AP Poll comes out next Monday. That is August 19 for 2019. We’re expected to be # 3 facing-off against # 8 Florida # 9 Notre Dame and # 11 Texas A&M and # 16 Auburn during the regular season.

Then you face # 2 Alabama or # 6 LSU.


Then if you get by that then 2 more top 4 teams like # 1 Clemson # 4 Oklahoma or Ohio State currently # 5 all facing schedules NOTHING LIKE THIS.  And Kirby is going to have to throw the damn football.



Saturday Pro Football Hall of Fame for Champ Bailey who was in defensive backfield with Kirby together BOTH 1st Team All-SEC. 12-time NFL Pro Bowls no defensive back in the history of the NFL has more.

12-time NFL Pro Bowls no defensive back in the history of the NFL has more.


52 NFL interceptions Champ Bailey is the best player from his elite family of 4 football players at The University of Georgia.


Drafted in the 1st Round 7th selection.



4th Bulldog in NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame


1st contract NFL $ 12 million dollars coming out of The Georgia Bulldogs with Kirby.

Later signed a 7-year $ 63 million dollar NFL Contract

Worth over $ 30 million dollars


Final UGA season 52 tackles 3 interceptions 47 catches for 744 yards 84 yds rushing on 16 carries 12 kick-off returns for 261 yards 4 punt returns for 49 yards for 103.5 all-purpose yards per game on 957 plays from scrimmage 547 defense 301 offense and 109 special teams’ plays 1998 alone.  Led UGA in Special Teams’ Tackles.  Led UGA in pass break-ups.  Started at CB on Defense AND Started at WR on Offense Started on all Special Teams.  Team Captain. School record in Track and Field he lettered in as well.  SEC Record Track.


Psychology degree UGA  Champ Bailey is one very smart man.


1996 1997 and 1998 Kirby and Champ Bailey played together in our defensive backfield both 1st Team All-SEC.  Kirby also played the year before Champ in 1995.  Kirby as I explained his play for us is the 1 who called the defense for us on the field.  You watched him every down every game call our defense on the field.  He also CALLED THE PLAYS at Alabama for 8 years as their Defensive Coordinator, not Nick Saban – half of the time National Champion during which said time Mark Richt was here the same 8 years not even ranked half the time in the Final AP Poll Top 25.


Roland Champ Bailey


Bronko Nagurski Trophy for Top Defensive Player in the Nation 1998

All-America American Football Coaches’ Association

All-America AP Poll

All-America Football Writer’s Association of America

All-America Walter Camp 1 of 16 for Georgia Bulldogs Walter Camp All-America

All-America Walter Camp Football Foundation

All-America The Sporting News and The Football News

All-America AFCA, AP, FWAA, Walter Camp, FN – all recognized by NCAA Official All-America



Consensus 1st Team All-America – required to be in College Football Hall of Fame

shoe-in College and Pro Football Hall of Fames

4.28 seconds 40-yard dash

45 ” vertical leap



Champ Bailey

Boss Bailey younger brother of Champ

Ronald Bailey eldest brother

Kenny Bailey cousin

-all 4 played for The Georgia Bulldogs


Folkston Charlton County


6 feet 3/4 inch 198 lbs.


Fun to watch here and in the NFL






David Andrews Sony Michel Isaiah Wynn (injured reserve) and Malcolm Mitchell WR injured knee surgery New England Patriots and Todd Gurley II and Ramik Wilson Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl LIII Atlanta 2019.


18 years in a row The Georgia Bulldogs have had a representative in Super Bowls.




47 Bulldogs have lifted NFL Championship Game Trophy through Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta.


18 consecutive season The Georgia Bulldogs have played in the Super Bowl which is the longest streak in The SEC.


UGA Georgia Bulldogs are # 11 all-time in NCAA 1-A wins playing in The SEC quite a feat.







“I been dreaming of buying my mama a house since I was 8 and now to finally do it words can’t explain how happy i am 🙏🏾 I love you ma x1000000000❤️ It’s my turn to take care of you now 🙏” Mecole Hardman Junior to his mom whom he bought home for with swimming pool 1 half million views – same as his signing bonus NFL over 1000 yards here despite being HELD BACK by Kirby.

Mecole Hardman Jr. # 1 athlete nation # 13 football player nation 6 starts for Kirby 6









Placekicker Kevin Butler and basketball great Jarvis Hayes in the Class of 2019 The University of Georgia’s Circle of Honor.

Kevin Butler :

Consensus All-America 1983 and 1984

SEC All-Time Leading Scorer

Chicago Bears NFL All-Time Leading Scorer

1208 NFL points 6th most ever in NFL history

Super Bowl Champ

Only Kicker in College Football Hall of Fame

353 points UGA record for points also SEC # 2 best record-holder in points

Son Drew Butler Punter



Jarvis Hayes

18.6 points per game lead SEC 2002

SEC Player of the Year 2002

55 games reach 1000 points better than  Litterial Green who could not shoot like Jarvis Hayes




Jarvis Jones of Carver Columbus was injured at Southern California who turned their backs on him 2009. A proud Jarvis Jones joins Kirby’s staff 2019 his promising NFL career now over but not before SEC Defensive Player of the year for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs 2012 and two-time Consensus All-America and possible College Football Hall of Fame

4.88 speed in the 40-yard dash

30 and 1/2 inch vertical leap

Darcell Kitchens his older brother was murdered outside of a bar in Richland Georgia, on January 9 2005.


Jarvis Jones was diagnosed with spinal stenosis by Southern California football medical staff who would not clear him to play for the team.


So he transferred to Georgia where he was an all-time star breaking David Pollack’s sack record here.


2011 he had 19.5 tackles for a loss for us with 13.5 sacks leading the SEC and 2 forced fumbles and 26 quarterback hurries here for UGA.


2012 he had 24 tackles-for-loss with 14.5 sacks one interception seven forced fumbles and two fumbles recovered.


How great is that ?


Joining our staff 2019 Jarvis Jones is expected to increase our pressure in the backfield a particular WEAKNESS of the team under Kirby whose defense CONTAINS not presses forward.







“This transfer portal drives me nuts. I’m more about stay and fight. So Justin Fields I don’t get that. I get that Jake Fromm is really good. But I’m the type of person where I never thought about running from competition. I always thought about competing and getting better. So I think it’s kind of a strange situation for this Justin Fields. He is somebody else that doesn’t really have a reason for immediate play and gets a yes. That drives you nuts for the kids. Some people get waivers for immediate play without sitting out a year even. And some people don’t. Luke Ford has family member sick and he can’t play immediately. It just makes absolutely no sense.” David Pollack College Football Hall of Fame calling Justin Fields a GOD DAMN QUITTER. And David Pollack accusing the NCAA of bribes to make Justin Fields eligible and Luke Ford not. The NCAA has coddled Ohio State for many years. It ALWAYS will. It is what the NCAA does. While Ohio State CHEATS. If you think Ohio State did not cheat to get Justin Fields eligible you are a moron. They paid the NCAA money. There is NO OTHER EXPLANATION.


“We are not going to move up in the rankings by what I say. We are going to do it by how we play. We want to talk with our helmets. That is what we always talk about – we want to play a physical brand of football and not do it with our mouthpiece.” Kirby message to DAN MULLEN with his LOSING RECORD in SEC and his LOSING RECORD to Georgia running his God Damn Mouth about Bulldogs whom he hasn’t beat picking on us about what he then does WRONG he criticized us about. Dan Mullen is FULL OF SHIT.

Here Dan Mullen stick THIS up your God Damn asshole.  Shove it up there real good.





Dan Mullen has lost 5 football recruits 2019 in a week in the scandal of QB sexual abuse case of Jalon Jones April 6 yet he the one picking on UGA not us him. Linebacker Dink Johnson. Wide receiver Trevonte Rucker. Defensive end Chris Langston. Cornerback Chris Steele

Dan Mullen has a LOSING RECORD all-time in The SEC.


FU 2019 class has already lost 5 of its 4-star players Chris Steele Jalon Jones Diwun Black Deyavie Hammond and now Arjei Henderson.


Dan Mullen’s recruiting classes have been a joke.  No one can keep up with all these who aren’t there anymore for Dan Mullen.



