Erk Russell will be # 19 College Football Hall of Fame and Charlie Woerner’s Uncle Scott just made 18

Erk Russell, every year would go to Vince Dooley and they would have it out over a player.  Erk would want him on Defense, and Vince complied.  Erk had this position he called Rover.  A guy who was back there to ruin the other team’s day.


18 times in 17 years here, Erk Russell’s Junkyard Dawg Defenses gave up 28 points.




We would leave our Seasons’ Tickets and go to the Railroad Tracks, and sometimes back.  Sometimes, we just reported to the Railroad Tracks by the Graveyard – and, stayed there eating our Seasons’ Tickets.


It was SO MUCH FUN !


THIS was THE GUY that made it so much FUN on the Railroad Tracks.


Trust me on this.




We had tons.




Charlie Woerner is enrolling now to catch passes from Jake Eason, but his uncle did everything !


He is bigger than his uncle.


Scott Woerner is so legendary in my life that I will never forget his exploits !


He not only had 13 interceptions for us, but when he got them, he took them back !


He returned punts for over 1,000 yards for us.


He returned kick-offs for another thousand.


He tackled.


He broke-up passes.


He took over games.


In the 192 games his Boss, Erk Russell, coached for us 135 were 17 points or fewer.


We never win the 1980 National Championship without the Consensus All-America and graduate of The University of Georgia Bulldogs Scott Woerner.


Scott Woerner is only 57.


He had 488 punt return yards 1980 alone for us.


He had 190 yards kick-off returns in one game.


When Erk Russell left after 1980 Scott was drafted by the Falcons.


I will never forget Scott Woerner !


Scott Woerner makes 18 College Football Hall of Fame !


Erk Russell will be # 19.




Glenn “Pop” Warner, 1951;

Bob McWhorter, 1954;

Frank Sinkwich, 1954, # 1 overall NFL Draft Pick;

Charley Trippi, 1959, # 1 overall NFL Draft Pick;

Vernon”Catfish” Smith, 1979;

Vince Dooley, 1994;

Bill Hartman, 1984;

Fran Tarkenton, 1987;

Wally Butts, 1997;

Herschel Walker, 1999;

Bill Stanfill, 1998;

Terry Hoage, 2000;

Kevin Butler, 2001;

John Rauch, 2003;

Pat Dye, 2006, 1st Team Consensus All-America 1958-1960;

Jim Donnan, 2009.

Jake Scott, 2011;

Scott Woerner, 2016.


Scott Woerner played in Jonesboro as both QB and DB.  Erk Russell had these conversations with Vince Dooley EVERY YEAR !


I want him.


No, I want him !


You always get the best ones Erk !


Scott also lettered at Jonesboro in Track, Basketball and Wrestling.


So, he lettered in 3 of the 4 sports I did, and 4 as well !


There are only 3 seasons.


I do not know how Scott Woerner lettered in both basketball and wrestling.  I was able to letter in both Baseball and Track because if there was a baseball game, I was the Starting Catcher my Junior and Senior Seasons.  If there was a Track Meet and no baseball game, I lettered in Track.  If there was baseball and track practices, I went to baseball.  My speed as 8th fastest in the state wasn’t going anywhere.


You have no idea how hard that is to letter in both basketball and wrestling as Scott Woerner did 3 times at Jonesboro High School !


Someone will have to ask him how he did it.  It would be one of my 1st questions to Scott.


Scott lettered here at UGA 4 times 1977-1980, was 1st Team Consensus All-America, 1st Team All-SEC Rover and # 1 Punt Returner in the United States of America !


1,916 return yards for Scott Woerner for us !


Scott Woerner intercepted a pass and defended a pass in the end zone during the fourth quarter of the 1980 Sugar Bowl to secure Georgia’s victory, and I recall yelling who caught that ball for us !  Everyone around us in our seats Scott Woerner !  Who else, I exclaimed !


Who else !


Scott Woerner was also on our Dean’s Lists and Honor Rolls and represents the Very Best of Scholastic Athletics !


( )


Scott Woerner the Proud State of Georgia’s # 1 College Football Prospect 1977 !


