vols have not beat a top 10 team since beating Mark Richt 2006. Phillip Fulmer was fired 2 years after that and rest is history for the lousy 1-4 vols as Kirby scored 33 unanswered points to come-from-behind 2 games in a row to win tonight in Knoxville who had empty seats.

So complete the domination of vols by The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs that we scored 33 unanswered points on only 70 yard rushing in 29 carries for the vols for the game including against our 3rd string beating the shit out of the hapless vols by 29 points covering the spread by more than a field goal.


24-23-2 Georgia has the series lead.


Our offense got untracked tonight as the porous vols’ secondary had no answer to Jake Fromm.


We had 11 penalties for 107 yards tonight.  It’s what we do.


Jake Fromm was on his game this night against a really bad secondary of the vols.


Still Kirby went for 2 points senselessly and sat on the lead in the 2nd half punting rather than going for it and settling for field goals again all night long as per usual adding 3 more field goals against the vols.  We sacked vols 3 times.  vols fumbled twice and threw an interception. as Kirby played 62.


Shameful vols again.  3 in a row by Kirby over vols.



23-23-2 this rivalry has a chance to move back with Georgia ahead tonight 7 p.m. ESPN. The 9 wins in a row after Vince Dooley quit coaching were miserable with fans and players just awful towards us. Nowadays 67-72 vols starting 2008 the # 80 team for latest dozen years now. Kick their asses.

Forget everything else and win this game.


The vols have not been ANY good whatsoever for a  long long long time now since Phillip Fulmer’s last year as coach.


For 12 seasons in a row now vols have not made the final AP Poll or Coaches’ Poll top 21.


Number 106 best college U.S. News and World Report – how miserable school is that ?


vols’ coach said Quart’e Sapp refused to go in game week before game last year tired losing


this year vols’ coach made excuses arrest Jeremy Banks “we shoot cops Memphis.”


Kirby has won 2 in a row against these HAPLESS vols.


Da’Rick Rogers born here in Atlanta got into it on Twitter with Bacarri Rambo when he de-committed to Mark Richt.


Jamal Lewis from Douglass High here in Atlanta went to the vols and just was unbearable in his quotes in the local rags here about how he said : “UGA only plays there for the Peach Bowl : at Tennessee – we don’t play in the Peach Bowl.”


Even though Jamal Lewis would later go to Federal Prison released August 2, 2005, the damage he did in giving this headline quote to the press, led their fans here to quote that to us daily.


Jamal Lewis.   Tee Martin took payments from vols fans of $7 thousand dollars repeatedly at 7-11 stores to win his tainted national championship in 1998.  Travis Henry also went to federal prison.   This is who played together and have dominated the news about the vols’ trashy football program since 1998.


It’s God Awful.


# 106 U.S. News and World Report Rankings Top Colleges University of Tennessee at Knoxville.


You suck at football and your school SUCKS.  You were called lady vols this week.


Alvin Kamara – he gets kicked-out of Alabama by Nick Saban and vols take him in.  This is how badly vols want us.




4-8 in 2017 vols

5-7 in 2018 vols

1-3 in 2019 vols with LOSSES to losing record team BYU AND loss to Georgia State who doesn’t have winning record.


Routinely Mark Richt went up against vols with far better talent than they too and LOST.




Beat vols.







You’ve got to be kidding me right ? Jeremy Pruitt vols’ head football coach (lady vols) says to arresting police officer “Why do you have to arrest Jeremy Banks ? Just because he has an outstanding warrant for his arrest because he failed to show-up to Court on his previous arrest ?” Oh good Lord Jeremy Pruitt. What a dumbass you are. No wonder your team is 1-3 with LOSS to Georgia State. “Go ahead. Do your civic duty man.” To the arresting officer. Look Jeremy Pruitt you made a BAD SITUATION WORSE boy. Good God. Tell me you see that now Jeremy Pruitt ? “This is the silliest shit I have ever seen in my life.” Jeremy Pruitt I don’t know who is worse NOW son. Did you really say that Jeremy Pruitt about a guy who said what he did to the Police ? I see someone at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville finally spoke up for decency and made the player you are MAKING EXCUSES FOR Jeremy Pruitt apologize. Excuses for this from Jeremy Banks : “Where I’m from we shoot at cops. I’m from Memphis Tennessee.” I find this hard to imagine.

You can not make this kind stuff up a few days before we play vols.


I am ashamed that someone like you Jeremy Pruitt is associated with the sport I Love.  I fine it unimaginable that you would put up a defense for these ongoing actions by Jeremy Banks.



We are tied with vols 23-23-2 all-time series. We need this game. You have no idea how awful the 9 wins in a row vols over UGA Georgia Bulldogs was. They were MISERABLE fans against us. Absolutely miserable after Vince Dooley quit coaching.



This rivalry is TIED 23-23-2.




For the dozen years starting 2008 vols are 67 wins 72 losses for the # 80 team in America. # 80 vols. For the 15 years starting 2005 Tennessee vols are 91-86 the number # 70 team in America.



I have so enjoyed all this vols nation.


# 80 team in America won/lost record starting 2008 dozen years this year



67-72 vols record starting 2008 dozen years now this season of futility.


That was Phillip Fulmer’s last year as vols’ head coach 2008.



The vols have not been ANY good whatsoever for a  long long long time now.





How bad are the vols ? How bad have they been over the 2 decades since their tainted “national championship” paying Tee Martin from Alabama to be their QB ? What do recruits today know about vols ?

Ever since Tee Martin admitted he was paid to win the tainted then “national championship” for the vols in 1999 vols have sucked the hind tit.


“I am a Christian now. That was a different Tee Martin back then. I would NEVER take those monies now – those payments of eight grand each at the 7-11 stores back then when I was QB for the vols. Yes I lied at the time when the NCAA asked me about the payments for me to QB for the vols.”




  1. loss number 100 for vols starting 1999 when we beat them this afternoon
  2. vols loss number 11 in a row to SEC teams when we beat them this afternoon
  3. 11 seasons in a row vols not Final AP Poll or Coaches’ Poll top 21
  4. number 106 best college U.S. News and World Report
  5. no recruiting don’t believe this shit they have they haven’t
  6. number 34 won/lost record starting 1999 year after their “NC”
  7. vols’ coach said 1 of his players refused to go in game last week tired losing




Loss number 100 starting 1999 for vols Saturday. 11 years in a row of not being ranked in either AP Poll or Coaches’ Poll top 21 teams for the season. 11 consecutive losses to every SEC team in a row for the vols on Saturday.

20 years of misery continues Saturday with their 11th SEC loss in a row and it is vols loss number 100 starting 1999 as well.


