Georgia has won 7 games in a row twice over our # 1 Rival Florida Gators and won 6 games in a row. We won 3 games in a row 1974 then 1975 and 1976 when I was there getting my degree. Then we won 6 games in a row 1978 to 1983 Buck Belue Years. Then we won 3 games in a row before Steve Spurrier when Vince Dooley was retiring 1987 and 1988 then 1989. We won 3 games in a row 2011 then 2012 and 2013. Now Jake Fromm has won 3 games in a row over Florida 2017 and 2018 now 2019 – more to come. 53-43-2 double-digit lead over Florida Gators by The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs UGA. Yeah.

Buck Belue 1978 to 1981.


Won all those.










Kirby played 57 players against our # 1 Rival we have beat 3 times in a row Florida Gators who were # 6 in the nation. Then in the new polls Sunday today we are # 6 with new 2019-2020 Collegiate Play-Off Polls coming-out Tuesday us to be # 6. Florida drops to # 10 and Auburn is 5th SEC team at # 12.


Kirby is NOT winning this game against Florida with these BULLSHIT PLAY CALLS of Kirby on offense. Florida is more disciplined and passes the ball better has a great defense and isn’t penalized – a lot better team who plays better games than Kirby has our team playing. Better coached team is Florida 2019 clearly. Kirby has to change his offense and special teams COMPLETELY to beat Texas A&M Auburn Florida LSU or Alabama. Or anyone else like Clemson or Ohio State.

# 68 Passing Offense Kirby 2019 only 1641 yards passing all season 7 games.


# 6 Total Defense Kirby has a fine defense with two (2) shutouts on the season.


# 94 Penalties 439 yards Kirby has LOST CONTROL of his offense special teams and plays undisciplined football.


Florida does not get penalized and Florida is a great passing offense at # 31 Passing Offense in the nation.


Florida also has a great defense # 25 Total Defense 2019 Florida Gators.



Tell me please that you know why fans boo Kirby for his play calls up the middle.  Good Lord.


You can’t boo the play calls up the middle 7 consecutive stalled drives to start the game until 6 minutes before the 4th quarter against a 1-4 SEC team after losing to a 2-3 team the week before ?


You’re full of shit.




Arjei Henderson # 140 national prospect overall and # 23 receiver nationally 6th Florida Gator signee 2019 class alone who have LEFT DAN MULLEN’S SQUAD

  1. Jalon Jones
  2. Linebacker Dink Johnson
  3. Wide receiver Trevonte Rucker
  4. Defensive end Chris Langston
  5. Cornerback Chris Steele
  6. Arjei Henderson




Dan Mullen 20 Kirby Smart 67 score the last two meetings Kirby is more than 3 times better over the most recent seasons between the 2

38-42 Dan Mullen All-Time vs SEC.


31-3 Kirby beat the shit out of Dan Mullen 2017 against Mississippi State when Dan Mullen was their coach.


36-17 Kirby beat the crap out of Dan Mullen AGAIN 2018 against Florida when Dan Mullen was their coach.


67-20 Kirby has  beat the ever-loving dodo out of Dan Mullen.


Meanwhile Kirby has out-distanced Dan Mullen at Mississippi State AND Florida in recruiting.


Kirby is AHEAD of Dan Mullen AGAIN in recruiting next year while Dan Mullen’s 2018 recruiting class dropped off the face of the earth LOSING recruits who are dropping like flies down there in Gainesville.


It could not have happened to a MORE deserving asshole than Dan Mullen.


Congratulations dumb shit Dan Mullen.


You had THIS ONE coming.


In case you did not notice.







Feleipe Franks # 54 quarterback in the nation is the quarterback left standing at Florida therefore ranked # 8 to Kirby having us ranked # 3. So I thought where you are ranked is supposed to be what’s important ?

Or is there a different set of rules such as we beat the ever-loving shit out of Florida.


The score was 36-17


Jesus Christ what a stomping of Biblical proportions.


