vols Florida and Ole Miss not to mention Missouri North Carolina Auburn and don’t forget Georgie tek yellowjackets beat Mark Richt both of his last 2 games at Sanford including the year before last here as they play us here this year then our SEC Championship Game then our bowl game hopefully BOTH teams ranked at the top of the Final AP Poll on the national stage EVERYONE watching us for a change.


Sorry I’mYourHuckleberry but I have problems with your Top 10 Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season therefore.  Enjoyed reading it but you listed some who aren’t and left off others who OBVIOUSLY will be in my humble opinion if we are ALLOWED (or earned the Right) to add-on or comment I’mYourHuckleberry.


Greg Pyke picked to be NFL Draft Pick # 7 of OG after this season and you do not even list him but do these other 10 instead ahead of him ?


Can’t see it sorry I’mYourHuckleberry.


Mecole Hardman Jr. is OBVIOUSLY 1 of the 10 Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season.  Our special teams have sucked.  We have really nothing but questions about running the football today and he is a great rusher.  From there or out in space he is a great target for Jacob Eason you do list.  But Mecole Hardman Jr. you don’t I’mYourHuckleberry ?




( http://www.bulldawgillustrated.com/author/mpasek/ )


How in the world can you leave off  Tyler Catalina I’mYourHuckleberry ?  And to list these you do consider the 10 Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season and leave off  Tyler Catalina is a travesty and injustice.


Davin Bellamy is left off so you can prop-up these other guys who have no business being listed ahead of him as well ?  Talk about injustice.


Just my opinion now.


If we are BACK to allowing opinions around here with my over 50 years of Seasons’ Tickets studying all this as my hobby quite obviously.  A hobby I’m quite good at I might add.


I am PLEASED that you did leave off Isaiah McKenzie as the Top 10 Most Important Bulldogs going into this 2016-2017 season given his failures on and off the field leading up to this up-coming season.  He has some proving to do including demanding that we buy some of the $ 150 beeping footballs so that he learns how to properly hold on to the football with the fundamental 5-points of contact causing the balls to whistle or beep so they know they are finally holding the ball correctly.  Up until now he would not have had a ball not only not wear out its battery but in fact never beeped yet here for us.  I still don’t like the way he treats ladies off the field either.  This man was coddled.


I am likewise pleased that there not only is no mention of Greyson Lambert but specifically you also LISTED Jacob Eason.


Even if it was at # 9.


Greyson Lambert fumbled the ball 7 times last season for us and others that were not charged to him in his sorry ass season of only 12 times throwing a TD Pass ALL SEASON.  He rushed 29 times for minus  – 39 yards.  He was # 109 Passing Offense refusing to TRY to throw the football down the field thinking he would lose his Starting QB job if he did and keep it if it did NOT.  And he was # 119 on 3rd Down Conversions as a direct result thereof.


So thanks for that too I’mYourHuckleberry.


But even Chipper Towers AJ-C DawgNation who completed his series on this question before you even started yours I’mYourHuckleberry listed Jacob Eason at # 2 Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season.


Why # 9 for you Jacob Eason ?


I’d have Jacob Eason at # 2 after Kirby and if players only as you specify # 1 clearly and undeniably with Mecole Hardman Jr. # 3.


Mecole Hardman Jr. was invited to the Alabama game last year by Mark Richt and said afterwards that Kirby’s guys were ready to play but Mark Richt’s were NOT.  AND Mecole Hardman Jr.’s MOM said then too that Elite Prospects WANT TO WIN !


And you left him off your guess as to the top 10 most important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season.





( https://www.dawgnation.com/football/team-news/georgias-most-important-players-of-2016-how-long-until-launch-for-jacob-eason )


Again a team is made-up of much when we average # 7 Scout.com recruiting rankings as we do for this 2016-2017 football team.


Indeed several of the coaching additions this season could join Kirby at this point in my list such as Dell McGee whom I love and always have ever since even before he told Mark Richt to go jump in a damn lake.


Not only coaching additions to this 2016-2017 team but FANS are MOST IMPORTANT TOO.  For far too long these last 8 years according to you of unsatisfactory results the Mark Richt Apologists have held back this # 11 All-Time Wins’ Program with 6 NC and # 3 best in bowl games.  Our FANS have held us back.  If we’re going to be successful sometime SOON this has to end.


Now 7 and a half months AFTER I FIRED Mark Richt they STILL are whining about it daily on EVERY BLOG on the Internet notably daily on senator Bluto’s gtp get the picture blog.


As noted herein daily.


It’s sickening.


For this reason I list our FANS as Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season.  They have to be UNIFIED as Kirby has repeated 2000 times already.  And they are NOT.


Read any senator bluto gtp get the picture blog and READ THE COMMENTS.


I do.




“I don’t think Mark Richt is losing his job this year” November 2015 mind you.


“I can’t deny it was a decision by Greg McGarity that could not be justified.”


“Again I’m not saying that you can’t make a case that he didn’t deserve to lose his job.”


“He isn’t going anywhere.”


