2017 FU class has lost 3 of its 4-star players James Robinson Daquon Green Kadeem Telfort. 2018 Florida class has lost 2 of its 4-star players Justin Watkins Malik Langham. FU 2019 class has already lost 4 of its 4-star players Chris Steele Jalon Jones Diwun Black Deyavie Hammond. For a team with no better talent to begin with than Alabama LSU Georgia Miami of Florida vols nor Auburn. This is devastating to the expectations that Florida can beat teams with more talent than Florida in fact has. Nowhere is that more evident than the BAD OFFENSIVE LINE 2019 for Florida’s big mouth Dan Mullen.


Deyavie Hammond 4th FU gator signee to FAIL to make the 2019 team with as many as 7 Florida signees who will NOT make 2019 team so far…

Academics are taking their toll on Florida gator signees 2019.



“So we built this rivalry between Mississippi State and Ole Miss. And it became that everything I said must have been some attack on Ole Miss. And everything they said was an attack on Mississippi State.” Dan Mullen thinks HE BUILT RIVALRY between Ole Miss and Mississippi State. That that was NEVER there before Dan Mullen. All I see is that Dan Mullen has a LOSING RECORD against SEC teams all-time. And that he runs his God Damn Mouth.

Full of shit Dan Mullen with your LOSING RECORD in The SEC.



The meme is that Dan Mullen has a more senior-laden team better than last year at Florida and that Georgia has a young team whose stars haven’t even played much yet and may not this week at Florida. And that therefore the smart money is on Florida to not only cover but probably WIN not just TAKING THE POINTS. Dan Mullen is the 8th highest paid coach and Kirby is # 7 at $7 million dollars per year at Georgia. The only problem with THIS BULLSHIT is that Dan Mullen is ONLY 48 percent win percentage against SEC teams and only 61 percent win percentage all-time to Kirby at .765 Dan Mullen is NOT SHIT except overpaid.

So while they romanticize about Dan Mullen pre-game I thought you should know about Dan Mullen.


It seems to be LOST on EVERYONE that Dan Mullen has not done shit.






Not as head coach.


Did you want to talk about Urban Meyer ?


Georgia has won 4 of the last 7 in this game.  I have zero expectations that it will be 4 of the last 8 after the game.



Smartass Dan Mullen who has been coaching 25 years now 25 winning ONLY 59 % of his games and in The SEC only 45 % LOSING RECORD SEC stepped to the podium today for his FIRST PRESS CONFERENCE and stated Georgia is a BLIND GOD DAMN SQUIRREL who found a piss ant freaking acorn ONCE. Hey Dan shove THIS up your God Damn dumbass ASSHOLE.

First press conference :


Dan Mullen how will Florida keep-up with you as our head coach here at Florida now with the likes of Georgia who just played in the national championship game a couple of weeks ago now and just followed that up today with the # 1 recruiting class in the nation ?


“Listen, winning one SEC Championship Game doesn’t make you a dominant program.  You know what I’m saying?  In two of the last three years we’ve been to the SEC Championship Game. So even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while.”  Dan Mullen said with a laugh.


STFU Dan Mullen.  You have not done shit in your 25 years of coaching and ESPECIALLY against The SEC.


You were hired November 26 of 2017.


75 Days Dan Mullen.


Let’s see how indeed you have done since you got here shall we ?


3 months ago.


Nothing to do but recruit.


# 14 in recruiting while Kirby had to coach us in 4 games since you got hired playing no one Dan Mullen.


-0- Five-Stars nada none zip zilch none no 5-Star recruits

12 of the 4-Stars

7 of the 3-Stars like you did at Mississippi State with your STINKING 33-39 all-time SEC record



We had 7 of the 5-Stars and 15 of the 4-Stars Dan Mullen you piece of shit.


You had more time to recruit than Kirby has had.


What were you doing ?


Walking around with your thumb up your ass Dan Mullen ?




Seriously boy if that is how you want to start-out down there in Gainesville like you are some smartass then have it boy.


I will be more than willing to accommodate you in your endeavors to paint otherwise your 33-39 SEC Record all-time Dan Mullen.








You don’t look very smart and neither does your 33-39 record against The SEC Dan Mullen.  Well you fired the first salvo at Georgia.