Feleipe Franks the # 54 QB nationally according to threw 1 TD and threw 1 Interception against us while Jake Fromm threw 3 TD against Dan Mullen with no interceptions for 275 yards compared to Felipe Franks with just 105 yards.


Why did Georgia kick Florida’s ass ?


Well we had 3 fewer turnovers than Florida and had 429 yards to only 275 yards for Florida.


In short we kicked Dan Mullen’s ass again because Felipe Franks was outclassed by Jake Fromm.


Do you really think there is SOME OTHER MEASURE for what transpired last year ?


Uh no you do NOT.



Florida gators are # 37 in won loss record starting 2010 nine long years of futility and it is NOT getting any better with their NEW COACH a LOSING RECORD in The SEC all-time Dan Mullen 38-42 all-time in The SEC Dan Mullen SEC lousy record. # 37 FU for 9 years and COUNTING starting 2010…


# 37 won/loss record Florida gators starting 2010 for these latest 9 years.


This is a decade this year 2019 and it is NOT a pretty sight for FU fans.


Dan Mullen 38-42 vs. The SEC all-time.  This is whom it is FU thinks can fix all this shit.  I don’t think so.  I said I was sure that Jim McElwain was not any good before he started too.  I am right about BOTH.  In fact it goes all the way back to Will Muschamp after the 2010 season whom I said would not be any good for Florida as well.  And the year before that.  It’s been a LONG RUN of poor choices for head coach at FU.  # 37 won/loss record with these musical chairs of jerks for head coach NONE of whom were qualified after 2010 season.


When will it end ?


No time soon.  We get better players in Florida than they do.  What does THAT tell you ?



“You grab a dog and shake ‘em” is caption Luke Ancrum posted with this picture on Instagram after Georgia Bulldogs beat the shit out of him by 3 TD. Luke Ancrum is back-up 6’ 6” and 270 lbs. THUG who was the # 1755 best recruit 2015 class and next year 2019 will be senior for Florida gators poor coaching of Dan Mullen to allow all this. Dan Mullen with his LOSING RECORD against The SEC. I told you Dan Mullen wasn’t beating Georgia because he has NEVER DONE shit as a head coach anywhere.

“You grab a dog and shake ‘em” Luke Ancrum on Instagram




How poorly coached is Florida to have THIS post-game after getting the shit knocked out of them by 3 TD by their # 1 Rival The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs for now the 5th time the last 8 games.


Luke Ancrum Florida gator back-up DE the # 1755 best recruit in the 2015 recruiting class listed on Florida’s webpages at 6’ 6” and 270 lbs.




Luke Ancrum brags like this AFTER he got his ass beat up and down the field by 3 TD. That’s right Georgia beat Florida by three (3) TD.


Then we go to the Internet where Florida players bragged for the last two (2) weeks how badly they were going to beat Georgia.




Players should NOT be BRAGGING pregame. And they most assuredly as well should NOT be BRAGGING postgame when they got the ever-loving shit knocked out of them LOSING by 3 touchdowns.


You didn’t see Georgia players bragging pregame.


We did our talking DURING the ROUT of the worse team.


We have out-recruited Florida for years while Florida hires BAD HEAD COACHES.


Look Dan Mullen has a LOSING RECORD vs The SEC.


They are paying 2018 this season Dan Mullen nearly what Kirby makes and Florida is ALSO paying Jim McElwain this 2018 season nearly what Kirby makes too ! Florida is PAYING BOTH this year nearly what Kirby gets.  That’s twice as much as Kirby alone makes 2018 and they got BEAT by 3 TD to have THIS posted afterwards by Florida gator player these 2 wiz bang head coaches recruited there as a THUG.


So for twice as much money Florida has THIS to show for it.


