7 top10 teams beat by LSU. We don’t talk about that. Joe Burrow STATES that Odell Beckham Jr. PAID REAL CASH to LSU players. Now, that we all talk about. OBJ. The NCAA is going to ALLOW LSU to smoke cigars and be PAID CASH by a guy who signed a $95 million dollar contract. Justin Jefferson was HANDED CASH. And, he does NOT hand it back. Here is what I say about this. They are ALL players on the field. It’s illegal benefits.

I saw Odell Beckham Jr. hand the handful of cash from his wallet to Justin Jefferson.


The NCAA can NOT look the other way.


I can not be more clear about this.






LSU # 7 on 3rd Down Conversions Kirby’s stinking offense is # 40 :

LSU # 7 on 3rd Down Conversions Kirby’s stinking offense is # 40 :




LSU # 1 completion percentage in the country UGA # 32 :




LSU # 2 Passing Offense Joe Burrow Ohio State recruit UGA # 81.


I believe we can get LSU in the special teams that is if Kirby lets our guys return punts and return kickoffs against LSU.


Georgia Tech ?


We will beat Georgia Tech by 3 touchdowns at their house.


Bunch of turkeys




Happy Thanksgiving !



Las Vegas says LSU beats UGA by 3.5 points.  I don’t think so.  Not if we return kickoffs and punts and pass the football they don’t.






# 24 Coaches’ Poll # 24 AP Poll Texas A&M stands between UGA Georgia Bulldogs Play-Off berth # 4 also AP Poll # 4 and Coaches’ Poll # 4 Saturday at OUR HOUSE then they play LSU at Baton Rouge November 30 and we play LSU at Mercedes-Benz Atlanta Stadium December 7 of 2019. I see Texas A&M as a 5-loss team 2019 regular season. There is no reason for us to come ALL THIS WAY just to lose to Texas A&M on the precipice of our playoff berth. Texas A&M hasn’t beat anyone. We HAVE Florida Auburn and Notre Dame. I don’t care if Texas A&M beats LSU or not. Just don’t beat us. We are going to beat LSU who still would be in the top 4.


Here is my Poll. I rank UGA # 1 based on our wins AT # 6 Florida # 7 Notre Dame and AT # 12 Auburn while LSU beat Alabama who has beat NO ONE ALL SEASON. LSU beat Florida and Auburn but neither as impressive in Baton Rouge while our wins over Florida and Auburn side-by-side WERE AWAY GAMES FOR US. Oh and LSU beat unranked 6-4 Texas. Sorry. I GEAUX with The Dogs.

Oh and Dan Mullen stick THAT up your asshole boy !


Georgia tumbled to # 10 in week 6 when the wheels came off against hapless South Carolina.


Joe Burrow transferred from Ohio State to LSU and man-handled us last year at Baton Rouge.


Kirby was # 2 last year when we traveled to Baton Rouge and got our ass handed to us by Joe Burrow 16-36.  It ruined our season and tainted Kirby.


LSU went on to lose 3 games last year but Kirby got BLOWN-OUT in Baton Rouge.


Kirby is spoiling for a rematch.  He has it.


Joe Burrow or Jake Fromm ?  I will take Jake Fromm thank you.  I know Joe Burrow has the Heisman Trophy all but wrapped-up but he has to play us pissed-off after last year’s embarrassment down there at his house.  Joe Burrow couldn’t get on the field much at Ohio State where Justin Fields now faces Michigan and Penn State back-to-back and then has to play in the Big 10 Championship Game against useless Minnesota.


Clemson ?


They are like Alabama.  Haven’t beat shit all year.


Joe Burrow was 15 of 30 for 200 yards last year at Baton Rouge against us.  I never expected that.  We did sack him 3 times but he hit a 50-yard bomb that broke our back.  Joe Burrow ALSO rushed for a 59 yards rumble against us and two (2) TD rushing against us last year.  Jesus Christ.  Of course Jake Fromm was intercepted twice by direct comparison and sacked 4 times by LSU but LSU does NOT have last year’s defense this year and Kirby has his finest defense reminiscent of Erk Russell 2019.