Instantly, in 1977 season for us, Scott returned 22 kick-offs for 546 yards !


Vince Dooley never started freshmen, not even Herschel Walker 3 years’ later, either !


Bragged about it !


But, his sophomore season Scott intercepted 4 passes and returned 22 punts for # 2 best in The SEC at 277 yards.


As a Defensive Player, Scott Woerner was listed on All Purpose Yards Top Annual Performances in The SEC !


Junior Season, 4 interceptions and again 2nd in The SEC Punt Returns.


He then beat Clemson by himself his Senior Season.  I am so proud of Scott Woerner and so happy to share my memories watching him mostly from the Railroad Tracks.


47 tackles 5 interceptions his Senior Season 1980 along with 15.7 yards per punt return – only defensive player listed in Top 10 All-Purpose Yards in The SEC !


He could have been our Quarterback.


Erk Russell, his boss, final season here.


Erk passed away in 2006 and has not yet been named to the College Football Hall of Fame, but he will be.


If anyone ever was, it was Scott Woerner and Erk Russell, his Boss.


They left together and forever are in my memory together.  Hopefully, in December this year 2016 Scott Woerner will say something about Erk Russell, how Vince and Erk fought over him, and how Erk played defense.


You are watching Coach Kirby Smart this season, and he too will make the College Football Hall of Fame as a Coach.


147 tackles 13 interceptions 1077 punt return yards can you even imagine watching him from the Railroad Tracks !


Oh, boy !


His nephew just enrolled in classes here and said : “I’m from Georgia, always been a fan, and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else,” Charlie told the AJ-C.


Breaking: Charlie Woerner commits to UGA (UPDATED)



( )


Uncle named College Football Hall of Fame 18th for us the very day he is enrolling in classes at UGA.


Imagine that !


How exciting !


And, humbling.


6′ 5″ 228 lbs 4.78 40-yard dash !  Beast. Good Lord !


Rabun County.


5th best Athlete in the United States of America !


45th best overall football player in the nation !




I know what Erk would say if he were here !,_L%E2%80%93Z)


I thought you should know from one who watched him every game from my seasons’ tickets and went to his bowl games, all of them !

Way to go Scott Woerner all-time HERO for me, and his brother’s son, Scott’s nephew,  can play DEFENSE Erk would be arguing right now !


He’s MY MAN !


No Tight End.


No Linebacker.


No Wide Receiver.


No Running Back.  Make him one of the Dirty Dozen Running Backs 2016 and he will rush for over 1000 yards easily.  Rolls over them.  Have you seen him run the football ?


Good Lord what a beast running the ball.


No Rover !





16 Big Bowl Games The Georgia Bulldogs National Stage EVERYONE watching us at the end of The SEC Season against a top team ranked at the Top in the Final AP Poll with us – considered 2 top teams in a bowl game. AB-H reviews 28 such letters, 24 of which support MY SITE here.

updated 1-1-2018  list top 15 bowl games UGA all-time to include :

2018 Rose Bowl # 3 UGA # 2 Oklahoma down 17 points with 6 seconds before halftime Georgia came from behind forcing 1st Overtime 104 Rose Bowls when in second overtime Lorenzo Carter forced his way through Oklahoma’s vaunted OL and blocked their field goal then Sony Michel scored his 4th Touchdown of the game around left end to win 54-48.  Considered by all to be one of the top 2 bowl games of all-time for Georgia and of the NCAA in the playoffs.