# 14 Florida gators Coaches’ Poll to # 5 Georgia Bulldogs Coaches’ Poll

today October 31 2018


That AFTER the blowout loss to their # 1 Rival Georgia Bulldogs their players run to the God Damn Internet and BRAG how they did THIS to Georgia’s players on the ground. They mauled our players. They poked the eyes of our quarterback for the World to see AS WELL.


  1. They bragged for 2 weeks how Florida would kick Georgia’s ass
  2. Meme was they are older better UGA younger not ready to play
  3. AFTER they took brunt of LOSS to Georgia they post this shit really
  4. Their fans tell us oh it’s nothing
  5. Really ?


NEXT ITEM is this bullshit that this is two in a row wins by Georgia over Florida.




This is 5 wins in the last 8 games against Florida by The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs.


Georgia is # 5 in the Coaches’ Poll and we were ranked AHEAD of Florida pre-game.


Jim McElwain works in Ann Arbor now as a staffer after being FIRED with cause by the University of Florida.


Michigan is going to lose 2 more games this year with assistant staffer “coaches” like Jim McElwain.


As for Dan Mullen :,q_auto/h_299,w_400/v1540844714/Screen-Shot-2018-10-29-at-4.14.09-PM_r9fizj.png


Dan Mullen not only allowed all the bragging by Florida players for 2 weeks in EVERY newspaper how they would kick our ass.


But afterwards when it did not go as Dan Mullen and his players (read THUGS) guaranteed pre-game.  Did it ?  And worse Florida recruiting than Kirby has been getting Georgia from our state.  Thought it would go differently pre-game. STILL Dan Mullen allows his players (THUGS) to run to the Internet and BRAG that THIS is what they did to Georgia players in THE GAME.


You can’t make this kind of shit up.  Seriously.  I will USE this against Florida gators for YEARS.


The Game in which HE LOST by 3 TD he posts this with his 4 tackles all season.  Hey here is one of my 4 tackles all year my junior year as the number 1 thousand 7 hundred and 55 best recruit 2015.


Poor sportsmanship.


If it were NOT poor sportsmanship then why did he remove this picture and captain from Instagram ?


Because there was NOTHING WRONG IT ?


Here Luke Ancrum Florida gator back-up DE :


Stick THIS up your God Damn THUG asshole you piece of shit LOSER.


That’s right.


You LOST Luke Ancrum Florida gator back-up DE


That’s right 6’6” and 270 lbs. of fat and big mouth who got the shit knocked out of him by Georgia so he runs to the Internet to BRAG afterwards…


Here look what I did to Georgia players. See how great I am ?


Look THUG # 1755 means there are one thousand seven hundred and fifty four better players than you in 2015.


Which is WHY you run to the Internet to brag post game.


Your teammates make excuses for the loss.


And you run to the Internet to BRAG what you did DURING THE GAME.


The game which you lost by 3 God Damn Touchdowns.


You God Damn FOOL Luke Ancrum 6’ 6” and 270 lbs. ranked the number one thousand 7 hundred and 55 best player in America in 2015.


Senior next year Luke Ancrum we will KICK YOUR God Damn Ass.


If you are NOT suspended for this reaction to your LOSS.


Bragging on the Internet.


You do NOT see Kirby’s men doing this after the games do you Luke Ancrum ?


This makes you a BIG MAN does it Luke Ancrum ?


Back-up 6’ 6” and 270 lbs. defensive end ranked as a recruit # 1755 in the 2015 class.


Shove THIS up your asshole Luke Ancrum you God Damn FOOL and bad football player coached by INFERIOR coaches to ALLOW you to do this.


And to explain to us what you meant by it.


It is patently obvious what you meant by it Luke Ancrum.


Proper decorum prevents me from telling you what I really want to you God Damn THUG.


But it starts with an F.


And ends with you Luke Ancrum THUG.


Luke Ancrum has played in all 11 games this season and has made a grand total of 4 tackles. So he runs to the Internet to brag with THIS picture and THIS caption HE WROTE and Dan Mullen allows.


SUSPEND the son of a bitch Dan Mullen you God Damn bullshit SEC coach Dan Mullen.


