17 of the 20 recruits 2020 by Kirby are in the top 300 best football players in all of America. To give you some perspective, there are 3000 FBS recruits each year, therefore the top 300 represent 10 percent. The top 10 % and Kirby recruited 17 of the top 10 percent. 17 of the top 300 best players in all of America 2020. This is quite a haul but Georgia is NOT FINISHED. Kirby has recruited 6 percent of the top 300 best of the recruits 2020. Other schools have their full allotment already they have recruited. But, Kirby can sign SEVERAL MORE as you can see. The other schools don’t have any room in their class for more recruits. Kirby does have room for more. So this puts Kirby at # 3 for the 2020 recruiting class so far passing Ohio State. Ryan Day was made interim then head coach replacing DISGRACED Urban Meyer at Ohio State. Ryan Day thought that he could out-talent Clemson. After the LOSS by Ohio State AGAIN, Ryan Day states : “We was robbed.” So excuses for being UNABLE once again to win. Kirby passes Ohio State in recruiting 2020 right after their loss and our WIN in the Sugar Bowl. Ohio State was “robbed?” 30 reasons why Ohio State is NO GOOD.

I thought you should know the facts on Ryan Day’s LOSING STRATEGY against Clemson.  Ryan Day thought he could line up his athletes and out-athlete Clemson.


What are the FACTS of Ohio State recruiting ?


  1. Ohio State has a LOSING BOWL RECORD all-time 25-26
  2. Notre Dame and Oregon are the ONLY good teams Ohio St plays until it plays UGA 2030
  3. Kirby has 17 of the top 300 players in entire country 6 % of best players are UGA
  4. UGA plays tougher opponents & better SEC conference than Ohio State Big 10 does
  5. 12-2 UGA better than 13-1 Ohio State.
  6. Who did Ohio State beat 2019 ? Wisconsin 4 losses. Michigan 4 losses. Penn State beat NO ONE.
  7. UGA 2019 beat # 7 Notre Dame # 6 Florida # 8 Baylor.  Ohio St plays pussies
  8. Ohio St scored only 23 pts on Clemson who scored 29 on Ohio St
  9. Last year Ohio State scored only 20 on losing record Purdue and LOST
  10. Big 10 has LOSING RECORD in PLAYOFFS
  11. SEC has WON 8 games in PLAYOFFS
  12. Big 10 has won only 2 games in all the PLAYOFFS
  13. Ryan Day thinks he is HOT STUFF
  14. Ohio St is NOTHING but a bunch of GOD DAMN CRYBABY cheaters
  15. SEC and ACC have both TWICE as many PLAYOFFS won as Big 10 has
  16. Big 10 SUCKS donkey dicks
  17. Ohio St with 25 recruits LOWER total than UGA 20 recruits 2020 rankings
  18. UGA # 3 for 2020 Ohio St # 4 for 2020 recruiting rankings
  19. UGA # 2 for 2019 Ohio St # 14 for 2019 recruiting rankings
  20. UGA # 1 for 2018 Ohio St # 2 for 2018 recruiting rankings
  21. UGA # 3 for 2017 Ohio St # 2 for 2017 recruiting rankings CHEATER Urban Meyer (FIRED)
  22. 2018 Urban Meyer placed on administrative leave by Ohio State.  This was after reports surfaced that Urban Meyer knew about spousal abuse allegations of his longtime assistant coach Zach Smith prior to Zach Smith’s firing the week prior.  Zach Smith had worked for Urban Meyer at Florida and at Ohio State and Urban Meyer’s wife a nurse was notified of spousal abuse allegations against Zach Smith by Zach’s wife.  Urban Meyer’s wife TOLD Urban Meyer of the spousal abuse allegations against Zach Smith and Urban did NOTHING.
  23. Ryan Day was THERE during ALL THAT.
  24. Now we are to believe playing only pussies that Ohio State is GREAT.
  25. Bullshit
  26. Fuck you Ohio State.  You was robbed ?  Fuck you you God Damn CHEATERS.
  27. You can just line-up and beat Clemson ?  Seriously Ryan Day ?
  28. You can’t line-up and beat UGA Georgia Bulldogs Ryan Day you FOOL coach.
  29. Ohio St SUCKS and is a bunch of LOSERS playing only pussies.
  30. Have fun up there playing your God Damn FUCKING pussies Ohio St




17 of the top 300 players in all of America 2020 are UGA Georgia Bulldogs’ recruits.







