Ben Cleveland REDSHIRTED 2016 so Kirby could lose 5 games. Not given a START until Kirby’s last 5 games of 2017. Then only 8 STARTS 2018 and given only 6 STARTS all of 2019. Generally referred to as one of the top Offensive Linemen in the NATION Ben Cleveland has been HELD BACK by Kirby


Andrew Thomas and Isaiah Wilson both declared for the 2020 NFL Draft, and they both announced they would not be playing in the 2020 Sugar Bowl. What we have here are a COUPLE of GOD DAMN pussies who are afraid they might get hurt playing football.


Isaiah Wilson was held back by Kirby repeatedly, like Isaiah Wilson was in Kirby’s doghouse. Now, Isaiah Wilson has LEFT Kirby to be drafted in the NFL Draft early. It brings to an end one of the most bizarre cases of underutilization of a top talent in the history of collegiate football. Only a Redshirt Sophomore Isaiah Wilson is now gone. He was NOT ALLOWED BY KIRBY to play AT ALL 2017 season. Instead much smaller players were played instead by Kirby, and they did NOT do well 2017 and are NOT in the NFL now either. Consensus 5-Star player from New York, ranked the # 2 best prospect in the United States of America, Kirby did NOT play Isaiah Wilson. Kirby foolishly found no use of him. So Kirby force-fed him out of the line-up while the press and I repeatedly asked. He was Redshirted just when we needed him most, like Knowshon Moreno here too. Had he played, Kirby might have won the NC 2017. THIS BLOG tried to get Kirby to play him. Then last year Kirby let Isaiah Wilson out of Kirby’s doghouse and gave Mr. Wilson 6′ 7″ and 340 lbs. as redshirt freshman 14 starts. And Kirby took him in and out of the lineup, seemingly like Kirby thought he might get tired or something stupid like that. Kirby lost 3 games with that strategy last season. This year Kirby has played Isaiah Wilson in 11 games with 10 STARTS in 13 games to-date. Mr. Wilson will NOT participate in the Sugar Bowl. So for this season, 10 starts this year and played some in 11 games played of the 14 this season. Puzzling redshirt season with the often criticized offensive line lineup Kirby sent out there 2017. A thin group. Isaiah Wilson would have made a HUGE difference 2017. At least Mark Richt got some use of Knowshon Moreno when Mark Richt was not redshirting him. We saw both of them for parts of 2 years only. Sad. Isaiah Wilson was wasted. Good job Kirby you DUMB FUCK. Despite ALL THIS, Isaiah Wilson was up for the OUTLAND TROPHY AWARD. It is utterly amazing how Kirby meddles with our offense having never played offense and NEVER COACHED it, either.

Isaiah Wilson


Thank you for your great effort when you got to play.


Mr. Wilson, we will miss you like we do Knowshon Moreno whom we got to see 2 years only.  Of course, we got to see Justin Fields, another 5-star recruit like Isaiah Wilson, for only 1 pass per game for one year only.  Now,Justin Fields is a finalist for the Heisman Trophy Award.


Good moves on Offense Kirby, wouldn’t you say ?


I see there is still some debate if Kirby is going to have to do something about his ill-performing Passing Offense which sits # 76 nationally this year.


It’s wonderful all these top recruits want to come here.


Too bad we WASTE them when they do.


Isaiah Wilson is Kirby’s Knowshon Moreno.  Frankly, there are SOME MORE FOR KIRBY ON OFFENSE besides JUST Isaiah Wilson whom Kirby has continued to hold-back on offense.  The purpose of these moves appears to me to be Kirby making a point that the press can’t tell him what to do and that the recruiting services are WRONG about these offensive players.


No they are NOT Kirby.


It’s YOU who is wrong.




Kirby same as EVERY OTHER YEAR with 2 LOSSES to SEC teams EVERY YEAR for 4 years in a row now and the top OFFENSES twice passing what Kirby passes # 75 Passing Offense all 4 years and 2600 passing yards with 23 TD passes. Now go make your GOD DAMN EXCUSES for Kirby. There are NONE. All this talent. It’s BULLSHIT Kirby. 12 LOSSES 4 years Kirby. 3 losses a year. 3 losses last year. Disappointment. 12 losses Kirby 4th year here. Not good.


Don’t BEGIN to tell me this is a successful year.  Bullshit it is losing to South Carolina at our house and losing to LSU in Atlanta for yet again another LOSS at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium for Kirby 10-37 blown-out again by LSU Joe Burrow the same as Joe Burrow did to Kirby’s bullshit offense last year also 16-36.  No difference only WORSE this year.


Bull shit.


What kind of a fucking offense is that Kirby ?


What kind of God Damn special teams is that Kirby ?


Going to have some more secret practices Kirby ?


I think EVERYONE knows Kirby.


Dumb fuck.


