Georgia Men’s Basketball Number 8 nationally recruiting AND add grad transfer Donnell Gresham Jr. marking then our BEST RECRUITING class 2019 EVER of Rodney Howard the 3-star Center over offers from Georgia Tech and Ole Miss along with 5-star shooting guard Anthony Edwards and 4-star point guard Sahvir Wheeler and 4-star small forward Toumani Camara and 4-star guard Jaykwon Walton and 4-star small forward Christian Brown.

This is VERY encouraging that consistently Tom Crean out-recruited our Rivals for top players nationally.  There is no reason except for our antiquated gym for us to not do this every year.  Tom Crean is married to the sister of Jim Harbaugh Michigan head football coach.  But the facts are that he DID recruit this class.




Georgia Bulldogs consensus Top 5 Football Team 2019 season 8-1 third best odds win it all. And like UGA football top 5 so too is Anthony “Ant Man” Edwards top 5 NBA draft pick too a 6-4 shooting guard ranked No. 5 in the nation by ESPN who has committed Top 5 NBA Draft Pick like Scottie Pippen # 5 in 1987 and Michael Jordan # 3 in 1984 Chicago Bulls (1987-1993; 1994-1998) together they Won 6 NBA Championships in these 10 years together averaging 18 points per game 6.8 rebounds per game 2.1 steals per game 5.2 assists per game .8 blocks per game




Scottie Pippen stats alongside Michael Jordan


Anthony Edwards Under Armour Association averaged 21.4 points and 5.9 rebounds and 2.1 assists and 1.8 blocks per game at 53.5 percent from the field and 37.5 percent from three-point range.





Number 2 in the 247Sports Composite Rankings Anthony Edwards gives Tom Crean the Number 12 overall men’s basketball signing class in recruiting because of 2 really good players joining Anthony Edwards – Jaykwon Walton and Toumani Camara. Anthony Edwards will play in the NBA for the next 2 decades and could easily put up double-doubles as a two a shooting guard who excels at rebounding. 6′ 4″ he’s long and quick and at 205 lbs. he is a presence underneath. Routinely putting up over 25 points he is willing to dish it off to his other talented players joining us for a year. Next year. Perhaps we can use THIS to get us a new gym.

The University of Georgia beat out Kentucky Duke Kansas UCLA and North Carolina for the one-year services of Anthony Edwards and instantly became the greatest and highest-rated talent The Georgia Bulldogs have EVER had on our court.


This is the biggest news at The University of Georgia.  The NBA drafts the star player from the 7 million residents of the city of Atlanta a suburb called Sandy Springs at Georgia 400 at I-285.


17 born 2001 Anthony Edwards is a McDonald’s All-American (2019).  I’m giddy that we could land the number 2 best player in the nation.  They always sign with these other schools leaving here to play there.  Basketball is a weird game I excelled at.  You only need really a single player or two.  We don’t get these guys or gals here because our gym has not hosted an NCAA men’s basketball tournament game in 50 years.


At 6′ 4″ he has no issue getting his shot off and at 205 lbs. he muscles players out underneath.  His actual claim to fame is his speed to separate.


Congratulations to Tom Crean for bringing this man here to play for us next year.  That one year.  Next year.


They’re called one and dones.




With Anthony Edwards about to announce that he is staying home to play for Tom Crean our coach told the press that it is his fault that he did not go out and get his own players here to play this season instead of keeping players who are 1-9 in The SEC games this season a wholly and completely UNACCEPTABLE coaching job. Last season THESE SAME PLAYERS thrown under the bus by Tom Crean were 7-11 in SEC play causing Mark Fox to be FIRED after his 9 seasons here.

Look Mark Fox was a good coach.

Tom Crean I have no opinion on yet but we’re told that he signs Anthony Edwards here this morning despite the 50-year old Stegasaurus gym while all these other programs have taken their SEC revenue sharing and overall $176 million dollars handed to Greg McGarity annually now and instead of banking it invest it in a competitive gym for our men’s and women’s program.


Tom Crean coached at Indiana and Marquette and frankly his fast break attack has always caused too many turnovers and it is also true that Tom Crean FAILED to sign players such as Anthony Edwards.


One would surmise this is a marketing quote by Tom Crean that he does NOT have the players required to compete and that that is HIS FAULT he did not do something about the 7-11 SEC players from last year who this year with him as their coach fast breaking and turning the ball over are 1-9 in The SEC.  To position himself for Anthony Edwards.


Instead of Greg McGarity defending his choice of Tom Crean Greg McGarity should have announced that he is investing this $50 billion profit we just made into a new gym and give us at least a shot at signing top talent like this all the time guys and gals FROM HERE who stay here in basketball for our men’s and women’s programs.


As it is we have no GOD DAMN HOPE.


1-9 in The SEC.  You had better figure out a way to make us competitive in men’s college basketball Greg McGarity.  I understand EXACTLY what Tom Crean meant by throwing our players under the bus for HIS 1-9 SEC record to-date.


He wants some talent here.  He’s not going to get it without making Greg McGarity INVEST his $176 million dollars annual athletics’ department revenue in a new gym as all The other SEC teams have done.  Our gym is NOT competitive.  We’re not consistently getting these guys and they’re not going to be as long as they aren’t enamored to come play in a place which has NOT hosted an NCAA post-season men’s basketball tournament game in 50 years now.


50 years.







Georgia Bulldogs senior class beats Georgia Tech all 4 games in a ROW for the fifth time. Josh Pastner lost at McCamish Pavilion which is the same old building it always has been all our lives Alexander Memorial Coliseum which Georgia Tech wasted money on fixing-up a few years ago. It’s too small and Georgia Tech not competitive. Josh Pastner does not have a winning record at Georgia Tech 40-40 in his third year unable to recruit to that tiny old gym. Tom Crean 70-59 winner tonight is 3 games over .500 a winning record for UGA by contrast.

God I hate Georgia Tech and all their LIES.



Marquette and Indiana and all he can do is .606 winning percentage. He’ll NEVER last nor get it done at UGA Georgia Bulldogs. He should have INSISTED on a new gym then he would have been successful here. One .606 at Marquette and Indiana is NOT successful. Two we needed a new gym and instead got this.

THIS will NEVER work.


He needed a new gym to be successful and if he gets one during his tenure then he will be successful and if he does not then he won’t be successful.




Thad Matta mutually agreed with Ohio State to step down as their head coach due to his long time health issues which were causing a decline in on court performance of his team and causing a decline in his recruiting as well. So like Urban Meyer he has BAD HEALTH but agreed to “look for other jobs” when he was fired in order to keep his $ 9 million dollar buyout and medical benefits which might exceed the buyout with his back so bad he can’t even get out of a normal chair.

His replacement  Chris Holtmann went 24-8.


And our new gymnasium ?  Not to worry all is well now eh ?


Or is this really about Thad Matta contractually having to pursue other jobs after he was fired from Ohio State because of his back so bad he can’t even get up out of a normal chair or else they REFUSE to continue pay his medical bills and refuse to continue pay his $9 million dollar buyout at $100 thousand a month unless he does pursue other jobs.


It is a pretty silly clause to agree with by Thad Matta but he did that.




Our problems all season long have been missing free throws jacking-up 3 pointers and missing those too many turnovers and allowing too many steals and today was MORE OF THE SAME but we WON on the road at Missouri to advance 3 p.m. today Friday against Kentucky



7-9 SEC Georgia men win overall 16-12 over LSU while Sean Miller Arizona Coach is a GOD DAMN CHEATER winner of 3 of every 4 games Xavier and Arizona NCAA Tournament every year. HIS CAREER is OVER everywhere as FBI wiretap has him discussing payment of $100,000 to insure he gets a prospect. His brother is not as good a coach as he because he does NOT pay his players $ 100,000.



Stick THIS up your God Damn CHEATING asshole Sean Miller.


Here are the teams FBI probe is aimed at :



North Carolina


North Carolina State









South Carolina


Wichita State

Michigan State


Seton Hall

Notre Dame



Southern California





Announce we are building us a new gym.   Georgia Bulldogs’ Men’s Basketball



Why is it no one can type all their names 5 million posts about it no one write the cheaters’ names down according to the PROBE by the FBI.


Duke North Carolina Virginia North Carolina State Louisville Clemson Maryland Alabama Auburn Kentucky LSU Vanderbilt South Carolina Kansas Wichita State Michigan State Texas Seton Hall Notre Dame Utah Washington Southern California Xavier Arizona






Once in a Blue Moon : Men’s Basketball BEATS FLORIDA TOO 72-60 here at the Stegesaurus # 23 Florida missed 15 field goals in a row and Georgia made 12 free throws in a row at the end. First Super Blue Blood Moon since 1866 right now outside 31 January 2018 in the West Sky up high now both at the SAME TIME.

Nicolas Claxton of Greenville South Carolina came off the bench to claim 8 rebounds and 3 blocked shots to LEAD the CHARGE tonight on national TV.


Yante Maten had 20 points 7 rebounds 2 assists and a blocked shot.  No he did not sell popcorn at halftime but he put his team on his back.


13-8 Georgia

4-5 SEC Georgia

# 57 RPI

# 78 BPI


Georgia was down

43-48 with 13 minutes 5 seconds to go on the 2nd half.

70-58 Georgia went on a 27-10 run down the stretch to come from behind.


It will knock Florida OUT of the top 25.




That was a fun game to watch tonight.


Once in a Blue Moon :



First Super Blue Blood Moon since 1866 right now outside 31 January 2018 in the West Sky up high now.





Both men and women Georgia Basketball are 7-1 with schedule strength averaging the # 250 opponent going NOWHERE. Women blown-out by Texas by 28 points in the only game all season. No show here at our house. SEC Big XII challenge. FAILED. Women # 51 as top 5 program ALL-TIME. Men # 74 with one good opponent played as well and LOST as well. Game coming-up against Georgie tek Sunday and Tuesday next week. Better not lose to them.


I still maintain that if we built our basketball programs a proper NEW GYM like EVERY OTHER SEC school is doing with their SEC monies then we would recruit better talent and keep it at home here in Georgia like we do in football.


We need a new gym to be competitive.


We have little talent in basketball and it has BEEN THIS WAY forever.


# 74 men

# 51 men


RPI is NOT competitive.


We should and HAVE TO BE better than this bullshit





Take that vols. 21678 expected at Thompson-Boling Arena to coronate vols’ season to March Madness 883 ESPNU carries the festivities and J. J. Frazier just RUINS everything. They fouled-out Yante Maten with just 7 pts 4 rebounds but Tyree Crump contributes 13 pts Juwan Parker 11 pts while J.J. Frazier rips their hearts out with a lay-up with 21 seconds left and makes the 3-point play the hard way hitting the foul shot too to tally 29 points against the vols who were # 38 RPI fresh off wins over Kentucky Vanderbilt Kansas State and Auburn with Georgia # 62 RPI. Ladies then finish-off the nightcap of double-header in softball to remain unbeaten # 10 nationally 9 to 1 and 14 to 2 with again great hitting and pitching.




Georgia Men’s Hoops beats Texas again and with THAT The SEC ties the Big 12 in SEC/Big 12 Challenge 5 wins each.


Georgia 59

Texas 57


2017 SEC/Big 12 Challenge tied this season at 5-5 so we’ve never beat the Big 12.


This brings UGA to 13-8 on the season and with just 4-4 in The SEC this season is going nowhere at this point.  We have two (2) players Yante Maten a Junior this year and gone after the season is J.J. Frazier a senior.


UGA Women’s basketball ALSO suffered in recruiting 2016 and ALSO has not enough real players.  2017 the women will have a good team again finally.  The women play this afternoon Sunday but the season was over before it began with not enough top players like the men suffer from as well.


This lack of recruiting at UGA in a SPORT is caused by the gym or lack of one Stegesaurus which is NOT COMPETITIVE an eye-sore and a huge damper on the sport of basketball for The University of Georgia.


Our gym holds back both the women and the men.


These are just two (2) MORE sports Greg McGarity sucks at and has his ENTIRE tenure hired here by Mike Adam$ as HIS puppet with no head coaching experience to run The University of Georgia ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT unless you consider 1 year girl’s tennis coach an Athletics’ Director.


At UGA I do NOT consider that or Damon Evans whom Mike Adam$ also hired as AD here Athletics’ Directors obviously.  Their records speak for themselves.


All Greg McGarity wants to do is to MAKE MONEY and sit on it the same as Damon Evans.  This then is prototypical Mike Adam$’ puppet.  Make millions of dollars DONATIONS to The University of Georgia.  Bullshit.  The University of Georgia has a one and a half BILLION dollar budget and our sports’ teams SUCK.


The RPI for the men is # 58.


And Texas’ RPI was # 125.  So that was not going to help anyway.  Not that there is any help for 2-man team.


The women have an RPI of # 107.


We don’t have a man or a woman who can bring the ball up the court and neither team can shoot or play defense.  We suck.


You needed me to tell you this ?






I can’t see how the men or the women can make the NCAA Basketball Tournament 2017 but the staff at Missouri react to their guy trying to take the ball from Yante Maten who just has passed 10 thousand points for us just before half in what ends-up being an important win for Georgia not unlike last night’s win in women’s basketball for Georgia beating Texas A&M a fine team and host yet another of the same tomorrow on SEC Network at noon Vanderbilt.

The Lady Bulldogs are just simply over-manned with just 8 players 7 who really play but next year we have a great recruiting class coming-in so we will compete next year.


The men who have the RPI to but with a bad record not deserving of an NCAA bid and they too are over-manned with just 2 players really.


But on this day it was Mark Fox’s coaching entourage who takes-up for Yante Maten.




10-5 might give the men a chance.  We’ll see.  J.J. Frazier and Yante Maten are a tandem the entire nation would enjoy watching play their team.


It is more desperate with the women who field a team of 4.


We just don’t have full teams although Mark Fox always has a better bench than the women of late.




Juwan Parker 3 of 8 made both free throws snagged 5 boards with 3 assists and no turnovers to add to Yante Maten’s 27 pts and 7 boards along with J.J. Frazier’s 28 points to will us to victory at home tonight.

Furman is a team of just all seniors and juniors as starters so they’re not like we are.


Hoops’ Dawgs improve to 2-1 on the season for Mark Fox.


Jarvis Hayes and Jonas Hayes are 2 fine-looking young men.  They both did a great job tonight.  Jarvis says he is 5 minutes older.  I sure remember them here.  I think they are both better looking young men now than then.


That was back when Mike Adam$ was meddling in the not only the Athletic Directors but also the coaches back then.  Vince Dooley had said he had his reservations about hiring that coach from Pepperdine Jim Harrick and his son but Mike Adam$ insisted as he did on Damon Evans and then Greg McGarity.


You see ?


Mike Adam$ and Jim Harrick both worked together at Pepperdine from 1982 all the way through 1988 when they both left together from Pepperdine.



Michael Chigbu and Sage Hardin and Roquan Smith – way to go guys ! Fabulous ! What do you take PRIDE in ? Nothing ? Pride builds character. I take pride in what I stand for. Otherwise what do you remember ? Junk ? Nothing ? Well ? 3 Bulldog Football Players First-Year Southeastern Conference ACADEMIC HONOR ROLL ! Fantastic. The 3 had to have 24 semester hours 2015-2016 Academic Year ending 2016 June 30 and they had be on SCHOLARSHIP or LETTER WINNER. I made the Honor Roll and Dean’s List and Honored Honor’s Day at Foy Fine Arts Building Top 5 % of my graduating class – which is an Honor personally selected by University of Georgia Professors by being # 1 or # 2 in your class in EVERY class.

If you don’t have pride then you don’t have expectations in life.


Only lazy people stupid people would turn their back and say pride is something one should NEVER have.


Sure you should.  Get with the program before it too late.


Anything worth doing is worth doing well my Dad taught me.  Don’t dish it out punk if you can’t take it Dad also taught me.  My Mom taught me that if you can’t stand the heat then get the hell out of the kitchen.


I have no idea what your Mom and Dad taught you but I am the sum total of all my experiences and I know what I learned.  No one has EVER accused me of being lazy.  I have no respect for lazy.  I have no respect for slobs. I have no respect for dumbasses and note please that a person can be a college graduate and be a total dumb shit.  It TAKES EFFORT !  If you don’t want to put in the effort why in the hell do it in the first place ?  To go through the motions ?


Anyone can be successful.  YOU HAVE TO WANT IT !


You have to have expectations in life.  It helps to have someone to share it with.  If you have no expectations you will never accomplish a thing.  Nothing.


You think that is wrong ?  You’re wrong.


A goal is not a goal unless you share the goal with someone and are measured by it.


Did you get that ?


Probably not.


Michael Chigbu and  Sage Hardin and  Roquan Smith – way to go guys !  Fabulous !  What do you take PRIDE in ?  Nothing ?  Pride builds character.  I take pride in what I stand for.   Otherwise what do you remember ?  Junk ?  Nothing ?  Well ?  3 Bulldog Football Players First-Year Southeastern Conference ACADEMIC HONOR ROLL  !  Fantastic.  The 3 had to have 24 semester hours 2015-2016 Academic Year ending 2016 June 30 and they had be on SCHOLARSHIP or LETTER WINNER.


I made the Honor Roll and Dean’s List and Honored Honor’s Day at Foy Fine Arts Building Top 5 % of my graduating class – which is an Honor personally selected by University of Georgia Professors by being # 1 or # 2 in your class in EVERY class.  Were you ?


Kylie Bass (Sport Management, Gray, Ga.); Lacey Sumerlin (Early Childhood Education, Mobile, Ala.) Softball 1st year Academic Honor Roll SEC.  Softball Georgia Lady Bulldogs !


Men’s Basketball: Connor O’Neill (Business, Roswell, Ga.) 1st year Academic Honor Roll SEC. Georgia Bulldogs’ Men’s Basketball Hoops’ Dawgs !


“Forty-eight University of Georgia student-athletes have been named to the 2015-16 First-Year Southeastern Conference Academic Honor Roll announced this week by SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey.”


( )



What do you read when you want to know about The University of Georgia sports ?  You only get 1 go-round and no do-overs or were you planning on coming back as a put forth the effort in heaven ?


Well ?


Dumbass Chip Towers ?