Ohio St with 25 recruits LOWER total than UGA 20 recruits 2020 rankings









Urban Meyer’s boys. Cheaters who want to play CUPCAKES. Ohio State has six (6) Different Major Infractions Database found guilty. 6. Rose Bowl last year paid $300 air fare we know of for his girlfriend. Another $300 fly back ? What about the food ? Hotel ? No money for ticket but does have money for food hotel and what about the Rose Bowl ticket ? That’s another $1200. You can not buy a Rose Bowl ticket for much less. Who went with his girlfriend ? All these costs twice ? She doesn’t care about Chase Young. She wouldn’t have ask for ticket if she did care about 1st Round NFL Draft Pick. Next 2 games are against teams 1-12 on season in Big 10. Nice timing by Ohio State. “Family friend.” That is why they hired him a LAWYER right ? Anyone else have any problems with this ? God Damn CHEATERS. How did he get the $300 back in May to pay for it ? Ohio State is once again HIDING the CHEATING. NFL agent loaned Chase Young the $300. This is NOT Todd Gurley signing shirts for his likeness for $300. This is outright PAYMENT. “Family friend” NEVER knew Chase Young until AFTER Chase Young decided to go to Ohio State. God Damn Liars Family friend bullshit. Every game he played in is illegal and forfeited. I am NOT buying any family friend bullshit. Suspended for one game ? God Damn UNFAIR. Impermissible benefits. What else ? What else is involved with this guy not from Ohio but from Maryland.



  1. Nov 14, 2017 – The Ohio State University
  2. Dec 20, 2011 – The Ohio State University
  3. Mar 10, 2006 – The Ohio State University
  4. Jun 23, 1994 – The Ohio State University Improper recruiting; lack of institutional control; improper transportation; impermissible practice. by athletics representative. LACK OF INSTITUTIONAL CONTROL. TRACK — EXTRA BENEFITS: impermissible transportation
  5. Jun 07, 1978 – The Ohio State University Improper transportation; improper recruiting entertainment and transportation; questionable practice; certification of compliance.
  6. Jan 11, 1957 – The Ohio State University Improper employment and financial aid; extra benefits; improper recruiting inducement; outside fund.


  Chase Young



I’d like to weigh-in on Urban God Damn Meyer and while I am at it Ryan God Damn NOVICE Day and the SLEEZEY way they BOTH handled the abuse of a wife they BOTH KNEW ALL ABOUT and BOTH LIED ABOUT. And this Tom Herman guy who turned Georgia DOWN. Don’t forget the Texas coach Tom Herman was Zack Smith’s boss for more than a decade. And so too was Ryan Day. No this isn’t over with spousal abuse and who knew what when and for how long. Tom Herman Ryan Day Urban Meyer Tom’s wife Urban’s nurse-wife. THEY ALL KNEW for 15 years Courtney Smith was abused by her husband. Don’t tell me this SHIT they didn’t.

Here you God Damn liar Urban Meyer stick THIS up your God Damn NOVICE Asshole boy.




and the horses you BOTH came in on.


I hope ALL the prospects decommit from Ohio State.  F Ohio State.


“I did not come to Ohio State for the education.”


No shit Sherlock.


“I want to thank the buckeye nation for ripping me a new asshole and suspending me for 3 God Damn Games just because my wife told me about my longtime assistant beating-up his wife repeatedly.  I am therefore quitting for health reasons (AGAIN) like I did at Florida University affectionately known as FU.”


Ryan Day is NOT READY to be a head coach and certainly NOT at Ohio State.


So take that Ohio State.




Does this mean this is the end to the scandal then that Urban Meyer’s registered nurse wife caused ?


Uh  no sir.


Now starts round number two asking Ryan Day now.


Right ?


Ryan Day not only was Zach Smith’s boss before he was fired but Ryan Day goes all the way back to Florida as Urban Meyer’s coach there as well.


So Ryan Day KNOWS ALL ABOUT Zach Smith as well.


He too could and obviously should be part of our on-going 2019 INVESTIGATION of not just Urban Meyer but of Ryan Day.


So it doesn’t end for Urban Meyer and it does end for Ryan Day.


I can ASSURE you.


Expect to hear that Ryan Day is put on leave by Ohio State University and expect fully that Ryan Day KNEW ALL ABOUT Zach Smith…

because Ryan Day was his boss for 10 years so Ryan Day absolutely knew about Zach Smith’s abuse of his wife.



Ohio State buckeyes lose by 29 points – more than 4 touchdowns – to a lousy stinking cupcake whom even SEC has-been Missouri beat

Take that Urban Meyer you God Damn LIAR.


Florida was # 11 before Ohio State got blown-out by a stinking team last night so there is some chance it will be a match-up of two top 10 teams in JAX maybe # 10 Florida and # 7 probably Georgia.


Georgia leads 51–43–2


Georgia won 42-7 last year and Georgia has won 4 of the last 7 against Florida down there in JAX.




I understand that Urban Liar Meyer is allowed to coach his team every day during his “SUSPENSION” by Ohio State University but that he just only can’t coach on the sidelines during the first 3 games.

What a lame God Damn “suspension” Ohio State University.


THIS is going to look worse and worse as the information deleted from Urban Meyer’s text messages on his phone when Courtney Smith came forward is re-created and as the 8 police reports at Ohio State University are made public by open record requests detailing Zach Smith’s behavior.



“Let me say here and now what I should have said on Wednesday. I sincerely apologize to Courtney Smith and her children for what they have gone through.” Urban Meyer and Gene Smith both apologized to buckeye nation and accepted responsibility for acting improperly. Now he admits he waited 3 days to offer-up this half-assed apology. Try this Urban : I apologize Courtney Smith for deleting text messages and for lying that I did not know anything about Zach Smith’s inappropriate behavior when I knew all about it and had it on my cell phone before I deleted it. I and Gene admit financial responsibility to you Courtney on behalf of Ohio State University who can and will now pay you God Damn MILLIONS of dollars for MY TRANSGRESSIONS. I also ask that the police reports all be made public as well as the other half of my text messages I deleted.