3 choices Kirby.  Modernize your offense and special teams Kirby.  Or either hire someone who can fix your offense and hire someone to fix your special teams.  Or become just a defensive coordinator because THAT is all you can coach.  You are a special recruiter Kirby.  Stay on as Defensive Coordinator and head recruiting coach.  Go to the NFL and coach defense.  Leave head coaching Kirby to someone with experience on offense and on special teams and someone who can conduct a press conference and hold a practice.  You are OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND Kirby with this bull shit offense of yours and no traction on special teams and unable to hold a practice and unable to hold a press conference.


Too many weak areas Kirby.  Not a spring chicken.  You have 12 LOSSES 4th year and 4th year is NOT over.  Going to play in another bowl game you can’t get your guys to get up to play Kirby ?


Sad 10-37.


$ 6 and a half million dollars a year for this Kirby ?  12 losses 4th year. 4th year too of # 75 passing offense. Laughable special teams.  Unable to conduct press conference. And no idea how to practice thinking it should be a secret so NO ONE can second-guess you Kirby. Guess what Kirby ?  We ALL can see with our own eyes what you practice and you can’t conduct practices to get your players ready. Just all you can do is be in charge of EVERYTHING and do ALL of it poorly except your defense and your recruiting.


With all this talent # 75 passing offense half what the top teams do passing every year Kirby 4 in a row ALL THE FUCKING SAME Kirby and with ALL THIS TALENT.


That’s all you know Kirby defense and how to recruit.


You looked like SHIT out there all season on offense and on special teams Kirby.  You looked like shit against South Carolina and you looked like shit tonight against LSU.  You’re 0-2 against LSU and 0-2 against Alabama. You’re 1-3 in Atlanta Kirby.  You’ve LOST 12 games 4 seasons so far. Frankly this is NOT what I signed-up for Kirby.  You’re too conservative.  You NEVER had ANY chance against LSU Kirby.  NONE.


There is NO EXCUSE with all this talent for this team to be HALF of the top teams in passing 2600 yards passing and 23 TD # 75 Passing Offense for the 4th God Damn Year in a row for you Kirby and there is NO EXCUSE for 12 losses in 4 years either Kirby nor any reason under the sun that this team with all this talent should be 11-2.


Sad Kirby.  Sad performance son.  Poor coaching.


Wow Kirby !  That is really unacceptable.


Unacceptable tonight.


Unacceptable for the season.


Unacceptable for 4-year Kirby era to-date.


Unacceptable offense and special teams.





12 LOSSES 4 years of Kirby is average 3 losses per season for Kirby. $ 6 and a half MILLION DOLLARS for that ? Can’t even see he needs an offense ? No idea on special teams ? No concept of a press conference ? Lifetime defensive coach with NO EXPERIENCE OFFENSE SPECIAL TEAMS or press conferences and frankly BAD at practice hiding it from press too. GOD DAMN AWFUL.


This season all boils down to THIS. It is a successful season if we WIN. If we lose to LSU it is NOT a successful season 2019 for UGA Georgia Bulldogs. FAILURE is NOT success. LOSING to South Carolina AND LSU 2 SEC losses again for 4th season in a row under Kirby is NOT a success. Only with MARK RICHT did we AIM to win 10 or 11 wins in a 15-game season for the TOP TEAMS. If you are one of THOSE then you are in the WRONG blog here. I will consider 2019 a success iff we WIN over LSU whether we then beat LSU again next game or NOT and whether or not we beat Ohio State or Oklahoma. Oklahoma does NOT deserve to make playoffs playing 12 cupcakes. That’s BULLSHIT. We already beat 3 top 15 teams.


Although Kirby is 1-3 at Atlanta Mercedes-Benz everyone says, we are Home RED and will have 3 to 1 advantage in crowd and Kirby’s Defense WILL BE LSU’s biggest challenge defensively 4 p.m. CBS Saturday # 4 UGA Georgia Bulldogs welcoming # 2 LSU with the last playoff poll to come out DIRECTLY AFTER the GAME. 2 can lose and drop to 4 leaving UGA higher at # 3 to play # 2 Ohio State or we are LEFT OUT again with a loss. It’s that simple tomorrow afternoon. See you at the pot of pre-game rally Jambalaya.

Kirby has to PASS the ball and do something on special teams not just stand there and hand it to Kirby’s offense to run the ball up the middle only kick field goals and punt them stacking the box.



