“I grew up as a Florida fan not as a Georgia fan just being from the Florida area being about an hour and a half from Gainesville. I’d go to tons of Florida games. I’m a Florida kid so I would be wearing my orange and blue cheering the Gators on. I would have loved to play in the Swamp. It’s the place that I grew up in. Like I said I would’ve loved to play down there in Gainesville.” Aaron Murray

I don’t like Aaron Murray.  I NEVER liked Aaron Murray.




This game tomorrow means that Kirby can drop back to even 2-2 against Florida and even against Dan Mullen at 1-1. Frankly Kirby has out-recruited Dan Mullen as you might expect but Kirby has NOT COACHED well his 4 years here especially not on offense nor on special teams which remain 2 areas Kirby must improve upon if he is truly ready to be a head coach.





October 21 of 2019 Mark Richt suffered a heart attack but survived he advises to the world via a tweet. Mark Richt has been out of coaching.


Our worst losses in program history repeatedly come from the FAILED Mark Richt era 2002 zero for 13 on 3rd down conversions whole game vs Florida the 2008 loss to Alabama consensus # 1 nation preseason losing 31 to nothing at the half at Sanford and 2012 no don’t spike it Aaron Murray Mark Richt repeatedly 3 times told Aaron Murray not to spike it for 3 tries from the 4 instead just one hurried one vs Alabama again. But where do 2 Alabama losses and loss to Texas rank by Kirby ? Frankly you can throw-in the LSU blow-out this latest season too.

Mark Richt was just atrocious as our head coach.  In 15-game seasons for the top teams he could NOT even average 10-win seasons but only 9.6.


Now that Mark Richt’s boss at Miami of Florida their AD tweeted that it was TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE not only the bowl loss but what went on all season during the season too.  And then the next day Mark Richt was forced-out as the Miami coach.  I look back at our worst losses in program history Mark Richt turned-in.


Such as losing to Vanderbilt when Vandie did not beat ANY SEC team except for Mark Richt.   Frankly there were so many of these types of games that I am fed-up thinking about them.  They are ALL here on THIS BLOG right here for your perusal as they occurred.


But it does beg the question where do Kirby’s losses rank in our program’s history as well ?  Kirby’s first season was particularly brutal losing to Georgia Tech as Kirby did here in Athens again.


Vanderbilt.  Speaking of Vanderbilt.  Vanderbilt beat Kirby 2016 too don’t forget.  It was excruciating.  Vanderbilt had a LOSING RECORD 2016 but beat us.  South Carolina who had a losing record beat Vanderbilt 2016.  But we can’t beat Vanderbilt 2016 with Kirby.  Missouri who was 4-8 in 2016 beat Vandie.  But we can’t with Kirby 2016.  Vanderbilt lost to 7 teams 2016 but Kirby could not beat them.


Ole Miss 2016 had a LOSING RECORD too at just 5-7 but Ole Miss beat the shit out of Kirby 2016 by the score of 14 for the good guys and 45 for the bums at Ole Miss.  Talk about zapping the energy of our fan base while Kirby craps-out talking to the press every week telling lies to the press and trying to act oh so coy about what is and what is not the problem.


The problem is Kirby is losing TOO MANY GOD DAMN FOOTBALL GAMES.


Auburn beat the crap out of us last year when Kirby had the # 1 recruiting class in the nation and really didn’t play them many snaps to be honest with you.  On the good side of this when their running back beat the shit out of Kirby first meeting Kirby did adjust the second time around and beat Auburn when that same running back was injured and could not even walk.


But then Kirby was ahead of Alabama and blew that game too.


That was last year 2017 now this latest year 2018 Kirby did it again ahead of Alabama and Kirby blew the game again.  This time on a fake punt bullshit play by Kirby trying to use Justin Fields who up and quit Kirby like Jacob Eason did the year before.  Kirby has run off 2 better quarterbacks both of whom will be drafted HIGHER AND BETTER than Jake Fromm who is losing these games for Kirby to Alabama and to LSU and now to Texas.


10 losses Kirby in just 3 years.


NOT ANY MORE ACCEPTABLE here than at Miami of Florida trust me on this.


I told you a coach can be judged to be a good coach who only all he ever does is recruit good players.  But he has to play them instantly the majority of the snaps.


After what Trevor Lawrence did Monday night last week Kirby better NOT hold back his freshmen giving them only lip-service to the press for meaningful early snaps.


