Mike Ekeler says Mark Richt LOST CONTROL. His staff held a mutiny with in-fighting among his staff he hired and for whom Mark Richt was alone responsible for. Mark Richt himself had a big huge fight with Jeremy Pruitt at Mark Richt’s home. And Mark Richt had 2 big huge fights with Todd Grantham on the field. Mark Richt was our Leader ? Mark Richt was IN CONTROL ? For Mark Richt’s last 8 years here : Averaged 4 loses per season, lost to the top 15 teams with his # 7 Scout.com recruiting ranking at # 45 in the nation rate losing 18 of 24, and threw in for good measure 1 or 2 losses per year to unranked teams – 12 such losses alone his last 8 years. Mark Richt has DIFFERENT GOALS than we : “There’s something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia.” Mark Richt retitled himself CEO after 2007, and just LOST IT. No CEO, Mark Richt LOST CONTROL across the board in every conceivable measurement. Instead while Mark Richt LOST CONTROL, his staff hired and fired their own staff with OUT his permission and against his authority. If you want to be a Mark Richt fan – go to Miami of Florida. All I care about is BEATING VANDIE. It’s GREAT to BE a Georgia Bulldog ! Mike Ekeler comes clean on the MUTINY against Mark Richt.

A mutiny is when the crew of a rudderless ship, according to the crew, openly oppose then demand change by the captain and finally overthrow the captain.  They do so because they say the captain has incorrect authority.  They believe in their heart of hearts they are the authority because by God Above – they just have to be.  The crew has to be in charge because the captain is interested in different goals than their PURPOSES.  They are at odds with the captain on the very essence of their existence.   There is so much vitriol by the crew toward the captain that the captain is NO LONGER IN CONTROL.


That he can not be in control any longer.


In our case, our purpose was to win his staff said, while Mark Richt said repeatedly that There’s something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia.


The mutineers were correct.


Don’t tell me how you view how Mark Richt is doing at Miami of Florida.  I do NOT care.


So you spent all day long on Get the Picture senator bluto blog today all saying how badly you wanted to read the book on all this.


Here is then for you.


It is a short book.  There is not much to it really.  He coached well from 2002 to 2007 then quit coaching and became CEO.  It was a long 15-years where he won 2002-2007 and lost to EVERYONE after 2007.  Any way you slice-up his wins and losses, he lost to EVERYONE after 2007.  He was 73-32 his last 8 years after 2007.  This was made-up of 37-1 vs. non-bowl teams (nobodies)  and 36-32 vs. teams who played in one of the 42 bowl games – barely above the Mendoza Line.  36-32 vs EVERYONE his last 8 years.


You slice it up for me ?


You tell me that Mike Ekeler did not just say what he did just say ?


I am NOT here to talk about 2002-2007.  You do that well enough for ALL of us.  How do you talk about 2002-2007 ?  You LUMP in what he did do 2002-2007 when we ALL LOVED THE GUY with what he did NOT do after 2007 and say here Mark Richt was THIS over his entire 15-year career.




The mutiny happened by his coaching staff as ALL CAN NOW CLEARLY SEE because he was a shell of himself after 2007.


Why lump in then what he did 2002-2007 ?


Did not I root for Mark Richt and BRAG on Mark Richt 2002-2007 ?


Damn right I did.  On every blog in America.


As for your continued LIES that it will be hard to match what Mark Richt did from 2001-2015 of only 145 wins in 15-game seasons for the top teams which we were NOT, we were trying to tell you that he LOST IT after 2007 and you categorically refuse to focus on our point that he was FIRED for what he did NOT do after 2007.


He reported to Greg McGarity for 6 years.  He LOST 24 games.  That is 4-losses per season for 6 seasons.  It was the backdrop to the hire of Greg McGarity that he had lost 4 games per season for the two seasons prior to Greg McGarity being hired as well.


But all you can say is that it will be hard to beat 145 wins for Kirby or anyone else the next 15 years.


Be real.


You can not be that stupid that you think you can stonewall us all that Mark Richt wasn’t going anywhere and what sorry fans we are for saying he had to be FIRED.


Get on the bus you admonished me.


You bullied me on the Internet to TRY to shut me up about Mark Richt.  Now the truth all comes out.


Look Mark Richt LOST CONTROL. His goal of something here besides winning that’s important was not a proper goal for an employee at the state’s highest public institution. It’s against the United States Constitution.  And it was NOT his goal.  MR only thought that it was and said it was for his last 8 years here.  I want to lead the boys to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  Winning ?  I do not care what happens at Georgia in wins and losses for that is NOT how I am judged.  If I were judged solely on being just a football coach, that would be a disaster.   I am comfortable in my Walk with Jesus and know that that is more important than whatever happens at Georgia in terms of wins and losses.  If it is God’s Will that we win the game, great.  If not, it is all to God’s Glory anyway because here at Georgia there’s something besides winning that’s really important.


  1. # 45 vs Top 15 teams his last 8 years losing 18 of 24
  2. # 42 vs Top 25 season his last 8 years here
  3. Only beat the teams who went on to a bowl game 53 % of the time last 8 years
  4. Lost to 12 unranked teams game or season his last 8 years here
  5. Mark Richt averaged 4 losses per season his last entire 8 years
  6. All this with the average # 7 Scout.com recruiting ranking


And you said I could not talk about Mark Richt and Religion on YOUR BLOG.


That was the whole entire point.


These WERE his goals and he FAILED MISERABLY for 8 years. He found that out that indeed these ARE his goals when Mark Richt ADMITTED to Aaron Murray in the AM interview to DawgNation after he was fired, that Mark Richt was genuinely surprised and DISAPPOINTED he was FIRED.


Mark Richt thought that his goals were something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia.


You can not focus on that, either.


Mark Richt JUST LOST IT from the time he said he was no longer Offensive Coordinator, but CEO he called himself after 2007.


Mike Bobo was a puppet offensive coordinator, too – as were ALL the “offensive coordinators” listed in my media guide each year.


Mark Richt called ALL the shots on offense.  In fact, he told Vince Dooley that December 20 of 2000 when he told VD that he would come here and coach our quarterbacks and run our offense.


Then he quit doing that and became CEO he called himself.  What a joke.  CEO.


Mike Bobo LOST to every ranked team every big game.


I told you he would NOT be a great head coach.


He has been in fact EXACTLY what I told you as has Mark Richt continuing to lose to EVERY ranked team EITHER ever plays.


Mike Ekeler said that Brian Schottenheimer was not running any variation of his BS offense, but Mark Richt’s Offense. Mike Ekeler said that it’s your gig or it’s not your gig. Be judged ME said on an offense that was NOT your offense ?  Note that it was the MR offense and MR was unwilling to do it any longer.  So MR hired BS to do it for him.  Here run this offense BS.  Here is the play book.  Run these plays.  Here is your QB.  Use him.  Now here is your new QB.  Run those plays.  Oh and we have the week off this week BS.


BS held a press meeting prior to the season and said he would NEVER start a game manager.  This was before MR announced that Greyson Lambert after 5 practices with the # 1 unit was his starter 2015 and would have been right now today in 2016.


The plays were drawn-up by MR.


We certainly KEPT the MR terms for HIS plays during the entire MR 15-year career.


We are NOT talking about the MR 15-year career however : That is just only you who are.  That’s right.  You STILL ARE talking about his entire 15-year career.  Not once have you been able to argue.  We say for 8 long years he quit being involved and became CEO he said.  He stepped back gave up quit and had OTHER GOALS than ours to win after 2007.  He did NOT CARE what happened in terms of wins or losses and said openly that he thought that he was NOT JUDGED on wins and losses and that it would be a DISASTER if he were.  We were all very happy with MR 2002-2007 and therefore it is OUR FOCUS to discuss his last 8 years.


All you can say is it impossible for ANYONE to match Mark Richt’s 145 wins in 15 years.  That is so utterly ridiculous that no one has ever taken you on on that.  But I shall.  Seasons have been 15-game seasons for the top teams.  Winning 10 is NOT our goal and 73-32 his last 8 years is NOT having 10-win seasons.  It is seven (7) shy of 10-win seasons in 15-game seasons for the top teams.