FU 2019 class has already lost 5 of its 4-star players Chris Steele Jalon Jones Diwun Black Deyavie Hammond




El Cinco de Mayo

( https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/fa/Cinco_de_Mayo%2C_1901_poster.jpg )



( https://d3ui957tjb5bqd.cloudfront.net/images/screenshots/products/118/1180/1180826/14_cinco-o.jpg?1460665494 )



( http://www.oldelpaso.com/~/media/Images/OldElPaso/Blog/happy-cinco-de-mayo/happy-cinco-de-mayo-hero.ashx )









( https://www.cabq.gov/south-broadway-cultural-center/events/cinco-de-mayo-celebration/@@images/d6c6a44e-fa6d-44f0-b80f-53a1c131460d.jpeg )




( http://www.pantanoseatery.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Cinco-de-Mayo.jpg )



( https://img.discogs.com/5a8nGP5rrwS6a-_Pz2oMVhqo7Dw=/fit-in/600×600/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb():quality(90)/discogs-images/R-5933431-1406687049-5296.jpeg.jpg )



“I’d think we did a poor job recruiting if guys were coming in and then immediately walking out the door because it was something different than what they thought it would be and we lied to them during recruiting. Or we sold them on a dream that wasn’t true.” Dan Mullen with his LOSING RECORD All-Time in The SEC.

Jalon Jones had 3 rushes for 63 yards and touchdown but was only allowed to throw the ball 3 times in Florida’s spring game so he quit the team lied to during recruiting by Dan Mullen who did a POOR JOB recruiting Jalon Jones coming in and immediately walking out the door.



Knowshon Moreno for 2 years Now Mecole Hardman Jr for all intents and purposes 2 years too in case you FORGOT. 2016 Kirby held back Mecole Hardman Jr. He was NEVER going to come here with Mark Richt here. Kirby got him to come here then Kirby well HELD MECOLE HARDMAN JR. BACK.

2016 Kirby wanted to REDSHIRT Mecole Hardman Jr. THIS BLOG rallied to the support of Mecole Hardman Jr. and MADE Kirby put him in. Sparingly.


The first SEVERAL games of 2016 Mecole did not play at all despite them being CUPCAKES where a freshman could play.


Kirby LOST 5 games 2016 holding back players such as Mecole Hardman Jr.


For the entire season of 2016 Kirby gave Mecole Hardman Jr. not one run and not one pass.


Kirby WASTED Mecole Hardman Jr. all of 2016.


Mecole had one solo tackle all of 2016.


247Sports.com five-star prospect

# 13 player nationally

# 1 ATHLETE nationally


And Kirby wasted him his freshman year didn’t he ?


Now Mecole Hardman Jr. is the 2nd round NFL Draft Pick with a GREAT FUTURE.


Just as he came here with.


2017 Kirby gave Mecole Hardman Jr. ONE START all season long.

2018 Kirby gave Mecole Hardman Jr. FIVE STARTS all season long.


Thank you Kirby.



Academic Honor Roll student Mecole Hardman Jr. college days were WASTED by Kirby and now he is a star player for Kansas City.


Chiefs get a great wide receiver not that Kirby could throw him 3 passes a game because Kirby DID NOT.


950 yards receiving for the # 1 athlete and # 13 overall best football player in America his entire Kirby Smart Georgia Bulldog career.


At least Knowshon Moreno got the ball 2 years here…



“We’re the University of Florida. When we play in the state it’s a home game. Last year we played a home game in Tallahassee. This year we have a home game in Orlando.” Dan Mullen with his losing record all-time vs SEC.

This has been my contention from the beginning.





College Football Playoff began 2014 and is wildly successful with SEC 7 wins and ACC 5 wins. The other conferences ? Not so much. The Big Ten is a DISTANT 3rd with 2 College Football Playoff Wins. Big XII has NOT won a single game yet and neither have ANY independents. Pac-12 in 5 years and 10 games has won 1 College Football Playoff Game and then LOST the championship. The SEC is 6-3 against the other conferences – by far the BEST RECORD of ANY CONFERENCE.

Georgia has the one appearance but we did not repeat that feat of 2 years ago now.


Oklahoma has LOST all 3 of its games undeserving.


Florida State Michigan State Notre Dame and Washington have all 4 LOST their ONLY game.


Georgia is 1-1 according to the GOD DAMN OFFICIALS.


I was told College Football Playoff had to have 8 teams and NOT +1 as I said ALL ALONG.


They were WRONG on THAT too and I was right on THAT TOO.





Brandi Carlile and Dierks Bentley 54th Academy of Country Music Awards 2019 got on big stage kicking-up her heels for all to see glittering sequence matching boots time of her life. Not at all what we saw yesterday from Jake Fromm who could see his future is baseball.

Brandi Carlile







His wife is Cassidy Black






http://www.thedawgbone.com long time ago now quit updating his site like he used to do.

It’s all too much and he can’t control what folks think anyway.


What is the matter mr. Blue ?


It’s really pretty sad what passes for updates when you look at the list.


He wants to control us and what we think.



Auburn Arkansas and even Miami of Florida are looking to find a QB for this up-coming season. Here there are no questions.

Kirby settled on his QB after just a game the year before last and now Jake Fromm is interested in the NFL Combine and NFL Draft after this season he tells us his Junior year.


Kirby does not have a competition at QB.  There just is not one.



“D’Wan Mathis had three under-thrown balls during the open period including two in a row. An assistant coach told him to make the damn throw.”





Matthew Boling track star runs 10.22 now in 100 meter run fastest in the nation high school 2019 and 20.58 in the 200 meter run at TSU Relays just now and he has signed a scholarship for track at Georgia so why isn’t that converted to football scholarship like Dallas Cowboys did with Bob Hayes who ran 200 meter in 20.5 and 100 meter in 9.9

Kick-Off return Punt return and wide receiver Bob Hayes was converted very successfully to football at both Florida A&M and Dallas Cowboys.


I see no reason not to now convert this track scholarship to football and let him play both sports.  I lettered in 4 sports and there are only 3 seasons so 2 sports is easily accomplished.


If there was a baseball game I was the starting catcher my junior and senior seasons.  If there was a track meet I went to it unless we had a baseball game at the same time and I was only 8 fastest in the state.  If there was track practice and baseball practice I went to baseball practice.  If there was a track meet and a baseball game I went to the baseball game.  I also lettered in basketball.


Matthew Boling let’s throw a few to you and have you try catching a few kick-offs and punts.  I remember well when Bob Hayes tried his hand at football.


Eric Stokes 10.39 and Tyson Campbell is 10.39 in the 100 meter run while D’Andre Swift is clocked at 21.8 mph GPS during games for Georgia and Demetris Robertson 10.46 with James Cook 10.53 and Zamir White 10.58 with Divaad Wilson just after them Tyler Simmons 10.6  But 10.22 is just the fastest on the team of speedsters for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs.





Top Dozen Bowl Games Georgia won with both teams ranked at the very top of the final AP Poll best bowl games all-time. Only Alabama has played in more bowl games than The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs

Top Bowl Games Georgia won and both teams ranked at the very top of the final AP Poll :


2018 Rose Bowl # 3 UGA # 2 Oklahoma down 17 points with 6 seconds before halftime Georgia came from behind forcing 1st Overtime 104 Rose Bowls when in second overtime Lorenzo Carter forced his way through Oklahoma’s vaunted OL and blocked their field goal then Sony Michel scored his 4th Touchdown of the game around left end to win 54-48.  Considered by all to be one of the top 2 bowl games of all-time for Georgia and of the NCAA in the playoffs.

1942 Rose Bowl, # 13 UCLA Final AP Poll, Wally Butts Won Rose Bowl, Wally Butts ended AP Poll # 2 end November Ohio State no bowl game, shut-out Florida in Jacksonville at Fairfield stadium 75-0, beat # 3 Alabama 21-10 when Wally Butts was ranked # 2 at Grant Field, shut-out # 2 Georgie tek yellowjackets 34-0 at Sanford,  SEC top teams 1942 Final AP Poll are # 2 UGA, # 5 Georgie tek yellowjackets, # 7 vols, # 10 Alabama, # 16 Auburn, and # 17 Mississippi State, UCLA is the Pacific Coastal Conference Champion. Frank Sinkwich won the Heisman Trophy and Wally Butts Won the National Championship shutting-out UCLA 9-0 Rose Bowl National Champions according to Berryman Poll, Billingsley Poll, DeVold System Poll, Houlgate System Poll, Litkenhous Poll, Poling System Poll, Williamson System Poll, and according to Sagarin Ratings Poll.   Wally Butts was 11-1, Wisconsin was 8-1-1, and Ohio State was 9-1 not even playing in a bowl game.  1942 SEC Champions. Capacity Crowd, National Stage, everyone watching us. National Champions Wally Butts Georgia.  Charley Trippi Rose Bowl MVP.

1945 Oil Bowl, # 17 Tulsa Final AP Poll, Wally Butts Won Oil Bowl 20-6 New Year’s Day Houston Texas Capacity Crowd National Stage, everyone watching us as Charley Trippi College Football Hall of Fame Pro Football Hall of Fame Won Maxwell Award as Finest College Football Player Won 2 National Championships Football Georgia # 1 Overall NFL Draft Pick NFL Championship Game MVP threw for 1 TD and returned a punt for another TD.