Jim Chaney I would not list yet as he has to prove himself to me from what I can tell so far.  Will he have the # 89 Passing Offense of Mark Richt Mike Bobo and Hutson Mason of 2 years ago 2014 now this season ?  Will he have the # 109 Passing Offense of Mark Richt and Greyson Lambert last year 2015 now this season ?  Well Kirby is counting upon him to fix this crap isn’t he ?  It won’t happen without Jacob Eason.  Jim Chaney has STOOD IDLY BY as Kirby did not give Jacob Eason 1 single snap with the # 1 unit.  If Jim Chaney thinks I missed that he is gravely mistaken.  It’s his responsibility with Kirby only 1 season on offense here as running backs’ coach ever in his lifetime to point out to Kirby that Jacob Eason has to get used to the # 1 unit and THEY to HIM.  We wasted the Spring.


Wasted it.


Mel Tucker will have to prove himself to ME too not just to Kirby from what I can tell so far as well.  Kirby said we were protected here at Georgia last year on defense.  Well we certainly DID have an easy schedule to FIRE the coach for being 9-3.  There were 29 teams Division 1-A FBS who made it a 10-win season last year and Mark Richt did NOT DESPITE a protected easy schedule since he was only 9-3 and UNRANKED in the Final AP Poll Top 25 therefore.  Thus Mark Richt’s 2015 team NOT ONLY COST HIM HIS JOB but more importantly to ME since I was FIRING him anyway he did not even make the Final AP Poll Top 25 even with a bowl win against an unranked opponent him coaching at Miami of Florida at the time.


Half the latest 8 years Kirby was National Champion calling all the defensive plays as Defensive Coordinator while Mark Richt for his latest 8 years here was NOT ranked half the time in the Final AP Poll Top 25 even.


Good Lord.


Please do not hold-up these guys who have NOT GOTTEN THE JOB DONE around here as they underperformed and act like now they are the top 10 most important Bulldogs.  No they aren’t.  They have to PROVE themselves.  There is QUITE a DIFFERENCE there in our thinking I’mYourHuckleberry.


I would love to see them do well.


They AREN’T my expectations since they HAVEN’T and HAD THE CHANCE to.


Sam Pittman our Offensive Linemen Coach is ALREADY the difference for Kirby SIGNING Jacob Eason.  And he has REALLY LINED them UP since joining the staff and causing Jacob Eason’s Dad’s quote that that is the reason he quit looking at Florida crocodiles when he certainly DID when Mark Richt was fired.


The Dirty Dozen Running Backs 2016-2017 season I highlight have been left-off your list entirely other than Nick Chubb and Sony Michel.  How about at least 4 others I see Kirby using as running backs you leave off for some of the likes of those you do list ?


No one is talking about Charlie Woerner.  That is a BIG HUGE MISTAKE.  I promise he could rush for 1000 yards this season for us.  I have seen him run the football.


Our SoS this season is top 10 in the nation.


We are not getting through it with the running backs left-off EVERY BLOG’S LIST except mine of the Dirty Dozen Running Backs 2016-2017 season who will set RECORDS for us.  Trust me on this.


I do have a small amount of credibility on my PREDICTIONS don’t I I’mYourHuckleberry sir ?


Yes we lost 2 dozen guys in the great exodus here after last season guys who averaged the # 7 Scout.com recruiting ranking and DOMINATED the NFL Combines winning those Awards and monies who were misused here by Mark Richt.  But since Kolton Houston graduated after last year too joining Mark Richt’s Dream Team in the great exodus after last season those guys averaged 4 losses a season too while they were here with 24 losses in 6 years the same record Greg McGarity and Mark Richt shared together and for which he was FIRED summarily.  And of course these last remnants of the Dream Team fared very well in the NFL Draft and free agent signings.  They just did not do shit here.


Tracy Rocker indeed was already here but he stayed unlike Thomas Brown.  He’s great too.


Ben Cleveland how can he be left off while others you list are ?


I just don’t get it.


How can Isaac Nauta be left off while others are listed by you AHEAD of Isaac Nauta ?


Tim Kimbrough # 14 of ILB if he did not flunk-out when grades came out December and was suspended academically for the bowl game I presume.  Recall as well as reported here that Mark Richt demoted Tim Kimbrough for the Georgie tek yellowjackets’ game.  Did he have reports Tim Kimbrough was behind in his grades at that time ?


Quincy Mauger # 18 of SS.


Jeb Blazevich.


I am at a loss.




I think you think Kirby is NOT playing these freshman for example to just name one group you left off entirely except for Jacob Eason I’mYourHuckleberry sir and NFL Draft Picks as another group YOU SAY WILL NOT BE TOP 10 MOST IMPORTANT BULLDOGS 2016-2017 SEASON.


I KNOW he will play these freshmen and NFL Draft Picks and THESE on my list in this blog post will MOST certainly end-up on the Top 10 Most Important Bulldogs this 2016-2017 season up-coming I’mYourHuckleberry sir.


There is NO WAY they can’t.


Frankly if some of MY LIST DON’T we have little hope this season.


I read quite a few of these lists across the Internet and I have the only list that really lists the Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season.


Yes I think outside the box.  I have never been put in a bias box.


I know Riley Ridley is going to have a great career here catching Jacob Eason’s passes as we’ve ALREADY seen.


