“This transfer portal drives me nuts. I’m more about stay and fight. So Justin Fields I don’t get that. I get that Jake Fromm is really good. But I’m the type of person where I never thought about running from competition. I always thought about competing and getting better. So I think it’s kind of a strange situation for this Justin Fields. He is somebody else that doesn’t really have a reason for immediate play and gets a yes. That drives you nuts for the kids. Some people get waivers for immediate play without sitting out a year even. And some people don’t. Luke Ford has family member sick and he can’t play immediately. It just makes absolutely no sense.” David Pollack College Football Hall of Fame calling Justin Fields a GOD DAMN QUITTER. And David Pollack accusing the NCAA of bribes to make Justin Fields eligible and Luke Ford not. The NCAA has coddled Ohio State for many years. It ALWAYS will. It is what the NCAA does. While Ohio State CHEATS. If you think Ohio State did not cheat to get Justin Fields eligible you are a moron. They paid the NCAA money. There is NO OTHER EXPLANATION.



I am NOT satisfied with Kirby nor ONE WORD which has come out of his mouth since the very day he said it would be his DREAM JOB to come here SATURDAY 28 November when Greg McGarity called Kirby and asked him. David Pollack spoke his mind and so have I : “I felt bad for Nick Chubb and Sony Michel at times watching them have to make their own holes.”

Kirby is not ready to be a head coach yet.  One day maybe he will be.  Until then he’s JUST NOT.


I would have FIRED Kirby on November 29 the day AFTER Greg McGarity offered him the job.  I listed a host of PROVEN HEAD COACHES we should have hired and did not.  I did list Kirby as the ONLY NON-PROVEN HEAD coach who would be an improvement over Mark Richt.


That is not saying much.


It’s really just more of the same.


Once Kirby demanded he stay at Alabama while Nick Saban was TELLING KIRBY IN PUBLIC THAT HE SHOULD COME HERE, I wanted Kirby FIRED.


I would have fired Kirby for it.


Absolutely and said it here on this blog then.


I don’t understand what Kirby is up to.  It doesn’t follow that which he does.  It makes no sense especially for someone as smart as Kirby.  He is just stuck in his ways is all.


I am VERY disappointed in Kirby and REMAIN so.




Every word out of his mouth.


There is NO WAY that Greg McGarity did OTHER THAN call Kirby Saturday November 28 and ask Kirby if he wanted this gig.  There is no way that Kirby did other than assure Greg McGarity that this would be his dream job.


Otherwise nothing that happened after that makes any sense either.


I still say Greg McGarity will not suffer Kirby screwing-up this SEC Championship he has 2017 by NOT PLAYING HIS STARS on offense and special teams AGAIN as he did NOT 2016 either.


And he is NOT going to.


Trust me on this.





Kirby has made it clear to me and to David Pollack that Kirby is NOT going to play his stars on the Offensive Line 2017 but instead small guys who could NOT even beat-out the ones on the OL now gone who were our worst OL of all-time.




Devon Gales is a great man and well he needs your help now – he is not asking you I am. He just smiles.

Devon Gales’ sixth cervical vertebra is broken which is at his chin.  Devon Gales was trying to block Marshall Morgan, leading with the crown of Devon Gales’ helmet high into the chest of Marshall Morgan on our kick-off to Southern University in the first ever meeting between Southern and The SEC.  He was motionless on the field as we and the entire national TV audience saw.  He could move his arms as they carted Devon Gales to the hospital.


Devon Gales’ father Donny and stepmother have called for all Georgia Bulldogs to pray for Marshall Morgan.


Devon Gales said in January that he could begin to feel his knee and the bottom of his feet, and that he could move his hands and some fingers.  We all saw this on our field after he returned our kick-off that he could move his arms for Ron Courson but never did move his legs.




( http://gridironnow.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/devongales.jpg )


David Pollack said : “Do not let someone tell you what you can not do.”


David Pollack also spoke to this fine young man Devon Gales that he appreciates Devon’s smile.  That no matter how bad a person has it, there is always someone who has it worse.


This blog has supported Devon Gales in all this, and we encourage anyone who might think they can assist too, to please do so.


We see sports injuries every day – none worse than this tragedy in front of me unfolding and knowing all.


I could share what all we’ve done.


Mostly we care.  We Love.


We hurt and not just for Devon Gales but for Marshall Morgan.




( http://gridironnow.com/devon-gales-says-emotional-goodbye-Athens/ )

The Devon Gales Georgia T-Shirt can be purchased for $20 each in sizes from kids small to 3X extra large adult which includes shipping.  Insurance is NOT paying for this.  His home is unusable and unmodifiable. His parents can not get credit for a place for him to live to go back to being a student.


Click this buy now please – this seems small great investment for This Great Bulldog Nation.




There is a hoodie for $40 in the same sizes here :






( http://www.givetotriumph.info/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/tshirts.png )


( http://www.givetotriumph.info/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/hoodies.png )


You can make 100% Tax Deductible DONATION here :


Triumph Over Tragedy  384 Henderson Mill Road  Mansfield GA    30055


Or you can use a VISA MasterCard or any other credit card to just make a 100% Tax Deductible Donation here:





Devon Gales says he wants to walk.


I care about this sport.  I care about this man.  I Love this man.


Ron Courson saved this man’s life.  If he ever walks it will be because of Ron Courson on our football field.  And, on National TV for the world to see Ron Courson’s Love of Devon Gales.


