750 miles to Columbia Missouri through Nashville and Memphis North borders Tennessee middle nowhere 750 miles from everywhere. – 5 degrees centigrade there now. Cold. Only 1000 acres University of Missouri is small and it competes in MAC Conference in some of its sports. UGA has 41 thousand acres. U.S. News & World Report # 139 Missouri # 50 UGA. Joining The SEC in 2012 Missouri has been an afterthought to The Mighty SEC. Kim Basinger B-52’s Chip Caray Bill Goldberg Herschel Walker Lewis Grizzard Ernie Johnson Jr. Ryan Seacrest Maria Taylor Dan Amos Cathy Cox Richard Brevard Russell Henry W. Grady Mark Schlabach Champ Bailey Kevin Butler Terrell Davis Matthew Stafford Fran Tarkenton Hines Ward all are graduates of UGA. While all Missouri has are Sheryl Crow Tom Berenger (Brad Pitt did NOT graduate) George C. Scott whom everyone hates Tennessee Williams and Skip Caray a drunkard. 50 to nothing 7 pm tonight. Welcome to Athens. Both of you. Bunch of yahoos.

We have 7 million people in this city.  750 miles from here directly headed to nowhereville mostly NORTH and WEST I-24 bus ride. Can’t even look up the God Damn weather in Columbia have to look up St. Louis.

You can play football out there ?


Show me.


Bunch of God Damn Yahoos.  There is NO EXCUSE for competing in 2019 in the MAC Conference.