He had the # 7 average recruiting class and was the Charlie Brown of College Football with it – wasting it.


All he needs is to replace BS as OC you said.


All he needs is Jacob Eason you said.


Mark Richt would NOT be playing Jacob Eason as his QB right now today and you know it.


You TRIED to tell me Kirby should not be either.


It is the period after 2007 where he LOST CONTROL.


Some of us can, and others of us can not, focus on just these most recent 8 years.


Mark Richt averaged 4 losses per season his last entire 8 years.


All everyone ever says about MR is that he is a nice guy.


And a dumbass coach without leadership who did not care about wins and losses any longer.  Not important to him.  Not how he is judged he said.


MR coaches were fighting not only with each other but with MR.

MR hated Todd Grantham but did not fire him – kept him despite it.

Bobby Petrino hired TG while MR still had TG as his DC.

MR hired ANOTHER guy MR hated, to replace TG.

MR and Jeremy Pruitt had a huge big fight at the MR home.

These are NOT rumors. None of these are rumors.  This is all fact.

You do NOT like facts.  You like opinions.  Just as long as they agree with you.

One of your blog authors actually took MY WORDS and rewrote them as mine and left MY NAME on his post as ME.

YOU did not want to hear ANY OF THIS.

You still do not.

Now you want to read the book.

Uh huh.  I believe that.

You want to believe that Mark Richt a fine Christian is a great coach.  You actually think since MR is 5-1 and Kirby 4-2 that now is time to hit the iron while the iron is hot.  Yet MR beat # 65 Official NCAA schedule strength so far.  And in 2001 MR first year at 5-1 then too LOST THE NEXT 2 GAMES 2001.  Kirby is # 15 schedule so far. MR lost 1 game to 1 ranked team as he did here.  And, Kirby has beat 1 ranked and lost to 2 ranked while beating 3 unranked teams.

MR decided to bench Greyson Lambert for 3rd game vs ranked teams last year.

MR had seen enough of GL vs the first two ranked teams AL and TN (4-loss # 22.)

MR is not impressed with Brice Ramsey, who never sets his feet to throw.  This is because neither Mark Richt nor Mike Bobo taught him how to follow-through on his throws.  Not in 4 years did Mark Richt care to teach Brice Ramsey himself how to throw a football pass nor to have someone on his staffs for 4 years to teach him to including Mike Bobo for 3 years before taking his DEMOTION out of here to a program with all-time losing record where he has done nothing to fix that either.  Exactly as I said he would not.  And as I said Mark Richt would not.


And NEITHER have.

MR decided to give his team the week off before FL.

FL was practicing every day on their off-week before us as well.  They took MR to the damn cleaners.

MR lost 11 of his 16 games at the site of the annual Gator Bowl.

Our # 1 Rival cared about NOTHING but winning.  MR was more interested in anything but winning.

GA took the week off from practice our off-week while FL on their off-week too the same time, practiced EVERY DAY.  Maybe you don’t remember that.  I do.  Mark Richt had a half-hearted practice only at the end of the 1st week which was our off-week and our # 1 Rival’s off-week.  The Off-Week.  Mark Richt took the week off the off-week. His LOST his job over it.  A job we paid him OVER $ 50 million dollars to do.  A job to win games.  A job we measured him not on leading the boys to Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior but on wins and losses during his career which coincided with his boss as his boss. Not the time from 2002-2007.  Greg McGarity could not measure Mark Richt on 2002-2007 nor LUMP-IN what he had done 2002-2007 to what Mark Richt had in fact done while Greg McGarity was here.

You can not argue.

To argue is to restate the position of the person with whom you are arguing and then put perspective on that position.  You can not even bring yourself to admit that 4 losses a season for 8 years is unacceptable.  When you did discuss that with me your most ardent Mark Richt Apologists admitted to me that yes UGA Thomas Brown that is unacceptable with the # 7 average Scout.com recruiting class to average 4 losses per season for 8 years and be # 45 vs top 15 teams losing 18 of 24 for 8 years.


There was a MUTINY among the Mark Richt Apologists.


By your own polls at the time, you faced a large reduction in your ranks.


TENS OF THOUSANDS a day starting showing up in MY BLOG.


Why ?


Because THEY wanted to HEAR if I would rub SALT in your wounds.


Damn right I will.

MR decided that he would start Faton Bauta vs FL.

Faton Bauta had zero snaps at QB all season long.

FB is a running back who threw 4 interceptions in the MR pro-style offense.

MR never yanked FB.

MR designed every single play that FB ran.  It was the MR play book, Mark Richt wrote.


David Greene said MR has no concept of where we are or what to do. DESPERATE.

It’s NOVEMBER David Greene continued.  This is how bad it is after 15 years.  Out of touch.

We have no idea on offense or special teams, David Greene pointed-out. Not just the offense.

All the defense did was play 3 ranked teams, and lose to all 3.

MR quit beating ranked teams after 2007.

8 years of losing to ranked teams.

4 losses a year for 8 years because he ALSO lost to 1 or 2 unranked.  73-32.


MR Coaches were fighting.

MR was fighting with coaches too.

MR coaches were trying to hire and fire the staff MR hired.

Without permission by MR they attempted to counter-mind his authority.

And he did not care.

Acted like all was well.

Told Aaron Murray the day after he was fired that he was disappointed that he was fired.

BS held a press interview which ended-up being his last, which was prior to the season, where he said he would NEVER start a game manager.

MR the VERY NEXT DAY announced that he had decided on his starter game manager GL.  MR stated to the press that BS and he had talked at length.  And MR made it sound like – speaking for BS – that BS had decided on GL.  Excuse me, BS JUST HAD HIS PRESS INTERVIEW the DAY BEFORE.  He said he would NEVER start a game manager.  We ALL knew EXACTLY what that meant.

So Mark Richt put the GAG ORDER on BS.  No more press meetings EVER for BS.  He has not had one since.

BS did not decide on Greyson Lambert.

GL cost MR his job.

MR did not develop his quarterbacks.

MR quit doing that after 2007.

MR decided that Hutson Mason was his QB 2014.

MR decided that Greyson Lambert was his QB 2015.

In charge of the Offense ?  MR only.

If MR were still here 2016, he would have lost to UNC too with GL his only QB vs North Carolina – losing by 10 points as he was for Kirby.

Your blog asked that question today bluto what if Mark Richt were still our coach ?

Give it a rest.

MR coaching staff HE HIRED were in conflicting cliques.

Clique # 1 : MR and Thomas Brown.

Clique # 2 : Jeremy Pruitt and Nick Saban who hired JP before Kirby took this job.  Nick Saban told Kirby when Kirby told Nick Saban he was coming here that Nick Saban was hiring Jeremy Pruitt to replace Kirby at Alabama.  Then after that Nick Saban said he was seriously considering retiring that very day.

Clique # 3 : Brian Schottenheimer and Mike Ekeler.

This guy Mike Ekeler hated all of them and felt sorry for BS. He is a fiery quick-tempered guy.

Mike Ekeler LOST to every ranked team he ever coached against here or anywhere else he coached.  It was NOT his # 10 defense.

ME says he was top 10 defense at Southern Cal and UGA.  Excuse me, he BEAT NO ONE either place.  All Southern Cal did while he was there was lose to every ranked team.  All he did here was lose to every ranked team.

MR allowed all this in-fighting even between JP and himself.  MR didn’t care about any of it.  Not important.  Not what he was focused on or even cared about.

JP is another fiery quick-tempered guy who had a big fight with MR and gave MR hell after FL.  This was done in-house.  When no satisfaction with that, JP took it to the press.

MR said that BS is a GREAT OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR.  Well if he is or was, MR never let him write the offensive play book or label terms to the play book nor decide on whom it was who even would be his starting QB.  Nor did MR allow BS to design any plays for said starting quarterbacks.


THAT is NOT an Offensive Coordinator.


Mike Ekeler told you THAT yesterday on DawgNation by some guy who has NEVER written anything for the AJ-C ever.


Did you hear Mike Ekeler say this that this is NOT an Offensive Coordinator ?


That the ENTIRE STAFF was in mutiny and that he HATED EVERYONE at EVERY MEETING ?


