South Carolina placed on NCAA PROBATION in FOOTBALL today for cheating in recruiting for a prospect who has committed to Clemson ANYWAY. Dumbasses.

That is outstanding South Carolina Gamecocks and Will Muschamp and next year he goes to Clemson ANYWAY.  The NCAA has ruled today that they will not allow the prospect to go to South Carolina because they are  God Damn CHEATERS.


Defensive Lineman Demonte Capehart of IMG Academy # 27 prospect in the 2020 ESPN 300 committed to Clemson.



This mistreatment and suffering of gamecocks continues.

51-18-2 with 29-8 in Athens

Georgia had LOST 4 of the latest 5 to South Carolina going into the last season for Mark Richt in which he was FIRED with CAUSE.


Georgia’s main rivalries are Florida Auburn and to some extent Georgia Tech still. South Carolina certainly ranks right up there at the top of our rivalries with vols and Clemson just behind Alabama and LSU. Notre Dame and Texas as rivals rank beneath South Carolina because we play South Carolina more often as SEC Eastern Division foes although South Carolina never has done shit in college football and never will in the shadows of The Mighty University of Georgia Bulldogs.


It was unacceptable that happened to Mark Richt in this rivalry. Kirby Smart fixed ALL THAT having won EVERY GAME against South Carolina to right the series rivalry against our bordering state South Carolina.


In fact it can and should be said that when South Carolina found itself without Steve Spurrier that Georgia had to respond to South Carolina making such a strong push to hire Kirby Smart to replace Steve Spurrier. We felt if we did NOT get rid of Mark Richt in favor of Kirby Smart that Kirby might well look favorably upon replacing Steve Spurrier at South Carolina.


And so we hurriedly put together this push to have our A.D. Greg McGarity first FIRE Mark Richt (sooner rather than later) and then offer the position to Kirby Smart who instantly scarfed-up the job offer only to not show-up until nearly half-way through January.


When Mark Richt was FIRED with cause after the Florida game 2015 season during the season before the season was over. Fired so we could hire Kirby Smart.  That Mark Richt was FIRED with cause after the loss to Florida 2015 and prior to the Georgia Tech game is proven no better than the fact that Mark Richt won that game and was FIRED ANYWAY.  Instantly after the game against Georgia Tech is when the phone call happened between Kirby Smart and Greg McGarity.  Before EITHER could even get home they agreed on the deal in principle to replace Mark Richt with Kirby Smart and NOT Kirby to South Carolina as rumored AT THE TIME.


That is how THIS all happened whatever lies to the contrary you were told by Mark Richt Apologists at the time or NOW even still today.


Fired because Greg McGarity was told that we did NOT want South Carolina to get Kirby Smart and continue the recent then success against Mark Richt by South Carolina. 4 of the last 5 going into what would ultimately be Mark Richt’s last season fired with cause during 2015 season.


South Carolina has a 9-14 bowl record.


South Carolina has NEVER won The SEC Championship in football – not once. Not close.


Only 8 times since 1892 has South Carolina made the AP Poll Top 25 and one of those they did NOT make the Coaches’ Poll top 25. South Carolina did win ACC 50 years ago.


In short South Carolina NEVER has been a football program and has as a mascot fighting gamecocks.


Will Muschamp did beat Mark Richt when he coached Florida gators 2014 the year before we FIRED Mark Richt for it. Kirby has beat Will Muschamp every time. Jim McElwain beat Mark Richt 2015 after Will Muschamp was FIRED from Florida despite beating Mark Richt.


Cockfighting is a blood sport between two cocks or gamecocks birds held in a ring called a cockpit. The history of raising fowl for fighting goes back 6000 years. The first documented use of the word gamecock denoting use of cock as a “game” a sport a pastime or as an entertainment is recorded as in 1634. Nowadays it is illegal but somehow South Carolina remains gamecocks. How can that be so ?



USC (e) just who is this opponent who has LOST 3 games already this early 2019 season and took the WEEK OFF before US ?

USC (e) is # 63 Scoring Offense we are # 12 :


USC (e) is # 53 Scoring Defense we are # 7 :



USC (e) is # 38 Rushing Offense which is VERY GOOD running ball We # 13 :


USC (e) is # 79 Passing Offense even worse than us # 48 :


USC (e) is # 56 sacking opposing QB and us # 27


There is NOTHING South Carolina is better than us at which is why they’ve LOST 3 games already fixing to be 4 week off to fake kick-off and fake punt or not.


There is nothing they can pull with # 18 recruiting compared to our # 6.  We regularly get the best players in the state of South Carolina EVERY YEAR.


When you say just “Carolina” you mean North Carolina (who BEAT South Carolina already this year in their 3 losses.)


When you say USC you mean Southern California not South Carolina who at best might be referred by a few as USC (e.)


gamecocks (what a stupid ass name) have NO HOPE tomorrow at noon at Dooley Field.


Why are they allowed to be called gamecocks still anyway ?  God Damn fools.  Oh and they root for their team like they are a real team.


Uh no.  No they are NOT a real football program and NEVER have been.