I know Julian Rochester is going to have a great career here and it ALL STARTS with his season 2016-2017.  To list these others who have NOT PROVEN they are worthy of your list of top 10 when they have proven that to you I’mYourHuckleberry while leaving off guys like these I suggest INSTEAD of THEM is incredibly short-sighted as I see it.  If I am allowed to offer-up an opinion or have any kind of proven track record at doing so.


You know there’s a chance Javon Wims does extremely well this season AND next season I’mYourHuckleberry sir.  Leaving him and these others I highlight off as a mention even while including some you did list Top 10 is going to make MY LIST more relevant than yours.  I am sure of that.


How important is it that Kirby signed Elijah Holyfield now ?  List those you did and not mention this ?  Big gamble on your part to UN-LIST Elijah Holyfield while LISTING clearly questionable choices of Top 10 Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season.  In my opinion I would list him AHEAD of several of yours.


Michail Carter – Tyler Simmons – David Marshall – Tyler Clark – Jaleel Laguins – you listed some long shots I think these on my list are BETTER than.


Just saying.


You can NOT list a player who HAS NOT PERFORMED well so far and LIST HIM as Top 10 Most Important Bulldogs 2016-2017 season I’mYourHuckleberry.


No matter how much YOU WANT HIM TO PERFORM FINALLY given the opportunity ALREADY.


Brian Herrien is going to rush for over 1000 yards in a season I am CONVINCED.  I am so proud of this young man !  And yet you hold up these OTHERS instead of him ?  I would LIST HIM.  I have.  I have said so.


Kirby says he needs Depth across the board and we DON’T HAVE IT he said.  If that is the case the only way he does that is PLAY THE FRESHMAN not just Jacob Eason who isn’t going to be the # 9 Most Important Bulldog 2016-2017 season either.


I’m sorry but I have a LOT better list than yours.  Mark it.  Check it out.

























Consummate Coach Dell McGee and Kirby with Cam Akers Scout.com # 9 RB in nation saying how the school is ranked is VERY IMPORTANT to him & is QB in high school and could fit in for Kirby’s dual-threat QB he has been seeking



( https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CcPcVu1WoAEykd9.jpg )

Kirby with Cam Akers



Coach Dell McGee and Cam Akers

( https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CcQNdmKWwAQnYL0.jpg )


4.65 40-yard dash

6′ 208 lbs.


This is one impressive young man.


You should watch his video here :


( http://www.scout.com/player/187912-cam-akers/videos?year=2016 )


Cam Akers is considered 1 of the top 2 best running backs in the entire South.


This man would fit right in at our campus.


The University of Georgia is a BETTER SCHOOL than Alabama.


Athens Georgia or Tuscaloosa ?


He says he wants touches and Kirby and Coach Dell McGee would give him that here at UGA.


U.S. News and World Report Top Colleges Rankings 2016 :


# 1 Princeton

# 36 yellowjackets

# 47 Florida

# 51 Miami of Florida

# 61 U.S. News and World Report Rankings Top Colleges The University of Georgia

# 70 Texas A&M

# 72 Baylor

# 75 Michigan State

# 82 Iowa

# 89 N.C. State

# 96 Alabama

# 97 FSU

# 102 Auburn

# 103 Missouri

# 104 Nebraska

# 105 Tennessee

# 108 South Carolina

# 109 Oklahoma

# 115 Kansas

# 121 Arizona

# 123 Seton Hall

# 127 Colorado State University

# 129 LSU

# 130 Arkansas

# 131 Arizona State

# 135 Oregon State

# 140 Ole Miss

# 141 Rutgers

# 142 Washington State

# 145 Kansas State

# 149 Oklahoma State

# 161 Mississippi State

# 168 Louisville

# 175 West Virginia

# 187 Houston

# 194 Central Michigan




Cam Akers is the # 9 running back in the nation according to Scout.com and is considering :


# 61 University of Georgia

# 96 Alabama commit

# 97 FSU

# 102 Auburn

# 104 Nebraska

# 105 vols

# 129 LSU

# 140 Ole Miss

# 161 Mississippi State


Cam Akers states the ranking of the University is VERY IMPORTANT to him.  He’s smart and is well-spoken.  He is a fine-looking man and while the girls sure are pretty at Ole Miss too The University of Georgia has hot student body ranked as such and a lot more ladies at UGA.





It just brings tears to your eyes. From the day we 1st listened to him talking to us in his recruiting, I love the man and tracked him here for those comments during recruitment – how smart he is. He sounds like a coach talking -that smart. I remember the 2nd vol hitting him when he was already going out of bounds – so many hurt rest of their lives on vols’ orange “field.” Kirby says going to take a LONG TIME – do him RIGHT Ron Courson in charge. “Tentative now that he has started to run,” Kirby says today. It’s just breaks my heart. What a guy Kirby to share all this with us. Right ? The Dirty Dozen Running Backs for 2016 season.

This blog has long made the point about Ron Courson being the # 1 doctor in the United States of America and how Vince hired him from Alabama to take care of our beloved Bulldogs and others such as Southern’s kick-off returner Devon Gales.  We all watched as Ron Courson saved this man’s life.  He the 1st there and now he has some feeling in his legs, Devon Gales does.  I saw all that.