If you did, all you said on senator bluto Get the Picture all day long was to say that no one can match what Mark Richt did here.


When Nick Saban had to hire JP, he said publically that he considered then retiring instead.

MR did not like JP.

ME said he thanked MR for hiring him, but that his staff was dysfunctional and in mutiny mode.

It is what it is.

You can NOT rewrite what ME said today.  It was as poor a job of leadership managerial skills by MR as by any coach ever in the history of the game.

MR is a nice guy.

MR :  Thanks for hiring me.

The MR staff is a complete and utter mess.  Everyone fighting.  I hated to be in the meetings with them.  1 coordinator fired 1 of the assistants MR hired.  That doesn’t resonate with you.

MR needed a 9th coordinator ?  This was his fix ?

The greatest UGA coach ever?

Kirby can NOT match MR in 15 years in 15-game seasons to win 145 ?

Who do you think believes that ?

Anyone in 15-game seasons can take this talent we give our coaches and win 145 games next 15 years.

MR is not a fiery guy and hates all those folks who are.

NOT his goal in life.

Completely against everything that MR stands for.

“There’s something besides winning that’s important here at Georgia.” MR

2015 was a long end to nothingness in Athens.

Mediocrity averaging 4 losses per season his last entire 8 years.

Who wants to talk about the UGA era after Vince Dooley ? Mark Richt Apologists.

Why ?

So that the Mark Richt Apologists can try to sell you on the idea MR is a great coach by comparison with Ray Goff.

No sir  you shall not compare Ray Goff to Mark Richt.  We FIRED both for cause.

Nice guy.

Mediocre coach with different goals than our own.

Dumbass in charge who has no leadership because he never was in charge of anything anywhere.

Mark Richt was not even a leader like Kirby was – let alone a good one – of his own football team in college.

MR was a perennial back-up QB who never played.


What a damn joke.

No coach has ever been less in charge than Mark Richt.


As now you readily can see.

Mark Richt had to be FIRED, and you tried to shut me up so I could not make it happen.


I Won. I FIRED Mark Richt right here on this blog.

I listed a long list of replacements among whom all were proven head coaches except Kirby.

Kirby has proven to be fiery quick-tempered and stubborn.

Stubborn is a trait of Mark Richt too.

Kirby has been set in his ways against Freshmen.

Kirby has out-recruited Mark Richt this 2016 class # 7 Kirby to # 39 Mark Richt according to Scout.com rankings.


Mark Richt was completely shut-out in state of GA.

You said to me that MR would rack-up in Georgia.

You said to me that Jacob Eason coming here was contingent upon MR being coach.

MR beat # 65 Strength of Schedule 2016 – all cupcakes, and lost to his 1 ranked team he played.

Kirby 2016 beat 1 ranked team, lost to 2 ranked teams, and  lost to no unranked teams.

You told me Mark Richt still be here today.

You told me Mark Richt is not going anywhere.

You told me I was not as good a fan of Georgia Bulldogs as you.

Now you root for Miami of Florida.

You told me it was not justified that Mark Richt was fired.

You told me that YOU could make a good case that he shouldn’t have been fired.

You told me, while all of this was going on Mike Ekeler tells us about now, that Mark Richt isn’t going anywhere.

You have been WRONG on EVERY WORD out of your mouth.

Mark Richt LOST his BIG GAMES just like he is at Miami of Florida.

I told you so.



Excuse me Mark Richt’s staff fired and hired whomever they wanted to without Mark Richt’s permission or agreement.  His coaching staff had knock down drag-out fights with each other as Mike Ekeler said that he hated everyone in the room.  They were dysfunctional.  It was a mutiny.  Several of them had confrontations with Mark Richt himself including on the field during LOSSES.  They were this in disagreement about basic life positions and coaching philosophies.  And make no mistake about it that Mark Richt was FIRED because he lost to ranked teams and unranked teams and was only 53 % win percentage against any team who made it that year to any one of the 42 bowl games all this for his last entire 8 years.


Mark Richt is a dumbass CEO, a  joke of a poor leader, and a  poor coach – but a nice guy.


A lovable LOSER – the anathema Charlie Brown of college football who all fans who are fans of the program and want to win and have some expectations of winning vehemently disagree –  not whining about 10-win seasons which he did not average anyway but 9 in 15-game seasons for the top teams which he was not.


We HATED the LOSING of Mark Richt and after 8 years of it, it became unbearable.


JP wanted no part of it but if you are arguing that 2015 was any different for Mark Richt on the field you are just going to have a really hard time making anyone buy-in on that either.  For 2015 on the field was exactly as it had been for 8 years under Mark Richt.  A guy who did not care for winning and was not he thought how God Judges Mark Richt.  Unimportant.  So he played 3 ranked teams and lost to all 3 again.


As he did after 2007.


EXACTLY the same.


No different 2015.


The only difference was in 2015 no longer could YOU bluto senator of nothing TELL US that it was ACCEPTABLE.  Mike Ekeler now shares as The Gospel that it was UNACCEPTABLE after the 2015 season.  After the Florida game when the season was over.  After all Mark Richt could do was be UNRANKED in the Final AP Poll for the 4th time his last 8 years here.  After the Florida game after which we could only play in another meaningless bowl game – the same every year of the Mark Richt era – against another team unranked or ranked maybe about # 19 in the Final AP Poll.  That how high the bar.


That what you are SATISIFIED with.


Different 2015 ?


Yes sir.


No longer could you insist that you would ONLY HEAR that which was acceptable to you.  That you said Mark Richt isn’t going anywhere.  You said that In NOVEMBER bluto.


Don’t try now to rewrite your history.


Your statements sit here with URL LINKS to your VERY WORDS cut and pasted here for ALL.


A good case can be made by you that Mark Richt should NOT have been fired.




Even after all this Mike Ekeler tells us about today, you still think that 2015 season for Mark Richt was somehow different.


No sir.  It was the same as ALL HIS OTHER YEARS after 2007 which you seem fully incapable of addressing.


Yet you were arguing it was DIFFERENT 2015 bluto because FINALLY someone heard what ALL the rest of us were saying ALL ALONG in total DISAGREEMENT with you bluto that Mark Richt was ACCEPTABLE – that what Mike Ekeler is saying is that THE COACHES ON THE STAFF all DISAGREED with Mark Richt and DEMANDED he TRY TO WIN.


That is the only difference in 2015 and all the other years after 2007.


Tell us again about your degrees bluto and where all you went to college sir ?


Tell us about all the teams you root for today senator bluto ?


Do not let UGA Thomas Brown repeat his lies (with URL Links to their proof) that Mark Richt is a bad coach when he is our greatest coach ever.  He is just a troll and way wrong about Mark Richt – who is great.  Here let me phrase Mark Richt’s first year 2001 up to now and compare that with Kirby his first year up until now.  Let me compare Mark Richt’s 2016 season with Kirby’s – let me try to sway the opinion that MR is in fact great.  Oh 2015 was  a different season for Mark Richt on the field than the others prior.  Is that what you are saying that it was no different 2015 season for Mark Richt as for his seasons in fact after 2007 ?


No.  Let’s us not talk about that.


For heaven’s sake.


On the field.


For the season.


There was NO DIFFERENCE between the 2015 season and ALL the rest of his seasons after 2007 for which you STOOD BEHIND MARK RICHT and disagreed with ME right down the damn line bluto – that he HAD TO BE FIRED for it all being the same.  Mediocrity.  Lousy stinking # 45 vs top 15 teams losing 18 of 24 time game with # 7 average Scout.com recruiting rankings for # 11 All-Time UGA Bulldogs’ football program.


The only difference was that SOME FOLKS got heard over your deafening defense of Mark Richt ten times a day for 8 years disagreeing with me on this.


And, now, Mike Ekeler tells you the truth – that the coaches ALL were in MUTINY against Mark Richt.  And all the fans I could MUSTER against the lowly loud few you could in SUPPORT of Mark Richt, bluto.  That he isn’t going anywhere in November you said bluto.  That he should not be fired.  That he should not have been fired.  That you could in YOUR MIND make a case for NOT FIRING MARK RICHT.


That’s what you said when you said it, bluto.


Difference 2015 ?  None from all his other seasons after 2007 which you called acceptable – keep him – not going anywhere.