How bad are vols ?


How bad have vols been for two entire decades now ?



“Quart’e Sapp left the field during the game because he wouldn’t go into the game when he was asked to go in. I don’t know how things were done before but you know when you tell somebody to go in and they refuse to go in we’re not going to do that around here. I asked Quart’e Sapp to leave. He didn’t leave on his own. I asked him to leave.” Jeremy Pruitt quote

4-star linebacker from Milton Alpharetta.  The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs # 3 Coaches’ Poll will be the state champion of Tennessee after 11 p.m. a week from Saturday night 6 October when we beat a heady Vanderbilt team having then beat this season vols Vandy Austin Peay and Middle Tennessee.


How embarrassing.








vols LOST to Florida who LOST to Kentucky by double-digits at the Swamp.




Quay Walker 5-Star did not try to throw vols hat across the room. No one who watches this would think he did. We just played for the national championship game and frankly scored 4 of the first 5 scores and lost and just had the # 1 recruiting class. I understand vols fans are BUTTHURT about recruiting – is that it ? We’re supposed to feel sorry for them or apologize ? A hat thrown across the room ? Excuse me vols. Can you just image just how butthurt vols are ?

Cordele Georgia fun place great folks 150 miles straight South on I-75.


Here it is :




Come on folks.  He took the hat off.  It was not intended to fly across the room.  You can see that.  Someone added a sound to the recording too.


I support Quay on this.  I guess you can tell that.  It is NOT how vols fans make it out – at ALL.


Four-star OLB Quay Walker flips from Alabama to Georgia




Da’Rick Rogers born here in Atlanta got into it on Twitter with Bacarri Rambo when he de-committed to Mark Richt.


Jamal Lewis from Douglass High here in Atlanta went to the vols and just was unbearable in his quotes in the local rags here about how he said : “UGA only plays there for the Peach Bowl : at Tennessee – we don’t play in the Peach Bowl.”


Even though Jamal Lewis would later go to Federal Prison released August 2, 2005, the damage he did in giving this headline quote to the press, led their fans here to quote that to us daily.


Jamal Lewis.   Tee Martin took payments from vols fans of $7 thousand dollars repeatedly at 7-11 stores to win his tainted national championship in 1998.  Travis Henry also went to federal prison.   This is who played together and have dominated the news about the vols’ trashy football program since 1998.


It’s God Awful.






# 34 won/loss record since 1999 vols while UGA is # 6 same timeframe.


It’s been a LONG TIME of MISERY for vols fans.


So they WHINE.




The kid wanted to come to Georgia.  He is from here you know ?  You really thought he wanted to play there ?


Your record is 142-97 starting 1999.   vols # 34 at 59%.

Our record is 191-71 starting 1999.  We’re # 6 at 73%


2 decades twenty years of being BAD vols.



Here vols fans stick THIS up your God Damn ASSHOLE.


Got it vols fans ?



NONE of these kids remember when vols EVER were ANY DAMN GOOD.


You get that ?


No one on our team remembers when vols were any damn good at football at all whatsoever.


For the latest decade now vols have not even been ranked.


# 106 U.S. News and World Report Rankings Top Colleges University of Tennessee at Knoxville.


You suck at football and your school SUCKS.


# 56.  UGA.  We are twice as good a college as Tennessee.


He flung your God Damn bullshit hat across the piss ant room ?




Get the hell over yourselves.


Go WHINE to somebody who gives a SHIT.


Kids this age today – this is ALL they know about vols.


Can you just imagine how much vols hate us ?


Played for national championship now # 1 recruiting class.


vols are NOT HAPPY folks.


Alvin Kamara – he gets kicked-out of Alabama by Nick Saban and vols take him in.  This is how badly vols want us.


And now Quay does what everyone does and the vols hat flies farther than expected.


Quit making a rocky top mountain out of a mole hill – you’re just butthurt because for 2 decades 20 years you have won only 59% of your games can NOT recruit and are # 106 best college.


Face it vols we don’t give a shit how much you make of this.


I do NOT give a shit what you think vols.















This blog has called for the SEC Championship 2017 this season for us because of all our talent. When Jake Fromm said he was coming here this time last year I told you of the Jake and Jake Show here on this blog. This evening we go to Knoxville to take on unranked vols and Jake and Jake both play. We play vols home and away. You don’t see vols dominate us like Florida is doing and has been doing – now do you ?

vols are a bad football team. vols are poorly coached. Their coach Butch Jones is # 6 on coachesHotSeat.com. That’s really bad.


I do still wish with the on-going injuries again to Solomon Kindley that 3 of our top new OL were all 3 not being redshirted.


Kirby has made all kinds of bad choices on the OL 2016 and now again 2017 and has second-guessed himself on his choices.


Pat Allen OL Sean Fogarty OL and Dyshon Sims OL have all 3 been demoted by Kirby so far in 2017.


Netori Johnson # 5 OG in the nation should not be redshirted.

D’Marcus Hayes # 2 best JUCO OL in the nation should not be redshirted.

Isaiah Wilson # 7 OG in the nation should not be redshirted.


This will be a very long season 2017 with us playing Alabama in The SEC Championship Game I say we can WIN with our talent but without these 3 playing Netori Johnson D’Marcus Hayes and Isaiah Wilson we’re not the team we could be with them playing as well.


If Kirby’s plans for the OL 2017 were working that would be different but instead what we have is a QB who gets the ball out of there and running backs who play in the NFL next year.


Jake Fromm is not giving up his job as Starting QB to Jacob Eason unless he fumbles or throws interceptions but Jacob Eason plays.


This is the only chance Jacob Eason will have to earn his job back as Starting QB to go out there and do well when he is put in the game.


In a tight game Kirby might not put him in.


Jake Fromm has it. He is more accurate which is what I have told you about Jake Fromm since this time last year when he said he was coming here to play – that he is ultra accurate that I saw him throw 16 strikes in a row in baseball in the Little League World Series where he also hit 3 home runs for Warner Robins. This is his job now unless he gives it up.


Are we witnessing us running the table to Alabama ?


I certainly think so.


vols do not match up with us in any phase of the game :





vols are # 31 won/lost record starting 1999 season. $4.1 million year through 2020 season Butch Jones is only 15 wins 21 losses vs SEC teams as a head coach only 41% win percentage vs SEC teams. $ 2 million dollar per year buyout so $ 6 million to fire Saturday. # 6 Coaches’ Hot Seat .com THIS BLOG SAID SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GEORGIA since bowl game ended 2016 season.

vols play in Music City Outback and TaxSlayer bow games and talks and talks to the press then fails to follow-through. vols’ fans would like to do something in football but they haven’t since their tainted National Championship in the 1998-1999 season when their QB Tee Martin lied then came clean and said he was PAID to play for the vols eight grand a pop at 7-11 stores many times. “I am a Christian now. I would NEVER take those monies now – those payments of eight grand each at the 7-11 stores back then when I was QB for the vols. Yes I lied at the time when the NCAA asked me about the payments for me to QB for the vols.”





