Top 15 All-Nickname team UGA Georgia Bulldogs

“Champ” Bailey* “Meat Cleaver” Weaver “Boss” Bailey Dr. Robert E. “HappyDicks III Rodrigo “Hot Rod” Blakenship “Buck” Belue “Spike” Jones Vernon “Catfish” Smith Andre “Pulpwood” Smith “Zippy” Morroco “Electron” Jackson  “Amp” Arnold Isaiah  “The Human Joystick” McKenzie “Cowboy” Parrish “Moonpie” Wilson.




LB: Roquan Smith Montezuma Machine


DL: Richard “Le Sack” Tardits


DL: Eddie “Meat Cleaver” Weaver


DL: Greg “Muddy” Waters


DL: Marion “Swamp Fox” Campbell


LB: Dr. Robert E. “HappyDicks III


LB: Nate “Tifton Termite” Taylor


LB: Rodney “Boss” Bailey


DB: Roland “Champ” Bailey


DB: Greg “Black And” Blue




P: John Amos “Spike” Jones


K: Rodrigo “Hot Rod” Blakenship Goggle boy




QB: Ben “Buck” Belue


RB: Herschel


RB: Vernon “Catfish” Smith


RB: Andre “Pulpwood” Smith


RB: Anthony “Zippy” Morroco


RB: Tron “The Electron” Jackson


WR: Lamar “Racehorse” Davis


WR: Anthony “Amp” Arnold


WR: Isaiah McKenzie “The Human Joystick”


C: David “Boss” Andrews


OL: Jimmy “Mount” Harper


OL: Joel “Cowboy” Parrish


OL: Mike “Moonpie” Wilson



12 schools had multiple selections in Athlon’s Top 50 players for the last 50 years but UGA had only one Herschel Walker who was listed on ALL 16 ballots including Stewart Mandel Tony Barnhart Ivan Maisel of ESPN and Bruce Feldman. Herschel Walker was the top vote getter from the panel of 16 sportswriters with 9 number one votes which was three times as many as the next nearest.



Jake Eason’s dad Tony was WR at Notre Dame 1985 and 1986 and is very well spoken. I listened him carefully for 2 years now. The Maxwell Award was won by Derrick Henry actually twice. And, of course Herschel Walker and Charley Trippi both won The Maxwell Award. In 2007 The Maxwell Award High School started being awarded in March each year for the previous year, too.

You can see his dad’s stats at Notre Dame here :


He played 22 games 1985 and 1986 with Notre Dame and averaged 17 yards per reception for over 250 yards.


Notre Dame is an excellent school, one of the top Universities.  Although they have fallen on hard times in football, they used to be excellent at football.  The kids today do not remember that it was so long ago.


We lost Mike Bobo and everyone said we’d lose Jake Eason then.  We lost another offensive coordinator AND the head coach and everyone said if we fired the head coach we’d lose Jake Eason then too.


3.83 GPA Academic Scholar Jake Eason.


12 TD passes 2015 for Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor 1 by Brice Ramsey

24 TD passes 2014 for Coach Kirby Smart’s predecessor 3 by Brice Ramsey


Jake Eason threw 43 TD just his senior season !


He threw 7 more TD in one year, in fewer games too, than Mike Bobo’s QB the year before last and this year’s QB combined – in fact, more than the entire team here has thrown in 2 each of the 2 years both more games than he had in 1 year in fewer games.


But we better watch out, you know how the sophomore slump is here in The SEC Bluto warns you and of course that says nothing about his freshman season.  God knows !


Jake Eason his dad Tony Eason calls him and you still call him Jacob Eason.


March 11 Friday 2016 Jake Eason will add then another award to his long list of awards.


The Maxwell Award comes in several flavors.  It generally is a better indicator of greatness than the Heisman Trophy because the Heisman Trophy voters are encouraged to send their votes in early.  November Heisman Trophy votes are sent in.  Thus the Heisman Trophy Award has been watered down through the years as a result because the voters are encouraged to send in their Heisman votes EARLY.  Well that is the excuse I have for why they are wrong so often with the Heisman Trophy and how the Maxwell Award has been a far better indicator through the years than has been the Heisman Trophy which has gone to nobodies who played no one and then when they finally did, got BEAT AFTER the Heisman Trophy was already awarded to them as the supposedly best player.

You can find the Official Site for the Maxwell Award list winners including Tommy Nobis for example at this URL Link.  I had seasons’ tickets to watch Tommy Nobis.  He was our ONLY player.  Drew Brees won the Maxwell Award.  Barry Sanders.  Roger Staubach. Tommy McDonald – you know I watched him too.  Chuck Bednarik . Doak Walker.   Here you read the list here :


You will note the Official Site has not yet added Derrick Henry for 2015.