But there WAS A DIFFERENCE 2015 – not in Mark Richt’s seasons – but in the dissatisfaction with Mark Richt.




Mutiny by Mark Richt Apologists AGAINST Mark Richt, finally.  Not all Mark Richt Apologists.  There still remain even then with the mutiny by MANY of the Mark Richt Apologists on your Mark Richt Apologists’ Haven Blog, hold-outs.  Hold-outs you cater to.


Want to find the Mark Richt Apologists October 14, 2016 eleven months after he was fired ?  Go read the COMMENTS by them ALL on bluto’s blog senator gtp Get the Picture.  BLUTARSKI – you know the village idiot with a 0.0 GPA fat ugly and stupid and wrong on everything out of his mouth.




Mutiny by his own coaching staff he hired.


Mutiny by the fans – all agreeing with me that I was right all along.


You over there on your haven for Mark Richt Apologists.


Let them tell you to ban me that I should NOT be allowed to say that Mark Richt had to be fired.


Cultivate Mark Richt Apologists.


Cater to them.


There isn’t ANY difference in Mark Richt’s 2016 season from his 2015 season or his seasons after 2007.


Just as there isn’t any difference in the opinions ALLOWED on your blog.  If this or that Mark Richt would still be here.  What then if he were ?


Give it up.


The only difference is that I FIRED Mark Richt for that which you said you not only would NOT have but would in fact have kept him and state you can make the case that he SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN FIRED.


Yeah he should’ve been as Mike Ekeler just told you.  Only you can not properly read and focus on what he said either.


The Mark Richt Apologists will NEVER change.


But 2015 was different bluto.  It was different that MORE of those AGREEING with me about what Mike Ekeler just said to all took charge.  Mutiny against Mark Richt and MUTINY against the last remnants of the Mark Richt Apologists – your blog THEIR haven.


That is ALL your blog is.


All your blog was all 2015.


All your blog is 2016.


All your blog has ever been or will ever be.


Haven for Mark Richt Apologists gtp Get the Picture senator bluto.


No more difference 2016 on that either bluto than all the years after 2007.


Ban him.


Don’t let him say Mark Richt has to be fired.


Censor his posts.  Remove them.  AllOW ONLY us to have our opinion Mark Richt should STILL be here.


Agree with US bluto.


Now go away.


We don’t care to hear you tell us again how great he is.


He isn’t.




He just LOST IT after 2007.


Mark Richt after 2007 lost to 12 unranked time game or season, # 37 vs top 10 season, # 42 vs top 25 for season, # 38 vs top 25 time game, and # 45 vs top 15 time game. Kirby going to be like that?


Here is what you said to me : “Should Richt be fired? To answer this we should look at 2 things: 1. How are we recruiting? 2. Is the program headed in a positive direction? I feel good about both of these questions.”


What does Coach Kirby Paul Smart have to do to be better than his predecessor over the last 8 years – for which his predecessor was FIRED ?


Not much.  I mean you were SATISFIED with what Mark Richt was doing.


You are so FOS on this matter bluto and your haven for Mark Richt Apologists you cater to with your comments 10 times a day for 11 months after I fired him still promoting him as our coach that you have rendered yourself moot on the discussion and them left out in the cold with nowhere to hide for their comments today on your blog promoting him as great.


Nigh impossible your blog promotes today bluto that Mark Richt’s 145 wins will be achieved the next 15 years without Mark Richt.


Hogwash.  He was horrible.  He is horrible 2016 same as 2015 and same as his last entire 8 years here.  Miserable.  Unacceptable.  There is no difference in your blog today 2016 or 2015 or any of his last 8 years.  The only difference bluto ?  That I was proven correct sir and you wrong sir on EVERY world out of your mouth on this matter.  Oh and that EVERYONE agrees with me except you and your hold-out contingent of Mark Richt Apologists bragging there on your blog today how much better Mark Richt to this point 2001 his first year here than Kirby so far to this point his first year here.  How much better Mark Richt 2016 than Kirby.  Where would we be 2016 if we had Mark Richt ?  We’d be 2-3 and Greyson Lambert still starting.


It was no difference to me 2015 than any of his other seasons after 2007.  And it is no different on your blog 2016 than it was 2015 all defending Mark Richt.  And the same as it has been on BOTH your blog bluto and Mark Richt as coach after 2007.  It’s the same every day.  MR is great.


Now we learn the truth from his coaches he hired that it was a totally out of control coaching staff Mark Richt had here for which he was summarily FIRED.  And a good many of your Mark Richt Apologists you cater to with your comments bluto, all Mark Richt’s coaches, and all the rest of us fans of Georgia Bulldogs’ Football would all like to move-on to Vandie and beating them and maybe be 11-2 since that is all we can be 2016 after what MR left us on the 2-Deep as returning starters are 2 seniors and 6 juniors # 93 experienced team in America.


Just imagine how your Mark Richt Apologists haven there on your blog do not want to discuss that Mike Ekeler says today that Mark Richt’s coaching staff was all hating and fighting each other – total unadulterated mutiny.


Amen Mike Ekeler.  Amen.




December 3 Miami Hurricane Fan Blog Josh Baumgard Miami Slice : “The Richt Era appears to be off to a sizzling start. I think it’s entirely possible Jacob Eason Rivals’ No. 1 quarterback recruit in the country could be headed to the Miami Hurricanes. Miami could have a shot at landing Eason after hiring former #UGA HC Mark Richt. If Jacob Eason comes down to visit Miami that’s a big deal because that’s a five star. A lot of people think he’s the best quarterback recruit in the country and that will get the attention of other top recruits.”

( http://slicemiami.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Miami-Hurricanes-Jacob-Eason.jpg )




( http://slicemiami.com/2015/12/03/jacob-eason-miami-hurricanes/ )


December 3 Miami Hurricane Fan Blog Josh Baumgard Miami Slice : “The Richt Era appears to be off to a sizzling start.  I think it’s entirely possible Jacob Eason Rivals’ No. 1 quarterback recruit in the country could be headed to the Miami Hurricanes.  Miami could have a shot at landing Eason after hiring former #UGA HC Mark Richt.  If Jacob Eason comes down to visit Miami that’s a big deal because that’s a five star. A lot of people think he’s the best quarterback recruit in the country and that will get the attention of other top recruits.”








Jacob Eason Era begins today at 4 p.m. for Kirby – ATL ALL DAY.com John Buhler – Fansided.com : “Eason’s commitment to Georgia is contingent on Richt being the head coach.” 2015 November 5 “Mark Richt isn’t going anywhere, Dawg Nation, so calm down”



( http://fansided.com/2015/11/01/mark-richt-should-stay-georgia-coach/ )


 by  FANSIDED.com “Eason’s commitment to Georgia is contingent on Richt being the head coach.”   2015 November 5   “Mark Richt isn’t going anywhere, Dawg Nation, so calm down”


John Buhler FANSIDED.com Mark Richt Apologist confirmed to this very day also – God Damn Friqin’ LIAR along with being 1 of those pussies among many who told you this lie – isn’t he ?



Jacob Eason Era begins today at 4 p.m. for Kirby.



“I’m still in mourning over CMR and how everything transpired. I’m having a hard time turning that corner towards being excited about next season or even in the program despite the recruits” “It seems “the Georgia way” ended with ADGM.”


“I’m still in mourning over CMR and how everything transpired. I’m having a hard time turning that corner towards being excited about next season or even in the program despite the recruits”

“It seems “the Georgia way” ended with ADGM.”





Matthew Stafford # 1 QB out of high school in the nation later # 1 Overall NFL Draft Pick leaving early only played 3 seasons. In games for example 6 and 7 still his true Freshman year NOT STARTER – dumbass Started Joe Tereshinski III vs vols & Vandie games 6 & 7 his true Freshman Year and LOST BOTH. Also Started Joe Cox 2006 vs Colorado ! Take THAT 9 weeks tomorrow morning after he FIRED for this shit. You get that ?

vols are supposed to be 5-loss team 2006 and ended-up # 25 Final AP Poll so if they do not come to our house with dumb shit Starting Joe Tereshinski III telling Matthew Stafford in games 6 and 7 that Joe Tereshinski III is a BETTER QB than Matthew Stafford, vols are NOT a ranked team in the Final AP Poll Top 25.