OK I get it. Here is what we are told this morning. LSU wins by 7 according to the experts in Las Vegas and we play Baylor according to CBS in a bowl game no one cares about again. LSU far better passing offense. LSU far better offensive coordinator. LSU is IN the play-offs ALREADY according to ESPN win or lose against us. So we would have to play them twice either loss knocks us out because of our LOSS to lousy stinking South Carolina. NOT a word about beating # 14 Notre Dame # 8 Florida and # 11 Auburn which are BETTER wins than LSU on the road too. D’Andre Swift is not going to play. Jake Fromm has thrown less than 50 percent completions every game for 5 games in a row now. Georgia will have to score 4 TD to tie LSU and we are NOT going to do that with our offense according to AM 680 the fan. I get it LSU is # 1 and we’re # 4 picked to lose by 7 and be left out again but this QB has beat some BIG TEAMS. Isn’t he due ? And our Defense is an ERK RUSSELL DEFENSE ! We do know our DL and our OL are the absolute strengths we put forward. Kirby has out recruited Ed Orgeron too. Why can’t UGA Georgia Bulldogs beat LSU ? Instead of telling our team what they can NOT do why not give them at least one snap Saturday to see if they came to play or not ? We have stable running backs – more than fine. We have GREAT receivers – not serviceable. We have DEFENSE they don’t NOT to our standard. I like our chances. I pick us.

Because YOU say we can’t we MUST lose ?  Wouldn’t it matter MORE what OUR GUYS think of their effort Saturday ?  I mean if OUR GUYS WANT IT…


We certainly know what is involved.


We weren’t up for Texas last year.  Now here we are where we ONLY WISH we were last year.  Remember where we were the year before last ?


We’re a year deeper in Kirby Smart’s recruiting this year.


18 eighteen 5-star recruits.




I believe we will win.  I would RATHER be us than them.  Forget our losing record at Mercedes-Benz Atlanta. We get our 2nd win there.


I think Jake Fromm has a BIGGER GAME than Joe Burrow who absolutely KILLED Kirby last year 16-36.





Confirmed OUT for LSU game 2019 Justin Shaffer OL neck a junior from Cedar Grove several STARTS 2019 (possible medical redshirt but played 6 games so can not be a redshirt year) Lawrence Cager (Miami of Florida) shoulder separation WR 9 games 6 STARTS D’Wan Mathis (Ohio State) brain surgery on cyst true freshman probably medical redshirt not count on roster. It’s December 3 – that is an amazingly short list confirmed out. Now there are more injuries to BOTH LSU and to Georgia. LSU INJURIES : Tory Carter FB. Michael Divinity Jr. GRADES not eligible before January 1 of 2020 a LB. Todd Harris Jr. a Safety knee injury out of game vs UGA Georgia Bulldogs. Kardell Thomas OL ankle OUT. Dee Anderson WR suspension OUT for Georgia game – all but kicked-off team all of 2019 season. So we ain’t the only one. GET OVER THE INJURY BULLSHIT. BEAT LSU !

  1. Tory Carter FB.
  2. Michael Divinity Jr. GRADES not eligible before January 1 of 2020 a LB.
  3. Todd Harris Jr. a Safety knee injury out of game vs UGA Georgia Bulldogs.
  4. Kardell Thomas OL ankle OUT.
  5. Dee Anderson WR suspension OUT for Georgia game – all but kicked-off team all of 2019 season.


So we ain’t the only one. GET OVER THE INJURY BULLSHIT. BEAT LSU !




Paul Finebaum : “Georgia doesn’t want Alabama. They’ve been down that road. And they’ve had the same result. And that’s the problem.”

Auburn beat Alabama on 2 back-up quarterback pick sixes and missed field goal for 2nd loss this season by Alabama.


LSU on the other hand is whom it is we get.


Our wins over Notre Dame Auburn and Florida are looking better and better.



There aren’t any excuses. You either beat LSU or play Baylor or again Oklahoma but in the Sugar Bowl. It’s that simple. Next man up. You can’t sit there and waste words about injuries. LSU Saturday. Win and move on. Lose and it’s last year all over again 11-1 lose and be left out. Are we ready to make the next step ? If not this year then when ?

If we had not LOST to South Carolina then win or lose against LSU we would have been in.  If a bullfrog had wings he could fly instead of bumping his ass across the rocks.


It would be a shame to waste this defense this season but our special teams and offense have to have the game of our lives Saturday.


There is no question in my mind that our wins over Auburn Florida and Notre Dame are the best 3 wins in college football 2019 season.  There is NO consolation prize Saturday. It was hard to get our guys UP for Texas last year and we face Baylor or Oklahoma this year Sugar Bowl if we do not beat LSU.


We have to beat LSU.


Don’t waste my time telling me we have this injury.


This is football.


You win or our dream is over again for the 39th year in a row.


What do I care about Dabo Swinney for ?  Who cares that they do NOT even play a single top 25 team all season long in the stinking ACC ?  THAT is noise.  Ohio State playing Wisconsin ?  Who gives a shit ?  We lose and # 5 Utah is in with a win over Oregon.  Is that simple enough for you?


Don’t waste my time talking about ANY of that.  Beat LSU.


There is no tomorrow.


You have to WANT it !