1942 Rose Bowl, # 13 UCLA Final AP Poll, Wally Butts Won Rose Bowl, Wally Butts ended AP Poll # 2 end November Ohio State no bowl game, shut-out Florida in Jacksonville at Fairfield stadium 75-0, beat # 3 Alabama 21-10 when Wally Butts was ranked # 2 at Grant Field, shut-out # 2 Georgie tek yellowjackets 34-0 at Sanford,  SEC top teams 1942 Final AP Poll are # 2 UGA, # 5 Georgie tek yellowjackets, # 7 vols, # 10 Alabama, # 16 Auburn, and # 17 Mississippi State, UCLA is the Pacific Coastal Conference Champion. Frank Sinkwich won the Heisman Trophy and Wally Butts Won the National Championship shutting-out UCLA 9-0 Rose Bowl National Champions according to Berryman Poll, Billingsley Poll, DeVold System Poll, Houlgate System Poll, Litkenhous Poll, Poling System Poll, Williamson System Poll, and according to Sagarin Ratings Poll.   Wally Butts was 11-1, Wisconsin was 8-1-1, and Ohio State was 9-1 not even playing in a bowl game.  1942 SEC Champions. Capacity Crowd, National Stage, everyone watching us. National Champions Wally Butts Georgia.  Charley Trippi Rose Bowl MVP.

1945 Oil Bowl, # 17 Tulsa Final AP Poll, Wally Butts Won Oil Bowl 20-6 New Year’s Day Houston Texas Capacity Crowd National Stage, everyone watching us as Charley Trippi College Football Hall of Fame Pro Football Hall of Fame Won Maxwell Award as Finest College Football Player Won 2 National Championships Football Georgia # 1 Overall NFL Draft Pick NFL Championship Game MVP threw for 1 TD and returned a punt for another TD.

1946 Sugar Bowl, # 9 North Carolina Final AP Poll, Wally Butts Won Sugar Bowl 20-10, beat # 7 Georgie tek yellowjackets at Sanford 35-7, shut-out # 15 Alabama 15-0 at Sanford, beat # 19 Kentucky 28-13, ended season 11-0, and Wally Butts won the National Championship beating # 9 North Carolina in the Sugar Bowl 20-10. National Championship Williamson System Poll. Army 9-0-1 and Notre Dame 8-0-1 and Wally Butts Georgia 11-0 in far better Conference. Capacity Crowd, National Stage, everyone watching us. National Champions Wally Butts Georgia.

1948 Orange Bowl vs Southwest Conference Champion Texas 4-1-1 Southwest Conference. Georgia Wally Butts SEC Champions 6-0 SEC.  We lost to Texas Orange Bowl 28-41 and ended up # 8 Final AP Poll 1948.  Vandie was # 4 in The SEC and # 12 Final AP Poll 1948.  Tulane was # 3 in The SEC and # 13 in the Final AP Poll 1948.  Ole Miss was # 2 in The SEC 1948 at 6-1 and # 15 in the Final AP Poll 1948.  Our guys had all returned from the WWII.  National Heroes, our guys WWII, Dad also fought in. He returned to home, Georgia too.

1959 Orange Bowl, # 18 Missouri Final AP Poll, Vince Dooley Won Orange Bowl shutting-out Missouri 14 to nothing.  We were 10-1 losing in Columbia to # 16 Coaches’ Poll South Carolina of the ACC.  We were undefeated in The SEC at 7-0-0 while four (4) SEC teams finished the 1959 Season in the Final AP Poll Top 10 Georgia, Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss and Florida # 19.  Pat Dye All-America Guard 1959.  I was at these games here when I recall Dad telling me Fran Tarkenton DeMolay, Dad was leader for, College Football Hall of Fame Pro Football Hall of Fame would fill the air with footballs for that era – beautiful Fall days on our beautiful campus which has only become even more beautiful since. He took me with his seasons’ tickets and specifically pointed out these points to me about the DeMolay that Dad was proud of. Georgia SEC Champions.  Georgia ended # 3 in the Massey Poll, Number 5 in the AP Poll and # 5 in the Coaches’ Poll because we beat # 8 Auburn, beat Alabama, and beat # 18 Final AP Poll Missouri in the Orange Bowl behind Vince Dooley and Erk Russell.

