$11282.95 for 2 tickets Dooley Field at Sanford Stadium Notre Dame at UGA Georgia Bulldogs 21 September 2019 eleven thousand dollars 2 tickets Section 121 Row 50 or Section 602 Row 18 Ticketmaster.





9 a.m. until 12 noon at Myers Quad on the Georgia campus ESPN GameDay Georgia Notre Dame

GameDay last came to Athens on September 28, 2013 when # 9 UGA Georgia Bulldogs Aaron Murray defeated # 6 LSU 44-41 Zach Mettenberger and now Notre Dame 2019 six years later.



Notre Dame is # 120 in rushing defense all of 2019 season. There are 130 teams FBS. After both of their games they are averaging giving-up 5 yards per rush and 230 rushing yards per game. Now they play us HERE. It is NOT going to be pretty for Notre Dame what Kirby is about to do to them on the ground. You know they have to sell-out to stop the run. How bad is that ? Well that is all Kirby wants to do – run the ball.

I understand Notre Dame can stack the box and they will sell-out to stop Kirby’s running game.  This is the difference in the game.  This is known as our biggest strength is pitted against their biggest weakness.


How in the Hell can Notre Dame be # 120 stopping the run and stop Kirby’s running game ?


Good luck with that Brian Kelly.





Up 21 to 6 at halftime Kirby goes conservative and gets only 3 field goals in the second half as the defense shut them out in the 2nd half with particularly poor play from their quarterbacks against us. Special Teams were excellent and our OL dominated the game but Justin Fields had 5 TD which Kirby just would not let happen here. SEC East took it on the chin with vols especially pitiful losing to Georgia STATE a 2-10 team and South Carolina blew the lead against North Carolina. Our fans owned downtown Nashville but we will face better quarterback play than Vandy. We’re too conservative. Again.

We’ll never beat all the teams we have to beat to get to the playoffs with that stinking approach in the 2nd half again by Jake Fromm.  What ?  Vanderbilt got stronger in the 2nd half ?  Or Kirby SAT on it ?  30-6 is pretty good against a team who ran their mouths they would beat us all offseason they bragged.


We’re going to have to throw the ball to beat the better teams.


I don’t like this offense.



Mere hours away now no rain in sight 7:30 pm kick-off ESPN Channel 846 while 3 of every 4 at the game are Georgia Bulldogs. Vandy been running its mouth with graduate transfer QB trying to get the start for team with RB and targets.

Saturday night in Nashville – a truly beautiful city only 4 hours away.


I-75 to I-24 we have made the trip to Nashville hundreds of times.




10th practice completed means kick-off at Vanderbilt is 2 weeks from Saturday while indications show losing BOTH COORDINATORS 5 top receivers and facing # 8 Florida # 9 Notre Dame # 11 Texas A&M and # 16 Auburn will be a challenge for Kirby to only run the football as he has done his 1st three years here to face-off then against # 2 Alabama or # 6 LSU before making play-offs to play # 1 Clemson and/or # 4 Oklahoma or # 5 Ohio State. Who else faces this schedule ? No one.

  1. # 8 Florida
  2. # 9 Notre Dame
  3. # 11 Texas A&M
  4. # 16 Auburn
  5. # 2 Alabama or # 6 LSU before making play-offs
  6. # 1 Clemson and/or
  7. # 4 Oklahoma or # 5 Ohio State


Is Kirby going to win these 7 games just lining-up and running every 1st and 2nd down and some of the 3rd downs too like Kirby has done all 3 years here as our coach ?





Wake up.  THAT is NOT going to work against these 7 top-16 opponents this season for Kirby.  We’re not going to be able to be # 72 passing offense and win these 7 games I can assure you of that.


Bullshit to try.






“Nowadays, people get lost in who is getting the most hype. And we like it. Because we want people to sleep on us. You are going to sleep on us. And we are going to run the score up on you. We will wake you up on game day.” Ke’Shawn Vaughn Vanderbilt running back running his mouth at SEC Media Days before we play them in our opening game.


“If I can run the ball they are going to stack the box. Now that’s tight end Jared Pinkney and receiver Kalija Lipscomb getting open. If we can throw the ball now they aren’t stacking the box anymore. So we balance each other out basically.” Ke’Shawn Vaughn Vanderbilt running back running his mouth at SEC Media Days before we play them in our opening game.


“I think playing Georgia the first week is a good thing. Both teams are coming in trying to warm up. We will be able to capitalize on this game with them tying to warm up and get a feel for the season.” Ke’Shawn Vaughn Vanderbilt running back running his mouth at SEC Media Days before we play them in our opening game.


Bulldogs bite blue pussiecats of Kentucky in the ass after Kentucky’s weeklong SMACK TALK about how they were going to beat The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs. Instead UGA doubled-up # 9 Kentucky to increase our Strength of Schedule to # 9

Jake Fromm was sacked 3 times again and did fumble twice again but Kentucky was no match for his passing nor able to stop our running game.


29 nothing Alabama over LSU propels # 6 UGA up one spot to # 5 while LSU who LOST to Florida adds their second loss of the season already and drops worse in the rankings than Georgia whom LSU beat at their house.


The 2 fumbles left us short of my prediction of 47 to 17 but 34 to 17 is just fine with me.


I was glad to see Kirby let the overall national second best recruit Justin Fields come in the game and at least run a couple of times.


I still say Justin Fields is our best quarterback.


The undisciplined nature of their fumbles and penalties I called pregame as well.


Benny Snell Jr. was full of shit with his guarantees pregame as I pointed-out before the game that Kentucky’s strength of schedule had only been # 58 so he hadn’t really faced the level of opponent Georgia is. Nor had Kentucky faced the level of opponents Georgia has.  So their defensive stats also were overblown.


I rightfully called ALL OF THAT for the entire last week on THIS BLOG RIGHT HERE.


Our Official NCAA Strength of Schedule increased from # 16 to # 9 now for the season so far.  Compare this to Notre Dame at # 60 Strength of Schedule. The storyline preseason was that we had an easy schedule. Now as it turns out we have the # 9 toughest schedule in the United States of America.


Yes we LOST to LSU but they LOST to Florida and now have 2 losses on the season.  So they are ranked worse than us who beat us at their house.


And because all these teams ranked in fact ahead of us have none of them played opponents who are 47-24 on the season.