# 6 on CoachesHotSeat.com




Lost to Georgia in 2008 when at Central Michigan 56-17 UGA.




vols are # 31 team in won/lost record starting 1999 season :




vols have lost 90 football games starting 1999 season 90.


90 losses 19 years – vols average 5 losses a year for 19 years now this season.




19 years of BAD.


None of the kids remember when vols were ANY good at all.


Sad really.


Butch Jones is sad really.



vols’ fans think they have the advantage in every aspect of this game tomorrow afternoon despite having beat no one. vols did beat Florida last week who has beat no one either. vols’ fans are acting like they’re great on every blog. 11-14 SEC Butch Jones I don’t think so. Until they beat Northwestern in an 11 am bowl game last season they had not been ranked in 7 consecutive seasons ending # 23. # 106 best college vols 2016 U.S. News & World Report UGA is # 56 by stark contrast. UGA # 8 average 247Sports.com composite last 5 classes while vols are # 14. We can even series with win vs. vols who had no business beating us last year up there. “With the injury to Nick Chubb the Bulldogs cannot compete with the upper echelon of the SEC. 31-20 vols win.”

Excuse me if I am unimpressed with vols and most especially with their big-talking vols’ fans.


Not that we’ve looked like much but we’re more talented than they – if we would only play our freshmen and pass the ball to Mecole Hardman Jr.


If we don’t then vols have a 3-game lead on us in The SEC East requiring 3 losses by them while Kirby then goes undefeated the rest of the season.


Frankly both of those could happen too.


I would love nothing more than 3 straight losses for vols because I remember how nasty vols fans can be.  It was a long time ago but I remember when they last were any good.


vols are not any good this season and I do not consider that vols were any good last season either but they beat Mark Richt anyway.


But what really gets to me is that vols’ fans act so high and mighty before the game tomorrow.


Wes Rucker Go vols 247Sports.com :



“With the injury to Nick Chubb the Bulldogs cannot compete with the upper echelon of the SEC.  31-20 vols win.”



“If ever there was a week where Georgia would rise to the occasion it would be this one. I really wish I could believe Tennessee is going to blow that team out. As of right now, I’m just not there.”


Tony Basilio . com




Prison Orange ?  Who wants to wear orange pants ?  Orange shirt ? Orange hat ?  Orange socks ?  Orange anything ?


Go ahead.


Who ?


If my coach was 11-14 in The SEC the last words out of my mouth would be anything that even resembled that the vols are back.


The vols are NOT BACK.


Not with Butch Jones.  All he does is talk.


Oh, and LOSE to 3 more SEC teams than he’s beat in a DOWN SEC East all this time he has been there.


11-14 SEC Butch Jones


I suggest the vols lose 3 games in a row.  That is my prediction.


And if my school was ranked # 106 in the latest 2016 U.S. News and World Report Rankings best colleges, I would not act like we were any great college football team either – not going 7 straight seasons UNRANKED then beat Northwestern in an 11 am bowl last season and finally make # 23 just for that.  That is the ONLY year you have been ranked vols’ fans in the last 8 years.  We fired our coach for that and he wasn’t 11-14 vs. The SEC.  In fact, Mark Richt was ranked for half the last 8 years.  4 of the 8.


vols fans are desperate for a great team.  It is NOT this one and they all should know that not act high and mighty – here is a URL Link I find amusing.


Amusing that UGA has had 16 running backs rush for 1000 yards.  We have 2 freshmen both of whom will pass that mark as well.  But not if we continue to mistreat freshmen and not even play them.


We don’t play them.


We don’t play any of our freshmen.


If we did we would be a lot better.


Playing with a dozen hands tied behind our backs.


Do that again not playing our freshmen and try to run the ball up the middle every play again and we lose again.


Otherwise I don’t see vols as any good.


vols lose to Alabama

vols lose to Texas A&M

vols lose to UGA or SHOULD if our smart coach WAKES-UP

I am not even sure vols can beat Missouri


vols lose to Alabama second time in SEC Championship Game if they beat Kirby.  This is what this game is all about.  Beat Kirby get 2 losses to Alabama this season.


vols lose their bowl game


I have vols UNRANKED again this year with Butch Jones OBVIOUSLY.


I see 5 losses for vols 2016-2017 season with Butch Jones – at least 4.


And I see Butch Jones being 11-15 in The SEC tomorrow.


So yuk it up vols fans.


While you can acting so great.


I don’t THINK so.


Let everyone else tell you are more talented than UGA.  Heck tell us yourselves.


You are not.


In your orange prison garb jump suit.  How fitting with all that goes on in your football program this entire century of bad press for the vols following Tee Martin admitting that he took a bunch of $ 7 thousand and $ 6 thousand dollar payments from you at the 7-11 store all the time during his tainted NC 1998.


You have been the laughing stock of The SEC for a decade now.  So you yuk it up that our fans are amusing ?


Good luck with that.


I am bemused by that statement Tony Basilio.


Yuk it up pre-game like you are great.


I know you know you aren’t.


Talk about being nonplussed by a college football program ?  vols rear their ugly heads pre-game and yuk it up that they’re playing UGA who only has 2 freshmen running backs to play vols.


Your football program has sucked for so long you don’t have any fans who remember when you last were any good.


So vols pick on UGA pre-game like vols are UPPER ECHELON SEC.


Look down at UGA.


Butch Jones’ only win over a top 10 team in his entire career is beating South Carolina his 1st year there with vols and UGA beat South Carolina that year, too.


Good luck with that you nasty-assed vols’ fans.


# 51 vols under Butch Jones vs teams ranked at time of game like UGA # 25 tomorrow :






vols upper echelon of The SEC ?


Butch Jones is # 11 of SEC teams vs. SEC teams in Butch Jones Era for vols.



ha ha ha ha ha lol rofl what a joke 11-14 SEC Butch Jones – some UPPER ECHELON of The SEC.


yuk yuk yuk





I told you before the Ole Miss game that if Kirby screwed the pooch vs Ole Miss that the Mark Richt Apologists would crawl out from under their damn rock and say : See ?

It’s Official that it is systemic here at Georgia.  Get on the big stage and screw the pooch.  Wet the bed.  Look like shit.


