52 degrees and rain Lake Lanier 2 feet over full pool while 3 and a quarter inches rain Friday with 23 mph wind and 37 mph gusts. Now it is 45 degrees.

G-Day 2 pm.


It will be 82 every day starting Monday.




Jake Fromm 3 of 12 on 3rd Down G-Day Game while Justin Fields 8 of 16 on 3rd Down Conversions some of those on long runs by Justin Fields one a 22 yard scramble. Despite having Jake Fromm the # 1 OL Terry Godwin Isaac Nauta Charlie Woerner Mecole Hardman Jr. it was the BLACK TEAM led by true frosh QB Justin Fields # 1 overall player in the nation 2018 recruiting class according to ESPN. It was PLAIN for ALL to see with their own eyes Justin Fields WON the STARTING QB JOB based on what we saw today with our own damn eyes. I don’t know what you saw. That’s what I saw this fine Spring Day.




I will be rooting for the BLACK TEAM tomorrow and I hope that they WIN. THIS is what is BEST for the team despite the fact that KIRBY’S STARTERS are on the RED TEAM OFFENSE. Those are the WRONG CHOICES and I hope to HIGHLIGHT THAT after tomorrow’s G-Day Game 2018 UGA Georgia Bulldogs and say I TOLD YOU SO again.



I am expecting big goings-on in this G-Day Game tomorrow which should produce tremendous pressure on Kirby to make proper decisions on his offense specifically about which led to us to being # 105 passing offense last year that cost us dearly trying to just cram the ball down throats against top defenses telegraphing our offense.


We ran 1st Down

We ran 2nd Down

We sometimes threw on 3rd Down


We threw the God Damn football but 31 percent of Kirby’s offensive play calls last year including in the national championship game and LOST.


It was a FAILED strategy.


Justin Fields needs to throw the ball down the God Damn Field tomorrow and every game this season.


If Jake Fromm does not then he is going to be replaced by someone who can and will throw the ball better than Jake Fromm’s # 105 Passing Offense in all the games of last season.


Jake Fromm has to know that # 105 Passing Offense he put-up all of last season is not acceptable.  He HAS to feel the pressure to fix that.  Yes he is accurate.  What good is that if he DOES NOT throw it ?




G-Day Game 2018 next Saturday FREE ADMISSION 21 April 2018 at 4 p.m. and on ESPN main channel # 846 Comcast. Gate 10 Bridge Tate Center is CLOSED. Given seating section pass at other gates.

The game should be over by 8 p.m. just after dark and the new scoreboard is finished so we should have seen that Justin Fields is THE STARTER 2018.


G-Day Game  UGA Georgia Bulldogs 2018.



“Justin Fields AND Jake Fromm performed well in the scrimmage today” Kirby said to Kelsey Russo of The Red and Black student newspaper noting “the offense dominated during the third-down period.” Are you concerned Kelsey that that is the fault of our defensive backs ? Or Kelsey do you see that as a sign of our strength of our passing game which made up only 31 % of all of Kirby’s plays all last season the # 105 passing offense. Kelsey you owe further questioning or are you AFRAID of Kirby Kelsey ? WTF ?

Kirby continued the defense did well against the RUN.


So :


(1) Both Quarterbacks performed well in the scrimmage today

(2) The Offensive passing game had “explosive plays” Kirby told Kelsey

(3) The offense dominated during the 3rd down period meaning run run pass Kirby again 2018

(4) The Defense stopped the RUN

(5) Georgia Bulldogs’ running back D’Andre Swift will NOT play until Fall with groin pull

(6) Kirby can NOT control what WE SEE Saturday at 4 p.m.



I remain not into this bullshit of Kirby being the only source of how we’re doing.  He has been caught red-handed with complete and utter lies about the answers he gives us anyway.


Why ask him ?


Kirby has not had an explosive offense since he got here.


Clemson does.


Trevor Lawrence won the STARTING job at QB for Clemson 2018 today.




Georgia is coming off 2 seasons of FAILED OFFENSE in a row so far for Kirby’s career.


Kirby had a hell of a great defense 2017.


There were concerns in that secondary as well – as seen in the national championship game yet again costing the game.  That and THEIR quarterback made plays and our QB did NOT having him instead try to sit on the ball take the air out of the ball although had scored 4 of the first 5 scores ahead 20-7 and LOST as a direct result thereof.


The question is what are we doing to FIX that ?


Kirby we will see for ourselves Saturday evening 4 p.m.  Explosive plays on offense Kirby ? What does THAT mean ?  That your secondary sucks ?  That your quarterbacks THREW the ball deep on your secondary ?  That your running game is no good without D’Andre Swift ?


Answers in person 4 p.m. Saturday evening for ALL to see Kirby.


I am presuming that Justin Fields IS THE REAL DEAL.


That’s my guess.


What’s yours ?


I do like this schedule where we at least are starting 2 guys on the OL I said one of which should have started 2016 and the other of which I said should have started 2017.  This is good.  We’re ahead on that schedule.  Not ahead of my schedule of that schedule but ahead of my prediction that Kirby would NOT get his best OL out there 2018 either based upon Kirby’s poor choices on the OL 2016 and 2017.


We hold our offense back.


That’s Kirby.


And we LIE about it.


That’s Kirby too.



HOW DO YOU FEEL about what you are being TOLD and NOT TOLD specifically about the offense which Kirby has no prior experience except one year as Mark Richt’s running backs’ coach ?


Kirby gags not only the players and the press but the coaches too.


I for one am looking forward to Saturday evening 4 p.m. to see for myself.


Kirby Quotes.


I for one stand-up to Kirby on his bullshit of his on his failed offense.  I hold Kirby responsible for the failure of his offense.


All we had last season was a defense and Nick Chubb and Sony Michel.




Let’s judge Kirby on his statements before and after G-Day Game to see if he has credibility in being able as head coach to know what is going-on or not shall we ? I mean he is controlling every word we are told by every coach on his staff and all his players and now of the press too he thinks. Judge him on that please then ok ?

Is Kirby on the hot seat ?  Why or why not ?  You see any improvement or more of the same or don’t care or have no expectations ?

The unanimous opinion is that Kirby put-on some kind of a face all Spring about his LIES that his under-sized OL left-overs from Mark Richt were “DOMINATING” his defense he said all Spring when instead they were totally deplorable as were Kirby’s offensive linemen all of 2016. The OL was a weak link all G-Day blocking for the run and for the pass.

Also all of 2016 Kirby 8-5 loser to 6-7 Vandie whom 3 cupcakes beat said that his defensive backs were “weak” and had been “protected in the 2015 defense.” They were totally dominated by EVERY QB all G-Day Game. Recently Kirby has told us that the defense has gotten the best of the offense for the last half a dozen Spring practices. It was embarrassing for Kirby’s defensive backs the entire G-Day.

Kirby made the statement that he “would know if Mecole Hardman Jr. was an elite player after 4 or 5 practices” last year. He redshirted him for the first several games then gave him one touch all year. 2017 Kirby has played Mecole Hardman Jr. also a top defensive back solely on offense at receiver. It appears as if Kirby has relented and disagreed with himself on Mecole Hardman Jr. Right ?

Just as in the Florida game last year Jim Chaney and Kirby gave Nick Chubb and Sony Michel no opportunity to untrack this offense of Kirby when Kirby has never coached an offense ever before nor now nor last year.  When the players called a player’s only meeting prior to kick-off what they said to Kirby Kirby refused to tell us but in the game Kirby and Jim Chaney did not give Nick Chubb and Sony Michel their touches vs. Florida.  Afterwards they TOGETHER IN UNISON went to Jim Chaney and complained afterwards. In the G-Day game combined they got 3 plays the entire G-Day Game 2017.

How is this any different or better play calls than last year Kirby ?  Go ahead tell me.

That’s an offensive game strategy to pass every play all game long ?  That is supposed to make us believe he has revamped the # 100 offense morphing into more 2017 ?  That is AS FAILED AN OFFENSIVE GAME STRATEGY as it is to run on every first down as you did ALL of 2016 Kirby and Jim Chaney most of the time into the teeth of at least 8 in the box and sometimes 10 still calling the run.  My gracious Kirby please learn how to call plays.  Your play calls and those of Jim Chaney are among the worst EVER.  Did anyone see Jacob Eason audible at the line out of a run into a pass or vice-versa ?  No.  I didn’t think so.