See toughest schedules :








LSU just is NOT going to be ranked ahead of Georgia until Alabama can beat Georgia in The SEC Championship Game. LSU LOST to Florida whom UGA handled easily on NEUTRAL FIELD. 29 to nothing LSU loses to Alabama ? That’s bullshit dropping LSU from # 3 below Georgia Bulldogs. This moves Georgia up from # 6 to # 5 with ONE LOSS. Yes we lost to LSU but we did NOT lose to Florida. LSU beat us on their field but Jake Fromm had a BAD DAY.


# 9 Kentucky unwelcomes # 6 Georgia Bulldogs but Kentucky strength of schedule is only # 58 to UGA # 16 SoS. We scored 43 on Missouri while Kentucky took overtime to score 15. We’re going to kick losing record Mark Stoops’ ass. 43 to 17. “Oh they have twenty-one 5-stars and we have NONE so we don’t think that means shit. Our 3-stars are better than their 5-stars. It’s political how a person is a 3-star the # 21 SEC running back by yards per carry and # 58 running back nationally when I was recruited. I’m Benny Snell Jr. I’m going to kick Georgia Bulldogs’ ass.”

Kentucky is undisciplined with tons of penalties nearly leading the nation in penalties. They have run their God Damn mouths all week. Their coach SUCKS. Mark Stoops is an overweight has-been assistant coach whom no one would hire as coach. His record in The SEC is a LOSING RECORD.


Kentucky is running its mouth.  Guys who aren’t any good saying how great they are.


By trade Mark Stoops coaches defensive backs. He has absolutely NO TRAINING or EXPERIENCE on an offense and Kentucky’s offense shows it with loads of meddling by Mark Stoops.


Mark Stoops has not been able to recruit and lacks talent.


# 118 Passing Offense Mark Stoops has serious issues even wanting to pass the ball down the field.


Kentucky has played a VERY WEAK SCHEDULE so their defensive stats are overblown. We will kick their asses.


# 58 at fumbles LOST Kentucky puts the ball on the turf every other series all year long.


I’m glad they think they’re # 9 and we # 6.


# 58 Strength of Schedule Kentucky Georgia is # 16 SoS.


Mark Stoops’ only winning record in football is 7-6 which he did twice but lost his bowl game both times. He sucks.


Mark Stoops only plays Georgia all the rest the way. One team.


The combined record of Kentucky’s remaining 3 games after Georgia is 10-14 LOSING RECORD.


I don’t care about Kentucky.


Mark Stoops ? He is a God Damn fat FOOL.


I am glad they beat Missouri on a bad play call.


Missouri isn’t any good. Missouri does not even have a winning record. We scored 43 points at Missouri. Kentucky took overtime to score 15 points on Missouri a has-been team 2018 again.


We are so going to kick Kentucky’s arrogant ass.  Mark Stoops’ best season is a 7-win season in 15-game season for the top teams.  His overall record is a LOSING RECORD.  And this is whom it is who runs their God Damn mouths all week long.



Noon ESPN Channel 846 and yeah Drew Lock can pass. There is NO OTHER PART of that team worth a shit.

Missouri has beat us once ever in their entire existence and that was 2013 when Mark Richt went only 8-5 losing to teams like Vanderbilt.  This is the 8th meeting and that their only win ever over us.


51-24 the good guys romp.


Their fans are not rabid about them.  Their coaches are poor.  Their talent level is lacking at every position except quarterback.


It’s a noon rout.



I told you Dawgs KICK SOUTH CAROLINA’S ASS – all this bull shit from Tim Tebow 41-17

Jake Fromm had one hell of a 2nd half and completed his last 9 passes in a row to go 15-18 for 194 yards a TD Pass and an interception.


Justin Fields got in for the last 13 minutes and competed his only pass also running the ball.


So far Justin Fields has played in every game.


It was a ROMP.


41-17 two dozen points – that close Tim Tebow you dumbass I told you so.


South Carolina is NOT ranked any longer since we knocked them out of the Top 25.


South Carolina









And then the game against the team I said we should remove from our schedule Georgia Tech who got wiped by South Florida.


We beat South Carolina 41-17 while Georgia Tech LOST to South Florida by double digits.






South Carolina can’t run the ball but Jake Fromm is having ANOTHER BAD game up 20-10 at the half.

37 seconds and Juwan Taylor scores.


14-0 Switft.


14-7 then Jake Fromm throws an ill-advised forced pass up for grabs interception.




Jake Fromm 4-6 for 25 yards and an INT.


Camarda punts to the 3-yard line but they duked us and faked the fair catch so it rolls into the end zone.


13-22 for 105 yards Jake Bentley coaches’ son.


150 yards 38 plays 19 plays us 105 yards Jake Fromm.


Then the last drive field goal









Well we’re off to Columbia with a 330 Kick-Off on CBS as our respective SEC Openers as # 3 UGA travels to # nothing. Well South Carolina is unranked a CUPCAKE who is overmatched by Georgia. Auburn won over Pac-12 Washington who has now lost 10 in a row to top 10 teams and Ole Miss won. But the vols LOST. ESPN BLUNDERS reviewing the replay.

45 to nothing a shut-out and a fine performance by all aspects of Kirby “Smith’s” third edition.


DawgsOnline called it his second edition.  Uh no it’s not his second edition either whatever his name is.


dawgs online- Opening the curtain on Kirbys second act


ESPN Beth Mowins called Kirby Smart Kirby Smith then was corrected afterwards in her ears.


Justin Fields was 7 of 8 including TD completion and Jake Fromm was 12 of 16 including 2 TD passes.


The JF combination.  Jake Fromm called “Justin Fromm” to Kirby “Smith” by ESPN too.  “How did you think Justin Fromm did today Kirby Smith?”  “How did Jake Fields do out there for you today Kirby Smith?”  Nice job there ESPN.  Glad I got to watch these replays to hear them all.


Jesus Christ.


ESPN had some real winners out there today – watching these replays now.




Well thank you Beth Mowins for that from a Syracuse girl covering only the # 3 team in the nation.  Your voice is a bit raspy to my taste.  A basketball player covering # 3 Georgia for the first and hopefully the last time watching the replay now.


Justin Fields also added-in 33 rushing yards bettered by only 3 other Bulldogs today in rushing.