But the vols beat Joe Tereshinski III as our BETTER Starting QB at Sanford.


I shall NEVER forget it !




Then, with THAT damn back-drop, next week we played the lowly damned Vandie team 2006 in game # 7 again at Sanford.


To be a fan of that asshole, you have to NOT have seasons’ tickets as I and remember this shit.


I mean we played them in front of me.


So damn stupid.


Vandie 2006 was 1-7 in The SEC.  Not at game time.  For the freaking God Damn Season !


Vandie 2006 was coached by Bobby Johnson.  Maybe you do not remember Bobby Johnson ?  That’s because he has NOT COACHED SINCE.  He has NOT COACHED ANYWHERE.




He was added to the Play-Off Selection Committee to replace Archie Manning this time last year and ended his career coaching football all levels at 89-102.


89-102 all-time coaching record all levels Bobby Johnson.  He was a back at Clemson.


But 1-7 SEC Vandie 2006 beat Joe Tereshinski III as our Starting QB game 7 of 2006 season for the dumb friqin’ “coach” we had here whom I personally ran out of town on a DAMNED RAIL !


I cited this shit daily here on this blog and every blog on the Internet where I did post and NOT HAVE IT EDITED.


I want to remind you of this now because this is no different from Jake Eason.


In front of me both these losses to ingrain it into MY mind !


Dumbass piece of shit.


It is what he did.


Lose inexplicable games EVERY year.  Note this was supposed to be one of his “good years” 2006 in the 1st half of his career here.


“At the end of the 2006 season he was the hottest team in the nation who could beat EVERYONE”  his freaking Apologists told us.  But we to forget and say good riddance to all that was “HISTORY” they stated to me and to any and all who would listen to me.  “History” when it the game before the up-coming game.  About that which happened even in games 6 and games 7 of 2006.   And, two more losses after that too because he was not prepared.  Hells Bells we made Joe Tereshinski III the God Damned Starter 2006.  How could he be prepared by game 6 or game 7, pray tell ?


Or indeed even for the 2 later losses either when not he but Joe Tereshinski III was told he the better QB and that we needed therefore to devote the snaps with the # 1 unit to Joe Tereshinski III and NOT Matthew Stafford.


And, why we lost all these games.


That Joe Tereshinski III was NOT the better QB.


Was he ?


No different now either.


How quickly they wish they could forget.  And, all his dumbass decisions 2006 and off-field woes.


But, after he lost to the vols and Vandie both at HOME for us he then went to Florida and Kentucky for crying out loud and LOST BOTH of those too 2006.


Kentucky you no doubt recall was supposed to be a 6-loss Kentucky team 2006 but Rich Brooks’ unranked ass beat us 2006.


Amazing how they only remember that which they WANT.

Rich Brooks was 143-175 all levels as coach 44 % win % but he beat our sorry-ass coach 2006.


This is NOT to tell you I told you so !


This is TO TEACH YOU what I said THEN was RIGHT TOO !


That Matthew Stafford HAD TO BE OUR STARTING QB 2006 – not Joe Tereshinski III.


Instead dumbass – your damned hero and not mine – even Started Joe Cox 2006.  That’s right vs Colorado 2006 dumb shit told Matthew Stafford that Joe Cox is a BETTER QB than you Matthew Stafford.  He was CLUELESS who the better QB his entire tenure here.  Colorado 2006 you may recall played us TOO AT OUR HOUSE all 3 these games home games for us 2006.  A 3-9 team Colorado 2006. Joe Cox managed the game to win 14-13 at HOME for us against 3-9 Colorado 14-13.  Joe Cox and his head ‘coach’ took HELL from me and from EVERYONE but YOU 2006 for Starting Joe Cox vs Colorado and struggling against a 3-9 team Colorado 2006 because he did not Start Matthew Stafford.


Joe Cox AND Joe Tereshinski III are BOTH BETTER quarterbacks than Matthew Stafford.  That is what dumb shit told Matthew Stafford 2006.  He played here 2 more years after that and left the # 1 pick as he was the # 1 QB getting here  too.  Came and left # 1 in the nation. But, while he was here 2006 dumb muck told him Joe Cox AND Joe Tereshinski III are BOTH BETTER quarterbacks than you Matthew Stafford.


Yet, TODAY on the Internet all these “approved” blogs do NOT censor that their fans of said blogs and blog Authors there say that oh he was the greatest ever, did NOT struggle, that we have a new coach taking over who is NOT taking over a struggling program averaging 4 losses per season for his last entire freaking 8 years here.


Forget YOU !


Get it BACK in your face TODAY for what you say TODAY on your blogs and for what you allow unfettered from your fans there on your pussies’ blogs.


Here we shall speak the Truth and shall refute you TODAY for that which you say and allow unfettered on your blogs today.


Imagine 1 even said today that he is not sure he even indeed wants to be involved with our program EVER AGAIN firing the best coach ever, oh and that the new coach is NOT taking over a struggling program.


The freaking Hell you say !


We would play Colorado again and they were a 7-loss team 2010 should’ve been 8-loss team who FIRED their coach but they beat your dumbass hero.


Oh I see.


You can say and allow to be said unfettered on your pussies’ blog that he is NOT taking over a struggling program TODAY you say and allow to be said TODAY, but I shall NOT have the right to offer-up my damn retort.


Good Luck with that assholes !


“Our ‘coach’ knows better than you Thomas Brown.  You’re just a miserable hater.  I trust our ‘coach’ on this better than you.  He is the greatest ‘coach’ all-time and knows a LOT more about this than you.  I trust his decisions on who his Starting QB is better than I trust you.”


“Yeah !  Way to go !  Delete his post !  I hate reading his repeated bullshit on the Internet.  He repeats the same post EVERYWHERE on the Internet.  He is a broken record.  He hates our coach and wants him fired.  He does not want to get on the bus.  He revels in not drinking the Kool-Aid.  He needs to be BANNED from typing this shit. What a dumb shit Thomas Brown.  Believe him or our ‘coach’ when he needs to get a life about this program I am a better fan of than Thomas Brown is.”


But you don’t even go the games I replied.


“No.  But, I watch them on TV.”


Do you change the channel when he pulls his usual bullshit and loses to crappy-ass football teams with far better talent on our team – not developing his Quarterbacks, and wasting talent and playing FAVORITES ?  I asked.


“He is the greatest ever ‘coach’ for us.”


He is dumb as shit, daily I told them.


No one has EVER accused him of being smart.


Or them.


My posts are there.


All the way back 39 years my posts are there.  I replied.  I wish the AJ-C had not deleted all their comments from their articles in the conversion to DawgNation a few years ago.


But I damn sure remember what they said.


They defended the dumbass son of a bitch.


Made up excuses.


Said that was a game in HISTORY.


I said history ?  That was the last game we played !


Yeah, but we are going to win the NC and go 15-0 this coming season and you want to dwell on the past.


No.  I told them. I do not want to dwell on the past, but if we do not learn from the past, we are destined to repeat the SAME MISTAKES !


Which we would still be doing if it were up to them.


“He’s not going anywhere.  You’re delusional.  He will be back and win it all !  Then, what will you say when he does ?  All he needs is his 9th coordinator.  All he needs is another QB like Matthew Stafford !  The final piece to the puzzle.  You’re just a hater.  Get on the bus.  You’re not a fan of The Georgia Bulldogs.  You’re a Georgie tek yellowjackets’ fan.  Give up that fine man’s handle and post as ramblin’ this or that.  It’s just as easy to sit there and whine after every game as it is to see how bright our future is with our best coach ever !  He was the best coach in America at the end of the 2006 season and we the hottest team.  Wait until next year 2007” when he REDSHIRTS Knowshon Moreno so we only saw him 2 years and loses then the next year after that 3 games 2008 then getting to play # 24 Michigan State 4-loss team 2008 with Mike Bobo, Knowshon Moreno, AJ Green and Matthew Stafford ranked # 1 in the nation 2008 consensus # 1 AP and Coaches’ Poll 2008.


Stick that up your ass !


“Censor his posts !”