Kirby has NOT DONE THAT.


Kirby is being judged to have NOT accomplished what he should have accomplished frankly all 3 seasons.


Season 4 is the season that could send Kirby into a tailspin with the top opponents Kirby has coming-in to try to beat his ass.


This could be a TELLING SEASON 2019-2020.


So far the losses have been pretty hard to take Kirby.




If you think the AD at Miami can state it is UNACCEPTABLE there and run Mark Richt out of town on a rail as he should have and Kirby faces no heat you’re wrong.


Kirby is facing heat.


And not just from the press or the players either.


Kirby’s offense has sucked and his special teams’ plays haven’t been any damn good either.


Kirby has never coached offense or special teams.  He doesn’t know anything except Defense and it is showing in his losses and in his dealings with the press which he has BLOWN too since the day he finally got here after taking the job.


I would have and DID fire Kirby before he showed-up here after taking his “dream job.”


So if Kirby thinks he can KEEP THE NEWS of my team from ME Kirby is barking up the wrong tree.


I don’t like these 2 losses back-to-back to end this season and in particular also I especially do not care for the blow-out loss to LSU who 3 other teams beat but the second best team in the nation got the shit beat out of us by 3 touchdowns 16-36.


I am pretty God Damn FRUSTRATED Kirby.


Did you hear me Kirby ?


You would do well to not call us noise Kirby.  We are the backbone of this football program.  One which I have supported since long before you were born Kirby.


I do SHAPE opinions Kirby.


You would do well to respect that.


Others who did not have long-since been turned-out to pasture.


And not just sportswriters either Kirby.


I suggest to YOU Kirby that Jacob Eason and Justin Fields are BOTH about to prove you WRONG Kirby about offenses.


Kirby top recruiting classes is one thing.  It is quite another altogether Kirby to not watch the top-rated of those players on offense jump-ship and go elsewhere to prove you wrong Kirby.


Guess what ?


Let the second-guessing begin.


I tried to tell you Kirby Jacob Eason and NOT Greyson Lambert.  You chose wrong Kirby.

I tried to tell you Kirby Justin Fields and NOT Jake Fromm.  You chose wrong again Kirby.


Not only that Kirby but I told you you had to get Jacob Eason BACK in when his injury was over and you did not.


And I told you you had to play Justin Fields more snaps and you did not that either.


Kirby what you did NOT do with Jacob Eason and with Justin Fields is about to become front-page news Kirby.


You might want to get your little list of excuses together now Kirby because the press is going to be relentless in their dogged determination to make you answer for your bullshit trying to keep SECRETS here with your little secret God Damn Practices.


It’s not working and the shit is about to hit the fan.


They have cleared the decks at Ohio State and cleared the decks at Washington.  The NFL is fixing to weigh-in on these decisions of yours too Kirby.  I don’t like your special teams or your offense Kirby.  I don’t like them at all.


Frankly if I were an Offensive Coordinator or a Defensive Coordinator I would be asking YOU KIRBY YOU SIR some pointed-questions about how much autonomy I really have or whether YOU KIRBY really make ALL THOSE DECISIONS yourself and you make all the special teams’ decisions by yourself too Kirby.


I MOST ESPECIALLY don’t like your meddling and hiding and screwing-up our Offenses Kirby nor do I care for whom it is you give the snaps to receiving the ball blocking on the OL at quarterback and frankly I am pretty God Damn TIRED of your bullshit running the ball up the gut every God Damn play first down and second down too Kirby.  In fact not all 3rd Down plays then are passes either.


It’s boring.  It’s crappy.  It’s not 2019 Offensive Strategies and guess what Kirby ?


It’s NOT WORKING with 10 losses already Kirby.


Kirby I don’t like your offense.




12 top 10 OL Mark Richt his 15 years here Kirby already 10 top 10 rated OL according to 247sports.com composite rankings. Sam Pittman in 4 years. Why was Mark Richt no good ? His OL sucked. Consistently Mark Richt trotted-out 3-star OL to compete against other OL all of whom were 25 lbs. bigger than Mark Richt’s OL. In fact Mark Richt famously BRAGGED repeatedly that at Georgia HE did NOT NEED top OL for his “scheme.” Yeah he did. Mark Richt’s offense was just plain awful and that included with Mike Bobo. They LOST to unranked cupcakes EVERY YEAR sometimes 2 such AND they LOST to every big-time opponent AS WELL losing 18 of Mark Richt’s last 24 games against top 15 opponents.