I thought he stole the show as Jake Fromm was also very good solid but NOT Justin Fields…


You call it like you want.


Officially now WE have a quarterback controversy as JUSTIN FIELDS has outdone Jake Fromm EVERY SINGLE TIME we have watched him.


Including especially yesterday.




Justin Fields is our BEST QUARTERBACK.


Even if ESPN can not even get the God Damn Question out to Kirby correctly nor even call Kirby by his right name either.


God Damn Idiots.


Kirby Smart

Justin Fields

Jake Fromm


How hard is THAT ESPN ?


I am NOT impressed ESPN.


You should be embarrassed for that call of the game by your 3rd string announcers on ESPN main channel.


But I did figure you would revert back to reminding us all about LOSING to Tua who IS their starting QB just as Justin Fields JUST HAS TO BE OURS.  11 minutes in the 2nd quarter but clearly was the class of our quarterbacks.


You think there is no controversy because ESPN screwed-up asking Kirby about it?


Sure there is.


Don’t fool yourself.


You take me on at YOUR OWN RISK as I have been proven correct right down the line for years and years and years and years now haven’t I ?


Well punks ?


Quarterback controversy not at all unlike your bullshit about how great you said Mark Richt is who had to be FIRED and was proving you wrong on that.


Justin Fields is a better quarterback than Jake Fromm and that is patently obvious.


Lady Sportswriter – Kimberly Nash said she did not care about Demetris Robertson whom she did not care if he went elsewhere.


Demetris Robertson had a 72 yard end around.


Take THAT Kimberly Nash.


I would love to see Mark Richt screw-up AGAIN and lose to LSU tonight.  I hate his ass for everything he did NOT do he last entire 8 years here and for all he did do such as losing to 12 cupcakes his last 8 years, having 63 recruits he signed not play here gone from the team at the time when he finally got fired for it, and losing 18 of his last 24 games vs top 15 teams – oh and being only 53 percent win percentage his last 8 years against any ole team who went on to a bowl game here.


Clearly you remain a Mark Richt fan and clearly I patently hate his God Damn Ass.


Excuse me for calling you out when you screw-up.


James Cook would have stolen the show but he is now suspended for the first half of South Carolina for targeting missing the early-on fair catch clearly signaled.


284 rushing 224 passing a fantastic game for us.


Shut-out for our Defense led by JR Reed and DeAngelo Gibbs.


I was very pleased with Ahkil Crumpton and Brian Herrien leading on our special teams who were that for sure today.  Quite the up man Brian Herrien makes a sure NFL player as I see it.


Mecole Hardman Jr was spectacular.


Tyson Campbell got the start and wasted no time breaking up a pass.


D’Andre Walker from Fairburn recovered the fumble when we really got after Austin Peay’s miscue.


82 got to play today and that is a best effort for Kirby “Smith” so far.






Why don’t you tell ME how excited you are to watch Mark Richt tonight ?


I am too but only to CONTINUE to prove you WRONG as hell about him too.


Let me remind you again that Kirby Smart is quite intrigued by Justin Fields as someone who puts constant pressure on the opponents with his better skills than Jake Fromm.  So am I.


Jake Fromm NOR Justin Fields signs with Mark Richt.  There is NO WAY Mark Richt signs EITHER.




Kentel Williams running back from Knoxville Fulton High School has been suspended for Georgia Bulldogs game this Saturday breaking team rules.

Austin Peay has 10 thousand students FCS in Clarksville Tennessee up in Northern Middle Tennessee. They wanted to keep the ball from our high powered offense but that is not going to happen missing a guy who was supposed to go for 1000 yards rushing this season and another several hundred yards catching.  Their leading RB returns but this guy was their best RB  Kentel Williams.


Team Rules ?


That would be drugs.





Kirby knocks Paul Johnson out of any bowl game 2017 season for Georgia Tech 38-7 but THIS is no warm-up for The SEC Championship Game next Saturday. I guaranteed SEC Championship for Kirby this 2017 season. Oh and yeah Mark Richt LOST. Did I say that yet ?

Quit playing Georgia Tech in football and get us out of JAX please.







Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation REDSHIRTED D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation REDSHIRTED Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation REDSHIRTED as stubborn Kirby ONLY TRIES to run the ball – a FAILED OFFENSE I told you ALL YEAR LONG – so it is 7-16 and frankly lucky we are NOT RUN OUT OF THE STADIUM with this BULLSHIT offensive game plan Kirby lets us play.

NONE of these guys could be HELPING YOU TODAY Kirby against all these great Auburn defensive guys ?  God Damn it Kirby.  What are you saving them for ?  After this season you lose 20 whom you STARTED here Kirby so 2018 is NOT going to be a better chance than this was.


This goes into the I told you so storyline but it did NOT have to be this way.  Obviously we could NOT afford to redshirt :

  1. Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation REDSHIRTED

  2. D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation REDSHIRTED

  3. Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation REDSHIRTED


Can’t run the football and all Kirby will let us do is run the football including on 1st Down at the 22 second mark in the 1st Half after Mecole Hardman Jr. returned the punt to their red zone.

Sad Kirby.

Sad play calls.






# 1 Georgia Bulldogs Number 1 improve to 9-0 as Jake Fromm hits Terry Godwin at the 4-yard line who fumbles the ball again. Jake Fromm blocks out wide # 22 Steven Montac defensive back springing Sony Michel 7-0. Jake Fromm hits Javon Wims for the TD 14-7. Jake Fromm to Mecole Hardman Junior 21-7. Jake Fromm designed run – stopped short of the goal line FG 24-10. Jake Fromm 16 of 22 for 196 yards 2 TD player of the game.


# 3 consensus Georgia Bulldogs now that Clemson and Washington both lost. We overcame 7 more penalties tonight by rushing for 389 yards. D’Andre Swift is the leading rusher tonight while Elijah Holyfield had 6 more carries for 48 yards. Monty Rice had a hell of a game getting a START tonight at Mike Linebacker.






I am in Love.


Alabama Penn State and Georgia are top 3 football teams in every poll now and there is no 4th team.  I do not feel that anyone thinks TCU and Wisconsin are serious contenders and again I say unto you that The SEC might have 2 teams in the play-offs.