Folks have been stating vols have more talent than UGA.  What is that all about ?


What the problem around here is is that (1) we don’t play freshmen nor prepare them to play by practicing them with the unit they will be playing with when The SEC season is upon us – like now and (2) our offensive coordinator is being told by Kirby that he will run the ball up the middle no matter who he has on the OL and no matter who he has not injured to run the ball – that we are a run first offense.


Our issues at WR have also been exasperated by our no freshmen prepared in practice – just throw them out there vs SEC competition and rely on them to be able to make the plays.


Instead of desperation before the Ole Miss game which I tried to suggest prior we had major issues, we stood pat.  We don’t make the changes to positions for some freshmen which I had boldly predicted Kirby would do with them before the season started.


To-date Kirby gets an F coaching.  His decisions have been poor.  His mistakes glaring.  His adjustments nonexistent.


Worse he doesn’t seem in the least desperate.


247Sports Composite Team Rankings for the 5 years with redshirt making up each :


vols # 14

UGA # 8



vols # 4

UGA # 5



vols # 7

UGA # 8



vols # 24

UGA # 12



vols # 20

UGA # 8


Therefore, vols don’t have more talent than Kirby now do they ? Where do you guys get all this from ?


Average 247Sports Composite Recruiting Rank last 5 years redshirt making up teams

# 8 UGA

# 14 vols




How did I know the Mark Richt Apologists would rear their ugly heads after Ole Miss game ?  Because they have not given it up since I fired him or the 8 years prior when I said he would be and had to be.


Mark Richt would have lost to North Carolina too because he would have played only Greyson Lambert.



Sun Belt Appalachian State misses extra point and field goal then in over-time Josh Dobbs fumbles the ball into the end zone to win. This is not good for The Georgia Bulldogs; it’s GREAT ! The vols have NO DEFENSE. Their QB is worse than ours but at least can run unlike ours at 29 rushes for MINUS 39 yards and 7 fumbles. And Butch Jones is now all the way up to 22-17 as their “coach.” Josh Dobbs can NOT throw the ball down the field EITHER just like our QB. Miserable game all around for the vols. But they won and that sets-up Kirby to BEAT THEM. That is IF he wakes the hell up and plays his actual QB. If he does NOT – then he is the same as Butch Jones or Mark Richt. A dumbass who wouldn’t know a God Damn QB if one bit him in the ass. Is Kirby wrong on his Starting Quarterback AND how he’s handled this OFFENSIVE question as head coach with no offensive experience ? Predictions : I predict that Kirby has handled this ENTIRE Starting QB bullshit situation absolutely incorrectly in total all of it. I do NOT trust therefore Kirby’s “decisions” in ANY of this for all these reasons and mostly because he does NOT trust himself in ANY of it either. Nick Saban most certainly would not have handled any of this like Kirby has and continues to. And Kirby was brought here because we for 8 years have been # 45 vs top 15 and # 42 vs top 25 and North Carolina # 20. THIS what Kirby here for. This how he handling this on OFFENSE he has no experience at. We to look like the vols ?

Kirby Smart’s first Starting Quarterback will ALWAYS have been Greyson Lambert.  This is NOT good for a guy whom Mark Richt gave his first and ONLY EVER offensive coach job in 2005 and shows-up here with ONLY THAT as his claim on offense.  That and THIS.


Greyson Lambert only 12 TD passes all season in a 13-game season.  A season in which we played only 3 teams who were ranked for the 2015 season.  He gave-up 5 unanswered TD by Alabama.  Then he gave-up 4 unanswered TD to vols with a 3 TD lead with 3 minutes to go in the half.   Then EVEN Mark Richt benched his ass vs the ONLY other ranked team we would play all season and left him on the bench despite 4 interceptions and no running plays for a guy I had tagged as needing to be moved to running back the year before.


He was # 119 on 3rd Down Conversions.


He was # 104 Passing Offense.


He beat ABSOLUTELY no one.


He led the team with his 7 God Damn Fumbles.


He can not move or run the ball with 29 carries for minus 39 yards with 7 fumbles.


He is NOT a QB.


He has NEVER been a QB.


He will NEVER be a QB.


He isn’t going to even be invited to the NFL Combines even.


And just as in 2006 when Mark Richt shot the confidence and undermined Matthew Stafford REFUSING even in Game 7 of 2006 to start Matthew Stafford and LOST to 1-7 in The SEC Vandie whose lone win was THIS GAME Matthew Stafford did NOT start, Kirby not so Smart and not so experienced at OFFENSE,  chooses HIM as his ONLY EVER FIRST STARTING QB his entire LIFETIME.


The Georgia Bulldogs will LOSE GAMES – multiple gameS- two MORE LOSSES with Greyson Lambert than WITHOUT.  Greyson Lambert’s BEST WIN EVER ANYWHERE was over 2-6 in The SEC Auburn.


Just because I know what a God Damn Freaking QB looks like, and what one doesn’t, doesn’t mean that it is hurting our recruiting for me to say the TRUTH of just how God Damn Poorly Kirby has handled all this shit about his freaking Starting QB.  Trust ME : THEY ALL KNOW !


The bottom line is that THIS GUY with THIS BACKGROUND only this HISTORY ONLY EVER this clear and undeniably HALTING QB will ALWAYS have been the answer to the TRIVIA QUESTION :


If Kirby is that smart then who in the hell was HIS PICK as the Starting QB for HIM his inaugural such decision his first year as head coach ?


He is that good that By God Above Kirby Smart could 3 weeks prior to Kick-Off tomorrow for 2 ENTIRE WEEKS demote to 2nd team and NOT give snaps to as our Starting QB.


I said THEN.  I continue to say NOW.  No Matter What Choice he MADE after that, he’d be WRONG.  As I did about Mark Richt prior to Florida last year whom we lost to as a result.


Direct result of DESPERATE and NOT EVEN knowing who OUR STARTING QB IS.


There is NO DEFENSE of Kirby on this.  No EXCUSES will hold water.  Again.




Kirby is here for games like North Carolina # 20 and us # 18.


If you think that we can let them stack the box against us which they will do until Greyson Lambert is YANKED, then you are JUST WRONG.  They are going to score on Kirby’s defense.  Get over it.


If you think that Greyson Lambert will change his spots, you don’t understand psychology 101.  We are whom it is we are by age 7 and only an SEE significant emotional event will EVER have ANY hope of changing those spots.  He is whom it is he is.  A HALTING QB.


Why did you think that Kirby DEMOTED him to NOT # 1 QB for 2 weeks with 3 weeks all there was remaining before tomorrow’s kick-off ?  Because Greyson Lambert is so good and team so much confidence in him like all our fans that he didn’t even need to get those snaps with the # 1 unit as the # 1 QB ?