An apology is not for what they went through but for what you did NOT do to help prevent further inappropriate behavior by your coach and grandson of your mentor.


We ALL heard what you said and what you did not say and what you STILL are NOT saying Urban Freaking Liar Meyer.


You would not and Gene Smith would not know what a God Damn Apology sounds like Urban Meyer.  Enjoy your temporary FIRED STATUS without pay assholes – both of you.


admits everything




Ohio State primarily is viewed as a corrupt football program with a long history of abuse of power by its head coaches in football culminating in their firing for gross dereliction. It’s what they do.

The University of Georgia would have fired him 3 weeks ago and his God Damn RN Nurse Wife with him and that God Damn Notre Dame football player AD Gene Smith as well.


When the 8 police reports from Ohio State are FINALLY God Damn released perhaps then they all 3 will be fired.  I am still waiting on an apology to Zach Smith’s ex-wife beat to hell and back repeatedly.  Jesus Christ.  He should be in prison and needs serious help not 4 days or a week of counseling he quit 3 days in.  This is all appalling the way Ohio State University can not even issue a God Damn apology to Courtney Smith.


A Registered Nurse does not do anything ?   WTF ?  Shelley Mather Meyer absolutely needs to have her RN removed from her name permanently.



Zach Smith should have been put in prison when he choked his wife and he knows that – don’t you Zach ?


When do we put this man behind bars now that we all know about it finally after years of covering it up by Urban Meyer and his wife.


And the AD of Ohio State University Gene Smith an asshole who could have come forward and still needs to.


We protect the Courtney Smith ladies of this world because they go back for more.  It is what they do.  We have to protect them.  It is OUR JOB.  US.  Not someone else.  US.  Got it ?


Zach Smith brought a drunk slutty woman to his home where he pushed his pregnant wife Courtney at the University of Florida and Urban Freaking Meyers and his wife don’t know jack shit about anything this asshole has done to Courtney ?  Excuse me Zach Smith was ARRESTED obviously for this.


This blog has also long reported the drunk driving by Zach Smith reporting to an Ohio State alum judge who donates heavily to the inner circle of Ohio State football sponsorship. Urban friqin’ Meyers and his wife don’t know anything about this either – right – I believe that and Gene COVER-UP Smith AD either.




I buy into all this.


3 weeks and no apology.  Ohio State University you are going to lose your God Damn shirts over this when Courtney’s lawyers get finished with your sorry asses.


I guarantee it.


Give me all the Police Reports.  Me.  Give them to ME God Damn it.  Every one when coaching Ohio State University Buckeyes  and University of Florida Gators all under Urban Meyer who doesn’t know a God Damn thing about ANY of this.


Uh huh.




Ohio State head coach football Urban Meyer AND Gene Smith A.D. are BOTH suspended without pay for 3 games until September 16 of 2018 because Ohio State University says “they failed to take sufficient management action relating to Zach Smith’s misconduct and retained an Assistant Coach who was not performing as an appropriate role model for OSU student-athletes.”

The University of Georgia would have fired them both and Ohio State University still should.  Perhaps when the 8 police reports including 2 covering felony charges finally is released – they will be.  We can hope.  In the meantime Courtney Smith receives no apologies while OSU has financial responsibility in her cases.


“Permitting such misconduct to continue is not consistent with the values of the University and reflects poorly on Coach Meyer, Athletic Director Smith, and the University. Their handling of this matter did not exhibit the kind of leadership and high standards that we expect of our Athletic Director, Head Coach, Assistant Coaches and all on the football staff.”






THIS BLOG maintained Urban Meyer and Gene Smith BOTH were going to be SUSPENDED while EVERY OTHER source told you NOTHING WILL HAPPEN to them. Yeah it DID too. I was RIGHT AGAIN.

Investigators said that Urban Meyer and AD Gene Smith knew about text messages between Courtney Smith  ex-wife of Zach Smith and Urban Meyer’s wife and Investigators state that Urban Meyer wiped his text messages clean before turning it in to them about 2015 accusations of domestic abuse.


Urban Meyer has told investigators during interviews this month and told reporters Wednesday night that he had no knowledge of those messages.  That’s bullshit.  Even Zach Smith admits that.  So did Urban Meyer.


And so his AD Gene Smith and Urban Meyer are suspended.  Did you get that this time or do I have to tell you again that I told you so all along ?  Jesus Christ what a God Damn Liar Urban Meyer is and Gene Smith did not come forward either.




Urban Meyer denied knowing anything about 2015 incidents when asked on July 24 if he knew of any other domestic-related issues involving Zach Smith during their time together.


His phone was wiped clean of all messages more than a year old and Urban Meyer asked for assistance in how to do that specifically August 1 of this year when Courtney Smith said Shelly Meyer and she discussed this with Shelly saying she would have to tell Urban.