696 yards of total offense against Missouri SEC team

Up 53-28 ahead by 25 points Kirby not only went for 2 points with 10: 27 seconds remaining but he never did take out Jake Fromm.


Bring on Florida who LOST to Texas A&M and their true freshman quarterback Kellen Mond.


7-0 for the first time since 2005.


That was a LOSS to Florida and then a loss to Auburn and the loss to West Virginia.





Javon Wims 6 drops TD pass down the left side off his hands – bad place to hit him in the hands – so Jake Fromm throws to Riley Ridley 8 down the right side for the TD to go up 14-7.

Then Aaron Davis 35 is beat on 63-yard TD pass to tie it 14 all.


Sony Michel takes it to the house.


Then Tyrique McGhee 26 is beat on 63-yard TD pass too to tie it again 21 all.


Then we get a Field Goal.


Then we get an Interception and Jake Fromm runs it in after several nifty runs that series where Charlie Woerner leaps their defender.


This puts us up 31-21 at 3:53 in the half remaining.


Then another Field Goal and we’re up 34-21.


The crowd is LOUD tonight.


Beautiful day today to be outside all day.



2005 Mark Richt started the season 6-0 but Mark Richt played the only QB at Florida who could’ve lost that game to that lousy FL team in 2005. Then Mark Richt lost to Auburn and Mark Richt lost in the Sugar Bowl at the Georgia Dome falling behind 28 to nothing before I was finished booing Mike Adam$ and his wife. So 2005 Mark Richt did not end-up better in the final polls than Alabama nor LSU 2005. Mark Richt was # 3 of just SEC teams 2005 season in EVERY SINGLE POLL. So Mark Richt LOST 3 games 2005 season and this matches the last time Mark Richt started 6-0 ? God help us. Don’t tell me how well Mark Richt did 2005 because Mark Richt BLEW IT 2005 – which was 13 seasons’ ago when we started 6-0. USCe AU KY GT AL – all await us to do what OK and Michigan BOTH did today. Florida can not beat us. USCe AU KY GT AL these 5 can.

Don’t tell me about Mark Richt’s 2005 season which was 13 seasons’ ago now this season.  That not only was 13 seasons’ ago but he ended the season in EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY POLL the # 3 SEC team in every poll for the 2005 season – worse than Alabama and worse than LSU.




I was there I believe I would know.


We will be 8-0 when we face-off against remaining South Carolina Auburn Kentucky Georgia Tech and Alabama plus our bowl opponent.  There is no margin for error.  Ask Oklahoma.  Ask Michigan.



45-14 we empty the bench against Vanderbilt who is not a very good football team. But we will play good football teams 2017. And we’re going to need to find some receiver who can catch the football as Oklahoma puts 2 SEC teams in the play-offs at this early point.

We have no semblance of a passing game.  We can not line-up to throw and catch.  You are not going to beat the top teams by playing small offensive linemen and running the football with the best running backs in America.


All the receivers did was to drop the ball again today.  And the OL had penalty after penalty called on them illegal procedure and chop blocks and did not block for the pass well again either – and against a bad team.


Our offense is not going to get the job done against the good teams – but we’re in the 4-team play-offs today – if Kirby would play the rest of his good receivers and the rest of his good offensive linemen.


It’s a long season 15-game season.  14-game season.





Who is Vanderbilt 2017 ?

# 101 Offense 3rd Down Conversions


# 123 Offense in getting 1st Downs


So that is even worse than us.


# 43 in Penalties


So that is better than us – but then again who isn’t better than us at penalties ?



# 97 Kick-Off Returns


So not only do they have no Offense but their special teams suck too.


# 99 Net Punting


# 84 Passing Offense – that is as bad as our passing offense is


# 72 Red Zone Offense – surely it is confusing that Vandy ever scores


# 102 Time of Possession


Vandy is not a very good football team.



800 wins Crowd yells U-G-A U-G-A 41 to nothing rout of vols who had scored 289 games in a row

Jake Fromm had the day of his life on the road in The SEC matching David Greene’s win there in 2001.


But David Greene lost 4 games 2001 without DJ Shockley as his back-up until the 2002 season since Mark Richt redshirted DJ Shockley 2001.


Jake Fromm welcomed Jacob Eason as his back-up on the field to run the score to the final margin of 41 to nothing.


vols came in averaging 30 points per game.


The last shut-out for Georgia there over the vols was 1923 when it was 17-0.


vols have a 1 game lead all-time in the series.


6th longest scoring streak in the HISTORY of college football where the vols had scored every game for 289 games.


Georgia again moves UP in the polls to # 6 with Jake Fromm scoring 3 times twice on the ground showing that HE is the dual-threat that Aaron Murray NEVER was.







SWEET : Georgia moves to # 10 both AP Poll and Coaches’ Poll as Aaron Murray 3-12 vs ranked teams is WRONG as MORE-TALENTED Bulldogs at HOME run roughshod over Mississippi State 31-3. Deandre Baker defensive stalwart as Jake Fromm makes his MARK. Todd Grantham BLISTERED. Like I said SEC Championship 2017.

Some have it.

Some don’t.



Georgia averaging # 6 recruiting rankings making up our team while Mississippi State averages # 25 recruiting rankings is NOT in our class of talent. And of the games between us starting 1975 Mississippi State has won 1 game against us. Of the 23 games Mississippi State has won only 6 times and most of those AT MISSISSIPPI STATE.

We used to play Mississippi State at NEUTRAL SITES too.  There was a time when that is what we did with all the opponents.


4 of their only 6 wins ever came AT MISSISSIPPI STATE.


Mississippi State is a good defense but their passing offense is not that great.  They have not turned the ball over much.


They ran LSU out of their stadium last week.  And LSU is an ultra-talented team too not as talented as Georgia’s team this 2017 season but nonetheless a more talented team than Mississippi State.


How do they win ?


They don’t make mistakes and they run the ball while putting-up a seriously great defense.


Georgia is picked to win by 5.


It will be a dogfight as both teams are Bulldogs and the better team – the more talented team – wins this game.


Only 8 teams have better Las Vegas Odds to win 2017 season than UGA and only 4 teams have more talent than The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs’ team does this 2017 season.