1966 Cotton Bowl Classic, # 10 SMU Final AP Poll, Vince Dooley Won Cotton Bowl Classic 24-9, beat # 5 Georgie tek yellowjackets 27-14 at Sanford, beat # 7 Florida Gators at the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville 27-10, beat Ole Miss # 12 Final Coaches’ Poll 9-3 at Sanford, Georgie tek yellowjackets would end the season # 8 Final AP Poll, Miami of Florida # 9 Final AP Poll who beat Vince Dooley at the Orange Bowl Miami 6-7 in 1966, and Vince Dooley had Georgia # 4 in both Final AP Poll and Final Coaches’ Poll.  Miami of Florida was # 10 Final Coaches Poll, Florida # 11, Ole Miss # 12. Vince Dooley Won National Championship 1966 according to Kenneth Massey Poll which was also part of the Official BCS Polls because we had a better strength of schedule than Alabama.  And, because we had a better Defense than Alabama with Georgia ranked the # 1 Defense in the nation. Georgia SEC Champions.  The Junkyard Dawgs.   Ole Miss had the 2nd best Defense in the nation and we beat Ole Miss 9-3 at Sanford.  I was at these games here. Final AP Poll had Georgia # 4, Miami of Florida # 9 and Georgie tek yellowjackets # 8, with SMU # 10. Erk Russell Georgia Defensive Coordinator. National Championship Vince Dooley and Erk Russell.

1968 Sugar Bowl Tulane stadium New Orleans, # 6 Arkansas Final AP Poll. Erk Russell had us with the # 2 best defense in the nation to Ohio State # 1 but Ohio State Woody Hayes played the # 31 strength of schedule and Vince Dooley played the # 11 Strength of Schedule with players such as Jake Scott, my friend,  and Bill Stanfill both College Football Hall of Fame.  We had to play # 9 vols, # 12 Auburn, # 13 Ole Miss, # 15 Houston, # 9 Arkansas and still after all that our Erk Russell Defense was the # 2 ranked defense in the nation to disgraced Woody Hayes Ohio State with their soft schedule by stark contrast. The SEC in 1968 also had # 12 Coaches’ Poll Alabama but we did not have to play Alabama because we were undefeated in SEC play 1968 and Alabama lost twice to SEC foes 1968.  Vince Dooley suffered 1 loss 1968 to Frank Broyles’ Arkansas who ended-up atop the Southwest Conference at 10-1. Georgia SEC Champions.  Houston tied Texas in Austin and Darrel Royal of Texas had no one on his team by comparison with us and also lost to a lousy Texas Tech 1968 played a weak Southwest Conference who had only SMU and Arkansas.  We tied the vols 17-17 at Neyland who ended with 1 SEC loss and a 2nd loss # 7 in the Final Coaches’ Poll 1968  # 13 Final AP and we tied Houston # 18 Final AP Poll and # 20 Final Coaches’ Poll at Sanford 10-10 who was an Independent.  I was at these games here. Ohio State did not have any players like we had 1968.  We played a great schedule and earned the # 1 National Champion Litkenhous Poll who voted Vince Dooley National Champions based upon our far tougher strength of schedule than Big 10 Ohio State who had only Purdue and Michigan as the only ranked Big 10 teams.  National Championship Vince Dooley & Erk Russell.

1971 Gator Bowl # 18 Final Coaches’ Poll North Carolina.  Vince Dooley & Erk Russell beat # 15 Final AP Poll Ole Miss 38-7 at Sanford. I was at these games here. We lost to # 5 Final Coaches’ Poll Auburn at Sanford 20-35 and that was our only blemish on the season finishing 11-1 same as Alabama. Six (6) SEC teams finished in the Top 15 of the Final AP Poll 1971 Georgia, Alabama, Ole Miss, vols, LSU and Auburn.