Kirby comparison to Mark Richt starts and ends on the OL.





The facts remain however that while Kirby has recruited all this OL talent Kirby steadfastly has sent-out his first 3 years now under-sized OL recruited here by Mark Richt while NOT PLAYING Kirby’s far superior and much larger OL.  This is Sam Pittman’s first OL which will feature in fact Sam Pittman’s recruits PLAYING.


Kirby sent-out to get a few snaps his recruits on the OL while giving the OL really to old smaller less recruited OL signed here by Mark Richt including last year yet again.


Why Kirby did this to recruit this talent YET revert to Mark Richt’s undersized OL instead is anyone’s guess.  But it clearly held back Kirby’s Offense.


It’s a shame really.  Kirby tried to out-man opponents with recruiting but did NOT play them but instead smaller OL recruited here by Mark Richt who were NOT as well thought-of as the OL Kirby signed here.  Signed but held back.  And the play calls were designed around the recruits Kirby signed but were NOT in there getting the snaps but the smaller ones instead.


It is what Kirby did his first 3 years here.  I fully expect the offense to take off this year because of Kirby’s stockpiled OL underutilized up until this point.


I told you about this EVERY YEAR with Kirby so far.


I remind you of this again that these are the facts.



Kirby has very talented players just up and leaving. Mark Richt had no discipline so he had to kick-off players or they flunked-out or got arrested or never even qualified. I’ll take Kirby’s problems since Kirby IS AVERAGING 10.6 wins a season – something Mark Richt most clearly did NOT at only 145 wins in 15 years only 9.6 wins per year in 15-game seasons for the top teams.

I don’t understand what makes Justin Fields think he will get more snaps at Ohio State than he got here unless he has some agreement in writing or cash in hand from a guy who has NEVER COACHED FOOTBALL before when the quarterbacks who are there certainly think they are poised to take over.


What’s different from that situation and what Justin Fields faced here was that here Justin Fields saw that Jake Fromm was wildly popular taking us to the national championship game.  Ohio State’s up and coming quarterback can NOT make that statement.  But the facts are that he is ahead of Justin Fields who now must learn an entirely new offense and all new terminology and all new staff and all new fields and all new depth-chart behind an all new OL with all new receivers and an all new running game.  So why would that be fodder for the one lone Atlanta paper for 7 million people who live here ?


Because Kirby lost 3 games and didn’t use Justin Fields in those losses like Nick Saban would’ve and has done for all to see.


While Kirby was stubborn and said it would’ve been unfair for Justin Fields to throw him into the fire of those 3 losses this year.  Kirby didn’t change quarterbacks in any of his 10 losses in 3 years here as our head coach.  And Kirby does not know offense so he is unable to discuss offense with Justin Fields as Ohio State’s replacement for Urban Meyer most assuredly can discuss offenses with Justin Fields and Justin Fields’ dad and mom.


Justin Fields shouldn’t have come here.


We had at the time a proven quarterback in Jake Fromm.


Maybe not a world-beater but certainly well entrenched before Justin Fields got on campus.


So that too is his fault.


We all here at Georgia felt that in time Justin Fields would be our Starting Quarterback.  But with Jake Fromm a year ahead of him and not going to declare early it would seem as well Justin Fields had a year here like DJ Shockley.


Not exactly like DJ Shockley.


DJ Shockley’s dad got all upset when Mark Richt redshirted DJ 2001.  That put David Greene a year ahead of DJ Shockley and that is what Justin Fields faced here.  DJ Shockley thought he would beat-out David Greene.  I did at the time too.  I still feel that he did.


I also feel that Justin Fields did beat out Jake Fromm too.


But that is on Kirby that Kirby did not turn to Justin Fields during Kirby’s losses and try to stem the bad day Jake Fromm was having.  Jake Fromm had bad days.  Texas was one.    He got sacked several times.  He overthrew the wide open receivers and was under duress not taking that pressure well wasn’t he ?


This is what Jake Fromm has been doing.