To which Courtney said good.


Gene Smith knew so much about all this that he specifically told Urban Meyer to ADMIT this to reporters.  When Urban Meyer did NOT admit it Gene Smith failed to tell the reporters himself that he told Urban Meyer to admit he knew.


Urban Meyer LIED and did so in direct contradiction with his boss.


Zach Smith’s spousal abuse went therefore look the other way for BOTH Gene Smith AND for Urban Meyer.  And for Urban Meyer’s RN wife Shelly.


He’d be GONE from here and his wife and the AD but Ohio State University has a LONG PATTERN of abuse of power by its football program heads and so he is suspended for 3 more games along with his AD.  And presumably for his God Damn wife nurse as well.


As I said all along.


Right again.


So Oregon State Rutgers and TCU.


Back in time for Penn State.


Further abuse of power by Ohio State football heads admitted by Ohio State University.  Again.  And insufficient punishment.


Again as always with Ohio State embattled football program.



There are 8 police reports of spousal abuse just at Ohio State so this is NOT over.  Urban Liar Meyer.





Urban Meyer’s contract required him to promptly report to Ohio State University’s Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Athletics any known violation he was aware of or had reasonable cause to believe is taking place or may have taken place involving any student faculty or staff or an allegation of a violation of Title IX including Ohio State’s Sexual Misconduct Policy all of which covers domestic violence upgrading his leave of absence to an official suspension. Urban Meyer admits he lied about Zach Smith.

Tomorrow the panel of 6 investigating Urban Meyer will make its recommendation for suspension of Urban Meyer and others at embattled Ohio State University.   Urban Meyer repeatedly has stated that he is a firm believer of the Roman Catholic Church which prohibits unjust anger hatred and vengeance.  Gene Smith played football at Notre Dame owned by the Roman Catholic Church which prohibits unjust anger hatred and vengeance. These are precepts of Catholicism.  Ohio State University is an embattled football program embroiled in controversy with a long history of lies and cover-ups. 


Just yesterday it was revealed that Zach Smith was arrested for drunk driving refused to take the breathalyzer test although struggling to appear sober and was let-off that charge 5 years ago by a judge who is a graduate of Ohio State University and member of Ohio State’s football inner circle booster organization. Florida players have come forward about Urban Meyer’s precepts there in the Florida Gator program. Police reports of the 8 arrests of Zach Smith at Ohio State University with multiple felony charges have been covered-up to this point as well.  This publicity nightmare at Ohio State University overshadows that Georgia is # 3 in the AP Poll and Ohio State # 5 without its coach who is on paid leave by said Ohio State University where all this goes on today.  Ohio State is viewed largely as a corrupt football program with a long history of abuse of power.


Gene Smith is the Athletics Director at Ohio State University.  Zach Smith played football for Urban Meyer at Boling Green.  Zach Smith then joined Urban Meyer at Florida where the reports of spousal abuse surfaced and then was hired by Urban Meyer at Ohio State where Urban Meyer said at the Big 10 Media Days last week that he knew NOTHING about ANY allegations against Zach Smith and that the reporter should ask himself where he gets off even bringing up such unfounded allegations ?  Who would create such a fabricated story Urban Meyer asked the reporter at the Big 10 Media Days last week ?


Hey Urban stick THIS up your God Damn lying asshole.  Remember telling me that you had a heart attack and could not coach any longer ?  That is why you left Florida.  You said.  You God Damn Liar.


The NCAA has not yet commented on these facts : They soon will.  NCAA Probation would seem appropriate for all this bullshit.   Ohio State University has financial responsibilities in these regards including obvious lawsuits of their mishandling of Courtney Smith.  A man NEVER raises a hand to a little lady.  NEVER.  Not for ANY reason.  There is NO EXCUSE for ANY of this.




Zach Smith ordered more than $2200 in sex toys and had the items delivered to him at Ohio State Woody Hayes Athletic Center. Courtney Smith said Zach Smith took multiple pics of his penis inside Ohio State coach’s office. Pictures of his penis inside the White House when Ohio State visited Obama including showing a White House bathroom towel featuring the Seal of the President of the United States. And that he also photographed his dick in coach’s office receiving oral sex. Then as well having sex with an OSU staffer. All this was photographed with equipment Zach Smith had shipped there to the coach’s office at Ohio State.

His lawyer says this is all stolen property and a felony receiving stolen goods but the facts are that it is public knowledge.  Urban Meyer has to know what is going-on in his office and what is delivered to it and if he claims he doesn’t – he should.


How embarrassing ALL of this is to Ohio State University  – a football program embroiled in controversy.









Zach Smith spent hours being grilled by Ohio State University panel and told the investigators today he understood why Ohio State had to fire him. The investigation of Urban Meyer continues where Urban Meyer TOLD EVERYONE that he did not know ANYTHING about ANY allegations against his longtime assistant coach. Zach Smith told the investigators that Urban Meyer DID KNOW ALL ABOUT his multiple felonious assault investigations at the University of Florida AND at Ohio State and that Urban Meyer was just covering-up to say he DID NOT KNOW ANYTHING about the charges that for YEARS AND YEARS Zach Smith had 8 police reports of SPOUSAL ABUSE.