Thank you Kirby for getting us here.  Now we have to be man enough against a team hell bent on scoring who beat us last year 16 to 36 to give us 17 losses and a tie compared to only 13 wins by us over LSU.



We needed that win last year and LSU embarrassed us.





Clemson does NOT belong in the College Football Playoff 2019-2020 season because it will have played the # 31 Strength of Schedule SoS. In fact the next nearest stinking ACC team SoS is # 43 Louisville while UGA Georgia Bulldogs are Top 10 SoS. In fact 6 of the top 10 toughest schedules SoS are SEC this 2019 season. Notably # 12 SoS is South Carolina and # 13 toughest schedule 2019 is Notre Dame. When you see a team left OUT of the 2019 playoffs this will be the reason why. Utah’s best win is over 6-5 Arizona State laugh out loud.


TO HELL WITH GEORGIA TECH like my daddy used to do.  Georgia Tech SoS 2019 is # 70.







D’Andre Swift 100 yards 5 times this season 1100 yards (22nd UGA player over 1000 yards season) so 19-13 win over Texas A&M to even the series 3-3. Jake Fromm 33-6 Starter. Rodrigo Blankenship 4-4 field goals 2nd all-time SEC leading SCORER.

Tyler Clark senior gets sack with 5:57 seconds left at midfield making it 2nd and 20 forced stupid Jimbo Fisher PUNT.  Never got ball back. Brian Herrien first down behind Woerner block 2 seniors for the win 2:59 left.


D’Andre Swift


TO HELL WITH TECH like my daddy used to do before me.





# 8 Total Defense Kirby 2019. Awesome. 268 yards per game. # 13 for 2018. # 6 for 2017. # 16 for 2016 for Kirby. Kirby has a FINE DEFENSE which is why we hired him and what we expected of Kirby. But Kirby exceeded our expectations recruiting. And Kirby took a major step to NOT BE STUBBORN and Passed the ball against Florida and he stepped-up Kirby’s Special Teams against Florida with a punt return and 3 kick-off returns. Keep it up Kirby. Thank you Kirby.


“Overreaction City. Constant complaining and negativity. Have you been saying the Dawgs have no chance at the SEC championship or playoff this year ? It makes you annoying as hell. Once you’ve unloaded from the band wagon stay off.” Oh I see you are a GOD DAMN FAN because you criticize what we’ve been doing too but are a GOD DAMN WIMP and think only you can say how badly we’ve been doing and then THROW IN YOUR piss ant EXCUSES like you did with Mark Richt for his last 8 years of 32 losses averaging 4 a year slightly more than Kirby’s 3.3 losses a year. Look dimwit there are NO EXCUSES. Setting up this game as an EXCUSE pre-game now you say that all bets are off if it rains or that Kirby is so great at second half adjustments. Dumb shit. Kirby starts off slowly against EVERYONE. Do that again today and the game will quickly get out of hand. Florida has an offense. Do you only watch our games ? Jesus Christ. Florida has it going on and yes sir our offense does NOT. Call it like it is. Put some pressure on Kirby to not just call running plays up the gut. Dumbass. What Kirby is good at is NOT 2nd half adjustments but coming-out and running every first and second down. It is after all what you are saying too brookstilley you punk.

Forget all your excuses.


After you get through with all your excuses what we are all left with is that Kirby is young and inexperienced as a head coach with little or no experience at all ever anywhere coaching special teams nor coaching offenses so our special teams and our offense SUCK.


Forget you if you think I will shut up or not say that. Sure I will.


Just as surely as you will sit there making excuses.


The difference in us is that I was here 2 decades before Herschel Walker so I have seen national championships unlike you.


You are one aggravating little son of a bitch.


Look Village Idiot we can CRITICIZE if we want. You can say you are NOT but don’t then do.


Do as you say not as you do.


You can say you do not criticize (Oh ok call you Chuck Dowdle.) but you can not say you don’t criticize then every word out of your mouth is where we are jacked-up and have to do as you now say we have to do to fix our issues on special teams and our issues on offense.


I call it like it is.


We better fix these issues on special teams fair catching every punt and kickoff with all this talent and speed at running back and wide receiver. And we better fix this shit of running up the middle every first and second down for 7 consecutive possessions in a row to begin the game and punting all 7 except for one 4th down and 1 we failed on.


That was the 16th time that Kirby failed to get 200 yards rushing them stacking the box against Kirby.  He has LOST 9 of the 16 games held under 200 yards rushing.  It’s Kirby who will not let Jake Fromm pass the ball – not Jake Fromm who can’t pass the ball.


It’s coaching.  We ALL know that except for you.


I now return you to your own Chuck Dowdle.


It is best to say we are no good where we aren’t. And if we fix it it will be because some of us are not so rose-colored glasses that we kept saying we needed to keep Mark Richt with 32 losses his last entire 8 seasons here.


