Jacob Eason AND Nick Chubb picked for Heisman Trophy Winner 2017 by Fox Sports.com Aaron Torres



FOX Sports.com Aaron Torres




QUOTE FROM FOX SPORTS.COM Aaron Torres : “Kirby Smart lost to Vanderbilt and had way too many close calls against inferior teams. So was it a byproduct of a young coach getting his sea legs? Or a byproduct of the type of coach that Smart is? With a loaded roster that’s favored to win the SEC East, we’re about to find out. # 12 pre-season Georgia Bulldogs: Can you really trust Kirby Smart?” Fox Sports.com Aaron Torres

FOX Sports.com Aaron Torres best-selling book Author and Senior Writer FOX Sports.com not the Bronze Medal professional boxer.


Clearly there were so MANY blunders by Kirby and STILL ARE 2017 that I have MANY QUESTIONS about how prepared to be HEAD COACH Kirby is on both OFFENSE and on Special Teams.  His recruiting is great but he has to PLAY his recruits if he wants to win AND he has to figure-out a way to either leave the offense alone or come-up with some type of an offensive game strategy – neither of which seems possible with Jim Chaney and Kirby overseeing him with no knowledge demonstrated by either.


I am not sure he wants to win.


I think he is more interested in BEING IN CHARGE.


For example : All these HUGE OFFENSIVE LINEMEN in Kirby’s RECRUITING but he SAYS AGAIN 2017 his # 1 starters getting all the # 1 reps with the # 1 unit are NOT those big OL but his itty-bitty teeny-weenie OL he inherited who have NOT GOTTEN THE JOB DONE instead.


Aaron Torres Fox Sports.com asks the question I ask as well :


“Can you really trust Kirby Smart?”   Fox Sports.com Aaron Torres






Now FOX SPORTS says since the recruits are lined-up mostly and the ones leaving are known now who are the UP-AND-COMING TOP FOUR (4) TEAMS FOR 2017 ? Well USC OKLAHOMA FSU and GEORGIA top 4. The HYPE is justifiable for UGA because all those who said they were COMING-BACK 2017 who did not have to along with all the others STILL HERE and the great recruiting class makes UGA a top 4 play-off contender 2017 so says FOX SPORTS.com



FOX Sports.com Aaron Torres best-selling book Author and Senior Writer FOX Sports.com not the Bronze Medal professional boxer.


USC OKLAHOMA FSU and GEORGIA top 4 college football play-off contenders in that order.