Kirby said that Jake Fromm was doing great not that there is ANY independent verification of that either.  Kirby said Jake Fromm was teaching Jacob Eason how to be a QB. In the G-Day Game Kirby gave Jake Fromm a better OL than the “starting offensive line for Kirby G-Day Game” and gave the better receivers to Jake Fromm. Jake Fromm’s last pass should have been intercepted by any scholarship defensive back but wasn’t and the 2 quarterbacks both feasted on Kirby’s defensive backs making Kirby’s pass defense look silly. Both were at or near 300 yards passing 600 yards passing total in the G-Day Game 2017.

Kirby said the press could not report anything that they saw themselves in person at any Spring Practices specifically stating that up-coming opponents would know something they otherwise would never be able to ascertain AND that Kirby did not have enough time to tell the kids’ mommies about the injuries before they all called him crying about how badly their baby was injured in practice. The press unanimously signed a petition from 6 of them across the board that Kirby would not be able to stymie the press in any fashion. This is part of an on-going harangue of yelling kicking and screaming at every press conference by Kirby that he demands to have his way even in the face of him being proven incorrect right down the line on every lie out of his mouth.

Kirby said all Spring AND all Fall Practices last year that NO FRESHMAN would be prepared to Start and would not start for him. Then of course Kirby started Jacob Eason anyway throwing him into the fire without preparing him and putting him behind an under-sized OL who did not block for the run nor the pass all of 2016 and had him throw to no one in particular yanking every receiver both in and out of the line-up and having no continuity therefore between Jacob Eason and ANY receiver and behind an under-achieving totally criticized OL none of whom will EVER be drafted into the NFL. Kirby’s OL 2017 certainly looked WORSE than his 2016 OL all G-Day to every single person who showed-up which would be that which anyone would suspect coming-in to 2017 given that Kirby lost 3 starters on the OL after 2016 season at 8-5 was over.

After not giving Brian Herrien more than a cameo opportunity all 2016 Kirby said all Spring 2017 that Brian Herrien was doing “great” and stood-out as the best offensive player. He was unable to garner any traction running and had one pass thrown to him. Nothing Kirby has said has been borne-out as resembling the truth.

Kirby has given none of his 2016 OL recruits Kirby signed-on here ANY chance to help-out on a sorry OL all 2016 and more of the same to begin 2017. The problem here is that ALL FANS of THIS PROGRAM believe that Kirby will play his freshmen OL 2017 while myself I read what he has done to-date in playing freshmen and DO NOT BUY THAT although he should.

Kirby said 66 thousand came to G-Day 2017 when prior to the game Kirby did all he could do to not allow ANYONE to talk about ANYTHING to do with our football program. Kirby has killed the interest of The Bulldog Nation. Kirby has made himself out the village idiot in public both with his hatred of all press and rants against them daily but also in his inability to recognize talent that could help him at positions of need such as OL and WR. I counted them closely. The third deck was empty and the 2nd deck was empty and the first deck had at least 22 percent spaces. The estimate best I could count was 30 thousand and possibly only 25 thousand but certainly nowhere in the ballpark of any 60 something thousand as Kirby claimed to the press in his opening remarks just after the game.

Kirby said he has revamped his offense with Jim Chaney for 2017. No he has not. He did this last year 2016 when his OL could not block for the run nor for the pass and had Jacob Eason fling it up instead. That is ALL we saw all G-Day Game 2017.

We have areas of weakness all are more than aware of. Kirby has pooh-poohed ALL OF THEM and said instead the opposite is true. We all saw otherwise all G-Day Game and all of that which we were able to ascertain of his Spring Practices. So where do we go from here ? Assume Kirby will plug-in this 2017 freshman signing class of his when he categorically kicking and screaming refused to 2016 ?

I do not like this attempt by Kirby to control all that all of our players are ALLOWED to say and that which all of our ENTIRE COACHING STAFF as well are ALLOWED to say. I do not like all secret practices. I’d like to help Kirby and to give him input on his decisions before he CONTINUES to mess-up EVERY decision he has made so far further into the future.

We say as a group that only if Kirby gets to Atlanta meaning 10-4 at the minimum will Kirby be judged as successful 2017. Kirby MUST have a 14-game season 2017 all of us say : That is he MUST make it to Atlanta.  With all this talent he should be better than that. We do not have the expectations that Alabama has and that is why they do better than we. Their fans demand to know and do know and do expect greatness. Here we have no greatness averaging # 7 Scout.com recruit rankings after 2007 and also averaging more than 4 losses a season after 2007 under 2 failed coaching regimes after 2007 obviously.

And this brings us to this SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT for all INFORMATION regarding The University of Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program. Kirby has NOTHING but egg on his face for all of his unadulterated lies on EVERY single word out of his mouth on EVERYTHING. Doesn’t he ? I read one reporter who went so far as to say that he gives 8-5 Kirby the “benefit of the doubt as the head coach and therefore should know what is going-on with his team.” Based on what pray tell ? His record ? His proven credibility on that which does come out of both sides of his two-faced hard head ?

68 thousand fewer than 2016 G-Day of 93 thousand are the 25 thousand who for sure showed-up for G-Day 2017. This indicates that Kirby’s PROCESS of POLICIES to keep The Bulldog Nation in the dark and to lie to us about that which he does say in some attempt to SAVE HIS JOB on the edge of the hot seat as it is according to hot seat . com has HURT the following of our program by our fans. And it is designed only to NOT ALLOW us to have ANY INPUT into his on-going WRONG DECISIONS. Nick Saban NEVER did ANY of this. This is a Kirbyism of his own. I put Kirby squarely on the hot seat for ALL OF THIS both he and Greg McGarity.



30 thousand all who showed-up still interested after Kirby in his HIDING of ALL NEWS about The Georgia Bulldogs killed interest in the team keeping everything from us. And Kirby THAT OFFENSE is not going to beat anyone. THAT is quite the break with Kirby telling us how great the offense is behind his choices of all undersized OL on the first team. The OL sucked today. As for the defense there is quite a drop-off after the starters despite lots of drops and fumbles from the offense. JJ Holloman is NOT a # 1 seriously Kirby ? Jim Chaney was down on the field looking two-hundred pounds overweight with still no clue who is a # 1 and who a # 2. Rodrigo Blankenship had his worst day yet.

Well Kirby congratulations you managed to kill the interest of 68 thousand of us keeping all news from The Bulldog Nation as you have done with only 25 maybe 30 thousand at the most best I could count after 93 thousand last year.


Your lies that the OL was dominating the defense were on display for all. This SIMPLY was NOT the case. The OL could not block for the run and they could not block for the pass. What else is there ?


You did that last season Kirby. Mark Richt’s under-sized OL could not dominate Nicholls State or 6-7 Vandie whom 3 cupcakes beat but not you Kirby. So in some games all you did was pass with no semblance of knowing who your receivers are still again year two. In others hard-headed you ran into 9 and 10 man fronts Kirby. So seeing all passes today was NO DIFFERENT than your failed offense last year Kirby. Your offense is failed because you have no idea who to throw to and because your OL is under-sized those whom you deem your starting OL anyway.


Our only hope is that when the 2017 signing class shows-up that you might figure-out Kirby by say game 8 or so whom it is who are your stars and play them not that the season wouldn’t be over by then as a direct result thereof Kirby. What you showed ALL OF US on the OL Kirby was that you STILL have NO EXPERIENCE on OFFENSE just defense Kirby.


Kirby you will not make it to 10-4 in your 14-game season 2017 unless your signing class 2017 Kirby and all your redshirted freshmen OL who could have helped so much last year are played day one this Fall and prepared. 14 games because arriving in Atlanta is all Georgia Bulldog Fans will only accept from you Kirby.


Jake Fromm and Jacob Eason were inseparable other than Jake Fromm did it against a deplorable not-ready-for-prime-time second string defense while Jacob Eason faced a defense with the INFERIOR OL you told us dominated your defense all Spring Kirby.


Other than for Elijah Holyfield no OL blocked anyone all day for the run or for the pass.


What WE ALL saw last year at 8-5 is what we saw again this year without the others joining in the Fall. I hold little hope Kirby sir that indeed when they do that you will plug them in ALL THESE HOLES you have.