What we need to fix we all agree on even you in your post.  Once you get passed the part where you say if you criticize you are off the bandwagon you gave us every excuse in the book which you are quite good at and then you leveled the coaching staff for their play calls and called all different plays.  What a jerk you are.  Talk about aggravating.   We better fix those you point out today and then you criticize us.


Even you criticize us. So are you off our bandwagon ? I have been to 17 Georgia Florida games down there in Jacksonville and have been close-up on TV twice. I am NO bandwagon fan with seasons’ tickets since 1957. I remember Fran Tarkenton filling the Fall air with footballs then as now considered quite different from “Kirby Ball.”


And just what is Kirby Ball ?


  1. Fair Catch every kickoff and punt so we can call only run plays to wear them down
  2. Run every 1st and 2nd downs and some 3rd downs maintaining # 75 Passing Offense 4 years
  3. Do not pressure their QB and oh yeah get penalized every play undisciplined



It is a recipe for losing this game that got you to write what you did prior to the game today to highlight that which you too think Kirby must do differently to win.  Only you do not say you have to want it.  Kirby all too often is stubborn and gets taken advantage of multiple times back-to-back.  I am TRYING to tell him to fix that.  You seem intent on being an Internet Bully and not allow me to.


Good luck with that.


And good luck to Kirby with that boring approach to today’s exciting game.  Trust me Florida will be trying to take advantage of where they have talent.  Kirby will be teaching lessons by not playing our guys.  Watch. Turn them LOOSE Kirby !


In other words play football as it was known back in the day before the forward pass.


We are TRYING to send the message that THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE that Kirby has been doing AGAIN this year with us the # 75 Passing Offense ALL 4 YEARS of the Kirby Regime.


Kirby tells special teams who and what and tells offense who and what.  If you think Mark Richt did not or that Kirby does not then well I return you to your post today so full of shit saying just that dumb shit.


We don’t like his substitution rotation on offense and special teams nor do we like those play calls nor not pressuring their QB.




Stick THIS up your God Damn dumbass asshole brookstilley.


I know what it takes to spur our coaching staff on to get the most out of all this talent and I do not give a shit what you think about us doing that.  When only 3 other teams (NOT FLORIDA) have more talent than Kirby then I do NOT accept losing to a 3-5 team. I blame the head coach.  Execution ?  God Damn it.  We ran the ball on both first and second downs 10 times in the game you mother sucking father raper.


It is after all what you are saying too brookstilley you punk.



1. Tyler Simmons Senior 1st string announced by Kirby today as STARTING Z-Receiver and 1. Matt Landers Redshirt Sophomore X-Receiver as THE STARTING Wide Receivers for Florida. God Damn it Kirby Smart you dumbass. Quit meddling with the offense you don’t know JACK SHIT about Kirby and NEVER COACHED. These are NOT your best wide receivers just the oldest. This is BULLSHIT Kirby that with all the young WR you START these guys instead. Then NEVER throw them the God Damn Football Kirby.

Are we to believe that since only you get to see all the practices Kirby that YOU KNOW who are the best WR to START at these positions against our # 1 Rival ?


Bullshit son.  Bull shit.


Do not be surprised to see many of your best wide receivers quit your team Kirby and go to the transfer portal.  You are so FULL OF SHIT Kirby on your personnel decisions and your play calls.  You prefer the older players to the young studs and you prefer fair catch and hand-off to RB every first and second down.  Guess what Kirby ?  I don’t.  I play my best players.  You ?  Not hardly.


Leave our offense alone Kirby.  You don’t know what you are doing on offense or on special teams.


And frankly Kirby you have no clue about personnel decisions either obviously.





Kirby forced Jake Fromm to run the ball consecutively on first and second downs back-to-back ten (10) times against a team stacking the box and STOPPING THE RUN while ALSO BEATING Kirby at the time. We did boo and boo and boo and boo and boo Kirby’s bullshit play calls. Yet there remains some discussion about BEGGING Kirby to respond to THIS CRITICISM. Excuse me ? Why is Kirby # 72 Passing Offense ? Because Kirby runs the ball up the middle on first and second downs. Even when Kirby is LOSING. Even when we BOO Kirby for it. Did you HEAR ME that time ? Well did you punk ?

Kirby insisted we run the ball consecutively on first and second downs back-to-back ten (10) times against a team stacking the box and STOPPING THE RUN while ALSO BEATING Kirby at the time. We did boo and boo and boo and boo.  Now Kirby has no GOD DAMN ANSWER to this.


Kirby meets with the press.  And the press are such GOD DAMN WIMPS that they accept that Kirby does NOT reply to this criticism.  Kirby will NOT answer the press on this. Kirby IGNORES the press asking him about this booing and booing by the fans for his running first and second down 10 times even losing even us booing Kirby for it.  Kirby REFUSES to answer the press about it changing the topic to yes we are thinking only about Kentucky and running first and second down every time all this week again too with Kirby’s # 72 Passing Offense.  This is what Kirby does.  Control freak.  Fans booing.  He runs up middle first and second downs 10 times against South Carolina ANYWAY and refuses to answer direct questions from the press about it.  He ducks the question.