John Hollis of Saturday Down South does a wonderful job of describing this.



( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkM9r4ejd8M )


I knew when we got him and not Georgie tek yellowjackets – right then – what a special man Nick Chubb is.


I hang on his EVERY word.  I love to listen to him.


We do have a stable of running backs and really lost little after last season at running back.  We are really set at this position.  We misused them last season, again.  It was not until game 8 – when I shamed the coaching staff for their misuse of our running game last season – that finally some of them got their 1st snap ALL SEASON LONG.


Game 8.






( http://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/georgia-football/nick-chubb-might-not-be-ready-for-opener/ )


Kirby Quote :


“I think his psyche is he’s still a little tentative right now because he just started to run some and do some things,” Smart recently told 680 The Fan’s “Front Row,” according to the Athens Banner-Herald. “He trusts our training staff. Ron (Courson) does an unbelievable job with him. Ron gives me a weekly update on Nick and he’s shown really good progress.”


“To say he’s going to be ready Day One or he’s going to be ready Game One, I think we’re a long way from that right now,” Smart said. “We want to do what’s right for Nick long term, and that’s the most important thing. He feels comfortable with that, Ron feels comfortable with that and that’s at the discretion of the doctors.”


Commend Kirby for realizing we are all pulling in the same direction – that we are NOT NOISE.


What a guy Kirby to share all this with us.  Right ?


I Love you Nick Chubb.


We can run the ball.  You get better fine young man, sir !


Nick Chubb will be a FUTURE COACH I said when he committed here, and I read his words about his commitment to us all.


November Terry Godwin had -0- carries all season long last year.  November.

November Quayvon Hicks had -0- carries all season long last year. November.

November AJ Turman had -0- carries all season long last year. November.

We had not given Faton Bauta a single snap at QB and he is a running back.  November.


Coach Dell McGee is in charge of this this season with Kirby.


I love Dell McGee.  I have loved Dell McGee for MANY YEARS and have spoke often here on this blog of Dell McGee’s exploits.


The Dirty Dozen Running Backs for 2016 season :


# 1 RB in the Nation Keith Marshall, had a medical redshirt year this 2016 season

# 2 FB in the Nation Quayvon Hicks, jerked around from position to position at combines

# 2 RB in the Nation Sony Michel another big season coming 1000 yard rusher # 16 for UGA

# 3 overall Athlete in the Nation Terry Godwin also plays basketball, baseball, sister on UGA basketball

# 5 FB in the Nation Brendan Douglas (Rivals # 5 FB, ESPN # 4 FB, 247Sports # 13 FB, nationally)

# 9 RB in the Nation Nick Chubb NICHOLAS JAMAAL CHUBB head coach after playing days over

# 24 QB in the Nation Faton Bauta when he plays almost exclusively designed runs

# 37 RB in the Nation Isaiah McKenzie also WR/KOR/PR who needs to hold on to ball better

# 37 RB in Nation AJ Turman, this is one great running back, awesome

Walk-On FB/LB/TE Christian Payne, started FB last game regular season 2014

Walk-On FB Glenn Welch, played with Greyson Lambert Wayne County, brother Parker Welch GA QB

# 72 CB/RB in the Nation JJ Green quit dumbass coach who jerked him around at Georgie tek now

# 214 WR/RB in the Nation DEQUARTAVIOUS “TAE” CROWDER also plays basketball




# 5 Best Athlete in the Nation. Charlie Woerner. Rabun County  SERIOUS RUNNING BACK !

Nephew of Scott Woerner College Football Hall of Fame just sent his FAX in here and said : “I’m from Georgia, always been a fan, and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else,” Charlie told the AJ-C.  6′ 5″ 228 lbs 4.78 40-yard dash !  Beast.  Tops All-American.  With our TE Depth might play nearly anywhere such as WR or Safety as his Uncle. We’ll see where Kirby slots him, I am guessing Safety.  I know Erk would.
# 1 Athlete in the Nation Mecole Hardman Jr 2-Way Player & Special Teams Elbert County
Mecole Hardman Jr FANTASTIC RUNNIING BACK is the biggest new news for Signing Day 2016.  He had told Kirby’s predecessor that he had Alabama above Georgia and that he did not bring his players ready to play, but that Kirby’s players WERE ready to play.  Kirby’s predecessor had INVITED Mecole Hardman Jr to the Alabama game as his Official NCAA Visit.  Good Lord.  But, Kirby turned Mecole Hardman Jr around for us today !  Great News !  I love this guy !  Kirby can figure out where to use him when but he will START game 1 and play 3 years and then go early in the NFL Draft.  U.S. Army All-American like the other 5 listed above.  5′ 11″ and 180 lbs. # 16 Overall Football Player in the Nation.  QB and Defensive Back.  Historic Signing Day !  Thank you Mecole !  I see him as Defensive Back and Special Teams and sometimes on Offense too maybe Wide Receiver. 4.48 Mecole Hardman Jr is the FASTEST Signee for Georgia so far today !  Likely the fastest obviously we will sign. His speed is one of the many reasons he is the # 1 Athlete in this class and a LOT of the many reasons this class is historic.
# 12 Running Back in the Nation Elijah Holyfield.  Woodward
5′ 11″ and 204 lbs. physical running back. Son of only 4-time Heavyweight Champion of the World Evander Holyfield of Atlanta !  4.63 in the 40-yard dash makes great catches and his cuts after the catch and in rushing his cuts are crisp leaving defenders looking.  Tough.  1st Team All-State AAAA Georgia Sportswriter’s Association.  No fumbles.
The Dirty Dozen Running Backs for 2016 season.  They will be great !




Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor OVERPAID his staff averaging 4 losses season for 8 years !

Head Coach Kirby Paul Smart – $ 5,380,200 plus expenses plus retirement



Jim Chaney — $850,000 – Offensive Coordinator


Mel Tucker — $850,000 – Defensive Coordinator


Sam Pittman — $650,000 – Offensive Line Coach


Tracy Rocker — $525,000 – Defensive Line Coach


James Coley — $450,000 – Wide Receivers’ Coach


Kevin Sherrer — $375,000 – Defense Coach


Shane Beamer — $300,000 – Special Teams TE


Dell McGee     — $275,000 – Running Backs’ Coach


Glenn Schumann – $225,000 – Defense Coach



Scott Sinclair – $220,000 – Director of Strength & Conditioning


Marshall Malchow – $180,000 – Recruiting Coordinator



Ed Ellis – $160,000 – Senior Associate Director Strength & Conditioning


Mike Cavan – Special Assistant to Coach Kirby Smart




You can see the entire support staff here :



and here :









( https://res.cloudinary.com/cmgverticals/image/upload/c_crop,g_north_west,h_941,w_1788,x_0,y_221/c_fill,h_1078,w_2048/f_auto,q_80/v1452526883/Mike-Cavan-SMU_imanft.jpg )



I bet that these men do NOT average 4 losses per season the next 8 years.  Any takers ?


They have the nation’s best # 1 overall average for their recruit commitments.


I told you we would recruit BETTER with those LOSERS gone !


  1st Team All-SEC Coach Kirby Smart then Academic All-America



I love this Man Coach Dell McGee ! Now, what is this bullshit of competing with Jake Eason ? What you think you’re in charge still ? You got FIRED when I FIRED your wimp-ass liar you bragged would still be here coaching. You ain’t in charge of shit. I know who this Man is Coach Dell McGee. Here, let me tell you just whom it is this Man is Coach Dell McGee.

Again, now Thomas Brown is my hero.  Here 1 year, he chooses to get a title and a raise to work for a dumbass.  Head-scratching to me when Coach Kirby Smart was SO OPEN about his love of Thomas Brown too !


2 of my personal heroes, battling it out in public to one show no love to and the other nothing but the highest of praises.


Trade Thomas Brown for this man’s Man Coach Dell McGee ?


Do you even remember who this Coach Dell McGee is ?


HE is the MAN who stepped-up to the table and gave Coach Kirby Smart’s FIRED PREDECESSOR such hell.


I mean.


He booted that dumbass off his campus.   He picked up his considerable toys and picked up his welcome mat and left us holding the bag.  He made us look bad.


I have NOTHING BUT RESPECT for this Man Coach Dell McGee !


You pussies should take note !


Division 1-A FBS Head Football Coach Dell McGee.


Undefeated college football coach.


One of the most accomplished coaches in all of America !


Carver-Columbus State Champions AAA Georgia Head Football Coach too.


I was certain Georgia Southern University would make him their head coach.


They did.


Then, they left him there undefeated, and did not hire him as head coach for next year.


Big mistake.


Not sure Coach Dell McGee will quickly forget that, either !


But, Coach Kirby Smart scooped him up.




I love this man, Coach Dell McGee !


He has been my hero for a long while now.  He got on MY RADAR when I was having problems with Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor’s dumbass stupid shit myself.


Booted him from EVER stepping foot on his campus.  NEVER allowed to recruit one of his players EVER AGAIN !


Thank you Coach Dell McGee, sir !


We needed people like you to help men like myself make this Great Bulldog Nation realize what was going on here at my alma mater, necessitating you being hired here to replace that staff, now finally all these years of bullshit since sir !


How ironic !


You hired to replace that staff that PISSED YOU OFF !


I used you as fodder against the old regime here since.


Now, Georgia Southern University hires you as HEAD COACH, lets you coach the team and you go UNDEFEATED !


Nice !


Now, we get you a seasoned veteran head football coach.  As our Running Backs’ Coach.


Oh, boy !


I can’t wait !


Maybe this will convince graduate scholar-athlete 6th year eligibility Medical Redshirt Keith Marshall to return for his final year ?


If not, I am quite sure the kids will FLOCK as running backs to have THIS MAN COACH them.


For as long as we can groom him, and then the Coach Kirby Smart tree can begin because Coach Dell McGee is the next College Football Head Coach.


Whiff by Georgia Southern University Eagles !




Coach Dell McGee played at Auburn in The Mighty SEC !


Auburn grad.


Drafted NFL Draft 5th Round !


Football Player at the HIGHEST LEVEL !


Smart, this man is SMART !


This is a man of Extreme Integrity !