“Yeah, I felt sorry for him and left his posts a couple of times.  But, he is so delusional and so many of our fans here on my blog told me to delete them.”


Go find those.


The ones you left.


I gave you HELL THEN.  Or go back to Online Athens when I gave you hell then in 2001 and 2002 for the dumbass decisions he made then.


Go ahead.


I gave you hell.


And, I was right then as now as well sir.


I give you HELL NOW.


And still you censor.  Still you say what a great guy he.  And still today you allow posts posts saying TODAY EVEN that those fans say on your blog this month now 2 months after we fired his ass.  That they are NOT EVEN SURE THEY WANT TO BE INVOLVED WITH THIS PROGRAM ANY LONGER NOW !


Matthew Stafford did not even start games 6 and 7 at HOME for us in 2006 as the nation’s # 1 QB out of high school and who left as the nation’s # 1 QB 3 years later, and




Didn’t we ?


You bullied me on the Internet hiding behind your damned keyboard for 8 excruciating years !


Back to Shove it back up your ass now, am I !


A little trip down memory lane for you – since you obviously WROTE that bullshit felt that way wished you could’ve shut me up and STILL DO.


“But let’s not talk about recruiting.  I never talk about recruiting.”


“It is just as easy to be happy with that shit, as it is to be grouchy that someone dared to want more.”


7 Scholarships for 2016 remain to fix this struggling program and we fell behind in filling these 7 open Scholarships 2016 with only 3 days left now when our coach took a vacation from here for 6 weeks and 2 days then finally showed-up dawg-tired putting us behind the 8-ball NEEDLESSLY.


He better damn well start Jake Eason.


For 8 long years to write about our beloved Bulldogs to the Internet I would go to share about how disappointed I was wanting more.  Even more so not so much with him than with YOU.  You freaking pussies !  And I shall NEVER put-up with it I vowed each day as you well attest.  Then a funny happy occurrence and the tables turned !  Now it is YOU and not I who the disgruntled and no not at I but at yourself that little ole I should be here today standing as your corrector that I told you so and make you so damn little you friqin’ pussies.  And so you turn to the Internet daily 9 weeks now and counting in the morning 29 November to still brag upon average 4 losses for his last entire 8 years here we to endure and hear nothing but excuses and braggadocio of his greatness still today.  I will be dipped in shit if you to re-write history today.

For 8 years ago you to dip it in shit with rose-colored glasses and now 9 weeks AFTER I proved RIGHT and YOU PROVED WRONG.


That’s right.

YOU proved wrong.


You can shove it up your God Damn Assholes that you will still bully me.


No.  That shall not happen.






I won.


Little ole me.


Proved RIGHT yet again !


And, so to you :


Chipper Towers

Bill King

Bluto – state senator of nothing – get the picture pussies

Michael Collins

admin Field Street Forum plagiarist

Mr. Blue theDawgbone.com

Russell Sauve

Harrison Martin

SB Nation

vineyard dawg

Saturday Down South

Cory Brinson

Barrett Sallee

the Bleacher report

Brian Jones

Dawn of the Dawg

The Lady Sportswriter


All YOU who tried to CENSOR me to shut me up for 8 years to bully me and FAILED I say to you this 9 weeks anniversary tomorrow morning the 29th November 2015 nine weeks ago tomorrow – you pussies –


I was RIGHT all along and ye shall NOT have your way now rewriting this as you WISH YOU COULD NOW as greatness then or now – stick it up your God Damned Assholes you owe ME an Apology : “Thomas Brown you were RIGHT ALL ALONG and I feel sorry for MYSELF that I told YOU Thomas Brown that YOU WERE WRONG.”


Bitter ?  Only at you you bullies you Internet bullies proven WRONG hiding still behind your keyboards – PUNKS the lot of you then and NOW.


YOU owe ME for then and for NOW your God Damned Apology each of you friqin’ God Damned Pussies !


For for the same very methods I ran your God Damned Friqin’ hero out of town here on a God Damned Rail, so shall I shove it up your God Damned Assholes into eternity if you KEEP IT UP.


You could not formulate a response then and now still the same from you pussies.  And no you did NOT shut me up.  Did you ?  Nor shall you now by God Above !  Keep it up Assholes.  Keep it up.


For no one can do it better than I.


I promise assholes.


I guaran damn T it.


I told you you would rue the day.


That day is NOW !



Today :

Russell Sauve “I’m having a hard time turning that corner towards being excited about next season or even in the program.”


You do not like what I have to say about Jake Eason Starting vs UNC because the fired guy started Joe Tereshinski III still in games 6 and 7 of 2006 and LOST BOTH !





Derpovonburpo “Call me crazy – “You’re Crazy!” – but I think the folks who say “Get Eason on campus get a few other guys here and in 2017 we’ll look back on this and laugh,” may be right. But since Richt isn’t going anywhere we’re all pissing in the wind right now. GO DAWGS!”


“Call me crazy – “You’re Crazy!” – but I think the folks who say “Get Eason on campus, get a few other guys here, and in 2017 we’ll look back on this and laugh,” may be right.  But since Richt isn’t going anywhere, we’re all pissing in the wind right now.  GO DAWGS!”




Who was pissing in the wind   ?    Who’s laughing now ?


You ?


Me ?




Stick it up your freaking asshole


Averages 4 losses per season for 8 years.


The very day after Fran Tarkenton rips Mark Richt a new asshole, you pronounce he isn’t going anywhere.


Be patient.


Like 9 years ?


10 ?


No one wants a damn national championship you friqin’ fool piece of shit


We’d like to win some games against the Top 5, Top 10, Top 15, Top 25 after 2007.


We’d like to NOT lose to 12 unranked teams after 2007.


We’d like to NOT have seven (7) count them games Mark Richt got beat by more than 3 TD after 2007.


Hell, we’d like to just beat more opponents who go on to a friqin’ bowl game even than he loses to after 2007.



“Eason’s commitment to Georgia is contingent on Richt being the head coach.” 


Really you are just another of the pussies who wants us to have patience.  Another of those approved Georgia Bulldogs’ blogs who brags to us of his recruitment of Matthew Stafford.


(1) He told Matthew Stafford that Joe Tereshinski III was the better quarterback than Matthew Stafford.


(2) Excuse me, he had Matthew Stafford, Knowshon Moreno, Mike Bobo and AJ Green and LOST 3 games getting to Play # 24 Michigan State a 4-loss team in our meaningless bowl game THAT SEASON 2008. 


(3) He got so blown out by Florida with all these guys that their players clapped politely when we finally scored a meaningless touchdown at the end of the game to make it 10-49.  Beat us by 6 Touchdowns. God Damn you Ferris Buhler.


(4) He lost to Georgie tek yellowjackets another 4-loss team should have been 5-loss team 2008.  Georgie tek yellowjackets who in fact go UNRANKED with all these guys on our team and who average the # 52 Scout.com recruiting class to his # 8 Scout.com average recruiting class.


(5) He lost to Alabama that season with all these guys too Matthew Stafford, AJ Green, Mike Bobo and Knowshon Moreno falling behind nothing to 31 at the end of the half blown out by Alabama.  It is what he does.  Show up not ready.  It is what he always will do.


Therefore asshole you surmise both that we should be patient as he got Matthew Stafford here and now Jake Eason you call Jacob Eason AND that his coming here is contingent ONLY on him remaining as our coach ?


Seriously ?


He is so gone from here dumbass and you KNOW IT or you would not have penned this bullshit post saying all this stuff most especially that he isn’t going anywhere.


He is too.   He is out of here !



“Mark Richt Isn’t Going Anywhere”


“Many UGA fans want Mark Richt gone. Be careful what you wish for.”


“Eason is the biggest recruit Mark Richt has had at Georgia since corralling Matthew Stafford from Highland Park, TX in 2006. Cutting ties with Richt would force Georgia to wait potentially years for some other quarterback savior to arrive. Eason’s commitment to Georgia is contingent on Richt being the head coach.”




Junkyard Dawg, you can kiss my ass if you think I’m supposed to be freaking agreeable with Scooby-Doo telling me 9-3 just doesn’t seem that bad & Mark Richt would have no problem finding another job.