It’s such bullshit and bad that the press lets Kirby get away with this ignoring the press asking Kirby about it.


Kirby will ANSWER for this.


I guarantee it.


God damn stubborn son of a bitch.




“We have to do a better job getting the ball to playmakers in space as well as trying to get the ball outside a little more and we have to take more shots downfield.” D’Andre Swift outspoken critic to the press on our offense. In other words D’Andre Swift says all we do is run the ball up the middle. Did you get that ? D’Andre Swift said all this to the press. You stand behind Kirby Smart ? Or you agree Kirby Smart MUST CHANGE HIS OFFENSE like D’Andre Swift says Kirby must change the offense ? Which is it ?


30-2 when Kirby runs for 200 yards or more in his 4 seasons now means Kirby is LOSING RECORD 7 wins 8 losses when he does NOT run for 200 yards in the game. Considering he runs every first and second down and a fair number of 3rd downs are runs too in Kirby’s career so far we should find it MORE INTERESTING that 15 times Kirby has FAILED to rush for 200 yards. 15 games opposing coaches STACKED THE BOX and Kirby has a LOSING RECORD when they do STACK THE BOX. I would stack the box on Kirby. You would have to be a dumbass not to stack the box against Kirby. Jake Fromm great game against vols but that was the vols who have a WEAK SECONDARY. Overall 3 years Jake Fromm has NOT done that.


Justin Fields against 6 ALL UNRANKED CUPCAKES (six such so far with Northwestern next) has been sacked twice per game 12 in total SACKS so far 2019 and is taking his course work at Ohio State online on the Internet. Thought you should know.

What Justin Fields is doing at Ohio State is that he is getting an online education.  He takes his courses on the Internet.  I do NOT consider THAT a Scholarship to a top school.  And he has been sacked 16 times already now too.  4 times Justin Fields got sacked here on The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs and now that he transferred another 12 times twice per game so far at online Ohio State Internet they call it.


Transferred from this great University where he was required to go to classes because Jake Fromm told Justin Fields that he Jake Fromm was going to STAY and play next year too 2020-2021 season and then be a top NFL Draft Pick 2021 NFL Draft.  12 times Justin Fields has been sacked at Ohio State.  Justin Fields is going to set a record at Ohio State getting sacked.  When you are getting sacked several times EVERY GAME you have to ask yourself what the hell is the problem getting sacked ALL THE TIME like Justin Fields is doing at Ohio State.


How do you get sacked 16 times Justin Fields ?



Have fun up there in your Internet “Education.”  There are LOTS of distractions online to NOT CHEAT.


That’s NOT an education.  That’s bullshit Justin Fields.






Kirby loses two 5-star quarterbacks not playing them enough who both in their debut Saturday went out and threw 4 TD passes each. Justin Fields also ran for a TD for # 5 Ohio State. Jacob Eason 27-36 for 349 yards and 4 TD Passes for # 13 Washington. Justin Fields 18 of 25 for 234 yards and 4 TD Passes TOO. And another TD running. Kirby that is NOT good for you son.


Jake Fromm scored more than 7 points in the first quarter all season last year only 3 times. That sucks.

Opponents stack the box.  Kirby runs first down. Kirby runs second down. Kirby runs some third downs too.  Kirby does NOT let Jake Fromm throw the football.  Kirby has NO KNOWLEDGE of offenses.  Our offense was # 72 in passing all of last season.  It is NOT changing 2019.  It’s Kirby’s offense.




72 we ranked number 72 in passing last year 2018 and # 16 rushing with 567 running plays and only 241 passing plays all of 2018-2019 season. It’s what Kirby does. He says it makes his defense better which it does. And Kirby says that fewer bad results happen. We LOST the last two (2) games in a row and now have LOST 10 games in Kirby’s 3 seasons as a result. Supposedly Jake Fromm can throw the ball. So it is all on Kirby.


AP Poll comes out next Monday. That is August 19 for 2019. We’re expected to be # 3 facing-off against # 8 Florida # 9 Notre Dame and # 11 Texas A&M and # 16 Auburn during the regular season.

Then you face # 2 Alabama or # 6 LSU.


Then if you get by that then 2 more top 4 teams like # 1 Clemson # 4 Oklahoma or Ohio State currently # 5 all facing schedules NOTHING LIKE THIS.  And Kirby is going to have to throw the damn football.



Kirby Smart quote : “That’s on the entire offensive unit as a whole to come out and to execute. Wide receivers catching balls and quarterbacks doing things. We didn’t do that in the scrimmage Saturday. Not with the one offensive line as the first-team offense struggled against the second-team defense in Saturday’s scrimmage.” Of course Kirby did have the # 72 Passing Offense last season with Jake Fromm. That is wholly unacceptable.