Gene Smith Ohio State University Athletic Director ALSO KNEW ALL ABOUT THE ALLEGATIONS OF ABUSE BY ZACH SMITH according to Zach Smith to the Ohio State University investigating panel today.


There are 4 MORE days of grilling before the panel investigating Urban Meyer and OTHERS is finished with its extensive interviews.


Expect that there will be SEVERAL who will lose their jobs over these on-going COVER-UPS and on-going LIES.


Urban Meyer has been forced-out as head coach.  Zach Smith has been FIRED.  There will be others.


Ohio State University has a SOILED REPUTATION in collegiate football scandals and this the latest.




Ohio State University students do NOT graduate like UGA students do. Their graduation rate is lower than The University of Georgia.

It costs less to go to Ohio State University than it does to go to Georgia.


It’s a cheaper school.


You end-up with MORE DEBT going to Ohio State University than you would going to UGA.


There are fewer students to faculty at Georgia than at Ohio State.


52 % of Ohio State students are men trying to get their degree.


58 % of Georgia students are women trying to get their degree.


Far higher percentage of UGA students who have financial needs find that their needs are met at Georgia than at Ohio State.


It costs less money to live in Athens than in Columbus for the same comparison items.


Georgia is a BETTER school than Ohio State and always has been.  Ohio State University students do NOT graduate like UGA students do.   Their graduation rate is lower than The University of Georgia.







“In 2009 Zach Smith was an intern – a very young couple. We’re certainly not going to investigate. It came back to me that what was reported wasn’t actually what happened. 2015 – I got a text late last night something happened in 2015. And there was nothing. Once again – there’s nothing — once again I don’t know who creates a story like that. I try not to operate – especially when you’re talking about personnel and people – making decisions on things because it became public. But to say that doesn’t have something to do with it – it does a little bit. You’re talking about people’s lives et cetera.” THESE are the LIES Urban Meyer told you that caused him to be forced to STEP-DOWN as head coach at Ohio State.

“In 2009 Zach Smith was an intern – a very young couple. We’re certainly not going to investigate.   It came back to me that what was reported wasn’t actually what happened.  2015 – I got a text late last night something happened in 2015. And there was nothing. Once again – there’s nothing — once again I don’t know who creates a story like that.   I try not to operate – especially when you’re talking about personnel and people – making decisions on things because it became public.  But to say that doesn’t have something to do with it – it does a little bit.  You’re talking about people’s lives et cetera.”


THESE are the LIES Urban Meyer told you that caused him to be forced to STEP-DOWN as head coach at Ohio State.


I was certainly not going to investigate back in 2009 when I was the head coach of the Florida Gators and Zach Smith worked for me there as a coach after being one of my players on my team when I coached at Bowling Green.  Yes Zach Smith was charged with felony domestic abuse several times including while he and I were at Florida.  But it came back to ME that what was reported wasn’t what actually happened.  Then in 2015 when it all surfaced again here at Ohio State – again THERE WAS NOTHING to it.  Not true.  I don’t know who creates a story like this.  What kind of bullshit reporting would lead to reporting that something that NEVER HAPPENED in fact was what happened.



Now Urban Meyer is caught red-handed lying at the Big Ten Media Days and forced-out as head football coach. Make NO MISTAKE ABOUT THIS NOW Urban Meyer has been forced to STEP-DOWN as head coach of Ohio State for Lying.

2 years ago Penn State was a 3-loss team including the loss to an unranked 5-loss team but they beat Urban Meyer and Ohio State. This of course despite that Ohio State was wrongly included in the College Football Playoff and got the ever-loving shit knocked out of it obviously 31 to nothing in the playoffs. This very poor showing 2 years ago by the Big Ten factored into the Committee not including ANY Big Ten team in the College Football Playoffs last year. This very poor showing by Urban Meyer and Ohio State.


Last year Oklahoma and Clemson LOST to Georgia and Alabama leading to an All SEC National Championship Game in the College Football Playoffs. The Big Ten was shut-out completely by the Committee then last year following the very poor showing by Urban Meyer and Ohio State the year before last. Last year following Urban Meyer and Ohio State’s poor showing 2016 Ohio State did even worse. Losing to a 3-loss team who in-turn themselves included in the 3 losses lost to a 5-loss unranked team itself and Urban Meyer and Ohio State losing 31 to nothing in the 2016 college football playoffs Ohio State obviously HAD NO BUSINESS being included in factored heavily in the snub of the Big Ten and specifically the snub of Urban Meyer and Ohio State 2017.


2017 last year Urban Meyer and Ohio State were EVEN WORSE than 2016.


Ohio State had Oklahoma whom Georgia beat come to their house in Columbus Ohio whom Ohio State LOST to. Not only did Urban Meyer and Ohio State LOSE to Oklahoma last year but allowed Oklahoma to double them up. Oklahoma was twice as good as Ohio State at Ohio State’s stadium. THEN Urban Meyer and Ohio State last year got the snot knocked out of itself by yet again another unranked team.


