Don’t give me this shit that Mark Richt is a better head coach than Wally Butts. Kirby does have an advantage on the recruiting trail following the total inability of Mark Richt to win the big games but Kirby’s loss to 6-7 Vandie thus not even a winning SEC Record 2016 is just more of the same as Mark Richt and 2017 can not continue the more than 4 losses a season for 9 years. It just can’t.

Kirby hurt himself in 2018 recruiting selling in 2016 to the 2017 recruiting class ranked # 2 nationally by and # 3 by ESPN RecruitingNation and by composite that he wasn’t Mark Richt.  Then 2016 he was just that.  Mark Richt.  Who was Mark Richt ?


Wally Butts :


2-time National Champions

4-time SEC Championships

previously unparalleled success

bringing us Heisman Trophy Winner Frank Sinkwich Maxwell Award Winner Charley Trippi John Rauch Pat Dye and Fran Tarkenton all six (6) of whom are in the College Football Hall of Fame

an innovative mind who championed the forward pass as a bona fide coaching genius

who was at the time the top high school head coach in America losing only 10 games in 10 years

who our Administration Building is NAMED AFTER



Compared to Mark Richt who brought us no one who won ANY Awards since he said he was not even recruiting David Pollack and never played the game of football except as a back-up and never accomplished anything in coaching ever anywhere who said that “There’s something besides winning that’s important here.”


No there is NOT.


9-1-1 in 1941


11-1-0 in 1942


9-2-0 in 1945


11-0-0 in 1946


9-2-0 in 1948


Wally Butts is the DOMINANT football team for the decade of the nineteen-forties.


Our players went off to war with my Dad in World War II while that other school downtown used players who were not even in their school.


Wally Butts got us on the National Stage to end the season in Big Huge Bowl Games 8 times losing only 2 all 8 both teams ranked at the very top of the final polls all 8 at a time when there only were 5 Bowl Games.


The 15 meaningless bowl games Mark Richt coached us in were NONE of them on the National Stage with everyone watching us. Mark Richt did not sign the top recruits and was widely criticized by them as wanting to play for teams who won. The better players Mark Richt had he wasted.


Mark Richt was all about religion.

Wally Butts was all about football.


Mark Richt was a back-up player who saw limited playing time then became a career assistant before taking this job which he said at the time December 2000 I do not want to leave Florida. I love it here and I love my Church here. Then he changed his mind but still stayed there until almost Signing Day February 2001 when Vince Dooley told him get here now and no more dallying-around about wanting to go to the assistant coach NCAA meetings instead.  Going to that assistant coach NCAA meetings would have had him showing up here then after Signing Date 2001 hired December 20 of 2000. If it were up to Mark Richt he would not have shown-up by Signing Date 2001 but over two weeks later on February 20.


Mark Richt then when he took the gig at Miami of Florida wore a Bulldogs’ belt to the Miami press meeting and took his jacket off to show everyone and said : “My wife and I can tell you this: This is our home. We love it. I have no intention of doing anything but finishing my coaching career at Miami.”


Both coaches fell-off late in their careers here at Georgia and both were fired for it.


One achieved great success before burning-out.


The other couldn’t win the big games.


One brought us national prominence and top players who wanted to win; the other did NOT.


Wally Butts is known as not only one our top 2 best coaches of all-time but one of the very best in ALL of college football.


Wally Butts earned scholarships to college in 3 sports football baseball and basketball. Wally Butts was THE STARTER on his college football team earning 1st Team All-Conference.


Wally Butts won the defamation of character lawsuit against the Saturday Evening Post for four hundred and sixty thousand dollars and went on to be a great successful business man in Athens who sent every one of his kids to UGA where they ALL 3 graduated from.


There is no comparison whatsoever between Wally Butts and Mark Richt.


Wally Butts led The University of Georgia to our 1st Four Bowl Games of All-Time ever and put us on the map winning all 4 including the Rose Bowl Sugar Bowl and Orange Bowl national stage everyone watching us when there only were 5 Bowl Games.



Kyle Funderburk Dawn of the Dawg says today :


“BCS chose 11-2 LSU instead despite winning conference title games not being a prerequisite for going to the national title before that year.”



Instead LSU 2007 Kyle Funderburk Dawn of the Dawg beat 7 top 25 teams. 7 Kyle Funderburk while Mark Richt beat 2. There was NO REASON for Mark Richt to play for the National Championship 2007 Kyle Funderburk over LSU. 2007 Mark Richt lost to 6-6 South Carolina who did not even play in a bowl game. And, he lost – blown-out by the vols 14-35 by 3 TD. The vols should’ve been a 5-loss team. For these performances, he was awarded the booby prize of beating # 19 Hawai’i in the bowl game nobody watched and nobody cared about.


It’s great to be a Georgia Bulldog.


Quit trying to rewrite history Kyle Funderburk and while I am at it it is cheesy to make us click your blog post 14 times to see this bullshit from you only to run-up your clicks.