1975 Cotton Bowl in Dallas Texas # 6 Final Coaches’ Poll # 7 Final AP Poll Arkansas.  I was there, and I was at all the home games too with student tickets and left frequently to go back and forth to the Railroad Tracks.  I have scar on my arm from The Hedges as a walk-on. They were sharp back then and I was fast and hit them full speed.  I brought back Coors from the Cotton Bowl to Russell Hall on specific requests in my 1971 Mustang 351 Cleveland I special ordered with my money earned as Top Pay AFL-CIO. We might have won the game were it not for Vince Dooley’s call before halftime that led to great cheers of Pig Soohey all halftime with their motorized hat. We had a 10-3 lead and Ray Goff, who always was replaced by Matt Robinson on every 3rd Down to bail his butt out, set the ball down on the turf on purpose to pretend to tie his shoestring fumblerooskie pitch to Gene Washington for us but Arkansas got the ball scored the tying score 10-10 just before half time leading to their unbelievable cheers until they finally exploded at the end of the game with 3 unanswered 4th Quarter touchdowns. We had that game.  Vince Dooley blew it with this stupid call.  This began the Dump Dooley – make Erk Russell Head Coach – although Vince Dooley would recover and stave him off, only later to hire Ray Goff as his replacement.  Another bad move. Georgia was # 2 in The SEC 1975 Alabama undefeated # 1, but we would have OUR DAY against them at Sanford 1976 the following year and this time Matt Robinson shined in a huge big game everyone in the Nation watching us obliterate Alabama 21-0 Alabama # 10 and UGA # 6.  I have that game jersey by Matt Robinson entering the locker room as a press I guess they thought I was.  I still say we had this Cotton Bowl 1975.  Vince Dooley blew it with the lead with a guy feigning a fumble tie his shoe with a 10-3 lead just before half-time the same guy who blew it as Dooley’s replacement and who never was the better QB than Matt Robinson either, and the same guy who when elected into the Georgia – Florida Football Game Hall of Fame quipped : “For which team?”

1976 Sugar Bowl # 1 AP & Coaches’ Polls Pittsburgh I am Anthony Dorsett not TD, but all their fans had TD buttons.  I was there too at the Sugar Bowl and all these games here.  Well, we did not win.  I was stuck behind a post a huge pole supporting the crappy Superdome later crapped all over in Hurricane Katrina I also called prior to it hitting.  I am NOT a fan of New Orleans.  We lost to Ole Miss in Oxford but because we beat Alabama we are SEC Champions and 10-1 going in to the Sugar Bowl but it was Matt Cavanaugh who would do us in for Johnny Majors’ Pitt, currently QB coach Washington Redskins and 3 time Super Bowl Champ twice as player Matt Cavanaugh.  We were # 5 and they were # 1.  We had beat # 10 at time of game Florida in Jacksonville coached by Doug Dickey 4th and Dumb against us in a game I told my parents I was not at – only to be zoomed in on twice on national TV.  I got the yard marker after the game.  Well, we were there. I was there.  I remember.  The whole nation remembers.  We did not win, but the memories last a lifetime. Georgia SEC Champions.

1980 Sugar Bowl # 8 Final AP Poll Notre Dame.  We beat # 20 Florida in Jacksonville on Buck Belue’s pass to Lindsay Scott. Run Lindsay Run ! We beat # 14 South Carolina, Independent, at Sanford. All 3 on ABC.  I was there.  12-0 untied, unbeaten, unbelievable ! National Championship including both Consensus AP Poll and Coaches’ Polls after the season.  Georgia SEC Champions.  Herschel Walker, no freshman is going to start for me.  More fodder for Vince Dooley. More for Erk Russell, too, and finally he had to go make his name for himself with the nation’s # 3 best Defense AGAIN – also # 5 best offense – duh !  AND, there were no other unbeaten teams.

1981 Sugar Bowl # 4 Pitt Final AP Poll.  Our schedule was just too hard 1981 – far tougher than Clemson who beat us in Clemson, but we beat all the rest and arrived to the Sugar Bowl I also went to 1981 # 2 best in the nation all polls.  Georgia SEC Champions. 20-24 we lost without Erk Russell who played Football, Basketball and Baseball at Auburn.

1982 Sugar Bowl # 1 Final AP Poll Penn State.  Vince was just not the same without Erk Russell which I said all along before he finally left.  We beat Clemson at Sanford and arrived undefeated # 1 in the nation against # 2 Penn State but lost 23-27 at another game I unfortunately was at.  Joe Paterno had Todd Blackledge at QB now of famous broadcasting career, and we had John Lastinger.  You are made and broken as college football coach with your QB and always have been.  Georgia SEC Champions. Unfortunately, I was there and knew Vince Dooley would lose without Erk Russell.