You’re dumb as shit.


We’d be BETTER off redshirting Jacob Eason and then next year try if we’re capable to GET BEHIND our Starting QB and instill some CONFIDENCE in him and in our TEAM about him.  This waffling disagreeing with himself is NOT the result of his offensive coordinator that that is where this blame lies.  This is on Kirby.  The way Kirby has handled this.  Kirby has made MULTIPLE MISTAKES on this entirely.  Then after we redshirt Jacob Eason this year then we can have the team and coaches behind him NEXT YEAR.  And then the year after next he can go be the # 12 pick in the NFL Draft after we saw him only 2 years like Knowshon Moreno.


No matter what happens on the field, this season WILL ALWAYS BE known for this.


And I will COME BACK and tell you I TOLD YOU SO afterwards.


As only I ever can.  You think it’s wrong for me to point-out where we need to improve.


I don’t.


You think you’re a better fan of us than I because I do and you don’t.  Yeah you do and no you’re not.


I do NOT trust therefore Kirby’s “decisions” in ANY of this for all these reasons and mostly because he does NOT trust himself in ANY of it either.


His recruits will WONDER about Kirby on this.  Jake Fromm for example.


What difference does it make if he is in the right play if he can’t  DO ANYTHING  in that RIGHT PLAY ?


THIS is the guy who is THAT GOOD that he doesn’t even NEED to be out there getting the # 1 reps with the # 1 unit for 2 entire weeks of the last 3 just prior to Kick-Off ?


Dumbass waffling.


And shooting the confidence of Jacob Eason AND Greyson Lambert JUST LIKE LAST YEAR and just like 2006 for us.


No difference.


And shooting the confidence of the entire TEAM and ALL KIRBY’S COACHES in BOTH Greyson Lambert AND Jacob Eason most especially. 


So Jacob Eason had to take to Twitter to TELL US the news.  He OWED THAT TO US.


We who LOUDLY PROCLAIMED he get 3 years’ worth of starts and then leave # 1 NFL Draft Pick – our 5th such.  I know what one of those looks like.


I am not going to be the Starter.  Greyson Lambert is.


So Kirby had to KNOCK-OFF all this BULLSHIT about it ALL and announce the next day himself that which Jacob Eason told us immediately when THEN THEREAFTER told by Kirby the day AFTER when Jacob Eason told us all THE DAY BEFORE.


Greyson Lambert is going to be our starter.


Oh really ?


He will then always have been your 1st starter at QB ever yet with 3 weeks to go you BENCHED HIM for 2 entire weeks.


You think that is SMART ?


You just don’t have ANY experience on the offensive side of the ball and you and I and the world KNOW IT NOW.


And you told us you don’t on special teams either.


I did not feel that Mark Richt was involved in the decisions at FSU and I don’t think you were at Alabama now.


I did NOT care for you coming here January 12.

I felt you completely WASTED all spring for Jacob Eason.

I am ABSOLUTELY certain you now have dealt with this ALL the wrong way.


I don’t think you know what you’re doing on offense, despite what you said about NOT KNOWING JACK shit about special teams.


Do what you want Kirby.


Make up your mind.


Make one choice.


Disagree with yourself and make the other completely opposite choice from your choice contradicting yourself on offense and shooting in the foot BOTH quarterbacks both with their OWN CONFIDENCE and the TEAM in them.


Make waffling decisions on offense.


I mean QB is ONLY the MOST IMPORTANT position for ANY COLLEGE football team EVER.


See how long THAT takes for the press to get on your ass about ?


He makes this choice after having said that THE REASON WAS that Greyson Lambert who CAN NOT THROW THE BALL and WORSE REFUSES TO makes the RIGHT DECISION on the plays from the DEFENSIVE STAND-POINT more often.


Excuse me.  He can’t throw the God Damn Ball nor run it, and can not even hand the God Damn Ball-Off with 7 fumbles to lead the team.  He is ONLY a HALTING QB who never has beat anyone and never will for a guy NOW who was brought here because his predecessor was # 45 against time of game top 15 teams AP or Coaches’ and # 42 against Top 25 teams AP or Coaches’ for the season BOTH after 2007.


And this his freaking choice.


That’s what Kirby said.


Maybe you missed it ?


Kirby said that Greyson Lambert makes the RIGHT DECISION on plays more often.


To which I replied : What difference does THAT make if he NEVER throws the ball downfield and can’t run or even hand the ball off with 7 fumbles and NO WIN over ANYBODY ?




You KNOW ?


The # 45 record vs top 15 time of game for 8 years fired you hired to fix.

The # 42 record vs top 25 for the season for 8 years fired you hired to fix.


It is NOT what play he gets us into, it is CAN HE HIMSELF DO ANYTHING on the God Damn RIGHT PLAY CALL to help us win ?








And for THIS Kirby will have FOREVER always said as Mark Richt in 2006 that Greyson Lambert is the BETTER QB than Jacob Eason.


Jesus Christ.


From the God Damn Frying Pan into the God Damn piss-ant fire.


Piss-ant Greyson damn Lambert.


And no I do NOT expect him to do well.  How the hell could I ?


Would I love for him to ?  Excuse me : He is NOT going to be.  What part of that do you have some unforeseen handicap to not be able to see ?


Where the HELL were you all last season ?


What YOU see is not what you Albert Einstein expect ?


That is about as gently as I can put this.



Your head up your ass ?


One supposedly an Offensive Coordinator who warmed the bench as a QB.

The OTHER a guy who NEVER coached one down of offense except when the OTHER guy made him running backs’ coach here for a year in 2005.


Jesus Friqin’ God Damn Christ.


Is Kirby wrong on his Starting Quarterback AND how he’s entirely handled this OFFENSIVE question as head coach with no offensive experience ?  Has he done anything correctly on ANY of this ?  Well, has he ?


Are we really going to beat the top 15 teams better than # 45 for 8 years with this starting QB?

Are we really going to beat the top 25 teams better than # 42 for 8 years with this starting QB?


I’ll answer THAT for YOU  since YOU want to support this “decision” waffling as it is to the detriment of 2016-2017 season and setting himself up for NOTHING BUT second-guessing him on THIS entire SORDID matter and every single bit of how he has handled it since he got here January 12.


Kirby does NOT have win 2016-2017 season ?


It’s his God Damn HONEYMOON ?


We can have YET ANOTHER throw-away season after 8 years of # 42 vs top 15 and # 45 vs top 25 ?