I told you we beat Auburn pre-game with our BETTER defense I said that Jake Fromm would do better against Auburn’s defense than Bo Nix did against Kirby’s defense 2019 and I was right.


I take Georgia to play one of these teams who hasn’t beat shit and listen to them all week brag about our loss to hapless South Carolina who can’t possibly even play a damn bowl game but Kirby got Mulligan for that with wins over Notre Dame Florida and Auburn now too.  Don’t be surprised to see Kirby actually MOVE UP in the College Football Playoff Poll Tuesday.


Ohio State beating Minnesota in the Big 10 championship game isn’t going to mean anything.


I believe the committee has Georgia # 1 and LSU # 2.  I see no reason for more than 4 teams in the playoffs.  We could face LSU twice.  I think when we beat LSU that LSU drops no farther than # 2.  I think it should be Ohio State playing Clemson for the right to play either SEC team but it is # 1 Georgia against # 4 Clemson and # 2 LSU against # 3 Ohio State because Ohio State and Clemson didn’t play anyone.


CUPCAKE playing pussies.


Georgia jumps Clemson and Ohio State and LSU.  We do that right now.






LSU knocked us all the way down from # 2 to # 8 AP Poll which of course puts us behind the 8-ball in our next game against # 11 Florida a week from Saturday then Kentucky who is # 14.

Losing by 3 touchdowns is never any fun.


This is a sobering reminder of just how good a team is when they have played a soft schedule then face good teams.


Eerily it seemed like we were watching a Mark Richt coached team.


We got our asses kicked.


Thanks a lot Jake Fromm.


On the big stage 2018 surrounded by all this talent you got your hat handed to you.


This should not have happened to lose by 3 Touchdowns but there is no time now for worrying about that now with our # 1 Rival Florida up next a week from Saturday.


Right now this has to fester for 2 weeks.


We have 2 ways to respond.


I fear that Kirby has NOT LEARNED his lesson that his passing game sucks.



We lost to LSU the first 7 times we played them until 1947. Since then it’s been a pretty even series us 13-16-2 vs LSU all-time. LSU has won the games that mattered on neutral fields UGA Georgia Bulldogs one win all-time to LSU 4 neutral site wins. At Death Valley UGA could actually take the all-time lead Saturday late afternoon.

7-7 in Athens against LSU.


5-5-1 at Death Valley against LSU all-time.


There is no question Kirby is attempting to make The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs an Elite Football Program and that we MUST beat LSU for that to be the case.


That “we don’t have to win at LSU” mentality is so much bullshit.


If you want to be an Elite Football Program you can’t have a 13-17-1 record against LSU all-time.  You have to fix that.  And this is our opportunity to accomplish these goals of our proud program.


LSU has a weakness at QB for all to see and LSU has a weakness at head coach for all to see.


The time to start fixing this imbalance with LSU all-time is Saturday at 3:30 p.m. our time there at Death Valley.


We just can NOT drop to 13-17-1 and must correct this to 14-16-1 two games under Saturday.


We have to do this.


51-43-2 is ok against our # 1 Rival Florida all-time but the facts there too are that we are 7-21 against Florida starting 1990.


As long as our top rivals are in fact beating us like Alabama too we’re NOT an Elite Football Program all-time at # 11 all-time in Wins.


My goal is NOT to be mediocre nor to give-in to our top Rivals and allow them to have the advantage against us as has been the case recently.


We have to fix these series against our top Rivals.


Obviously LSU stands between us and our goals for 2018.


Don’t go down there with the mentality that we don’t have to win.


That we can lose.


That is for someone else’s program.


NOT Georgia’s.


Got it ?


Well do you ?


Or don’t you ?


We have questions about Kirby’s offense since Kirby took over here the # 96 Pass Offense 2016 and then last year the # 106 Passing Offense 2017 and now this season the # 76 Passing Offense 2018.  We have questions about Jake Fromm then don’t we ?  We have questions about all this talent when our top recruits do not get on the field but are seemingly held back by what appear to be lesser-talented players under Kirby every year now 3 years in a row.


There are questions 2018 about our schedule and here we have a game against Rival LSU at their Death Valley to silence these questions.