Dumbass Bluto ?


Some other dumb shit like Kimberly Nash The Lady Sportswriter – Apologist to the DAY ?


You might want to branch-out and learn something.  You will NOT accomplish that surrounding yourself with only dumb shits.


Then again you might not want to learn anything and prefer to be happy in your ignorance by surrounding yourself with those who purposely skew what they see with hidden agendas.  Blind leading the blind.  Only listen to those who think Mark Richt is great despite his last 8 years of total mediocrity.


These folks such as Michael Chigbu and  Sage Hardin and  Roquan Smith do and others do NOT put in the effort and take pride and have expectations.


I follow THESE FOLKS such as Michael Chigbu and  Sage Hardin and  Roquan Smith.  Got it ?  Kirby is ONE OF THESE FOLKS.  I follow him.  Jacob Eason. I read him.  I understand him.  I think about that which he says.  I invest my time in these type people and have little time except to say HOW WRONG those are who honestly think the past is the past – nothing I can do about that – not thinking about it.


If you don’t consider the past you are bound to be stuck AGAIN in the same mistakes as in the past.  Of course if you really think the past has been great then you obviously have NO EXPECTATIONS.  4 loss average per season for 8 years now.  Losses in 18 of 24 games vs top 15 the last 8 years too.  And to round it out not only 12 losses to unranked teams time of game or for season AP or Coaches’ these same last 8 years but ALSO only 54 % win percentage against teams who went to one of the 41 bowl games these last 8 years too.


How in the hell is that great ?


How God Damn stupid do you have to be to sit here now amid all you see in Fall Practice now every day too so totally different and say that what we have endured these last 8 years has been great ?


How in the hell ?


Who the shit do you think thinks that’s true that we’ve been GREAT for 8 years best ever ?


Ban censor not allow those discussions on YOUR BLOG for 8 years now and I am supposed to think you are not a dumbass ?


Sure you are.


You were for 8 years.


You are bound to be stuck in your past.


You are still today.




Do what you want.  It’s a free country.





Moraga, California of St. Mary’s College is San Francisco Oakland 2500 miles due West on I-40 $325 by train or $140 by bus thanks to Yante Maten making the statement that he doesn’t stinking need anyone with his double-double 33 points 10 rebounds 3 assists and a blocked-shot taking 20 shots connecting on 16 as JJ Frazier gutted it out with 16 pts and 8 assists Charles Mann 23 pts Kenny Gaines 12. We’re 20-Win Season 3 years in a row and we get to go to the Land of Fruits and Nuts.

Yante Maten said : “Just say the word.”  Shoe-in for the NBA after tonight’s performance on national TV Prime Time ESPN2.  Sunday we move-on out West – way West.  Go West young man.  Sunday’s game is Prime Time on Comcast Channel 883 at 7:30 p.m. our time ESPNU.


St. Mary’s College is 7,500 students and a powerhouse basketball program.  But then again so too was Belmont University in Nashville.


Golden Gate Bridge – Fisherman’s Wharf – Alcatraz – Cable Cars – ticky-tack on the hill – Chinatown – Lombard Street – Oakland – Sausalito – Sequoia National Park just before getting there



( )


Atlanta has more than a million more population than San Francisco and Boston is also smaller than Atlanta but larger than San Francisco


( )



Moraga, California of St. Mary’s College is San Francisco Oakland 2500 miles due West on I-40 $325 by train or $140 by bus thanks to Yante Maten making the statement that he doesn’t stinking need anyone with his double-double 33 points 10 rebounds 3 assists and a blocked-shot taking 20 shots connecting on 16 as JJ Frazier gutted it out with 16 pts and 8 assists Charles Mann 23 pts Kenny Gaines 12.  We’re 20-Win Season 3 years in a row and we get to go to the Land of Fruits and Nuts.


The Bulldogs will play No. 2 seed St. Mary’s in Moraga, California on Sunday, March 20 at 7:30 p.m. ET. The game will be televised on ESPNU.


( )


J. J. Frazier will NOT play tonight vs Belmont NIT Tournament sidelined for 6 weeks after injuring the ankle Saturday March 12 vs South Carolina and going back out there Sunday when he landed wrong under our basket vs Kentucky Sunday March 13. It is unreasonable to expect him to play and wrong to do so. It is in a boot and should be. J. J. Frazier should have NO SAY WHATSOEVER as to whether he goes in tonight or not.

To be very clear about this.  He did come back in the Kentucky game Sunday losing by a dozen and scored 5 more points but I could tell he was not right.  He did make The SEC Men’s Basketball Championship Tournament 2016 All-Tournament Team for his efforts and clearly is our best player.


I am really sorry for J. J. Frazier but he does have another season to slaughter our records all-time.


The 5′ 9″ and 149 lbs. dripping-wet shooting guard is also quite the point guard and has proven everyone wrong about him.  This man from Savannah makes Yante Maten what he is.  Basketball is a team game and in time Yante Maten it could be argued is our best player and he certainly is dominating but he couldn’t do it without J.J. Frazier.  The duo has 1 more year left as J.J. Frazier will be a senior next season while Yante Maten has 2 more years and at this point frankly might get a look see in the NBA.  He is that big a talent.


But you know what ?


J.J. Frazier does prove that a small guy can get it done in basketball.  This has been proven many times through the years.  Yante Maten at 6′ 8″ and 245 lbs. is a completely different level and faces the challenge that he too, from Detroit, is under-sized for his hopes of professional basketball.  We’ll see on both.


Both are our stars.  We would not have done diddle-e-squat without them BOTH.


Charles Mann and Kenny Gaines got most of the attention but you know what ?  They really have not come through either of them compared to Yante Maten and J. J. Frazier.  Together the foursome proves that basketball is a game where any ole school in America can put together just 7 players and win at the highest levels.


We’re 2 short of that.


Our bench has been mostly non-existent but you have to happy about the showing until he tried the reverse lay-up vs Kentucky by William Jackson III Turtle Jackson.  I practice that shot a lot.  It’s easy.  You don’t learn how to do it in a game.


We were up 55-51 when J. J. Frazier got injured and left the court and lost by 12.


Ogbeide, Derek


Derek Ogbeide Pebblebrook has proven to be quite the force frankly for a freshman who missed the 1st 5 games this season.


With the addition of 2 backcourt top 100 players next season Mark Fox will be really right where he wants to be despite the growing disadvantage of the Stegesaurus.


These 5 have proven to me that they can play the game.


J.J. Frazier

Yante Maten

Kenny Gaines

Charles Mann

Derek Ogbeide



Tyree Crump and Jordan Harris hope to replace Kenny Gaines and Charles Mann.  If they can we’re still 2 men short of my sacred 7.


Mark Fox has fought well to land these men but we don’t have what we need to have to be great – fine as far as it goes but not 7 top men’s basketball players.


As you will see over the next days coming-up any ole school who can get 7 top players can win it all.  That’s all it really takes.  To do that, you need a new fancy gym.


Got it ?


J.J. Frazier will be healed by the end of April.  I have a lot of experience with high ankle sprains.


If you have not read this, you need to :


( ) Click this one.


1 blog poster this morning plagiarized a good bit of this to you but left out significant portions down below you really should see for yourself.  This is quite good and best I’ve seen on our men’s basketball team.




At the very bottom of what he STOLE and presented as his own the other blog poster this morning did present a URL Link to it I see now going back to it, but it is largely hidden at the bottom and NOT PRESENTED in quotes that they in-fact stole the whole entire article from this URL Link which I found with a google search.


Florida won in the NIT already – maybe the class of the NIT ?  Georgie tek yellowjackets whom Mark Fox beat this season are 19-14 and play in the NIT tonight as well at 8 p.m. also on ESPN2 right after our 7 p.m. tip-off.  How they show both is what ?  A whip-around like The SEC Network does so well I really enjoy ?


Again, J. J. Frazier is NOT going to play.



Mark Fox has made the semifinal of The SEC Championship Tournament 3 years in a row and can gain 20-Win Season for the 3rd year in a row tonight ESPN2 at 7 p.m. Wednesday March 16 2016. Tubby Smith put together a team who went 3 years in a row to the NCAA but was replaced by Ron Jirsa and it ended 1998.

I don’t know if Mark Fox can win 20-games next year or not, but I know this The Georgia Bulldogs’ Men’s Basketball Program never has won 20-game seasons for 4 years in a row.  That presupposes he can win the NIT game at the Stegesaurus tonight. As for us putting lipstick on a pig with a million dollar center point scoreboard after this season, make sure it can be dismantled and moved to the new gym – or else do NOT do it.


The Stegesaurus has not hosted an NCAA Tournament Game since 1971 – a span of nearly 50 years now for the over 50 year-old gym built originally as a cow palace for the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.


Neither our men nor our women will accomplish anything as long as we toil in the out-of-date antiquated small poorly engineered unhappy laughing stock gym.


But tonight at 7 p.m. on ESPN2 Mark Fox can do what Tubby Smith did and put together a team that won 20-game seasons 3 years in a row.


This mess is not Mark Fox’s doing.  It wasn’t Andy Landers’ either.  It is the fault of the Stegesaurus that the best players in this state sign with ANYONE ELSE ANYWHERE every year despite having all the same benefits of our football program here at Georgia EXCEPT for the facility.


We have over $ 150 million dollar annual annuity thanks mostly to SEC Revenue Sharing and Ole Miss can build a $ 150 million dollar gym with the monies and we can’t ?


We need this advantage of a new gym for all our sports at UGA and for The University of Georgia.


What’s wrong with this picture ?


A new scoreboard ?


You can’t be serious.


Good Luck Mark Fox for even Tubby Smith did not win 20-Win Seasons for 3 years in a row because he left to take the job at Kentucky where he won the national championship.


You can not tell me that you expected more of Mark Fox.  Well you can try but you have no leg to stand on.


I like Mark Fox and I do not care what you say about him given what you said about Mark Richt.  You have proven you do not know what you’re talking about and I have proven I do.  Haven’t I ?


As you can see Mark Fox does not have the most-talented guys.  Neither does our Lady Bulldogs team trying to compete in the NCAA Tournament for their 32nd time # 5 best program in all of America.


We must have a new gym.  There is no other discussion.  Yeah I read what you wrote about Mark Fox – you’re as OFF-BASE about Mark Fox as you were about Mark Richt and you saw how that turned-out for you, didn’t you ?




2016 NCAA Women’s Division I Basketball Tournament reveals names today Monday March 14 while men snubbed yesterday for playing too tough a schedule (and a loss to Auburn) 19-12. Lady Bulldogs face a bigger burden as they are missing their best players Shacobia Barbee broken leg and Mackenzie Engram upper respiratory infection both out and been out rest year. Men have a full squad. Both men & women’s basketball suffers from Stegesaurus causing best players in-state to play elsewhere while Stegesaurus has not hosted NCAA men’s tourney game since 1971 nearly 50 years.

What is the problem with both men’s and women’s basketball for UGA ?


The best players in-state have chosen to play elsewhere for 50 years.


The men play in the NIT and Andy Landers refused to accept the NIT last year for the women.  That’s bullshit.  Everyone knows the NCAA Tournament is not the best 68 teams anyway.  It is designed for the 32 automatic qualifiers from each conference and then the remaining 36 teams.  Men’s tourney starts tomorrow March 15.   Was Georgia men’s basketball 1 of the top 36 in the nation ?  Perhaps not.


Will the women be ?  Sorry.  What good does it do for the women’s selection committee to choose UGA this year missing perhaps as many as the top 3 players on the team ?  Useless act going nowhere obviously now.


The women can not shoot.


The men are exciting.


In both cases, our old gym does not need a center scoreboard but a new gym – lipstick on a pig.


The men and women face the facts that they do NOT have enough talent – talent that leaves this state to go play in nice new big gyms fun places to play that host big events.


2016 NCAA Women’s Division I Basketball Tournament reveals names today Monday March 14 while men snubbed yesterday for playing too tough a schedule (and a loss to Auburn) 19-12.  Lady Bulldogs face a bigger burden as they are missing their best players Shacobia Barbee broken leg and Mackenzie Engram upper respiratory infection both out and been out rest year.  Men have a full squad.  Both men & women’s basketball suffers from Stegesaurus causing best players in-state to play elsewhere while Stegesaurus has not hosted NCAA men’s tourney game since 1971 nearly 50 years.



Can you believe that ? Not only did we beat the only RPI Top 100 team all season, we beat them 3 times this year – bringing on Kentucky now.

We were down 11 just before half and we kicked-it leaving the floor for halftime down only 1 point.  65-64 we beat South Carolina and advance to Kentucky tonight who has only had to play once and rested their players early with an easy win before us tonight.


When you looked at this squad quietly you expected frankly a lot of them.  They only delivered against the lone opponent who could knock us out in 17 games vs RPI Top 100 teams all season.  But, we delivered 3 times against them # 58 RPI South Carolina and that is an awesome feat.


Kentucky awaits and we earned the chance to play them # 18 game this season vs RPI Top 100.  And now we are 3-14 vs RPI Top 100.


19-12 season and 12-8 vs SEC only our RPI # 67 and the only wins in 17 games all season against RPI Top 100 we beat being South Carolina seems to hold us back from the Big Dance.


But all that is behind us now and we have this one game to play.


20-win season



13-8 SEC

4 wins vs RPI Top 100


These are what are on the line for a very talented if not deep team against a well-rested better Kentucky.


But all that matters right now is that we get to play Kentucky.


South Carolina had beat 5 teams in the RPI Top 100 including Vanderbilt, Florida and Texas A & M this season.  But we beat them 3 times, can you believe that ?  Our strength of Schedule is # 36 in the nation and South Carolina’s is only # 123.


Kentucky beat us this season at Rupp Arena 48-82 and their strength of schedule is # 29 with RPI # 14 having beat 6 teams in the RPI Top 100 .  Well we’re one of their 6.  Can we do what South Carolina could not and return revenge ?


It’s down to just that.


It’s just not the resume I expected from Hoops’ Dawgs this season. We only beat 1 team all season long and at 8:30 tonight that team can knock us out of SEC Tournament. 16 games vs RPI Top 100 and beat 1 team who can knock us out tonight the # 56 team. Not good.

It’s been a largely poor season for Georgia this season in men’s basketball.


They put-up graphics of what a team’s record is against RPI Top 100 teams and our record  shows we have played 16 games vs RPI Top 100.  The only team we beat all season long was South Carolina # 56.


South Carolina has 6 wins over RPI Top 100 teams and now tonight they can put this squad to rest except for a NIT appearance.


# 71 RPI Georgia men’s team


It was fun watching us last night beat Mississippi State.


I am expecting us to be put out of our misery tonight maybe.


We have been wholly unable to recruit to the Stegesaurus both for men’s and women’s basketball and this year’s men’s team as well as The Lady’s team shows that we have no bench.


And I look at their gym in Nashville hosting this SEC Tournament and think 1971 last time Stegesaurus hosted an NCAA Tournament game.


Mark Fox brings his bench in and they do nothing.  They’re tentative and without merit. If they do that tonight, they will not have beat a team 3 times who is their only win over any RPI Top 100 team, but it’s a very talented team we have and frankly I had hoped for more so I will be watching hoping we can move on to Kentucky. I played on the city champion team and we had 2 full squads.  First we had a center.  Second we had a point guard.  Our center got the rebounds and rarely fouled-out.  Our point guard brought the ball down the court and really never shot the ball – just dish.  Our shooting guard made his shots.  We had a 2nd group who if the 1st group didn’t show-up we could play well with.


We just don’t have that talent at Georgia and frankly never have had.



The Lady Bulldogs with RPI # 24 vs. Strength of Schedule # 23 can emerge after SEC Championship Tournament no worse than 21-9 and 9-8 vs. SEC teams with BIG WINS over RPI # 19, 21, 22, & 29 putting us solidly in the NCAA Tournament. In fact, we are 1 MORE Big Win away from being ranked in AP & Coaches Polls. The SEC has 8 teams solidly in The NCAA Women’s Division I Basketball Championship Tournament with 2 more on the bubble at # 52 & # 61. The SEC is ranked The # 1 Women’s Basketball Conference obviously this year. We only have 5 ladies who shoot the ball well and only 3 ladies who make their free throws. We foul way too much but we do play well on Defense, rebound well and we do not turn the ball over. We are deep although Mackenzie Engram has missed now 7 Consecutive Games. Our Ladies have been in 31 of all the 34 previous NCAA Women’s Division I Basketball Championship Tournaments and this will be 32 of the All-Time 35 since it started for Women in 1982 – this is # 2 All-Time in the Nation ! We also have been ranked 522 times in the AP Poll which is also # 2 All-Time although none this year so getting ranked this season is VERY IMPORTANT to our senior class which includes 4 of our 5 starters and 1 bench player Terry Godwin’s sister. We are a Top 5 Women’s Basketball Program All-Time. We have had 20 WNBA Draft Picks since 1999 which is # 4 in the nation and have 3 more who will be after this season. 65 in a row – every 4-year letterman ever here – have graduated for 36 consecutive seasons and this will be 37. We will have another Academic All-America being named this season as well to bring the total to 4 of our Lovely Lady Bulldogs’ Basketball Players who have been named Academic All-America ! We have 86 NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Championship Tournament Wins All-Time so we are EXPECTED to add to that this season. Our ladies are embraced nationally as a Consensus Top 5 program on and off the court in the classrooms and the community and our fans are the # 1 fans of this sport we do so well in. We continue to develop this season again top talent obviously and the very top student-athletes. We have 4 Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame. One of only 3 American Athletes who have Won Gold Medals at 4 Different Olympics the Most Decorated Basketball Player in Olympics’ history. 1 of 4 American All-Time Women’s FIBA Federation International Basketball Amateur Hall of Fame. In 2007 we opened “Georgia Coliseum Training Facility” a $30 million dollar 120,000 square feet nation’s largest basketball practice facility where 3 years in a row now this year the Atlanta Hawks do their pre-season practice – most impressive in the nation. We average over 24 wins a season All-Time also Top 5 program in the nation. 11 eleven SEC Titles. This will be our 30th 20-Win Season with 3 more victories. Every game is on TV and Every game can be heard LIVE on FM Radio including in Atlanta on 103.7 WXKT-FM even in your car. I thought you should know. Our men are a different story. Both would benefit from a new gym in retaining in-state talent as well as attracting out-of-state talent and we are BEHIND in supporting our teams with this new gym with the over $150 million revenue annually our teams make us. Our “Georgia Excellence Campaign” has this new gym as their # 1 next goal.

