Tiger Woods wins $2.07 million winning his 5th Masters and Nevada resident bet $85 thousand at 14:1 odds netting him $1.19 million which is $331 thousand MORE than the 3 tied for second behind Tiger Woods won of $788 thousand.

It’s a first for the Masters that it paid-out over $2 million to the winner and his first Masters win since 2005 fourteen years ago.  The crowd was all-in rooting for Tiger Woods to win.  Tiger Woods trailed yesterday going into today.  Several had a chance to beat Tiger Woods and it was great for golf that our hero could return after all his surgeries.


Tiger Woods lives in Florida and went to Stanford.


Tiger Woods has earned over one billion dollars.


Tiger Woods is in my opinion the single-most liked golfer in the history of the sport.


EVERYONE rooted for Tiger Woods even when he fell behind late Sunday.


Tiger Woods has had extramarital sex and his wife left him over it.  Shortly after he said she helped him from the car which hit a fire hydrant not beat him with a golf club.  He never golfed well after that until today.


Tiger Woods net worth is $600 million dollars and The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs football program is worth $102 million approximately one-sixth of Tiger Woods’ net worth by himself.




Georgia Bulldogs’ Football program worth $102 million per Forbes # 6. Todd Gurley II is PRO-BOWL NFL All-Star as ROOKIE ! AJ Green (5) Geno Atkins (4) Justin Houston (4) Thomas Davis (1). Lady Bulldogs today TV 1 p.m.

Merry Christmas !  Georgia Bulldogs are well-represented 5 more this season who are named Pro Bowl All-Stars by the NFL, while Forbes Magazine named our Football Program # 6 best in worth at $102 million dollars !  Todd Gurley II is the 19th Bulldog 1000 yards season plus 20 catches 180 yds. Lady Bulldogs TV 1pm today Wednesday but not on Comcast SEC Network. Coach Kirby Smart has NOT announced his Defensive Coordinator nor his RB coach yet.  Bulldogs are 4th latest 11 years Pro Bowl NFL All-Stars with 31.






Imagine ?  Cam Newton is Pro Bowl.  I thought he was just going to be a tight end here at Georgia is all since Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor told him he had Aaron Murray with his 67 % Win Percentage and his 10% of his plays interceptions, fumbles and sacks !


To watch The Lady Bulldogs live today on TV – click this URL Link Watch Live !




Todd Gurley II is PRO-BOWL as ROOKIE !  AJ Green  (5) Geno Atkins (4)  Justin Houston (4) Thomas Davis (1) for the Pro Bowl 2016.




Champ Bailey has 12 Pro Bowls

Fran Tarkenton has 9 Pro Bowls

Richard Seymour has 7 Pro Bowls

Ray Donaldson has 6 Pro Bowls

Jake Scott has 5 Pro Bowls

Bill Stanfill has 5 Pro Bowls

Guy McIntyre has 5 Pro Bowls

Len Hauss has 5 Pro Bowls

Hines Ward has 4 Pro Bowls

Terrell Davis has 3 Pro Bowls

Mo Lewis has 3 Pro Bowls

Marcus Stroud has 3 Pro Bowls

Garrison Hearst has 2 Pro Bowls

Rodney Hampton has 2 Pro Bowls

Tim Jennings has 2 Pro Bowls

Bobby Walston has 2 Pro Bowls

Joe Geri has 2 Pro Bowls

Jimmy Orr has 2 Pro Bowls

Marion Campbell has 2 Pro Bowls

Mack Strong has 2 Pro Bowls

Herschel Walker has 2 Pro Bowls

Charley Trippi has 2 Pro Bowls

11 other former Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Players have 1 Pro Bowl NFL All-Star Selection.