1946 Sugar Bowl, # 9 North Carolina Final AP Poll, Wally Butts Won Sugar Bowl 20-10, beat # 7 Georgie tek yellowjackets at Sanford 35-7, shut-out # 15 Alabama 15-0 at Sanford, beat # 19 Kentucky 28-13, ended season 11-0, and Wally Butts won the National Championship beating # 9 North Carolina in the Sugar Bowl 20-10. National Championship Williamson System Poll. Army 9-0-1 and Notre Dame 8-0-1 and Wally Butts Georgia 11-0 in far better Conference. Capacity Crowd, National Stage, everyone watching us. National Champions Wally Butts Georgia.

1959 Orange Bowl, # 18 Missouri Final AP Poll, Vince Dooley Won Orange Bowl shutting-out Missouri 14 to nothing.  We were 10-1 losing in Columbia to # 16 Coaches’ Poll South Carolina of the ACC.  We were undefeated in The SEC at 7-0-0 while four (4) SEC teams finished the 1959 Season in the Final AP Poll Top 10 Georgia, Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss and Florida # 19.  Pat Dye All-America Guard 1959.  I was at these games here when I recall Dad telling me Fran Tarkenton DeMolay, Dad was leader for, College Football Hall of Fame Pro Football Hall of Fame would fill the air with footballs for that era – beautiful Fall days on our beautiful campus which has only become even more beautiful since. He took me with his seasons’ tickets and specifically pointed out these points to me about the DeMolay that Dad was proud of. Georgia SEC Champions.  Georgia ended # 3 in the Massey Poll, Number 5 in the AP Poll and # 5 in the Coaches’ Poll because we beat # 8 Auburn, beat Alabama, and beat # 18 Final AP Poll Missouri in the Orange Bowl behind Vince Dooley and Erk Russell.

1966 Cotton Bowl Classic, # 10 SMU Final AP Poll, Vince Dooley Won Cotton Bowl Classic 24-9, beat # 5 Georgie tek yellowjackets 27-14 at Sanford, beat # 7 Florida Gators at the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville 27-10, beat Ole Miss # 12 Final Coaches’ Poll 9-3 at Sanford, Georgie tek yellowjackets would end the season # 8 Final AP Poll, Miami of Florida # 9 Final AP Poll who beat Vince Dooley at the Orange Bowl Miami 6-7 in 1966, and Vince Dooley had Georgia # 4 in both Final AP Poll and Final Coaches’ Poll.  Miami of Florida was # 10 Final Coaches Poll, Florida # 11, Ole Miss # 12. Vince Dooley Won National Championship 1966 according to Kenneth Massey Poll which was also part of the Official BCS Polls because we had a better strength of schedule than Alabama.  And, because we had a better Defense than Alabama with Georgia ranked the # 1 Defense in the nation. Georgia SEC Champions.  The Junkyard Dawgs.   Ole Miss had the 2nd best Defense in the nation and we beat Ole Miss 9-3 at Sanford.  I was at these games here. Final AP Poll had Georgia # 4, Miami of Florida # 9 and Georgie tek yellowjackets # 8, with SMU # 10. Erk Russell Georgia Defensive Coordinator. National Championship Vince Dooley and Erk Russell.

1971 Gator Bowl # 18 Final Coaches’ Poll North Carolina.  Vince Dooley & Erk Russell beat # 15 Final AP Poll Ole Miss 38-7 at Sanford. I was at these games here. We lost to # 5 Final Coaches’ Poll Auburn at Sanford 20-35 and that was our only blemish on the season finishing 11-1 same as Alabama. Six (6) SEC teams finished in the Top 15 of the Final AP Poll 1971 Georgia, Alabama, Ole Miss, vols, LSU and Auburn.

1980 Sugar Bowl # 8 Final AP Poll Notre Dame.  We beat # 20 Florida in Jacksonville on Buck Belue’s pass to Lindsay Scott. Run Lindsay Run ! We beat # 14 South Carolina, Independent, at Sanford. All 3 on ABC.  I was there.  12-0 untied, unbeaten, unbelievable ! National Championship including both Consensus AP Poll and Coaches’ Polls after the season.  Georgia SEC Champions.  Herschel Walker, no freshman is going to start for me.  More fodder for Vince Dooley. More for Erk Russell, too, and finally he had to go make his name for himself with the nation’s # 3 best Defense AGAIN – also # 5 best offense – duh !  AND, there were no other unbeaten teams.

1983 Cotton Bowl # 2 Texas.  Texas entered as # 2 and we were # 7.  We ended up # 4 and Texas # 7.  We beat # 20 UCLA, # 9 Florida, tied Clemson at Clemson, and won at Grant Field 27-24. I was at that game too and our games here.  Clemson would end up # 11, Alabama # 15 and we # 4 AP Poll, same as we finished 1982.

1992 Citrus Bowl # 18 Final AP Poll Ohio State.  Ohio State has played 11 bowl games against The SEC and NOT WON ANY, which is why Ohio State is only 24-25 in bowl games while we enjoy 31-21-3 in bowl games – which as you can SEE – is quite the storied history of big bowl games on the national stage everyone watching us.   10-2, we had lost to only # 12 vols and # 10 Florida Final AP Poll Rankings and ended up # 8 ourselves at 10-2 behind Eric Zeier QB and Garrison Hearst RB who thought he would win the Heisman he came in 3rd, and did win the Doak Walker Award top running back, and the ESPN Espy Award Top Outstanding Collegiate Athlete Award.  Watched all this from my seasons’ tickets.

1998 beat # 18 both Final AP and Coaches’ Polls Virginia and were # 14 both polls ourselves. 1997 we were # 10 in the Final AP Poll and 10-2 behind Matt Stinchcomb, Hines Ward, Robert Edwards, Larry Brown, Greg Bright, Kirby Smart and Champ Bailey and won the Outback Bowl over Wisconsin. 1999 we were again # 16 both polls and again beat # 19 Purdue in the Outback Bowl and in 2000 again we were # 17 in the Final Coaches’ Poll. In fact, Jim Donnan’s last 4 years we were # 12 in the nation won/lost record at 35-13, and Vince Dooley did NOT want to replace Jim Donnan but found Mike Adam$ make the decision for Vince Dooley when the only teams better in The SEC were the vols and Florida.  In stark direct contrast to these 12 dozen Big Bowl Games by The Georgia Bulldogs on the National Stage everyone watching us, Mark Richt then was hired by Vince Dooley December 20, 2000 and his best bowl win over a team ranked like these others by us in the Final AP Poll was that in 2004, Mark Richt won the Outback Bowl – more in line with what we were doing at the time.  As a matter of fact, Mark Richt was # 21 won/lost record after 2007 with 32 losses an average of 4 losses a season his last entire 8 seasons here- hardly a step up, wouldn’t you say ?  Saw all this from my seasons’ tickets.