I am not in this world to live up to your expectations and you are not in this world to live up to mine.  I am I and you are you, and if by chance we meet : It’s beautiful.  Dr. Fritz Perls.

You have an entire thread about how bad this program is right now, and all the under-lying problems and one little shit, Scooby-Doo, inserts his 2 cents into it that aw shucks 9-3 doesn’t seem that bad to me, and Mark Richt will have no problem finding another job.

Either make your friqin’ point, Junkyard Dawg, or do not.  I could care how you go about it.  But, I will be dipped in shit if you are going to say that there is some decorum to which you adhere I don’t that says that you can call me out for mistreating poor little Scooby-Doo for giving us the company line that all is well in Athens, everything is positive, we’re doing great, and Mark Richt is the best coach in America who does it the right way on and off the field.  We are in our 3rd longest stretch dating back to 1932 were we’ve NOT won The SEC Championship in Football.  We have tremendous talent in-state and should NOT be losing to unranked teams as often as we do every year and should not be losing to top 15 teams at the rate of # 45 in the nation either these last 8 years.  I don’t give a shit what Mark Richt did 2001-2007 as I loved him then too and still do really – I just want his sorry ass held accountable or fired for LOSING after 2007.  Losing to any ole team who even makes a bowl that season he loses to them at barely over 50% after 2007.  And I want you God Damn Mark Richt Apologists to HEED my point that you are in a defenseless position saying Mark Richt IS great when he HASN’T BEEN after 2007, has he ?


It does not matter how good we are, he can’t beat anyone after 2007.


Hold him accountable to WIN.


Fire him when he keeps this up as he has after 2007, for which YOU alone defend him : Just the Mark Richt Apologists.


Guess what ?


I will ram it down your God Damned Throats that Mark Richt I once supported and now don’t and WANT GONE.


Your blog Dawgs.com will NOT ALLOW ANY discussion of Mark Richt and Religion together as a discussion.  God Damn IT that is the WHOLE PROBLEM here that HE THINKS there is some other more important goal than winning.


There is NOT.


Our Depth Chart is so decimated as I detailed yesterday that we can not possibly win.


You are DISNEYdawgs.com fans to think Mark Richt can turn this around.  He doesn’t even want to.  He doesn’t care.  Fire his sorry ass.


Quite defending him.


YOU LOST this argument to me and you KNOW IT !


Where will the LOT of you be when he is FIRED ?


Hiding ?


Nowhere to be found ?


You’re God Damn Right you will be.


And STILL telling us then that he was a nice guy.


Excuse me.


I say he is a nice guy.


And a shitty assed coach who has to be FIRED.


Fran Tarkenton has been telling you we need to FIRE him.


We don’t even practice Special Teams at the G-Day Games and yet without a special teams’ coach as 100 of his peers FBS Division 1-A have, he routinely has the # 100 Special Teams.  He doesn’t care.  Trophy for EVERYONE.


At best he is stupid as shit.


At the worst he is using his public office to stump for his Religion.


In EITHER CASE, his pay of $ 3.5 million a year is for winning.


He has transferred-out great talent playing us in games and BEATING the shit out of us.


If we EVER want to win our 7th NC in Football we MUST fire Mark Richt.



Mark Richt has been a total abject failure at 68 % win percentage after 2007 with the # 9 average recruiting ranking with 8 losses who are not Top 25 teams, and won only 10 of 33 who made either the AP or Coaches’ Top 25, while only 4 of 20 teams he faced who were ranked higher than him this current 7-year period has he beat.  This while I have documented 40 attrition all of which was ALL NOTHING BUT BAD PRESS in the 2nd half of the Mark Richt era, alone.  And, while I have documented fifteen (15) arrested/suspended/kicked-off just in 2014 alone so far.


You do not have to agree with me.  You are you.  I, however, am given the God-Given Right to My Own Friqin’ Opinion and no man of your stature sir, shall deprive me of this.


I refer you sir to the following piece, again by Bill Shanks of the Macon Telegraph :




“There’s something besides winning that’s important here”

Mark Richt just got out of his lying lips.


I refer YOU, Junkyard Dawg sir, AND Scooby-Doo, to read this article this time, gentlemen.

As for how much you appreciate the others defending Scooby-Doo and his ilk who run onto every Bulldogs’ blog and tell us how GREAT Mark Richt is, and how to frame it when they cannot possibly make the case that Mark Richt has been great in his 2nd half of his career here, I saw dawgs_fans_dad  say that EVERYONE ELSE recruited all these arrested/suspended/kicked-off too.

Pardon me, but they GOT INTO TROUBLE HERE, where Mark Richt is given such high praise for recruiting them here, where HE Mark Richt does NOT teach them to obey the rules.

Teach them to obey the rules is the definition of discipline.

No matter how many times I teach you and they this, you and they will NEVER GET IT.

That’s not my fault.


They say, after he kicks them off the team here, that Mark Richt TURNED HIS BACK ON THEM.

Punishment is NOT discipline, but once again, discipline is teaching to obey the rules.

We run a lax ship here, and have for 14 seasons, marked by BAD PRESS and BAD LOSSES all 14 seasons, bar none.

I have read what you have written and what dawgs_fans_dad has written and what Scooby-Doo has written Junkyard Dawg, sir.  None of the 3 of you give the details.  None of the 3 of you stick to the point.  None of the 3 of you hit the nail on the head.  None of the 3 of you have done the research.  None of the 3 of you have provided the 1st ever URL Link to prove your point.

That is ALL I do here.

You offer opinion Junkyard Dawg.  But those are like assholes : Everybody has one.

I offer detailed research and facts with URL Links to verify the facts.  I offer it right up front before I am asked.


Readers of this blog, CLICK the damn URL Links.  They see the facts.


We know the facts, here – all the 20,000 readers of this blog.  I know.  I get a report of their CLICKS of the URL Links.


We are not afraid of going 6-6 some season, as Scooby-Doo scolds us we might without Mark Richt.


As I rightfully said to the little shit and now again to you asshole, Mark Richt was 6-7 just in 2010.


Worry about going 6-6 some fictitious season in the future, maybe, as to why not make this such a cushy damn job where this is acceptable – nay, lauded as GREAT ?


You defend this ?


Re-read what it was exactly that Scooby-Doo said that caused me to reply to him, not to you ok ?  Read it if you’re man enough.  He says he is NOT a Bulldogs’ Football Program Fan and NEVER HAS BEEN.  That his Daddy made him go the games, and that now, he does NOT go to the games, as I and the rest of us, do, in fact go to the games.  He EVEN said he DOES NOT GIVE A SHIT about our program.


He ONLY is a Mark Richt Apologist.




He NEVER ever WILL BE anything, but.


Fine, sir.  You want to laud others for defending him.  Go ahead.  Bring it freaking on.


Step right up son !




By the way, the manner to deal with posts online is to : NOT CENSOR.


Ban the post ?  Remove the post ?  Say the post is WRONG and DELETE IT ?


Not here, sir.  Not on my damn blog son.




Not now, not ever.


I am an ultra magnanimous person.  I allow and champion others’ RIGHT to speak their mind, whether I agree or do not.  I think our recruits are actually very well educated and well-read, and KNOW all this.  I therefore think this should be out in the open and all of us discuss this.


dawgs_fans_dad No, sir.  You are not a celebrity but a guy who called me out for being over the top to Scooby-Doo when Scooby-Doo you defend therein said right then in THAT POST that he really doesn’t care about our football program, does not go to the games, and only when his daddy made him go as a child did he go, and even then hated it.  You AGREE with people like this dawgs_fans_dad because of your over-the-top criticism of me for 2 long decades of online posting going all the way back to Athens Online, and Access Atlanta.  You have NEVER supported MY RIGHT to MY OPINION ever on Bulldogs.  This is who you are : Not a celebrity son.  You’re a bitter person who believes only your own opinion matters and that others’ and certainly not your own – stinks to high heaven.  You post to CENSORED BLOGS ONLY where no one is allowed to really reply.


You are just bitter that I speak my mind and want to control what I say.  You want to ban, censor and make my comments your own or remove them.  That is all you have EVER wanted dawgs_fans_dad .  Maybe you do not know who I am.  But, I sir know who you are from all of our discussions for many many decades online.  I remember better than you remember.  You will NOT tell me what I can and cannot think and say, sir.  I never have attempted or even suggested the same for you, sir !