Dan Mullen is to blame for what the Florida gators said for 2 weeks every newspaper bragging how they would beat us and THIS afterwards when we beat the crap out of them by 3 TD for 5 Georgia wins last 8 games against these THUGS and poor sportsmanship demonstrated by Florida gator THUGS.


Compare UGA to Florida Gators





Here is how far Florida went DOWN after the loss to Georgia 2018 and the 5th loss to Georgia in 8 years hiring their bullshit head coaches they have chosen which I have said were NOT any good to begin with.

1st Down Defense was # 21 pregame Florida now # 24

1st Downs by Offense was # 79 pregame Florida now # 82


was # 90 pregame Passing Offense Florida now # 97


was # 72 pregame Rushing Defense Florida – run the football Kirby now # 74


was # 78 pregame Time of Possession Florida – can’t stop the run average at running now # 79


was # 22 pregame Total Defense Florida now # 28

was # 66 pregame Total Offense Florida now # 78


We kicked their asses just exactly as I said we would pregame when I pinpointed these areas as where we would beat Florida.


Florida has not been recruiting like Kirby has and they could not possibly live-up therefore to their braggadochio those braggarts bragged about every day for the last 2 weeks.  We did have to come back from deficit on the road when Florida took the lead 13-14 in the in the second half but from there we scored 3 more touchdowns and 1 more field goal while all they could add was one stinking field goal for the final margin of 36-17.


I also pointed out that Dan Mullen had not ever done shit as head coach anywhere.


I guaranteed this victory.


THIS is why.



Jake Fromm relishes playing Florida. Kirby is 2-1 but Jake Fromm is 2-0. Dan Mullen LOST to Georgia 2 years in a ROW now. Dan Mullen drops to 1-4 against Georgia. Mark Richt LOST to Dan Mullen in 2010 when Mark Richt had a LOSING RECORD for Georgia. Dan Mullen has NEVER done SHIT as head coach and certainly NOT against Georgia.

Jake Fromm was fabulous !


36-17 who would have guessed such a runaway score ?




Well College Football Playoff Rankings come out Tuesday and Kirby with his WINNING RECORD against Florida lifting us to now 5 wins in the last 8 games against Florida will be in the thick of it with us # 7 beating Top 10 # 9 Florida by 3 TD.


3 TD stomping.



Florida has a bad QB only # 90 Passing Offense and only average at running the football as a team 2018. Florida has a good defense against the pass but they can’t stop the run.

Felipe Franks is not a good quarterback. He doesn’t throw completions. He was # 54 QB nationally. He sucks. He is # 86 in the nation in completion percentage. Florida # 90 Passing Offense. That is worse than Jake Fromm.


Florida is one of the very most penalized teams in the nation with only a few more teams worse in all of America. Listening to them smart-off about how they are so much better than Georgia for 2 weeks during their off-week and this week should be proof enough of their lack of discipline. Florida is # 110 in number of penalties per game.


Florida’s defense is good against the pass and not good stopping the run. Florida’s offense is NOT good at passing and only average at running the football.


1st Down Defense # 21 Florida

1st Downs by Offense # 79 Florida


# 90 Passing Offense Florida


# 72 Rushing Defense Florida – run the football Kirby


# 78 Time of Possession Florida – can’t stop the run average at running


# 22 Total Defense Florida

# 66 Total Offense Florida



Jim McElwain was fired at FU less than 24 hours later after losing to UGA 4 of the previous 7 games. Totally unacceptable as their # 1 Rival. Of course Florida is our # 1 Rival too by a huge large margin. THIS GAME by itself determines the ENTIRE SEASON for BOTH teams.

There is a LOT more on the line than The SEC East Division Championship although Kentucky who beat Florida still has something to say about THAT at # 12 this week too.