Do you know what folks say about this MAN, this Coach ?


Coach Dell McGee COMMANDS respect !


You let him slip through your fingers, you just messed-up !


He played against us and I watched him.  He played us just before Coach Kirby Smart played for us.  Ray Goff era.


Coach Dell McGee is young, only 42.  He played in the NFL.




Played NFL.


Born September 7, 1973 Columbus, Georgia !


Georgia boy like myself.


He is a lifetime football coach.


He coached on OFFENSE at Auburn !


89-19 Record Head Coach High School and College Head Coach Record !




That’s better than Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor ever did !


Anytime !


I am telling you this is the next college football head coach.


We will pay  him a TON to stay here !


Coach Kirby Smart might name him Assistant Head Football Coach.


I would.


Now !


Here’s his Twitter :



The Recruits are LINING-UP NOW !


Wait for the announcements !






Columbus, GA


That’s where


Don Bessillieu


went too !


Remember Don Bessillieu ?


I sure do.


He played with Miami Dolphins’ Jake Scott !


He was on all those teams, and played for Georgia tek yellowjackets before Don Bessillieu went to Miami in the NFL too.


Coach Dell McGee played in the games in the NFL for the 1998 Arizona Cardinals.


Carver-Columbus had not had a winning record in 9 years when he took over.  His 88-19 there got everyone’s attention.  He went undefeated one year, 2007 and won the Georgia State Championship !


8 years he was their head coach.


Then, he worked at Auburn on the Offensive Side of the ball.


Stand-out player for Auburn.


He and Coach Kirby Smart both played the same position.




State semi-finals 5 years in a row !


All-America Jarvis Jones and Georgia Bulldogs’ Favorite player, was his player !


That’s right.


Coach Pat Dye recruited Coach Dell McGee to Auburn !


He lettered there all 4 years, and graduated as the Starter at Auburn his Junior and Senior Seasons.


He played on Auburn’s undefeated team !


They would not have been undefeated without him.


He is an Auburn HERO !


He is my hero.


Like Tracy Rocker !


Coach Dell McGee is also a track star, like myself.




He beat the shit out of his GoDaddy.com Bowl Opponent 58-27 as Head Coach for Georgia Southern University Eagles !


It was like watching Georgia Southern of Erk Russell !


They were picked to LOSE !


I thought Sam Pittman was a great hire !


Coach Dell McGee is a great football coach !


The kids adore and worship this MAN Coach Dell McGee !


The kids will follow Coach Dell McGee wherever he leads them !


Sight unseen.


No questions asked.


I listened to all those interviews back in 2009 and watched him stand up for his men at Carver-Columbus on Atlanta News’ stations.  It was a BIG DEAL !


He has had MY RESPECT since.


His coaching career is fixing to TAKE-OFF !


Up and COMER, arrived ALREADY !  Coach Dell McGee !


Yeah !


Yeah !


Yeah !


Want to be 1st Team in The Mighty SEC !


Want to be Drafted in the NFL Draft !


Want to play in the NFL !


Coach Dell McGee can tell you how to do that and graduate !


All that !




Coach Dell McGee also was the Athletics Director at Carver-Columbus !




“He just made guys jell together.” Riyadh Jones, who graduated from Carver in 2011 and just signed to play at the University of Tennessee out of junior college, said McGee’s impact came in a lot of ways.  “It starts with him being a great person,” Jones said. “Also, he’s a great coach. He had a great staff and everything. He saw great things in us and he made us keep working hard. I’ll never forget that.”   D.J. Jones, former Tiger, Georgia Bulldog and current Bi-City radio personality, spoke of McGee’s ability to take Carver to the next level among the state’s elite.  “Dell took Carver to the next level,” he said. “Once he got his system in place, the program took off.   “I’ve had the opportunity to watch Dell come in as a young coach and see his maturity and growth. He called on former coaches, myself, other guys that were respected in the football community, and he was just a sponge. Watching him grow each and every season, it’s no surprise Auburn scooped him up. He took his team to the next level, and now he’s ready to go to the next level.”   Former players and colleagues also spoke highly of the impact McGee had on his student-athletes off the field as well.”

“Sometimes he’d even give you a call,” Riyadh Jones said. “Not all coaches do that. He’s always looking out for his guys.” “A lot of guys didn’t have fathers period,” Furr said. “A lot of guys looked up to him as a father figure. He’d help the team bond as a family. It let’s me know he cares. There are people who have been in my life a lot longer than Coach has, and I’ve received more texts and calls from him. It means a lot.”  Lindsey and Muscogee County athletic director Gary Gibson spoke similarly of the impact McGee had on academics at the school, as well.  “What I saw is Coach McGee giving kids an avenue to higher education,” Gibson said. “He gave students the tools they needed to make that possible.”  “People don’t realize athletics and academics go hand in hand,” Lindsey said. “He came in with an attitude of discipline and that he wouldn’t put up with a lot. He made the kids work hard in everything they do.”

“He made players like me learn how to step up and be leaders on and off the field,” he said in a message to the Ledger-Enquirer, adding in a post on Twitter that McGee named certain players leaders so that they could carry on the tradition going forward.”