Oh we can LOSE ALL THOSE and Kirby is just fine as Mark Richt was for 8 years # 42 vs top 15 and # 45 vs top 25 ?


No pressure at all to fix any of this shit ?


You’re holding our program back.  All you’ve ever done is hold our program back.  This needs to be criticized as incorrectly handled completely entirely.


I have every intention of CONTINUING to call it like it is, whether you like it or NOT.  I could give a shit what you think about me criticizing Kirby on this because he has NOT HANDLED this correctly and moreover you KNOW IT.


You probably don’t want me to say this either.


If not I, who ?





Predictions : I predict that Kirby has handled this ENTIRE Starting QB bullshit situation absolutely incorrectly in total all of it.


Nick Saban most certainly would not have handled any of this like Kirby has and continues to.


And, I will go one further :  THIS is not like Kirby.  I have known Kirby and followed him for 23 years.  This is NOT like him.  This is OUT-OF-CHARACTER.



vols did not beat ANYONE last year 2015 until their bowl game when they beat 10-3 Northwestern. The vols lost to EVERY OTHER good team. The vols are NOT better than UGA 2016. Huck now says that Georgia will LOSE to the vols 2016. That’s bullshit. Butch Jones is 21-17 – sucks. He can’t recruit and has NOWHERE near our talent. Butch Jones LOSES. He should NOT have beat Mark Richt last year and YOU KNOW IT.

We should have NEVER lost to them last year.  vols are NOT that great.  Nice bowl win.  Too bad without that win vols are NOT ranked at all for 2015-2016 season.  In fact they were an unranked team when they played us.


Beating us did not get them ranked either.


vols were a COMPLETELY unranked team until they beat 10-3 Northwestern in vols’ bowl game at 11 am Outback Bowl – not a premier bowl game – or even a Tier 1 Bowl Game.


I am happy that the vols could beat a Big Ten Team but the facts are and have been for a long time now that the ONLY team in the Big 10 is Ohio State.


Northwestern ?


Give me a break.


The vols are GREAT because they beat Northwestern ?


The vols’ best win all season until vols’ bowl game was Georgia whom they were losing to by 3 TD after they had lost 3 of 4 games last year and should have LOST that game against us.


The vols have not been a football program AT ALL since we closed our borders to them.  They used to come down here to Atlanta and recruit their players from here.  They don’t have ANY players in Tennessee to recruit.  Now we go there and take the few they do have.


This crap about vols are the team to beat in The SEC East is bullshit.


Huck says we lose to vols 2016.





( http://www.bulldawgillustrated.com/hucks-sec-preseason-power-rankings/ )


If you rank The SEC you have :




Ole Miss





2015 vols LOST to Florida who was NOT a good team.


Yes Florida beat Mark Richt too.


That is WHY we fired him.


Please do not perpetuate the bullshit that the vols are GREAT.


They sure as hell are NOT, are they ?


This Butch Jones has been a total FLOP.




Butch Jones is 21-17 and Huck says vols beat us 2016 ?


God help us is all I can say.


vols were an unranked team an entire DECADE now until their 1 bowl win last year at 11 am in the Outback damn bowl when they beat Big 10 Northwestern for crying out loud.


Without that vols unranked an entire Decade this morning.  With it vols 2015-2016 season finally made the Top 25 Polls at # 23 Coaches’ Poll.  # 22 AP.  We went unranked Final AP Poll Top 25 for 2015-2016 season.


After 2007 vols are 33-41 until last season.


vols have sucked so long no one recruited today was alive when vols were good.


vols were NOT good 2015.


vols beat Northwestern or go unranked an entire Decade now.


While we are # 61 top university US News and World Report vols are # 106.


vols are ahead of us all-time in wins, have more attendance, are not as good as us in bowl games, and have one more SEC Championship than us and haven’t been shit for a Decade.


I will be dipped in shit if I as a blog author this morning am going to rank the God Damn vols ahead of us for 2016-2017 season.


That’s bullshit.  They have NOWHERE near the talent we have and have NO HOPE.


There are better SEC teams than us 2016-2017 season but as a come-on Huck says SEC Rankings and does not present SEC Rankings.


I will :


# 1 Alabama

# 2 LSU

# 3 Ole Miss

# 4 Georgia

# 5 Florida

# 6 vols


Got it Huck ?


What bullshit and a Georgia blog no less.


Bulldawg Illustrated I’mYourHuckleberry I do not buy that sir.


The reason I do not buy it Huck is that Butch Jones is 21-17 and CAN NOT recruit obviously.





vols’ football program again UnRanked team 2014 the 7th season in a row the vols are UnRanked

vols’ football program is in just an awful mess, and has been, and will be.

How bad are the vols ?

In 2005, when we last won The SEC Championship but ended up # 3 of just SEC teams in every poll, the vols put up a losing record 5-6.

After 2007, the vols :

33-41 losing record vols worse than Vandie who is 35-41 after 2007.

We thought that we were doing poorly after 2007, and we are :

# 23 won/lost record 54-26, not counting this season UGA.

Still, as poorly as we’ve been doing with all this talent in-state we did not let the vols come in here and take from us after 2007, # 23 is a marked better record for UGA than the vols at # 84 and Vandie at # 78.


vols have done so poorly for so long that you guys probably do not even recall all the nasty vols’ fans on blogs here in HotLanta, and their horrid nasty-ass football players bragging how friqin’ better than us, they.

It was unbearable for many years.

vols’ football program is marked with having played cupcakes, and when that changed, their fortunes changed, much like Boise State.

The state of Tennessee has no talent.  They brag they sign their players nationally.

And, they have raided Atlanta my whole entire lifetime.


Who in their right friqin’ mind would choose orange as their color ?

It looks like pajamas, but not ones you would be caught dead taking the trash out in late, even in the damn dark.  Orange.  God Almighty : orange.

God Awful frigin’ prison orange.

Prison Orange

There are so many vols’ fans here in Atlanta that you would never believe it, and for so long now and continuing they are dormant, gone missing, absent, hiding their ugly heads, nowhere to be found for so long now.

UnRanked in the Coaches’ Poll and UnRanked in the AP Poll, has been a hallmark of vols’ football that y’all probably don’t recall the pain they inflicted on we Bulldogs’ fans bragging how stinking wonderful they are at the cost of our recruits here they coveted since they have no football players in their miserable state.

Even Tee Martin taking all those monies to play for the vols, and even admitting he did saying that was a different Tee Martin who won the national championship in the 1st BCS National Championship Game, did not dampen their just dirty cheating ways and bitter rivalry they made of our program who for so many years the vols simply refused to play.  That national championship is as tainted as is the Fulmer Cup, named for all the trash-talking vols’ players they recruited from right here who daily gave us a dose of their bullshit quotes at our expense.