Iowa a 5-loss unranked team who should have lost 6 games last year beat the shit out of Urban Meyer and Ohio State 55 to 24.


31 points 5-loss unranked team beat Urban Meyer and Ohio State by last year.


Now Urban Meyer is caught red-handed lying at the Big Ten Media Days and forced-out as head football coach. Make NO MISTAKE ABOUT THIS NOW Urban Meyer has been forced to STEP-DOWN as head coach of Ohio State.




Repeatedly lying.


Harboring a guy who twice should have faced felony charges for domestic violence of his little lady wife – lying about it and harboring Zach Smith.  8 times the Police were called-out just at Ohio State.  8 times.


THIS is what we’re talking about.


3 years ago. Are you following me on this ? 3 years ago Urban Meyer and Ohio State LOST to Michigan State. Michigan State.


Michigan State came to Columbus Ohio and beat Urban Meyer and Ohio State.


Michigan State who lost 3 games including to 6-7 losing record unranked Nebraska. THIS Michigan State. THE Michigan State. Beat Ohio State and Urban Meyer.


THEN Michigan State got to represent the Big Ten and played Alabama who beat the ever-living shit out of Michigan State. Alabama 38 Michigan State NOTHING.


Not a God Damn point.


Same as with Ohio State the following year losing 31 to NOTHING.


THIS is Ohio State and the Urban Meyer we discuss today.


The results on the field the last 3 years.





2018 now Urban Meyer forced to step-down as coach at Ohio State


It’s been particularly bad for Urban Meyer and Ohio State and therefore BAD for the Big Ten.


Hasn’t it ?



“I know nothing; never had a conversation about that; who would create a story like that and If I knew I would have made a change.”

Ohio State’s head coach kept an accused serial domestic abuser on his staff for a decade. And the only reason he fired Zach Smith is because a really good reporter — McMurphy — made it public.


Question: If Meyer’s superiors knew about this, then why was Meyer put on administrative leave and not Ohio State athletics director Gene Smith?


Violence and threats against women are not acceptable.  Except if you coached or played under Urban Meyer at Ohio State or for Urban Meyer at Florida.


2010, when star running back Chris Rainey threatened to kill his estranged girlfriend by sending her a text message — “Time to die, bitch” — Meyer suspended Rainey for four whole games. He brought Rainey back just in time so he could score a touchdown and help lead the Gators to a 34-31 victory over rival Georgia.


Urban Meyer violated his core values with the Gators just as he has violated his core values with the Buckeyes.  And now he has violated the public trust with his constant lying and denying.





Which is the worse lie Jim Tressle or Urban Meyer ? Ohio State University has a bad reputation as a college. Jim Tressle fired over lie players traded memorabilia for tattoos.

Losing by 31 against an unranked opponent can’t happen to a team hoping to make a four-team playoff field. Then there is that “THE” bullshit they put before Ohio State University like there are TWO Ohio State Universities and this one is the one.


Michael Fred Adams began his career on the staff at Ohio State University and perhaps that is the most glaring example of how bad Ohio State is.  No one likes Mike F. Adam$.


George Steinbrenner  not only graduated from Ohio State but he also was on Woody Hayes’ staff.  Remember the bad press of Woody Hayes ?  Remember Woody Hayes in the bowl game punching an opponent ?  Well George Steinbrenner learned well how to be an asshole as Woody Hayes’ assistant coach.


Woody Hayes.  You can’t leave out Woody Hayes as leader in BAD PRESS for Ohio State.


Jeffrey Dahmer serial killer and cannibal


Bobby Knight the most-hated and nastiest coach of all-time any sport finally gone from the profession after years of abuse.


Maurice Clarett  falsely claiming stolen property to the police, accepting $20,000 in special benefits, signing early with an agent (and therefore ceding NCAA eligibility) only to be denied early entry into the NFL draft, racking up $1 million in legal debt, getting indicted for robbery and driving around with a loaded AK-47 and an open bottle of Grey Goose but this is why Ohio State University won the tainted national championship.


Gang member Aaron Hernandez charged with murder then found dead in his cell this great Ohio State University player.


Woody Hayes punching Clemson player on an interception return which Ohio State University FIRED Woody Hayes for.  The punch brought Charlie Bauman status as the man who ended Woody Hayes career in a Gator Bowl Game 1978.  Woody Hayes could not stand losing to Clemson and said the reason he punched Charlie Bauman was because he cost Woody Hayes his job.


Jim Tressle LIED to Ohio State University and to the press about his players trading Ohio State memorabilia so that they could get tattoos.  Ohio State FIRED Jim Tressle over that LIE.


Now we have Urban freaking Meyer lying to the press and to Ohio State University that he did not know anything about the 8 times Zach Smith was charged with domestic violence by the police at every place Urban Meyer ever coached.  Which is worse Jim Tressle lie or Urban Meyer’s lies ?



“Urban Meyer has been relieved of his duties as head coach of the Ohio State football team.” Tom Herman and James Franklin are being approached. Kirby would be considered.

I doubt seriously that Ohio State University would put a man in charge who is short on experience.  A proven winner would be the first consideration.