And we have fans who say oh well it doesn’t matter.  We don’t have to win Saturday late afternoon.  We can be just fine even with a loss.


You are oblivious to what is going on around us Joe Vitale.


I am greatly disappointed for such a series of points such as we can lose at LSU and be fine.  Really truly we can.  How the hell do you figure that Joe Vitale ?


Don’t you acknowledge what the football world is saying about UGA Georgia Bulldogs 2018 Joe Vitale UGA Wire.com ?


We have to answer these questions and wimping out and stating we are just fine even with a loss at LSU is what is wrong with our program Kirby is trying to fix no thanks to Joe Vitale on UGA Wire.com today.





13-16-1 all-time against LSU The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs just have to try to square this back up having lost 2 of the last 3 to LSU. Mark Richt LOST 13-20 to LSU 2009 Mark Richt going only 8-5 in 2009. And Mark Richt LOST to LSU in a blow-out 10-42 to end up only 10-4 in 2011. So this game was pivotal to Mark Richt being fired wasn’t it ?

There are questions about LSU’s quarterback and about LSU’s head coach Ed Orgeron.  Frankly neither are that great.


# 81 on 3rd Down Conversions LSU is not a very good offense are they?

# 114 on Completion Percentage LSU just isn’t a passing team 2018

# 92 in Penalty yards LSU has shot itself in the foot and will look to fix that

# 80 at Kick-Off returns LSU’s special teams haven’t helped them have they ?

# 118 Kick-Off return defense LSU is not any good stopping kick-offs either

# 95 in Passing Offense LSU is one dimensional 2018 aren’t they ?

# 59 in Passing Yards allowed Kirby will not exploit that but try to run right ?

# 50 in Punt Returns Ed Orgeron just has lots of woes right ?

# 69 in sacks allowed LSU expects to have breather vs us since we haven’t done that

# 90 total offense LSU really is just only good on defense right ?

# 34 total defense LSU brings it and looks to shut us down





If we don’t get it going on offense and start out slow again LSU’s defense can dominate a game.


LSU has great talent and has not only stolen great players from Georgia every year but also has stopped us from great success in Louisiana.


I don’t think Ed Orgeron is a very good coach and I don’t think much of his offense either or his special teams.


LSU is poorly coached.


It’s up to Kirby to get his offense passing the football against their weakness.


Fail that and we lose to LSU.



We can’t afford to drop to 13-17-1 vs LSU all-time.


Our season is OVER with a LOSS at LSU Saturday at 3:30 p.m. CBS.


It is said we don’t play good teams 2018.


We do this Saturday at LSU.  Well a good defense against the run anyway Kirby’s strength on offense since he got here.


Kirby has to change his game plans against certain top teams.


THIS is one.


Throw the football Kirby.


Kirby has not exploited weaknesses of defenses but runs the ball only even if that is what they do BEST.





Ed Orgeron is the answer at LSU ?



We’re 13-16-1 vs. LSU all-time and don’t face them again until 2025 as SEC non-divisional foe.  This would be a year to improve to 14-16-1 vs LSU and Ed Orgeron would be the reason.  I have no idea why LSU would think Ed Orgeron is going to help LSU because they know he isn’t.


And what is this crap all about now Ed Orgeron that you want to put some child in a hole just because he dared to think that his team might beat you ?   You are sending your thugs around to put him in a hole for that Ed Orgeron.  That is what you said you told the kid.  Let’s see now Ed Orgeron you are 31 wins and 33 losses as a coach and some kid dares to think that his team can beat your team ?



LSU faces no football scholarship monies Fall semester 2016 amid $ 2 billion dollar state deficit says democratic Governor John Bel Edwards elected on NO NEW TAXES to replace he says blame the Republicans.

Katrina was August 2005 eleven years ago.  What we all found out then was that New Orleans is bordered by higher water on all sides with only manmade dams to hold it back on all sides, located in a bowl itself far below the Mississippi River, Lake Pontchartrain and the Gulf of Mexico.


This has created a state with no tax revenue from “big business” there.  Surprise the Governor who ran for office on no new taxes now wants to tax the ever-living bejesus out of “big business.”


He has an engineering degree and served in the military.  He also has a law degree from LSU.