Forget ?

Hell no.

Jamal Lewis from Douglass High here in Atlanta went to the vols and just was unbearable in his quotes in the local rags here about how he said : “UGA only plays there for the Peach Bowl : at TN, we don’t play in the Peach Bowl.”

Jamal Lewis was right about that, because indeed when the vols played in the Peach Bowl they failed to show-up and in fact did not play in the Peach Bowls they were participants in.

Even though Jamal Lewis would later go to Federal Prison released August 2, 2005, the damage he did in giving this headline quote to the press, led their fans here to quote that to us daily.  I blogged in Atlanta for many years as BuLLdawg, and my comments when Mark Richt 1st got here were all in support of him.  I am not 2-faced; when Mark Richt did well when he got here, I supported him for that; and when instead we started getting arrested/suspended and won the Fulmer Cup National Championship, I came out in public and said that I do not like that and want it cleaned-up, and want to win again now like we used to do when he 1st got here.


But, I took the vols’ to task and still do.  The vols’ fans were crawling out of the woodwork here in Atlanta at the time, like cockroaches in a tenement at night when the lights were turned on.

I was as unbearable back then to vols’ fans as I am today :

I do not like the vols.  I do not root for such a bitter rival to do well so that we then are considered greater for thereafter beating them.  Neither do I nor would I root for Florida, Georgie tek or any other of the trash-talking bitter rivals we play every year.  If you think the vols are not a bitter rival of our Beloved Georgia Bulldogs because they’ve done so poorly for so many years, just lose to them and have them actually have a great season, and see what I mean.

You will rue the day not respecting what total assholes vols’ fans are.  Hiding in the dark now still, just wait until they show their ugly mugs and inbred hatred of where almost all their good players come from, which is right here.

You think Auburn would not have had any football teams without our players from right here ?

Jamal Lewis, Tee Martin, and Travis Henry who also went to federal prison, played together and have dominated the news about the vols’ trashy football program since.


They do not like us.

Not at all.

They hate us.

They would love to be the dominant team against us and out-recruit us for our talent saying as Jamal Lewis did putting us down, and putting the vols up on some damn pedestal, and then going to federal prison.

This is who the vols are.


These unkind years have not been kind to the vols in these areas this season, again, either with all their arrests 2014 too.

Alvin Kamara from right here in Atlanta too, whom some Bulldogs’ fans wanted to play for us as a running back mind you they wanted him, not I, will be the next in line at the vols’ running back position, but not this season.  After Nick Saban kicked him off the team in Alabama, he announced he will sit this season and play for the vols next season, playing JUCO now.


That will be just more of the same, as all the vols arrested this year.


Nu’Keese Richardson is another whom some Bulldogs’ fans wanted to play here, and again, not I.

Armed Robbery charges are a prank, he said.


Colts sign Nu’Keese Richardson

Some damn prank.

Da’Rick Rogers is yet another.  Again some Bulldogs fans wanted him here too.  Again, not I. He wanted to play for the vols but he as well was kicked-off the vols’ team and went then after that to Tennessee Tech, and he admitted he was kicked-off the vols’ for failing drug tests at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, where Bobby Dodd is also a college drop-out from.

University of Tennessee at ObKnoxiousville.


# 62 The University of Georgia U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges 2015

# 95 Florida State University

# 103 Auburn University

# 106 University of Tennessee at Knoxville


27-19-3 Georgia Bulldogs in Bowl Games

25-24-0 vols in Bowl games

49 Bowl Games each, The University of Georgia Bulldogs BETTER than the vols.

.5816 Win Percentage Bowl Games Georgia

.5102 Win Percentage Bowl Games vols



UnRanked again 2014 in Football, these inept vols have done this 7 years in a row now.

Da’Rick Rogers born here in Atlanta got into it on Twitter with Bacarri Rambo when he de-committed to Mark Richt.

Tim Tucker of the AJ-C carried all of that blow-by-blow to the glee of vols’ fans at the time, and to their chagrin now here today on my blog by God :


“Rogers responded Saturday on Twitter:  “Who is Bacarri Rambo?”

Then from Rambo on Twitter: “Tell Darick ‘pretty boy’ Rogers he doesn’t have to know me but I bet he will feel me!! Lol”

Then from Rogers: “don’t worry about me ha … that’s your choice … last time i checked a big hit =’s you getting knocked out.”


There were 665 comments to that.

I do not know why Tim Tucker does not have his articles featured, and shown underneath his name like Mark Bradley does.  Mark is better at writing, and Tim knows more about sports.

Which would you rather read ?

I do not like the vols’ fans.  I do not like anything about the vols especially their fans.

I never have.

I never will.

Orange ?

Damn it, I bet they wish they were not orange themselves.

Why not change it ?

Prison Orange is really what vols’ fans want as their color, given these facts ?

Can you imagine having everything orange ?

I cannot begin to share how horrible that color must be to their own fans.

I do not want us to have these headlines that the vols have had my entire lifetime, and I do not want us to lose like the vols have been doing, either.

I know what the vols fans will say if given half a chance to come out of the woodwork.

We need to respect this rivalry.

We need to kick their asses into frigin’ oblivion and then some.

Root for my bitter rivals, oh yeah right.  That is as stupid a person telling you that as God ever allowed on this earth.

And, so the embattled # 84 team in the nation after 2007 vols play at the stale # 23 team in the nation after 2007 Bulldogs, and hardly will the nation care :

Unless we lose.


We have 12 SEC Championships in Football and the vols have 13 :


Alabama leads the list with 23 SEC Football Championships.


We MUST WIN THIS GAME to not have losing record to the vols, as the vols and Georgia really only recently play each because the vols did not want to play us until The SEC divided us into 2 Divisions.

The vols did not want to play anyone any good.

The vols MUST WIN THIS GAME to prevent us from saying All-Time the vols are not the better team head-t0-head against The Mighty Bulldogs.

We can make it 21-21-2 all-time between the vols and The Georgia Bulldogs in Football.

Last season, you may recall, the vols win that overtime game against us if they do not fumble the ball across the end zone, their cut-down checkerboard end zone.

Win this game, and UGA and the vols are tied 21-21-2.



10-11-1 UGA at Knoxville through today.

10-10-1 vols at Athens through today 21 September 2014.

Steve Spurrier the week before last now has a better record head-to-head against Mark Richt with Mark Richt’s Won/Lost Record against Steve Spurrier, both as head coaches head-to-head, standing now at 5-6.

The vols do NOT have a better record against us, if we can win.

This means NOTHING ?

