# 21 NACDA Division 1 All Sports Trophy Directors’ Cup National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics Learfield IMG Directors’ Cup standings 2018-2019 which is # 5 in just The SEC. A sad showing by our sports’ teams this year.

UGA Georgia Bulldogs sports have finished in the top 10 ten of the 26 seasons in Directors’ Cup NACDA Division 1 All Sports Trophy Learfield IMG.


# 7 for 1997-1998

# 2 for 1998-1999

# 3 for 2000-2001

# 8 for 2001-2002

# 5 for 2003-2004

# 7 for 2004-2005

# 9 for 2005-2006

# 10 for 2007-2008

# 10 for 2012-2013

# 8 for 2017-2018


So # 21 and # 5 in The SEC is just NOT ACCEPTABLE.


Women’s basketball stands out as culprit again this year

Men’s basketball also was bad

Men’s cross country was of no use

Women’s soccer suffered again too

Women’s volleyball didn’t do a thing either



Florida LSU Kentucky Texas A&M all beat Georgia this year.


Sad indeed.



Georgia Bulldogs are NOT doing well in the Directors’ Cup NACDA Division 1 All Sports Trophy at # 35 and with all our teams KNOCKED-OUT 2018-2019 season final June 12th Learfield IMG college results




Texas A&M



South Carolina


are ALL beating Georgia Bulldogs this year about to be released.


9th place in just The SEC this has been a MOST disappointing year.




Finals released next Wednesday 12th June.


It’s just been awful all year.


When Vince Dooley was our AD we used to consistently come in in the top 10 EVERY year.


Now this…