Obviously Kirby can match Mississippi State’s DEFENSE but Kirby’s offense and special teams are prone to mistakes and do NOT feature our best players at those positions like our Defense does.  It is what Kirby does.  He holds back his young players on Offense and on Special Teams while Kirby has proven that that is his strategy.  As with Notre Dame, there is no such margin for such an error tomorrow night as Notre Dame and Mississippi State are our two best opponents so far 2017 obviously.  If we get our freshmen in the game, we will rout them.



Georgia is # 11 and Mississippi State is # 17 but Kirby has NOT BEEN PLAYING HIS BEST PLAYERS ON OFFENSE NOR ON SPECIAL TEAMS YET. Just imagine if he did. Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation. REDSHIRTED. D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation. RE DSHIRTED. Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation. REDSHIRTED. Nah we don’t need those guys on the OL Kirby against Missy State.

Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation.  REDSHIRTED.

Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation.  REDSHIRTED.

D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation.  REDSHIRTED.



All Sports Tickets.net Jeff Cook arrested as promised in Eatonton. My friends paid him $ 250 per ticket for two tickets he sold them for Notre Dame game and charged their credit cards. They both also had bought tickets on airlines and car rentals and hotel rooms based on his GUARANTEE and here that is : “100% Money Back Guarantee If Tickets Are Not Available.” He sells tickets takes the money charges the cards and does NOT give the tickets he took the money for – leaving the buyers stuck. Sports fans for years have been left up in the air and stuck to all sorts of sporting events. Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills told 11 Alive he would “throw his ass in jail” if Cook didn’t refund all the people that didn’t receive their tickets. It is estimated now afterwards that 30 thousand tickets exchanged hands between Notre Dame sorry fans wanting MONEY and UGA fans wanting to watch our men not have HOME FIELD disadvantage and there were 8 thousand tickets Notre Dame gave UGA to distribute in addition. Other reports say 40 thousand UGA fans attended in a 77 thousand seat stadium Touchdown Jesus HOWEVER THERE WERE MANY OTHER UGA FANS LEFT HOLDING THE BAG PROMISED TICKETS AT RATES THEY DID NOT WISH TO KEEP WHEN THE SAME TICKETS WENT UP IN PRICE TO $1200.

Charged with selling sports tickets without a license and advertising sports tickets without posting a license number, Jeff Cook was released on bond less than the cost of two tickets.  That is NOT RIGHT.


When you can’t get in touch.  It is NOT GOOD.


When you tell my friends you are selling them tickets at $ 250 each do NOT sell MY FRIENDS’ TICKETS to someone else for an average of $ 1147 ticket when you took my friends’ monies.  That is WRONG.


You have to buy the tickets back from my friends who paid you $ 250 for their tickets.




When you charge their credit cards you have taken their money for the tickets they then own.  You had them that day.


You had them at $ 250.


Don’t sell them for $ 250 if you do not intend to give those persons those tickets you had at that time for the $ 250.


Let’s say those are the ones sold for average $1147 dollars ok ?  You bought them for $125 each and were selling them to my friends at $ 250.  Then you sold the very same ticket at average $1147.


Paid $125 sold for $1147.


Gross Profit each $1022.  30 thousand seats reported changed hands at this average price.


That is $30 million dollars gross profit.


One game.


And this is not the first time Notre Dame fans have embarrassed their program selling their tickets.  In fact it has become quite the scandal that Notre Dame fans are NOT GOOD FANS.


We took the HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE away from Notre Dame.


Georgia Bulldogs have ALWAYS traveled well so this too is NOT NEW.


Personally I have always been wary of buying tickets on the Internet and handing those pieces of paper at the gate for entrance.  Frankly I have the same concerns face-to-face on the streets and try to protect us on the streets as well.


This entire $30 million dollar per game industry is a problem if you ask me.


But there would be no industry if 30 thousand Notre Dame fans did not give up their seats and give us the HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE every person watching the game live or on their 70 inch HDTV saw UGA had.


$30 million dollars one game and we play 14 such games this year and stand to make it 15 but Kirby will have to START playing his BEST PLAYERS ON OFFENSE and on SPECIAL TEAMS which Kirby has to-date in 2 years’ time here NOT DONE now facing an EXCELLENT Mississippi State.


They manhandled # 12 LSU who was ranked AHEAD of Kirby 37-7 last night.


Mississippi State will find that UGA fans do NOT sell our tickets to them on the Internet nor face-t0-face.  Save the trip.


The TICKETS are NOT for sale.



You have been watching NOTRE DAME Football who just BLEW THE GAME with Georgia Bulldogs when NOTRE DAME was supposed to WIN and did NOT at home at Touchdown Jesus and how embarrassing for Notre Dame to see the sea of RED as Georgia INVADED South Bend Indiana and OWNED the place. Notre Dame has a nice defense and solid special teams but their QB is BELOW PAR. All game long all we heard was how Notre Dame ran this play last week against Temple. Georgia REMAINS UNDEFEATED against Notre Dame. Georgia undefeated North of Mason Dixon Line after 1964.

Brandon Wimbush -0- TD passes. Brandon Wimbush threw 39 passes and none for a TD.  That Notre Dame could not run the ball just might be because Georgia is NOT Temple.


We also beat Michigan at Michigan October 2, 1965.



J.R. Reed Defensive Player of the Game everywhere all night long workmanlike job – not flashy – kicked butt. J.R. Reed LED THE TEAM in solo tackles (Tied with Richard LeCounte), LED THE TEAM in forced fumbles, LED THE TEAM in sacks (Tied with Trent Thompson), and LED THE TEAM in yards tackled for a loss. Both late scores with less than 5:42 seconds on the clock in the game at the end came against the 3rd team both directly following INTERCEPTIONS thrown by BRICE RAMSEY who just doesn’t seem to care where he throws the ball to and NEVER HAS. Jake Fromm threw 1 pass directly in bread basket of # 5 Terry Godwin who just stood there and let the ball hit him in the chest and drop to the ground – or Jake Fromm completes 70 % of this passes game 1 coming-in off the bench to bail-out STRUGGLING Jacob Eason. You have to report that Jacob Eason WAS BAD and that the game was OUT OF HAND until Jake Fromm came in and was on a mission to get scores and move us down the field in a hurry.

The OL was horrible to start the game.  If there were adjustments frankly what we saw was that Jake Fromm just wants to get down the field in a hurry.