The Maxwell Club also Awards the Chuck Bednarik Award won by David Pollack whom our former head coach did not even recruit.  Did not think much of him he said.  Also have said such things about him still to the day, even recently.  As he did with Cam Newton telling Cam Newton that Aaron Murray worst won/lost record of his quarterbacks with all that talent around him was his QB and Cam Newton if he wanted to come here only could play Tight End.


Cam Newton won the Maxwell Award too. Aaron Murray has NEVER thrown a pass in the NFL as I guaranteed to you he would NOT.


35-17 is all Aaron Murray was for us here not good and he was surrounded by great talent here.  Instead he fumbled threw interceptions and was sacked 10 percent of his plays here and called his own number half the time.  It was the beginning of the end for his coach.  But, Cam Newton could not be our QB the FIRED coach told him in recruiting that he ONLY could play Tight End for him because God knows Aaron Murray was a BETTER QB than Cam Newton.


God talked to our former head coach.


He told him what to do.


According to him he still does.


And when he made mistakes he told us all God told him he was forgiven for them.


A lot of forgiving.


A shit load of forgiving.


Aaron Murray drove me to the Internet daily.


He was abysmal with talent galore.  Acted like he was our only player.


Instead we had the ball in the hands of our WORST athlete half the time.


35-17 and 17 of our players are Starters in the NFL.


Aaron Murray did not win ANY awards for playing football.  None.  Nothing.  Nada.  Nichts.   Zilch.


He was not even 1st team All-SEC.


But Cam Newton can not play QB for us only TE Coach Kirby Smart’s stupid ass predecessor told him during the recruiting where he really wanted to come here.  He is from here you know ?  Right here.  Because Aaron Murray is our QB he told Cam Newton.


This same former FIRED coach jumped on a plane to go see Jake Eason the night before he was fired by his boss of 6 years.  He knew his boss was firing him the next morning.  He did it anyway.  Ben Cleveland had to call Jake Eason the next morning and tell him the dumbass former coach here was fired.  It squirreled-up the recruiting as much as he could do to it.


Coach Kirby Smart recruited Jake Jacob Eason to The University of Georgia.   He jumped on a plane the day he was made coach here to see him.  Then, he invited him here the day after that.  Then, he sold him on being Coach Kirby Smart’s quarterback.


The former now fired dumb shit had Mike Bobo Matthew Stafford AJ Green and Knowshon Moreno and did not win SHIT with them.  In fact, with all this talent he LOST 3 games getting to Play # 24 Michigan State in our meaningless bowl game THAT SEASON 2008.  He also told Matthew Stafford that Joe Tereshinski III was a better QB than Matthew Stafford.  Thus the loss to Vanderbilt who only beat 1 SEC team the entire season, us.  Matthew Stafford came and left as the # 1 QB in the nation.


He the dumbass piece of shit fired coach would be saying the same to Jake Eason and start Greyson Lambert against North Carolina game 1.


But I fired his sorry ass and he can do that dumb shit stuff down there where I will have you note he CAN NOT RECRUIT ANYWHERE NEAR AS WELL as he did here.


But, of course YESTERDAY I am told on approved blogs by that we did NOT struggle with the FIRED guy reported to you in same article that he was NOT fired but pushed aside.




We fired him.


I FIRED him.


Right here.


Didn’t I ?


Trent Thompson whom he barely played won this award last year.


Derrick Henry has won this award.


And, on March 11 2016 Jake Eason wins this Award.




( )


Gatorade Football Player of the Year

Rivals Junior Player of the Year last year

Maxwell Award NHS  March 11 2016 Player of the Year


6′ 5″ and 217 lbs.


43 Touchdowns just his last year in high school only 6 interceptions !

3,585 yards passing

Led his team to State Championship Game


And, now today it is announced by The University of Georgia that Jake Eason will join Cam Newton and Derrick Henry March 11 2o16 to get their Awards and he bring home then the Maxwell Award National High School Football Player of the Year Award.


God I am glad Coach Kirby Smart is in charge of this Academic All America QB for us and not the dumbass who tried to screw it up for us knowing full well his boss of 6 entire years would fire him the next day.


I am so sick and tired of the bullshit about what a great coach the FIRED guy is.




Please write more about what a great coach he is.


And, I will come in here tomorrow too and shove it up your ass






As I did he would be fired.


And, as I did each of just these few details about the dumbass who NEVER would’ve Started him against North Carolina.


Here read it yourself from UGA :