2002 lost to a 5-loss should have been 6-loss Florida team of Ron Zook going 0-13 on 3rd Down Conversions in the game, a recurring theme for Mark Richt – supposedly an Offensive Guru who was in fact a back-up QB, never played and who was NOT groomed to be Head Coach by Bobby Bowden – who was FIRED from FSU. Mark Richt also was not allowed to choose the QB at FSU, but Bobby Bowden as well, who never took Mark Richt under his wings to teach him how to coach at all – nothing taught about when to call time-outs, when to go for it instead of settle for field goals, nothing taught about motivation to Mark Richt, nothing taught about when to play our best players and when to not.  Mark Richt was NOT TAUGHT to be a head coach by Bobby Bowden.  Bobby Bowden never taught Mark Richt anything about hiring a coaching staff.  All of this came to roost in his that..  Vince Dooley was going to teach him these areas he so suffers at, but was fired by Mike Adam$ before he could. Even one 3rd Down Conversion 2002 vs Florida would have won the game – for example.   All of this came to roost in his only head coaching job here the only head coaching job here before being fired from Miami of Florida by the AD of Miami “This is unacceptable that which has happened in this bowl game and all year long as well. ” Mark Richt stepped down right after that.  The last pass by David Greene who overthrew a wide open Terrence Edwards. Even one 3rd Down Conversion 2002 vs Florida would have won the game – for example the last pass by David Greene who overthrew a wide open Terrence Edwards. Again, Florida should have been a 6-loss team on this play, but even this we could not convert.  How is this Mark Richt’s fault ?  Excuse me, this is his chosen QB when at the time I called for DJ Shockley to NOT be redshirted 2001 and to start.  This relegated us to a bowl game against Final Coaches’ Poll # 23 Florida State  # 21 Final AP Poll a 5-loss team after beating 5-loss Arkansas in The SEC Championship Game Georgia SEC Champions in way Down SEC 2002, 2003 beat # 19 Final Coaches’ Poll # 18 AP Poll in the Citrus Bowl getting our butts beat by LSU 13-34 in fact beat by LSU twice 2003 and beat by Florida and so we played in the Citrus Bowl, 2004 won the Outback Bowl again beating Wisconsin again who ended # 17 in the AP Poll and # 18 Final Coaches’ Poll, 2005 was another disappointment with us losing to a lousy Florida team when Mark Richt told us all that Joe Tereshinski III could fill in for DJ Shockley and win when in fact he was the only QB he could have started who could have possibly lost to that lousy Florida team who even lost to 7-5 South Carolina 2005 but beat us and in fact 2005 we ended up the # 3 team of just SEC teams in every single solitary poll behind worse than Alabama and LSU 2005 – Georgia “SEC Champions” losing at the Sugar Bowl that never happened at the Georgia Dome I went to to fall behind nothing to 28 before we even could all sit down from booing Mike Adam$, 2006 we lost 4 games including 1 to Vandie who played 8 SEC teams and we the only 1 they could beat – redshirting Knowshon Moreno don’t need him to beat Vandie 2006 –  2006 you recall Mark Richt told all of us that Joe Tereshinski is a better QB than # 1 NFL Draft Pick Matthew Stafford as well, 2007 we lost to a 6-6 South Carolina team who did not even play in a bowl game and lost to lousy vols’ team who beat Mark Richt by Biblical Proportions 14-35 a 4-loss vols’ team who should have been a 5-loss team who had also beat us 51-33 the previous year and so we beat # 19 Final AP Poll Hawai’i 2007 when in the big games Knowshon Moreno got only an average of 17 carries and in fact redshirted him so we got to see him only 2 years, then began the real bad streak for Mark Richt since – basically unable to beat anyone or maybe even better put losing to everyone after 2007, seen all this from my seasons’ tickets, too, unfortunately and dog-tired of it all on the eve now of us unranked AP Poll going to JAX to lose to # 11 Florida – unranked team losing, that is what we are half the years after 2007 now.  There is little need to detail all of this after 2007 including Mark Richt telling us that Joe Cox with flu and his chronic shoulder keeping him out of practice once or twice a week all season was our best shot in Stillwater in 2009 when pre-game I called for Zach Mettenberger to start vs Okie State 2009 who nearly beat Matt Ryan and the Falcons today and would have had his receiver not dropped a TD pass thrown of 50-yards downfield.  We have the Cam Newton is never going to be our QB because he is only a TE from Mark Richt who said that Aaron Murray is a better QB than Cam Newton, and the debacle of telling all of us once again that Nick Marshall would only play db for us – that Mark Richt thought Hutson Mason was better than Nick Marshall as QB, only to watch Nick Marshall lead Auburn to the NC game – something Mark Richt therefore still has never accomplished here either as a direct result.  He does not like dynamic Quarterbacks like Cam Newton, DJ Shockley and Nick Marshall – preferring game managers who have not done diddle-e-squat for him and us.  This on the heels of choosing Aaron Murray as his starting QB really in 2009 which is why he did not play Zach Mettenberger 2009 vs Okie State to win that game, because he did not want us to want Zach Mettenberger as our Starting QB which we would have done, and he knew it.  Aaron Murray I said at the time 2009 would be his downfall as coach here and would cost him his job that and the lousy job he did in choosing his coaching staff.  Aaron Murray would go on to have 10% of his plays either a fumble interception or sack and he called his own number more than half the plays – either checking out of Mark Richt’s call into his own number, or if his own number was called, keeping the play called.  For # 8 talent around Aaron Murray, he was # 27 in Won/Lost Record his 4 years as our starter, and no one ever was groomed to be his back-up QB even.  Very frustrating for an Offensive Coordinator paid over $ 4 million dollars a year through 2015, whose offense is stale, old school, out-of-date and an utter failure # 90 Passing Offense last year with Hutson Mason and # 80 this season with Greyson Lambert – who lost his job as starting QB at Virginia for God’s sake.  As a fan at the games for 58 years, this crap of we do it the right way and Mark Richt is the guy everyone wants his son to play for has grown old – as has the AJ-C’s attempt to rewrite the e-mails sent to Jere Morehead and Greg McGarity as positive mostly they said while the Athens Banner Herald reports that of 28 such e-mails 24 are of the UGA Thomas Brown fan club and only 4 are of the we love Mark Richt support – give the guy more time after 15 years of meaningless bowl games.  In fact, Greg McGarity said to ABH today : “That’s why sometimes you’re numb to it,” he said. “… It is just typical of the type of email traffic we receive on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. It doesn’t surprise me because people are passionate.”  He does not care one iota as you can see, yet his record here sucks as our AD, hired to replace Damon Evans by Mike Adam$ who hired BOTH.  We’re passionate ?



# 12 won/lost 1997-2000 http://football.stassen.com/cgi-bin/records/calc-wp.pl?start=1997&end=2000&rpct=0&min=0&se=on&by=Win+Pct

# 21 won/lost after 2007 http://football.stassen.com/cgi-bin/records/calc-wp.pl?start=2008&end=2014&rpct=&min=&by=Win+Pct

I will NOT support ABH pay per view http://jacksonville.com/aggregator/sources/109?page=1






We have played in 55 Bowl Games.  31-21-3


Only 3 teams have won more bowl games than we have.

We are 31-21-3 in Bowl Games.

Only Alabama has played in more bowl games than Georgia.


Texas has not done as well as we have in bowl games and neither has Alabama, and neither has Nebraska.  In fact, only Southern California has done better than us in Bowl Games !

As you can readily see, we are certainly one of the very exclusive few best at bowl games, right ?

However you slice it, Georgia certainly has gone to more bowl games, won more bowl games, and have a higher percentage of these way more bowl games we’ve been to we won than all teams except Alabama.



College Football News.com says Georgia will be 11-1 and Florida will be 8-4 in the regular season. Kirby has to get over the hump with Alabama or 11-1 becomes 11-2 and then we are OUT of the Play-Offs again leaving 12-2. We made Texas’ year going 11-3 last year instead.

I think we are going to be BETTER 2019 than 2018.


We have Texas A&M Kentucky Notre Dame South Carolina and Missouri in Athens.  We give up the revenue for Athens going to JAX every year but that has to be coming to an end hopefully 2021 when that stadium is going to have to be replaced anyway someday down there.


Auburn Vandy vols and Tech are all on the road but Dan Mullen is a dud for the gators with his losing SEC record all-time running his God Damn Mouth.


2019 College Football Early Predictions For All 130 Teams







Dan Mullen : “I’d think we did a poor job recruiting if guys were coming in and then immediately walking out the door because it was something different than what they thought it would be and we lied to them during recruiting or we sold them on a dream that wasn’t true.” “Listen winning one SEC Championship Game doesn’t make you a dominant program you know what I’m saying?” In two of the last three years we’ve been to the SEC Championship Game. So even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while.” 2015 and 2016 Florida Gators coached by Jim McElwain played Alabama in The SEC Championship Game. “We” ? Dan Mullen is 38-42 vs SEC all-time a losing record.


Mecole Hardman Junior takes the top award for best UGA Georgia Bulldog at NFL Combine 2019 with 4.33 in 40-yard dash

He came here with the top credentials did well and left with the top credentials.  In between he could have been better utilized here.



Mecole Hardman Junior  Wide Receiver

40-yard dash: 4.33 seconds
Vertical jump: 36.5 inches
Broad jump: 119 inches
Bench press: 17 reps



# 3 best Quarterback in the nation from Jacksonville Florida the # 7 best player overall in the state of Florida chooses James Coley OC and Todd Hartley TE coach for Kirby just when 86 % figured he would QB at hour away gators. This moved Kirby all the way up to # 12 in the nation for next year 2020 which will be true senior then Jake Fromm’s last season here. 6′ 4 and a half Nick Saban wanted him Steve Sarkisian but Kirby got 226 lbs. QB Carson Beck.


Mike Griffith DawgNation (dipshit) wants to take the ball out of the hands of Jake Fromm and put it in the hands of Stetson Bennett IV and Dwan Mathis on 3rd Down and short and 4th Downs and goal line situations. That is dumb as shit Mike Griffith.

Let me get this straight so I have it what you just said this morning Mike Griffith :


“James Coley could work in an RPO run pass option package with true freshman 17-year old Dwan Matthis who has NEVER played a play at all ever anywhere and Stetson Bennett IV who has played 4th string and junior college both of whom have relatively good speed which would then certainly add an element Georgia was oddly missing last season while also making the most use of the program’s talent.”