I don’t have ANY problem with App State scoring twice in the last 5:41 because Kirby played the 3rd team.  I am all in favor of that.  However HOW they got to score twice was that Brice Ramsey threw two (2) interceptions back-to-back resulting in a TD and then resulting in a field goal.


And that is bad.  I looked at Brice Ramsey.  He did not seem to care.  I watched him.


It is after all ALL Brice Ramsey HAS DONE HERE.


D’Andre Swift was magnificent.


Ahkil Crumpton did fine.


Cameron Nizialek was fabulous and when Jacob Eason was doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING it was Cameron Nizialek who kept on pushing the ball farther and farther back and then pinning them twice inside the 20 to FLIP THE FIELD and ultimately get us finally a SCORE.


It was a beautiful afternoon.  Perfect.  Then our Offense and Offensive Line could not do anything until they knocked our starting QB out of the game for good and I believe for the next game as well.  You don’t tweak a knee and force him to come back given his performance AGAIN.


Not when…


Jake Fromm got the ball down the field.  Ok so he threw the ball into triple coverage one on 3 but Javon Wims caught the pass and punched it in for the TD.  Are you criticizing that ?  This is what we have NOT BEEN DOING for this stretch of 9 years prior in a row averaging MORE than 4 losses a season.



We have no quarterback controversy here at Georgia. Jake Fromm came in and got the job done.

Early on Jacob Eason was largely ineffective and overthrew his receivers in a too-predictable offense.  Run Nick Chubb up the middle.  Run up the middle on 2nd down.  Overthrow receiver on 3rd down.  Punt.


And Kirby’s OL could not dominate App State’s DL who was 50 lbs. less across the board.


Then the play of the game JR Reed poked the ball out forcing the fumble and then it became a field position game with Cameron Nizialek punting oh so well and even pinning App State back inside the 20.


Myquon Stout went out of bounds and shoved Jacob Eason a good 8 yards outside the line who picked his way and got his left leg stuck on the sidelines twisting his left knee.


In came Jake Fromm and the crowd went wild as he not overthrew but hit his target as we had seen him do 16 strikes in a row in the Little League World Series.


And hit his target again.


And score.


And score again.


Again score again.


Up 4 TD and a Field Goal he turned the reigns over to Brice Ramsey who is a nice looking kid who just doesn’t ever seem to care where he throws the football.


Taylor Lamb from Calhoun was no match for Jake Fromm.


Jake Fromm came to the line of scrimmage on a mission.  He quickly got the plays off and moved the team down the field all night long where Jacob Eason could not.


Bring on Notre Dame.  Are they the


4-8 Notre Dame 2016 season

10-3 Notre Dame 2015 season

8-5 Notre Dame 2014 season

9-4 Notre Dame 2013 season

12-1 Notre Dame 2012 season

8-5 Notre Dame 2011 season

8-5 Notre Dame 2010 season


With all their talent Notre Dame is NOT the 4-8 team Brian Kelly was last year.


59-31 Brian Kelly at Notre Dame.  And that is better than 9-4 but not as good as 9-3 in 8 years this his 8th at helm of Notre Dame.


So Fran Tarkenton got his way and now we’re off to Notre Dame Touchdown Jesus with a true freshman quarterback who looked pretty darn good out there tonight where Jacob Eason did NOT.



Georgia is picked across-the-board by Las Vegas to beat Appalachian State University by 10 points double-digits at 6:15 p.m. Saturday night September 2 less than 100 days away now.

Appalachian State University 11-2 and 10-3 their most recent 2 years has a strong offense.  They return their starting QB for both the last 2 years who always completes 60 % of his passes.  He is from Calhoun Georgia less than an hour outside Atlanta toward Chattanooga.  And they return their starting running back too who averages over 6 yards per rush.  Their running back from North Carolina had 1402 yards rushing last year.

Appalachian State University as a proven winner will put Kirby to the test.

Appalachian State gave the vols all they could handle in the opening game last year 2016 for both teams losing by only by 20-13 in overtime at Neyland so Appalachian State is not coming here to Sanford September 2 as some opening game warm-up for Notre Dame for us.  Kirby’s offense and his special teams will have to show-up September 2nd primed and ready as there are stumbling blocks for Kirby EVERY game if they do not again 2017 as they certainly did not 2016.  You recall Appalachian State University is the team who shocked the world when they won in their opening game over Michigan in the Big House in Ann Arbor Michigan.  I certainly do.  They certainly are looking to ruin the game 2 for Kirby at Notre Dame.

We were still fooling-around with both offense and special teams once the season started last year.  We were not a well-oiled machine on neither our offense nor on special teams at any time last year as a direct result.  And we never got settled-in on either offense or special teams as a direct result thereof as well.

Notre Dame is also picked by Las Vegas to win their game at 3:30 p.m. by 10 points against far-easier Temple.  Temple lost their last game to 7-6 Wake Forest. Brian Kelly in his 7th year at the helm for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish beat Mark Richt’s Miami of Florida Hurricanes at South Bend 2016.

Only 7 teams in the nation have better odds to win 2017 than Kirby according to Las Vegas.

Only 4 teams have a more talented roster than Kirby has for 2017.

There is high expectation for Kirby 2017.

Greg McGarity got testy yesterday when I wrote that he would not suffer through 2017 if Kirby does not live-up to his expectation and AT LEAST get to Atlanta.

If Kirby wins The SEC East 2017 then that means Kirby will be assured of a 14-game season 2017 while the top 2 teams 2017 will play a 15-game schedule.  LSU and Alabama are both ranked at the very top of every poll and both have better talent on-hand than Kirby and the 4th team with more talent than Kirby 2017 is Southern California.  Other teams like FSU Ohio State and Oklahoma figure to do well and so does Wisconsin since they play a soft schedule.

Kirby is supposed to be right in the thick of this 2017 because while he plays a 14-game schedule he will not play a very tippy-top team until The SEC Championship Game.

If Florida or vols win The SEC East they will have done it with less talent than Kirby and that means Florida and/or vols most likely beat Kirby again.   They both beat Kirby last year.   They both lost a lot more talent after last year than Kirby did.  And if Kirby does not get to Atlanta this 2017 season then Greg McGarity will be fired.  There is no question of that.

There are now 97 days for us to get ready and get settled-in on offense and special teams with it now less than 100 days until kick-off against a lot better team than Notre Dame faces in their opening game.