1983 Cotton Bowl # 2 Texas.  Texas entered as # 2 and we were # 7.  We ended up # 4 and Texas # 7.  We beat # 20 UCLA, # 9 Florida, tied Clemson at Clemson, and won at Grant Field 27-24. I was at that game too and our games here.  Clemson would end up # 11, Alabama # 15 and we # 4 AP Poll, same as we finished 1982.

1992 Citrus Bowl # 18 Final AP Poll Ohio State.  Ohio State has played 11 bowl games against The SEC and NOT WON ANY, which is why Ohio State is only 25-24 in bowl games while we enjoy 28-19-3 in bowl games – which as you can SEE – is quite the storied history of big bowl games on the national stage everyone watching us.   10-2, we had lost to only # 12 vols and # 10 Florida Final AP Poll Rankings and ended up # 8 ourselves at 10-2 behind Eric Zeier QB and Garrison Hearst RB who thought he would win the Heisman he came in 3rd, and did win the Doak Walker Award top running back, and the ESPN Espy Award Top Outstanding Collegiate Athlete Award.  Watched all this from my seasons’ tickets.

1998 beat # 18 both Final AP and Coaches’ Polls Virginia and were # 14 both polls ourselves. 1997 we were # 10 in the Final AP Poll and 10-2 behind Matt Stinchcomb, Hines Ward, Robert Edwards, Larry Brown, Greg Bright, Kirby Smart and Champ Bailey and won the Outback Bowl over Wisconsin. 1999 we were again # 16 both polls and again beat # 19 Purdue in the Outback Bowl and in 2000 again we were # 17 in the Final Coaches’ Poll. In fact, Jim Donnan’s last 4 years we were # 12 in the nation won/lost record at 35-13, and Vince Dooley did NOT want to replace Jim Donnan but found Mike Adam$ make the decision for Vince Dooley when the only teams better in The SEC were the vols and Florida.  In stark direct contrast to these 15 Big Bowl Games by The Georgia Bulldogs on the National Stage everyone watching us, Mark Richt then was hired by Vince Dooley December 20, 2000 and his best bowl win over a team ranked like these others by us in the Final AP Poll was that in 2004, Mark Richt won the Outback Bowl – more in line with what we were doing at the time.  As a matter of fact, Mark Richt is # 21 won/lost record after 2007 at 64-29 – hardly a step up, wouldn’t you say ?  Saw all this from my seasons’ tickets.

2001 Mark Richt stated he “knocked the lid off this program” the # 11 All-Time Wins Program with 6 National Championships, 15 huge bowl games us and them both ranked at the Top of the Final AP Poll everyone watching us while Mark Richt lost his 4th game 2001 to Boston College who was unranked in BOTH polls before the bowl loss and us with the 3rd most SEC Championships as you can readily see here in this post by me of that which I recall firsthand of it – only 1 SEC Championship out of 2nd place in The SEC – the Premier Football Conference, has been, is and will be – and, which Mark Richt is outclassed in.