You can NOT sugarcoat that nor September 21 facing # 9 Notre Dame.  Kirby is too predictable on offense running first and second down and sometimes running on 3rd down too a lot.  It’s not just boring.  It’s not just the # 72 passing offense all last season for Kirby.  We lost 3 games last year.  We lost both the last 2 games coming in to this game at Vanderbilt next.  And we don’t have our offensive coordinator I hated and do not have our top 5 receivers from last season either.  # 3 reception leader last season is running back D’Andre Swift with 32 receptions as our leading running back with 1068 yards rushing on 163 rushes used 5 times as much as a running back rushing than in the passing game and considerably shorter passes to D’Andre Swift out of the backfield than all the others catching passes in our lousy # 72 passing offense last year with Jake Fromm.  Even our opponents taunted us in the passing game.  We respond that Jake Fromm is number whatever in passing completion percentages but the facts are we are # 72 passing offense and THAT REMAINS THE GOD DAMN POINT.


LSU Alabama and Texas all 3 beat our non-passing # 72 passing offense just last year alone all with only Jake Fromm.  It’s a problem for Kirby.  This is a huge big problem for Jake Fromm losing these 3 games including both of the last 2 games because Kirby does NOT want to pass the football.  “Too many bad results can happen passing the football,” Kirby says repeatedly.



We ran the ball 567 times last year losing 3 games LSU Texas and Alabama to only 241 completions to receivers largely missing this year for Jake Fromm.  Jake Fromm struggled Saturday in the scrimmage.  Did you have some bullshit off-topic reply to that ?


It’s also an issue that Jake Fromm called Kirby “intense.”


We have to pass the ball more 2019 than we have been if we don’t want to lose 3 games AGAIN this year.  In fact Kirby is AVERAGING MORE than 3 losses a year which is UNACCEPTABLE TO KIRBY however acceptable it is to YOU


You God Damn FOOL…





Saturday Pro Football Hall of Fame for Champ Bailey who was in defensive backfield with Kirby together BOTH 1st Team All-SEC. 12-time NFL Pro Bowls no defensive back in the history of the NFL has more.

12-time NFL Pro Bowls no defensive back in the history of the NFL has more.


52 NFL interceptions Champ Bailey is the best player from his elite family of 4 football players at The University of Georgia.


Drafted in the 1st Round 7th selection.



4th Bulldog in NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame


1st contract NFL $ 12 million dollars coming out of The Georgia Bulldogs with Kirby.

Later signed a 7-year $ 63 million dollar NFL Contract

Worth over $ 30 million dollars


Final UGA season 52 tackles 3 interceptions 47 catches for 744 yards 84 yds rushing on 16 carries 12 kick-off returns for 261 yards 4 punt returns for 49 yards for 103.5 all-purpose yards per game on 957 plays from scrimmage 547 defense 301 offense and 109 special teams’ plays 1998 alone.  Led UGA in Special Teams’ Tackles.  Led UGA in pass break-ups.  Started at CB on Defense AND Started at WR on Offense Started on all Special Teams.  Team Captain. School record in Track and Field he lettered in as well.  SEC Record Track.


Psychology degree UGA  Champ Bailey is one very smart man.


1996 1997 and 1998 Kirby and Champ Bailey played together in our defensive backfield both 1st Team All-SEC.  Kirby also played the year before Champ in 1995.  Kirby as I explained his play for us is the 1 who called the defense for us on the field.  You watched him every down every game call our defense on the field.  He also CALLED THE PLAYS at Alabama for 8 years as their Defensive Coordinator, not Nick Saban – half of the time National Champion during which said time Mark Richt was here the same 8 years not even ranked half the time in the Final AP Poll Top 25.


Roland Champ Bailey


Bronko Nagurski Trophy for Top Defensive Player in the Nation 1998

All-America American Football Coaches’ Association

All-America AP Poll

All-America Football Writer’s Association of America

All-America Walter Camp 1 of 16 for Georgia Bulldogs Walter Camp All-America

All-America Walter Camp Football Foundation

All-America The Sporting News and The Football News

All-America AFCA, AP, FWAA, Walter Camp, FN – all recognized by NCAA Official All-America



Consensus 1st Team All-America – required to be in College Football Hall of Fame

shoe-in College and Pro Football Hall of Fames

4.28 seconds 40-yard dash

45 ” vertical leap



Champ Bailey

Boss Bailey younger brother of Champ

Ronald Bailey eldest brother

Kenny Bailey cousin

-all 4 played for The Georgia Bulldogs


Folkston Charlton County


6 feet 3/4 inch 198 lbs.


Fun to watch here and in the NFL






David Andrews Sony Michel Isaiah Wynn (injured reserve) and Malcolm Mitchell WR injured knee surgery New England Patriots and Todd Gurley II and Ramik Wilson Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl LIII Atlanta 2019.