After the gaffe yesterday by Urban Meyer and his attorneys I can’t see Urban Meyer being taken-off administrative leave.  He’s guilty and admitted it now.  That just makes it all the worse.


The existing Ohio State University staff of Urban Meyer is likewise under scrutiny not to replace Urban Meyer all of them very short on experience for such a job but under scrutiny for what THEY knew about Zach Smith and failed to do anything about.


There is speculation whom the Athletic Director would choose to replace Urban Meyer if he has to but he too is under scrutiny for HIS FAILURES as well with regard to Zach Smith.


It’s a mess to be sure and the biggest news in some time now in college football.  This is yet ANOTHER in a long string of black eyes for Ohio State University.



“My heart is heavy today. I do feel it necessary to share the truth with the Buckeye family. My words whether in a reply to a reporter’s question or in addressing a personnel issue – must be clear compassionate and most of all completely accurate. Unfortunately at Big Ten Media Days on July 24th I failed on MANY of these fronts. My intention was not to say anything inaccurate or misleading. However I was not adequately prepared to discuss these sensitive personnel issues with the media. And I apologize for the way I handled those questions. As I state above I deeply regret IF I have failed in my words.” IF I have failed in my words.

Bullshit Urban LIAR Meyer.  What is this crap that “IF” you have failed in your God Damn words ?


You admit you lied.


I said you lied.


I said you are going DOWN.


I said OTHERS will join you.



Unlike MANY others as soon as you made these bullshit statements to the media I said that instant you were a GOD DAMN LIAR Urban Meyer.


THAT is ALL you EVER have been Urban LIAR Meyer.






Urban Meyer placed on administrative leave by Ohio State after reports surfaced that Urban Meyer knew about spousal abuse allegations against assistant coach Zach Smith prior to Zach Smith’s firing last week. Ohio State University is INVESTIGATING URBAN MEYER now.

You recall of course that Urban Meyer held that press conference where he told us all that he was too sick to ever coach with heart attack.  Then instantly he immediately shows-up to Ohio State University where he has remained as coach there.


No heart issues ?


So Urban Meyer quit coaching Florida Gators claiming heart attack. And Florida has NEVER RECOVERED.


Now this.


Well there was the 2016 season with 2 really bad losses which the Playoff Committee held against Urban Meyer last year 2017 season.


Now this.


4 years of documented proof that allegations long-since existed against Urban Meyer’s assistant coach Zach Smith where Urban Meyer’s wife told Zach Smith’s wife that she would be telling Urban Meyer. It’s against the law to cover-up spousal abuse. We haven’t heard Urban Meyer say he was told 4 years ago or since. We do have the proof that Urban Meyer’s wife a RN told Zach Smith’s wife that she just had to tell Urban Meyer and Zach Smith’s wife said that was why she told Urban Meyer’s wife. This Urban Meyer LIAR is a sleezeball LIAR who continually has stated to recruits in-state here in Georgia that coming to Ohio State would insure they get # 1 Round NFL Draft Pick selections while coming to Georgia insures they don’t.


Actually this dates back 9 years with Zach Smith and documented allegations of abuse.


So Urban Meyer 100 percent KNEW about Zach Smith since at the University of Florida Zach Smith was again Urban Meyer’s coach on his staff for the Florida Gators in 2009 when Zach Smith was charged with aggravated battery of his wife.


So this is NOT news to Urban Meyer.




Please note the law.


Urban Meyer can NOT cover-up allegations of abuse of a lady. It’s 100 percent against the law.


THIS is why everyone says Urban Meyer WILL BE FIRED.


THIS is why Ohio State University instantly put Urban Meyer on leave.


THIS is why Ohio State University instantly began a complete INVESTIGATION of Urban Meyer.


In 2001 Zach Smith played football for coach Urban Meyer at Boling Green University. So Urban Meyer knows EVERYTHING about Zach Smith.


There are SEVERAL POLICE REPORTS from 4 years’ ago where Zach Smith had to have the Police called on him.  Police called and Police Reports.  Police were called there because of 2 calls of physical abuse of Zach Smith’s wife. She has to press charges. She divorced him instead.  They were separated then.  Zach Smith faces NEW CHARGES NOW.  His attorneys have pushed the court case out several months.




One a man should NEVER raise a hand to a lady.


Two this is a PRIORITY among all of us that it IS NOT ALLOWED.


Look women go back for more.  We have to protect little ladies and prosecute those who hide cover-up and actually do the abuse.


I say Zach Smith and Urban Meyer are GOING DOWN and they are NOT the only ones.



Ohio State starts practice today and Urban Meyer is NOT the coach.


Ryan Day is the coach of Ohio State. Acting head coach Ryan Day August 3 of 2018.


Ryan Day has been the acting head coach of Ohio State for 3 days in a row now. Now he starts Fall practice and NOT Urban Meyer.


Ryan Day likely will be called as a witness himself.


Ryan Day not only was Zach Smith’s boss before he was fired but Ryan Day goes all the way back to Florida as Urban Meyer’s coach there as well.


So Ryan Day KNOWS ALL ABOUT Zach Smith as well.