If we built a big enough new gym, we could force the Atlanta Hawks to play 1 NBA game a year at our new gym in return for what we’ve done for them 3 years in a row now.  In fact, there could be MORE NBA and WNBA games here if we do this correctly, as well as hosting NCAA Men’s and Women’s Division I Basketball Championship Tournament games, Final 4, and SEC Championships as well and for others of our 23 sports – all of whom would benefit from a new gym with this annual in excess now of $ 150 million dollars revenue our sports teams at UGA now generate for us as an annuity. It is the # 2 ROI we could put this annuity toward – primarily basketball – ranking only behind the ROI for football as a destination for this in excess now of $ 150 million dollar annual annuity.


There is more meat in this 1 blog post than in all the other blog posts combined today by all Georgia blogs and newspaper stories.  This also is the # 1 blog post all-time about The Lady Bulldogs today.  By these standards this post is short only 794 words, fully documented and 100 percent accurate as you have become accustomed to here – as has been PROVEN – including my predictions which have been uncannily correct as well – some to your personal chagrin !  So I offer-up this Super Sunday before the game.


The Lady Bulldogs – Top 5 Basketball Program All-Time:



The Lady Bulldogs with RPI # 24 vs. Strength of Schedule # 23 can emerge after SEC Championship Tournament no worse than 21-9 and 9-8 vs. SEC teams with BIG WINS over RPI # 19, 21, 22, & 29 putting us solidly in the NCAA Tournament.  In fact, we are 1 MORE Big Win away from being ranked in AP & Coaches Polls.  The SEC has 8 teams solidly in The NCAA Women’s Division I Basketball Championship Tournament with 2 more on the bubble at # 52 & # 61.  The SEC is ranked The # 1 Women’s Basketball Conference obviously this year.  We only have 5 ladies who shoot the ball well and only 3 ladies who make their free throws.  We foul way too much but we do play well on Defense, rebound well and we do not turn the ball over.  We are deep although Mackenzie Engram has missed now 7 Consecutive Games.  Our Ladies have been in 31 of all of the 34 previous NCAA Women’s Division I Basketball Championship Tournaments and this will be 32 of the All-Time 35 since it started for Women in 1982 – this is # 2 All-Time in the Nation ! We also have been ranked 522 times in the AP Poll which is also # 2 All-Time although none this year so getting ranked this season is VERY IMPORTANT to our senior class which includes 4 of our 5 starters and 1 bench player Terry Godwin’s sister.  We are a Top 5 Women’s Basketball Program All-Time.  We have had 20 WNBA Draft Picks since 1999 which is # 4 in the nation and have 3 more who will be after this season.  65 in a row – every 4-year letterman ever here – have graduated for 36 consecutive seasons and this will be 37.  We will have another Academic All-America being named this season as well to bring the total to 4 of our Lovely Lady Bulldogs’ Basketball Players who have been named Academic All-America !  We have 86 NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Championship Tournament Wins All-Time so we are EXPECTED to add to that this season.  Our ladies are embraced nationally as a Consensus Top 5 program on and off the court in the classrooms and the community and our fans are the # 1 fans of this sport we do so well in.  We continue to develop this season again top talent obviously and the very top student-athletes.  We have 4 Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame.  One of only 3 American Athletes who have Won Gold Medals at 4 Different Olympics the Most Decorated Basketball Player in Olympics’ history. 1 of 4 American All-Time Women’s FIBA Federation International Basketball Amateur Hall of Fame.  In 2007 we opened “Georgia Coliseum Training Facility” a $30 million dollar 120,000 square feet nation’s largest basketball practice facility where 3 years in a row now this year the Atlanta Hawks do their pre-season practice – most impressive in the nation.   We average over 24 wins a season All-Time also Top 5 program in the nation.  11 eleven SEC Titles.  This will be our 30th 20-Win Season with 3 more victories. Every game is on TV and Every game can be heard LIVE on FM Radio including in Atlanta on 103.7 WXKT-FM even in your car.  I thought you should know.  Our men are a different story.  Both would benefit from a new gym in retaining in-state talent as well as attracting out-of-state talent and we are BEHIND in supporting our teams with this new gym with the over $150 million revenue annually our teams make us.  Our “Georgia Excellence Campaign” has this new gym as their # 1 next goal.|tab=element_2_1



Lady Bulldogs take on Alabama on SEC Network 5 pm Eastern Time tonight 1-17-2016 Comcast Channel 792 . We won our last road game at Florida Thursday 14th but since Marjorie Butler has been made starter that is the only win on the road for us against a ranked team. We’re 13-4 Alabama 12-5. Our women # 33 RPI our men # 68 RPI. Elle Macpherson.

2013 we beat Kentucky a ranked team on the road but Marjorie Butler did not play at all.  In fact, she did not start at all in 2013, only a bit role as a poor shooter.


2014 Marjorie Butler started 5 of 32 games and 7 games did not play at all because she can not shoot yet jacks it up.


Last year 2015 Marjorie Butler became the Starter at Point Guard for Andy Landers and he quit coaching all together because of the bad example she sets bringing the ball up court for us and jacking it up.  And missing.  She is an awful shooter.


Joni Taylor took over the team this year for Andy Landers who could not take another year of her shooting and Joni Taylor  has made no changes to the line-up because she has zero experience and still today does not see what a pariah Marjorie Butler is to her own job of getting the team to take good shots – shots they have some prayer of making.


If you look at her shooting, Marjorie Butler in her career here has shot the worst of any player in the history of the game.  She is 19 % from the 3-piont line for her entire career now a senior and jacks them up from there EVERY game her entire career.  Clank.


I hate to admit that she has taken the joy out of watching them last season and this for the 1st time in my life yet I am so addicted. So addicted.


The team can not win with her.  We do have the # 33 RPI because the rest of the team is really really good this their senior seasons for the entire team.  We lose everybody after this season.  Everyone.


The bad news is we lose all our players after this season.


The good news is that we lose Marjorie Butler who is on to medical school.


I presume we are Starting her because you must be the Starter to be Academic All-America.


There are 131 UGA Academic All-America in all 19 sports which is # 11 All-Time all schools winning Academic All-America.  Coach Kirby Smart is 1 of the 131 in 1998.


I do not see the Big XII Big 12 surviving in ANY sport although we have propped them up for years to support this inequity of Texas getting so much revenue.  I remain amused that Oklahoma has remained this long.  Adding Podunk teams to their only 10 would be bad for the Big XII.  When we study these minute details of EVERY sport what we find is that The SEC is just so damn strong !  Imagine a 9-2 Bowl Record this year again in football ?  Still it pisses me off that Ole Miss gets a new $ 100 million dollar gym with their SEC revenue-sharing monies and we don’t when their old gym was the same age as our gym still is.  We must do something for our men and women in basketball to get our players in-state to want to play here.  Now that we have our over $ 30 million dollar 20-yards longer Erk Russell Indoor Practice Facility than Georgie tek yellowjackets have, we must turn our attention quickly to catching-up with the other SEC schools in our gym.  Something showcase with all this money we get from The SEC that for the 1st time in over 50 years’ time now will make us competitive again with this antiquated old gym.  If it were bigger then better recruits would flock here and fill it !


Some other of the 131 Academic All-America at UGA All-Time include Bill Stanfill, Kevin McClee, Jeff Pyburn, Terry Hoage, Chad Kessler, Alec Kessler, Matt Stinchcomb, Jon Stinchcomb, Coco Miller, Kelly Miller, Courtney Kupets, Gordan Beckham, Ty Frix, Aaron Murray, Drew Butler, and Fran Tarkenton was our 1st Bulldog Academic All-America in 1960.  1960 is when we decided we needed a new gym.  I remember it well.


131 in 56 years is more than 2 a year for us which is GREAT !


But also VERY RARE.  To be a Dean’s List Honor Roll Scholar and STARTER on your team is as you can see .000 percent.  Have to take it out 4 decimal places to see how infrequent it is that a Starting Athlete would also be a top scholar !


Utterly amazing feat.


I will just be glad when the career 29 % from the field shooter 19 % career from the 3-point line is gone.


You can use this URL Link to look-up ANY player ANY sport and goes back at least to 1964 for the major sports and goes back to 1932 for football and 1947 for men’s basketball.  Very cool useful URL Link I use all the time when I want to know about a student-athlete’s entire career up-to-date to the moment, not just looking at a single year.  Thank you NCAA for adding this for us.


If she would just quit shooting !



Unfortunately this does NOT bode well for the career of Joni Taylor here because next season is going to be STARK.


And not because she loses Marjorie Butler.


We might actually beat Alabama on the road tonight on National TV, but only if Marjorie Butler never takes a 3-point shot ever again in her lifetime and only if she limits her shots from the field to 4 one of which she MIGHT make.  Might not based on her career here.  Otherwise we are doomed even against a lesser foe we own like Alabama.


It is sad when one who is so smart as Marjorie Butler can be so damned selfish and set such a hideous example to all her teammates taking the ball down the court and jacking it up.


So when 1 of the others gets into the game, they have to do the same to get any shots.




And, very aggravating.


Our football team got to this point too where if the opponent was ranked and we played them away from Sanford for these last 8 years we lost 15 of 24 games going into this 2016 season, which is not even Top 25 in the nation away from Home for # 11 All-Time Football Wins’ Georgia.  It is a measure. How well you do against ranked teams away from Home.


The Lady Bulldogs used to be great.  We’re the # 5 women’s basketball program of All-Time !


Our men have an RPI of 68.  So our women # 33 RPI are far more likely to make the NCAA Tournament than our men.


Our men because they can shoot but too many turnovers not enough rebounds and no defense.

Our women because despite being unable to shoot do play defense and rebound and do not turn the ball over.


There is a lesson there somewhere.


Last night for example our men lost in basketball at the Stegesaurus because we had 150 % more turnovers than Texas A & M committed, because we were outrebounded again and because we played absolutely no defense allowing Texas A & M all kinds of open shots making no effort to play defense again.  Texas A&M plays defense, rebounds and does NOT turn the ball over.  Result only 45-points we score in a 34-point then blow-out of Biblical Proportions as I have maintained about this team, also suffering greatly after this season with us also losing all our players as we do in women’s basketball after this season.


The Dawgbone for the last 8 years of Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor here, refused to allow any updates on its site if he LOST AGAIN fearing that someone might actually 1-line the poor efforts of our “coach” cough cough.  They make no such effort when not Apologizing for HIS sorry ass – please note.  The Dawgbone waited 24 hours after every loss before updating a DAY LATE then anyone’s and everyone’s efforts to discuss his bullshit coaching these last 8 years before he was finally FIRED as I predicted all along had to happen.


Men’s Basketball – Fair Game !


That certainly is one-sided, isn’t it ?


Mr. Blue’s The Dawgbone – he gives you some URL Links mostly to pay-per-view sites notably during 8 years of unsatisfactory results refused to provide that news until one full day out-of-date !  Freaking Apologist to THIS VERY DAY !


Isn’t he ?


And, you look at Coach Mark Fox on the sidelines and he is just peeved at the players.  He stands there shaking his head, bemused at the bullshit efforts by his troops – unlike his predecessor’s counterpart in football ever was.


But it is ok for us to say that about Coach Mark Fox but not ok to say that about Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor until no one bothered to look that deeply into the archived URL Links Mr. Blue decides when and if he will show you the URL Link to the real news on our football team.  He still does choose the URL Links the damn Apologist – and biased son of a bitch.


He wants to control what we think.


How did that work out for you Mr. Blue ?


Asshole !


I will tell you how that worked out tens of thousands flocked HERE instead and read what I had to say.


Because I predicted it ALL ALONG and why daily.


Shit lick.




I will be watching us tonight at 5 pm to 7 pm Comcast 792 HD.  Will you ?


There is a lesson there somewhere too.


Joni Taylor played at Alabama from 1997 to 2001 but only has the 1 SEC win all season against # 20 Florida Thursday.  When they look back at Georgia under Andy Landers who up and quit entering this season facing these prospects again this season of our horrible shooting and a ball hog jacking it up bringing the ball up the court setting such a horrid example and she so smart what is always found is that Georgia is # 5 in the nation all-time with The Lady Bulldogs.  It is quite a precedent !


With all the resources we have except a new gym we could’ve been even more.  Instead we are in a no-win scenario for both Joni Taylor and Coach Mark Fox who is great.  But I would not have taken this gig without assurance The University of Georgia would build me a new gym before they fired me or pay me a penalty of one million lump sum cash. I call it my one percent penalty tax because the new gym is going to cost one hundred million dollars – certainly not chump change – but if Ole Miss can pony-up a hundred million for a new gym to replace their gym also which opened in 1964 as ours did then by God we HAVE TO !


1 year now to the day from now, our Erk Russell Indoor Practice Facility opens at which time I sincerely hope the entire University pushes hard for the new gym our men and women have such richly deserved – a long time coming !


We have been rubbing salt in the wounds of our richly deserving men and women basketball fans with all the traffic getting into and out of the Stegesaurus due to the construction of the Erk Russell Indoor Practice Facility closing down all the streets to traffic.


This also is the reason why the new gym can not be on the site of the Stegesaurus.


We can use the Stegesaurus for other events besides basketball, which the Stegesaurus never was built for specifically anyway.  And, we can keep wasting money on it until the cows go home.  If you have never been on a dairy farm, the cows go home when they decide amongst themselves.


We have momentum in football because we dared to be great yet all we have in basketball is that we have a great Coach for the men.  Unfortunately he would be so much even better somewhere else and he would be so much far greater here if he had a new gym as well.


If we gave a shit about trying to win around here.


Maybe Fran Tarkenton would give us some money for a new gym too since we are content to sit on all this cash The SEC gives us every year in the over half a billion annual SEC revenue-sharing which is going WAY UP beyond that now with the SEC Network kicking-in finally now.  Fran Tarkenton remembers when the new gym was built as do I.  And, we can not buy a new gym but Ole Miss can.


( )

( )


Dare to be great !  Elle Macpherson shown in the 2 pics was born in Sydney where I lived for 3 years the day we opened the Stegesaurus !


Billy Joel wrote 3 songs about his dating Elle Macpherson but no one writes shit about the Stegesaurus in 52 years !



The Stegesaurus has not been an up-town girl in 52 years – half a century.


This is Christie Brinkley in the video of the song, both in Billy Joel’s entourage.


We need an uptown girl for our gym.



Men too many turnovers, not enough rebounds, no defense. Lady Bulldogs can NOT shoot !

Nothing new about either one.


Marjorie Butler Watch : 1 of 6  That is 16 % shooting Marjorie Butler .


Again !


Quit jacking the ball up.


I would bench your ass.


I do not care that we do not have a point guard.


Benched gal.


Caliya Robinson can shoot !


Pass the ball to her.  I told you she is a budding superstar !


Instead, 1 of 6 shooter shoots ?


Caliya Robinson 3 of 5.  60 %.




This is bad coaching.  This has gone on the entire career of our point guard, who was recruited here by Joni Taylor our coach.


Yet, Joni Taylor puts her right back out there.


And she JACKS it UP !


Doink !


She throws up bricks.


Worst shooter on the team takes 6 shots and the budding superstar takes fewer shots yet makes 3 times as many baskets.








This is where we Lost the game again tonight, again.  It sets a horrible example for the team when the man with the ball, dribbles the ball up-court and selfishly takes 6 shots while our budding superstar gets fewer shots when she is 1 of 6 EVERY FRIQIN’ game.


Same EVERY game.




I am the ONL Y person who can see this ?


Coach Andy Landers QUIT this team because of this kind of shooting for 4 years’ time now by Marjorie Butler.


No different last year, or year before or year before that, or this year.




Caliya Robinson plays 10 minutes and Marjorie Butler plays 40.


Not on my team.


I take her aside and have a talking to.


I then say it again to her in front of her teammates next.


Then, I bench her.


And, she sits.


Do NOT shoot the ball Marjorie Butler.


Whip-Around coverage by SEC Network tonight, and I saw really all of it.  It was good.  I like that !


29 % for the season this season, Marjorie Butler.


WTF are you doing gal ?


Forty (40) Three-point shots on the season.


Guess how many Marjorie Butler, who can NOT shoot, made of the 40 ?




17 % from beyond the arc.


Good Lord gal, how damn selfish !


Get lost Marjorie Butler.


Pack your bags.


Go to medical school.




We will suffer through it without a point guard.


Bye-bye now.


Don’t let the screen door slam on your sorry ass on the way out !


You pass the ball off those 6 shots to Caliya Robinson, we WIN !




Selfish !




Yes, Griffin was fouled on the arm on the baseline final shot.  She was all over her arm.  Defender reached out with her left arm and hacked her in the act from 3-point line down by 2 with 3 seconds remaining.  3 free throws.  We win that game !  Horrible officiating !


Doesn’t ALTER the fact that the game should have been won at HOME before that.




We have 29 more turnovers than our opponents.  And, it gets WORSE every game !


Look guys this is unacceptable.


If we pass you the ball and you are SO OUT OF CONTROL that you lose the ball to the opponents instead of this great shooting team around you making a basket, you are giving them 2 points and taking 2 points away from us.


Pretty simple game guys.


You throw the ball through the hoop, not throw the ball to the opponents, and you have 2 courts to PLAY.  Half the time you are playing defense trying to get THEM to turn the ball over to you, or miss.  DEFENSE.  We have no Defense.


Jeez Louise !


Men won last night against Missouri.  Missouri.  That hardly counts.


You LOST to Florida.








This is not working guys.  You need to look at little Frazier, J.J. as he gets 5 boards a game.  5 !


I would be ashamed of myself, if I played defense that poorly and could not block out underneath any better than that.


Disgraceful guys !


Frazier, J.J. gets 5 rebounds EVERY GAME and you sit there resting on defense, and let him get more rebounds than you.




Shame on YOU !