# 7 AP Poll Georgia goes DOWN THERE to the site of the annual Gator Bowl Game against the Florida Gators # 9 AP Poll today and frankly not just each team’s season will be decided but in addition one team is propelled BACK into the discussion of how it matches-up with # 1 Alabama whose quarterback has thrown 25 TD to-date this season to zero interceptions.


For Georgia it is what could’ve been.


For Florida too.




Georgia has to go to the site of the annual Gator Bowl Game and win.  A second loss this season including to Alabama in The SEC Championship Game removes Georgia from ANY consideration for the 4-team field.  It’s do or die for Georgia.


Don’t let Florida fool you how much they want this game for it is the SAME.


One obstacle for Georgia 2018 season has been removed with a lowly CUPCAKE beating the shit out of Urban Meyer’s Ohio State Saturday prime time for everyone to witness their 4 TD blowout to a cream puff team even Missouri beat this year but NOT Ohio State.  They’re done.  Put a fork in Ohio State at # 11.  Ohio State can NOT recover from # 11.


Florida if it loses and Georgia if it loses ALSO are out at # 9 and # 7 this week.  The loser drops behind Ohio State whom already is OUT.


The season will be decided by other teams other than # 11 Ohio State and which ever team loses the game Saturday on CBS 3:30 p.m.


17 times I’ve driven down to the Gator Bowl to watch Georgia play Florida.  This year will not be one of those as I have a project here to complete but winning 4 of the last 8 will not coincide with any hope I might have for THIS SEASON.


We are in a MUST WIN situation.


We have to bring it.


Florida’s offense has made Felipe Franks look good which is pretty damn hard to do.  Florida has a fine defense.  Florida wants more than anything to beat Georgia since they fired their coach last year for losing to us.


They fired their coach within a few hours of losing to us.


Dan Mullen knows why he was hired.


Losing to Georgia is totally unacceptable to Florida.


They’re a fine school and have a tremendous athletics’ department.


They are NOT like Alabama.


Florida has it going on.


We better bring it out of the chute.


We are coming-in after a loss in our last game this season.


Florida is NOT.  Florida has not only beat LSU 27-19 but Florida has no loss after today until they would meet Alabama in The SEC Championship Game should they win against us.


Georgia Bulldogs however face-off against Auburn who beat us once last year when we were better and we face-off against Kentucky who beat Florida at the Swamp 27-16.  In fact Kentucky # 12 AP Poll one worse than Ohio State also faces no one after they play Georgia either – like Florida after playing Georgia this year.  So Kentucky as well could be in the catbird seat should they beat Georgia to play Alabama in The SEC Championship Game.


It is looking like Alabama could be in the 4-team playoffs again this year even with a loss in The SEC Championship Game.  The same can NOT be said of Kentucky Georgia or Florida however.


For Georgia and for Florida the entire season boils down to Saturday.  Lose and the loser is OUT.


Win and the winner has an outside chance to get in at # 7 and # 9 this week.


vols are 3 and 4 so they are out.


Vandy for all they have done right in their losses is 3-5 also out.


Missouri at 4-3 only beat Purdue on their home field where Ohio State just got kicked from pillar to post by 4 TD.


We still need a LOT of help at # 7 to get back in this this season.


College Football Playoff (CFP) rankings come out after this game Saturday.


The SEC still has 2 possible playoff teams today in LSU and Alabama.  Clemson is in right now and Notre Dame would be the 4th today.


Georgia Oklahoma and Florida all need help to get in but it is true that another loss by any of them would put them OUT.


Alabama plays at LSU next week after both have a bye week this week like Florida and Georgia did last week.  Alabama could lose that game and still be in.  LSU can not.  LSU lost to Florida the week before they beat the shit out of us.  We were embarrassed humbled and blown-out last week and frankly Kirby made NO EFFORT to try to get in the game falling behind early and trying to make NO ADJUSTMENT.


Florida saw all that.