The football game September 21 of 2019 – not next year – but the year after will be a big huge HOME GAME for The Georgia Bulldogs and just when we are fully loaded for bear too. Our Juniors 2019 will be the best class of Juniors in the nation and your Junior Year is THE YEAR for a player to shine. That and his senior year if he is still here. Temple lost their last game last season to a very weak Wake Forest 7-6 team. Notre Dame plays them week one. We on the other hand face VERY TOUGH Appalachian State week one who has gone 11-2 and 10-3 the last two seasons out of Boone North Carolina where the Mountaineers would love to come down here and ruin the match-up of Georgia at Notre Dame game 2 this up-coming 2017 season. Don’t talk to me about Notre Dame. We lost 5 games last year including to 6-7 Vandie thus we did not even have a winning record in The SEC last year.

For God’s sake do NOT start with the blog after blog about the how big the game is at Notre Dame.


We don’t play Notre Dame but Appalachian State while Notre Dame certainly can get healthy against hapless Temple.


Who has it harder to go up there to Notre Dame for Touchdown Jesus them who play Temple who lost their last game last season to a poor 7-6 Wake Forest or Georgia facing HOT Appalachian State 11-2 and 10-3 the previous two years ?


Can you shut-up about Notre Dame and beat Appalachian State ?


Get your heads out of the clouds.



Paul Johnson 3-2 record at Sanford as Georgia gives up 2 unanswered TD to end the game 27-28 as Kirby drops to 7-5 on the season. In the meantime Tom Herman says he was interested to come coach here. Tom Herman NOT interested in going to LSU. Tom Herman takes Texas job. Kirby now 0-1 vs. 5 teams FL GT Vandie vols and Ole Miss. Hey Greg McGarity I hardly see this as any improvement son. Thank you Mike Adam$ for Greg McGarity now 63-29 in 7 years as our AD appointed by Mike Adam$ to replace Damon Evans Mike Adam$ also hired NEITHER of whom should EVER have been AD here.

The tipped pass tipped upward by tentative Terry Godwin costs us the game on the interception with 3:33 left in the game converted for the winning TD on what appeared to me to be a fumble midair after they broke the plane.


That’s how I saw it.


That is too many of these this year Kirby.  7-5 is unacceptable Kirby.


And Greg McGarity that is too many of these in your sad career here.


63-29 Greg McGarity record as our Athletics’ Director a former girl’s tennis coach for a year promoted to this position by Mike Adam$ to replace Mike Adam$ previous puppet AD Damon Evans – neither of whom should EVER have been A.D. of The Georgia Bulldogs Athletics’ Department.


No way.


63-29 Greg McGarity record in football as our A.D.  7 years 63 wins 7 years 29 losses.  You do the math.


Greg McGarity MORE than 4 losses a year for his 9 years as our AD.


Mark Richt was fired for averaging 4 losses per season for his last entire 8 years here and this is no improvement Greg McGarity.


Fire Greg McGarity.





Nick Chubb has 986 yards on the season Isaiah McKenzie 925 and Sony Michel 687 all-purpose yards. Jacob Eason has 13 TD Passes to 6 Interceptions 3 of which were off the hands of our receivers and has now 2075 yards total offense. Brian Herrien has 376 all-purpose yards and 3 TD and is destined to be our top running back. He goes forward.

Evander Holyfield did not graduate from college but his older son did from Auburn Evander Jr. Evander has the 2 Bulldog puppies named Chubbs and Girly whom Elijah used to commit.



This has been a largely unsuccessful offense despite the stars. And the defense certainly got gashed today.


Georgie tek yellowjackets are 7-4 on the season too while J.J. Green started the first 8 games and has 477 all-purpose yards but Georgie tek yellowjackets have been gashed all season in the air in addition to their 23 fumbles in 11 games in front of 47 thousand 503 fans in a city of 7 million downtown in the slums where it is not safe.


But this game is HERE at noon Saturday with no week off this year for us to prepare for their high school offense. Coming off this performance on defense this week that is not a good sign going into a triple option.


Although our special teams had their game of the season today Georgie tek yellowjackets are solid across the board on special teams.


Kirby plays 71 players in the win while he usually only plays 58. But they weren’t played before today so they did not do well.


Georgie tek yellowjackets have not beat any team all season while we have wins over # 17 College Football Play-Off Ranking and 8-3 on the season North Carolina who beat the shit out of Georgie tek yellowjackets. And Kirby has also beat # 15 College Football Play-Off Poll Auburn who goes into Tuscaloosa Saturday before Alabama plays Florida and then on to try to win their 5th national championship in the last 9 years while we’ve been averaging 9-4 these same last 9 years here.


There is a lot on the line Saturday where it will be 62 degrees and windy all week.



Game 11 we’ve been losing in EVERY game all season. But not today. While Kirby cleared the bench the back-ups allowed 2 late TD by Anthony Jennings who was arrested few years back. The former back-up to Zach Mettenberger at LSU now Louisiana Lafayette Anthony Jennings QB whose Dad Willie E. Jennings, Jr. was Bulldogs Nose Tackle from 1990-1993 a four-year letterman UGA from Banneker High in College Park and now lives in Marietta. But this day Anthony Jennings was beat by Isaiah McKenzie Jacob Eason Nick Chubb on a windy day today.

While the back-ups let us down at the end of the game 35-21 Isaiah McKenzie flashed another All-America day today and Nick Chubb too.  Jacob Eason 13-19 for 165 and 2 TD Passes.


There was a pass to Isaac Nauta which went flying-up off his hands believe it or not and right into the hands of ULL.  But they did not score.


The Black-Out was an utter failure.  One-third of the seats were empty and yet the day was last good day to watch Georgia Bulldogs’ football when it is not cold.  It was 80 yesterday and tomorrow night 29 degrees.


A lot of people will be sick Monday or Tuesday.


Of those who did come on out today we had a good time until the end actually never trailing believe that or not too.  But the crowd of two-thirds was maybe half black half red and no Black-Out was recorded.


Another failure for messing with our uniform.


Greyson Lambert contributed to the poor performances by the back-ups given his 1st chance to shine since game 2.


That is a long time ago Game 12 next.


Greyson Lambert botched the exchange and then lobbed a floating pass to the flats which he is not capable of executing which was nearly picked-off with 3:01 second left. They would go right back down the field and score AGAIN after that 3 and out.