One guy only on the whole entire team gets more rebounds than what is he 5″ 9″ Frazier, J.J.  It has nothing to do with height it is ALL defense and staying between your man and the basket.  And, blocking out.


Move your feet.


Rest on the bench.


NOT on defense !


The Ladies can not shoot to save their souls and the Men turn the damn ball over play no defense and do not position themselves for rebounds.  I presume you neither are pleased ?


It is going to be a long season if y’all keep this up.


You’re not winning any fans over like this.  And, we won’t get our new gym playing like this Men or Ladies.



Jake Eason’s Dad says Sam Pittman ! Drudgery until after next Monday start anew ? Good Lord ! Just quit then. You are so FOS. Give it up! And, just when I am so pumped ! Now, Jeff Sagarin Poll moves Bryan McClendson’s team up to # 22. And, so we bid adieu to 21 and maybe 22 all whom Started for us. The last of the Dream Team. # 14 Malkom Parrish leaps 42″ and Lorenzo Carter then jumps 42″ and they both then bat the ball down with BOTH HANDS EMPHATICALLY after Sterling Bailey was all over Trace McSorley who had to heave the Hail Mary through his arms as Blue Bloods Penn State Nittany Lions and Georgia Bulldogs battle it out to the buzzer 24-17 UGA ! Bryan McClendon gets Georgia ranked in AP and Coaches’ Final Polls ! How exciting ! 29-19-3 UGA Bowl Record which is Top 5 All-Time in Bowl Games. We beat Penn State ! The SEC Wins Bowl Challenge 2015-2016 at 8-2 while Pac-12 pedestrian 6-4, and while Big 10 does NOT have winning bowl record, and while Big XII Big 12 and ACC both have LOSING BOWL RECORDS again. 29 teams 10-Win Season. Massey Rankings Top 25 Poll former Official BCS Rankings Polls just after the win, updated its Top 25 so far this season with one game to go and ranked Bryan McClendon’s team all the way to # 15 ! Wow !


Academic Honor Roll  Malkom Parrish # 14, leaps out of his skin as time expires today at the Gator Bowl to beat Blue Blood Penn State 24-17, leaping 42 inches and with both hands smashing the ball downwards so hard that it bounced to Daytona Beach !


Fine-looking young man, isn’t he ?


Sterling Bailey    was all over their back-up QB Trace McSorley as he tried to heave it through his out-stretched arms on the Hail Mary Pass to end the game.  First, Malkom Parrish leaped and then Lorenzo Carter repeated a 42″ leap both smashing the ball into and through the turf.


Penn State fans have been typing on the Internet after the game that they are glad their Starting QB did not play further, that their back-up QB did very well, better than he.


I find myself thinking the same about our former coach.


That we did better WITHOUT him.


Leonard Floyd picked up their little back-up QB  Trace McSorley  # 9.


They ran no replay of that !


Trace McSorley had a better day than Greyson Lambert !


Dominick Sanders, Tucker High School, got an interception – his 7th for the season !  One of the national leaders listed on EVERY LIST !  At the time, Penn State was taking the opening drive right down the field on the strength of their NFL High Draft Pick QB and long pass after long pass.  So much so, that I and many others were getting a bad feeling about this game to begin with.


Then, instead of Penn State going ahead 0-7.  We kicked a field goal, and instead we were not behind 0-7 but AHEAD 3-0.


10-point swing on that one play.


Difference in the game.


Hero again Dominick Sanders, Tucker High School.


You know ?


Tucker High School, like Thomas Brown !


Keith Marshall had the game of his life with huge big runs at the end of the game for us, with no one else to turn to !  Keith Marshall has 62 yards on 14 gutsy up-the-gut carries against Penn State to save our bacon today I can tell you !


You’re a good man Keith Marshall, sir !


Best of everything to you sir !  What a game !


Terry Godwin made a spinning behind the back spin-around and leap in the end zone to make a TD grab and threw the longest pass of the season for us as Todd Gurley II did last year for us to a wide-open Malcolm Mitchell who just really punctuated his career here with well over 100 yards receiving.  It was in the air 44 yards from the former high school WR and QB who also lettered as I in basketball and in baseball.  There were 48-yard passes by Greyson Lambert this season, but they were a catch and run not end zone TD throw from mid-field.


Sony Michel was worked to the bone against the tough Penn State Nittany Lions’ # 1 ranked defense.  In the end it was Sony Michel’s gutsy score for the final margin.  And, this leaves Sony Michel with his name # 12 all-time in rushing for Georgia in a season, 1 ahead of Frank Sinkwich.


Sony Michel this season makes 16 Georgia Bulldogs who have rushed for over 1000 yards in season !


16 !


Sony Michel dragged his defender # 90 for Penn State Garrett Sickels from the 10-yard line all the way 3 yards deep for the winning 21-yard romp for the winning score today at the Gator Bowl where we had previously been under the fired coach, losers of 11 of 16. states on its WebPages that it is the sponsor for what it calls the “Gator Bowl.”


It was OUR DEFENSE that showed their strength in speed and depth all season trying to bail out our QB Greyson Lambert, who is just damn maddening.


At halftime, Coach Kirby Smart in a new Blue Blazer with brass buttons, swaying side-to-side throughout, was interviewed and said we played with a lot of energy today and a lot of passion !  When the ESPN announcers double-teaming him said the interview was over, you could see Coach Kirby Smart who is a fine-looking gentleman standing there swaying side-to-side nervous energy 39 years’ old when we hired him as our Coach, just exhale and you could see the palpable relief on his smile in front of 100 million watching him live with no competition on TV for our very exciting game.


We got up by 24-3.  We lost one like this to the vols earlier this season, up by 21 or more.  Greyson Lambert did all he could do to let Penn State back in it with their QB racked across the shoulder as he hit the ground on a penalty against Penn State behind that play.  He left and never came back, ending his career on the sidelines.  Junior Penn State QB Christian Hackenberg is draft eligible and I sure hope he is ok and just a shoulder separation.  They said they took X-ray, but did not share results yet.  Just that he wouldn’t be back in this game, per James Franklin.


In the 4th Quarter, we were still ahead 24-3.


4th quarter.


Penn State was unranked, is unranked, and will be unranked at 7-6.


Bryan McClendon gets Georgia ranked in AP and Coaches’ Final Polls !


Bryan McClendon has balls !


He went for it on 4th down in field goal range ahead by but a score.


We failed.


It was a horrible play call, too deep, and right into the teeth of the stifling front 7 of Penn State led by their Consensus All-America Carl Nassib Consensus 1st Team All-America 2015.  We certainly had no one honored like that this season.


This gave Penn State the ball at our 25-yard line with 1:52 left in the game.


Austin Johnson  # 99 for Penn State Nittany Lions came up behind Sophomore  Isaiah Wynn  for Georgia after the whistle and shoved him hard from behind and tried to knock him down.  He spun around quickly to see who took the cheap shot, and it was this play that let us escape !


Penn State is ahead of Georgia All-Time in Wins once again after the NCAA re-instated their wins, but upheld their NCAA Probation in Football they are still suffering from.


Georgia Bulldogs 787-413-54 All-Time # 11 in Wins !


Blue Bloods ?


Bad blood.


Maybe Penn State was not the better defense on the field.  Penn State players said it was, pre-game.  And, John Theus said the game has not been played in reply.


It has now.


Click on these guys’ names below to see what they’ve done :


Starting Right Offensive Tackle : John Theus Started all 13 games this season, has great future ahead of him in the NFL, will be invited to combines.  Invited to Senior Bowl and accepted to Senior Bowl Saturday January 30. Working out at Ryan Goldin at GATA Training in Duluth after the Penn State Bowl Game !

Starting Inside Linebacker : Jordan Jenkins, Started 10 of the 13 games including all the last 4, will be invited to combines. Invited to senior bowl and accepted to Senior Bowl Saturday January 30.  Has Great NFL career ahead of him !

There are the only 2 of the 22 in The Great Exodus (maybe 21 – see last entry below in this list) who are rumored to be NFL Draft Picks.  Leonard Floyd and Jordan Jenkins.  Of course that graphic during the telecast by ESPN, is wrong.


ESPN spent the entire game, rooting for Penn State.


Friq Penn State Nittany Lions.

Starting Fullback : Quayvon Hicks, Started 3 games this season, jerked around his whole career here and never properly utilized because of some penchant for playing walk-ons in this we’ve got something besides winning that’s important here B.S.  Started 6 of his 13 games in 2014, Started 6 of his 13 games in 2013.

Starting Inside Linebacker : Jake Ganus, Started all 13 games this season, declared by entire staff as the Most Valuable Player of this football team this season and I might add without ANY doubts, not yet invited to combines or Senior Bowl, holding out hope, got Married, great guy !

Starting Wide Receiver : Malcolm Mitchell, Started all 13 games this season, has tremendous numbers, one of everyone’s Most Favorite Bulldogs of All-Time !  Great all-around guy too !  Outspoken in a good way.  Fun to watch by God !  When he gets the ball he turns upfield and gives it his all !  Great blocker and prides himself on his blocking like Hines Ward.  Has a swagger about his stance where he leans his head and takes off.  Hard to describe but it is Signature.  Like a dogged determination to be great.  Suffered from NOT having a damn QB both his Junior and Senior Seasons !  # 103 passing game and this man is IT.  Has IT.  Is IT. Great future in the NFL awaits.  Can do anything he wants to do.  Invited to Senior Bowl and accepted to Senior Bowl Saturday January 30.  Will be invited to Combines.

Starting Place Kicker : Marshall Morgan, played in all 13 games, great personal tragedy

Starting Tight End : Jay Rome, Started this season, never had ball thrown to him.  No concept about all that.  Has 40 catches for 400 yards. Biggest question mark about this team is how Mike Bobo refused to throw to the Tight Ends last season and then this year the new guy – well, we all know Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor called all the plays for 15 years.  We threw a weak assed pass toward him in the bowl game.  Starter Several Games 2014 too, and Started in 2012 as well. This is the type of guy who surprise you.  Seen it a lot.  He goes out and proves himself and someone gives him a shot.  He has nothing but pride for his accomplishments here, despite all the B.S. to not throw the damn ball to him.

Starting Wide Receiver : Justin Scott-Wesley, an exciting Starter for us Started a bunch of games in his career here.  Thank you Justin !

Starting Tailback : Keith Marshall, dear God what is it that Keith Marshall is the guy who no one made any effort toward getting him the ball in space ? I pegged him for the NFL on day 1.  So many big injuries vs vols.  He has been ready to play this season.  We didn’t give him the ball.  He quits after this bowl game.  He has a full season left and he quits after this game, but he could come back.  He is declaring for the NFL Draft. Maybe they will see in him what I do.  2 of his last 3 games here, this God Damn Coaching Staff did not give him a single freaking carry until his heroics in this Bowl Game vs Penn State where he willed us to the win !  I’d quit too damn it.  Love you Keith Marshall sir !  Keith Marshall was a Starter here for us at Tailback in 2013.  He was a Starter here for us at Tailback in 2012 too.  Has a Medical Redshirt Year 2016 for us if he only wants it !  Please want it sir !  Really hoping he is invited to Combines.

Starting Center : Hunter Long,  Started Several games for us this season.

Starting Offensive Left Guard : Kolton Houston, Started all 13 games for us this season. NFL beckons. Working out at Ryan Goldin at GATA Training in Duluth after the Penn State Bowl Game !  Under-sized but frame can handle more weight.  Invited to Combines ?

Starting Defensive End : Josh Dawson, Started 4 games in 2014 and Started in 2013 too, played in all 13 games this season.  Thanks Josh !

Starting Defensive End : Sterling Bailey, Starter 11 of the 13 games this season. Also was a Starter last season in 2014 and he Started 9 of 12 games in 2013.   Great guy !  Best of luck in the NFL sir !  Invited to Combines ?  His QB pressure on the last play vs Penn State is what gave us the win !

Starting Defensive Tackle : James DeLoach, Starter 3 games this season !  Way to go sir !

Starting Nose Tackle : Chris Mayes, Starter 12 of the 12 games he played this season.  Started 8 of his 11 games in 2013 too !  Best of luck in the NFL sir !  All the best ! Invited to Combines ?  Said we never had spirited practices until the fired coach, was gone.

Starting Cornerback : Devin Bowman, played in the 1st 5 games this season after being Starter in 8 of his 12 games last season !  Also was a Starter in 2012.

Starting Linebacker SLM : Junior Leonard Floyd, not a sack machine.  Does have a motor when he comes to play.  Harasses the QB, not sack him.  When he gets his ass in gear can take over a game by himself.  Tremendous upside with the right coaching.  Starter every game after he faltered on grades getting-in.  Will be invited to Combines after he declares.

Starter as Kicker : Patrick Beless, got to play vs Southern University Baton Rouge, also was our only Starting Kicker the 1st two games of 2013 when Marshall Morgan was suspended those 2 games.  Made all his field goals and extra points !  Thanks Patrick !  Sorry, we did not ask you instead of the fired punter, to try the field goal in the bowl game.

Starting Wide Receiver 2015 season Kenneth Towns !  He personally won 2 games for Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor.  Imagine how those 2 games go without Kenneth Towns and his season.  My God, his season !  Thank you Thank you Thank You !  Kenneth Towns Started for us 2015 !  A real success story in my book !

Starting Punter : Collin Barber, was our Punter the 1st 10 games then we made our Starting QB the only Starting QB on the roster, the Punter and watched him throw a pass off his back foot no follow through on a botched-fake punt.  Just junk.  Collin, thanks for your efforts. Sorry your career ended like that sir !  And, your bowl game wasn’t any better this time either, was it ?

Starting Long Snapper : Nathan Theus.  Great job in the classroom too Nathan !  Yes, I noticed.  Has been Invited and Accepted to play in the NFL Players’ Association Collegiate Bowl Saturday January 23.  This All-Star Game sponsored by the NFL Players’ Association is to showcase collegiate seniors to the NFL.

Starting Outside Linebacker Junior Tim Kimbrough Started last 7 games of the season 2015 for us with strong NFL future, then before the exams lost his Starting Job last game regular season and came in off the bench hiding it from us that what ?  Then, the day after the Final Exams, he was not allowed to practice and the interim coach could no longer lie about it and announced he was suspended for this game.  He may have played his last game if it’s grades, and can not study between now and Fall.  You can do it Tim !  We believe in you !


And, so we bid adieu to 21 and maybe 22.  The last of the Dream Team.


These 2 teams do NOT like each other.


James Franklin beat again !


ESPN put up all the recruiting talent this team has, and we’re loaded and deep !  And, then about 10 minutes LATER, someone nudged them that hey Penn State has done just as well with James Franklin, as everyone knew they would when they hired him from Vanderbilt.  Put up Penn State’s recruiting !  It’s just as good.  Finally ESPN did.


They were biased in favor of Penn State in the call of the game anyway, so why not ?


Able to go ahead by 2 scores with them out of time-outs and the clock down to 1:52 after the go for it, Bryan McClendon says nah.  Go for it !


Patrick Beless never missed an extra point or field goal for us, 100 % but was not given the opportunity to kick field goals this game ?


Why ?


Sterling Bailey    was all over their back-up QB Trace McSorley as he tried to heave it through his out-stretched arms on the Hail Mary Pass to end the game.  First, Malkom Parrish leaped and then Lorenzo Carter repeated a 42″ leap both smashing the ball into and through the turf.


Player of the Game, Terry Godwin whose sister played the last game for The Lady Bulldogs and whom The Bulldog Nation gave much praise to in recruiting, is our 2nd leading receiver for the Year !


And, our # 1 QB.


Terry Godwin !


100 Terry Godwin QB Rating for 2015-2016 season 100 !

31 Greyson Lambert QB Rating 31  vs Penn State Nittany Lions.




1,000 Yards Rushing Season Georgia Bulldogs :

  • 1,891 – Herschel Walker, 1981 SEC Record
  • 1,752 – Herschel Walker, 1982
  • 1,616 – Herschel Walker, 1980
  • 1,547 – Garrison Hearst, 1992
  • 1,547  Nick Chubb, 2014
  • 1,400 – Knowshon Moreno, 2008
  • 1,385 – Todd Gurley II, 2012
  • 1,334 – Knowshon Moreno, 2007
  • 1,324 Musa Smith, 2002
  • 1,312 – Willie McClendon, 1978
  • 1,216 – Tim Worley, 1988
  • 1,161 – Sony Michel, 2015
  • 1,103 – Frank Sinkwich, 1941
  • 1,059 – Rodney Hampton, 1989
  • 1,058 – Kevin McLee, 1976
  • 1,016 – Lars Tate, 1987



The SEC is # 1 in Bowl Games 2015-2016 at 8-2, and the Big 10 is 5-5 their season over with not a winning record in the bowl games but ahead of the lowly ACC with their losing bowl record 4-5 again as they always do in the ACC.

They have no hope against Alabama.


The SEC still has that game left.  The ACC with a win can NOT have a winning bowl record this season again.


The Mighty SEC also has the MOST BOWL GAMES 2015-2016 with 11.  No other conference has as many !


Our 8 Wins already is the Winning Number, 8-2.


Pac-12 is better than The SEC at 6-4 ?  What kind of bullshit is that that 6-4 pedestrian Pac-12 is better than 8-2 or maybe 9-2 SEC ?


Or, even close.


You make the comparison.  I already have.  Your teams already have.


Tell us again how The SEC is OVER-RATED !


Overrated ?


Who’s overrated ?


“Power 5” Conferences of The Mighty SEC and then the also rans.  The nobodies.  The Mighty SEC and then all the rest of the LOSERS !


This means that The Mighty SEC Wins the Bowl Challenge no matter the result of that remaining 1 Bowl Game.  The 41st Bowl Game.


Pac-12 ends their season with a pedestrian 6-4 mark in the bowl games.  Their season over.


So many ranked teams lost their bowl games, that Bryan McClendon is assured of having HIS team ranked after this electrifying rousing titillating win over Blue Blood Penn State and their # 1 defense in the nation they said to US pre-game.


The list of who lost their bowl game among ranked teams is so long that I will not bother to try to list them all.


The Big XII Big 12 also put forth a losing bowl record AGAIN TOO this bowl season at 3-4.


I thought this was the Power 5 Conferences in some attempt to state that these other “conferences” were close to equal with The Mighty SEC ?