Florida saw they can jump on us and we give up on our game plan and that our starting QB can not begin to pass the God Damn Football.  Florida also saw that they can run the football on us.  And that they can pass the ball against us.  It’s a bad time for us to face Florida.  It’s not only a good time for them to face us but it’s a good place to face us too the site of the annual Gator Bowl.


Jake Fromm has thrown only 13 TD 4 interceptions been sacked ten times rushed 19 times for minus – 39 yards and has had 8 of our team’s 12 fumbles this season in addition.  It has not only been a SORRY YEAR for Jake Fromm 2018 who has NOT BEAT ANY GOOD TEAM but Justin Fields has out-performed Jake Fromm every game 2018 including the G-Day Game but Kirby refuses to play him.  Faton Bauta ?  I don’t expect Kirby to pull a Mark Richt this week on that one.


Kirby has been slow on the uptake 2016 2017 and 2018.  Lose this game and we can TALK ABOUT 2019 season early this year.





Nebraska is 0-6 on the season winless all year. Southern California with 2 losses already is picked to LOSE to Utah Utes. vols are supposed to LOSE their 4th LOSS of the season already. North Carolina State who is undefeated 6-0 and who has not faced anyone faces Clemson now and is picked to LOSE by 17. Florida has the week off and they beat LSU by 8 both scoring twice as many as we did and holding LSU to half their score against us.

Good Lord Nebraska has not won a single game all season.


Florida did a LOT better than we against LSU.  Florida has a lesser quarterback who had a far better game against LSU.


This will be vols loss number 4 ending their misery for the year leaving the only question whether they are one of the 80 bowl teams or not.





Florida is # 44 in the nation won/lost record starting 2010 eight God Damn Years of Futility and now all this bullshit about gang members illegal gambling and impermissible benefits. Just how bad is it at Florida ? What’s the culture ? Is there any end in sight ? Dan Mullen the answer ?

# 44 in the nation latest 8-year period two full recruiting cycles :


41 LOSSES starting 2010 eight years MORE than 5 losses per season.


That’s how bad this is.


8 years of MORE than 5 losses per year for Florida.


Why are the top in-state talent in Florida 2019 moving-on from FU ?


Well if they were 8 years old or older and looking to play college football in the state of Florida next year – all they have known all their entire life is that Florida is going to lose 5 games a year.




For 8 years and counting.


Now impermissible benefits.


Illegal gambling.


AND losing MORE than 5 games a year for 8 solid years.


All the way back to 2010.




4-7 in 2017

7-5 in 2014

4-8 in 2013

7-6 in 2011

8-5 in 2010





7-0 Georgia consensus # 3 is – 14.5 pick Las Vegas odds over Florida 3-3 who has lost 2 in a row. THIS IS THE YEAR although we are # 39 in getting 1st Downs. # 111 Passing Offense. # 99 in penalties. # 82 Kick-Off Return Defense. # 60 Punt Returns by us. And Florida has a good defense. We still do not call a good offensive game plan. Florida was supposed to be good then they LOST to now unranked in the AP Poll Michigan. Then LSU beat them. Then Texas A&M beat Florida with a freshman QB. In their 3 losses Florida has scored either 16 or 17 points only. So they are a LOT worse on offense than even we are.



Receiver Antonio Callaway who has over 1000 yards receiving and tailback Jordan Scarlett who has over 1000 yards rushing are among all the football players at the University of Florida who are in question as to whether or not they go to prison on felony charges for using stolen credit card information for purchases from the University of Florida Bookstore and various off-campus companies. The amounts taken ranged from $ 550 (known as a felony for $ 550) up to $3570. Gators’ Football team 2017 once ranked # 16 this season has dropped out of the polls all together the last 2 weeks now at 3-3 including the losses to 3 average teams 2 of which are unranked teams who beat Florida this season.

This on-going investigation has gone on all season now but none of the players involved have played nor are likely to.


It was very devastating to The SEC when Florida lost in the opener this season to Michigan right after this scandal broke.


Now basically what the press says about The SEC is that The SEC has Alabama and Georgia and really no one else.