Mecole Hardman Jr. would have been help today to the 2nd team secondary. Kirby you do NOT have a 2nd team secondary. You better hope that you bring yourself to play freshmen back there game 1 Kirby because it is going to be a long season with your offense and special teams so BAD again 2017 and with your 2nd string secondary obviously no better than a bad high school secondary.


Kirby you played a lot of guys and you jacked the ball up from the beginning. But what you said was true clearly was NOT.


I have no idea where the announced crowd of 66 thousand comes from when clearly there were 68 thousand fewer year two than year one and to this Kirby you can only thank yourself doing ALL YOU could do to not excite the Georgia Bulldogs’ Fans trying to lie to us about basically EVERYTHING and by HIDING all news about our football program from those who MAKE a PROGRAM and that is we the fans. Without us Kirby you have NOTHING.


Team ?


All the team knows is to do what you TELL THEM TO DO dogmatically.


Not that you know how to run an offense or special teams Kirby because once again you clearly don’t and do not even know who the ones are differentiated from the twos.


The players I saw today will struggle with Appalachian State and lose to a lousy Notre Dame. We won’t beat Florida or vols and we have no hope of getting to Atlanta unless Kirby you wake-up in the Fall and decide those guys coming in in the Fall must be your best players because this team today looked dreadful in all aspects – especially coaching.


No wonder Kirby that you kept all your practices on the QT and would not only not let anyone talk freely to ANY of we fans but tried to have ALL HIDDEN PRACTICES.


All that accomplished was to KILL INTEREST in the team by the very ones who make this a program : The Bulldog Nation.


Oh heavens what if Vandie found-out they could extend their winning streak over you Kirby ? Well that would be a long day wouldn’t it ?


My worst fears are realized.


We’re a poorly coached football team.


Again 2017.


Hey Kirby there is no sense in telling lies. We all know what we witnessed first-hand. Your OL did not dominate diddly last year or this year and you KNOW IT too Kirby.


You have managed to kill the interest of the fan base. Haven’t you Kirby ?




Was that YOUR IDEA KIRBY to call 30 thousand which might have been 25 thousand instead 66 thousand ? How do you feel about that Kirby ?


Embarrassing ?


Color me not impressed Kirby.


No wonder you are on the edge of the hot seat Kirby.


No I don’t wish we had Mark Richt back but Kirby you continue to demonstrate everything in year two that you showed us in your debut honeymoon throw-away season last year too so far.


What you showed me Kirby was NOT a good team today with no idea who are your ones or twos – except for on defense which remains the only part of a football program other than recruiting that you know anything about Kirby.


As for this don’t judge how the OL dominated the defense because the defense knew you would throw the football every play well Kirby you reverted to THAT last year relegated to only being able to try to throw the ball to who knows whom. When the same OL last year could not block you picked instead this year back-ups to those guys who couldn’t handle the defenses they faced and then you just flung it up. So therefore THIS IS what we saw against your offense last year Kirby. Therefore this is what we expect to see 2017 from this offense.


As for any junk that you didn’t want to show your opponents anything Kirby I am sorry boy but you showed me plenty such as no OL again and no offense again and inability to run again and no blocking for the pass again and bad special teams again. All that you showed me clearly along with showing me as well that you have NO 2ND TEAM SECONDARY.


Tell us some more lies Kirby. Try to run us all off as fans of the program by making everything SECRET Kirby. You think you can beat top teams like that Kirby ? No Kirby not this year not unless you put the entire 2017 signing class on the field come Fall. You’re years away Kirby from having a top team if you drag your feet about playing your 2017 signing class game 1 making this another throw-away year.  This today proves once again you’re only you’re a CONTROL FREAK Kirby who knows defense and recruiting only.  There is a lot more to a football program Kirby than Defense and Recruiting all of which you have NONE of Kirby sir.




Let me ask you this ? Does Alabama have ways of finding-out if say Jacob Eason is injured or not for The SEC Championship Game if it were played next Saturday ? Where would they find that out if it were true ? Ok. So they do. All right then. So just WHOM is it we are KEEPING in the DARK then ? I submit that Kirby is purposely keeping in the dark NOT THE MEDIA and NOT THE UP-COMING OPPONENTS but we THE BULLDOG NATION. Are you WITH ME on this ? Kirby wants to KEEP US IN THE DARK. He knows he can NOT keep the opponents in the dark nor can he keep the press in the dark since BOTH have the same sources.

The only possible group who remotely could be kept in the dark would be those who follow their head coach and give him the benefit of the doubt because he is our head coach.


That if he says it then it’s true.


Christians tell us that God is not an alien yet every word out of all Christians’ mouths say that He is and well we all know that it is entirely possible that there are aliens and that in fact we might have already had encounters with aliens kept from us.


I see right through Kirby on ALL of this.


I know whom it is Kirby wants to keep in the dark.


It is Bulldog Fans.


Because he knows he can not keep our press nor our opponents in the dark.


And because does NOT want Bulldog Fans to tell him what we want him to do.


Don’t we Bulldog Fans tell Kirby that Mecole Hardman Jr. was WASTED last year with just one touch all season.


Don’t we Bulldog Fans tell Kirby that Jacob Eason HAD to get the snaps with the # 1 unit all last Spring.


Don’t we Bulldog Fans tell Kirby that the reason 93000 of us showed-up last year was because we were sick and tired of averaging 4 losses per season for then the last 8 years and because we WANTED to see Jacob Eason START The G-Day Game LAST YEAR not come-in with 10:36 left in the 2nd Quarter.


Don’t we Bulldog fans tell Kirby that Mark Richt’s leftover under-sized OL who did not get the job done last year could not dominate Nicholls State or 6-7 Vandie who got beat by 3 CUPCAKES but NOT Kirby.


Kirby does NOT want to hear ANY of ALL THIS from ANY of us including BOTH the press and The Bulldog Nation.


Kirby wishes to make you believe that which he tells you.


So do Christians.


I consider myself a Christian.


I know I am a Christian.


I consider myself a Bulldog Football Fan.


I know I am a Bulldog Football Fan.


I also know that Kirby is in trouble.


And I know that Greg McGarity is in trouble.


At more than 4 losses a year for these latest most-recent most-current 9 years I know our football program is in TROUBLE.


I ask myself is Kirby the answer ?


I know Kirby is super smart and highly educated.


So I ask myself why does Kirby do ALL this ?


Because Kirby wants to control what Bulldog Football Fans think.


And I will go one further for you.


Kirby knows that he is keeping Bulldog Football Fans in the dark.


It is ALL he really is doing.


He wants us to not know as much as he knows because if we did then we MIGHT make different choices than he makes and we might second-guess him.


It is NOT his program.




There is no Georgia Bulldog Football Program without Bulldog fans.


There is NO FOOTBALL TEAM AT GEORGIA without the fans.


There is no coach and never has been a coach who TRIED to HIDE EVERYTHING about their team from their fans.


And there NEVER WILL BE.


NFL owners for example embrace what the fans say about their team and they ADDRESS those very fans in EVERY discussion ABOUT THEIR TEAM.


So does their coach.






I am going to WATCH today.  I will report that which I witness.  That is ALL I have EVER done.  That will continue to be that which I do do.



Red vs. Black tomorrow 2017 G-Day Game with free admission Sanford Stadium opens at 11 am Saturday April 22. Dawg Walk is at 1 p.m. Alumni game is at 11:30 a.m. when 60 former lettermen play flag football. Then DJ Shockley and David Greene will throw passes at half-time to two pre-selected fans for monetary gift card prizes. Game on SEC Network starting 2 p.m.

80 thousand 134 showed-up last Saturday for Ohio State’s spring game while over 93 thousand showed-up here last year to watch 34-14 with Jacob Eason getting into the game finally with 10:36 remaining of the 2nd Quarter.


There is no conflict with the Masters and no conflict with stadium renovations. Temperatures are predicted to soar more than double-digits over the normal weather this time of year at 88 degrees under patches of clouds and sun with rain holding-off until Sunday in Athens.


Kirby is making a late push to get us all to come as Spring Games provide a huge impetus to recruiting with commitments on the line for us.


We should see plenty of Jacob Eason vs. Jake Fromm with the ones going against the ones and the twos going against the twos in a break from previous practices. Ideally this should give more showcase to the strong recruiting of the last two years as those guys for the most part have not been seen much and they are what will make any difference from last year’s 8-5.