Stick this up your God Damn dumb shit asshole Mike Griffith.


Jesus Christ fool.


On every crucial 3rd and short and 4th and short and goal line situation take out Heisman Top 10 Jake Fromm and remove him from the field and put in instead totally unproven guys who came here knowing both of them that Jake Fromm beat out both Jacob Eason and Justin Fields who are ten times better than Stetson Bennett IV and Dwan Matthis.


What a dumbass you are Mike Griffith.


They PAY YOU MONEY to talk shit like this Mike Griffith ?


Seriously boy ?


You sit there and figure this shit all out by yourself and this is why they PAY YOU all that money at AJ-C DawgNation Mike Griffith  ?



Alliance of American Football AAF Atlanta Legends (stupid shit name) are 0-3 to start much like the Falcons. Birmingham and Orlando are both 3-0 undefeated to begin. The games are played at Georgia State stadium (Ted Turner Field) capacity 20 thousand.



Their official webpages does NOT work.



What is the common thread here ? Everyone wants to see Georgia play Ohio State. Everyone wants to see Georgia play Oklahoma. Everyone wants to see Georgia play LSU. Everyone wants to see Georgia play Texas A&M. Everyone wants to see Georgia play Clemson. Everyone wants to see Georgia play Auburn. Everyone wants to see Georgia play Alabama. Everyone wants to see Georgia play Texas. Everyone wants to see Georgia play Notre Dame. Everyone wants to see Georgia play Florida. Everyone wants to see Georgia play Michigan. Those teams are NOT playing everyone. They don’t want to. They want us to. They are jealous of our talent since Kirby took over. Kirby out-recruits them all.

Well the common thread is that EVERYONE wants to see The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs play every other good team.


Almost half of them think we would lose or hope we would or want us to lose and the other slightly more than half the folks think The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs could or should win over every one of these teams based on the talent of recruiting rankings # 3 two years ago followed by # 1 last year followed by # 2 this year.


Go Georgia Bulldogs !



ESPN ranks UGA today # 3 based on the last 4 years in players coming back and recruiting which is where we have been ranked # 3 the last 3 years now in a row under Kirby. A far cry from where ousted Miami coach Mark Richt had us before Kirby. But we play too many top teams and Clemson # 1 and Alabama # 2 do NOT by STARK CONTRAST. So we are MORE worn down and them fresh. So # 3 for 3rd year in a row.


Mark Richt is NOT going to go coach somewhere else. Good Lord fools.

Happy Valentine’s Day !


Preacher man not steal from Miami but no compunctions not to here. His athletics’ directior told him to quit Miami so he did the next day “unacceptable performance all season long” his AD said day before he quit. Putting in Faton Bauta and never taking him out even after 4 interceptions yet no running plays for a running QB. Not firing Willie Martinez instantly. Not firing Todd Grantham instantly. All his projects he brought here to minister to and watched them embarrass him and have to be kicked off the team here. Being totally stupid. Losing 18 of his last 24 games against the top 15 starting after 2007. Not bring the talent in here like Kirby is doing. Schottenheimer disaster. Jeremy Pruitt hated Mark Richt so why did Mark Richt hire him either ? His hires sucked from the beginning. Mark Richt only coached at 2 schools and he was RUN OUT OF TOWN ON A RAIL FROM BOTH. One faster than the other and both for the same reason LOSING. Losing to CUPCAKES in addition to losing the BIG GAMES. He did both every year. And he did not care and made no bones about saying he didn’t. Mark Richt stated that he would not be judged on his wins and losses. Yeah he was and his AD at Miami and EVERYONE in Miami and EVERYONE here all wanted his sorry ass gone. So he is gone from both. Good riddance. Who in the hell cares what kind of a nice guy he was ? He got run out of town on a rail from the only 2 places who ever did hire him as coach and for CAUSE. We paid him $ 50 million dollars at UGA.   Swimming Pool for the team photo bullshit. And how about “Don’t spike it” he told little Aaron Murray 3 times so that we could have one shot instead of 3 from point-blank range against Alabama ? Oh there is the # 1 in the nation pre-season CONSENSUS both AP and Coaches’ then first big game we played Alabama # 6 in the nation and fell behind 31 to nothing at the half on national TV. No there are too many moments of frustration for this Georgia boy to EVER FORGET. I hated Mark Richt with all my heart. God Damn Mark Richt and his bullshit roster management. God Damn his bullshit losing to CUPCAKES every year. I am so frustrated with Mark Richt that the Mark Richt Apologists will NEVER have their way with me. Maybe you. They are and were so full of shit. My number one gripe is that in 15-game seasons for the top teams DISNEYDAWGS.COM Mark Richt Apologists told me that he “NEARLY” won more than 9 games a year. He was here 15 years. He won 145 games. That is 9.6 wins a year not 10. Don’t lie and stretch that to 10. It is in fact 9.6 wins in 15-game seasons for the top teams. Kirby IS averaging more than 10 wins a season. Mark Richt did NOT. Mark Richt was incompetent here and at Miami. Why is he not coaching here or there now this year ? Because no one here or there wants him to. Got that ? Manny Diaz got hired by Temple. THEN and ONLY THEN did Mark Richt wait a little over 2 Sunday Church meetings and then he quit. His AD at Miami had criticized him widely for the ENTIRE season this year. Once Mark Richt waffled on all this all he did was cost Miami of Florida nearly $ 5 million dollars they had to pay-out to Temple to hire Manny Diaz from Temple. You can thank Mark Richt for that. He hasn’t coached after 2007 season. He is just stealing money. That Mark Richt’s last dealings with Miami of Florida were to rip them off too for another $ 5 million buyout of Manny Diaz from Temple seems right on target the continuing saga of a guy who NEVER GAVE A SHIT ABOUT WINNING and never will. 0 for 13 at 1st Down Conversions vs. Florida 2002.  His record vs Florida.  Such as losing to Vanderbilt when Vandie did not beat ANY SEC team except for Mark Richt. Mark Richt was hired by UGA and by Miami of Florida to WIN in FOOTBALL. He was NOT GOOD at that and LOST HIS JOB at BOTH PLACES because of his (1) losses to CUPCAKES and because of (2) his inability to win the big games and (3) because Mark Richt felt that he was NOT judged by his wins and losses when he DAMN SURE was. Wasn’t he ? At BOTH Georgia and at Miami. Athletics’ Director ?  Are you out of your God Damn mind fool ?  Neither school will look back at Mark Richt eras and consider them anything but a FAILURE compared to their goals. Mark Richt ? He doesn’t care. It is NOT how Mark Richt judges himself.





I am not rooting for Jacob Eason nor Justin Fields. Why the hell would I ? Jesus Christ what kind of a idiot would think we want these 2 to do well at competitors of our program who quit our program here thereby speaking poorly of us because neither one could beat out Jake Fromm. They left because they could not beat out Jake Fromm both of them. They think they can take their team to the national championship. I hope with all my ability that they do NOT. And that we do by direct stark contradiction to them wanting to do that well there. Look they both NEITHER have the job here because Jake Fromm does have THEIR JOB here. Got it ? They quit. They could not handle the heat. They left. Do I want them to do well ? Hell no. How stupid can you be ?

Excuse me.  I am a Georgia Bulldogs’ fan in case that surprises you in some God Damn fashion.



Donald Trump whom democrats want impeached got one and a half BILLION DOLLARS for the rest of 2019 alone to build the wall to keep illegal Mexicans out of our Southern border. DEMOCRATS give DONALD TRUMP one and half BILLION for MEXICAN WALL. Did you get that ?

We are NOT the police for the world but we are the police for our Southern Border which is being overrun by illegal Mexicans.


Thank you DEMOCRATS for all this money for just the remainder of 2019 over one and a half billion dollars for the fence.  We should be able to build a pretty good fence for that.


Buy the supplies and put them at the border and I will go help build it for free for you.


No labor cost.


No shipping cost.


I will bring the fence to the border from wherever it is in the U.S. free.


I will bring a load of metal posts cement the metal fence and the ties free.


I will do the labor myself.


All of us of a like mind.


That’s MILLIONS of us.


Thanks to the democrats giving us one and a half billion dollars just for the remainder of 2019.


The border is 1954 miles long.


We can buy 300 feet of metal fence with all the materials to install it for $ 1772 dollars.


That is only $ 60 million in cost for the fence.  So one and a half billion dollars could all be given back to the government.


Or hire labor from Mexico and have them build it with the remaining one and a half billion dollars.


30 thousand times 300 feet is the 1954 miles Mexico U.S. border.