18 years in a row The Georgia Bulldogs have had a representative in Super Bowls.




47 Bulldogs have lifted NFL Championship Game Trophy through Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta.


18 consecutive season The Georgia Bulldogs have played in the Super Bowl which is the longest streak in The SEC.


UGA Georgia Bulldogs are # 11 all-time in NCAA 1-A wins playing in The SEC quite a feat.





“I been dreaming of buying my mama a house since I was 8 and now to finally do it words can’t explain how happy i am 🙏🏾 I love you ma x1000000000❤️ It’s my turn to take care of you now 🙏” Mecole Hardman Junior to his mom whom he bought home for with swimming pool 1 half million views – same as his signing bonus NFL over 1000 yards here despite being HELD BACK by Kirby.

Mecole Hardman Jr. # 1 athlete nation # 13 football player nation 6 starts for Kirby 6









Placekicker Kevin Butler and basketball great Jarvis Hayes in the Class of 2019 The University of Georgia’s Circle of Honor.

Kevin Butler :

Consensus All-America 1983 and 1984

SEC All-Time Leading Scorer

Chicago Bears NFL All-Time Leading Scorer

1208 NFL points 6th most ever in NFL history

Super Bowl Champ

Only Kicker in College Football Hall of Fame

353 points UGA record for points also SEC # 2 best record-holder in points

Son Drew Butler Punter



Jarvis Hayes

18.6 points per game lead SEC 2002

SEC Player of the Year 2002

55 games reach 1000 points better than  Litterial Green who could not shoot like Jarvis Hayes




Nick Saban Bear Bryant and Steve Spurrier are better coaches in The SEC than Vince Dooley but no one else. Vince Dooley Field is LONG OVERDUE for his 3 national championships in football and for his A.D. from 1979 to 2004 when Mike Adam$ FIRED Vince Dooley who played and coached for Shug Jordan. College Football Hall of Fame 1994 who is 86 years old and was undefeated against Bobby Dodd who was by stark contrast a college drop-out.

A HOME GAME for Florida players who have not beat Georgia either of the last 2 years.


Site JAX
10/27/2018 vs. *Florida (10-3) W 36 17 @ Jacksonville, FL
10/28/2017 vs. *Florida (4-7) W 42 7 @ Jacksonville, FL


Get the game at our house.





“I think it is what it is. The biggest disadvantage advantage to me is the recruiting aspect. I’ve always said you lose a great opportunity once every other year and you figure in your state you’re going to have a hundred top players. Every four years they’re in high school there’s two opportunities to bring them to a big game to an environment that would be second to none. You lose that opportunity. You don’t get that opportunity at a good chance to recruit prospects and have them on your campus.” Kirby about advantages/disadvantages of playing in JAX EVERY freaking year.


Jarvis Jones of Carver Columbus was injured at Southern California who turned their backs on him 2009. A proud Jarvis Jones joins Kirby’s staff 2019 his promising NFL career now over but not before SEC Defensive Player of the year for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs 2012 and two-time Consensus All-America and possible College Football Hall of Fame

4.88 speed in the 40-yard dash

30 and 1/2 inch vertical leap

Darcell Kitchens his older brother was murdered outside of a bar in Richland Georgia, on January 9 2005.


Jarvis Jones was diagnosed with spinal stenosis by Southern California football medical staff who would not clear him to play for the team.


So he transferred to Georgia where he was an all-time star breaking David Pollack’s sack record here.


2011 he had 19.5 tackles for a loss for us with 13.5 sacks leading the SEC and 2 forced fumbles and 26 quarterback hurries here for UGA.


2012 he had 24 tackles-for-loss with 14.5 sacks one interception seven forced fumbles and two fumbles recovered.


How great is that ?


Joining our staff 2019 Jarvis Jones is expected to increase our pressure in the backfield a particular WEAKNESS of the team under Kirby whose defense CONTAINS not presses forward.







This is WAY TOO MUCH to play Florida in JAX odd numbered years 2023 2025 2027 AND have to go on the road TOO those years and play AT Auburn AT vols AT Georgia Tech. TOO MANY GAMES away from Athens 2023 2025 2027 to play AT Jax too. Incredibly harder with game at JAX 2023 2025 and 2027.

Odd numbered years after 2021 must be played IN ATHENS GEORGIA between Georgia and our # 1 Rival Florida gators.



Steve Spurrier : “I said wait a minute. We take a bus ride over there. It’s in a stadium called the Gator Bowl. It’s on Florida soil. They have to fly down and travel a long way. I said this has to be to our advantage. I understand where Georgia is coming from. The annual game in Jacksonville is like if Florida had to travel to the Georgia Dome in Atlanta to play Georgia. That wouldn’t make a lot of sense.”