He too could and obviously should be part of the INVESTIGATION of not just Urban Meyer but of Ryan Day.


Expect to hear that Ryan Day is put on leave by Ohio State University and expect fully that Ryan Day KNEW ALL ABOUT Zach Smith.


Like Urban LIAR Meyer.


Look Urban Meyer has ADMITTED he KNEW ALL ABOUT Zach Smith before Zach Smith was FIRED by Ohio State University.


Urban LIAR Meyer.



Jim Tressel was FIRED by Ohio State University for LYING.


Urban LIAR Meyer uses THAT as his MIDDLE GOD DAMN NAME.




Rose Bowl 2018 third-most watched cable show of ALL-TIME and NC Game against Alabama who had # 1 recruiting class 7 years in a row prior also has Georgia ranked # 2 ALL-TIME in cable viewership 2018. For the season 106 million 752 thousand watched Kirby. Did you HEAR ME ? You said people are NOT INTERESTED IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL and that somehow one million dollars for THESE GAMES 30 second commercial is somehow BAD for college football and the NCAA. THAT is what you said. Bullshit artist. MORE watched Georgia than watched OHIO STATE. “The point is that Georgia is getting good at a very good time… because people are watching now more than ever.”

106 million 752 thousand watched Georgia Bulldogs football this latest season.


Thank you Kirby for making UGA relevant in a city of 7 million with our 1 win ever as a city 1995 Braves World Series.


I believe we are good for the city even with Jeff Schultz stating yesterday that Georgia Bulldogs are # 1 for the city of Atlanta right now.


Well yeah we are.


Let me know when 106 million 752 thousand watching us is bad ?


What you said is that it is BAD for college football right now.  That’s what you said.  You said all these reasons why folks don’t like college football.  You said the NCAA screwed everything up.  You said the College Football Playoffs with 2 SEC teams was BAD for college football.


You said this is ALL BAD for college football.


Then we find out that Nielsen says MORE WATCHED UGA Georgia Bulldogs than watched Ohio State this latest season.


Not even counting the playoffs MORE watched Georgia Bulldogs than watched Ohio State.


Commercials for 6 of our games were one million dollars for a 30 second commercial.


“The point is that Georgia is getting good at a very good time… because people are watching now more than ever.”







It really is an 8-TEAM PLAY-OFF 2017 SEASON and 6 of the 8 teams have to win Saturday or they are LEFT-OUT of the remaining 4-game play-off. 3 of the teams playing Saturday can NOT make the play-offs whether they WIN or not. Those 3 already OUT are Wisconsin who has as their best wins, wins over an 8-4 unranked team and wins over a 7-5 unranked team. Wisconsin therefore does not pass the EYE TEST. Ohio State is ALREADY OUT TOO as a win over hapless Wisconsin is not going to punch their ticket in. And the 3rd team ALREADY OUT is the team who 5-7 Pittsburgh beat last week Miami of Florida’s Mark Richt.


  1. Clemson LOST to 4-8 Syracuse.
  2. Oklahoma LOST to 7-5 Iowa State.
  3. Auburn LOST to 11-1 Clemson and lost to 9-3 LSU.
  4. Alabama LOST to 10-2 Auburn who lost to 11-1 Clemson and lost to 9-3 LSU.
  5. Georgia LOST to 10-2 Auburn who beat two teams the committee had ranked # 1.
  6. Wisconsin has as its best wins wins over unranked Michigan 8-4 and over unranked Iowa 7-5.
  7. Ohio State LOST to 7-5 Iowa AND Oklahoma 11-1 beat Ohio State too.
  8. Mark Richt Miami of Florida LOST to 5-7 Pittsburgh.



Ohio State is TELLING PROSPECTS HERE IN GEORGIA that if they come to Columbus Ohio they will be a 1st Round NFL Draft Pick and if they come to UGA they will be a 2nd Round NFL Draft Pick. Really Urban Liar ? That is your CRAPPY LIES you offer-up to 17 year old 5-star recruits like Stockbridge Georgia Brenton Cox.

Who do you think believes that Urban Meyer ?


I am looking forward to the NFL Draft and the Play-Off Selection Committee.  I believe UGA will have MORE NFL Draft Picks and higher ones than Ohio State and I fully expect The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs to have had a better year than Ohio State as well.


Let’s see how the College Football Play-Off Committee sees Ohio State and sees Georgia tonight shall we Urban Meyer ?


Ohio State 10-2 LOST to 7-5 Iowa AND Oklahoma 11-1 beat Ohio State too.

Georgia 11-1 LOST only to 10-2 Auburn who beat two teams the committee had ranked # 1.



Only is a 5-star prospect from Stockbridge going to be an NFL 1st Round Draft Pick if he goes to Ohio State and only is he instead going to be just only a 2nd Round NFL Draft Selection if he goes instead to lowly little ole Georgia with 3 SEC teams ranked AHEAD of Ohio State by the Selection Committee.


Urban Meyer you are a liar boy.  A complete liar.  It is so easy to see right through your lies.   You lose credibility Urban Meyer when you state as fact  OBVIOUS LIES.