We began this DECADE with a 6 win 7 loss season under Mark Richt 2010. Kirby is poised to fix all that to end this DECADE this year because he has out-recruited Mark Richt by a long wide margin # 2 recruiting Kirby to # 8 recruiting with Mark Richt. I long said we would recruit BETTER without Mark Richt because WINNERS WANT to play in a place that WINS. You said you wanted your son to play for Mark Richt. I said and LOSE ? You never answered me. Kirby has us contending to end this DECADE as Kirby was the only non-head coach I listed as a possible replacement for Mark Richt whom I wanted FIRED after the Alabama loss at home 2008 in front of me in the rain.

2010 Mark Richt began this DECADE for The Mighty UGA Georgia Bulldogs with a 6-7 season.


I wanted Mark Richt FIRED two years before that in 2008.


You were a VOCAL asshole that I should not be heard.


Guess what ?


I was right.


Now 2019 to end this decade one of the coaches I listed as a possible replacement for Mark Richt has us # 3 in the nation with # 2 recruiting now every year not # 8 recruiting of Mark Richt and his LOSSES to CUPCAKES 8 cupcakes unranked teams Mark Richt lost to 8 starting 2008 season to his final FIRING 2015.


Mark Richt also could not win on the BIG STAGE.


Kirby has 6 wins over top 10 teams since Kirby was HIRED and Mark Richt FIRED 2015.


6 top 10 wins Kirby only 3 losses all 3 of which are a GREAT STORY honestly.


Now this year to end this DECADE that started with Mark Richt going 6-7 in 2010 Kirby has us with average # 2 recruiting for 4 years currently including next year and not including # 6 for 2016 because well Kirby only showed up in mid January here after winning the national championship for Alabama with signing date 2016 first of February.


4 years now including # 5 for 2020 already Kirby has the kids coming here.  Winning kids.  Kids who want to win.


Not come here because our coach is a Christian.


But because we win.





Who is Shaun Crawford ?  Well that is # 20 above for Notre Dame a 5′ 8′ 169 lbs defensive back outclassed by Kirby’s recruits.  Isn’t he ?



Kirby is winning.


6 wins over top 10 teams Kirby starting 2016.


Notre Dame has LOST 11 in a row to top 10 teams.







Lawrence Cager of Baltimore Maryland who is a grad transfer from Miami of Florida for Kirby scores his first TD here for The Mighty UGA Georgia Bulldogs to BEAT Notre Dame again this time 23-17 on Dooley Field at Sanford Stadium in front of record crowd 95% Bulldogs as we overwhelmed Notre Dame’s offense with our crowd noise. Demetris Robertson added 4 catches. D’Andre Swift had 100 yards even on 18 carries and 1 catch. And also added that he caught the squib kick-off from Notre Dame who did not travel well to Athens making up only 5% of the crowd as once again Notre Dame sold US their tickets in their section.

Rodrigo Blankenship remained perfect on the season with 3 field goals the last of which kept Notre Dame from kicking a field goal to force overtime. By contrast Brian Kelly had to waste 2 time-outs both halves because crowd noise ran the play clock out.  It seemed they called the timeouts AFTER the clock expired each time but the ACC officials didn’t throw the flag for odd reasons. It was a senior-laden Notre Dame squad whose high-octane offensive firepower was affected by our crowd and which we bottled-up when they were trying to run leaving Brian Kelly to only a one dimensional pass offense which we stuffed with multiple interceptions. Advantage Kirby.


Don’t let the ACC Officials back in Athens again ever.


Everything went Notre Dame’s way.  In some respects Notre Dame IS in the ACC really.  Notre Dame mauled our players all night long.  They also obviously did not have good conditioning.  As for the bullshit non-pass interferences and bullshit non-penalties for letting the play clock expire and multiple non-delay of game non-calls to stop our offensive momentum absolutely God Damn Cheating – well only in the ACC could ANY of that be allowed.  Pass after pass Notre Dame simply mauled our receivers down field with their back to the play not playing the ball but the man all night long by design.  All night long the ACC referees did NOT call Notre Dame for mauling our receiver.  It was so much bullshit that we kept booing the non-calls and we were all over the refs.  Not only Georgia but Brian Kelly too was miffed by the refs’ calls.  The ACC refs missed play after play.  The refs thought the crowd was here to watch the refs.  They stopped the play and dragged-out the game for nearly 4 hours of crappy bad calls for both sides.  Did it affect the game when both sides were arguing every call all night long ? It seemed everything went Notre Dame’s way and still they could not beat The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs.  Those refs should NEVER have been hired to do this game with Notre Dame a tacit ACC team.


