Will Mark Richt # 12 UGA win National Championship 2014-2015 ?


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“Coach Richts is a wonderful man. However as i have said for 10 years he can not win the big game. I really beleive that Coach Richt’s could not win with the Alabama roster.”
DAWGS, that’s just not true, sir.  Mark Richt has won some big games.  He beat # 4 South Carolina just in 2013, and # 14 LSU; but he lost 5 games.  In 2001, he beat # 4 vols on the road at their house, as Visitor; but he’s bragged since that he knocked the lid off the Georgia Bulldogs’ football program with that win when UGA is Top 10 All-Time in Wins yet he was 8-4 that season, too, in 2001.  Mark Richt was 16-13 DAWGS from 2001 to 2007 vs teams who ended-up ranked Top 25 in the AP or Coaches’ Polls.  Mark Richt was 7-2 vs teams who ended-up ranked Top 25 in the AP or Coaches’ Polls 2001-2006 when he was Visitor on the road at their house.

But, it’s been a tale of the 1st Half of the Mark Richt era and tale of the 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era.  After 2007, he is only 54-26 which is # 23 nationally in Won/Lost Record.  He’s # 27 in Won/Lost Record the latest 4-year period.  He’s only 7-22 vs teams who ended-up ranked Top 25 in the AP or Coaches’ Polls after 2007.  And, he’s only 1-9 vs teams who ended-up ranked Top 25 in the AP or Coaches’ Polls after 2006 when he was a Visitor on the road at their house.

Yes, he won two SEC Championships in 2002 and 2005, and none since.

81 % Win Percentage to begin his career here, he has cooled-off to only 67 % Win Percentage after 2007.

Through it all, there have been a veritable plethora of arrests/suspensions 11 so far in 2014, alone, again.  And, it’s holding Mark Richt back.

He’s been lax with his players and coaches in teaching them to obey the rules.  The kids love him for this.  He’s averaged the # 9 recruiting class, 2nd best in the nation to only Southern California in the Mark Richt era 2001-2014.  He’s had 74 NFL Draft Picks, again 2nd best in the nation to only Southern California in the Mark Richt era 2001-2014.

But, once my alma mater, The University of Georgia, forced Mark Richt to adhere to the rules of conduct of his players on and off the field, with harsh mandatory suspensions for arrests and other abuses of the good name of The University of Georgia, Mark Richt has done VERY POORLY at teaching the recruits to obey the rules on and off the field and has done VERY POORLY at winning compared to what he did when he 1st got here.

2008 season we did not, however, raise all the way up to # 3 before falling behind at Home vs Alabama # 6 at halftime 0-30.  True enough, we were behind 30 to nothing alright.  But, we started the 2008 season Pre-season Unanimous # 1 in both the AP Poll and USA Today Coaches’ Poll 2008.  Then, 23 went out and CELEBRATED that night.  We got into bar brawls, mayhem, and one player even beat-up the local hospital.  It was a huge black eye.  Then, we played poorly to begin the season, too, and dropped from # 1 to # 3, before having Mark Richt’s Black-Out vs Alabama at HOME for us, falling behind 30 to nothing at half-time # 3 UGA vs # 6 Alabama.

72-9 with 3 NC Alabama while Mark Richt has gone 54-26.

You cannot win The SEC East without representing The SEC East in The SEC Championship Game, which started 1992.

Mark Richt has played in The SEC Championship Game in 2002, when we faced 5-Loss UnRanked in the AP Poll that season, Arkansas.  Then, we played in the Sugar Bowl against again 5-Loss shouldn’t have been ranked in the Top 25 either, Florida State.  The only other SEC team ranked in the USA Today/CNN Coaches’ Poll for the 2002 season was # 16 Auburn a 4-Loss team; except 5-Loss Ron Zook coached Florida another 5-Loss team whom the Coaches’ ranked # 24 solely on the merit of having held Mark Richt’s team 2002 to only 0 of 13 on 3rd Down Conversions.  Even one 1st Down on 3rd Down Conversions for the game would’ve resulted in us not LOSING the game for example on the final drive when David Greene’s pass was overthrown over the head of wide open Terrence Edwards who had 11 Touchdowns that season and 1,004 yards and still today is the 2nd leading SEC Wide Receiver in history before the Atlanta Falcons signed him, who last season played 13 games in the Canadian Football League – the younger brother of 1 of our UGA All-Time Greatest Robert Edwards.

Mark Richt has a LOSING RECORD in The SEC Championship Game, having beat UnRanked 5-Loss Arkansas in 2002 and having beat # 6 LSU in The SEC Championship Game in 2005, and none since.  2005, you recall, Mark Richt ended-up The # 3 SEC Team in EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY POLL for 2005 season with both LSU and Alabama ranked HIGHER than The Georgia Bulldogs.  That’s it for Wins in The SEC Championship Game for Mark Richt, listed herein on this blog today by the author of this blog as having ” captured six SEC East titles ” Zac Ellis writes today for Sports Illustrated.  Excuse me, Zac – he has 2 SEC Championships 2002 when he beat UnRanked 5-Loss Arkansas when the only other SEC team ranked 2002 season was # 16 Auburn 4-Loss team and Ron Zook’s miserable 5-Loss # 24 Florida team, even with their win over us.

And, by the way, Zac Ellis of SI, sir : Shaq Wiggins was not dismissed.  He was arrested in 2014 and transferred to Louisville, but like all these other trouble-makers, has to sit out this season Zac Ellis – not dismissed.

Don’t talk to me about averaging 9-Win Seasons, either Zac Ellis, sir.  Please !

15-Game Season for the Top Teams 2014-2015 season, here Mark Richt sits staring at what ?  78 Scholarship Recruits remaining on the team of the 119 he signed, with redshirts, would’ve been playing.  He would have to beat :

# 16 Clemson

# 9 South Carolina

# 5 Auburn

# 2 Alabama in The SEC Championship Game

# 3 in the play-offs

# 1 in the play-offs



Georgie tek

“We’re just tired of just being mediocre and going to the SEC championship game, going to the bowl game and losing.” Todd Gurley II.

Is Punishment Discipline ? Or, is Discipline training to obey the rules ? And Punishment the result of failing to train the recruits to obey the rules ?

.40 Joe Tereshinski III win % as Starting QB 2-3

.50 Hutson Mason win % as Starting QB 1-1

.61 Joe Cox win % as Starting QB 8-5

.67 Aaron Murray win % as Starting QB 35-17

.80 Matthew Stafford win % as Starting QB 27-7

.81 David Greene win % as Starting QB 42-10

.83 DJ Shockley win % as Starting QB 10-2

Of course, 2014-2015,  # 16 Clemson has no offense.

In the 1st half of his career here, Mark Richt would stand a far better chance of over-coming once again all these 11 arrests/suspensions in 2014 already alone, and facing this gauntlet of 9.

All Florida State had to beat last year, was # 2 Auburn and # 9 Clemson – nothing like # 12 Georgia Bulldogs of Mark Richt face 2014-2015.

There are no bananas for us again 2014-2015.

Of course, Chris Conley also says – like Greg McGarity yesterday as well – that  ” what we need to do to get where we want to go.”

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Can Mark Richt lead Georgia to a national championship 2014-2015 ?