Uh, no !


Not so fast.


The SEC Wins Bowl Challenge 2015-2016 at 8-2 while Pac-12 pedestrian 6-4, and while Big 10 does NOT have winning bowl record, and while Big XII Big 12 and ACC both are sporting LOSING BOWL RECORDS again.


The Power 5 Conferences ?


You mean The Mighty SEC and then all the others adjusting their glasses as the Xerox commercial years’ ago now that said almost as good as a Xerox ?


Maybe I will list the losers of their bowl games for these ranked teams ahead of The Georgia Bulldogs who find Bryan McClendon is NOW RANKED in both the AP Poll and the Coaches’ Final Polls.


Temple ranked team, lost.

North Carolina ACC ranked team, lost.

Southern California Pac-12 ranked team, lost.

Choke-la-homa Big XII ranked team, lost.

Michigan State ranked Big 10 team, lost to The Mighty SEC 38 to nothing!

FSU ranked ACC team, lost.

Iowa ranked Big 10 team, lost blown-out 45-16.

Notre Dame ranked team independent, lost.

Oklahoma State ranked Big XII team, lost blown-out by SEC 48-20.

Northwestern Big 10 ranked team, lost, decimated 45-6 by SEC.

Florida ranked SEC team, lost 41-7 in a drubbing 1 of 2 SEC losses.

Oregon ranked Pac-12 team, lost.


The SEC might have 7 SEC teams ranked in the Final Top 25 Polls, 6 for certain !


Bowl Standings :


Team Apps First Last W-L-T Pct
Alabama 63 1925 2015 36-25-3 0.595
Texas 53 1942 2014 27-23-2 0.538
Southern Cal 52 1922 2015 34-18-0 0.653
Nebraska 52 1940 2015 26-26-0 0.500
Georgia 51 1941 2015 29-19-3 0.598
Tennessee 51 1938 2015 27-24-0 0.529


As you can see, only 4 teams have played in more bowl games than The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs !  Of these 4 with more bowls, while 3 of even those are just not as good as our results and 1 barely better than The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs and that is Southern California.


If you are wondering about Choke-la-homa, Ohio State, LSU, FSU and Penn State, here they are :


Oklahoma 49 1938 2015 28-20-1 0.581
Ohio State 45 1920 2015 21-24-0 0.467
LSU 47 1935 2015 24-22-1 0.521
Penn State 46 1922 2015 28-16-2 0.630
Florida St 44 1954 2015 26-16-2 0.613


Dale Earnhardt, Junior says he is a South Carolina Gamecock fan and has won the Daytona Firecracker 500 twice which used to be raced on July 4th,  in his 26 NASCAR Wins in 18 seasons.


He is worth a third of a billion dollars !




He has Washington Redskins NFL updates radioed to his car during the races, an avid fan of the game.


He has also won The Talladega 500, as these are the 2 Superspeedways in NASCAR.


I also have driven Talladega.




His sponsor now is a company in Evans, Georgia (suburb of Augusta) that wrote and provides an online software program where you enter your information online to the IRS, rather than a program on your PC.


“ is the sponsor for the Gator Bowl.”


Richard Petty The King has 200 NASCAR wins # 1.

David Pearson has 105 for # 2.

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is # 27 with 26 wins.


He drove his Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet on the field and was interviewed with a scraggly beard.




We’re 40 wins for our seniors, not nearly our best.  1 of 13 teams to accomplish this.  Not that the previous coach accomplished this because he did NOT.  This is NOT his win.  He was NOT here, fired.


29 teams have 10-win seasons this season :  29




Again, not that the previous coach accomplished THIS EITHER, because he did not by God because again he was NOT HERE for this win.  He did NOT have a 10-win season nor win 40 games in 4 years nor 50 games in 5 years.


He did, most assuredly, however, lose 4 games a season average for 8 years now.  THAT, he did ACCOMPLISH !


For which he was summarily fired !


This is not a goal for Coach Kirby Smart to be one of 29 :


Not ANY year is this a goal


10-Win Season 2015 Record
Team records (Current FBS Teams) Years 2015-2015
Showing Actual Game Results


Pos Team Record
1. Clemson (14-0-0)–1.00000
2. Alabama (13-1-0)–0.92857
3. Houston (13-1-0)–0.92857
4. Ohio St. (12-1-0)–0.92308
5. Michigan St. (12-2-0)–0.85714
6. Stanford (12-2-0)–0.85714
7. Iowa (12-2-0)–0.85714
8. Western Ky. (12-2-0)–0.85714
9. Oklahoma (11-2-0)–0.84615
10. Navy (11-2-0)–0.84615
11. TCU (11-2-0)–0.84615
12. Appalachian St. (11-2-0)–0.84615
13. Toledo (10-2-0)–0.83333
14. San Diego St. (12-3-0)–0.80000
15. North Carolina (11-3-0)–0.78571
16. Mississippi (10-3-0)–0.76923
17. Northwestern (10-3-0)–0.76923
18. Notre Dame (10-3-0)–0.76923
19. Michigan (10-3-0)–0.76923
20. Florida St. (10-3-0)–0.76923
21. Oklahoma St. (10-3-0)–0.76923
22. Utah (10-3-0)–0.76923
23. Baylor (10-3-0)–0.76923
24. Wisconsin (10-3-0)–0.76923
25. Marshall (10-3-0)–0.76923
26. Temple (10-4-0)–0.71429
27. Bowling Green (10-4-0)–0.71429
28. Florida (10-4-0)–0.71429
29. Georgia (10-3-0)–0.76923




Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor was 73-32 his last entire 8 years here for the # 17 won/lost record for # 11 All-Time Wins’ UGA :


Of course, his record against ranked teams was NOT Top 25 his last 8 years, and this more than anything is why Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor was fired, why he is NOT here any longer.


What happened to him ?




He lost control of this team.


Not only averaging therefore 4 losses a season for his last 8 years here; but, also 37-1 vs non-bowl teams and 36-31 vs bowl teams – which ALSO is unacceptable with our # 8 Average recruiting ranking vs bowl teams record his last 8 years here.


And, he lost 11 of his 16 games at THIS stadium, the Gator Bowl.


They did not interview him, if he was there.  There were 16 empty SECTIONS, so if he had been there, ESPN would have shown him.


He didn’t give a shit to show up.  So, don’t add in this game as his game because he was not coach and not here.


In fact, coach of a different team even.  The bad boys of college football.  The ones who strut around on the field.  The ones who are on NCAA Probation in Football as we speak and who continue to be until October 21, 2016.


January 16, 2015 Penn State had its wins restored by the NCAA and they were able to recruit a full class for 2015 for the 1st time since their NCAA Probation.


Coach Kirby Smart is to keep Georgia out of any NCAA Probation of any and all kind.


Coach Kirby Smart I thought looked good in the interview at halftime.  I think the kids will love him.


Massey Rankings Top 25 Poll former Official BCS Rankings Polls just after the win, updated its Top 25 so far this season with one game to go and ranked Bryan McClendon’s team all the way to # 15 !  Wow !


None of the other polls, nor the NCAA on its Official stats, nor even have updated their stats yet.  Check back right here.  Or, click the URL Links on the right here as you read this called “POLLS” and check yourself from time to time, as I do !  Imagine is still partying from the win !   And, have not posted the stats yet all night long ! I have certainly as you can see in this post and in the Categories on the right here, up-dated this entire site to the proper stats and proper URL Links to the facts, by God !


Not some bullshit theory that well only provide the good news.


Sadly both the men and women played like shit in their basketball games, jacking it up.  Neither coach took control early enough.  Neither called time out and said, God Damn It !


The Lady Bulldogs’ Coach Joni Taylor is not dealing with this four 10-minute quarter, which frankly I have a problem articulating as well.


We got way up early, and were off to the races against Texas A&M a really deep, well-coached long time, ultra-talented team of ruffians.


We sprinted out on fast breaks and made easy lay-ups.  We’re deep this year, Joni Taylor unlike next.


You let the entire Starting 5 stay out there too long.  You saw their veteran coach, get 3 players in VERY EARLY.  You sat there smug Joni Taylor mam.


When you did get a TV time-out, you were looking all around the gym.  You never said a damn word to the team, jacking it up as soon as they ever touched the ball, from anywhere, with any coverage.


You needed to at about the 4 minute mark, CALL TIME-OUT Joni Taylor man.


Put in 5 more players !


Give your gals a blow.


Instead, you let them get their own blow on the court !


On defense.


So, Texas A&M got back and ran off 20 points to our none.  From ahead by double-digits to behind by at one point 20 points !


Bad coaching.


Massey Rankings has 9 SEC teams in its Top 23 with # 23 being Florida who beat us.


Massey Rankings also ranks our Defense # 8 in the nation – not bad for no Defensive Coordinator and none hired for next year either.


Now, Jeff Sagarin moves Bryan McClendon’s efforts inside the Top 25 to # 22 after the exciting win !


USA Today


And, he also was an Official BCS Poll.  I think Bryan McClendon now has raised us to a ranked team in ALL POLLS as they come out !


Yeah !


Way to go guys !


Nice job.


Fun game !


Just let them motivate themselves and play by themselves !


Who needs a stinking coach, or Offensive Coordinator, or Defensive Coordinator – or, anyone indeed ?


The players certainly earned that ranking this game coaching themselves, and they certainly did JUST AS WELL WITHOUT Jeremy Pruitt as they did WITH.


Stick that in your craw Jeremy Pruitt !


Jeremy Pruitt who was the 1st phone call from Nick Saban, and who then after when friend Coach Kirby Smart and he talked, told Coach Kirby Smart that “Yes, I know Kirby.”  “How did you know Jeremy?” “Nick offered me your job and I accepted Sunday 29 November.  They are vetting me now.”  “Me too,” Coach Kirby Smart replied. “Congrats.”  “You too!”


Mutiny ?  Well, yeah, when Todd Gurley II top NFL player now said then his last season here that he was sick and tired of losing and being mediocre.  When David Greene has to speak up and say  “Here we are in November and we still don’t know which direction they’re going in. It’s tough to be this deep in the season really without any identity offensively. Unfortunately it’s not just one thing.  Offensively right now it’s very stale.  Special teams has really struggled. There’s a lot of talent on the team.  As an entire team they just kind of seem lost…like they just don’t know what they want to do and how they want to do it.  A good example of that is starting Faton Bauta when he has zero starting experience. It just goes to show that what they’ve been trying to do just isn’t working.”  When Chris Mayes and Jordan Jenkins both seniors this season speak up the day before the bowl game and say that there never was a spirited practice in ALL their years here until after the fired coach was GONE.  When Tracy Rocker has to speak up after the bowl game and label it what is.  When the pussies who tried to ruin this Proud # 11 Program All-Time telling us that we’re just not as good of a fan as they and that it’s just as easy to call it like it is as it is to be on the bus get on their damn bus that losing 4 games per season for 8 years now 32 losses current 8 seasons is just fine satisfactory best Bulldogs’ coach of all-time and I guarantee he will be back after the Georgie tek yellowjackets’ game.  When the coaches he hired are so damn mad and fed up with it too that they are fighting amongst themselves in public.

Yes, you have a freaking mutiny.

Damn right it was a frigin’ mutiny.

Good word for it Tracy Rocker.

Who had to live through it in his home.

Like I did.

If it was up to you, he’d STILL BE HERE.

And, we’d of lost this game.

Sure as shit.

Terry Godwin is the # 1 recruit in this damn state !

It was NOT UNTIL I SPOKE UP HERE game 8 that he had NOT BEEN GIVEN ONE SINGLE carry all season long, that he finally GAVE him even one snap.

We were dumbasses for 8 years after 2007.

It drove the real freaking fans of this program God Damn Friqin’ crazy.

The players.

The coaches.

Every God Damn Freaking media.

It drove us all wild.


ALL of us.

Except for you.

And, you sat there with your God Damn Bullshit FREAKING EXCUSES.

And, ball less bullshit.

Like Pussies !

Grow a pair I told you.

Shut him up !

Ban his ass !

Delete his post !

Don’t let him say that.

I feel sorry for him. I just can’t let him have his say !  There are too many who want a Christian to do it the right way and lose.   That bullshit wimpy-ass lying son of a God Damn Bitch Friqin’ coach will be back.  He’s not going ANYWHERE !


I know because there are too many on my blog who tell me that this is the best ever !


For God’s sake look at what he’s done since 2001 ?  2001-2007 in fact game 5 of 2008 he was 76-19.  Win 4 lose 1. 80%.  Since win 3 lose 1.  And, if they ranked, he lost.  How is that going to work for # 11 All-Time ?




You didn’t want to hear it.


He posts his diatribes all the same, sad man, all over the Internet.  Don’t let him post here !


It’s just as easy to be happy !


Takes just as much energy.



Stick it up your asses


An open rebellion against the captain led especially by the sailors against said egregious captain, an up-rising, to rebel, to refuse to obey defiantly, to violently rise up as a group against clear undeniable grievances wreaking untold harm to the good of the common !


God Damn Mutiny.


Too bloody right it was !


And, I.








And, you were WRONG.


Weren’t you, you pussies !


Walk like a man !

Talk like a man !

Call it what it is !


You’re not feeling well today ?

No friqin’ wonder !



Jake Eason’s Dad says the reason why Coach Kirby Smart got his son’s commitment to stick when the old coach did all he could to squirrel it up for us flying out there the day before he got fired and KNEW IT, was that we hired Sam Pittman to protect his son so that he could play football and not baseball from concussions.  He will be here on Monday 11th for classes.


Bluto – get the picture – state senator and Mr. Blue are down unmotivated and lackluster ?


Give it up !


You never were a damn fan of this program anyway !  Just fans of a guy I had a vendetta against for 8 years.


The cutest little girl on the sidelines yelled right on cue to the camera crew that :

“We’re # 1 !”



Florida and Texas A&M lose while SEC remains atop Bowls. This morning we can leave Big 10 not having winning bowl record this season at Noon ESPN 846 vs Penn State. 8 pm tonight # 51 RPI UGA takes on # 19 RPI Florida men’s basketball ESPNU 883. James Coley a Nick Saban tree showed up with Coach Kirby Smart at Gator Bowl, and has been TE Coach the last 8 years at FSU and Miami of Florida. EVERYONE is down there in Gator Country.

ESPN has us all day today starting this morning at noon in TaxSlayer Gator Bowl vs Penn State team I really want to beat.  Then at 8pm tonight our SEC slate opens  for our men vs Florida in a game we’re predicted to lose by double-digits.  Both games on ESPN Channels 846 and 883 Comcast.


The best place to know what’s happening in the bowl games is this URL Link :


James Coley has been Tight Ends Coach for 8 years now at FSU with Jimbo Fisher and then at Miami of Florida, and he and Coach Kirby Smart arrived at the Gator Bowl last night.  He worked at LSU in the National Championship 2003 season, and in 2004 season with Coach Kirby Smart there at LSU, then both left with Nick Saban to Miami together – although Coach Kirby Smart spent the 1st Nick Saban Miami year 2005 here as our running backs’ coach first.  So, James Coley is a Nick Saban tree product.  And, a QB by trade has been TE Coach for 8 years in a row now currently unemployed being replaced by Thomas Brown.  Does James Coley replace John Lilly our TE coach today, who turned down the offer to work at Miami of Florida.


Our Record at the Gator Bowl is losing 11 of the latest 16 there, covering the entire span of the fired coach.


We didn’t make the trip this time, but have seen many of these 11 losses in 16 games there in person.


Nick Saban’s 1st phone call was to Jeremy Pruitt. So, when Coach Kirby Smart spoke with his friend Jeremy Pruitt, Jeremy Pruitt already knew and had already been offered and accepted the job at Alabama.  That’s the conversation they had.


Neither Penn State nor Georgia has beat a Power 5 Conference Opponent with a winning record, while James Franklin former Vandie Coach coaches Penn State, who fired their O.C.


And, of course, we’re 0-1 vs Penn State in another bowl game I did go to long ago.


Everyone in Bulldogs’ Nation has reacted to the startling revelation yesterday by Jordan Jenkins and Chris Mayes both seniors, that the fired coach never had intensity in bowl game practices and no intensity in any of his practices all season long this entire mediocre unranked season of beating no team of consequence.


2-6 SEC play Auburn is our best win this season.


Penn State thinks they have a good defense, and of course against our offense, they figure to appear that way.  Who hasn’t ?


Indeed while Coach Kirby Smart tries to win his 4th National Championship in the latest 7 years on January 11, all we have to show for it is 4 losses per season touted as satisfactory by the minions of the fired coach.


Were the minions fired too ?


This is not a solid year for us again indeed not so again over these latest 8 years.  What can be done while Ohio State’s seniors ended with 50-wins last night, is 40.


What can be done is that in 15-game seasons for the top teams still playing after us, is 10.


What can be done is a win to even with Penn State who 33 years ago, I watched whip us and it was no fun sitting behind a steel beam.


What can be done is that Bryan McClendon can take with him to South Carolina a 1-0 record as interim coach.


What can be done is that Bryan McClendon can raise us from unranked AP Poll and unranked Coaches’ Poll under the fired coach 4 of the latest 8 years half the time, and actually get us ranked.


What can be done is that only 4 other teams have played in more bowl games than us and only 1 of those has won more than us, and this is therefore VERY SIGNIFICANT !


What can be done is that the players themselves figured out with the fired coach around here to de-motivate them that they can motivate themselves better without him than with him here telling them there’s something more important than winning around here.


The piss there is.


This was NOT  a solid year.


The damn coach got fired for this NOT being solid year.


“I wonder what it is that always makes the Rodney’s choose the wrong side?”


James Coburn Our Man Flint


Men’s basketball, Florida leads us all-time 100-109 and 33-63 in Gainesville.  Florida is ahead of us in assists to turnovers, rebounds and defense.


So everybody today is down there in Gator Country.


I don’t give a shit what Alabama does or does not.  They’re our rival damn it.


They won.  We don’t get our Coach until 12 January.  We fired our coach 29 November and ESPN announced Coach Kirby Smart 36 hours later.  That’s 6 weeks and 2 days without him.  Jesus Christ !


The Lady Bulldogs play tomorrow at Texas A&M.