The esoteric penalty and non-penalty calls were called so willy-nilly all night that no one understood why calls were not made.  The refs were standing there letting Notre Dame maul our guys and letting the play clock expire and tackle our receivers before the pass arrived and purposely delay the game.


It made no sense to both coaches and to the crowd as we let them know as did Brian Kelly and Kirby. It was awful.


It was like being at a NBA game where the refs whistled every few seconds dragging the game out and seemingly make it appear that everyone came to see the refs and not to see the 2 powerhouse football teams # 3 and # 7.


Good job Notre Dame and congratulations on losing 11 games in a row to top 10 teams Notre Dame.  You are just a bunch of God Damn CHEATING pussies.  I studied your one win over a top 10 team in 2012 against Oklahoma and I have to say Oklahoma LOST 3 GAMES 2012 and in no fashion was any God Damn top 10 team.


But no mistake Notre Dame came to play this night with the help of the ACC refs.


There I said it.


Bunch of God Damn Cheaters and whiners feigning injury.  In soccer that is a yellow card and could be a red card.


I am throwing a RED CARD on Notre Dame.  Their entire defense is not allowed to play a single down in the next game.  Cheaters.


ACC Officials.  Here stick this up your God Damn assholes you buttholes.  Go back to the ACC where there is only 1 team anyway.  I see the ACC took it on the chin across the board again today such as Appalachian State beating North Carolina and – INCLUDING THE ACC TAKING IT ON THE CHIN IN ATHENS GEORGIA.


Stick it ACC Officials.  We did NOT come to the game to watch you.


Watch you screw up the calls.


How in the living hell can you allow them to stop the clock and not penalize them for that bullshit ACC officials ?


Tell me that ?


That is DISGRACEFUL in a game of this magnitude. Supposedly # 7 against # 3 UGA Georgia Bulldogs.  There is a good case that LSU and Georgia are # 1 and # 2 and should play in the play-offs at this point.


Kirby improves to 6-3 vs top 10 teams in his career.  Kirby avenged his loss to # 10 Auburn by beating # 4 Auburn and Kirby had the lead against # 1 and # 2 Alabama. Tonight he came from behind and Kirby has beat # 2 Oklahoma and # 9 Kentucky and # 9 Florida and Kirby even beat # 8 Auburn Kirby’s inaugural season.  # 7 Notre Dame.  Before the game pundits wondered aloud what if Notre Dame wins tonight ?  After the game Notre Dame did not really lose.  Yeah they did.  Notre Dame had everything go their way and still Kirby beat Notre Dame again to catapult Kirby to the national press calling Kirby ELITE.


Yeah we are Elite.  Notre Dame is a senior-laden team this season and Kirby beat them too.  Again.  Bring on Florida Auburn and either LSU or Alabama.  Kirby will have us playing even better against those 3.


Notre Dame ?


That game is over.  I said we would win.  We did.  I do not bet on games.  I watch them.  This night we had a come-from-behind win over # 7 Notre Dame and I thought Dooley Field never looked better.


How is a loss a win ?


How is a win a loss ?


We are # 3 and there is NOTHING anyone can do about that other than Florida Auburn and then either LSU or Alabama by which time we will be better.


Notre Dame did not win.


The Mighty UGA Georgia Bulldogs of Kirby won a signature win over # 7 Notre Dame making us ELITE while leaving questions if Notre Dame is elite or not.


If someone says we did not win the game by enough points for them ask them if Kirby is ELITE ?


Well is he ?


Sure he is.  5-3 as our head coach against top 10 teams and the 3 losses while excruciating are certainly ones we have plenty to talk about each of the 3.  That makes Kirby ELITE because otherwise Kirby has 5 wins over top 10 teams to jump start his career as head coach.  23-17 Kirby over # 7 Notre Dame.  Excuse me that is wonderful.  Again.


Was Kirby ELITE before this win tonight ?  We certainly were in the discussion with Ohio State and LSU and Alabama and Oklahoma and Clemson.


We’re not over the hump.


We are ELITE.


I love where we are.


The pundits hate where we are.


Kirby is ELITE and there is not a God Damn thing they can do about that after ANOTHER SIGNATURE WIN by Kirby 6 of them now in his first 4 seasons as head coach against top 10 teams.