10-4 is the least minimum acceptable record for Kirby 2017 since we all fully expect that getting to Atlanta and that 14th game is a foregone conclusion returning the starting QB and both Star Running Backs along with returning all but 1 starter on defense. While there are 7 back on offense the ones lost are not expected to any of them be drafted while the ones coming-in are far greater than that by all accounts.


Game Zero the first time to see The 2017 Georgia Bulldogs with full concessions and all the bathrooms updated and open.


Register at georgiadogs.com to catch DJ Shockley Team Black and David Greene Team Red passes at half time and win prizes gift cards for the registered contestants at half time.


Register HERE :




At 9 a.m. at the Main Gate donations not canned goods can be made to the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia with the first 500 getting free T-Shirt. You can also donate at Gate 6 and Gate 7 starting at 11 a.m. when they open. No backs pockets or arms on seat cushions and no umbrellas. Come watch us for free.





Dave Neal and UGA alumni Matt Stinchcomb (in the booth) and Maria Taylor (sideline) call the action on the SEC Network.


G-Day will also be carried on much of the Georgia Bulldogs Sports Network from IMG.  Scott Howard and Eric Zeier will call the action, with Chuck Dowdle providing commentary from the sideline.




The Spring Awards will be handed out by Kirby at the conclusion.



Kirby : “As far as what number we have in attendance at the G-Day Game I’m not going to say an over-or-under. I don’t think it’s that important.”

It’s like Kirby WANTS us to NOT SHOW-UP.  I do not think that Kirby LIKES ANY of US as fans of HIS TEAM.


We have LOADS of CONTRIVED “news” from Kirby such as Jake Fromm competing to START against Appalachian State.  You believe that ?  I certainly don’t.

Such as what is left of Mark Richt’s undersized OL who NEVER did shit here so far are somehow DOMINATING his defense this spring when they really none of them played last year and those who saw spot-duty who are here still couldn’t dominate Nichols State.  You believe that ?  I certainly don’t.

Such as Seth Emerson should have known NOT to report Deangelo Gibbs’ shoulder injury.  You believe that ?  I certainly don’t.

Such as “It really didn’t go down that way. Will Muschamp and I were just talking about his spring game and about his attendance of 12 thousand more than anything. There really wasn’t as much to it as it was made out to be. Will Muschamp called me and said we would not even get half capacity. If everybody knows Will Muschamp at South Carolina they know he’s calling me out. I figure we will get that. He is calling the Dog fans out.”  You believe that ?  I certainly don’t.

There is NO pre-game band AT ALL WHATSOEVER this coming Saturday purposely designed to make the crowd fewer then than last year’s G-Day Game.  You believe that ?  I certainly find it particularly hard to imagine.

And of course there sits Kirby front-and-center DOING ALL HE CAN DO to NOT PROVIDE all Georgia Bulldogs’ fans ANY INFORMATION about our team 2017 AT ALL whatsoever even going to the point of allowing NO ONE TO SPEAK but he to the press. It’s like Kirby doesn’t WANT US to follow the team or that the press is just out to get Kirby. You believe ANYTHING Kirby has said about our 2017 team ?  I certainly DO NOT.


WTF Kirby ?


Don’t you want us to be fans of the program to clamor to follow our heroes ? Can ANY of this really be good in generating hype about Saturday’s G-Day Game or indeed the 2017 team Kirby ?


2 scrimmages and nothing provided by ANYONE as to what happened.


Jesus Christ Kirby.


How are we supposed to FOLLOW OUR God Damn Team Kirby ?  We’ve been FOLLOWING us for a LOT longer than the one year you lost to Vandie amid your 5 losses Kirby.


You’re screwing this up Kirby.



Georgia Bulldogs begin Spring Practices today and it will be in the eighties as we embark on a season full of promise 2017.

The trendy pick is for Georgia to Win The SEC East and face-off against Alabama in year 2 of the Kirby rebuilding program.  After 2015 in which Mark Richt was fired Mark Richt lost 22 seniors.  You know ?  The dream team who averaged 4 losses a season for their 6 years here. All 22 seniors Mark Richt’s last year were all 22 starters for us.  So 2016 was destined to be a rebuilding year.  You can see that ever so dramatically that there will not be a Bulldogs’ player in the NFL Draft now.  We have so much youth 10 players who never played for Mark Richt STARTED for Kirby 2016.


The excitement for 2017 begins this morning breaking training to start-off our Spring Practice and then the annual G-Day Game a month from tomorrow 22 April 2017 Saturday.


More than anything we have to fix the offense and special teams this Spring as we welcome some Freshmen redshirted and some not played much last year as Freshmen who join a few of our # 2 ranked Scout.com recruiting class early enrollees.


The bulk of that # 2 ranked recruiting class Scout.com comes in in the Fall and they certainly have brought a huge amount of excitement with 16 of them ranked in the Top 200 of the ESPN RecruitingNation.com Overall 2017 recruits and 15 Signees for us Top 100 Overall in either the 247Sports.com Composite Scout.com or ESPN RecruitingNation.com.


With 3300 signed recruits 2017 by FBS schools you can see we got more than our fair share of the very elite players.


You know ?


The ones who play here 3 years and get drafted.


So there is NO TIME for redshirting or holding back our freshmen this season.


4 True Freshmen Quarterbacks in just The SEC alone 2016 were named STARTERS.


It’s 2017 : You play your best players Freshmen or not.



Spring in Atlanta is March 20 and that is when our Spring Practice begins the next day March 21 as well which is 2 weeks’ time from now. Kirby tweeted today when is the G-Day Game ? Well that is 7 weeks’ time from now April 22 which is also Spring. May is Spring as well as is June with Spring ending June 21. I commend Falcons’ head coach Dan Quinn for saying they are improving that he was on the headset and that he is the head coach and TAKES RESPONSIBILITY therefore – that Dan Quinn OWNS that. Now Kirby today in response makes the tweet that he wonders when G-Day Game is. THAT is one of his top 25 blunders of 2016. Looking FORWARD without looking at what he could have done to prepare the TOP PLAYERS ON THE TEAM to PLAY FOOTBALL 2016 which then therefore became a THROW-AWAY SEASON. Everyone needs to learn to get past something but no one can be over anything. You must OWN that which defines you. If you don’t then you NEVER LEARN from your past. You can not get over something. You can get past it.

“I am past it.  I am not over it.  I don’t think I ever will be and that’s a good thing.” Dan Quinn Atlanta Falcons’ head coach.


They never should have tried to have passed the ball on the play call.


Here is hoping that Kirby does not look past last Spring Practice where he FAILED TO PREPARE the players to play – not even knowing whom it was he WOULD play – let alone prepare them Spring Practice.


Unfortunately I read Kirby’s last tweet about when is G-Day Game as completely different from Dan Quinn’s latest Quote that HE is not OVER 2016 season but is past it in the print edition AJ-C Page C-4 Sports Section article by D. Orlando Ledbetter AJ-C I presume DawgNation I mean they have REBRANDED themselves as NOT AJ-C but as DawgNation right ?


One head football coach here studies where he mucked-up stands-up like a man and said I was on the headset I take OWNERSHIP therefore of the play call AND of all 3 phases of the game.  It’s my bad.  I have studied it.  I am past it but NOT over it.


The other head coach here prior to Spring Practice appears headed to making the SAME MISTAKE year 2 as year 1 looking past Spring Practice.  Kirby has NOT TAKEN OWNERSHIP of shit about 2016 and does NOT intend to considering it a THROW-AWAY season.  No it wasn’t Kirby.  And when G-Day Game is does not really even enter my mind right now but how can we get ALL THIS YOUTH on this team 2017 PREPARED in the up-coming Spring Practices ?


Forget the damn PROCESS and live in the damn MOMENT Kirby.  You ONLY get 1 go-round.  It’s NOW.


We need to not look past Spring Practice but to see the opportunity of Spring Practice to finally only now prepare the youth if they the stars of the team.  This 2017 recruiting class – most especially the early enrollees – must be prepared now and not put into the position of persona non grata.


I am consumed by it –


– well that and in the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.