He knows nothing about business.


He has no understanding of what this would do to the economy and at a time when he should be encouraging the economy on the road to recovery.


Instead, everyone stands around with their hands out.


And, he a democrat wants to certainly hand that out.


So there we have it.


Yesterday Kirby snatched-up some of this LSU talent and there is a lot more of it on the table coming-up now.


How bad is it ?


It’s bad.


We like many others have not returned to Louisiana in the 11 years.  We did attend the Sugar Bowl 2005 season but that was at the Georgia Dome.  I’ll not subject you again to our voiced displeasure to Mike Adam$ keeping me out of my seat until we were behind 0-28.


But Louisiana I shall not return to.


I feel taken advantage of.  I had no idea that on all 4 sides 22 feet higher water level than land level surrounded me in a bowl down below all that water on all sides.


Had I known then what I now know, I would not have gone there all the times we did.


I don’t know what you learned about Katrina as I watched it unfold but God did not intend us to be there.  He just didn’t.


I shall not return.


But I do not want LSU to cut TOPS for college students nor cease funding scholarships to student-athletes at LSU.


This would incur the federal government once again to intervene – or certainly should.


I mean we bailed them last time.


All of us gave all we could at the time 11 years ago.


Is it real ?


Sure it is real.


LSU faces big issues as I wrote yesterday about us hiring Hannah Brinks from LSU for Kirby’s staff.  There is no question that $ 2 billion dollars has to come from somewhere.


I am just disappointed that we have someone so ill-equipped to handle the problem the voters somehow sent there before this all came-out right after he took office.


No economist would agree with the Governor that his solution is correct and that moreover it will kill any development trying to go on there amid this crisis.


I support LSU.


I support their student-athletes.


I support the state of Louisiana – maybe not parts of it reclaimed from that which clearly is not intended for people but fish or crawdads.


This is up to them but LSU is losing a ton of talent right now today.  Cuts have happened.  1100 have lost their jobs at LSU.  More will.  Paychecks for April have no funding.  This is March 7 2016.


We welcomed many from there here.  I personally have contributed to this both time and monies.


But I do not see anyone talking about this and thought you should know.  I ran into it when looking up Hannah Brinks.


Baton Rouge I always thought was safe by comparison.


It’s really not from this financial crisis.  Instead it is front and center.


LSU Athletics pays for their 85 football scholarships but we have 125 men – the balance on our HOPE scholarship monies really, like their TOPS but TOPS only requires 2.5 GPA which is too low.


So LSU is going to lose walk-ons.  TOPS also allows out-of-state students who claim Louisiana as home.  We had folks claim that to me to my face and could not pronounce New Orleans the way I learned to pronounce it there.


LSU will field a football team this Fall.


The Governor is just wrong about that, as he is about much.


Including his lack of formal education on the subject of economy proves.


I am not ignoring this and say to you now that LSU will drop-off.  It has to.  Think about it.  We have walk-ons who become Starters EVERY YEAR.  It is how you feed a football program.  There inevitably are scholarship student-athletes who fall-out for many different reasons.  You must have walk-ons.  College costs a ton.  It’s too expensive for a lazy student who does not make qualifying grades, for their parents to pay for instead.


This is where we are.


LSU is going to suffer.  They will suffer in the other sports EVEN MORE.  Maybe not basketball but all the others besides those 2.


LSU will be a shell of itself.


When ?




There are a lot of athletes in Louisiana and remains a hotbed for LSU recruiting because of the disproportionate numbers of athletes in The South I guess because of our weather.


Of course if the underlying funding is cutback by raising taxes to 5 ¢ state sales tax too and businesses there lose more monies to taxes too to fund give-away programs they can not sustain themselves the economy will not pick-up but get far worse.


LSU sports is NOT looking-up no matter what anyone tells you.


Elect a democrat in a failing economy.  Real smart.  What did you think would happen ?  Oh, you wanted more hand-outs.  I am convinced that New Orleans should be given back to God for the purpose for which He intended.  And, Baton Rouge is only an hour away – which is about where God intended land to end.


That is the real issue here – that of course you do not stimulate an economy by removing more from it by raising taxes democrat.