No motivation for our team, Mark Richt ?

Not worth noting sir ?


You want the vols to brag they better Won/Lost Record against UGA head-to-head after the game ?

All Mark Richt has to do is once again lose for the 9th time in his career here to a team who even with their win over Mark Richt, not even make either the AP Poll or the Coaches’ Poll for 2014-2015 season.

vols are such a team.

There is nothing under the sun that would allow the vols to make any Top 25 Poll 2014-2015 season.


That’s how bad the vols are 2014-2015, again, for the 7th season in a row UnRanked.

vols have 6 national championships in football including the BCS win with Tee Martin who was a different guy then taking monies from vols’ boosters to play there.


Georgie tek also has 6, as we do as well.

All by the very same polls who ranked the vols and Georgie tek national champions 6 times.

All 3 have 6 national championships.

The University of Georgia has 45 national championships to Tennessee’s only 23 in all sports.

Twice as Many UGA NC in all sports than the vols.


Baseball 1, Football 6, Men’s Golf 2, Women’s Golf 1, 6 Equestrian which NCAA does not count in weird fashion they hold nevertheless every year, 10 in Women’s Gymnastics, 6 in Women’s Swimming and Diving, 8 in Men’s Tennis, and 5 in Women’s Tennis.

You will note please that Massey has UGA National Champions 1966 :



SicEm Dawgs.com is another respected Bulldogs’ Football site which also does not censor what is said about us or any other of our many rival teams.

So 6 national championships in football for The University of Georgia :


The same 6 nc as the vols :


And, the same 6 nc as Georgie tek :


All by the very same polls they claim their 6 nc by.

vols’ talent is nowhere near in the same ballpark as our talent.  Mark Richt has shut-down the border to the vols, and he knows it, and they know it.

vols’ have a horrible passing game this season, not that we do either because we want to play this QB who is # 102 in the nation in passing.

vols do not have our running game, but the vols are good at not having penalties called which will help them here Saturday as will their good defense.  Playing just Hutson Mason will play into the vols’ hands, just as it did against South Carolina.

vols fully expect that we shall just run the ball and will pack the box, just as South Carolina because when your QB is # 102 in the nation at yards per catch as Hutson Mason is, you do not stretch the field.

So that part will be more of the same, again, and again wrong-headed on Mark Richt’s part as demonstrated once again to us all live Saturday and what a beautiful day on our beautiful campus, eh ?

Brice Ramsey and Faton Bauta both proved they are far better quarterbacks than Hutson Mason ever will be.  So would have Jacob Park too, but he says Mark Richt is redshirting him this season.  God Almighty Mark Richt.

vols cannot return kick-offs like we do.  And the vols cannot defend kick-offs as well as us, which isn’t saying much.

vols punting game as always is sound.

vols are heavily sacked football team this season, and Jeremy Pruitt should have a frigin’ field day against that lousy vols’ offense.

vols are tied with us with the same record.


We’re the noon game again this weekend, and that’s hard on us to get up there that early.  It changes the whole Saturday schedule for us.

So, I expect the vols to have a good defense and to make Hutson Mason look as he has already looked last season and this season, which is not good – and, once again, where the vols too will pack it in against us since we do not throw the ball to all the receivers we have except for 4-yard passes with the chosen 1 at QB.

All last week, Mike Bobo said there are “MANY REASONS why we’d play our back-up Quarterbacks.”  vols are 1 of the reasons.


Still, with the vols having no offense, like Clemson has no offense and unlike South Carolina, this game is a game where Mark Richt might not have our guys ready to play them and I hope I have established that this is a Major Rival who wants NOTHING MORE THAN TO BEAT US.

vols are picked to lose to us by 17 points, and who are 83 % of the bets on ?

You guessed it : vols


Whoever wins, has the winning record against the other all-time in the history of college football.

Damn it, Get After Their Asses !

55-27 after 2007

1-10 since 2006 vs top 25 AP or Coaches these years as visitor

7-24 after 2007 vs top 25 AP or Coaches these years

None of that is on the line this Saturday ‘Tween the hedges where I have a scar from.

It’s just the damned vols.  The vols are not ranked this season; they were not ranked last season; they were not ranked the year before either, or the year before that, or the 1 before that or the 1 before that either, or even ranked the year before that. 7 years is a row now the vols have not been ranked.


But, the damned Orange-clad vols are 1 of our Most Bitter Rivals, ask Keith Marshall :

# 1 UGA Rival 50-40-2 Florida

# 2 UGA Rival 54-55-8 Auburn

# 3 UGA Rival 64-37-5 Georgie tek

# 4 UGA Rival 20-21-2 vols

# 5 UGA Rival 47-17-2 South Carolina

# 6 UGA Rival 41-8-4 Clemson

And, there is not 1 of those top half dozen Georgia Bulldogs’ Rivals who would love anything more than to beat us.  Auburn went ahead of us in The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry back to 1892 last season ok on a fluke play in a fluke season neither of which shall not be repeated this season.  vols can maintain a lead over us only by beating us this season.

Beat Auburn and the vols and none of our 6 Rivals can have a winning record against us all-time.

How damn significant is this game, I ask ?

source : Georgia Football Media Guide given to me every year

 Bulldogs UNABLE TO PASS the football at a record pace :

# 100 Bulldogs 1st Downs by Offense – atrocious

# 107 Bulldogs Passing Offense – worst in Mark Richt era by wide margin

# 102 Bulldogs Passing Yards per Completions – really all of them just 4-yard passes, aren’t they ?

#  49 Bulldogs 3rd Down Conversions by Offense – just awful

#  56 Bulldogs Red Zone Offense – Hutson Mason settled for 4 Field Goal Tries vs South Carolina

#  71 Bulldogs Penalties Per Game – & at worst possible moment like Hutson Mason grounding call

#  75 Bulldogs Kick-Off Return Defense like the last South Carolina drive to go up by 3 points

#  36 Bulldogs Passing Efficiency Offense – how that bad when all we can throw are 4-yard passes ?

#  81 Bulldogs Time of Possession – amazing Defense sent right back out so much, again 2014

#  37 Bulldogs Total Offense

#  25 Bulldogs Total Defense Problem is Defense ?  B.S. our Out-Of-Date Not-Modern Offense sucks

# 115 Hutson Mason Passing Yards

# 103 Hutson Mason Passing Yards per Completion

#   93 Hutson Mason Completions per game. Why Pass when all he can throw 4-yard underneath pattern?

#  71 Hutson Mason Touchdown Passes

#  68 Hutson Mason Yards Per Pass Attempt


Rewind: Bulldogs running the football at a record pace