NFL : “The 79th-highest graded quarterback in the nation last year is Greyson Lambert. Brice Ramsey attempted four passes of 20 yards or further downfield with three falling incomplete and the other being intercepted struggling to push the ball downfield when needed ranking # 390 in the nation. 4 True Freshman Quarterbacks last year Washington’s Jake Browning Boise State’s Brett Rypien UCLA’s Josh Rosen and Baylor’s Jarrett Stidham finished the season grading within the top 42 quarterbacks in the nation and a similar level of performance from Jacob Eason would see a Georgia offense take a big step forward in 2016. Jacob Eason looks to have all the tools. The key to all of this is really just how good Jacob Eason can be.” Jacob Eason’s throw to Riley Ridley ‘Tween the Hedges 93000 here to witness with Shattle Fenteng hanging all over Riley Ridley from the our 45-yard line to their Red Zone 20-yard line for 35 yards with D’Andre Walker blitzing in Jacob Eason’s face on the Out Throw in the left flats on his 3rd throw seen here on YouTube.com proves that Jacob Eason is AT LEAST AS GOOD as the 4 True Freshman LAST YEAR who ALL 4 were WAY BETTER RATED by the NFL than Greyson Lambert and Brice Ramsey last year ‘Tween the Hedges or ANYWHERE else on that Corner Route. “Jacob Eason looked to be the best quarterback of the group. The quarterback looks to be Jacob Eason.” See this here at this URL Link YouTube NFL says today.

NFL ProFootballFocus.com : “4 True Freshman Quarterbacks last year Washington’s Jake Browning Boise State’s Brett Rypien UCLA’s Josh Rosen and Baylor’s Jarrett Stidham finished the season grading within the top 42 quarterbacks in the nation and a similar level of performance from Jacob Eason would see a Georgia offense take a big step forward in 2016.”


( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imhH86mFgHw&feature=youtu.be&t=96 )


NFL : “The 79th-highest graded quarterback in the nation last year is Greyson Lambert.”


“Brice Ramsey attempted four passes of 20 yards or further downfield with three falling incomplete and the other being intercepted struggling to push the ball downfield when needed ranking # 390 in the nation.”


“Jacob Eason looks to have all the tools.  The key to all of this is really just how good Jacob Eason can be.”


Jacob Eason’s throw to Riley Ridley ‘Tween the Hedges 93000 here to witness with Shattle Fenteng hanging all over Riley Ridley from the our 45-yard line to their Red Zone 20-yard line for 35 yards with D’Andre Walker blitzing in Jacob Eason’s face on the Out Throw in the left flats on his 3rd throw seen here on YouTube.com proves that Jacob Eason is AT LEAST AS GOOD as the 4 True Freshman LAST YEAR who ALL 4 were WAY BETTER RATED by the NFL than Greyson Lambert and Brice Ramsey last year ‘Tween the Hedges or ANYWHERE else on that Corner Route.


“Jacob Eason looked to be the best quarterback of the group.  The quarterback looks to be Jacob Eason.”  NFL says today.  ProFootballFocus.com


NFL ProFootballFocus.com : “4 True Freshman Quarterbacks last year Washington’s Jake Browning Boise State’s Brett Rypien UCLA’s Josh Rosen and Baylor’s Jarrett Stidham finished the season grading within the top 42 quarterbacks in the nation and a similar level of performance from Jacob Eason would see a Georgia offense take a big step forward in 2016.”


Kirby did all he could do to NOT show that to North Carolina with MANY calling for us to LOSE that game as we did against the only 3 ranked teams for last season whom we played Florida Alabama and the vols.  If you came to the game with me you know you were standing with me as the pass was PERFECT the defense doing everything it could do taking command from the huddle.


It was why I was there.


12-2 or 11-3 and why.


The worst kept secret is America is that Jacob Eason is our Starting Quarterback for 3 years then # 1 NFL Draft Pick as he is LOT better than the 4 Top True Freshmen 2015 season who all 4 were WAY higher rated than Greyson Lambert and Brice Ramsey last year.





( https://www.profootballfocus.com/college-football-why-true-freshman-qb-jacob-eason-should-start-for-georgia-bulldogs/ )






Jason Butt UGA grad Macon.com says “Jacob Eason is the most physically gifted has the arm strength and wherewithal to be ready for this moment and that more and more freshmen are stepping into these high-pressure positions and succeeding, and Eason could very well be the next one to do it. By going with Eason early in his career Georgia could set the youngster up for future success. Jacob Eason may not be your ordinary true freshman quarterback. By ALL accounts he has the mental makeup to succeed at this level of college football to go along with the physical talent he possesses.”

Jason Butt UGA grad Macon.com says “Jacob Eason is the most physically gifted has the arm strength and wherewithal to be ready for this moment and that more and more freshmen are stepping into these high-pressure positions and succeeding and Eason could very well be the next one to do it. By going with Eason early in his career Georgia could set the youngster up for future success.   Jacob Eason may not be your ordinary true freshman quarterback. By ALL accounts he has the mental makeup to succeed at this level of college football to go along with the physical talent he possesses.”




( http://www.macon.com/sports/college/university-of-georgia/bulldogs-beat/uga-football/article73094482.html )


I think that just about sums it up.




Jacob Eason 9:11 before half time hit Riley Ridley 34 yds put on a SHOW where he did better than ANY Georgia QB ANY game 2014 or 2015 season – better than ANY day by Greyson Lambert and better than ANY day by Hutson Mason and against great competition the nation’s # 1 Passing Defense as UGA is # 1 nationally 2015 season FBS in Passing Yards Allowed losing only Devin Bowman who played a couple of plays on special teams 2015 in 5 games only and never really played defensive backfield all season last year. No game Hutson Mason OR Greyson Lambert had 2014 nor 2015 as good as Jacob Eason in yesterday’s G-Day game and against a better defense too.

Compare Jacob Eason’s G-Day with Greyson Lambert ALL SEASON last year :





( http://www.georgiadogs.com/sports/m-footbl/stats/2015-2016/indgbg.html#IGBG.PAS )


Greyson Lambert last season threw for only 12 TD all season long despite having beat NO ONE.  Not 1 team did Greyson Lambert beat – only cupcakes did he get a win over.  Greyson Lambert averaged 163 yards per game passing.  He had 1 game where he threw for more than the 244 yards by Jacob Eason in the G-Day Game only coming in with 10:36 before halftime when reluctantly Kirby had to put him in the game.  It was after all why ALL of us showed-up.  The Largest Georgia Bulldogs’ Attendance at Sanford EVER built in 1929.


19-29 for 244 yards and a TD Pass with -0- Interceptions while Greyson Lambert was his usual pedestrian self AND threw a HORRIBLE interception.  In fact Greyson Lambert forced 3 previous throws all of which should have been intercepted too leading to Kirby calling for an interception.  That’s right Kirby said prior to the interception that he wanted one that we had missed opportunities to get one.  At the time I had told everyone around that Greyson Lambert should have been picked-off 3 times.  Then he threw another and it was a PICK-6 looking like a fool out there knowing Jacob Eason had shown him up.  The highlights of that PICK-6 on georgiadogs.com cuts out where Greyson Lambert makes a FOOL of himself we ALL saw live trying to tackle and then picks back up where we score on the Greyson Lambert PICK-6.  The Court JESTER could not have done a better job of lampooning Greyson Lambert.


The vols’ game you recall we were ahead 24-3 with 3 minutes to go before halftime ahead by 3 TD.


Greyson Lambert watched and did NOTHING while the vols scored 4 UNANSWERED touchdowns to take the lead 24-31 then he finally scored to tie it back-up and then back to sleep he went.


Miserable day for Greyson Lambert.  Not only Saturday but all season long including his BEST DAY last year which was the vols’ game.  That’s right.  That was Greyson Lambert’s best game all season


15-33 for 279 yds and 2 TD passes Greyson Lambert in loss to vols his BEST GAME




( http://www.georgiadogs.com/sports/m-footbl/stats/2015-2016/uga1506.html )


With a 24-3 three (3) TD lead with 3 minutes to go before halftime Greyson Lambert went the entire rest of the game scoring one time and that AFTER he had allowed the vols to take the lead and then back to sleep for Greyson Lambert in the game.


Note please that Jacob Eason did this 19-29 for 244 yds. and a TD Pass with -0- interception vs # 1 Pass Defense intact losing no one off the secondary from last year other than Devin Bowman who played a play or 2 on special teams in the 1st five games last year and NOT in ANY other game all season long for the nation’s # 1 pass defense last season The Georgia Bulldogs.




( http://stats.ncaa.org/rankings/ranking_summary )


Yes we played a bunch of cupcakes last year.


But that only makes Greyson Lambert’s season all the more horrible.  Doesn’t it ?