Jake Fromm beat Auburn in The SEC Championship Game.  But Auburn was WITHOUT their star who was injured and it wasn’t Jake Fromm but Sony Michel and Nick Chubb wasn’t it ?  The same is true of the Rose Bowl while Alabama certainly beat the shit out of Jake Fromm as did LSU right ?  This year Jake Fromm did not have Sony Michel and Nick Chubb to rely on and so he lost 3 games.  Since when is losing 3 games as the starting quarterback something awesome ?


It’s not and NEVER has been.


Jake Fromm lost to 2 SEC teams last year and 2 more this year with a loss to a out-of-conference has-been who lost to a 7-loss and who lost to a 6-loss team but Jake Fromm could not beat them could he ?


And don’t forget that Jake Fromm’s talent around him is loads better than DJ Shockley or David Greene had with Mark Richt’s recruits averaging the # 8 recruiting class while Kirby has never been that bad.


Kirby was # 6 then # 3 then # 1 and now still # 2. That’s an average of # 3 which is more than twice as good as Mark Richt averaged here.


Mark Richt had so many he kicked-out or watched get arrested or failed to qualify or flunked-out that Mark Richt once got down to 67 scholarship recruits on his roster.


That is NOT the problem Kirby is having now is it ?


Kirby has plenty of talent.


So why is Kirby ostensibly really no better really than Mark Richt at 3.33 losses Kirby in his entire career here while Mark Richt averaged 4 losses a year his last entire 8 seasons here at Georgia ?


It’s not the talent.


It’s the stupid shit Kirby does because he doesn’t have experience on the offensive side of the ball.


So far Kirby is only marginally better than Mark Richt’s last entire 8 years of 4 losses a year average 32 losses by Mark Richt after 2007 until Mark Richt was fired after 8 seasons later.


3.33 losses a year for Kirby’s first 3 years is not much better than Mark Richt’s last entire 8 years here of 32 losses averaging 4 losses those latest 8 years of Mark Richt.


And that is the only comparison that matters.


Kirby has a lot to learn.


Losing to Texas was embarrassing.


Embarrassing for Kirby and embarrassing for Jake Fromm.


Justin Fields did not get embarrassed against Texas or LSU since he got no snap not one in either of those 2 Jake Fromm losses this year.  And Justin Fields mistakes in the Alabama loss this year were Kirby’s fault too.


So we traded Justin Fields for Ohio State’s commitment at QB.  In the long run I think that will work out ok for us since he is off-schedule with Jake Fromm who is a Junior next year.


Kirby can go sign a top # 1 Quarterback for 2020 now and he knows he might redshirt one year or get snaps and be ready his Sophomore year to take over.


I never see Jake Fromm being drafted early by any NFL team.


Not from what I have seen watching him lose to 2 SEC teams last year and another 2 SEC teams this year plus his sorry showing against hapless Texas until the game was over.  Down 7 to 28 is no time to start playing.  Jake Fromm dug too deep a hole for himself.


At Georgia we’re still waiting for our best quarterback ever.  He’s not been here yet.



“My love for The U is simply great. My true desire is for our football program to return to greatness and while terribly difficult I feel that stepping down is in the best interests of the program.” Manuel Alberto Diaz II named head coach at Miami only days after taking Temple job. Manny Diaz has never coached before. Miami of Florida is a SHIT JOB # 36 winning percentage 2004 to-date. Mark Richt # 33 in recruiting rankings just signed last week.



Miami has not been able to win since it left the lousy stinking Big East.


Return to greatness ?


Oh good Lord.


Miami has only 622-360-19 wins while UGA Georgia Bulldogs have 819-422-54 wins


Georgia has 25 % more wins in college football than U Miami of Florida whose only claim to fame was that it did play in the Big East where it ran up its wins’ total and since cannot carry the city of Miami who doesn’t embrace the crap program.


Mark Richt was NEVER going to work at Miami.


Manny Diaz has NEVER COACHED one game anywhere.


Kirby Smart has out-recruited Mark Richt and won more football games than Mark Richt who NEVER should have been hired by Miami of Florida.


Mark Richt was # 33 in recruiting rankings just signed with Miami of Florida.   Mark Richt signed only 6 who are 4-star and only 8 who are 3-star with the rest 2-star.


7 wins 9 losses his last entire 16 games at Miami Mark Richt lost to a dozen unranked teams at Georgia after 2007.  After 2007 at UGA Mark Richt lost 18 of his last 24 games against top 15 teams # 42 nationally at that.  Mark Richt was FIRED with cause from Georgia and forced-out at Miami who wanted Manny Diaz before he started at Temple.