But Alabama and Georgia are 2 of the 3 best teams in America and represent as well 2 of the 4 most talented teams in America as well this 2017 season.  Both Alabama and Georgia could both end-up in the College Football Play-Offs no matter what happens between us in our SEC Championship Game.


That would mean this monkey on our back of basically losing nearly every game in Jacksonville after Vince Dooley retired is for once this season anyway – not in question.


How about that turn of events that Georgia fans feel that there is no chance Florida has of unseating us 2017 in football pregame ?


How about THAT ?


Georgia is ranked in the top 10 and Florida is ranked the # 61 team 2017 as a direct result hereof.


Georgia which originally started as a 3-point favorite has grown to a 7 and half point favorite according to Las Vegas odds over Florida October 29 of 2017 at 3:30 p.m. Jacksonville – a place we just have to get out of.



Gene Frenette Florida Times-Union pay per click (failed model) : “Watching the arm strength and downfield throws of highly-touted freshman Jacob Eason in the Red and Black game it has to be tempting for a first-year head coach to hand the keys to the nation’s top quarterback prospect. Whether it’s short, intermediate or deep throws, Eason looks like a passer who can make the transition from high school to college rather quickly. Plus, he has just as much time in the system of new offensive coordinator Jim Chaney as returning QBs Brice Ramsey and Greyson Lambert. If the battle is still close as the season approaches it seems PRUDENT to lean toward the quarterback with the highest ceiling and that’s Eason.”

Interesting. is a FLORIDA GATOR site.  This guy Gene Frenette certainly is.  He goes on : “You have to wonder why Alabama coach Nick Saban made the strange proclamation that Georgia might be the best coaching job in the SEC. Is he trying to put extra heat on Smart, his former assistant?  How can ALABAMA not be the best job?”


Well Gene Frenette how about because that is what EVERYONE says ?


Jealous much ?


There is a category on the right Gene here which has the proof of just how many say this.  Steve Spurrier for example.  EVERY newspaper writer but yourself.


# 11 All-Time in Wins Georgia should have more wins than we do.  We have a far better recruiting situation here at UGA than any team in America.  There is no FSU Miami of Florida or ANY other school here like Florida faces down there where the bugs do not die in the Winter Gene.


College Football after all is about talent talent you get for 3 years if they are good.  And of course it is these good players you are talking about today isn’t it Gene ?


The University of Georgia is a GREAT school.


A better school by EVERY measurement by ANYONE who ever calculated top colleges than Alabama.  A dad last Friday said to me why send my son to Tuscaloosa ?  I told him it is a top school.  But it is NOWHERE near as good as UGA.


We have lots more ladies here none wearing jorts Southern Belles.


We are the # 1 Party School nearly EVERY measure of that too nearly every year.


We have a city of 7 million 49 miles away a World Class City a LOT better city than any of the hellholes down there in Florida such as Jacksonville Gene or Gainesville.  I mean.


Or Miami.


We play football here in this state and are the # 1 state for sending OUR PLAYERS HERE to The SEC.


You act pretty arrogant down there in JAX about Florida Gators and ANYTHING about UGA comparing us but WE CONSUME YOU Gene as today’s blog by you DEMONSTRATES.


Doesn’t it Gene ?


By the way Gene how does that work-out for you writing for a newspaper that allows 5 free articles of your penis-envy about UGA and which is AVAILABLE online free anyway with knock-off sites which show your articles free you do write.


Such as they ARE all about UGA and what our coach should do about a QB whom YOU COVET.


And whom Florida Gators coveted as YOUR Starting QB against us this season which will be instead Jacob Eason for us because he considered us a LOT better place to be than to be a Florida CROCODILE.


We are considered the # 1 College Football Town.


No one has EVER stated that about JAX or Gainesville now have they Gene ?


Actually Atlanta is NOT only the # 1 SEC town in ALL OF AMERICA but we ALSO are the # 1 COLLEGE FOOTBALL TOWN.