2002 lost to a 5-loss should have been 6-loss Florida team of Ron Zook going 0-13 on 3rd Down Conversions in the game, a recurring theme for Mark Richt – supposedly an Offensive Guru who was in fact a back-up QB, never played and who was NOT groomed to be Head Coach by Bobby Bowden – who was FIRED from FSU. Mark Richt also was not allowed to choose the QB at FSU, but Bobby Bowden as well, who never took Mark Richt under his wings to teach him how to coach at all – nothing taught about when to call time-outs, when to go for it instead of settle for field goals, nothing taught about motivation to Mark Richt, nothing taught about when to play our best players and when to not.  Mark Richt was NOT TAUGHT to be a head coach by Bobby Bowden.  Bobby Bowden never taught Mark Richt anything about hiring a coaching staff.  All of this came to roost in his only head coaching job here.  Vince Dooley was going to teach him these areas he so suffers at, but was fired by Mike Adam$ before he could. Even one 3rd Down Conversion 2002 vs Florida would have won the game – for example the last pass by David Greene who overthrew a wide open Terrence Edwards. Again, Florida should have been a 6-loss team on this play, but even this we could not convert.  How is this Mark Richt’s fault ?  Excuse me, this is his chosen QB when at the time I called for DJ Shockley to NOT be redshirted 2001 and to start.  This relegated us to a bowl game against Final Coaches’ Poll # 23 Florida State  # 21 Final AP Poll a 5-loss team after beating 5-loss Arkansas in The SEC Championship Game Georgia SEC Champions in way Down SEC 2002, 2003 beat # 19 Final Coaches’ Poll # 18 AP Poll in the Citrus Bowl getting our butts beat by LSU 13-34 in fact beat by LSU twice 2003 and beat by Florida and so we played in the Citrus Bowl, 2004 won the Outback Bowl again beating Wisconsin again who ended # 17 in the AP Poll and # 18 Final Coaches’ Poll, 2005 was another disappointment with us losing to a lousy Florida team when Mark Richt told us all that Joe Tereshinski III could fill in for DJ Shockley and win when in fact he was the only QB he could have started who could have possibly lost to that lousy Florida team who even lost to 7-5 South Carolina 2005 but beat us and in fact 2005 we ended up the # 3 team of just SEC teams in every single solitary poll behind worse than Alabama and LSU 2005 – Georgia “SEC Champions” losing at the Sugar Bowl that never happened at the Georgia Dome I went to to fall behind nothing to 28 before we even could all sit down from booing Mike Adam$, 2006 we lost 4 games including 1 to Vandie who played 8 SEC teams and we the only 1 they could beat – redshirting Knowshon Moreno don’t need him to beat Vandie 2006 –  2006 you recall Mark Richt told all of us that Joe Tereshinski is a better QB than # 1 NFL Draft Pick Matthew Stafford as well, 2007 we lost to a 6-6 South Carolina team who did not even play in a bowl game and lost to lousy vols’ team who beat Mark Richt by Biblical Proportions 14-35 a 4-loss vols’ team who should have been a 5-loss team who had also beat us 51-33 the previous year and so we beat # 19 Final AP Poll Hawai’i 2007 when in the big games Knowson Moreno got only an average of 17 carries and in fact redshirted him so we got to see him only 2 years, then began the real bad streak for Mark Richt since – basically unable to beat anyone or maybe even better put losing to everyone after 2007, seen all this from my seasons’ tickets, too, unfortunately and dog-tired of it all on the eve now of us unranked AP Poll going to JAX to lose to # 11 Florida – unranked team losing, that is what we are half the years after 2007 now.  There is little need to detail all of this after 2007 including Mark Richt telling us that Joe Cox with flu and his chronic shoulder keeping him out of practice once or twice a week all season was our best shot in Stillwater in 2009 when pre-game I called for Zach Mettenberger to start vs Okie State 2009 who nearly beat Matt Ryan and the Falcons today and would have had his receiver not dropped a TD pass thrown of 50-yards downfield.  We have the Cam Newton is never going to be our QB because he is only a TE from Mark Richt who said that Aaron Murray is a better QB than Cam Newton, and the debacle of telling all of us once again that Nick Marshall would only play db for us – that Mark Richt thought Hutson Mason was better than Nick Marshall as QB, only to watch Nick Marshall lead Auburn to the NC game – something Mark Richt therefore still has never accomplished here either as a direct result.  He does not like dynamic Quarterbacks like Cam Newton, DJ Shockley and Nick Marshall – preferring game managers who have not done diddle-e-squat for him and us.  This on the heels of choosing Aaron Murray as his starting QB really in 2009 which is why he did not play Zach Mettenberger 2009 vs Okie State to win that game, because he did not want us to want Zach Mettenberger as our Starting QB which we would have done, and he knew it.  Aaron Murray I said at the time 2009 would be his downfall as coach here and would cost him his job that and the lousy job he did in choosing his coaching staff.  Aaron Murray would go on to have 10% of his plays either a fumble interception or sack and he called his own number more than half the plays – either checking out of Mark Richt’s call into his own number, or if his own number was called, keeping the play called.  For # 8 talent around Aaron Murray, he was # 27 in Won/Lost Record his 4 years as our starter, and no one ever was groomed to be his back-up QB even.  Very frustrating for an Offensive Coordinator paid over $ 4 million dollars a year through 2019, whose offense is stale, old school, out-of-date and an utter failure # 90 Passing Offense last year with Hutson Mason and # 80 this season with Greyson Lambert – who lost his job as starting QB at Virginia for God’s sake.  As a fan at the games for 58 years, this crap of we do it the right way and Mark Richt is the guy everyone wants his son to play for has grown old – as has the AJ-C’s attempt to rewrite the e-mails sent to Jere Morehead and Greg McGarity as positive mostly they said while the Athens Banner Herald reports that of 28 such e-mails 24 are of the UGA Thomas Brown fan club and only 4 are of the we love Mark Richt support – give the guy more time after 15 years of meaningless bowl games.  In fact, Greg McGarity said to ABH today : “That’s why sometimes you’re numb to it,” he said. “… It is just typical of the type of email traffic we receive on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. It doesn’t surprise me because people are passionate.”  He does not care one iota as you can see, yet his record here sucks as our AD, hired to replace Damon Evans by Mike Adam$ who hired BOTH.  We’re passionate ?  So – you are numb to it Greg McGarity ?  Sad indeed.