He beat NO ONE.


I mean nobody.  Greyson Lambert’s best win last season came against 2-6 in The SEC Auburn.  2-6.  Anyone could have played QB against ALL those opponents and won them ALL, Terry Godwin for example.


Brice Ramsey for example could have won the games over the cupcakes which was all Greyson Lambert beat last year.


Brice Ramsey would NOT have LOST to the CUPCAKES that Hutson Mason did the year before.  In fact, Hutson Mason LOST to 4 cupcakes including the bowl game the 2013 season against unranked Final AP Poll Nebraska whom Brice Ramsey ALSO does not lose to.  But Brice Ramsey was REDSHIRTED 2013 season because our head coach then preferred to lose to these 4 cupcakes Hutson Mason lost to none of which would’ve Brice Ramsey lost to.


Brice Ramsey was a LOT better QB Saturday in the G-Day Game and TRIED HARDER than did Greyson Freaking Lambert as well.


Devin Bowman all we lost off last year’s team from our # 1 Passing Defense in the Nation :




( http://www.georgiadogs.com/sports/m-footbl/stats/2015-2016/indgbg.html#IGBG.PLY )


And Devin Bowman NEVER played pass defense last year in the 1st 5 games and did not even get a snap after the 1st 5 games last season at all even on Special Teams.


Jacob Eason had a better day than ANY Greyson Lambert ever had or Hutson Mason ever had for us either.


We had great efforts by Jayson Stanley Reggie Davis Jackson Harris Isaac Nauta Reggie Carter Trent Thompson D’Andre Walker Juwan Taylor Quincy Mauger Domminick Sanders AND by Jacob Eason.



Compare Jacob Eason’s G-Day with Hutson Mason ALL SEASON year before last :


Hutson Mason the year before last was slightly better a QB than Greyson Lambert last year.


166 yards passing per game Hutson Mason entire 2014 season 21 TD Passes.




( http://www.georgiadogs.com/sports/m-footbl/stats/2014-2015/indgbg.html#IGBG.PAS )


Like Greyson Lambert last year Hutson Mason also had only 1 day where he too surpassed the effort by Jacob Eason allowed ONLY to finally get a snap with 10:36 to go before halftime in Saturday’s SEC record-shattering day for us – or maybe better put Saturday’s SEC record-shattering attendance day for Jacob Eason whom it was we ALL came to see.


All the usual were there with us Saturday AND there were about 1 in 4 ADDITIONALLY who either don’t usually come to the games or 1 in 4 ADDITIONALLY who seem to also want to park where we expected to because the parking spaces were at a premium – weren’t they ?


Hutson Mason threw for 319 yards vs Florida in 2014 and for only 1 TD pass as his best game all season the year before last.


26-41 for 319 yds. in the loss to Florida by Hutson Mason and 6 rushes for minus – 16 yds. his BEST GAME.




( http://www.georgiadogs.com/sports/m-footbl/stats/2014-2015/uga1408.html#GAME.IND )



Florida FIRED their coach the week after beating Hutson Mason.  Florida had lost 10 of their last 13 games before beating Hutson Mason.  Florida not only beat Hutson Mason they DOMINATED him.


The score was 7-31 until 11 minutes  and 6 seconds to go in the damn game.  Then Hutson Mason missed on the pass for the 2-point conversion even then.  We were so blown-out in the game because Hutson Mason had allowed Florida losers of 10 of 13 games at game time to score 31 UNANSWERED POINTS.


There remains some confusion among The Great Bulldog Nation on just what UNANSWERED POINTS means.  No it does NOT mean that the DEFENSE gave up 31 UNANSWERED POINTS : It means that Hutson Mason ALLOWED Florida to score 31 UNANSWERED POINTS which he did not a DAMN THING about.  This lousy loser of 10 of 13 games.


KEEP it in perspective please just what it was you WITNESSED WITH ME Saturday please.


19-29 for 244 yds and a TD Pass Jacob Eason NO INTERCEPTIONS not close

11-22 for 144 yds NO TD pass and an INTERCEPTION Greyson Lambert

16-25 for 224 yds NO TD pass and NO INTERCEPTIONS Brice Ramsey.




( http://georgia.247sports.com/Bolt/Official-stats-from-Georgias-G-Day-scrimmage-44853174 )


This is the BEST DAY Georgia has had for a QB compared to all year by Greyson Lambert last year and compared to all year the year before by Hutson Mason when Jacob Eason wowed the standing room only crowd.  In my 59 years attending games at Sanford it was the BIGGEST DAY EVER for our fans.  We ALL saw this.  We have NEVER assembled 93000 of just our fans ever ANYWHERE ANYTIME.


Got it ?


You want unanswered points 2016 ?  Don’t play Jacob Eason.  He plays here 3 years and is # 1 pick overall.  We know what we saw Kirby.  You want to lose to North Carolina ?  Play Greyson Lambert and Brice Ramsey like you did UNTIL 10:36 to go before half when we were ALL PUT TO SLEEP by that Kirby.  That was HEADSTRONG by you Kirby.  All Jacob Eason did was instantly hit Riley Ridley 34 yds on an out-route at 9:11 before halftime.


And Jacob Eason put on a show-stopping performance better than any game by Greyson Lambert last year and better than any game by Hutson Mason the year before all while only being allowed to finally take a snap with 10:36 to go before halftime.


Got it now ?




The huge dissimilarity between Jacob Eason and the other 2 lesser quarterbacks was on display to the world no matter how Kirby tries to paint it. A defensive coordinator for 8 years in a row the best defensive coordinator who called every defensive play all 8 years is NOT going to chose Greyson Lambert or Brice Ramsey.

The whole world is watching and we ALL know EXACTLY what we saw.


We were put to sleep by the ineptitude of this offense with the other 2 quarterbacks until finally with just a few minutes left before halftime finally Kirby HAD TO put Jacob Eason in.


Then afterward Kirby put in a walk-on at QB to try to paint the picture that well Mark Richt was right all along and well Joe Tereshinski III was clearly to him just the better quarterback than Matthew Stafford and even the walk-on QB ALSO looked better than both the other 2 quarterbacks Greyson Lambert and Brice Ramsey.


We ALL saw.


And I do mean we ALL saw.


The difference so large that nothing Kirby says or does between now and North Carolina will alter our firm vision of what we ALL saw.


The more polished QB was Jacob Eason.  The one not wowed by the over capacity crowd was Jacob Eason.  The one who hit the long out routes in stride was Jacob Eason.  The one who hit the deep balls on target was Jacob Eason.  The one who stopped visibly for all of us to see pre-game and composed himself for all to see was Jacob Eason.  The one playing to the crowd was Jacob Eason.


I do not mind Kirby trying to say otherwise or gagging everyone and his brother not to say it for it is painfully obvious that his offense is pedestrian at best without Jacob Eason.


We actually did not look very good out there today except for Jacob Eason.



Surreal day all around perfect Spring day 75 degrees largest Georgia crowd ever more than twice what Mark Richt got to any G-Day Game 93000 packed Sanford and patiently as in a sleepy dream waited for Jacob Eason who PUT ON A SHOW. I spotted him pre-game and watched as he composed himself with thoughts of his historic day then when he had wowed everyone I waited and watched him leave the field and throw fans memorabilia. What a day. What a perfect day and Jacob Eason handled a strong showing well cool as ice in front of our largest UGA attendance ever anywhere.

Ludicrus was great and all of us were there way early just buzzing amongst ourselves of our dreams for Jacob Eason’s big day.


You do NOT want to hold a guy back like this Jacob Eason.




Greyson Lambert felt the pressure he put on him – NOT  true frosh JACOB EASON – and just fizzled-out to begin with and then fell apart throwing an interception and looking the damn fool jester trying to act like an athlete and tackle giving up the PICK-6.


The day was not much better for Brice Ramsey but of the 3 he was clearly the 2nd best QB.  You could see him trying hard out there today while Greyson Lambert will NEVER ever beat anyone.


Kirby very high energy got mad as hell about I don’t know 100 times.  I loved it.  “I appreciate the fan base today,” Kirby offered-up. Well I would think so Kirby.


Our running game is weak.  The QB mostly had all day to throw so it was not on the OL blocking on passing downs.


And there were a plethora of passing downs – it reminded me of a John Elway game.


Special Teams looked lost on kick-off return defense as Isaiah Mackenzie just had his way.