Duke with its LOSING RECORD in the ACC beat Mark Richt and Miami of Florida for their 3rd loss in a row – like Mark Richt did last year losing 3 games in row at the end of last season too. Mark Richt has now LOST 4 games 2018. Mark Richt is a CUPCAKE. This drops Mark Richt to .6857 win percentage at Miami of Florida. I thought you said you were going to be a God Damn Miami of Florida fan now ? Well punks ? Kirby doubles-up # 9 Kentucky 34-17 to go to .7838 win percentage. Recap .7838 Kirby .6857 Mark Richt.

You God Damn Mark Richtophiles Apologists can stick it up your God Damn assholes.




Mark Richt FAILED to win The SEC Championship












Ten (10) consecutive years the 3rd longest streak UGA did not win The SEC Championship.


That’s how bad Mark Richt was when YOU SAID TO ME that YOU had become a Miami of Florida fan.


Here shove this up your God Damn asshole.


.6857 Mark Richt Miami of Florida

.7838 Kirby since I FIRED Mark Richt for NOT WINNING


One is winning nearly 80 % of his games while the other is nearly winning only 2 of 3 games in a far easier conference.


Mark Richt doesn’t even play Clemson the only team in the ACC.



Who is a better coach ? Mark Richt or Kirby Smart ? When does the AJ-C DawgNation put Mark Richt behind us and move-on ? When pray-tell ?

Mark Richt did NOT average 10 wins a season at Georgia.  Kirby averages MORE than 10 wins a season.


Mark Richt has won 19 games since he got FIRED from Georgia for losing Big Games and for losing to CUPCAKES in addition every year.  This is an average STILL less than a 10-win season just as he did here.  Last year his last 3 games Mark Richt LOST all 3 games.  He lost to 5-7 Pittsburgh a CUPCAKE and LOST to two Top 15 teams all in his last 3 games last year.  It was what he did here too.


Georgia has won 22 games since we FIRED Mark Richt.  So our new coach is averaging MORE than a 10-win season.


145 wins in 15 years here at Georgia Mark Richt was WAY UNDER a 10-win season wasn’t he ?


There is all this talk about HOW GREAT MARK RICHT IS, but he isn’t is he ?


They ALSO bragged on Mark Richt’s recruiting stating their own boys they wanted to play for Mark Richt.
“If I had a son I would want him to play for Mark Richt.”


But Kirby has out-recruited Mark Richt EVERY YEAR.


Bill King wrote an article about all the great wins by Mark Richt by addressing them as “ALMOST WON” and calling them “GREAT YEARS” when Mark Richt as his best win that particular year was beating a 5-loss team for The SEC Championship then beating another 5-loss team in the meaningless Bowl Game while LOSING to a CUPCAKE that year.  That was 2002.  Florida beat Georgia when Mark Richt could not get a SINGLE 3rd Down Conversion all game long.  Not one.  Florida was a 5-loss team.  Florida should have been a 6-loss team 2002 but they beat Mark Richt.   Mark Richt went 0-13 on 3rd Down Conversions all game.    Ole Miss 2002 beat Florida and Ole Miss was a 7-6 team 2002.  A Cupcake. Cupcake beating a Cupcake.  LSU was a 5-loss team 2002 as well and they TOO beat Florida 2002.  Florida State was a 5-loss team 2002 as well and even they beat Florida 2002 but NOT Mark Richt.  This is the kind of crap we had to put up with.  So now today Bill King writes about how great 2002 was.  Bullshit.


Those are NOT my favorite God Damn teams.


And Jeff Sentel today writes about how much better recruiting Mark Richt is doing at Miami of Florida than we are here without Mark Richt.




I am sorry that is NOT my idea of great recruiting nine 3-Star and two 4-star and NONE 5-Star for 2019 so far.


Seriously AJ-C DawgNation get over Mark Richt.  He’s gone and GOOD FREAKING GOD DAMN RIDDANCE.