Each 300 feet of fence materials in total are $ 1772 per 300 feet.


30 thousand times $1772 is only $ 60 million material cost for the metal fence and metal poles and metal ties for the metal fence.  You turn the sharp points UP.







So $60 million is my proposed cost of the fence. Not counting cement or labor.


They keep their yards like trash.


They do NOT have valid driver’s licenses.  They have their kids here.  We have to make them obey our laws like get an education in English.


Way to go democrats.


Thanks for the $1 and a half BILLION DOLLLARS just until the end of 2019.







I told you we would recruit better with OUT Mark Richt and I told you that Mark Richt would not do SHIT at Miami of Florida and would be forced-out there just as he was here. He isn’t a coach. He DOESN’T CARE about winning. It’s not what is his measure he thinks – he has told EVERYONE forever. His Athletics’ Director said Mark Richt’s job was TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE and the next day Mark Richt announced he was RETIRING. Hell he hasn’t coached after 2007. What has happened to all those fans who told ME that now they are Miami of Florida fans ? Are they fans of retirement now ?

God Damn Mark Richt Apologists.


Wrong AGAIN.



“I have no regrets about my time at UGA and have no hard feelings for the school or football program. My overall experience at UGA was fully consistent with UGA’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.” You are a dumbass for coming to UGA when you knew we had already found our QB in Jake Fromm and that Jake Fromm held that position forcing Jacob Eason to transfer himself prior to your dumbass showing-up here. You thought you could beat-out our incumbent quarterback who took us to the national championship game beat Notre Dame on the road won The SEC Championship and won the Rose Bowl over Oklahoma. So I have no GOD DAMN IDEA what you mean Justin Fields that you “HAVE NO REGRETS.” Sure you do dumb shit. You regret coming here in the first place. It was a mistake. You wanted to start given Jake Fromm’s fantastic season last year and so you joined us anyway AFTER he had done that. You are a dumb shit and a LIAR Justin Fields. Have fun at Ohio State with a head coach who has NEVER COACHED SHIT prior. Have fun playing ALL THOSE CUPCAKES Ohio State plays EVERY STINKING YEAR. If we had those cupcakes on our schedule here you would have gotten plenty of snaps here this year and next year.

But Jake Fromm is NOT going to the NFL this year and you could NOT beat him out.  That’s on you Justin Fields although I would have played you MORE here this year.


And Jake Fromm is NOT going to the NFL this up-coming 2019 season either and you knew that too.  In fact you knew that this time last year when you came here despite the fact that you would NEVER beat out Jake Fromm when our head coach would NOT EVEN let Jacob Eason come back from his injury and replace Jake Fromm after Jake Fromm went on the road and beat Notre Dame.


These are the facts.


(1) You would NEVER beat-out Jake Fromm 2018.

(2) Jake Fromm would NEVER go to the NFL 2019 this up-coming NFL Draft because he is NOT eligible.

(3) Jake Fromm would NEVER go the NFL 2020 because he isn’t that good.  Not yet he isn’t.

(4) It would be 2021 before Jake Fromm is gone to the NFL in whatever status that would be then.


2017 season took over for injured Jacob Eason or Jacob Eason doesn’t give up the job.

2017 beat Notre Dame on the road thus preventing Kirby Smart from returning to Jacob Eason who had NOT DONE THAT.

2017 beat Auburn in the SEC Championship Game beat Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl Game.

2017 took us to the national championship game where ONLY bad ref beat Jake Fromm NOT AL.

2018 you could not unseat this guy with this history whom the fans of THIS STATE wanted as QB.

2019 season coming-up Jake Fromm has to play is incumbent and you didn’t get the job. Not yet.

2019 season Jake Fromm is eligible for NFL afterwards but not good enough yet to be drafted high enough to go early after this up-coming season.  You know this too Justin Fields.

2020 season after THAT then Jake Fromm would have been gone and you would have been eligible for the NFL draft and already drafted and higher than Jake Fromm.

So what do we have ?

We have one dumbass QB at Ohio State playing NOTHING BUT GOD DAMN CUPCAKES all 2019.  Have fun up there in the cold where you can play cupcakes.  Tell yourself how well you are doing against said cupcakes Justin Fields.  Get drafted into the NFL.  But don’t tell ME you went to Georgia.  You QUIT Georgia.  You could NOT beat-out our incumbent QB who was ALREADY ENTRENCHED here when you got here you total dumb shit.


And THAT is on YOU Justin Fields.


Got it ?


Did you notice no big-time QB came here this year Justin Fields ?


Should NOT have last year either once Jake Fromm beat Notre Dame.


You’ve known for 2 years now nearly Justin Fields that you SHOULD NOT HAVE COME HERE.


Dumb shit.  Piss Off.  Don’t let the screen door hit you in the ass on the way out.



falcons have purposely and systematically NOT selected 56 UGA Georgia Bulldogs for their rosters because they are AFRAID of the comparison and don’t want to feed Bulldog Nation with MORE PRIDE. And falcons have suffered greatly from this. Here are the cold hard facts on this right here every player falcons shunned for WORSE PLAYERS instead the falcons chose. Dumb shit falcons

  1. Bill Stanfill falcons passed on Bill Stanfill 1969 draft no falcon any good great db 2 Super Bowl champs Cairo
  2. Jake Scott falcons passed on to choose 6 picks instead none any good great db 2 Super Bowl champs Super Bowl MVP 3 Super Bowl appearances
  3. Terrell Davis falcons passed on to choose 6 picks 1995 before Terrell Davis was drafted none any good Hall Fame rb 2 Super bowl champs Super Bowl MVP
  4. Champ Bailey falcons picked 9 nobodies 1999 draft none any good Hall Fame db 12-time Pro Bowl Folkston
  5. Andy Johnson falcons picked 5 absolute nobodies instead good running back Athens
  6. Horace King of 5 falcons picks prior to 6th round Steve Bartkowski only good 1 good rb Athens
  7. Matt Robinson great QB NY Jets & others falcons passed on 5 times 1977 North Springs
  8. Mike Moon pie Wilson great OL falcons passed on 3 times before 4th round 1977 none any good
  9. Willie McClendon falcons passed on twice 1979 draft great rb none falcons amounted to shit Brunswick
  10. Ray Donaldson falcons picked Nebraska player instead who never did shit 1980 draft great center Cowboys Super Bowl champ Rome
  11. Scott Woerner falcons picked him but falcons were awful 1981 losing 9 games
  12. Terry Hoage 1984 falcons whiffed on him too picking 4 zeroes who never did shit great db
  13. Guy McIntyre 1984 falcons selected 4 nobodies 3 times Super Bowl champs 5 times Pro Bowl great OG Thomasville
  14. Herschel Walker 1985 falcons refused to take him either taking 3 others instead only 1 of which ever accomplished anything 2-time Pro Bowl 8225 yards rushing NFL 512 Receptions 4859 yards 82 TD Wrightsville
  15. Kevin Butler 1985 falcons passed on made 265 of 361 NFL field goals Super Bowl champ Redan
  16. Rodney Hampton 2-time NFL Pro Bowl Super Bowl Champ 1990 falcons chose Steve Broussard instead who did jack shit
  17. Garrison Hearst Lincolnton 1993 draft Pro Bowl rb but falcons wanted Lincoln Kennedy instead who did not make falcon’s team but did go to Super Bowl later when falcons traded him falcons so suck I gave up my season’s tickets to falcon’s games tired of watching all this shit I know only oh too well.
  18. John Kasay Pro Bowl made 461 of 563 field goals 1970 NFL points in 1995 falcons chose Brett Favre but traded him for Tony Smith a rb who ran for 2 TD total while Brett Favre who was Super Bowl champ 11-time Pro Bowl who threw 10 thousand NFL passes for over 500 TD Pro Football Hall of Fame falcons suck
  19. Hines Ward 3rd round NFL Draft Super Bowl MVP Super Bowl champ 3-time Super Bowl appearances 4-time Pro Bowl 1000 NFL catches for 12 thousand yards 85 TD surefire NFL Hall of Fame falcons chose Jammi German and Bob Hallen before Hines Ward drafted. German caught 20 passes for 294 yards total and 3 TD in his lifetime out of Miami. Hallen never did dog shit out of Kent State so much better than Georgia Bulldogs obviously.
  20. 2000 Charlie Clemons Linebacker St. Louis Rams won the Super Bowl
  21. Richard Seymour 3-time Super Bowl champ one-time Super Bowl loser All-Pro 5 times
  22. Guy McIntyre appeared 3 Super Bowls OL 5-time All- Pro
  23. Clarence Kay appeared 3 Super Bowls
  24. Patrick Pass appeared 3 Super Bowls 3-time Super Bowl champ Tucker Georgia
  25. Thomas Davis 1 Super Bowl appearance
  26. Mo Lewis Pro Bowl
  27. Todd Gurley II Pro Bowl 3 times Super Bowl appearance
  28. Sony Michel Super Bowl champ
  29. Nick Chubb
  30. A.J. Green
  31. Geno Atkins
  32. Matthew Stafford
  33. Justin Houston
  34. Jordan Jenkins
  35. Leonard Floyd
  36. Malcolm Mitchell Super Bowl champ
  37. Matt Stinchcomb Parkview
  38. Verron Haynes North Springs Super Bowl champ
  39. Randy McMichael TE 4539 yards receiving NFL
  40. Will Witherspoon 951 tackles NFL
  41. Jon Stinchcomb Parkview Pro Bowl Super Bowl champ
  42. Boss Bailey 305 tackles NFL
  43. Sean Jones 513 tackles NFL Safety
  44. Ben Watson 5885 NFL yards receiving Super Bowl champ
  45. Tim Jennings 2-time Pro Bowl Super Bowl champ led NFL interceptions
  46. Charles Johnson All-Pro de Super Bowl appearance
  47. Knowshon Moreno over 5000 NFL yards
  48. Matthew Stafford Pro Bowl 38526 NFL passing yards
  49. Reshad Jones 2-time Pro Bowl 759 NFL tackles
  50. Geno Atkins 7-time All-Pro DT 71 NFL sacks
  51. Justin Houston 4-time Pro Bowl NFL sacks leader 78 NFL sacks Statesboro
  52. A.J. Green 8907 receiving yards NFL 7-time Pro Bowl 63 TD
  53. Alec Ogletree 2nd team All-Pro 594 tackles NFL inside linebacker Newnan
  54. Ramik Wilson
  55. Roquan Smith Montezuma Rookie All-Pro
  56. So falcons despite Charley Trippi NFL Championship Game MVP and Fran Tarkenton 3-time Super Bowl loser Len Hauss 5-time Pro-Bowl and Jimmy Orr wr career receptions for 7,914 receiving yards and 66 touchdowns Super Bowl champ falcons have purposely and with riposte not chosen Georgia Bulldogs so as to NOT compare falcons to The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs. To have them separate. To NOT have the 2 tied together. And so falcons have inexplicably purposely not selected UGA Georgia Bulldogs for falcons’ rosters so as to alienate Georgia Bulldogs from falcons. And so all over this state of Georgia we watch all these Georgia Bulldogs do so well in the NFL but not on falcons’ teams but on every other team instead.  So all these others listed above here on this blog post by me were SKIPPED OVER by falcons in favor of players from places like Kent State from places like Nebraska who collectively have been far worse for falcons than these UGA Georgia Bulldogs they could have taken in the draft for their roster instead.  Dumbass falcons. Did you notice how many of these UGA Georgia Bulldogs are Super Bowl champ ?  Well did you Rankin Smith and Arthur Blank ?  Because the falcons NEVER have been.  And NEVER will be as long as you on purpose choose non-Bulldogs so that you do not make the comparison WORSE for falcons.