# 8 Auburn 2016

# 4 Auburn 2017

# 2 Oklahoma 2017

# 9 Kentucky 2018

# 9 Florida 2018

# 7 Notre Dame 2019


Mark Richt wasn’t doing that.  I am the first to tell you that we have work to do but I love where we are with Kirby.  Thank you Kirby.


All of the non-pass interferences and bullshit non-penalties for letting the play clock expire and multiple non-delay of game non-calls to stop our offensive momentum absolutely God Damn Cheating – well only in the ACC could ANY of that be allowed and Notre Dame could not win anyway ?




Cry me a river that you had everything go Notre Dame’s way and still Notre Dame could not win.  So now afterwards Notre Dame somehow did win.  Bullshit.


Auburn bragged about what they were going to do to us in 2016 and what they did do to us in 2017.   Remember ?  Oklahoma bragged about what they were going to do to us in 2017.  Florida bragged about their 2018 team compared to Kirby.  And now we hear bragging about what Notre Dame did to us.  Excuse me you 5 lost.  I am not confused about that.  They are.  Their players and coaches did NOT look happy after these games.









Recruiting Rankings Notre Dame # 14 while Kirby is # 1 Rivals recruiting ranking 2019. Also Kirby has three 5-Star 2019 while Brian Kelly did not get SHIT. It’s been the same EVERY YEAR for Brian Kelly and for Kirby. Brian Kelly does conduct a reserved respectful media interview however unlike Kirby who is combative with the media. All of the media. Every time.



Rivals # 1 recruiting ranking The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs

Rivals # 14 recruiting ranking the used to be good Notre Dame leprechauns.


A leprechaun is a fairy.


Little bearded men, wearing a coat and hat, who partake in mischief.


There are no evidence of there being a female leprechaun — ever.


Notre Dame is out of place on our campus where our ladies are so prevalent and gorgeous.


Compare Georgia to Notre Dame while Fighting Irish have not done shit after 1994.


25 years of futility.  In fact in the last 42 years too Notre Dame football just has NOT BEEN what it once was.


Primarily this is because Notre Dame has been wholly unable to recruit only Catholics nationally against the top football programs.


This has been as noticeable in not having any 5-Star recruits as it has been in the overall rankings which find Kirby every year in the top 3 and Notre Dame # 14.


Quite a bit difference in recruiting not to mention that Notre Dame is # 120 in defending the run which is all Kirby wants to do – run the football.


Notre Dame’s schedule has turned sour 2019 with the teams on the schedule not playing good football.  Auburn looks good on Georgia’s schedule and either LSU or Alabama looms in The SEC Championship Game all 3 ranked ahead of Notre Dame with Florida ranked the same as Notre Dame as well.








# 2 average recruiting class Kirby 4-year period now while Notre Dame averages # 13 recruiting class 4-year period now. So how is Notre Dame going to stop Kirby from running the ball ? Short answer – well they’re not.

Kirby # 1 recruiting ranking this 2019 year Notre Dame # 14 :




Next year 2020 Kirby is # 5 and Notre Dame again # 12 :




2018 year Kirby # 1 and again Notre Dame # 11 :




2017 Kirby was # 3 and Notre Dame again # 13 :




So all 4 years right now for 2020 also last class 2019 and the one before that 2018 and the one before that 2017 making up teams Saturday night national TV # 3 welcoming # 7 who does NOT want to play in The SEC because they would be the # 8 SEC team in recruiting rankings otherwise known as TALENT making their team up.


I did not include 2016 class because Kirby did not get here until mid-January 2016 winning the national championship for Alabama with Signing Date first of February 2016.  (He did ok at # 6 but he was NOT here and I criticized him all during that time for NOT being here.)


I do not know how Notre Dame figures they can come in here and beat us. We’d have to think that we have them beat and not be up for them. They absolutely are up for us. We beat them at their house and embarrassed them on national TV with the VAST MAJORITY of the crowd UGA Georgia Bulldogs at touchdown Jesus.


Notre Dame is out for blood against us.


We are # 2 in recruiting rankings over this current 4-year period including the one we are recruiting right now with Kirby and Brian Kelly is WAY DOWN at # 13. And it is nowhere more evident than Notre Dame’s inability to stop us running the ball with them # 120 in the nation at stopping the run. It is flashy that they have their QB run the ball and pass the ball dual-threat but like Oklahoma if they can’t stop the run then they are doomed to failure because our defense is going to be talented enough to stop their offense.