Head Coach Dell McGee at Carver:

2005: 3-7

2006: 12-2 (AAA state semifinals)

2007: 15-0 (AAA state champions)

2008: 11-3 (AAA state semifinals)

2009: 11-2 (AAA state quarterfinals)

2010: 13-1 (AA state semifinals)

2011: 12-2 (AA state semifinals)

2012: 11-2 (AAA state quarterfinals)

CARVER RECORD | 88-19 (67-13 reg season, 21-6 playoffs)

Head Coach Dell McGee Georgia Southern University Eagles
2015:  1-0 (GoDaddy.com Bowl Game 58-27 over favored opponent !)
Overall Head Coach record Division 1-A FBS and AAA Georgia High School 89-19.
They did not know who Coach Dell McGee is.
I have for all his life.
I have watched him play.
I have followed his coaching career.
I listened to what the recruits to Georgia have SAID about him.
I have watched Atlanta News Stations on TV interview him.
I know who he is.
Auburn’s cornerback.
I will tell you this, any recruit will fall in love with Coach Dell McGee.
And, I thought Sam Pittman was a great hire !
Coach Dell McGee’s opponent had already beat teams like Purdue this season, and they had NO IDEA what they were running into in Coach Dell McGee in the GoDaddy Bowl.
Now, Purdue’s QB in that game who LOST to Georgia Southern University Eagles’ GoDaddy.com Bowl Game Opponent to Coach Dell McGee, is being traded from Purdue to Florida, instead of the QB Coach Dell McGee on Offense here at Georgia gets to work with # 2 QB nationally, Jake Eason.
Purdue won 2 games all season.  Nice trade there Florida Jake Eason for whatshisname :
Purdue Boilermakers quarterback Austin Appleby transferring to Florida Gators after he lost to Georgia Southern’s Bowl opponent as Purdue won 2 games all season.
Nice Florida.
So you thought you were getting Jake Eason Florida instead you are left with but Austin Appleby.  Good coaching job there Jim McElwain.
Got the short end of that stick boy.
You call him Jacob Eason because you are a dumbass.
Buzz saw.
That’s what they ran into.
A seasoned veteran head football coach with EVERTHING ready for them.
They’re still turning over in their sleep watching his RUNNING BACKS ram it down their throats !
Coach Dell McGee scored TWICE every quarter !
Coach Dell McGee sent 7 guys out there to run for 452 yards on their asses !
He poured it on.
Coach Dell McGee scored eight (8) Touchdowns on them.
After he scored the 1st TD, they drove the ball for the tying score and noticed the attention to detail Coach Dell McGee BLOCKED the extra point.
And, returned that
All the way for the 2 points !
This MAN can COACH !
He put his fastest man on the left corner and prepared for how he wanted their extra points, blocked !
He had 26 First Downs and had the ball more than TWICE as long as they.
They were supposed to LOSE !
Coach Dell McGee was cheated out of his 1st Bowl Game last season.  He damn well earned it.
Make Coach Dell McGee our Special Teams’ Coach.  He can handle two duties !
Coach Dell McGee led the nation in rushing as the RUNNING BACKS’ Coach last year and this year !
His 1-year at Auburn where he was hired as coach there from Carver-Columbus, he helped Auburn make it to the Final BCS National Championship Game !
Head Football Coach Under Armour High School All-America Game Coach Dell McGee !
I lettered in track 4 years.
So did Coach Dell McGee !
Another of my heroes Tom Herman won the 2014 Broyles Award as the top assistant coach in The United States of America.  Coach Dell McGee was in the running for that.
Coach Kirby Smart won that Broyles Award too !
They officially recognized Coach Dell McGee.
I officially recognized Coach Dell McGee a LONG time ago !
At half-time in the GoDaddy.com Bowl Game Coach Dell McGee had a come to Jesus meeting in the locker room with his players.
They SHUT THEM OUT in the 2nd half.
It is the MOST points scored in a Bowl Game by a Sunbelt Conference team, ever !
And, they were supposed to LOSE !
I would NOT have bet against him !
The fans of MANY other programs love this MAN Coach Dell McGee !
Charles Odum is a famous sportswriter on THIS BLOG and has many great articles we have followed and he interviewed Coach Dell McGee a few years ago now that I wrote about a LOT at the time and since about THIS MAN Coach Dell McGee !
“Carver-Columbus coach Dell McGee said Wednesday he exchanged text messages with Crowell after the suspension was announced.    “He made a mistake. Hopefully he’ll learn from it,” McGee told The Associated Press. “He said it won’t happen again. Only time will tell.”
No one seems to notice this stuff except for me.  I talked about it quite a bit, that his Coach Dell McGee told him in PUBLIC how WRONG he was and needed to FIX IT !
This is a FINE MAN Coach Dell McGee.
We all know who he is !
I sure as shit do !
Our dumbass former “coach” told him that he loved him.  That he was sure he was great and no issues.  All forgiven.
Read again what Coach Dell McGee said to him in PUBLIC to Charles Odum ?
Time will tell if he has learned his damn lesson or not.  This is bad, and promised me that he understood me that he had DONE WRONG !
I love you.  You are great.  I will play you all the time instead of the other hard-working student-athletes who failed no drug test prior to Florida game.
I will hold the news that this happened.
You are forgiven !
Wimp-ass son of a bitch.
Play you against Florida.
Then admit you failed the test Thursday BEFORE Florida game !
NEXT Coach Dell McGee story :
Carver-Columbus head coach Dell McGee said. “He apologized. I just stated, you know, you won’t be welcome on our campus for a while. He understood that and he actually stated that he would do the exact same thing. He said he respects us, respects our program, and respects us for standing up for our kids in our program.”
Why is there NO BLOG no newspaper no one who remembers ALL this ?
Why no blog discusses any of this ?
Just me ?
Hell, it was BIG NEWS !
I damn sure remember it !
You guys suck writing blogs and newspaper stories about Coach Dell McGee !
What would you do without me ?
Have nothing to say ?
Uh, yes.
He banned the dumbass from his freaking campus !
A MAN Coach Dell McGee !
I have a LOT of respect for ALL this !
If you all wanted LITTLE ole ME to write a write-up a BIO of Coach Dell McGee, I believe I have done so !