And so Falcons have alienated the entire state of Georgia. And sucked as a direct result thereof.



48 former UGA Georgia Bulldogs have lifted the NFL Championship Game trophy. Here they all are listed in order.




  1. 1967 Zeke Bratkowski QB Green Bay Packers beat Kansas City.  1969 Jimmy Orr WR Baltimore Colts  New York Jets beat the Colts 16-7. Orr had  three catches for 42 yards in the gamet is known for being wide-open in the end zone on a flea-flicker only to have Earl Morrall throw to fullback Jerry Hill resulting in an interception by Jets’ safety Jim Hudson.
  2. 1971 Jimmy Orr WR Baltimore Colts Baltimore Colts beat the Dallas Cowboys 16-13.  1972 Jake Scott Safety and 1972 Bill Stanfill Defensive End Miami Dolphins both Miami Dolphins.  Dallas Cowboys beat the Dolphins 24-3.  Scott played with a broken left hand and broke his right wrist in the game.
  3. 1973 Jake Scott Safety Miami Dolphins won the Super Bowl and was named MVP and
  4. 1973 Bill Stanfill Defensive End Miami Dolphins and Len Hauss Center Washington Redskins.  Dolphins beat the Redskins 14-7.  Jake Scott Super Bowl MVP had two interceptions he returned for 63 return yards one a 55-yard return from the end zone in the 4th quarter to win the Super Bowl.  Jake Scott is my friend and should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Jake Scott is QUITE the nice guy.  I know.
  5. 1974 Jake Scott Safety Miami Dolphins and
  6. 1974 Bill Stanfill Defensive End Miami Dolphins and Fran Tarkenton Quarterback Minnesota Vikings.  Dolphins beat the Vikings 24-7.  Jake Scott recovered two fumbles in the game and had 45 punt return yards.
  7. 1975 Dick Conn who led The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs in Interceptions 1972 with five (5) Defensive Back Pittsburgh Steelers and
  8. 1975 Bobby Walden Punter Pittsburgh Steelers and Fran Tarkenton Quarterback Minnesota Vikings.  Pittsburg Steelers 16 Minnesota Vikings 6.  http://www.georgiadogs.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/082203aai.html
  9. 1976 Bobby Walden Punter Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers 21 Dallas Cowboys 16.1977 Fran Tarkenton Quarterback Minnesota Vikings. Oakland Raiders 32 Minnesota Vikings 14. Then 1978 Bucky Dilts Punter Denver Broncos.  Dallas Cowboys 27 Denver Broncos 10.
  10. 1982 Guy McIntyre Offensive Lineman San Francisco 49ers who won 26-21 over Cincinnati Bengals.  1982 Mike Moonpie Wilson Offensive Tackle Cincinnati Bengals.
  11. 1985 Guy McIntyre Offensive Lineman San Francisco 49ers who won 38-16 over Miami Dolphins.
  12. 1986 Kevin Butler Place Kicker Chicago Bears who won 46-10 over New England Patriots who were like the Falcons back then.  1987 Freddie Gilbert Defensive End Denver Broncos and Winford Hood Offensive Lineman Denver Broncos and Clarence Kay Tight End Denver Broncos.  Remember all these guys ?  I sure do.  I was a huge fan of the NFL BEFORE the Super Bowls. But 1987 Denver did not win.
  13. NFC NFL 27 Super Bowl Wins AFC AFL 24 Super Bowl Wins.  Before that the NFL won EVERY YEAR.  It was called the NFL Championship Game.  Charley Trippi Won the MVP on the NFL Championship Game.  In fact the first several were NOT even called the Super Bowl.  The 2 leagues merged in 1970 when I had been attending Georgia Bulldogs’ Football games at Sanford for 14 years that season already on my Dad’s Seasons’ Tickets and then later-on on my own Seasons’ Tickets along with my Dad having his too.  Now the NFL turns its collective backs on the NFL prior to the Super Bowl like it didn’t even exist.  Sure it did.  It was huge.  It still is but College Football has lots more following and more attendance.  1988 Winford Hood Offensive Lineman and Daryll Jones Defensive Back and Clarence Kay Tight End ALL 3 of the Denver Broncos.  Washington Redskins won 42-10 over Denver Broncos.
  14. 1989 Guy McIntyre Offensive Lineman San Francisco 49ers won Super Bowl.
  15. 1991 Rodney Hampton Running Back New York Giants won Super Bowl.
  16. 1992 Terry Hoage Safety Washington Redskins won the Super Bowl.  1995 Shannon Mitchell (UGA 1990-1993 with Eric Zeier Garrison Hearst Mack Strong Terrell Davis) Tight End San Diego Chargers lost to San Francisco 49ers.
  17. 1996 Ray Donaldson Starting OL 58 East Rome High 1980 2nd Round NFL Draft Pick National Champion Georgia Bulldogs Consensus UGA All-America 17 years NFL 6 Pro Bowls won the Super Bowl Championship as the Center on the Dallas Cowboys and won while Andre Hastings Wide Receiver Pittsburgh Steelers lost.   1997 Hason Graham Wide Receiver New England Patriots lost to Green Bay.
  18. 1998 Terrell Davis Running Back Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl and was named MVP over  Jermaine Smith Defensive Tackle Green Bay Packers.
  19. 1999 Terrell Davis Running Back Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl again.
  20. 2000 Charlie Clemons Linebacker St. Louis Rams won the Super Bowl over 2000 Larry Brown Tight End Tennessee Titans.   2001 I looked at the rosters Baltimore Ravens and New York Giants and I don’t remember one.
  21. 2002 Patrick Pass Running Back New England Patriots and
  22. 2002 Jermaine Wiggins Tight End New England Patriots won the Super Bowl.
  23. 2003 Jermaine Phillips Safety Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl and
  24. 2003 Tim Wansley Cornerback Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl too over Matt Stinchcomb Offensive Tackle Oakland Raiders
  25. 2004 Richard Seymour Defensive Tackle New England Patriots won the Super Bowl and
  26. 2004 Patrick Pass Running Back New England Patriots won Super Bowl over 2004 John Kasay Place Kicker Carolina Panther and Jermaine Wiggins Tight End Carolina Panthers and Will Witherspoon Linebacker Carolina Panthers
  27. 2005 Patrick Pass Running Back New England Patriots won the Super Bowl and
  28. 2005 Richard Seymour Defensive Tackle New England Patriots and
  29. 2005 Ben Watson Tight End New England Patriots won the Super Bowl
  30. 2006 Arnold Harrison Linebacker Pittsburgh Steelers won and
  31. 2006 Verron Haynes Running Back Pittsburgh Steelers won and
  32. 2006 Hines Ward Wide Receiver Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl and was named MVP over 2006 David Greene Quarterback who never threw a pass in the NFL Seattle Seahawks.
  33. 2007 Tim Jennings Cornerback Indianapolis Colts won the Super Bowl
  34. 2008 Danny Ware Running Back New York Giants won the Super Bowl over 2008 Richard Seymour Defensive Tackle New England Patriots and Ben Watson Tight End New England Patriots
  35. 2009 Hines Ward Wide Receiver Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl over 2009 Leonard Pope Tight End Arizona Cardinals
  36. 2010 Charles Grant Defensive End New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl and
  37. 2010 Jon Stinchcomb Offensive Tackle New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl over Tim Jennings Cornerback Indianapolis Colts
  38. 2011 Jarius Wynn Defensive End Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl over 2011 Hines Ward Wide Receiver Pittsburgh Steelers
  39. 2012 Danny Ware Running Back New York Giants won the Super Bowl over Tom Brady
  40. 2013 Dannell Ellerbe Linebacker Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl and tonight he won another Super Bowl representing The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs for Philadelphia
  41. 2013 DeAngelo Tyson Defensive Tackle Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl over 2013 Demarcus Dobbs Defensive End San Francisco 49ers
  42. 2014 Chris Clemons Defensive End Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl over 2014 Champ Bailey Defensive Back Denver Broncos and Knowshon Moreno Running Back Denver Broncos .  2015 Demarcus Dobbs Defensive End Seattle Seahawks lost to New England.  2016 Thomas Davis Linebacker Carolina Panthers and Charles Johnson Defensive End Carolina Panthers lost to Denver.
  43. 2017 David Andrews Started and won the Super Bowl and played every play for the New England Patriots all season long as their Starting Center except for 4 plays. And he started 11 of 14 games his rookie season last season for New England.  David Andrews won 2017 Super Bowl vs Falcons who were ahead 27-3 and lost.  David Andrews Started and played every play for the New England Patriots all season long as their Starting Center except for 4 plays.  And he started 11 of 14 games his rookie season last season for New England
  44. 2017 Malcolm Mitchell who had Started 6 of 14 games as WR won the Super Bowl coming off the bench for his big game against the Atlanta Falcons for the New England Patriots this his rookie season with 401 receiving yards with 4 touchdowns on 32 catches and had a catch in the win over the Steelers to send the New England Patriots to play Atlanta in Houston today 6:30 p.m. Eastern. Malcolm Mitchell injured his knee but will try to play.   Malcolm Mitchell won the Super Bowl 2017. He had Started 6 of 14 games as WR for the New England Patriots this his rookie season with 401 receiving yards with 4 touchdowns on 32 catches and had a catch in the win over the Steelers to send the New England Patriots to play Atlanta in Houston .  Malcolm Mitchell injured his knee but tried to play and put-away the Falcons with his great 2nd half 2017 Super Bowl.
  45. 2018 Dannell Ellerbe Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl over David Andrews and over Malcolm Mitchell New England Patriots.
  46. David Andrews 2019 Center New England Patriots
  47. Sony Michel 2019 running back New England Patriots
  48. Isaiah Wynn (injured reserve) 2019 OL New England Patriots and Malcolm Mitchell WR injured knee surgery New England Patriots (Todd Gurley II and Ramik Wilson Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl LIII Atlanta 2019 losing team.)