William Lawrence Muschamp started the same day Kirby did here and the comparisons are NOT PRETTY. Will Muschamp is LOSING RECORD 13-14 at South Carolina against SEC fixing to be 13-15 Athens noon Saturday. 24-20 his record contrasts sharply with Kirby who is 20-6 fixing to be 21-6 vs SEC and undefeated against Will Muschamp. Kirby 37-10 compares to Will Muschamp’s 24-20.

Compare Georgia and South Carolina


28-14 Kirby over Will Muschamp South Carolina 2016.


24-10 Kirby over Muschamp 2017.


41-17 Kirby won last year.


32-13 Kirby average winning margin over Will Muschamp.   2019 will be MORE than that since now Jake Fromm is tired of hearing he can’t pass. Sure he can. Kirby wouldn’t let him. But Kirby said pre-game vs vols who have no secondary as you saw that Kirby was doing all he could do to make sure Jake Fromm threw the ball. And throw the ball he did.


It was an awesome display against the vols by Jake Fromm which does NOT bode well for Will Muschamp looking for his first victory at South Carolina over Kirby both starting at these two schools the same time together – one headed upwards and one – well NOT.



Will Muschamp : Can’t you shut your poor sport players up how great they are after we beat the shit out of them by 3 TD and a Field Goal ? Honestly somebody needs to do this. After all they did to run their God Damn Mouths pre-game and give us bulletin board fodder – now their players and coaches are doing MORE of the SAME post-game. Someone needs to be brutally honest. Will Muschamp 4 and half million dollar salary. Where are South Carolina compared to Georgia 3 years in for both Will and Kirby now ? Not coached very well and they don’t call good play calls offense or defense. And they can NOT recruit. All they can do is run their God Damn Mouths. Will Muschamp has a LOSING RECORD in the conference at South Carolina. After going 17-15 at Florida in The SEC that is about what I expected at South Carolina. We took Kirby when they were going to and left them with Will Muschamp. So why are they RUNNING THEIR MOUTHS ? “It was a dogfight. Those guys were good but we’re just as good.” Gamecock middle linebacker T.J. Brunson quote after the game. “They aren’t any better than us.” Safety Steven Montac quote after the game.

Cleary Will Muschamp can not recruit like Kirby.


But that is only part of the difference.


Will Muschamp does not shut-up his players pre-game or post-game.




Did you see Will Muschamp when we brought-in Justin Fields after Jake Fromm went 9 for 9 and 3 consecutive touchdowns to start the second half already twice South Carolina’s score ? He just hung his head on national tv. Shook his head a little left to right. And hung it upside down contemplating his navel or higher up than that even.




# 6 Kirby 2016 recruiting rankings

# 25 Will Muschamp 2016 recruiting rankings


# 3 Kirby 2017 recruiting rankings

# 21 Will Muschamp 2017 recruiting rankings


# 1 Kirby 2018 recruiting rankings

# 18 Will Muschamp 2018 recruiting rankings


# 1 Kirby 2019 recruiting rankings

# 16 Will Muschamp 2019 recruiting rankings




It’s pretty sad frankly that that wide a gap in recruiting and the players and coaches pre and post game think they’re just as good if not better than our team’s players.




It’s ALL we heard last week.


Now more same this week.


They’re not better than us.


We’re the better team.


We match-up well.


We’re every bit as good as Georgia.




2019 five 5-stars Georgia South Carolina 1

2018 seven 5-stars Georgia South Carolina 0

2017 three 5-stars Georgia South Carolina 0

2016 three 5-stars Georgia South Carolina 0

18 to 1


Did you get that ?


I know you know South Carolina fans know that their coaches and players do NOT measure-up.


You want to know how to ruin the WILL of the fan base ?


Tell them how you are BETTER than a team who beat the shit out of you by two dozen points.


Tell your fan base that pre-game.


Tell your fan base that post-game.


“Waah – we’re the better football team better coached and better players than Georgia.”


Hog shit.


18 five-star players to one for South Carolina.


THOSE are the FACTS.


South Carolina is NOT competitive the last 4 recruiting classes and THAT is why they have LOST 4 in a ROW fixing to be 5 next year.


Then 6…


They need to ADMIT they need to play better because they are WORSE players and WORSE coached.


Quit running your God Damn MOUTHS.


We READ all that SHIT.


I did not comment on it all much.


Not really.


Enough to let you know what bullshit it was.




Steven Montac is 5 feet 9 inches tall weighing 177 lbs. a 2-Star recruit Georgia NEVER OFFERED the # 60 player in the state of Georgia with a BIG MOUTH who did NOT back it up on the field getting beat all night by our guys all higher-rated who kept their mouths SHUT because Kirby MAKES THEM.  Steven Montac safety had his ass handed to him all night long.  Will Muschamp can’t keep him from BRAGGING after he got beat on EVERY PLAY all night long ?  These statements today are ON Will Muschamp.  That is HIS JOB to keep his players mouths SHUT.


2-star Steven Montac


3-Star # 844 prospect 843 better prospects than TJ Brunson :


This is ON Will Muschamp that he ALLOWS these inferior players to STATE as FACT that THEY are BETTER than the players who just beat the ever-living shit out of them by two dozen points.