Our mascot UGA is ALWAYS ranked the # 1 mascot in the nation.  He is cute.  He is cuddly.  He is sweet and he can be quite tough in the trenches when we need a bite out of the ass of our opponents as well Gene.  That stupid DISNEY character of a Florida Gator Gene ?  I mean really son.  There is NO COMPARISON on this either.


Of course Florida is nowhere near UGA in All-Time Wins when you NEVER played football until 1990.


We are # 5 most NFL Draft Picks most recently Gene.


We have the # 2 Most Revenue from football in the nation according to Forbes magazine.


We set The SEC Record in football G-Day Attendance Gene with 93000.  You know Gene ?  The game you watched.  I certainly did not watch Florida FU-game did you Gene ?  I did not think so.


This is the easiest job to recruit at nationally.


Rather than thinking Steve Spurrier and Nick Saban are full of shit how about you just consider as a reasonable alternative to that silly-assed proposition that instead just maybe you are the 1 full of shit Gene ?  How about that instead Gene ?  Well punk ?  Think just MAYBE Steve Spurrier and Nick Saban know better than you which school is the # 1 job ?


Which seems the more prudent proposition to YOU  Gene ?


Well punk ?


We have the # 6 hottest student bodies in the nation here Gene.


We are Top 5 nationally in merchandise sales.


We actually follow our team.


We actually care here.


It is not a sideshow here.


Our fans are the # 1 fans on the Internet.  We DOMINATE in following our team.


We are VERY knowledgeable about our team aren’t we as a fan base Gene ?


We have been on the national stage 15 years winning nearly EVERY bowl game when we are and have 6 NC by the very same polls Georgie tek for example claims their 6 NC too in.


We are NOT on NCAA Probation like Georgie tek and Miami of Florida for example Gene.


We have 16 Bulldogs who have rushed for more than 1000 yards in a season.


We have 16 Walter Camp All-Americans.


We have 18 former Bulldogs in the College Football Hall of Fame.


We have a story Gene.


Not that you would know it down there in that hellhole.


We have 26 seasons Gene where our Winning Percentage was greater than 80 %.


26 Gene  26.


Our 29-19-3 is frankly considered 2nd best in the nation in Bowl Games.


39 Bulldogs have lifted the NFL Championship Game Trophy Gene.


4 Bulldogs have Won the MVP of the NFL Championship Game.


We have 4 previous # 1 NFL overall Draft Picks and your article today is all about this Gene and our # 5 NFL # 1 overall Draft Pick 3 years from now Jacob Eason isn’t it Gene ?


I mean really that is WHAT YOU ARE SAYING GENE.




ALL our blogs are free.


We have 24-hour a day Bulldogs news AM-680.


We have a relative plethora of former Bulldogs in TV too.


And national print.


We have 17 seasons of -0- or 1 loss all season Gene.


We have a better coach better coaching staff better fans more fans better recruits better talent better head coach better Starting QB according to YOU the better team and might actually win down there roughly an hour away from the University of Florida in JAX where the annual Gator Bowl is played at that stadium Gene.


Why is this the best place to be Gene ?  Why are the we the place EVERYONE wants to be at ?


Well Gene the reason UGA is # 1 is because Nick Saban said so.


Stick it up your God Damned Ass Gene.


Gene Frenette Florida Times-Union pay per click (failed model) : “Watching the arm strength and downfield throws of highly-touted freshman Jacob Eason in the Red and Black game it has to be tempting for a first-year head coach to hand the keys to the nation’s top quarterback prospect.  Whether it’s short, intermediate or deep throws, Eason looks like a passer who can make the transition from high school to college rather quickly. Plus he has just as much time in the system of new offensive coordinator Jim Chaney as returning QBs Brice Ramsey and Greyson Lambert.  If the battle is still close as the season approaches it seems PRUDENT to lean toward the quarterback with the highest ceiling and that’s Eason.”


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