We had 12 inches of rain in December when we usually have 3 and 70 inches of rain for 2015 when we usually have 49.  So, Lake Lanier is 5 feet over Full Pool and 9 feet under flood stage.  We never had a chance to keep Jeremy Pruitt.  There never was ANY chance whatsoever that the fired coach would in fact be here indeed for this game, let alone next season.


So, why is it that you were so wrong that he would be here you bragged to me Bluto ?  That his performance was satisfactory.  Why are you always wrong about EVERYTHING ?


Biggest Day of the New Year.




Beat Penn State !

Beat Florida !


Go  Dawgs !




3 days from now ! Saturday is BIG DAY for Georgia Bulldogs January 2nd ALL DAY Penn State Bowl Game Saturday morning at NOON and FLORIDA in men’s basketball 8pm, both on ESPN. Men WIN AGAIN 29 Dec tonight as Geno, Kenny Paul has -0- turnovers – none along with 7 assists ! And, a blocked shot ! He also had a steal. 5 points.

Non-Conference is now over with this rousing win tonight, and we are so ready for Florida Saturday night prime time on ESPNU which is channel 883 Comcast in Gainesville !

15 and a half minutes before it was over, we were ahead by 5 points !


Our DEPTH showed-up then and we poured it on !


Maten, Yante was 8 of 15 from the field and 4 of 4 from the line for 20 points and 7 boards, but did have 4 fouls and 5 turnovers.


Frazier, J.J.  was 6 of 8 from the field including 4 of 5 from 3-point for 17 points, only 1 foul 4 assists and just 2 turnovers.  JJ also had 2 steals !


Ogbeide, Derek did not miss a shot from the field, added 7 boards ! And, a blocked shot !


Mann, Charles  and Gaines, Kenny were not nearly as good tonight, but Kenny Gaines did have 4 assists.  And, both had 2 steals !


Geno, Kenny Paul has -0- turnovers – none along with 7 assists !  And, a blocked shot !  He also had a steal.  5 points.


My vote ?


Kenny Paul Geno had the MVP game tonight.


3 days’ time from now, SEC slate begins with Florida !


O’Connell Center – slightly better gym than we provide to our guys !


$ 50 million dollar gym with pool.


Rowdy Reptiles make the O’Dome a hard place to win Saturday nights !


But, we can be up to the task.




It only seats 11,500 so I believe we can build our student-athletes a better and bigger gym !


Our new gym should be about $100 million dollars and should serve all men’s and women’s sports.  The O’Connell Center O’Dome is 39 years’ old themselves.  So both are due. 20,000 seats !


And, the bowl game that morning.


Big Day Saturday noon and 8 p.m.  Follow both.


I am predicting victories in BOTH !





12-30-2015  Wednesday

“Whomever does the best in bowl practices will be the one playing.” “Brice Ramsey is practicing very well.” “Greyson Lambert will start” Bryan McClendon says all 3 ! Tracy Rocker should be our interim head coach – not Bryan McClendon. Do it NOW ! UGA # 118 Third Down Conversions. # 98 First Downs made. # 103 Passing Offense. # 101 Red Zone. Will Muschamp, who does not want to give Chris Smith enrollment offer by Steve Spurrier for January. Hey Chris Smith come catch passes with your 4.49 speed for Coach Kirby Smart sir. And, play cb or I think more natural Safety for Coach Kirby Smart too sir. We have a slot available NOW for mid-season enrollment and we are a LOT better school according to U.S. News and World Report Top Colleges 2016 sir. You also can step right in at Kick-Off Return Man and Punt Return Man ! NOW !

“Brice Ramsey is practicing very well.” “Whomever does the best in bowl practices will be the one playing.”  “Greyson Lambert will start.” Bryan McClendon says all 3 !  Tracy Rocker should be our interim head coach – not Bryan McClendon. Do it NOW !  UGA # 118 Third Down Conversions. # 98 First Downs made. # 103 Passing Offense.  # 101 Red Zone.



( )


You are a damned liar Bryan McClendon and caught at it !


“Brice Ramsey is practicing very well” interim head coach Bryan McClendon says now.

“Greyson Lambert will start,” Bryan McClendon says.

Which is it ?

And, why lie and say whomever practices the best in YOUR bowl practices will be the ONE playing ?


I am so damned tired of hearing about Greyson Friqin’ Lambert, who LOST his job at Virginia for God’s sake.  Virginia !


If you knew one damned thing about coaching Offensive Coodinator Co-status runt, you would’ve taught Brice Ramsey how to set his feet on EVERY throw for the MORE THAN A MONTH you had to do so twit.


Cough cough Co-offensive coordinator.


Best of luck over there trying to get guys to come play for you THERE pothead.  It’s not as easy recruiting there as it was for you here coasting as our running backs’ coach – a position I would have HIRED your DAD for, not you.


Your Dad must have been pretty damn disappointed in your arrest for drugs Bryan McClendon sir ?


Wasn’t he ?


You aren’t going to be my damn co-offensive coordinator.


Nor EVER my interim head coach.


Speak up !


Tell the kids that drugs are dumb ?  Supposed to be getting an education and preparing yourself for the NFL which you NEVER did EITHER of.


Tell them how you are a good example sir of what NOT to do in college ?


# 118 on 3rd Down Conversions by our Offense

We played a seriously weak schedule # 80 in the nation – clearly one of the worst easiest schedules for us ever.

We beat no team who was even reasonably good.

# 87 on our 4th Down Conversions by our Offense

1st Downs on Offense we simply could not choose a QB still trying-out in November

# 98 1st Downs on Offense

# 81 Fumbles Lost led mostly by Greyson Lambert & Isaiah Mackenzie.

# 103 Passing Offense after # 88 last year with Mike Bobo Passing Offense

# 79 Passing Yards per Completion, when we did pass it was 4-yards

Again as it was last year with Mike Bobo

# 101 Red Zone Offense which we installed in Fall Practice with the # 1 Starting QB all year # 3 and not involved in installing the Red Zone Offense therefore


# 33 record at 9-3 which means 33 teams will put up 10-win season 2015-2016

Obviously, Greyson Lambert is NOT the answer.  If he were, he would NOT have been YANKED time and time again, all season long.

He’s an old man.

He’s not going to get ANY better.

What you see is what you get.

When you have our Running Backs’ coach all these years, until just recently when we hired Thomas Brown for a short stint, who never ran the ball in his life making these decisions for FIRED guy – who LOST his job and was FIRED because of Greyson Lambert – then you are obviously going to have a lot of bad decisions a week from tomorrow at the same playing field where we’ve lost 11 of most recent 16 games there.

So, we announce the RB coach all these years says that “Brice Ramsey is practicing very well.”

And, then as soon as he can mutter that, he says that “Greyson Lambert is going to Start.”


The only other 2 comments he has made since he took over because Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor we FIRED named him Assistant Head Football Coach, are first that whomever does well in practice will be the one playing and secondly he has maintained from upon high that he is just the interim head coach and as such is focused only on our bowl game.  Then, we found out he had taken the “Co” Offensive Coordinator role at South Carolina and patently refused to tell us until Christmas Eve.

Oh joy.

Anyone who looks at our stats, knows Greyson Lambert is NOT our guy !

WTF are we doing ?


2015 December 11 this blog reported Tracy Rocker DL & LB coach 2016.

Tracy should of course be named the in fact interim head coach.  Not someone named by Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor who goes to South Carolina as “Co” offensive coordinator for Will Muschamp.  With him not wanting to give Chris Smith the enrollment offer by Steve Spurrier for January.

Hey Chris Smith come catch passes with your 4.49 speed for Coach Kirby Smart sir.  And, play cb or I think more natural Safety for Coach Kirby Smart too sir. We have a slot available NOW for mid-season enrollment and we are a LOT better school according to U.S. News and World Report Top Colleges 2016 sir.

Chris Smith also can step right in at Kick-Off Return Man and Punt Return Man !  NOW !  Chirs Smith come catch passes from Jake Eason Jacob Eason the next 3 years !  Jake Eason goes in the NFL Draft then anyway.  So, play him NOW or you will Start him only 2 years.  What a freaking waste that would be when Greyson Lambert is in fact # 103 Passing 2015 against # 80 easy Official NCAA Strength of Schedule !



Think about how this plays out ?


We have Tracy Rocker shown on our sidelines, and it does NOT say Interim Head Football Coach for The University of Georgia.


Instead, we will see for all the years up-coming this pothead – great publicity there for us OFFICIALLY naming him –  RECRUITING over there.


And every time in a lull in the broadcast INSTEAD they will pan around find Bryan McClendon when South Carolina has NEVER had a NATIONAL RECRUITER AWARD WINNER there EVER, and it will say Co-offensive coordinator South Carolina – former interim HEAD COACH – OFFICIALLY – named by The University of Georgia whom he is RECRUITING AGAINST RIGHT NOW TODAY for Chris Smith !


God Damn it.


He only refused all this time until Christmas Eve to announce THIS because he did NOT want ME to talk about him and cause him to NOT have this on his resume.




“Know what to do WHEN.  Do it Now.”


Don’t give me this shit that you do not know whether Jake Eason Jacob will be drafted in 2019 NFL Draft.



Tyree Crump and  Jordan Harris have been recruited by Coach Mark Fox both speedsters with 4-Star status both 6′ 2″ and 6′ 4″ fantastic !  Bainbridge and Seminole County respectively are right next to each other in the SW corner of this state !
Both get to play next year.  Fabulous !
Coach Kirby Smart’s bowl game is Thursday night December 31 2015.  Ours is Saturday a week from tomorrow.


This is why Bryan McClendon was purposely trying to hide what he was doing from us for ALL THIS TIME !  He did not want us to name Tracy Rocker interim head coach !


It’s Penn State damn it.  I REALLY want to even the series against Penn State AND I really want to beat one of the All-Time Wins’ leaders AHEAD of us with us # 11.


Bluto – get the picture obviously NOT -state senator I don’t care about where their Defensive Coordinator does NOT want to go to from Penn State to Auburn.

Bleacher Report Brian Jones I don’t give a shit about getting to 10 wins or getting to 40 wins.


None of that means a damn thing.


I am fascinated that former QUARTERBACK and Dean’s List student John Lilly has flatly turned down working for dumbass in Miami of Florida where he will do the same as he did here, and call every play.


That does interest me.



It’s 77 degrees the next 3 days in a row.  Lake Lanier is OVER full pool and added over a foot the last day.  It’s rained 5 inches in 2 days’ time now.  Santa’s Sleigh is now seen in the sky with solar panels !  And Greyson Damn Freaking Lambert is going to start for side-kick of ousted FIRED boss when Tracy Rocker should be the interim head coach.

Chris Smith reminds ME of Coach Kirby Smart, as a player !


Merry Christmas !


Hoops’ Dawgs Mark Fox has it going on, now off until Tuesday 29th then SEC slate we’re ready for. Lady Bulldogs play tonight 10-1 RPI # 7. Joni Taylor has a problem 29% from the field for Marjorie Butler’s career here at Georgia 98 of 328 shots !



Merry Christmas !


Mark Fox is a KEEPER.  He really has it going on.  2 ACC teams slaughtered !  The Hoops’ Dawgs are now off until Tuesday 29th, then we go into our SEC slate we’re ready for after that game Tuesday.  That was GREAT FUN watching that last night on Comcast 792 SEC Network !


I have NO QUESTIONS about it !


Of course, I lettered in this sport TOO, unlike Bluto – who doesn’t play ANY sports.


The Lady Bulldogs play tonight, are 10-1 on the season with RPI # 7, however, they have one very selfish player on the Lady Bulldogs’ team who by herself made Andy Landers QUIT coaching knowing he had to put up with her yet all year this year !  A fantastic gal Academic All-America like Coach Kirby Smart, but damn the gal can NOT shoot to save her soul.  I am so aggravated with her.  She has done this all 4 of her years here, when she is surrounded by EXCELLENT SHOOTERS who CAN shoot the ball.


Joni Taylor better figure it out, or hit the road !


We LOST at Michigan State by 21 points when she went 0-3 from the 3-point line and 0-6 from the field, making no free throws.  Marjorie Butler is our point guard, and even with no one to play point, Joni Taylor should have BENCHED her ass right then because Joni Taylor recruited her here and has seen what a horrible shooter she is, yet JACKS IT UP.


We had a guy on the men’s team like this year’s ago Litterial Green .


Litterial Green attempted 26 shots from the 3-point line in his professional career and made 2.  That’s a .07 shooting percentage.


Litterial Green


God Damn ballhog at Georgia, he drove me to remember him to this day.


The Atlanta Crackers had a guy like this, and the Braves called him up !



Mack Jones has passed away now 2004, but I swear to God I watched all the time swing at any ball thrown BEHIND HIS DAMN BACK ! All of them.  They threw it behind his back, Mack Jones swung at it !  We went every night to the Atlanta Crackers’ games at Ponce de Leon Ballpark. I cringed to see him come to the plate.


For his career, Mack the Knife, Mack F. Jones had 3091 at-bats !  He struck-out 756 times !  Batting Average ?  Hell no, strike-out average of .244


For this, the Braves paid him ten thousand a year and then 18 thousand a year at Atlanta.  We went to Fulton County Stadium when the Crackers moved there and then the Braves and I had to put up with him then, again.


It’s like reading any Bluto – state senator get the picture post the dumbass writes as he is ALWAYS WRONG, or any lie from Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor – which was every word out of his mouth and still is.

Mack Jones’ fielding average was only .975.  The guy sucked !


Litterial Green averaged 2.9 points per game !  And, God knows he jacked the damn ball up.  He averaged 1 assist per game.




All these guys are better free throw shooters for us than Litterial Green :


Shandon Anderson Willie Anderson Kentavious Caldwell-Pope Vern Fleming Jarvis Hayes Cedric Henderson Jumaine Jones Alec Kessler Trey Thompkins Damien Wilkins  Dominique Wilkins*


So, why wasn’t Litterial Green  an All-America player for us ?


UGA Basketball All-Americans
  • 1990 – Alec Kessler (UPI)
  • 1985 – Cedric Henderson (AP All-Freshman)
  • 1984 – James Banks (Playboy)
  • 1984 – Vern Fleming (Kodak)
  • 1983 – Vern Fleming
  • 1982 – Dominique Wilkins, 2nd Team (Consensus)
  • 1981 – Dominique Wilkins, 2nd Team (Sporting News)
  • 1970 – Bob Lienhard (Helms)
  • 1969 – Bob Lienhard (Helms)
  • 1953 – Zippy Morocco (Helms)






Field Goal Attempts
  • Career – 1,611, Litterial Green (1989-92)
Free Throws Made
  • Career – 549, Alec Kessler (1987-90)
Free Throw Attempts
  • Career – 744, Litterial Green (1989-92)






Who do you think is our career scoring leader ?


Ballhog bad shooter Litterial Green.



( )


The Lady Bulldogs have some big games coming-up :


Florida twice

Texas A & M

Missouri twice


Mississippi State

South Carolina



If Marjorie Butler shoots like she has here for us in these games, we lose all 9 of those games and end the season with 10 + losses.  Starting out 10-1 this would be a disaster.


When Litterial Green hit only 39 % of his field goals with Orlando, his career was over.  They finally figured the guy out !  I hated watching him play.


Litterial Green came back though after several years of no one wanting him, and shot 0 % for Cleveland and 21 % for Milwaukee.  This ended his career.


I could have told them.


Now, on the other hand, our men’s team is # 44 RPI with # 3 Strength of Schedule in the nation !


We have so many guys who can shoot the ball that it’s not funny.


Marjorie Butler

#24, G, Georgia


3-point shots in her career here, in 125 Marjorie Butler attempts, our ballhog point guard has made 26 for 19 % from the 3-point line.  She’s actually gotten WORSE over her 4 years here now.


29% from the field for Marjorie Butler’s career here at Georgia 98 of 328 shots.



Let our First Lady Mary Beth Lycett Smart – in heels take THOSE shots for us instead !  She’d drill them !



NCAA March Madness looking good for both men and women – Our Dirty Dozen RB will be just fine in bowl game ! All I want for Christmas



Merry Christmas to everyone  this week !


The men’s win over Georgie tek yellowjackets is our best win of the year, but they are going to fire Brian Gregory as soon as they can afford it.  We have a full squad and are ready for SEC play.  UGA Hoops’ Dawgs are # 40 in the RPI, on target for the NCAA Tourney.  It seemed like we would never get over the Jim Harrick, Sr. Jr. show, hires that were made by Mike Adam$ at the specific advice by Vince Dooley that he had “reservations.”  He was quite open about all that before Mike Adam$ insisted he knew he was good at Pepperdine. We have turned the corner finally this season.  We have a very good team, as we all saw yesterday.


The ladies are doing quite well.  Amazing when we have such a challenge shooting the ball.  The Lady Bulldogs are # 6 RPI today !   We beat the RPI # 9 and RPI # 8 this season !  And, the Lady Bulldogs also beat Georgie tek yellowjackets who have no good win and go into ACC play totally unprepared.


Our football team has only 1 game left before all this crap is behind us, and it has been now 4 weeks and one day now since Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor was FIRED, with his announced by ESPN 36 hours later.  We have loads at talent at running back, and I have no concern is this area at all.  Our Dirty Dozen Running Backs have NOT been given the football; but, again all of this is behind us after just one more game – a game where NEITHER opponent has beat a Power 5 Conference foe all season with a winning record.  Maybe something can be done about our 5 wins in 16 games at the Gator Bowl by Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor – fired 4 weeks and 1 day ago now.  Our recruiting class is ranked # 14 with no one committed since we lost 3 of 4 games in October !  I would like to beat Penn State to even our record with them All-Time.


Yeah !


Merry Christmas !


All I want for Christmas is a    new gym !


For the new year, I’d like to see Jake Eason, whom Coach Kirby Smart turned-around despite the dumbass move of his predecessor to try to save his job by flying out there the very day before he was fired by a boss whom he reported to for 6 full complete seasons and therefore knew it, become UGA’s # 5 NFL 1st Round 1st Pick in the NFL Draft.  We have 4 previous NFL Draft # 1 picks overall.