Mark Richt by direct stark contrast to all these great 15 Bulldogs’ Bowl Games on the National Stage everyone watching us against a team ranked at the top of the Final AP Poll with us, has not beat any team in any bowl game on the National Stage everyone watching us ranked as high as any of these teams in the Final AP Poll for that season, nor even played a team ranked this high in the Final AP Poll in a bowl game for ANY season.  Mark Richt has not won a single Big Stage Bowl game the whole entire nation watching him in the entire Mark Richt era including 2015 now too, let alone even played in one comparing to all these we most certainly did with Wally Butts and with Vince Dooley & Erk Russell.  And, he NEVER will.  Mark Richt is bad after 2007 and not as good as Jim Donnan even – whom we FIRED.  We’re a bad team after 2007, despite all this talent who 15 bowl games prior have put us on the National Stage EVERYONE watching us against a team also ranked at the Top of the Final AP Poll.,2546156&hl=en

# 12 won/lost 1997-2000

# 21 won/lost after 2007

I will NOT support ABH pay per view



We have played in 50 Bowl Games.

Only 4 teams have played in more.

Alabama, Texas, Southern California and Nebraska, and Southern California and Nebraska have only played in one (1) more bowl game than we have !

We are 28-19-3 in Bowl Games.


Texas has not done as well as we have in bowl games and neither has Alabama, and neither has Nebraska.  In fact, only Southern California has done better than us in Bowl Games !

There are teams who have gone to fewer bowl games who have done remarkably well.  Utah for example is 14-4, but that hardly compares to our 28-19-3.  They would have to go 14-15-4 to catch us !  That’s 33 more bowl games while we would have to sit still 33 years !

Ole Miss is 23-13.  They’d have to go 5-6-3 for 14 years where we did not play at all.  Still, it’s a remarkable record in bowl games Ole Miss has !

Penn State, now that their games have been restored which the NCAA had taken away from them they overtook us again for Top 10 in All-Time Wins moving us back to # 11, and in bowl games they are now back to 28-15-2, so they’d only have to be 1-4-1 which means they have a higher percentage but have not going bowling still 6 years we have.

FSU is 26-16-2 so they’d have to go 2-3–1 so they have gone to 4 fewer bowl games than we have and still have won fewer bowl games than us.  Their bowl record is fairly close to our own.

Oklahoma is 28-19-1, so they are fairly close to our 28-19-3 but even Oklahoma is 2 bowl games fewer than us both ties for us.

As you can readily see, we are certainly one of the very exclusive few best at bowl games, right ?

However you slice it, Georgia certainly has gone to more bowl games, won more bowl games, and have a higher percentage of these way more bowl games we’ve been to we won.