You are not my mother.

You do not like it that I think it wrong that Joe Cox played the whole game against Okie State and no snap even for Zach Mettenberger as I called pre-game because I frigin’ hated Joe Cox.  You think you’re right and that I have no right to such an opinion.  I said the same about Joe Tereshinski III starting instead of Matthew Stafford.  And, I said the same about Hutson Mason starting instead of Jacob Park and Brice Ramsey – hell, even instead of Faton Bauta – all 3 of whom would NEVER HAVE LOST to USCe, Florida and Georgie tek.

You think I have a right to speak up to a point.

That I go over that line when I Heaven Forbid criticize a damn player.

I am not some player’s here dad, but a walk-on myself.  I have favorites.  I have those who I criticize because they By God have it coming.

Were I Joe Cox, I would’ve told Mark Richt I cannot go full tilt, but Zach Mettenberger will do better than I on this day, sir.

Were I Joe Tereshinski III, I would’ve told Mark Richt, can I sit-out today and you play Matthew Stafford ?  I’ve spoken with him and told him I think he’s better than I.

Were I Hutson Mason, I would’ve told Mark Richt I appreciate you holding me on like this and all and that that is the only reason I did not transfer to South Carolina State college, but both Jacob Park and Brice Ramsey and probably Faton Bauta are ALL better quarterbacks than I who run the ball better than I and who certainly throw the ball better than I as a college QB, Mark Richt sir.  I’d love to play some, but please start ANY of them instead.  I’m a Bulldog.

I am a Bulldog.

You’re a bullshitter who wants only to control.  To criticize not my ideas, but that my entire post should be banned, censored, deleted.

Excuse the hell out of me, but YOU do say and would say that the other QB listed by me just now in this section of this blog today, are ALL BETTER than the 1 you SAID  I should NOT BE ALLOWED to criticize.  You say the reason for that is that THEY were not paid with a scholarship I pay for for them, and which I did NOT have at UGA which my roommate, did.

I think I am entitled to my opinion, dawgs_fans_dad and I do not give a shit what you think about it since you agree with me and obviously only have a hard on to censor me from mine while of course your own is just fine with you.

It doesn’t matter what I say : You’re not going to like it.

Stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

I will say what I want to say, and I do not have to conform to your weird incongruities and non-sequitur logic.

Moreover, if you have something to say to me, say it to me – not to someone else about me.

Being the complete be-in-charge guy you are, that doesn’t even register on your screen.  Celebrity ?  Son, you are so not a celebrity as reading you say today you are because of this blog post right here, makes me puke.

Now, go say whatever you want to say behind my back such as you didn’t say any of this.

Sure, you did.  It’s all you’ve ever said online to ANYONE any time.


That you have the right to say whatever you want and NO ONE ELSE !


No matter how illogical.

Because well, yours doesn’t stink to high heaven – just everyone else’s.

Now, if you have the guts to criticize me – do so here to my friqin’ damn face, not behind my back to someone else – like there is a DAMN THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD WRONG with me saying ONLY Hutson Mason on our roster could have POSSIBLY lost to Nebraska, South Carolina, Florida or Georgie tek – let alone all 4.


JUST AS EVERYONE DID REPLY TO YOU dawgs_fans_dad that I am not NEARLY the only to have the audacity to offer-up on MY OWN DAMN BLOG RIGHT HERE, YOU TAKE EXCEPTION to but do not have the decency here to reply to me about when and where I actually made such statements.


34 unanswered points by our # 1 Rival means Hutson Damn Mason did NOTHING.

His very last pass was a 4-yard pass at the 5-yard line, intercepted.

And, he damn sure was a deer in the friqin’ headlights handed the ball by our Defense 1st and Goal from the 4-yard line the end zone covered with debris from the sure-we-would-lose fans.

And, as for Nebraska, he SETTLED for 4 field goals for 12 points instead of 28 points to lose to another unranked team.

Hutson Mason.

Look, dream-up whatever excuse it is I cannot say what I say that you and everyone else says too.

But, get off my case, and try for once to do some research, go to the games and have an opinion of your own – for once.

Once in your lifetime.


As to :

ogredawg  Any reply here on this blog where the discussion is unabated is fine.  I do not have to adhere to your arbitrary decisions to suggest ban, censor, deletion, or editing – none of which occurs here and which should not be allowed as a topic there, either.

It’s wrong as it is to say that a football coach should be judged on something other than winning and good press.

If my points are correct, as you say they are ogredawg then why again is it that I should post to a censored blog where one can call me out and say it’s wrong therein for me to call someone else out ?


That’s a rhetorical question ogredawg do not feel that you have to reply.  It’s obvious as hell.




The Mark Richt Apologists have been VERY VOCAL and nasty as hell to everyone daring to discuss this point, Junkyard Dawg sir.  Not that you know this.  I do.  Others here on this blog reading this do.


On the other hand, I believe rather than CENSOR and bury our heads in the sand that now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their FOOTBALL PROGRAM, not the Christian head coach.  95 % of all of America are Christians.  I am a Christian.  You are a Christian.  He is too.  He is ALSO  a lax guy on teaching to obey the rules and frequently is side-tracked by ALL THE BAD PRESS, and fails to have his men ready to play at the worst possible moment EVERY YEAR.


THERE IS NO SUCH THEORY : There is something more important than winning here that we adhere to here at Georgia.


That’s bullshit.


Hell, he’s # 20 in Won/Lost Record current 7-year period for Top 10 All-Time Wins UGA Program, averaging more than 4 losses per season for the entire 2nd half of the Mark Richt era after 2007, which is # 5 in The SEC.


I and you and WE Bulldog Nation pay him $ 3.5 million dollars a year to win.




He has done NEITHER after 2007, a period of 7 long excruciating years – the 2nd Half of the Mark Richt era, here.


He’s lost 21 games the latest 5-year period, which includes a redshirt year, for the 27 I just detailed will not be on the roster next year who are on the roster today.  This list, as I indicated and documented with 51 URL Links in that one (1) blog yesterday does NOT include a single one of the 40 ATTRITION prior to today.  This is as detailed as I know how; this is as specific as I am capable; this is as documented proof as I can possibly muster, sir; this is as up-to-date and correct as I can get it for you – and nowhere can you find it better : Sir.


He lost 29 games after 2007, an average no different from his 5-year average of MORE than 4 Losses a season.


Look, guy, believe whatever the hell you want to believe ok son ?

Say, whatever you freaking want to say.

Contradict your point all you wish.

Buddy-up with the Mark Richt Apologists and SUPPORT THEM for I friqin’ care.

Ok ?

But, do not tell me, which is what you did twit, that dawgs_fans_dad  you appreciate defending Scooby-Doo with his little crap about how I take this seriously the current state of our dilapidated football program both on the field and off, and he does not.  And, that OTHER SCHOOLS RECRUITED all these same recruits which are on my arrested/suspended/kicked-off ATTRITION LIST, when they did not sir get into trouble there but here where the discipline is LAX and where the punishment is HARSH.


I do not require that you agree with my point, and I dare say I do not expect you to agree with it that Mark Richt sucks.


He does, but I welcome your own opinion to that, never mind how defenseless it is in direct contradiction to the KNOWN FACTS presented herein with URL Links, spelled-out in gruesome detail.


There is NO EXCUSE for all the 15 arrested/suspended/kicked-off 2014 alone, sir !


It’s as intolerable as the 8 losses to unranked teams after 2007.


“There’s something besides winning that’s important here”


If you, or Scooby-Doo, or dawgs_fans_dad, Junkyard Dawg, want to censor my enthusiasm on these 2 co-joined points that 73 is all we have left today of 119 signed scholarship recruits YOU gave and still give ALL THE CREDIT to Mark Richt for signing here, who with a redshirt all 119 would play in the bowl game – the 3rd tier December 30 Belk Bowl having only 2 SEC teams play a bowl game BEFORE us this bowl season – and that he’s lost 29 games an average of more than 4 per season for the latest 7 entire freaking horrid friqin’ seasons of bullshit of the highest order on and off the field, you can