This has to happen for this man.  Will you consider assisting now please ?


Courtesy: Southern U. Athletic Media Relations
Release: 09/27/2015
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“ATHENS, Ga. — Southern University wide receiver Devon Gales underwent a successful spinal surgery.

Devon Gales suffered several fractures in his neck that were stabilized.




If you would like to send cards or well wishes to Devon, please send them to:

SU Athletics:     C/O Devon Gales   PO Box 9942     Baton Rouge, LA 70813  ”





Southern University and A&M College was formerly Southern College in Baton Rouge since 1880 comprised of 1465 staff and 6301 students on the Mississippi River.


Southern University and Agricultural & Mechanical College is the  flagship institution of the Southern University System and is now known as Southern University at Baton Rouge.  Southern University and A&M College is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.   The Southern Jaguars and Lady Jaguars represent the university in NCAA intercollegiate athletics. Southern’s sports teams participate in Division I FCS for football 1-AA in the Southwestern Athletic Conference.




The Southern University marching band, known as the Human Jukebox, is also historic worldwide and as world famous as the University itself an historic institution of higher learning by all rights which we were trying to assist when we invited them here and to have them perform at half-time.  We consider them our sister school and are proud of their history for student-athletes.  The Southern Digest is their award-winning newspaper established in 1926 and operates under the Southern University which this blog has featured from time to time here.


Mel Blount I watched live NFL MVP Super Bowl Champ and Pro Football Hall of Fame from right here Vidalia Georgia Lou Brock I once met in person at a game in Atlanta stealing bases Harold Carmichael I saw in person here too and we all watched in the NFL Willie Davenport in the Olympics  Bob Love we all watched in the NBA are all graduates of Southern University whom The University of Georgia is proud to say we are a supporter of.


The University of Georgia donated Southern University $650000 for them to come here.  Their Super Bowl Human Jukebox performed at the Super Bowl just 2 years ago.  Their exciting performance at Sanford Stadium electrified our 93000 at halftime in our on-going support to Southern University. Before, all during and since this tragedy, the University of Georgia has donated all our talent support and monies to Southern University and its historic recognition of their accomplishments which we are proud to be a small part of supporting.


To whom much is given much is expected and we as a University have done all we can to Love this man.  Devon Gales’ life is touched by our support to his University and to him and his family.  They had to drive home twice to take our gifts.  He does in fact need much more from us at this time and he needs it now.  He really does.




( https://youtu.be/O8rulugMppQ )




The University of Georgia has answered this bell.  Will you for this family UGA has already ?  All of UGA is calling upon each of us individually to do anything we can now so that Devon Gales can please go back to Southern University now and try best he can to complete his degree here at our sister University – Southern University – our friends – our sister institution who have suffered this tragedy to one of their own and therefore to one of our own please.  He has no place to go back to.  No place where he can use the restroom.  No place where he can get to to sleep.  He has no place where he can study.  They were all doing fine before this happened as we all with deep tears watched unfold in front of us no matter what we did to prevent it.


This is a challenge to us.


To answer his challenge and those who Love this great man with his infectious smile.  Imagine that no bank will LOAN them the money to build this man a place where he can just please go back to school and maybe one day be able to walk or manipulate his fingers so he could tell you other than with his smile and words how excited he is about his life which once showed so much promise. The banks look at his mom’s Walmart credit card she had to open and REFUSED to loan the hard-working family the monies to have a place for Devon Gales to eat sleep go to the restroom and study.  How heart-breaking is that ?  After all this.  If this doesn’t move you, it is not for want of trying by this blog please.  We don’t get these opportunities often thankfully. We have one now.


And, there is no one who has told it to you.  So I am being called upon to do so.




Could you click one of these URL Links and maybe buy a T-Shirt ?  Would that be something you could do please ?


UPDATE : We have had fifty-five (55) buy at least 1 T-Shirt, nineteen (19)  who have bought at least 1 hoodie this day and eleven (11) who have now made donations of some amount to their credit card by clicking these URL Links on this blog.  Very nice.  Can we have just a few more click please ?  That would be wonderful.  Thanks for your support of this hero of mine and I am sure yours too with his smile.   These T-Shirts and Hoodies are going to look great on you, and your DONATIONS are 100% Tax Deductible – just tell your Tax Consultant and keep the receipt sent to you.


They do not even have a proper server for this.  Could you move it your Server ?  Yes these folks are giving him this.  There is no insurance covering it for them :  There is we.


Could we have just a few more please – as others are doing now – click this URL Link and consider a T-Shirt hoodie or donation so that right now Devon Gales might use the restroom eat sleep study or even get into a home right now please ?


Could you grab your credit card ?  It would make you look a better person.  It would.  Is this something you could do now to wear maybe just 1 T-Shirt ?



“I think the reason David is doing what he’s doing is he’s never had a problem just spewing stuff out.” Mark Richt told Chip Towers AJ-C UGA Sports Blog about David Pollack.

So, according to Mark Richt, all David Pollack has ever done is spewing stuff out.

Ten@10: QB competition will be decided on field, in classroom


Mark Richt is just pissed-off and embarrassed by the fact that he did not think much of David Pollack as a player and was not even going to recruit him but that Jim Donnan did and that the ONLY reason he was here – that once again, Mark Richt was WAY WRONG on his player evaluation.