Brian Herrien got us a first down and that finally ended it 35-21.


More than the usual 58 got to play but they haven’t been played and Game 12 next so they understandably were not good as back-ups.


We’re on-target for 9-4 now the very average of Mark Richt for the last 8 years so this is now right on-target for 9-4 again for the last 9 years now.


We sure have had some good football players through here these last 9 years now if we can make it to that point of 9-4 average for 9 years now.


3-game win streak for us while other teams struggled today.  Ohio State for example who has already lost a game played a 3-8 team and won 17-16.  They’ll drop in the polls again.  Did I mention Bobby Petrino lost 10-36 Thursday night.  Lol.  Unranked team beat Louisville 36-10.  LSU lost again so they drop out of the polls.


We had this game won 21 to nothing then at the end of both halves we let them back in the game.


When you are up 21 to nothing the other team should not make the score look close.


Beautiful Day in Athens if you love wind and leaves.



Jacob Eason 17 of 31 for 245 yards and a TD Pass. Sony Michel 19 carries for 127 yards and a TD. Javon Wims 5 catches for 90 yards. Isaac Nauta 3 catches for 47 yards. Kirby gets Win 27-24 on road. Deandre Baker with us losing 16-21 took their pass off their shoulder pads with 5 minutes on the clock. Mo Smith with their receiver wide-open 6 minutes to go just up and took the ball away. Kirby earns an A tonight Prime Time. # 1 Georgia Bulldogs’ recruiting class of All-Time with no peer is Kirby’s 2017 Signing Class. Saturday we host Auburn who is Top 10.

That was a great interview by Rodrigo Blankenship after the game Prime Time.  Rodrigo is very well spoken.  He also said what he saw and has seen which I thought was very good as well.  When you are articulate you don’t have to have perspective as well, but Rodrigo Blankenship does.


We’ve been behind in every game now.


Jacob Eason is calm and cool under pressure in the bright lights.


Kirby and Rodrigo are both right about that. So is Jessie Palmer.


Jessie Palmer is a smart guy and he too has Rodrigo Blankenship’s perspective as well.  I have learned to enjoy Jessie’s insights as a very knowledgeable color commentator.   He is right.  He remains right.  He has 2 degrees from Florida and could be doing anything he wanted to do.  He was not all that great a QB but he made some monies in the NFL and parlayed that into his job.  There are quite a few very good announcers nowadays after a bunch of old folks give-up the job who TALK WELL but don’t know jack about football.


Jessie Palmer is good.  Despite playing back-up QB for Steve Spurrier at Florida, I really like Jessie Palmer’s calls.


He does not aggravate me.  He is not partial.  Jessie Palmer is a likable professional announcer with insightful quick technical spot-on analysis.  I did not think I would think much of him.  He has proven he is as good as it gets in the industry.


Freshman Sensation Julian Rochester had 8 tackles forced a fumble and had half our sacks.


Freshman Sensation David Marshall whom Kirby stole from Alabama at the last moment had the other sack and 4 tackles.


Freshman Sensation Tyler Clark had a tackle behind the line of scrimmage for us in Prime Time tonight.


Isaiah McKenzie did all he could do to louse-up the game tonight Prime Time.  They punted and he let it hit at the 28-yard line.  He let it roll to our 3-yard line.  That gave KY a short field after our punt and they scored.


Then he had the 3rd down pass on Jacob Eason’s great throw and ran backwards to take us out of 1st Down and make Kirby kick the field goal.


Then he fumbled the punt.  This is what he does.  He fails to use his hands.  It rolled off his jersey.   He has BAD HANDS.  I am tired of us ONLY playing Isaiah McKenzie like he is our ONLY PLAYER.   Of course they scored ALSO on that Isaiah McKenzie punt FUMBLE again by him as he is so apt to do.


All night long Isaiah McKenzie did all he could do to lose the game for us.  I’m over him.  I’ve been over him.



I felt that our freshmen comported themselves well tonight on Prime Time. Cardiac kids.


I felt Kirby called a critical time-out at 4 minute mark on Defense to hold KY to field goal.   That was excellent.  I am certain there are those who would criticize Kirby on that.  It won the game for us.  He had an answer.


Then, Jacob Eason inevitably takes us down the field and Rodrigo Blankenship makes his 4th field goal on 4 tries as the clock expires.


Jacob Eason scored 11 points in the 4th Quarter. Behind every game all year long frankly Jacob Eason has it.


Kirby had gone for 2 up 22-21 with 9 minutes 13 seconds on the clock. Again I am sure there are those who would criticize this as well.  But Kirby knew the 9 minutes 13 seconds would go away in a heartbeat.  Both teams were running the ball.  It was time to go for 2 despite the clock.


So Kirby gets the needed Win 27-24 on road.


Kirby is also # 3 nationally in recruiting 2017 as his freshmen came up big tonight.  We’ve never had a recruiting class as great as Kirby’s 2017 class.  It is really that good.  # 1 Georgia Bulldogs’ recruiting class of All-Time with no peer.  Why is this so important ?


First Time Players for Kirby 2016 : Jacob Eason is our Starting Quarterback frosh.  Isaac Nauta is our Starting Tight End frosh.  Julian Rochester is our Starting Defensive End frosh.  Marshall Long is our Starting Punter frosh.  Charlie Woerner has had several Starts at Tight End frosh.  David Marshall is our Starting Outside Linebacker frosh.  Tyler Catalina graduate transfer Starting OL. Mo Smith Starting Defensive Back graduate transfer. Javon Wims is our Starting Wide Receiver Kirby picked-up from JUCO route.  9




11-6-2016  Fall Clocks back

Kirby calls critical time-out at 4 minute mark on Defense to hold KY to field goal. Jacob Eason takes us down the field and Rodrigo Blankenship makes his 4th field goal on 4 tries as clock expires. 11 points in the 4th Quarter. Behind every game all year long. Kirby had gone for 2 up 22-21 with 9 minutes 13 seconds on the clock. Kirby gets Win 27-24 on road. Kirby is also # 3 nationally in recruiting 2017 as his freshmen came up big tonight.

Kirby is the consensus # 3 in the nation in recruiting now today after finishing 2016 Signing Date with the consensus # 7 recruiting ranking.