Matthew Stafford  2009

Harry Babcock  1953 WR also KR

Charley Trippi 1945 who went on and was equivalent to Super Bowl MVP

Frank Sinkwich Half back


Jake Eason ?

Stegesaurus SEC NETWORK LIVE noon this morning Saturday 12-19-2015 Georgie tek yellowjackets at Georgia Hoops’ Dawgs Channel 792 Comcast. Brian Gregory 58-73 win % 44 %. I am really proud of these guys. You know I did this ? Among the graduates today, Faton Bauta is transferring to Colorado State for Mike Bobo. 4 weeks tomorrow !

12-19-2015 :


The University of Georgia student-athletes who graduated, now that Final Exams are complete.


Football: Patrick Beless, Risk Management and Insurance; Devin Bowman, Housing; Cameron Faulkner, Management; Merritt Hall, Risk Management and Insurance; Kennar Johnson, Sociology; Hunter Long, Sociology; Keith Marshall, Finance; Chris Mayes, Communication Studies; Malcolm Mitchell, Communication Studies; Jay Rome, Communication Studies; Justin Scott-Wesley, History; Rantavious Wooten, Housing.

Baseball: Zachary Freeman, Communication Studies.


Equestrian: Sara Parr, Communication Studies; Erica Webb, Biological Science.


Gymnastics: Lindsey Cheek, Biology, Psychology and Microbiology.


Men’s Basketball: Adrian Jones, Recreation & Leisure Studies; Juwan Parker, Management. 


Softball: Adele Harrison, Psychology; Paige Wilson, Management. 


Swimming & Diving: Bobby Chambless, Marketing; Jared Markham, Sport Management; Jordan Mattern, Biology; Amber McDermott, Communication Studies; Darcie O’Brien, Advertising/Fashion Mdse.; Shannon O’Malley, Marketing; Derek Onken, Mathematics; John Simmons, Consumer Economics; Conor Sweeney, Master of Sports Management; Nicole Vernon, Psychology.


Track & Field: Braydon Anderson, Criminal Justice; Drew Branch, International Affairs; Morgann Leleux, Advertising; Erika Ramsey, Human Development and Family Science; Johnathan Smith, Art; Maya Thomas, Consumer Economics.


Women’s Golf: Rocio Sanchez Lobato, Economics.


Women’s Tennis: Maho Kowase, Master of Sports Management.




2015 UGA Graduation Success Rate Report

Sport 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Baseball 62 65 63 64 62 59 58 68
Men’s Basketball 23 18 36 43 50 63 71 100
Men’s CC/Track 67 69 68 79 67 79 82 82
Football 48 57 68 65 69 82 75 73
Men’s Golf 75 88 89 86 100 89 90 91
Men’s Swim/Dive 92 100 100 89 90 83 82 89
Men’s Tennis 88 82 73 75 60 63 75 88
Women’s Basketball 79 79 77 77 92 100 91 91
Women’s CC/Track 64 72 75 85 95 91 90 89
Women’s Golf 71 86 88 88 100 83 67 67
Gymnastics 92 100 100 100 100 100 100 100
Soccer 89 85 92 95 95 96 96 94
Softball 74 82 91 95 100 100 94 95
Women’s Swim/Dive 91 84 86 88 88 96 100 100
Women’s Tennis 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 88
Volleyball 100 92 91 92 92 89 91 91
Equestrian 91 68 72 73 71 84 88


As you can see, for football the graduation success rate has been going down steadily the last 3 years now in a row, and before that – well, we just recruited the wrong element here all together.


For the year we won the Fulmer Cup for example, 2008 – when we were ranked # 1 for the 1st time in UGA history pre-season consensus both the AP and Coaches’ Polls, and ended up beating # 24 a 4-loss team in a meaningless bowl game then too –  our football players graduation success rate was under 50 at 48.


Every 4-year letter winner student-athlete on The Lady Bulldogs has graduated, by stark comparison.  That is EVERY YEAR – FOREVER !




Developing the student-athlete and helping the student-athlete out in college and after college is an important aspect of EVERY COACH in EVERY sport at EVERY school.  So, too is winning.  There simply are not any coaches that don’t help the student-athlete to be a better person.

Among the graduates today, Faton Bauta is transferring to Colorado State for Mike Bobo.  He can play immediately there.  I will bet that plays will be designed for him to run the football.


Not that Mike Bobo has done well out there at winning or recruiting, because he has NOT !


     Coach Mike Bobo


We have an official new member of the !!

Faton Bauta who Started for Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor, his job on the line, had not had 1 snap at QB  all season long at ALL !


It was a desperation move on his part, part of his trophy for everyone, his playing of Favorites, and nothing points more to the desperation of it all that he then did not design a single running play for the running quarterback who when brought-in at QB prior to that, every play was a designed run.


But not 1 snap at QB all season !


He lost his job over this desperate move on his part.


He knew that.


He didn’t care.


And, you told him he did not need to win that game that left him 5 wins of 15 games vs our # 1 Rival Florida and 5 wins of 16 games for his career at The Gator Bowl.


By the way, his job on the line, we gave up 4 unanswered touchdowns !  While his QB threw 4 interceptions and was NEVER REPLACED even for 1 snap !


It left Kirby Smart’s predecessor despite all his talent here, not in the top 25 vs ranked teams for his entire last 8 years here !


But, you guaranteed ME that he’d be back ANYWAY !


And, I disagreed.


Didn’t I ?


He’s not  Arnold Schwarzenegger !


Is he ?


You were WRONG !


Thank God, he is not coaching there this time.  That at least gives us a fighting chance !


Our Bowl game is two weeks from today in the said Gator Bowl a little over an hour from The Swamp – their Home Away from Home and NAMED FOR THEM.


Then, in yet another desperation move on his part again to save his job, he jumps on a plane to visit Jake Eason the day before he is fired.  He knew he was going to be fired.  You do not work for a man 6 entire complete seasons, and not know you are being fired the next day !


How did either one of these dumbass moves – desperation dumbass moves – on his part work-out for him ?


Well ?


Georgia used to have to play all its games away, because we did not have a stadium.


We played Georgie tek every year in Atlanta never in Athens, Auburn every year not in Athens, Florida every year not in Athens,   It’s time this changed too.  Hopefully Coach Kirby Smart can fix this !


Why do Georgie tek yellowjackets keep Brian Gregory with his 58-73 record in 5 years there ?


Because they do not care about winning, either – like YOU !



For the last 8 years, you have not given a shit about winning – any and everything you could do to shut me up about it !  That you will NOT give it up 4 weeks tomorrow does not surprise me.

Mark Schlabach, ESPN Senior Writer and former UGA beat-writer for the AJ-C, announces 36 hours after the former coach was FIRED for his last 8 years of REALLY lousy football that his sources tell him Sunday December 6 we will formally introduce Kirby Smart head coach at age 39 just after The SEC Championship Game. – – – Turn him loose Nick Saban !



36 hours after his predecessor was FIRED, Kirby has been hired at his alma mater according to ESPN.  Kirby was offered this gig after the last regular season game as a feeler if Jere Morehead would approve, accepted instantaneously, and is going through the vetting process starting Sunday morning November 29, 2015 when he formally was offered the job by Jere Morehead through AD Greg McGarity. Kirby has coached here at Georgia TWICE before, FSU, LSU, Miami Dolphins, and Alabama.

1st team All-SEC defensive back hometown Bainbridge, Georgia, Kirby played with Champ Bailey and is 4-year letterman here, as well as 4-time All-SEC Academic Honor Roll – something I can appreciate and 1 of the major ingredients for him as our coach – that and his dogged determination and audibles he called at the line of scrimmage.  Academic All-America and 1st Team All-SEC after high school AAAA 1st Team All-State, Junior Beta Club, Beta Club, Dean’s List and Honor Rolls !


This Coach is not like the FIRED guy !  He is truly Smart.


I am NOT falling for this shit that a player at Alabama who has had him for 5 years’ time, is shaming him into staying 6 weeks’ and 2 days.  Excuse me, Alabama, he is OUR COACH now.  If you wanted him, pony up the $5,380,200 we are paying him instead of your $1.3 million.

Broyles Award and AFCA FBS Assistant Coach of the Year winner, the Bulldog defensive back, is Nick Saban’s top paid assistant coach, and 1 whom Nick Saban has specifically groomed to be a head coach.

Kirby Smart, long a desired coach here since his 2 previous stints on our staff, is the highest paid assistant coach in the nation at $ 1.35 million a year last year and this year, and has now been hired as our coach according to multiple sources.  We could have hired a seasoned proven head coach but I did list Kirby on a list of candidates. All the others were proven head coaches.

He will not have to pay the $ 72,000 buy-out to take this job, per his contract.  Whether this means he only could keep Jeremy Pruitt here to help him, is unknown.

His salary will be more than $ 4 million a year.

BBA degree 1999 UGA, same as mine – with Honors.

9 seasons, 7 as Defensive Coordinator / Linebackers at Alabama, it was time to move-on for Kirby.  He turned down the DC job here when his predecessor here elected to hire Todd Grantham; that was 2010; but Kirby thought long and hard about it.  He has turned down a multitude of head coaching jobs.  He is turning one down at South Carolina right now.

Kirby brings his tireless recruiting prowess in this state, while his staff is unknown on the offensive side of the ball or special teams.  He is expected to name a special teams’ coach.  He also kicked his predecessor here’s butt in the games. That’s always good !  Well, it wasn’t at the time.

Kirby finished his career here with 13 interceptions – only 4 in history here have more – including 6 in 1997 and 5 in 1998.

If we did not hire Kirby, South Carolina would’ve to replace Spurrier. They are left holding the bag.  Expect the announcement this time next week, by which time Nick Saban will be confirmed as playing for his 4th National Championship with Kirby Smart at Alabama – all 4 with Kirby Smart as the Defensive Coordinator !

I’d rather Kirby coach us in the bowl game in Memphis.

That was 1 of the mistakes his predecessor made here, not wanting to come here 20 December 2000 when Vince Dooley hired him.  In fact, it was going to be AFTER Signing Day 2001 in mid-February if Vince Dooley had not finally put his foot down about it !  He wanted to coach FSU against Oklahoma where his offense looked like warmed-over death – his offense SHUT-OUT !

This was not good for UGA then in 2 ways.   Kirby’s predecessor looked bad; and he was not here.  Then he wanted to say goodbye to his Church in Tallahassee – for 2 months – then, he wanted after all that, to go to an NCAA sponsored Assistant Coach seminar for the 1st two weeks of February.  Then, come here.

His predecessor said he had knocked the lid off this All-Time # 11 Wins’ Program 2001 thereafter beating # 4 vols 2001, but it was in fact a season in which he went 8-4.  He was behind the 8-ball snookered before he ever decided to show-up.  Our recruiting class was left to be held together by Rodney Garner . In fact, Rodney Garner was the coach for all this time, the only coach.

This is a mistake I would like to obviate this time around.  You may recall there was turmoil here at that time and that Kirby Smart’s predecessor had to kick several notable players off the team during all this feet dragging on getting here such as Quincy Carter  whom he kicked-off via remote control from Tallahassee.

A Coach is responsible for his team once he takes the job !  We have a class coming-in in a few days’ time now today that need this information and need Kirby here ! 

Expect that there will be total transparency with Kirby Smart, as he is Smart enough to know all this !  You do not hide information like it is some secret, and of course you do not go into December without a concept in the world who your QB is, nor having even then prepared the back-up for 2016.  Expect under Kirby that suspended players will be announced as punishment – not mixed message that it’s a secret, like it’s ok what they did.

Kirby’s responsibilities at Alabama are over when this is announced.  His livelihood for him, his family, his friends, and for all Bulldogs are reliant upon him taking over what has been a good program under his predecessors here and make it great again !

He will not accomplish this as a lame duck there.  That has NO MEANING any more to him to be coaching anything in Tuscaloosa.  His predecessor here had fans back then and still really today holding on for God knows why; and, they told me I was wrong about that and that it would be great for him to win the national championship at FSU.  They were as wrong about that, as they were about everything since.  Weren’t they ?  Let’s get this right this time please, ok ?  All of us together please ?

Kirby Smart coached at LSU with Nick Saban in 2004 when Jimbo Fisher was the Offensive Coordinator and Will Muschamp was the Defensive Coordinator.  Then, he came here as our running backs’ coach and Won The SEC Championship 2005.  Since then, he has been with Nick Saban with the Dophins and then Alabama.

He spent a couple of good years with Bobby Bowden, too, when his predecessor here now was not there then.

So we have all been huge fans of Kirby Smart forever !

April 16, 2013 :

“Ultimately, my goal in my career is to be a head coach,” Smart told reporters before the BCS National Championship Game in January 2013. “Where that is, I have no idea. It’s not like I wake up every day trying to leave Alabama. I have the best non-head coaching job in the country, period”


2010 :

“We’re very pleased and happy that Kirby is going to be staying here at the University of Alabama with us,” Saban said. “He’s done a fabulous job for us. He’s one of the finest assistant coaches in the country. You expect guys like Kirby to get lots of opportunities to do things, and we want to continue to help him continue to develop his career here so that when he leaves here it’s going to be as a head coach and probably in a very good situation. So we’re excited about that. We’re happy for him and his family. It’s very pleasing to us.”

Kirby Smart was groomed specifically for this job, his lifetime dream job – unlike his predecessor who was not taken under the wing of Bobby Bowden who was fired from FSU.

The bar is set this high for Kirby Smart : That he do better than 37-1 vs non-bowl teams and 36-31 vs teams making a bowl game over the next 8 years and average better than the 73-32 four (4) losses per season.  While he needs to be getting us on the Big Stage at the end of the seasons beating better than # 19 Hawai’i 2007 and # 21 FSU 5-loss team 2002 in the Final AP Poll as the only 2 BCS Bowls his predecessor won, and as his best 2 bowl wins. And, that he develop his back-up QB every year, while not sending mixed messages to the student-athletes, and be better than 5 wins in 15 games against our # 1 Rival. If he can get the game out of that hell hole in Jacksonville, that would be an added plus.  Kirby is expected to win The SEC Championship more often than none in a decade.

Kirby should do better than 7 losses by more than 3 TD in 8 years and better than 12 losses to unranked teams time of game or for season in 8 years’ time, while maintaining an average Recruiting Rank of # 8 with high numbers of NFL Draft Picks and while not getting us on Probation.  His goals in discipline are to teach the kids to obey the rules on and off the field, and not send them mixed messages about their objectives on or off the field.  They are here to win, keep their noses clean, graduate –  and whether they are saved or not, is of no concern whatsoever :  It’s a conflict of interest and in Violation of The United States Constitution.

Kirby is being asked to do BETTER than the 73-32 record of his predecessor who was FIRED from his job for his 73-32 his last 8 years here. 9-4 average season for 8 years – THIS is why he was fired.  There seems to be some confusion why he was FIRED.  This is it !  He was NOT fired for his record since 2001 here, but because of his record after 2007.  See to it that you note this, remember this, and state this, not what he did here from 2001. 

Had he won at his 80 % win percentage he had Game 5 of 2008 at kick-off vs Kirby Smart in the Black-Out Game behind 0-31 at half, the favored and higher ranked team, he would not be FIRED and replaced by a BETTER COACH in EVERYONE’S EYES !


Most especially mine, who by the way you NEVER DID SHUT UP.


Did you ?


9-4 for 8 years.

0 SEC Championships in a decade.


The Apologists are holding a vigil today on Facebook for the guy who is the Miami of Florida head coach ?  Seriously guys, give it the Hell up.  You LOST.  I won.  It was I who FIRED him, and you are jealous as Hell of ME for doing so.


Get over it guys !




I won and so too did the VAST MAJORITY of The Bulldog Nation !

Hopefully, the fans of his predecessor can put that behind them now and can unify under Kirby Smart.  They will always be comparing his predecessor to Kirby Smart because they made so many nasty comments online about it to the point where they have to save face, so Kirby needs to accomplish these specific goals listed here, along with getting here as soon as possible after December 6 Sunday because of this aforementioned in-coming class.

The Bulldog Nation has clearly been a divided nation for at least 8 years now because the predecessor had fans who have been very derisive and have held this program back for years and years and years and years with their low expectations for our program, excuses, and their attitude toward any and every one who wanted more as not as good a fan of this football program as themselves.

There will not be any reason for that moving forward.  Get over it, you and the predecessor lost.  I won and so did the vast majority of The Bulldog Nation !


Kirby’s predecessor was # 41 in the nation win/loss record vs top 15 teams 18 losses of the 24 such games after 2007 – his last entire 8 years here




Kirby’s predecessor averaged 4 losses 9-4 average 73-32 his last entire 8 years here as our coach.


For this, Greg McGarity called Kirby Smart after the Georgie tek yellowjacket’s debacle.


Kirby ACCEPTED instantly November 28, 2015.


Kirby’s predecessor jumped on a plane having worked for his boss Greg McGarity for 6 entire full complete seasons.  Together they had compiled a record – not a mini record – their record together of 55-24 for their 6 entire seasons together Greg McGarity his boss and he – averaging 4-losses per season for their 6 seasons together.


He KNEW therefore that he was being FIRED in the morning and did all he could do to squirrel-up the recruitment of Jake Eason, Jacob you call him.  Make it as hard as he could on the man to replace him, since he KNEW he was being FIRED in the morning.


Mark Richt was mean-spirited and STUBBORN as HELL his entire 15 years here.  He made decisions which were indicative of this stubborn trait of his – which is completely against all my teachings of Christianity.  Christians are not stubborn.  In fact, Christians are anything but.  This is the antithesis of being a Christian to be stubborn.  Still, daily for 15 years, he was in fact VERY stubborn about EVERYTHING he said and did here.


It cost him his job.


No one will argue that he was stubborn his entire 15-year period.


Christians do NOT demonstrate this stubborn trait.  Christians are the antithesis of this.


He was pigheaded that God did NOT CALL him to this Calling as football coach but to be a preacher man he told us all 15 years here – that there was something besides winning that was important here at Georgia.  That if he was judged just as being a college football coach, that that would be a DISASTER he said repeatedly to us ALL for 15 years.


Excuse me, we tried to pay you over $ 4 million a year to coach us and did pay you MORE than $ 50 million dollars to win football games.