48 Bulldogs have lifted NFL Championship Game Trophy including David Andrews twice.


18 consecutive season The Georgia Bulldogs have played in the Super Bowl which is the longest streak in The SEC.


UGA Georgia Bulldogs are # 11 all-time in NCAA 1-A wins playing in The SEC quite a feat.







Missouri may have wins over Florida and vols vacated 2018 season and is placed on 3-year NCAA Probation in FOOTBALL for providing impermissible benefits to FOOTBALL student-athletes by a lady tutor who told the NCAA that she was informed 1 of the football players had to pass the course to graduate so she took the online course for him and did work for several other football players including a math placement test for another player. Dawn of the Dawg calls this a “tudor” uh no that is a style of house dipshit reminiscent of the English royal dynasty which held the throne long ago.




Kyle Funderburk aka dumbass states this morning :  “The punishments also include 10-year show-cause order for the tudor”




Dawn of the Dawg.com Fansided all total dumb shits Kyle Funderburk.




Who cares that Justin Fields is the # 1 player (and Angelo Gibbs # 37 player) in the TRANSFER PORTAL ? A player who left quit the team because he could NOT get on the field enough here. I don’t care about such a player. Not now. Not ever again. Get LOST Justin Fields.

Ok so you were criticized for coming here.  Guess what ?  I don’t give a shit about you.


You quit us.  Was I supposed to follow you at Ohio State without Urban Meyer  because they paid their coach six million who should not have been hired as Urban Meyer’s replacement ?


The Big Ten is a God Damn joke.


Stick it up your asshole Justin Fields.



14th largest stadium in the world and Top 10 largest in the nation Sanford Stadium.

Largest stadiums in the world including standing room only with permanent capacity :


  1. 114000 Rungrado 1st of May Stadium North Korea
  2. 107601 Michigan Stadium was 97 thousand 239 in 1955
  3. 106572 Beaver Stadium Penn State was 83 thousand 370 in 1990
  4. 104944 Ohio State was 91 thousand 470 in 1994
  5. 102733 Kyle Field Texas A&M was 82 thousand 589 in 2013
  6. 102455 Neyland Stadium vols was 80 thousand 250 in 1976
  7. 102321 LSU Tigers was 80 thousand even 1994
  8. 101821 Bryant–Denny Alabama was 92 thousand 012 in 2009
  9. 100119 Darrell Royal – Texas Stadium was 85 thousand 123 in 2006
  10. 100024 Melbourne Cricket Ground
  11. 99354 Camp Nou Barcelona Spain
  12. 94736 Soccer City Johannesburg South Africa
  13. 93607 Southern California Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum was 92 thousand in 2007
  14. 92746 while 2018 is 93246 Sanford Stadium Bulldogs was 86 thousand 117 in 1999



UGA Georgia Bulldogs’ cornerback Deandre Baker is one of those pussies who despite being 100% healthy and a projected first-round NFL Draft pick and having an invitation to test himself against the nation’s best in the Senior Bowl simply declined. I hope he goes undrafted. Are you too good to play with The Mighty Bulldogs Deandre Baker ? Texas would’ve showcased your skill too to move you up in the draft. “Oh I might get injured.” One of THOSE pussies Deandre Baker.

Bulldogs’ cornerback Deandre Baker is one of those pussies who wouldn’t play against Texas fearing injury and now fearing injury will not play in the Senior Bowl.  After these 2 snubs by Deandre Baker everyone is expecting this one of those pussies to refuse to compete in the NFL Combines too.


Get lost Deandre Baker.  FU



JR Reed # 84 best our only player listed for top 101 players in the nation for the 2018-2019 football season (There was 1 other listed but he was afraid and so he didn’t help us play the bowl game 1 of those pussies.) ProFootballFocus top 101 players nationally in college 2018-2019 season. JR Reed. He is the only 1 of the top 101 Players ProFootball Focus.com for 2018 JR Reed for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs. (They did say there was another guy but he didn’t play 2019 bowl game against Texas so he wasn’t there to play in the game – and I will NEVER forget the sorry son of a bitch for it.)

#  84.     J.R. Reed, Safety, Georgia  UGA Bulldogs 2018-2019 season


“J.R. Reed put forth an elite coverage grade in 2018, finishing the year with an 89.5 grade in coverage as he was seemingly in the right position at the right time for the Bulldogs. He chipped in with 12 defensive stops and limited receivers to no receptions longer than 36 yards,”