2007 Mark Richt ALMOST won The SEC East ?  We tied the vols ?  The vols BEAT us. 2007 vols won we LOST.  2007 LSU won the national championship.  LSU won The SEC Championship 2007.  Mark Richt did NOT WIN SHIT 2007.  Mark Richt LOST to CUPCAKES 2007.  vols are one. vols LOST 4 games 2007 and should have lost 5 games.  14-35 Mark Richt was BLOWN-OUT by the God Damn vols.  Almost won shit.  We got the slobber knocked out of us by lousy stinking vols 2007.  Where the HELL were you Bill King ?  South Carolina was 6-6 NOT EVEN IN A GOD DAMN BOWL GAME they BEAT Mark friqin’ Richt 2007 as well.  Another GOD DAMN CUPCAKE Mark Richt LOST to.


LSU 2007 beat # 9 Virginia Tech

LSU 2007 beat South Carolina who BEAT Mark Richt

LSU 2007 beat # 13 Florida

LSU 2007 beat # 15 Auburn

LSU 2007  beat # 12 vols who BEAT Mark Richt

LSU 2007 beat # 5 Ohio State

THAT is a LOT better than Mark Richt 2007 Bill King you GOD DAMN LIAR boy.


2008 to 2015 Mark Richt lost to twelve (12) unranked teams time game or season, Richt was # 37 vs top 10 season, Richt was # 42 vs top 25 for season, Richt # 38 vs top 25 time game, and Richt # 45 vs top 15 time game. Kirby going to be like Mark Richt from 2008 to 2015 here ?  Mark Richt LOST 18 of his last 24 games against the top 15.  Sorry but that does not cut it.  Only a dumbass father would want his son to be coached by Mark Richt.


Who is the better coach ?


Any coach would be an improvement on Mark Richt.


37-1 vs non-bowl teams 36-31 vs teams who played in a bowl game – 2008 until fired in 2015 for 73-32 average 4 losses a season – this is how high the bar is set next 8 years for Coach Kirby Smart.


Mark Richt averaged # 7 recruiting rankings.  Kirby has NEVER RECRUITED a class that bad.  # 7 ?  Kirby in 3 years LOT better than that too.


Who is the better coach ?


You want your son to play for Mark Richt ?


63 of Mark Richt’s last 146 signed scholarship recruits either flunked-out were kicked-off failed to qualify never showed-up or quit 43% from 2010 to 2015 just were NOT HERE for Kirby.


How in the HELL can 63 of Mark Richt’s LAST 146 signed scholarship players NOT be here when Mark Richt was FIRED ?  How can this be ?  You want the list ?  You don’t know how to see his 146 signed scholarship recruits from 2010 until he was FIRED ?  Pretty simple task.


Beat # 21 FSU 2002 a 5-loss team & # 19 Hawai’i 2007 – this how high bar set for Coach Kirby Smart National Stage end season both teams top-ranked Final AP Poll.  These are Mark Richt’s 2 best wins Mark Richt’s 2 best years.


Here is what I was told : Bluto “don’t think losing his job this year. (Nov ’15) can’t deny was decision that couldn’t be justified. Again not saying you can’t make a case that he didn’t deserve to lose his job”  So senator bluto of get the picture gtp faces no music for all his bullshit defending Mark Richt and saying he would NOT be fired ?  Really ?  That what you think ?


And Chipper Towers says Mark Richt is the “FOUNDATION” here at Georgia for what Kirby is doing INSTEAD.  That all the players are Mark Richt’s players.  That all the coaches are Mark Richt coaches.  That all the improvements are ALL Mark Richt’s improvements.  That the recruiting is all Mark Richt’s FOUNDATION there too.  Bullshit Chip Towers Bullshit boy.




What does Coach Kirby Paul Smart have to do to be better than his predecessor over Mark Richt’s last 8 years – for which Mark Richt was FIRED ?


Censorship on select Georgia Bulldogs blogs so as to NOT hear the Truth.


Well you are HEARING IT NOW.


Compare Kirby Smart and Mark Richt ?


Neither can they do well now all of a sudden who have so accustomed us during his last 8 years here to their excuses lies settling for mediocre results their personal attacks – pussies DISNEYdawgs.com


Do you remember ALL THE BULLSHIT they fed you ?  Do you ?


Are THEY not to be held accountable for ALL THIS now ?


Well ?


Since they spent ALL THEIR TIME defending Mark Richt and making EXCUSES and attacking EVERYONE who dared to demand more why is it THEY do NOT have a compare Kirby Smart with Mark Richt topic post ?


Why is that ?


I will tell you why.  It is because THEY WERE WRONG.  And they do NOT want to admit it.  Pussies.  God Damn BULLSHIT artists with NO credibility.


Right ?