If we had left our starters in we beat them by more and they know it.  But we did not need to.  It was a BLOW-OUT of Biblical proportions as it was and we got to empty the bench with 13 minutes and 22 seconds remaining.


And Will Muschamp lets his loud-mouth braggadocio losers tell YOU they were the better players.


Which is what Will Muschamp let them all say pre-game too.


Remember ?


Bunch of silly-ass punks and a coach who lets them show their asses in public like this.


The number 844 prospect doesn’t even get interviewed in Georgia.  At South Carolina AFTER he gets beat by 3 and a half touchdowns he not only gets interviewed but states as fact he is BETTER than the guys who just manhandled him all game long.  A 2-star prospect doesn’t get interviewed here in Georgia either.


THIS is ON YOU Will Muschamp.


Steven Montac and T.J. Brunson – you want to know how I really feel about you or your coach ?




“South Carolina matches-up well with Georgia this year. This is the best South Carolina matches-up against Georgia in years. Early in the year at home. I think South Carolina has a chance to make that happen. Extend the game and keep it close. If South Carolina can get one or two turnovers then I think South Carolina can win. Georgia isn’t proven yet this year. Georgia lost key players. Georgia is a new young team. Georgia doesn’t come together for this game. South Carolina can definitely get them this year.” Tim Tebow the God Damn moron fool this morning on ESPN says all this shit pre-game.

Tim Tebow the God Damn moron fool this morning on ESPN says all this shit pre-game.


Here Tim Tebow.  Stick THIS up your God Damn NOVICE asshole.



Mark Richt who has LOST 4 games in a ROW TWICE NOW at Miami of Florida not only now is currently on a 4-game LOSING STREAK but Mark Richt struggled mightily with South Carolina LOSING 4 of his last 5 against South Carolina going into Mark Richt’s final season here.

The struggles of Mark Richt against South Carolina are well-documented.


2007 – Mark Richt was supposed to have this juggernaut of a team but South Carolina who would not even put-up a winning record 2007 and did not even play in a God Damn Bowl Game 2007 season either BEAT Mark Richt at Sanford.  Mark Richt apologists try to state what a great damn team Mark Richt had 2007 but the facts of the matter ARE that South Carolina beating Mark Richt 2007 ends that discussion.  Arkansas who should have been 7-6 in 2007 beat South Carolina but Mark Richt could NOT.  Vanderbilt who was 5-7 in 2007 beat South Carolina 2007 but again Mark Richt could NOT.  That game was at Williams-Brice Vanderbilt beating South Carolina right after Mark Richt lost to South Carolina at HOME for Mark Richt.


2010 – Mark Richt traveled to Williams-Brice stadium and LOST to South Carolina who should have lost 6 games 2010 but did not thanks to Mark Richt.  South Carolina lost to LOSING RECORD Kentucky 2010 but Mark Richt could not beat them.  It started a 4-game LOSING STREAK for Mark Richt who was supposed to be a Top 25 team and Mark Richt went on 2010 to put-up a LOSING RECORD for the season 2010 at 6 wins 7 losses thanks to THIS LOSS to South Carolina by Mark Richt.


2011 – Mark Richt made it 2 losses in a row to South Carolina with them beating Mark Richt at Sanford again.  Remember ?


2012 – Mark Richt earned the hat trick losing 2010 2011 and 2012 to South Carolina all 3 in a ROW.  South Carolina beat the ever-loving shit out of Mark Richt 7 to 35 at Williams-Brice.  Mark Richt apologists again made great noise about how Great Mark Richt was 2012 but they don’t discuss THIS GAME now do they ?


2014 – the year before Mark Richt finally got FIRED for all this shit he again was supposed to be this great God Damn Coach with wonderful team full of talent and he again went to Williams-Brice and LOST.


When they compare Georgia and South Carolina they DON’T discuss what Mark Richt did NOT do to South Carolina his career on the line here at the end of his career here but they brag on South Carolina.


No ! Mark Richt struggled mightily to South Carolina and more than any team other than Florida this team cost Mark Richt his job.


Didn’t they ?



Well it’s game day and simply put South Carolina does NOT measure-up to Georgia. Frankly South Carolina other than their great fans has NEVER played football. Their program their school their stadium their won/loss record their coaching staff their talent – they do NOT compare.

The Georgia Bulldogs should win by double-digits even on the road because we’re the better team right down the line.


We have been killing it in recruiting.  Where Mark Richt let South Carolina get top talent Kirby has fixed that.  They do NOT even compete with their talent and it will NOT be close with their lack of recruiting compared to our depth of talent.  If there were Big 10 officials or Big 12 officials they might make it close with their fans.


But frankly their fans are a source of disappointment that they root for their boys so hard when it is obvious they NEVER have competed with The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs.


Run your mouths players former players coaches former coaches recruits pissed-off recruits who we never even offered and run your God Damn mouths fans of South Carolina.  THIS is the ONLY time you have to do that.


Before the game.


There isn’t anyone picking God Damn South Carolina.