What your personal goal was and remains stubbornly as winning other over to Jesus Christ as THEIR Lord and Savior is NOT what we paid you more than $ 50 million dollars for.


You stubbornly refused to sign the new contract.


It does NOT exist.


We are NOT held by that contract which you STUBBORNLY refused to sign.


Hit the road Jack.






“There’s something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia.”


The hell you say dumbass.


Stubborn dumbass.


We paid you to win.  You did so for 7 years and then for the last 8 years, you did NOT.


You do not work for a BOSS for 6 years and not know you are being FIRED in the morning for averaging 4-loss season for all 6 years together.


He knew that.


THAT was the only reason he went to Washington to meet with Jake Eason.  It was another in a long string of dumb moves by Kirby’s predecessor.


As soon as Greg McGarity knew of the plane trip out there, he immediately called Kirby to feel-out if Kirby would accept this job if Jere Morehead would approve it ?


Kirby said it was his “lifetime ambition.”


Then, the next day, Sunday 29 November 2015 Jere Morehead FIRED Kirby’s predecessor and asked Greg McGarity to meet with the press.


Then, Ben Cleveland – our OL recruit 2016 Signing Class February 2016 – had to call Jake Eason and explain to him that Kirby’s predecessor had been fired.


Jacob Eason – Jake – opened up his recruitment to include Florida and Notre Dame.


For their 6 seasons together Kirby’s predecessor and Greg McGarity as his boss, they had gone 10-17 vs ranked teams time of game with # 8 average recruiting ranking.


2-12 vs Top 10 opponents for the season with # 8 average recruit rank


9-20 vs ranked opponents for the season with # 8 average recruit rank


30-1 vs non-bowl teams


25-23 vs bowl teams ostensibly likely as not to lose to any bowl team


This was beyond intolerable.


He was NOT fired for what he did since 2001.


Do NOT tell me or anyone EVER AGAIN that he was this or that for his CAREER here for NONE OF US wanted him fired until 2008.


Bringing up an entire career record including 2001-2007 is FRUITLESS on your part because you know damn well that EVERY REPLY on the Internet to you will be that this is what he did for his last entire 8 seasons with us and why


JERE MOREHAD FIRED Kirby’s predecessor.


Quit your whining about Kirby’s predecessor being FIRED.


Do NOT call him forced-out or resigned or ask to leave or ousted –




Grow up.


For the last entire 8 years you have held The Georgia Bulldogs’ Football Program up and held us back, giving us ALL Hell and NOTHING BUT EXCUSES, and have always tried to discuss what he did 2001-2007 as not a mini-record of his.  Saying you had to list his ENTIRE CAREER here.


Yes he is a fine Christian man.


That is NOT why he was FIRED.


He was NOT FIRED for his entire career record here.


It was for his last entire 8 years here.


It is HARDLY  a “mini-record” when it IS his entire last 8 seasons here.


That is a MAX-RECORD.


8 years.


Not a mini-record.


He was NOT FLEXIBLE here. NEVER.  NEVER-EVER.  Nothing he did or said demonstrated flexible as his trait.  Christians are FLEXIBLE.  He was NOT.  Not once was he FLEXIBLE.


I call that mean-spirited.


I call you mean-spirited.


You BULLIED me for these last entire 8 years when I TURNED on him.


He bullied the players – my heroes.  He played favorites.  He did not get our best players on the field enough.  When he did, he was NOT FLEXIBLE with them.


He ran off Jacob Park whom I hoped to be a 4-year starter for us because he was NOT FLEXIBLE.


He was not flexible with Cam Newton whom he told could only be TE here.


He was NOT flexible from the get-go here demanding ONLY that DJ Shockley be redshirted.    That’s not flexible.  That’s not the opposite or antonym of stubborn.


He was stubborn as HELL.


15 years of being stubborn.


He was FIRED for being STUBBORN.




Kirby needs the experience to kick-off his career here – as he could not possibly have been taught by Nick Saban how to not manage the game as poorly with regards to time-outs, developing his talent, not playing favorites, and when to settle for field goals as his predecessor.

I do NOT want a lame duck coach who is not the head coach to coach my football team in the Bowl Game.




That’s just all wrong !  Nothing right about that at all.


Nick Saban should already know that he can not go into the Play-Offs with a Defensive Coordinator who is divided on his loyalties. He is distracted, and needs to be spending his time thinking about THIS JOB – his life’s Calling !  He’s going to be anyway, and Nick Saban’s best bet is to coach the Defense himself for a game or 2 after Sunday !


Kirby Smart has not coached ?


Bryan McClendon has ?


That’s why Bryan McClendon should coach this game ?


Look, Kirby Smart needs to make these calls during this game.  He is the coach.


Turn him loose Nick Saban !


You wrote it into his contract he could take this gig without penalty.  You had to know he needs to not be involved in some dragging-out there once he did take this job sir !


Keep your salary there starting Sunday, and we will start paying him here.


He needs to be directed ONLY to his Life’s Calling : Here, Nick Saban.


Surely you know this !




The commits and the open prospects, both, have re-acted as Home Run too, for this hire as the best fit :




UGA commits react to Kirby Smart hire: “I think he was the best fit”



He has a son Andrew and 2 twin daughters Weston and Julia with Mary Beth Lycett Smart, who was the Lady Bulldogs’ only senior in 2002-03, letterman 4 years as well here 2000-2003.

She was fun to watch play and an outstanding shooter.

She came to The Lady Bulldogs as Miss Georgia Basketball 1999 and joined a strong team of Andy Landers playing with WNBA players the twins­ Kelly Miller, Coco Miller, Deanna “Tweety” Nolan and Kiesha Brown.

She was on The SEC Good Works Team.

She graduated from The University of Georgia and has her degree, like me, from here; and she started 51 games for Andy Landers in the backcourt with all this talent around her !  Those teams, I never missed a game of, could shoot !

This year’s team not so much, but The Lady Bulldogs did beat Georgie tek yellowjackets, and only have 1 loss so far on the season, although they have quite a challenge at home coming-up against Seton Hall whose men just beat the Hoops’ Dawgs’ Men’s team of Mark Fox.


The Lady Bulldogs averaged 23 wins a season with Mary Beth Lycett Smart.


The Lady Bulldogs this season are coached by Joni Taylor, as our only 2nd full-time coach in our entire history.  Mary Beth Lycett Smart is quite the blogger herself and home is only an hour and a quarter from Athens, so she is on the scene here all the time.  The men are 2-2 but did beat Murray State.


Remember her now ?  I sure do.  Beautiful lady.  Her long flowing blonde hair was a trademark when she would drain her outside shot !

The Lady Bulldogs are on TV tonight at 7pm from Athens on SEC Network, but my Comcast does not indicate that.  You can watch it on your Smart TV if your HDTV is Smart enough for that here :

Or, if not, then you can watch us 3-0 at home take on Mercer tonight on your smart phone or laptop.  The Lady Bulldogs are # 63 in the RPI so they still are on target to get to the NCAA Tournament which they missed last year believe it or not.  Mary Beth Lycett Smart never did.

Maybe they together can get us a replacement for the Stegosaurus !


Welcome Home !




Home Run !


It’s Great to be a Georgia Bulldog !



Friday the 13th Georgia proves it is the unlucky 13th SEC team, the other 12 SEC teams all winning.

Charles Mann and Kenny Gaines both foul-out as Georgia loses its opener tonight to Chattanooga.  Kenny Gaines only got to play 16 minutes !


Chattanooga Mocs beat Georgia Bulldogs’ Men’s Basketball team tonight.


We can not play without our stars on the court.


Meanwhile, The SEC is actually stronger in Men’s Basketball than it is in football !


12 SEC teams won tonight.


Only Greg McGarity’s Georgia Bulldogs lost.



Smith Street from South Lumpkin Street to Sanford Drive should be razed & that asphalt made into grass for new Indoor Practice Facility. Where the new gym ?

I am not in favor of razing Hope Smith Annex.  That building was constructed too far in from Carlton Street, needlessly.  Now, it is in the way.  There is no need for Smith Street to exist starting at South Lumpkin Street over to Sanford Drive.  We can repurpose Hope Smith Annex and expand it further over towards Carlton Street.

The New Indoor Practice Facility has focused mainly on an area miles and miles away, making that site totally untenable. However, this block of land has a building which when it was built, was intended to be there forever.

The bigger issue ultimately after all these monies are finally actually spent, is that the block next to the New Indoor Practice Facility where the Stegosaurus still stands as our “gym” built as a Cow Palace, still has to be replaced with a New Gym.

I am still struggling with $ 4 million dollars spent last week on Joni Crenshaw, an unproven coach of any sport at any level, taking over the # 5 all-time Women’s Basketball Program Lady Bulldogs.

Now, this $ 50 million dollar IPF requires we raze Hope Smith Annex.

And, the real issue is they are still ducking the fact that it’s been half a century since we hosted an NCAA Big Dance Tournament Game here in the dilapidated stinking old poorly designed Stegosaurus. Leave the Stegosaurus for what it was originally intended for, and give it to the Agricultural Department.

We need a new gym.  With these wild expenses, when can we expect a new gym ?

We could have hired a proven women’s college head coach, who at least has coached somewhere.  Paying her this $ 4 million dollar contract is uncalled for.

We have no vision.

We have no purpose.

We have no direction to our Athletics’ Department anymore.

This is all nonsense.  Where’s our gym ?

Georgie tek had 4,000 show up to their annual Spring Football Game whatever it is called, yesterday.  We had 47,000 at ours last week, when we determined we have not prepared ANY quarterback to be our Quarterback 2015 – something which has not occurred previously prior to Fran Tarkenton I saw playing at Sanford with my Dad in the late 1950 timeframe.

Georgie tek already has a new gym.

Georgie tek already has a sort of Indoor Practice Facility, although it is not even a full football field.

We have neither, but have 11 times as many fans at our Spring Football Games in the last week.

It’s the same crowd Georgie tek has every year for their Spring Football Game.

We have a pitiful Athletics’ Department right now.

All the wrong decisions are being made to keep up with Georgie tek.

We are without conceptual forethought wasting monies and making all the wrong decisions for all the wrong reasons.

Tear Down Hope Smith Annex ?

Get real.

When are we going to fix the cash cow that pays for all this where the men’s bathrooms are exactly the same now at Sanford Stadium as they were at Ponce de Leon Ballpark on Ponce de Leon Avenue, across from the old Sears Building in Atlanta ?

This whole entire sordid mess wreaks of piss, like our football program after 2007 with 29 losses, an average of more than 4 losses a season for 7 seasons and counting.

Is there nothing we can get right  in our Athletics’ Department anymore ?

We are 34-28, a measly 54 % win percentage against teams making a bowl game after 2007 in football – and, we are the # 11 all-time winningest 1-A football program.  Our baseball team sucks.  Our men’s and women’s basketball program compete with all these newer fancier basketball gyms, and cannot keep the players in-state because of our facilities’ mismanagement.  Our women’s gymnastics’ program cannot win anymore either.  Our women’s basketball coach quit over his team’s inability to win.  We hire a baseball coach who can do nothing.  We hire a women’s basketball coach who has never coached a tiddlywinks team and pay her $ 4 million dollars, while she pleads for recruits in-state to stay here and play at the Stegosaurus. Our men’s rooms at the facility paying for all this stink of piss.  And, we have a president Jere Morehead allowing the utter complete failure of Greg McGarity to continue unabated since he took over, with no experience either.

We are a rudderless ship with a coach lying to us for his $ 50 million we’ve given him that he is going to win The SEC East this coming season, like that is our goal.

Shit, we suck.

Top all that off with Mark Richt announcing a few weeks’ ago now that here at Georgia, we adhere a higher Calling than Winning.

We make no timely decisions and the ones we gnash our teeth over for half a century, are wrong-headed.

How can this be that we will raze Hope Smith Annex ?

Michigan State is the more accomplished team. Stegosaurus is holding us back in recruiting in a huge fashion for both our men’s and women’s basketball programs here at UGA and has been for many many many years.

Only 4 conferences have done better than The SEC in men’s basketball this season.  We were the 3rd best team in The SEC.

Michigan State has played 15 games against NCAA Tournament teams this season, and has beat Indiana, Iowa, Purdue, Indiana again, Maryland, and Ohio State.  6-9 vs NCAA Tournament teams this season.  That is a lot better than we’ve accomplished.

Mark Fox has played 8 games against NCAA Tournament teams this season, and has beat Ole Miss twice.  2-6 vs NCAA Tournament teams this season.  Our strength of schedule was actually very good at # 40 SoS and RPI rank of # 37.

Michigan State’s strength of schedule was outstanding at # 8 SoS and RPI rank, therefore, of # 23.

As you watch all these NCAA Men’s Basketball Tourney games, remember that the last time we hosted an NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament was 44 years’ ago because the Stegosaurus is not top-notch.  Despite this, Mark Fox has taught his players he can recruit to such a outdated, not competitive venue, to play basketball.  Our team is not without talent.

Michigan State is supposed to win, but the game is supposed to be close – unlike the game against # 2 SEC Arkansas in the SEC semi-final game, who lost big time to 38-0 Kentucky, ranked the # 1 team in The entire nation.  Again.  Kentucky has a top gym.  Kentucky recruits top talent, therefore.  Players want to play there.

Only 4 conferences got more NCAA Tourney bids than The SEC.

The SEC finds only 4 conferences with a higher Conference RPI.

The SEC is tough top to bottom, and is not as top heavy as some of the conferences considered a better conference in men’s basketball 2015 than The SEC.

The Lady Bulldogs will miss The Big Dance for only the 3rd time in the entire history.  It has been more than 2 decades since we last missed The NCAA Women’s Tournament.  We will play in the Women’s NIT.  That bracket has not been released.  The Lady Bulldogs suffer from the same venue here the men do, and it dampens our recruiting efforts just as much as the football program prospers here in recruiting because Sanford stadium is considered one of the top football venues.


44 years since we hosted an NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament game.


Stegosaurus gym is a relic.

Both our men’s and our women’s basketball programs recruit from Michigan.

Dayton, Portland, Omaha, Seattle, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Louisville, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Syracuse, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Houston and Indianapolis all host the 2015 Big Dance.’s_Division_I_Basketball_Tournament

The Tournament begins tomorrow and this marks the 54th SEC season The SEC has been in The NCAA Tournament – more than any other conference.


We play Michigan State Friday 12:40 p.m. in Charlotte 192 miles.


Michigan State is making its 29th appearance and Georgia our 12th.


Michigan State made the Elite 8 last season, while Georgia lost in the Opening Round 2011 as our latest appearance.


Mark Fox is making his 4th NCAA Tournament.


Tom Izzo is making his 18th NCAA Tournament.

Michigan State shoots the ball better than we do, defends better than we do, rebounds better than we do, has a better turnover margin than we do, is more selfless with the basketball than we are, while we hold a comfortable margin over Michigan State at the charity stripe and we hold slim margins over them in blocks and steals.


We have a horrible loss to Georgie tek, who probably is firing their coach today.


We have a team who has been here with Mark Fox.


Players on this team, who seemingly could not play a hoot 6 years’ ago, now look polished on the court for us.  This speaks well to Mark Fox teaching his players to play the game, and we do not suffer off-court bad news in men’s basketball with discipline issues.


Go figure.


These players represent Mark Fox well on and off the court.


Mark Fox has 11 who have started for him this season.  He gives his recruits a chance to get in the games and make their mark.  This has been a hallmark of Mark Fox here that he lets his guys get out there and prove what they can and cannot do.  I believe all the players feel that he gives them a chance.


Basketball is much faster-paced game than football, and you need to give your players a blow in basketball.


Thornton, Marcus has learned a lot here in his 6 years here now, and looks pretty good out there.  He does have a lot of fouls as does Mann, Charles.   Both are adept underneath and high post.

Gaines, Kenny is our dead-eye-dick.

Djurisic, Nemanja also has both an inside and outside game.

Frazier, J.J. is a shooter who you really have to be proud of.  All 5 of these players are capable of a double-double, and JJ Frazier and Kenny Gaines are capable of triple-doubles.  You see JJ Frazier and Kenny Gaines both at the point.  Kenny Gaines will post-up his player, driving the lane while typically unless on fast breaks, you see JJ Frazier sink the deep 3.  I mean deep.

We can get a team in foul trouble if they are not as deep as we are.

Maten, Yante will be one of the team leaders next year, and has been a source of much pride to all of us already.  He is dynamite inside, and is a fierce rebounding machine.  He also leads the team in blocked shots.  He will be a starter in a lot more games next year than the several he started for us this season.

Parker, Juwan is a key contributor off the bench and like all the others above, hits his free throws at a high clip as well.

This is really a well-coached team.  Folks like Mark Fox too.  He is very animated and into the games with high energy always.  He calls it like it is.  I respect that.

Forte, Cameron and Geno, Kenny Paul are both great basketball players. You watch them play and see they are both well-rounded.

Look for these 9 to do well Friday afternoon 12 :40 p.m. in Charlotte.


We will not win, but we are not supposed to.

Marcus Thornton was the 34th Power Forward nationally.

Kenny Gaines was the 29th best Rivals Shooting Guard nationally.

Yante Maten is highly touted nationally from Michigan.

Juwan Parker was the 39th Rivals Shooting Guard nationally.

Cameron Forte is highly touted nationally.

J.J. Frazier is highly touted nationally.

Charles Mann is highly touted nationally.

Kenny Paul Geno was highly touted nationally.


As you can see, there is not really any huge big star on this team.  We do not have a single player who was ranked even in the top 25 in his position nationally.  This is a very good basketball team who have been taught very well how to play the game here by Mark Fox.


If we had just one top player in the state of Georgia who had joined this team, Mark Fox would be a God.

As it is, he is blamed for having taught these men how to play the game properly as team players on a team without a single best in the nation player.  I like these players.  This is a solid basketball team.  We just have to recruit better in-state.  That starts with a proper gym for them to be proud of wanting to play in.  It also would attract more attendance to the games here at home.


I have no question in my mind that we hold back both our men’s and women’s basketball programs with the Stegosaurus.


I am very thankful for all these very good basketball players to come here to play for us, and I am proud of the manner in which they represent Mark Fox.