# 120 Notre Dame stopping the run…


BEFORE they play us.


After they play us Saturday it will be significantly worse for Notre Dame at stopping the run.  It will be AT LEAST # 121 and maybe dead last at # 130.


That is ALL Kirby wants to do. Run the football. Especially run the football on Notre Dame.


# 2 average recruiting ranking Kirby 4-year period now including the current class # 5 already

# 13 average recruiting ranking Brian Kelly Notre Dame 4-year period now


We’re going to kick their ass. Or we should anyway.


Notre Dame has not done a God Damn thing in college football for 25 years…for 42 years really.


They are living on the past of what they once were.


Notre Dame thinks this will be good for Brian Kelly’s recruiting.


Notre Dame wants to recruit here in Atlanta.   How in the hell is it going to help Notre Dame to recruit in Atlanta when Notre Dame averages # 13 recruiting to us # 2 and Notre Dame is # 120 in stopping the run with Kirby wanting to do NOTHING BUT run the God Damn Football up Notre Dame’s butthole ?


I understand that Notre Dame has a LARGE contingency of alumni here in Atlanta.  Who doesn’t ?  There are 7 million people here in my hometown now.


We’re going to kick Notre Dame’s ass.





Charlie Weis former Notre Dame HEAD COACH sucked as head coach 41-49 record overall. Despite years away from retirement Charlie Weis has not even coached in ANY capacity in over half a decade now. When Charlie Weis was coaching he had a LOSING RECORD to Michigan State despite braggadocio to the contrary by Charlie Weis. Charlie Weis is but one of a long group of horrible Notre Dame coaches culminating today in just 33 players in the NFL (none any good whatsoever) and a LOSING BOWL RECORD for Notre Shame. They SOLD all their seats to US UGA Georgia Bulldogs. Now they come here and can not stop the run. Oh boy.

Notre Dame is a GOD DAMN JOKE and has been for 42 years now since 1978.


There is NO PRECEDENT for a team not even in the top 20 teams in America starting 1978 to have its own conference and special considerations while it REFUSES to compete with the top teams in any conference.


Notre Dame has NEVER beat UGA Georgia Bulldogs.


Notre Dame has a LOSING RECORD all-time in Bowl Games. In fact Notre Dame has won only 7 bowl games while losing 13 after 1994.


7-13 bowl game record Notre Dame last entire 25 years.


It has been a particularly brutal 25 years for Notre Dame football.


Once considered one of the top college football programs now Notre Dame is embarrassed annually.


The coaching turnover during this long stretch of miserable Notre Dame history in college football these last entire 42 years has transcended the sorry-assed coaches they have hired believing themselves some kind of God Damn saints of college football and it is sure to continue for a 50-year period of sorry Notre Dame football.


Dan Devine

Gerry Faust

Lou Holtz

Bob Davie

George O’Leary

Tyrone Willingham

Kent Baer

Charlie Weis

Brian Kelly



How bad have these jerks been over this last entire 25-year period ?


Not in the top 20 teams while UGA Georgia Bulldogs have been and are in the top 10.


Forget Notre Dame.


You NEVER have beaten us.


Don’t expect us to sell you our tickets.


They are NOT for sale.


Unlike your rinky-dink 77 thousand seat stadium.


Touchdown Jesus ?


I don’t think so.


Dan Devine Gerry Faust Lou Holtz Bob Davie George O’Leary Tyrone Willingham Kent Baer Charlie Weis Brian Kelly


You have not done a God Damn thing in so long no one alive can remember when you were relevant.


Notre Shame you are old-fashioned, amateurish, and shoddy and you have been and will continue to be so.


Notre Dame against top 10 teams in bowl games after 1994 :


  1. Lost to # 5 Colorado 1995.
  2. Lost to # 8 FSU 1996.
  3. Lost to # 5 Oregon State 2001.
  4. Lost to # 4 Ohio State 2006.
  5. Lost to # 4 LSU 2007.
  6. Lost to # 2 Alabama 2013.
  7. Lost to # 7 Ohio State 2016.
  8. Lost to # 2 Clemson 2018.


Who the HELL has Notre Dame beat ?



Now Brian Kelly :

“The NCAA has ordered Notre Dame to vacate its football wins from the 2012 and 2013 seasons after denying the school’s appeal of sanctions tied to academic misconduct.

The Irish won 12 games in 2012 before losing to Alabama in the BCS championship game and went 9–4 in 2013.