“I say that to show them that the incident that occurred wasn’t appreciated,” McGee said. “The biggest thing is, the University of Georgia knew, they had knowledge of he and his parents coming there for the weekend. For them not to communicate that they had rescinded that offer before that was not very professional.”


“We have a lot of kids and just being from Georgia, we’re going to have a lot of kids that want to go there as Georgia Bulldogs fans. When an incident like this occurs with one of the players and we still have those remaining players in our program, it opens their eyes and could deter them from going to Georgia.”

You’d have to be a moron to write about Coach Dell McGee and not say all this, wouldn’t you ?
It is who he is !
We are in EXCELLENT hands with Coach Dell McGee.
Is he better than Thomas Brown as Running Backs’ Coach for The Georgia Bulldogs  ?
Want me to change the name of this blog ?
I don’t know.  Maybe y’all don’t read the news.
Maybe you can not remember a damn thing.
I don’t know what your problem is.
I frankly don’t give a shit.
Damn it, this is a Great MAN Coach Dell McGee !
I thought you should know just whom it is we hired since no one on the Internet has so much as bothered to TRY to tell you.
No one.
Read this.
Take you 5 minutes.
Follow the MAN Coach Dell McGee the rest of your life, as I have !
Now, what is his bullshit that we don’t know who our damn Quarterback is for North Carolina September 3?
Peach Bowl Chick-fil-A Kick-Off Classic.
This guy we got lead the team in fumbles this season.  He is # 109 in Passing nationally.  He has no balls and refuses categorically to TRY to throw the ball downfield afraid to throw a pick !  He has no mobility.  His forearms are under-developed.  His hands are under-developed.  He has no ability to escape.  His is totally incapable of going through his progressions.  He LOST his starting job to a guy who has now LEFT the program who at game time had ZERO snaps at QB all season.  Forget starting experience, he had NO SNAPS at QB ALL SEASON LONG, and took his job.  What the hell does that tell you ?  He fails to throw to his open Tight Ends.  I see guys downfield as a db, and he NEVER LOOKS at them !  He stands back there ALL DAY staring-down his one guy he tries to look at.  I never saw a QB stand back there that long.  It has NOTHING to do with WR.  He had Terry Godwin and Malcolm Mitchell.  It has NOTHING to do with OL.  He had ALL DAY, every snap.  He throws the ball horribly.  He misses his target by a freaking mile !
You want another Matthew Stafford and Joe Tereshinski III bullshit where we were TOLD that Joe Tereshinski III is a BETTER QB than Matthew Stafford and start Joe Tereshinski III instead you bunch of pussies ?
You start Jake Eason.  Jacob you STILL call him despite his Dad.
You’re dumbasses !
You’ve proven it again and again.
You only get Jake Eason for 3 years.
THIS no different !
I don’t care what kind of bourbon you drink.  I don’t drink alcohol.  What I care about is getting the top players in here and getting them the damn ball for a freaking change !
You do what you friqin’ want.
You will anyway.
You would NOT know a football coach if he bit you in the ass !
This coaching staff of Coach Kirby Smart, Tracy Rocker, Coach Dell McGee and Sam Pittman are going to be GREAT for Jake Eason.
I can’t wait to share with you about it all.
Congratulations on this BIG PROMOTION for you Coach Dell McGee, sir.  I am so proud to have you join us here after all these years of following all your unreal exploits !
We’ll have you for as long as you will have us, sir.
We’ll pony up the cash !
And if I wanted to know about someone – you’d be the last person on earth I’d ask with YOUR DAMNED TRACK RECORD !
On all these other blogs who can not even be bothered to remind you of this HISTORY of Coach Dell McGee because it hurts their pride to discuss Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor frqin’ it up with dumbass shit time and time again against Coach Dell McGee.
Finally 2009, Coach Dell McGee had it out in PUBLIC with Coach Kirby Smart’s dumbass predecessor.
Now, Sam Pittman is a rock star.  You want a rock star, do you ?  Coach Dell McGee is a rock star.  Coach Kirby Smart is a rock star.  Tracy Rocker is a rock star.
This is a LOT better staff than ANYTHING Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor ever put together !