This day was the coming-out party for Jacob Eason.  You could feel the vibes of the historic moment and could slice it in the air with a knife.




Junkyard Dawg, you can kiss my ass if you think I’m supposed to be freaking agreeable with Scooby-Doo telling me 9-3 just doesn’t seem that bad & Mark Richt would have no problem finding another job.

I am not in this world to live up to your expectations and you are not in this world to live up to mine.  I am I and you are you, and if by chance we meet : It’s beautiful.  Dr. Fritz Perls.

You have an entire thread about how bad this program is right now, and all the under-lying problems and one little shit, Scooby-Doo, inserts his 2 cents into it that aw shucks 9-3 doesn’t seem that bad to me, and Mark Richt will have no problem finding another job.

Either make your friqin’ point, Junkyard Dawg, or do not.  I could care how you go about it.  But, I will be dipped in shit if you are going to say that there is some decorum to which you adhere I don’t that says that you can call me out for mistreating poor little Scooby-Doo for giving us the company line that all is well in Athens, everything is positive, we’re doing great, and Mark Richt is the best coach in America who does it the right way on and off the field.  We are in our 3rd longest stretch dating back to 1932 were we’ve NOT won The SEC Championship in Football.  We have tremendous talent in-state and should NOT be losing to unranked teams as often as we do every year and should not be losing to top 15 teams at the rate of # 45 in the nation either these last 8 years.  I don’t give a shit what Mark Richt did 2001-2007 as I loved him then too and still do really – I just want his sorry ass held accountable or fired for LOSING after 2007.  Losing to any ole team who even makes a bowl that season he loses to them at barely over 50% after 2007.  And I want you God Damn Mark Richt Apologists to HEED my point that you are in a defenseless position saying Mark Richt IS great when he HASN’T BEEN after 2007, has he ?


It does not matter how good we are, he can’t beat anyone after 2007.


Hold him accountable to WIN.


Fire him when he keeps this up as he has after 2007, for which YOU alone defend him : Just the Mark Richt Apologists.


Guess what ?


I will ram it down your God Damned Throats that Mark Richt I once supported and now don’t and WANT GONE.


Your blog Dawgs.com will NOT ALLOW ANY discussion of Mark Richt and Religion together as a discussion.  God Damn IT that is the WHOLE PROBLEM here that HE THINKS there is some other more important goal than winning.


There is NOT.


Our Depth Chart is so decimated as I detailed yesterday that we can not possibly win.


You are DISNEYdawgs.com fans to think Mark Richt can turn this around.  He doesn’t even want to.  He doesn’t care.  Fire his sorry ass.


Quite defending him.


YOU LOST this argument to me and you KNOW IT !


Where will the LOT of you be when he is FIRED ?


Hiding ?


Nowhere to be found ?


You’re God Damn Right you will be.


And STILL telling us then that he was a nice guy.


Excuse me.


I say he is a nice guy.


And a shitty assed coach who has to be FIRED.


Fran Tarkenton has been telling you we need to FIRE him.


We don’t even practice Special Teams at the G-Day Games and yet without a special teams’ coach as 100 of his peers FBS Division 1-A have, he routinely has the # 100 Special Teams.  He doesn’t care.  Trophy for EVERYONE.


At best he is stupid as shit.


At the worst he is using his public office to stump for his Religion.


In EITHER CASE, his pay of $ 3.5 million a year is for winning.


He has transferred-out great talent playing us in games and BEATING the shit out of us.


If we EVER want to win our 7th NC in Football we MUST fire Mark Richt.



Mark Richt has been a total abject failure at 68 % win percentage after 2007 with the # 9 average recruiting ranking with 8 losses who are not Top 25 teams, and won only 10 of 33 who made either the AP or Coaches’ Top 25, while only 4 of 20 teams he faced who were ranked higher than him this current 7-year period has he beat.  This while I have documented 40 attrition all of which was ALL NOTHING BUT BAD PRESS in the 2nd half of the Mark Richt era, alone.  And, while I have documented fifteen (15) arrested/suspended/kicked-off just in 2014 alone so far.


You do not have to agree with me.  You are you.  I, however, am given the God-Given Right to My Own Friqin’ Opinion and no man of your stature sir, shall deprive me of this.


I refer you sir to the following piece, again by Bill Shanks of the Macon Telegraph :




“There’s something besides winning that’s important here”

Mark Richt just got out of his lying lips.


I refer YOU, Junkyard Dawg sir, AND Scooby-Doo, to read this article this time, gentlemen.

As for how much you appreciate the others defending Scooby-Doo and his ilk who run onto every Bulldogs’ blog and tell us how GREAT Mark Richt is, and how to frame it when they cannot possibly make the case that Mark Richt has been great in his 2nd half of his career here, I saw dawgs_fans_dad  say that EVERYONE ELSE recruited all these arrested/suspended/kicked-off too.

Pardon me, but they GOT INTO TROUBLE HERE, where Mark Richt is given such high praise for recruiting them here, where HE Mark Richt does NOT teach them to obey the rules.

Teach them to obey the rules is the definition of discipline.

No matter how many times I teach you and they this, you and they will NEVER GET IT.

That’s not my fault.


They say, after he kicks them off the team here, that Mark Richt TURNED HIS BACK ON THEM.

Punishment is NOT discipline, but once again, discipline is teaching to obey the rules.

We run a lax ship here, and have for 14 seasons, marked by BAD PRESS and BAD LOSSES all 14 seasons, bar none.

I have read what you have written and what dawgs_fans_dad has written and what Scooby-Doo has written Junkyard Dawg, sir.  None of the 3 of you give the details.  None of the 3 of you stick to the point.  None of the 3 of you hit the nail on the head.  None of the 3 of you have done the research.  None of the 3 of you have provided the 1st ever URL Link to prove your point.

That is ALL I do here.

You offer opinion Junkyard Dawg.  But those are like assholes : Everybody has one.

I offer detailed research and facts with URL Links to verify the facts.  I offer it right up front before I am asked.


Readers of this blog, CLICK the damn URL Links.  They see the facts.


We know the facts, here – all the 20,000 readers of this blog.  I know.  I get a report of their CLICKS of the URL Links.


We are not afraid of going 6-6 some season, as Scooby-Doo scolds us we might without Mark Richt.


As I rightfully said to the little shit and now again to you asshole, Mark Richt was 6-7 just in 2010.


Worry about going 6-6 some fictitious season in the future, maybe, as to why not make this such a cushy damn job where this is acceptable – nay, lauded as GREAT ?


You defend this ?


Re-read what it was exactly that Scooby-Doo said that caused me to reply to him, not to you ok ?  Read it if you’re man enough.  He says he is NOT a Bulldogs’ Football Program Fan and NEVER HAS BEEN.  That his Daddy made him go the games, and that now, he does NOT go to the games, as I and the rest of us, do, in fact go to the games.  He EVEN said he DOES NOT GIVE A SHIT about our program.


He ONLY is a Mark Richt Apologist.




He NEVER ever WILL BE anything, but.


Fine, sir.  You want to laud others for defending him.  Go ahead.  Bring it freaking on.


Step right up son !




By the way, the manner to deal with posts online is to : NOT CENSOR.


Ban the post ?  Remove the post ?  Say the post is WRONG and DELETE IT ?


Not here, sir.  Not on my damn blog son.




Not now, not ever.


I am an ultra magnanimous person.  I allow and champion others’ RIGHT to speak their mind, whether I agree or do not.  I think our recruits are actually very well educated and well-read, and KNOW all this.  I therefore think this should be out in the open and all of us discuss this.


dawgs_fans_dad No, sir.  You are not a celebrity but a guy who called me out for being over the top to Scooby-Doo when Scooby-Doo you defend therein said right then in THAT POST that he really doesn’t care about our football program, does not go to the games, and only when his daddy made him go as a child did he go, and even then hated it.  You AGREE with people like this dawgs_fans_dad because of your over-the-top criticism of me for 2 long decades of online posting going all the way back to Athens Online, and Access Atlanta.  You have NEVER supported MY RIGHT to MY OPINION ever on Bulldogs.  This is who you are : Not a celebrity son.  You’re a bitter person who believes only your own opinion matters and that others’ and certainly not your own – stinks to high heaven.  You post to CENSORED BLOGS ONLY where no one is allowed to really reply.