A student-trainer was found to have completed coursework for two Notre Dame players and provided impermissible academic benefits to another six.

Five players—DaVaris Daniels, Kendall Moore, Eilar Hardy, KeiVarae Russell and Ishaq Williams—were suspended before the 2014 season for academic improprieties, bringing the case to the public eye. Everett Golson, the starting quarterback for the 2012 team, missed the 2013 season because he was suspended from the university due to academics.

The NCAA initially ordered the wins vacated in 2016 but the school filed an appeal, which was denied.  Other sanctions included a year of probation, a $5,000 fine and a show-cause order against the trainer accused of facilitating the academic fraud. ” –  Sports Illustrated


There is no end to the special treatment Notre Dame thinks it should get other than on the football field where they can’t beat shit and haven’t really in nearly 50 years now.







StubHub Athens Georgia home games 2019 average $ 487 for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs UGA – average price for home games – the HIGHEST in the nation. Ohio State second highest average ticket price 2019 StubHub home games $352. Michigan 3rd $ 285. Notre Dame 4th highest average home game ticket prices 2019 StubHub $276. Alabama $249.

Clemson beat Notre Dame and Kirby’s own football players launched an attack on Notre Dame that 30-3 thumping of Notre Dame in the College Football Playoffs meant that Georgia should have been in the playoffs and NOT NOTRE DAME who was undeserving because “Georgia is the second best football team in the nation” UGA Georgia Bulldogs said on social media.


The only problem with that game 30-3 Clemson over Notre Dame last year is we got BEAT by Texas.  Running our mouths.  And Notre Dame is mad as HELL about it.  We certainly made Texas’ season.  Texas lost to some lousy teams last year but they beat us.


Texas A&M comes to Athens 2019 too along with South Carolina.  But there is NO FLORIDA 2019 in Athens.


The University of Georgia Bulldogs are number 6th in revenue at $157.8 million dollars a year according to the USA Today newspaper article.



Brian Kelly Notre Dame head coach since 2010 is only 60-34 in the 9 years because he cheated and had 2012 and 2013 wins vacated by NCAA upheld on appeal. Despite our loss to Texas in our bowl game Notre Dame indeed did not deserve to be in there EITHER with their blowout loss to Clemson 30 to 3. In fact Notre Dame has NOT DONE SHIT after 1994.




Compare Georgia to Notre Dame while Fighting Irish have not done shit after 1994.


Notre Dame can not win a major bowl game.




Kirby Smart beat Brian Kelly once.  Can Kirby Smart do it again ?


Well we ran our mouths about Notre Dame not belonging in the play-offs when Notre Dame got blown-out then we proved we did not belong either losing to lowly Texas.


We are reminded of this as we prepare for the 2019 season inviting Notre Dame to Sanford Stadium with frankly both programs struggling.


24 years in a row Notre Dame has not beaten a top 10 team in any bowl game.  We have more talent than Notre Dame again 2019.





Notre Dame has LOST every bowl game against a top 10 team starting 1995 all 8 bowl games in a row to top 10 teams. 24 years in a row of no wins over top 10 team in bowl game Fighting Irish. Lost to # 5 Colorado 1995. Lost to # 8 FSU 1996. Lost to # 5 Oregon State 2001. Lost to # 4 Ohio State 2006. Lost to # 4 LSU 2007. Lost to # 2 Alabama 2013. Lost to # 7 Ohio State 2016. Lost to # 2 Clemson 2018. Notre Dame did NOT deserve to be in College Football Play-Offs.

Notre Dame 3-30 Cotton Bowl 2018 leaves Irish with LOSING bowl record 17-19 all-time and with 8 losses in a row dating back to starting 1995 of non-conference bowl losses to top 10 teams. 24 years of futility. Don’t tell me Notre Dame deserved to be in the play-offs. Bullshit.


Georgia is undefeated against Notre Dame all-time and Georgia is the 2nd best team in bowl games all-time while Notre Dame has a LOSING RECORD in bowl games.


Notre Dame against top 10 teams in bowl games after 1994 :


  1. Lost to # 5 Colorado 1995.
  2. Lost to # 8 FSU 1996.
  3. Lost to # 5 Oregon State 2001.
  4. Lost to # 4 Ohio State 2006.
  5. Lost to # 4 LSU 2007.
  6. Lost to # 2 Alabama 2013.
  7. Lost to # 7 Ohio State 2016.
  8. Lost to # 2 Clemson 2018.


Who the hell has Notre Dame beat ?