You are just bitter that I speak my mind and want to control what I say.  You want to ban, censor and make my comments your own or remove them.  That is all you have EVER wanted dawgs_fans_dad .  Maybe you do not know who I am.  But, I sir know who you are from all of our discussions for many many decades online.  I remember better than you remember.  You will NOT tell me what I can and cannot think and say, sir.  I never have attempted or even suggested the same for you, sir !

You are not my mother.

You do not like it that I think it wrong that Joe Cox played the whole game against Okie State and no snap even for Zach Mettenberger as I called pre-game because I frigin’ hated Joe Cox.  You think you’re right and that I have no right to such an opinion.  I said the same about Joe Tereshinski III starting instead of Matthew Stafford.  And, I said the same about Hutson Mason starting instead of Jacob Park and Brice Ramsey – hell, even instead of Faton Bauta – all 3 of whom would NEVER HAVE LOST to USCe, Florida and Georgie tek.

You think I have a right to speak up to a point.

That I go over that line when I Heaven Forbid criticize a damn player.

I am not some player’s here dad, but a walk-on myself.  I have favorites.  I have those who I criticize because they By God have it coming.

Were I Joe Cox, I would’ve told Mark Richt I cannot go full tilt, but Zach Mettenberger will do better than I on this day, sir.

Were I Joe Tereshinski III, I would’ve told Mark Richt, can I sit-out today and you play Matthew Stafford ?  I’ve spoken with him and told him I think he’s better than I.

Were I Hutson Mason, I would’ve told Mark Richt I appreciate you holding me on like this and all and that that is the only reason I did not transfer to South Carolina State college, but both Jacob Park and Brice Ramsey and probably Faton Bauta are ALL better quarterbacks than I who run the ball better than I and who certainly throw the ball better than I as a college QB, Mark Richt sir.  I’d love to play some, but please start ANY of them instead.  I’m a Bulldog.

I am a Bulldog.

You’re a bullshitter who wants only to control.  To criticize not my ideas, but that my entire post should be banned, censored, deleted.

Excuse the hell out of me, but YOU do say and would say that the other QB listed by me just now in this section of this blog today, are ALL BETTER than the 1 you SAID  I should NOT BE ALLOWED to criticize.  You say the reason for that is that THEY were not paid with a scholarship I pay for for them, and which I did NOT have at UGA which my roommate, did.

I think I am entitled to my opinion, dawgs_fans_dad and I do not give a shit what you think about it since you agree with me and obviously only have a hard on to censor me from mine while of course your own is just fine with you.

It doesn’t matter what I say : You’re not going to like it.

Stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

I will say what I want to say, and I do not have to conform to your weird incongruities and non-sequitur logic.

Moreover, if you have something to say to me, say it to me – not to someone else about me.

Being the complete be-in-charge guy you are, that doesn’t even register on your screen.  Celebrity ?  Son, you are so not a celebrity as reading you say today you are because of this blog post right here, makes me puke.

Now, go say whatever you want to say behind my back such as you didn’t say any of this.

Sure, you did.  It’s all you’ve ever said online to ANYONE any time.


That you have the right to say whatever you want and NO ONE ELSE !


No matter how illogical.

Because well, yours doesn’t stink to high heaven – just everyone else’s.

Now, if you have the guts to criticize me – do so here to my friqin’ damn face, not behind my back to someone else – like there is a DAMN THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD WRONG with me saying ONLY Hutson Mason on our roster could have POSSIBLY lost to Nebraska, South Carolina, Florida or Georgie tek – let alone all 4.


JUST AS EVERYONE DID REPLY TO YOU dawgs_fans_dad that I am not NEARLY the only to have the audacity to offer-up on MY OWN DAMN BLOG RIGHT HERE, YOU TAKE EXCEPTION to but do not have the decency here to reply to me about when and where I actually made such statements.


34 unanswered points by our # 1 Rival means Hutson Damn Mason did NOTHING.

His very last pass was a 4-yard pass at the 5-yard line, intercepted.

And, he damn sure was a deer in the friqin’ headlights handed the ball by our Defense 1st and Goal from the 4-yard line the end zone covered with debris from the sure-we-would-lose fans.

And, as for Nebraska, he SETTLED for 4 field goals for 12 points instead of 28 points to lose to another unranked team.

Hutson Mason.

Look, dream-up whatever excuse it is I cannot say what I say that you and everyone else says too.

But, get off my case, and try for once to do some research, go to the games and have an opinion of your own – for once.

Once in your lifetime.


As to :

ogredawg  Any reply here on this blog where the discussion is unabated is fine.  I do not have to adhere to your arbitrary decisions to suggest ban, censor, deletion, or editing – none of which occurs here and which should not be allowed as a topic there, either.

It’s wrong as it is to say that a football coach should be judged on something other than winning and good press.

If my points are correct, as you say they are ogredawg then why again is it that I should post to a censored blog where one can call me out and say it’s wrong therein for me to call someone else out ?


That’s a rhetorical question ogredawg do not feel that you have to reply.  It’s obvious as hell.




The Mark Richt Apologists have been VERY VOCAL and nasty as hell to everyone daring to discuss this point, Junkyard Dawg sir.  Not that you know this.  I do.  Others here on this blog reading this do.


On the other hand, I believe rather than CENSOR and bury our heads in the sand that now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their FOOTBALL PROGRAM, not the Christian head coach.  95 % of all of America are Christians.  I am a Christian.  You are a Christian.  He is too.  He is ALSO  a lax guy on teaching to obey the rules and frequently is side-tracked by ALL THE BAD PRESS, and fails to have his men ready to play at the worst possible moment EVERY YEAR.


THERE IS NO SUCH THEORY : There is something more important than winning here that we adhere to here at Georgia.


That’s bullshit.


Hell, he’s # 20 in Won/Lost Record current 7-year period for Top 10 All-Time Wins UGA Program, averaging more than 4 losses per season for the entire 2nd half of the Mark Richt era after 2007, which is # 5 in The SEC.


I and you and WE Bulldog Nation pay him $ 3.5 million dollars a year to win.




He has done NEITHER after 2007, a period of 7 long excruciating years – the 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era, here.


He’s lost 21 games the latest 5-year period, which includes a redshirt year, for the 27 I just detailed will not be on the roster next year who are on the roster today.  This list, as I indicated and documented with 51 URL Links in that one (1) blog yesterday does NOT include a single one of the 40 ATTRITION prior to today.  This is as detailed as I know how; this is as specific as I am capable; this is as documented proof as I can possibly muster, sir; this is as up-to-date and correct as I can get it for you – and nowhere can you find it better : Sir.


He lost 29 games after 2007, an average no different from his 5-year average of MORE than 4 Losses a season.


Look, guy, believe whatever the hell you want to believe ok son ?

Say, whatever you freaking want to say.

Contradict your point all you wish.

Buddy-up with the Mark Richt Apologists and SUPPORT THEM for I friqin’ care.

Ok ?

But, do not tell me, which is what you did twit, that dawgs_fans_dad  you appreciate defending Scooby-Doo with his little crap about how I take this seriously the current state of our dilapidated football program both on the field and off, and he does not.  And, that OTHER SCHOOLS RECRUITED all these same recruits which are on my arrested/suspended/kicked-off ATTRITION LIST, when they did not sir get into trouble there but here where the discipline is LAX and where the punishment is HARSH.


I do not require that you agree with my point, and I dare say I do not expect you to agree with it that Mark Richt sucks.


He does, but I welcome your own opinion to that, never mind how defenseless it is in direct contradiction to the KNOWN FACTS presented herein with URL Links, spelled-out in gruesome detail.


There is NO EXCUSE for all the 15 arrested/suspended/kicked-off 2014 alone, sir !


It’s as intolerable as the 8 losses to unranked teams after 2007.


“There’s something besides winning that’s important here”


If you, or Scooby-Doo, or dawgs_fans_dad, Junkyard Dawg, want to censor my enthusiasm on these 2 co-joined points that 73 is all we have left today of 119 signed scholarship recruits YOU gave and still give ALL THE CREDIT to Mark Richt for signing here, who with a redshirt all 119 would play in the bowl game – the 3rd tier December 30 Belk Bowl having only 2 SEC teams play a bowl game BEFORE us this bowl season – and that he’s lost 29 games an average of more than 4 per season for the latest 7 entire freaking horrid friqin’ seasons of bullshit of the highest order on and off the field, you can